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GameMasters (abbreviated GM or GMs) are independent contractors who work for Simutronics Corporation, filling the roles of customer service representative and developer.

GameMasters are almost exclusively former players who have "moved on" from playing GemStone, though some continue to actively play their player-characters, to helping to develop the game and Elanthia as a whole further.

GameMasters are divided into four groups:

Events are those that work on the paid events, quests, and SimuCoin additions.
Subscriptions are those that work on Prime, Premium, and Platinum interactions.
Admin and Support work on QC, training, and the GameHost Program.
Development works on the combat and magic systems in the game, as well as overseeing all mechanical coding.

Most GameMasters have a strange sense of humour. While this is not precisely a job requirement, it certainly helps.

GameMaster Policy

GameMasters are frequently on-duty to answer any calls for assistance which may arise. All players are encouraged to type ASSIST (or click on the "Assistance" button) if they are having a problem with game mechanics, which will notify any on-duty GameMasters that you have a question. GameMasters are not permitted, however, to give solutions to puzzles, supply inventory to the player, or divulge certain details which the player is supposed to discover for himself or herself. For example, a GameMaster could examine a locked chest to see if it was constructed properly, but would not typically be allowed to tell you its exact difficulty level, or what number you would have to roll in order to be able to open it.

GameMasters are not permitted to make personalized items for players, unless a special merchant event is in progress. GameMasters are forbidden to show any type of favoritism towards one player or another.

VERY IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that although GameMasters serve as Customer Service representatives, their main responsibility is to preserve the integrity of the game's rules and balance, and in situations where customer service may conflict with preserving the integrity of the game, the GameMaster is required to put the rules first.

What it Takes

Wyrom on what it takes to be a GameMaster (2014/8/17):

I'd also like to point out that I'm an offsite staff member. We're pretty much volunteers, but we are considered independent contractors. There is some compensation for our time, but in no way is it a livable wage. Years and years ago, there was the quote that it's simply "beer and pizza money." Now depending on the type of beer you drink or pizza you eat, it might be beer OR pizza money. We all do this because we care about the game. I choose to spend my free time here, but make no mistake, my home life does have to come first. I just happen to have a lot of free time.

The GM application pool definitely has a lot of good candidates. But some things to consider, if you're applying, are your in-game play time (under 60 hours a month typically is a Bad Thing [tm]), your warnings, your communication outside of the official game channels, your general demeanor and attitude on the forums, your grammar on your application, and your contributions as a player. I started off as a GameHost, and it took me years to get that. I was interviewed 3 times for a GM position over the course of 6 years before I got hired.

GM Compensation

Posted by Wyrom (2017/10/18)

GameMasters aren't volunteers. They are independent contractors that take on a project load. We separate project types by team. They have a time frame to complete projects, but they can do it on their own schedule and typically we offer extensions where we can. Events are very time sensitive and more demanding. We have a specific team that works on events. There isn't a lot of compensation, but we're pretty upfront with that from the get go. GMs who do more make more. We do something called profit sharing, commonly referred to as shares. GMs make a percent of the revenue that gets shared in a pool based on their contributions. We also have some benefits for GameMasters who still enjoy playing.