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The Ildran Officiality Index - The Official Word in Officiality

The Ildran Officiality Index (IOI) is a tool for determining how much you should really pay attention to my stupid posts. It's a measure of how much a post conveys the Official Word of Simutronics and how much is just so much blather by some guy behind a keyboard. Higher is....umm....better. More official, anyway.

IOI = 0: These posts really have nothing to do with anything. If you skip them, you'll probably be a better person for it. They'll be mostly found in the Socializing category, because that's the obvious location for discussing nonsense. Examples: Stories of my weekend, discussion of the current contents of my desk drawers, or rants on social values.

IOI = 1: These posts are entirely opinion, but they're opinion about Gemstone, and simply due to my name showing up in red ('s RED) they carry that little bit of unwarranted officialness. Examples: Mocking the dead resulting from my invasion, whether I think that alteration is ugly, or my favorite race to roleplay.

IOI = 2: These posts are mostly or entirely opinion, but they're opinion about mechanics not just Gemstoniness. Hence, they carry at least a little weight. Also, they generally will pull on information that is commonly available to players. Examples: Whether boxpicking is a viable method of experience gain, why one would use non-edged weapons in combat, or which critters are easy.

IOI = 3: These are part official and part opinion. Anything less than this would have looked basically the same as a player, these start to differ. Examples: Personal interpretations of game mechanics and their reasoning, debates on the direction of a profession, or where the game went wrong economically.

IOI = 4: These are mostly official posts. I'm a GM, speaking as a GM, on GM matters. Examples: Personal interpretations of policy grey areas, discussions or explanations on things I'm actually responsible for, discussions of what should/can/must/may be implemented [next/soon/in a million years/never/RSN].

IOI = 5: The only thing that would change in these posts if another GM were to have posted in my stead would be the wording. There's no opinion here. These are officially official posts of officiality. Officially. Examples: Announcements. Uhh.....announcement follow-ups. Umm....announcement clarifications? Yeah.

IOI = -1: These posts are actually the opposite of official. They're about Gemstone, and say things that actually are wrong. If you read these, remember this. I am NOT serious. Examples: Sarcastic remarks. Actually, that's it.

And we're done! I hope you all took notes, there'll be a quiz on this next period. Ok, time for recess. - Ildran

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