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An identifying sheath, sometimes simply called an ID sheath, is a lightly scripted weapon container that makes different noises when weapons are inserted. The sound is based on the weapon's properties. It appears from testing that weighting overrides flares in messaging.


You analyze your steel shoulder sheath and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

The creator has also provided the following information:
A vine-etched steel shoulder sheath is an Identifying Sheath.
It will create a string of noises based on the flare of the item placed inside it.
It only gives messaging when an item is put inside it.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the steel shoulder sheath for you or deepen its pockets. 


Verb Weapon Property Sound
PUT (weapon in sheath) Cold You hear a slight hissing sound as you slide your runestaff into your sheath.
Critical-weighted You slide your maul into your sheath with a satisfying *SWOOSH*.
Damage-weighted You slide your longsword into your sheath with a solid *THUD*.
Damage and critical-weighted You slide your falcata into your sheath with a *SWOOSH*, follwed by a solid *THUD*.
Earth You hear a slight buzzing sound as you slide your hook-knife into your sheath.
Fire You hear a slight sizzling sound as you slide your greataxe into your sheath.
Lightning You hear a slight crackling sound as you slide your maul into your sheath.
Plain As you slide your broadsword into your sheath, it makes a loud *THUNK*.
Steam A puff of steam hisses from the mouth of your sheath as you slide your warblade into it.
Vacuum/Void A faint rushing of air hisses out of your sheath as you slide your falchion into it.
Identifying Sheath Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Item Verbs