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Entry, Exit, and Teleportation Review

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Hunting Grounds
Message #: 904
Author: GS4-IVRY
Date: 07/16/2021
Subject: Entry, Exit, and Teleportation review is live.

Maaghara Tower's hunting area has taken into account today's waistlines and greased the exiting a little, while also deciding to allow locates to peek within. Perhaps it's gotten enough player mulch recently?

You know who you are.

Sanctum of Scales, [Fangs of the Serpent, Gateway] has weakened over time and should now allow magic to be used.

Old Ta'Faendryl is getting... older. The constructs have the ability to block a corpse from being dragged only once within a reasonable time frame. The heroic will find this helpful during rescues.

The Rift has been especially chaotic lately with multiple changes!

  • GROUPS can now enter the Rift together. *Qualifications to enter still apply.
  • The spirit loss that sometimes hits the unfortunate heading into the Rift has been tamed a bit.
  • Bards should no longer immediately lose their spellsongs when swimming in the Rift AND can now anchor themselves to the Cavern of Ages for Traveler's Song (1020).
  • Nexus gems can now be set to the Cavern of Ages and used from within the Rift and Scatter to get there, with all other restrictions to them still applying.
  • Most teleport spells used within the Rift will now return casters to the Cavern of Ages instead of other random Rift areas.
  • Eye-of-Koar emeralds will continue to take groups to Icemule Trace, but now without silver costs, although the gem WILL be sacrificed in payment.
  • The stinky box on Plane 5 will now drop the bodies shoved within directly into the Cavern of Ages. Players should beware of falling corpses there.

~Dev Team (with special thanks to GM Aulis for his consistantly positive support)

Category: Combat, Magic, and Character Mechanics
Topic: Hunting Grounds
Message #: 927
Author: GS4-IVRY
Date: 07/19/2021
Subject: Re: Entry, Exit, and Teleportation review is live.

Spirit draining now only happens when entering the Rift instead of while wandering within the maze. Players can lose 1-2 spirit per entry, so please plan accordingly. *All group members will also be eligible for spirit loss.

~GM Ivry