How to Win Bardfest (log)

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In February of 2018, [Argent Aspis] hosted a seminar called How to Win Bardfest, paneled by Argent Scribe Seomanthe and Argent Master Aurien, with guest speakers Chatelaine Traiva and Warden Tolwynn. Both of the latter are past Bardfest Champions and Judges, and all shared tips and hints on how to make the most of a performance on the Bardfest stage. The panel took questions from the attendees after the presentation as well.

You recite:

    "Hi everyone! Welcome to our first seminar on How to Win Bardfest!  I'm Seomanthe, the Scribe of Argent Aspis, and the primary organizer of Bardfest since 5,112"

Aurien says, "Ok not THAT sort of stuff."

Helman applauds you.

Nehor nods slowly to you.

Elysia nods in agreement at Aurien.

Aurien lets out a cheer!

You say, "I guess at least a couple of you have met me."

You grin.

Elysia turns to you and cheers!

Nehor turns an inquisitive ear toward you.

You recite:

    "Before we get started, on my right,  I am honored to introduce Lady Traiva and Lord Tolwynn, both of whom hold the distinction of being past Bardfest Champions AND Bardfest Judges!"

You applaud Traiva.

Speaking to you, Aurien says, "I met you in the Nations once."

You applaud Tolwynn.

Nehor glances between Traiva and Tolwynn.

You snicker at Aurien.

Traiva curtsies gracefully.

Jersea applauds Traiva.

Speaking waspishly to Aurien, you say, "And you stood me up for a date once."

Helman applauds Traiva.

Jersea applauds Tolwynn.

Aurien turns to Traiva and cheers!

You stare darkly at Aurien then stick your nose up and turn your head away from him with a snap.

Aurien turns to Tolwynn and cheers!

You unsuccessfully try to stifle your grin.

Helman applauds Tolwynn.

You recite:

    "To my left, our very own beloved Argent Master and Head Judge, Aurien!"

You wink.

Aurien bows.

You smooch Aurien on the cheek.

Nehor examines Aurien closely, sizing him up and taking note of all the details.

Traiva applauds.

Helman applauds Aurien.

You say, "You know, he tried to hornswoggle me into believe he was announcing his retirement last week."

You say, "I sentenced him to pinches every week for a year."

Speaking softly to you, Wintersylph asks, "He the one we Bribe?"

You pinch Aurien!

Aurien grins at you.

You grin at Wintersylph.

Helman smirks.

You recite:

    "After the seminar this evening, there will be time for questions so please try to be patient until then.  If you're lucky, you might even be able to get an autograph."

Speaking to you, Aurien exclaims, "Never did anything such!"

Nehor dryly drawls, "A fate, as they say, much to be feared."

Speaking curtly to you, Nehor corrects, "Sorry, I wont be giving autographs tonight."

Nehor folds his arms over his chest with an air of superiority.

Speaking warningly to Nehor, you say, "I have very practicing pinching fingers, which you know if you have ever seen Ardwen in my presence."

You try hard not to grin.

Helman looks over at Nehor and shakes his head.

You recite:

    "Now, as the representative from the Bardfest host House, my first piece of advice to all Bardfest hopefuls is this:  READ THE RULES!  Particularly the end of the rules where the judging category guidance is found -- it should help guide you toward writing a winning piece."

Aurien exclaims, "Three winners and 22 years so we got ten percent of the past winners here and more!"

Aurien nods.

You grin at Aurien.

Speaking to Aurien, you say, "Maths, bleh."

You chortle softly at some secret joke.

Speaking to Aurien, Elysia says, "That was so unfair, now I feel old."

You recite:

    "If I had a silver for every time a performer has lost points for going over time, or has  shall we say... Reinvented... a well-known song for the Bardfest stage, I would be a moderately rich woman.  If any of you have been at Finals night, you know that we often have a very tight spread in the final scores so every point counts!  Don't miss out on any due to technicalities."

