Regulators of the Northern Frontier

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The Regulators of the Northern Frontier (formerly known as Icemule Town Guard) is an MHO based out of the town of Icemule Trace.


The Northern Regulators are a group of people dedicated to the protection of Northwatch. It is our duty and honor to protect and defend the citizens of Icemule Trace and the Northern Frontier against all enemies. If you wish to join the Regulators, simply find any officer. All citizens are encouraged to join.


Commander Lilanna
Major Vailwyn
Major Randsford

Our Pledge

I pledge to defend, aid, and protect Northwatch, with all my ability, up to and including at the cost of my own life.

I pledge to always act with honor, respect, and integrity.

I pledge to be loyal and supportive to both my Officers and my fellow Regulators.

I pledge to place my trust, wholly, in my commanding officers' judgement of orders.

I understand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of my membership.

Significant Actions

The Regulators first saw significant action during the defense of Icemule Trace from Daukhera and her denizens.