Icemule Forging Supply Shop

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Icemule Forging Supply Shop is the forging shop in Icemule Trace.

[Icemule Forging Supply Shop]
A well-beaten path provides contrast against the frost covered area leading up to a small counter. Various glyphs and metals have been neatly stacked next to a small iron brazier. To the south you see the rooftops of the local armory and weapons shop. You also see a large placard, some forging workshops, the clerk Hefterthew and an iron gate.


Welcome to Icemule Trace Workshop Supply Shop!
The clerk Hefterthew offers his catalog to browse.
Hefterthew exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"
  1. a leather crafter's apron             26. a quarterstaff endcap-glyph
  2. a bronze bar                          27. a mattock haft-glyph
  3. a maple block                         28. a mattock head-glyph
  4. a heavy steel slab                    29. a flail haft-glyph
  5. a large skin of tempering oil         30. a flail head-glyph
  6. a large skin of enchanted oil         31. a spear shaft-glyph
  7. a large skin of twice-enchanted oil   32. a spear head-glyph
  8. a large skin of ensorcelled oil       33. a pilum shaft-glyph
  9. a heavy mithril slab                  34. a pilum head-glyph
  10. a heavy ora slab                     35. a halberd shaft-glyph
  11. a heavy imflass slab                 36. a halberd head-glyph
  12. a heavy vultite slab                 37. a knuckle-duster handle-glyph
  13. a dagger hilt-glyph                  38. a knuckle-duster blade-glyph
  14. a dagger blade-glyph                 39. a hook-knife hilt-glyph
  15. a shortsword hilt-glyph              40. a hook-knife blade-glyph
  16. a shortsword blade-glyph             41. a knuckle-blade handle-glyph
  17. a main gauche hilt-glyph             42. a knuckle-blade blade-glyph
  18. a main gauche blade-glyph            43. a troll-claw handle-glyph
  19. a cudgel handle-glyph                44. a troll-claw blade-glyph
  20. a cudgel head-glyph                  45. a flamberge hilt-glyph
  21. a mace handle-glyph                  46. a flamberge blade-glyph
  22. a mace head-glyph                    47. a warsword hilt-glyph
  23. a crowbill handle-glyph              48. a warsword blade-glyph
  24. a crowbill head-glyph                49. a broadsword hilt-glyph
  25. a quarterstaff shaft-glyph           50. a broadsword blade-glyph