Aurien leans on Elysia, giving her a companionable grin.

Helman nods.

You smile.

Aurien says, "Well i was...err nine when those just say that and you will not feel old at all."

You chuckle at Aurien.

You recite:

    "My other bit of advice is practice your timing.  Practice in the morning, and at night, and in front of friends, and alone!  A good joke falls apart if you miss the beat, and a good Bardfest performance loses luster if people can't keep up with you, or get bored between verses.  Lovely Traiva will revisit this with you guys later."

Aurien nods at Elysia.

You flutter your eyelashes at Traiva.

Jersea waves.

Traiva tries humming a joyful tune.

Traiva folds her hands.

Jersea giggles.

You recite:

    "My last bit of advice before I pass the stage to our illustrious guests is: Don't be afraid to ask questions.  Before your performance, I will be there to hold your hand on your performance night and can help you get whatever you need situated.  After your performance, the Head Judge Aurien can give you insight into how the judges reacted to your piece that can be very valuable for fine tuning future acts."

Aurien nods.

Helman nods.

You say, "Either myself or another House member typically serves as the Talent Wrangler."

Aurien says, "I will never reveal the actual score or who gave you what score but will tell you the feedback as to why you peanlized or rewared in a certain categroy based on the feedback judges give me."

You say, "If you have special requests that Aspis can provide for you, you'd talk to me."

Erek sits down next to Elysia.

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

You tickle Erek with a grin that he returns.

Erek exclaims, "Imma bard!"

You snicker.

Nehor glances at Erek.

Elysia gazes with a bemused expression at Erek.

You ask, "A hedgebard?"

Erek says, "Woodbard."

Erek nods.

Speaking to you, Jersea asks, "I want a twelve piece orchestra reserved for next year?"

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

Speaking to Erek, Elysia says, "You do have your very own Purification Song scroll."

Jersea whistles a carefree tune, the perfect picture of innocence.

Aurien recites:

    "Fsk fsk fsk"

Speaking cheerfully to Jersea, you exclaim, "Done!"

Erek nods at Elysia.

You recite:

    "Okay, that's enough from a lowly coordinator  I am pleased to cede the stage to one of our illustrious guests!"

Jersea starts chortling at you!

You clap your hands.

Speaking to Traiva, you ask, "Beauty first?"

Speaking amusedly to you, Traiva says, "I think so, yes."

Jersea praises Traiva.

You grin.

You take a few steps to your left.

Traiva says, "So then.."

Nehor glances at his white cambric shirt and frowns, then licks his thumb and rubs at a spot in the fabric.  You don't notice a change in the appearance of the garment, but it appears to make Nehor feel better to have gone through the motions.

Traiva recites:

    "It is Showtime! You have been called to the stage, and it is your time to shine. You may have written the perfect piece, but Bardfest is as much about performance, and part of that is setting your stage."

Traiva recites:

    "You do not have to commission a troupe of musicians or have an elaborate set built, but take some time to think about whether you will have musical help at all or some well designed light effects."

Jersea agrees with Traiva.

(Traiva pauses for a moment, a thoughtful expression on her face, then loudly snaps her fingers twice. Two Halflings scurry in, one carrying a lap-harp and the other holding a flute. They wave to you and run back into the shadows.)

You grin.

(Erek waves to the halflings as they run away.)

Speaking to Jersea, Traiva says, "Or your twelve-piece orchestra."

Traiva nods.

(Jersea waves back.)

You nod eagerly at Jersea.

Traiva recites:

    "If you study any magic that can help create an effect, by all means use it. Just do not kill any of us! But it would certainly be understandable for a Spiritualist to create a little fog..."

(Traiva sways her hips from side to side in time with a hummed melody. She makes a small gesture, and suddenly a light mist rolls in around her feet.)

Traiva recites:

    "Rather like so."

Speaking distractedly to Traiva, Jersea asks, "Hmmm?"

Traiva flashes a quick grin.

