Icemule Town Guard

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The Icemule Town Guard is an MHO based out of the town of Icemule Trace.


The mission of the Icemule Town Guard is to protect and defend the town of Icemule Trace and the Icemule Town Guards against all enemies both foreign and domestic.


Commander Grutak
Sub-Commander Kobane
East Gate Keeper Iseo
West Gate Keeper Thekyotek
South Gate Keeper Zamnier
Communications Officer Hailleus
Purser Flowfalorn
Triage Leader Conrash

Non-Voting Commisioned Officers

East Gate Keeper Tenete Moedwar
West Gate Keeper Tenete Sebthyl
South Gate Keeper Tenete Cheruleana
Triage Medic Steelson

Significant Actions

The Icemule Town Guard first saw significant action during the defense of Icemule Trace from Daukhera and her denizens.