Hobgoblins Revolt

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This is a GM storyline that took place in the Platinum Instance during 2010. The official title is "Hobgoblins Revolt".

Hobgoblins Revolt

Wehnimer's Landing has come under attack recently by a band of hobgoblins under the command of a hobgoblin calling himself Grumther. The hobgoblins have built catapults and have been bombarding Wehnimer's Landing with roltons and the dung of aforementioned roltons. The attacks and bombardment are retribution for the merciless slaughter of countless hobgoblins living within the hobgoblin village near Ocoma Vale.

Hobgoblins are greedy and opportunistic to a fault and will turn on one another in an instant for personal gain. "A large-fisted and scraggly hobgoblin" that a few residents of Wehnimer's Landing have dubbed "King P.D." wants to strike a deal with the "Landingers," as he calls them. King P.D. makes an offer to lead the Landingers to Grumther's Fort if they in turn will get rid of Grumther. Of course, King P.D. will become the new leader of the hobgoblins once Grumther is disposed of and will put a stop to the current hostilities.

King P.D. shows up the next day with his brother and together they lead the Landingers to Grumther's Fort. The would be attackers are unable to find a way into the fort and are left at the mercy of a spectacular barrage of animals and rolton dung. The Landingers eventually withdraw, their raid having failed miserably.

A group of Landingers once again set out to attack Grumther's Fort, the constant attacks and bombardment by the hobgoblins at Grumther's command becoming unbearable. This time, the Landingers notice a slimy tunnel covered in dung and they surmise that it just by be their ticket into the fort.

An attack is launched on the fort's main gate to hold the attention of the hobgoblins while a brave group of adventurers sneak into the fort via the newly discovered tunnel. These courageous souls faced a horde of hobgoblins after making their way through the tunnel, but managed to fight their way to the throne room of Grumther.

A fierce battle took place between the young heroes and Grumther's forces, but the Landingers were triumphant in the end. An adventurer by the name of Lewthor dealt the killing blow to Grumther and another adventurer by the name of Rillie slew Grumther's arch mage.

With Grumther dead, King P.D. became king of the hobgoblins and ended hostilities with the Landingers.


Well this was quite the blast, let me tell you. I got all of our new staff members heavily involved with the invasions and the NPCing and they just went to town with it. The event reports in my email box each night were filled with hilarity and exclamations of "Who knew flinging poo could be so much fun?!?!". I'm glad to see that you all had as much fun as we did. On to the credits:

Concept ~ GM Naionna
Approvals ~ SGM Kaikala, SGM Xynwen, GM Talisker
Invasions - GM Naionna, GM Wyrom, GM Nebhrail, GM Flannihan
Forte Creation - GM Naionna
Food Creation ~ GM Naionna

"King PD" - GM Naionna
His "bruthur" - GM Wyrom
Numbers 1, 2, and 3 - GM Naionna (damn you Jaired and Caden lol)
Number 4 - No GM was able to occupy him before he got killed
Pale hobgoblin - GM Naionna
Beady-eyed hobgoblin guard - GM Naionna
Guards/soldiers/etc inside Forte - GM Wyrom, GM Nebhrail, GM Flannihan

While the hobgoblin uprising is over with, keep an eye out for other (new) things to come during the summer!

~GM Naionna