Traiva begins chortling at Jersea.

(Traiva gives one foot a little shake, and the mist dissipates.)

Jersea grins at Traiva.

Traiva recites:

    "But be reasonable with it. It would be quite the feat to create a gust of wind that lifted only you but did not touch anyone else in the theater."

Aurien coughs.

Speaking to Elysia, Erek mouths, "Tangleweed."

Aurien says, "Sorry got fog in my throat."

Wintersylph gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits for aid...

Elysia blinks at Erek.

Wintersylph gestures.
A dense fog gathers around Wintersylph, but soon fills the room.

Traiva says, "And really, the judges will be mad about our papers flying in that sort of wind."

You grin at Wintersylph.

Nehor fans himself.

Nehor shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Aurien nods.

Traiva recites:

    "Now that the physical stage is set, do not forget your own "personal stage," so to speak! Take a little effort to look your part with appropriate costuming. If your story is about a daring knight, polish up your armor and show it off. If your song is sung by a beggar character, dress the part to make me believe in the character."

Traiva recites:

    "Even if you are not portraying a specific type of character, take a moment to consider everything you are wearing. Limit the layers of clothes and trinkets you are wearing up on stage, so they do not distract from your performance."

Aurien nods.

Jersea attends to her lagoon blue gown, making the gown as presentable as possible.

Traiva recites:

    "Speaking of performance...
     Perform! The audience is there to see a show, and most importantly, so are the judges. Some pieces lend themselves more to a flashy show, but even a simple piece will gain points for entertaining us."

Traiva recites:

    "Many do not realize it, but each night of Bardfest is a VERY LONG night for the judges and coordinators. Even if a performer stands still and recites in monotone, the judges must remain alert to watch and score fairly on all criteria. It is much easier to remain awake when we are being entertained and drawn into your piece."

Jersea agrees with Traiva.

Traiva recites:

    "As an example, six years ago the piece I wrote for the Preliminary round was rather simple, and looked lovely on the scroll in its simplicity. It may have still advanced me to Finals, but I made sure to advance by bringing the poem to life, rather like this."

You say, "Most nights are over two hours."

(Traiva lowers herself to her knees and takes a deep breath. She lowers her head and closes her eyes as she exhales, and her face loses all expression.)

Elysia says, "Or more, in my memory."

Traiva recites monotonously:

    "She's somehow spared, yet no one knows
     If curse or gratitude she owes.
     Still back into the mine she goes. . ."

Jersea agrees with Elysia.

Aurien smiles at Elysia.

(Traiva's head, neck, and torso remain perfectly straight as she slowly rises to her feet in a fluid motion.)

Traiva recites clearly:

    "As ZRISSANTHA rings in her ears."

(Traiva remains expressionless and unmoving, except for a barely visible twitching of her wings.)

(Traiva takes a deep breath and rolls her shoulders back and lifts her head, a smile spreading across her lips.)

You smile.

Traiva recites:

    "Now that you have decided how to move, practice it. Practice moving while singing or reciting. Practice how fast you are singing and reciting and moving. Then practice some more."

Jersea raises her green glass bottle in a toast to River's Rest!

Aurien nods.

Traiva recites:

    "Be critical of yourself. Look for the tiniest little errors, because the judges will catch them.
     Are you going too fast? If you are too fast when you are alone, you will definitely be too fast for the audience."

You grin at Jersea.

Jersea shrugs.

Traiva recites:

    "And while dramatic pause can be a useful effect, if you pause too long, people will begin to lose interest and the judges will worry that evil spirits have nabbed you.
     (Plus, those long pauses may risk a penalty for going over the time limit!)"

Aurien nods.

Jersea raises her hand.

Traiva quietly murmurs, "Time, time, so much about the time!"

Traiva recites:

    "With all that said, make sure you are having fun. When you are enjoying your time up on stage, it becomes easier to bring everything else together."

(Helman is writing down notes.)

