Human Ales: A Tasting Guide to Turamzzyrian Ales

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A Tasting Guide to Turamzzyrian Ales

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Human Ales: A Tasting Guide to Turamzzyrian Ales is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Ale Tasting Guide
Sweet Torre Apple Cider A springtime pale cider that is crafted just after the first apples are at their peak of ripeness, and then artfully fermented for several months. While lighter on alcohol content than some other drinks, it can still pack quite a punch with its surprisingly restorative tartness. The cider is best paired with aged cheddar.
Locksmehr Ale A light, rosy red ale threaded with a subtle sweetness. It has a refreshingly clean flavor, the flowery bouquet a reminder of spring blossoms waking among greenery in early spring. The ale is best paired with roasted boar.
Amber Vornavis Ale A crisp and tasty drink for a hot summer day after many hours in the sun. Orange peel is prominent on the palate, giving it a slightly bitter, but pleasant bite. Hints of tropical fruits and exotic spices blossom on the tongue, an ode to adventures in far away lands. The ale is best paired with seared scallops.
Fairport Honey Mead A perfect summertime combination of warm floral notes and a touch of sea-salted honey. Aromas reminiscent of a field of wildflowers are gently propped up by sun-basked berries and fruits. The mead is best paired with smoked salmon or grilled vegetables.
Solhaven Stout A grainy-nosed stout that conjures the onset of the fall, and with it the autumnal scents of dried cherry and rolled oats. The slightly thick ale has a deep, earthy taste and is quite comforting, particularly when consumed in great quantity. The stout is best paired with chargrilled rolton ribs.
Tempest River Ale A full-bodied ale, but with a heavier mouthfeel than Solhaven Stout, it is intended to be sipped rather slowly to properly enjoy the freshly harvested pumpkin base. The initial vanilla-laced creaminess offers depth and character to a final wallop of smoky molasses. The ale is best paired with fruit pies.
Maelstrom Bay Ale A conjoined mingling of ale and rum, the beverage is ideal for a brisk winter day, as the liquor content will help to warm one up from the inside. Layers of toasty hazelnut unfold from a buttery forefront, the rich flavors enveloping like a cozy hug. The ale is best paired with stewed meats.
Darkstone Bay Beer A satisfying beer to have in the deep chill of winter, sweet nuances of toffee and spice are folded into an underlying aftertaste of slightly burnt barrels. A dash of clove added to the candy-like notes lends the sensation of warmth on a cold day. The beer is best paired with oysters on the half shell.