You smile at Helman.

Nehor pauses, bending his leg and tilting his ebon leather revelins at an angle so that Nehor can see the heel.  Upon locating a small rock lodged into the revelins, he quickly removes it with a flick of his fingers.

Speaking to you, Traiva says, "Did we want to do all questions at the end? I believe Tolwynn was ready to build on these points."
Jersea says, "And it goes with out saying... be aware of what actions you try when your hands are full."

(Helman writes down fun and circles it a few times.)

Jersea exclaims, "You might spill your ale!"

Aurien grins.

Speaking to Traiva, you say, "Yuah I think questions at the end works, so we are not rehashing."

Traiva nods to you.

Jersea examines Tolwynn closely, sizing him up and taking note of all the details.

Traiva says, "So, then, I will turn over to Tolwynn."

Traiva turns to face Tolwynn.

Nehor turns to face Tolwynn.

You smile at Tolwynn.

Helman turns to face Tolwynn.

Tolwynn says, "Well then."

Tolwynn says, "While showmanship is at the core of any good Bardfest piece, the technical aspect is also very important."

Tolwynn says, "So, following on Traiva here - a lot of people come into Bardfest thinking surely the strength of the work is enough, who needs to worry about frivolous showmanship?  Trust me, I was one of them, and it s a sure way to land yourself a consolation prize, and a wish for better luck next time."

Tolwynn says, "On the other side of the coin, there are people that come in with a flourish, knowing showmanship will carry them, and why fret over trivial details?  Also another great way to win that coveted consolation prize, and then you get a whole year to fret afterwards."

Traiva folds her wings across her back.

Jersea grins wryly.

Traiva stares off into space.

Tolwynn says, "So, let's talk about the technical aspect of things."

Tolwynn says, "Most years, the margin between performers winds up razor-thin, so you really don't want to cede any advantages here, either."

Tolwynn says, "Your piece should be polished and just as importantly, consistent.  If you start your song in an accent, fine enough, but it should finish in that same one as well.  You should keep a consistent pace in your delivery as well.  If you take only one piece of advice from this, the best one to follow is to..."

Tolwynn says, "Slow."

Tolwynn says, "Down."

You nod sagely.

Traiva nods quickly!

Tolwynn says, "Too many people come in excited and flustered and blast out their performance in a hurried rush.  It makes everything hard to follow, for judges and audience alike, and that's the last sort of problem you want your judges to have.  You have ten minutes, make good use of it, and pace your performance out to use as much of it as is really needed."

(Helman writes sllllooooowww dooooowwwnnnn.)

You grin at Helman.

Tolwynn says, "It's a very good reason to practice beforehand, that, so you have a proper measure of your pacing, and the time that you're actually using."

Helman grins at you.

Tolwynn says, "It's almost certainly very different then what you imagine it to be, and better that you don't rush yourself in an attempt to overcompensate."

Tolwynn says, "On the matter of time, you want to make sure you don't waste any of it at the beginning or the end of your performance.  Your performance starts as soon as you say or do anything aside from walking to the stage, so it's best not to linger.  Your performance ends as soon as you bow or leave the stage, so make sure to do so as soon as you're finished, lest you pile on extra time and potentially run over."

Elysia glances at Erek.

You add, "If you plan to end more...creatively... please let me know!"
Nehor nods once.

Tolwynn says, "Running over even by seconds can cost you dearly points-wise, and it only gets worse the longer you go over."
Speaking to you, Jersea asks, "Being carried off stage by a giant seagull?"

Jersea winces.

Jersea agrees with Tolwynn.

You say, "I was asked at least once if it was OK to die on stage."

You grin wryly.

Jersea winces.

Tolwynn says, "Another key factor to your success is difficulty.  Bardfest only comes once a year, so it's not a time for just good enough.  You want to put your best foot forward, and ideally, you want to push the limit of your craft.  Dress up your set pieces, embellish your performance, and if you're confident - and you should be! - attempt a more difficult or complex work."

Traiva exclaims, "I remember that!"

Traiva starts chortling.

You grin at Traiva.

Speaking to you, Jersea asks, "What's your opinion on .. boxes?"

Jersea grins evilly.

You burst out in a sudden snort of laughter.

Jersea whistles a carefree tune, the perfect picture of innocence.

You say, "No killing the judges, they're in the front row."

You elbow Jersea in the ribs in a playful sort of way.

Jersea glances at Aurien.

Jersea snaps her fingers.

You say, "They take a dim view of that sort of thing I wager."

(Helman writes do not kill judges.)

Elysia says, "Splattering judges with gore, is, however, acceptable."

Aurien raises an eyebrow in Jersea's direction.

Traiva stares at Elysia.

Elysia winks at Traiva.

Traiva protests, "It is NOT."

Traiva flutters her wings sharply as she snaps them to her body.

Elysia giggles.

Tolwynn says, "One thing to keep in mind, though - the judges come from all walks of life, so if you use an unusual or complex form, you'll probably want to let the judges know beforehand so they can appreciate the effort put into your piece."

Nehor casually remarks, "I tend to slay them in the aisles but...more metaphorically."

Looking incredibly smug, Nehor glances over his white cambric shirt and how it fits his physique.  Afterwards, he tosses back his head and strikes a pose.  He must believe he has fans in the vicinity.

Speaking quietly to Traiva, you note, "I will be sure to request oilskin mantles next year."

Jersea says, "Or obscure historical facts."

You surreptitiously glance at Elysia.

(Helman writes and put claidhmore down and practice A LOT.)

Traiva nods to you.

Tolwynn says, "Just so."

Tolwynn says, "Finally, it bears repeating, you should try and perform your piece beforehand, not just by yourself for practice, but for another person as well. Different eyes and ears will likely catch things you missed, and ferret out flaws otherwise invisible to you, any of which could prove to be that slight difference between a winning or a losing performance."

Aurien nods at Tolwynn.

Jersea agrees with Tolwynn.

Tolwynn says, "Aside from those here this eve, it can be good to speak to other performers, they can probably give you very good insight on some of the pitfalls they faced as well."

You nod at Aurien.

You smile at Jersea.

Jersea says, "And watch for obscure wording as well."

Speaking to Tolwynn, Jersea says, "I learned that the hard way losing to you."

Jersea grins wryly.

Tolwynn says, "Still made it, though, that's the important thing."

You cheerfully exclaim, "Thank you Tolwyn and Traiva!  Before time for questions, a few words now from Head Judge Aurien!"

Aurien says, "OK as head judge I have been listening to feedback and seeing the scores of contestants for years so just some feedback on that which reinforces what Tolwynn and Traiva have been suggesting."
Jersea grins at Tolwynn.
Jersea turns to face Aurien.

>read pla
In the Common language, it reads:
This theatre is dedicated to Dremerie Chillchaser, "The Purple Bard".  May the show go on!

Aurien says, "First that bit on timing, without a doubt that one of the major areas you should focus on. Remember you ar familiar with your piece. Thge judges see it for the first time. You might know beginning middle and end before you even start they do not. When you rush a peice the worst thing that can happen is when a Judge can not give me a scroe readily because they are "looking back to review the piece" because it was oo qucik to follow."

Aurien says, "When I hear from a judge I am looking back so give me a momnet to score, I know  piece will suffer on that point scorewise."

A small white spider on Wintersylph crawls over to her right forearm.

Aurien says, "Another thing is to be wary of reapting the same themes year afer year. Try and be unique or have a different take on a topic. Judges love variety oand if all pieces performed on a given night are of a trgic nature, sometimes a humorous piece that is performed gets a higher score just because it was different."

You nod in agreement at Aurien.

Aurien says, "It hard to control that in a judge. One should just score on the merits of the piece itself but these are people."

You say, "We try to encourage thinking outside the box in that way with the Finals night themes."

Jersea groans at you.

You grin at Jersea.

Speaking teasingly to Jersea, you say, "You love the themes."

Aurien says, "When they speak of whisker thein margins that lead to victory I assure you this is the case.with 6 judges scoring we often have a place dermined by 1 or 2 points TOTAL on all areas of technical showmanship preference and aritistic , that is 1st place could get 39 total in all those nd second 38."

Speaking to you, Jersea says, "Many many years ago, bardfest was where I first learned there were volcaones in Elanthia."
Aurien says, "I have had nights where decimal places made a difference."

Nehor darkly murmurs, "Mmm."

Jersea chuckles.

Aurien says, "Remeber as well I do not personally score...a piece. I will give a score and it usd only if w lose a judge for whatever reasons. We also toss out high and low scores in each area so no single judge can sway a piece too greatly."

Wintersylph softly says, "Ahh."

Jersea squirms.

Wintersylph softly says, "Nae wonder scores are always close."

You say, "We have been lucky these last couple years that we have not had any judges precipitously drop out."

You fan yourself.

Aurien says, "THAT said almost without fail when i look back on the scores on each night the first second thrid and 4th pleace persons tend not to shift positions to much amongst the judges. Those judges are unaware of what the other judge scored."

(Seomanthe knocks on the podium.)

Aurien says, "Another thing a judge does without feel is LOOK at the perfromer. Right off the bat depending on costume there specualtion as to what the piece will be. As triava mentioned Costume is important. It not required but it certainly going to help."

Aurien exclaims, "Now time for questions!"

You clap your hands.

Helman rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I can certainly attest to the judges noticing all the little things."

Elysia nods in agreement to you.

You cheerfully say, "I love being in the judges' group for that reason."

You grin.

Jersea gawks at you.

Traiva agrees, "Every. Little. Thing."

Erek chuckles.

Jersea glances at you and folds her arms over her chest.

Aurien grins.

You grin at Jersea.

Helman nods.

Jersea exclaims, "Including injuries!"

Helman raises his hand.

Speaking to you, Aurien says, "You just wnaa be in the group to make fun of aurienspeak."

Traiva looks at Jersea and hums.

Jersea says, "Or scars..."

You snicker at Aurien.

You point at Helman.

Helman nods to you.

Speaking to Jersea, you say, "Perhaps we should hire a healer to be on hand for that..."

Elysia says, "I've not judged since the 2099 fest I believe, but yes... costume was a very big thing.  It definitely mattered."

Helman says, "So when I performed last I was trying to make it obvious that I was making fun of myself . . ."

Elysia says, "5099, that is.  Too much rum."

Elysia stares at her spiced rum.

Helman says, "Like my whole premise was that I thought I was the arkati's gift to female hobbits."

You tickle Elysia with a grin that she returns.

Speaking to you, Jersea asks, "Well, sometimes I'm scrambling to finish and I  might ... trip?"

Helman asks, "Should I point out to the judges before hand that I am making fun of myself?"

Elysia leans on you, giving you a companionable grin, and you note the scent of lightly flowery iceblossom, wreathed with heady inclusions of heliotrope and damask rose around her.

Elysia looks rather relaxed.

Speaking dryly to Helman, Nehor quips, "Was it a short piece?"

Helman blushes a nice shade of light pink.

Jersea turns to face Helman.

Jersea inclines her ear, listening intently.

Helman says, "No quiet long."

Erek begins chuckling at Nehor!

You snicker at Nehor.

Helman says, "I am very sexy."

Helman stands up.

Helman struts about.

In a botched imitation, Wintersylph softly asks, "I have a question for Seomanthe, If I want to utilize a  Ventriloqist act, can I use you as my dummy?"

Helman sits down.

Erek takes a moment to observe Helman.

Speaking to Helman, Aurien says, "Yes as I recall we did in facty catch that. I do not think you should warn beforehand let the judges arrive at the conclusion and you do better by it."

You burst out in a sudden snort of laughter.

Erek squints.

You tickle Wintersylph and are rewarded with her laughter.

Elysia giggles at Wintersylph.

Helman nods.

Speaking to Helman, Traiva says, "I would say no, do not warn the judges."

Helman says, "Thanks."

Aurien says, "You get a btter score for certain when they"catch on"."

Helman nods.

Helman says, "Makes sense."

Speaking to Helman, Traiva says, "I remember your piece now. It was very entertaining, and I did not know you were making fun of yourself."

Traiva says, "But I did know it was comedy."

Traiva grins.

Helman grins.

You agree, "Whether the Judges get your joke will be up to the strength of the piece, yuah."

Nehor comments, "This town does like its...humor."

Helman nods.

Speaking to Wintersylph, you answer, "As the emcee, I don't think I am really allowed to be part of any acts."

You grin.

Wintersylph blushes a delicate shade of pale pink.

You say, "But you can certainly form a duo with someone, as Lord Nehor did last year."

You smile at Nehor.

Helman says, "Yeah I really don't think I am the arkati's gift to female hobbits. Forest Gnomes yes. Hobbits no."

You chuckle at Helman.

Aurien grins.

Traiva begins chortling at Helman.

Elysia gazes with a bemused expression at Helman.

Speaking to Nehor, Jersea says, "Well, maybe., but I've also done a piece on a Lich  battle."

Jersea shrugs.

Helman rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Jersea, Nehor retorts, "A bit more deadpan humor, that."

Jersea groans at Nehor.

Nehor examines his fingernails.

Helman turns to face Aurien.

In a botched imitation, Wintersylph softly asks, "So I can be the Dummy instead?"

You amusedly add, "Forming an acting troupe doesn't increase the size of the purse if you win though... you'll just have to share amongst yourselves."

Nehor adds, "A bit dry and dusty, as they say."

Speaking to Nehor, Jersea says, "Punfest returns."

Speaking to Aurien, Helman asks, "Is there a trend. . . do you dramatic or comedic pieces get higher scores?"

You tickle Wintersylph and are rewarded with her laughter.

Jersea ponders.

(Wintersylph Writes down in her log, Pratice, Practice, Practice.)

Speaking to Wintersylph, Jersea says, "And taking notes helps."

Jersea nods.

Speaking to Helman, Aurien says, " real trend it more a if all the pieces were dramatic or all comedy..the one or two that were not will stand out JUST for that reason."

Nehor apologetically interjects, "I hate to be so abrupt, but I am planning to attend this Masquerade so I fear I must cut out early."

Sweeping his arm outward, Nehor bows low in a grand fashion.

Tolwynn says, "Both types have won, it really comes down to the strength of the piece."

Nehor says, "Thank you, all of you, for your words."

You smile at Nehor.

Helman nods at Aurien.

Nehor surveys the area.

Speaking softly to Jersea, Wintersylph says, "I nae want to take anybodies notes, I'd rather study on me own."

Helman nods.

Nehor rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Nehor, you exclaim, "Thank you for joining us!"

Nehor thoughtfully muses, " to get out..."

You chortle.

Speaking to Nehor, you advise, "Hup the walkway, west, trail, path, gate."

Speaking to Nehor, Elysia says, "There's even a song, there, somewhere..."

Nehor dryly says, "I'll hup it good."

You grin.

Nehor goes down a walkway.

Elysia starts chortling.

You belt out, "Take some whiskey!"

Erek moves to a kneeling position.

Wintersylph raises her hand.

Erek stands up.

Erek says, "Oof."

Elysia stands up.

Elysia pulls Erek closer to herself.

You point at Wintersylph.

Speaking to Elysia, Erek exclaims, "I made it!"

Elysia pokes Erek in the ribs.

Speaking to Helman, Aurien says, "So it hard to predict...and might not be worth trying.  I have even saw a romatic piece suddenlt exclaimed upon because none were of that vein on a givn night."

Elysia sits down next to you.

You grin at Elysia.

Helman nods at Aurien.

Wintersylph softly asks, "So if I decide to play the part of a Ranger, and I show up late for my performance, do I lose points or gain them?"

Elysia grins at Wintersylph.

Aurien grins.

Speaking to Wintersylph, you say, "If you have a non standard entrance or exit in mind, just let me know beforehand."

Jersea exclaims, "I know!"

You say, "And I can warn the judges not to dock points because whatever is happening is artistic expression."

Speaking to Erek, Elysia says, "You are non standard."

Jersea says, "Send in a dwarf stagehand with a oversized watch twirling away the minutes."

Elysia adopts an agreeable expression.

Wintersylph nods.

You grin at Jersea.

Erek pokes Elysia in the ribs.

You say, "That would be a good way to do it!"

Jersea ponders.

Speaking to Elysia, Erek says, "No ranger can get lost better than me.... er wait..."

Jersea says, "Then he can run offstage and drag you back on."

You say, "You'll just have to let me know because those moments would count toward your ten minute alotment."

Speaking softly to Jersea, Wintersylph says, "Thats not a half bad idea."

Aurien says, "Another point is when doing a piece referncing things or people that all are familiar with can be helpful raher then being more generic."

You nod at Aurien.

Aurien says, "As example rather then a ong about A bar and its owner a song about Helga does better...places..histories the people know."

Jersea mumbles something under her breath.

You ask, "Are there any other questions before we wrap up tonight?"

Helman raises his hand.

You point at Helman.

You grin at Jersea.

Helman asks, "Would a performer got docked points for making an "out of world" reference? Like satirizing an artistic medium found outside of Elanthia?"

Traiva nods at Helman.

Traiva nods.

Traiva says, "Yes."

Jersea nods.

Helman nods.

Traiva emphatically says, "Yes."

Helman says, "That is what I thought."

Aurien says, "If we catch it yes.....penalty when it OOG."

You say, "Yes quite a lot of points."

You chuckle.

Jersea winces.

Jersea nods.

Traiva says, "Do not do it."

Aurien nods.

Aurien says, "It can hurt BIG time."

Traiva says, "All it takes is one judge to recognize it."

Helman asks, "If its a really good and subtle reference?"

Speaking to Helman, Jersea says, "Even if it's the perfect rhyme... DON'T."

Speaking emphatically to Helman, Traiva repeats, "Do not do it."

Aurien nods.

Helman says, "Duly noted."

You grin.

Traiva says, "No matter HOW obscure you think it is, do not do it."

Helman says, "Thank you."

Aurien says, "I suggest will catch it and mention to the rest."

Wintersylph softly says, "Even some in game stuff is off limits as well,  correct."

Speaking to you, Jersea asks, "Cat murders?"

You grin wryly.

Tolwynn says, "Or the one time a fellow stripped, no less."

Traiva says, "Oh, and do not tempt the Soap Ladies, either."

Traiva blinks at Tolwynn.

Speaking to Tolwynn, Traiva asks, "Why did I miss that?"

Jersea gawks at Tolwynn.

Wintersylph softly says, "Torken meat."

Tolwynn exclaims, "It wasn't me!"

Wintersylph softly says, "White Eog."

Aurien smiles at Wintersylph.

Wintersylph softly says, "Kelfore's Landing."

Speaking to you, Jersea says, "Boxes."

You nod knowingly at Jersea.

Jersea flutters her eyelashes.

Speaking to Wintersylph, you say, "I would not say those are forbidden because many recognize them, but also remember that many do not so the reference would be lost on half of the audience."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Jersea asks, "That was just a dream?"

You feel at full magical power again.

You smile.

You exclaim, "Okay!"

You exclaim, "That concludes How to Win Bardfest tonight, I think!"

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