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Ilynov Journal is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The following is in a journal in Ilynov Manor, a Private Property in Ta'Vaalor. The events tie into the Lost Regiment storyline run by GM Mazreth in 2014.

Journal Entries

Despana threatens even the mighty Vaalor, and Taki Rassien seeks the best from the Vaalorian army. He had the nerve to try to separate my boys today. He refused to take the entire regiment, claiming lack of resources. Ilynov fights as one or fights not at all. His Sabrar will have to make do without us. Honor dictates no other course. I fear it will weaken him considerably to not have House Ilynov's regiment, for those he has chosen, while good warriors, are no match for my Eversworded.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~
Olaesta, year 33,710 of House Vaalor

Taki still requests one or two of my boys, the cream of the crop, he calls them. My old student seems to have forgotten what makes the Eversworded the most successful regiment in history. Blood first. Everything else second. We are one. They sing our song in the streets for a reason, but the politics and the fear are making those in power forget.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~

Imaerasta, year 33,710 of House Vaalor

Tonight, my eldest, Marcand, told me Taki prepares for a battle at ShadowGuard. He still refuses the help of the full regiment of Ilynov, and I cannot but think that somehow, I have failed in my teachings of Vaalor's finest lone warrior. Marcand informed me that he plans on leading the Eversworded in a surprise attack on the forces besieging ShadowGuard, attacking first in the hopes of clearing the way for Taki's troops to gain entrance and reinforce the Shadow Legion. Success before glory, he tells me, and I know with him I have not failed.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~

Lormesta, year 33,711 of House Vaalor

The city murmurs excitedly about the glorious slaughter of Taki Rassien and his elite fighters. There has been no word of the Eversworded, however, but none of the bodies recovered are from my boys. I cannot conceive of a battle so great that nothing was left of our regiment. I have tracked down all but one survivor. Out of those questioned, one vaguely remembers seeing our standard, and another remembers hearing the song. Tomorrow, I seek out the last survivor and will see what he knows.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~

Eaontos, year 33,712 of House Vaalor

The last survivor has become the battle's latest victim. He died today in my arms, but not before he could tell me more of the battle. The Eversworded took to the field before dawn, surprising Despana's hordes and opening a faint path through which the Sabrar charged. When asked if my boys died to a man, the wounded soldier shivered and whispered, "No." My heart filled with hope and I leaned into him, begging for more details. The soldier grew deathly pale and whispered "Gone, all gone, but none dead." Before he could tell me more, he died in my arms. No standard lay abandoned on the field, nor bodies. My boys would not flee a battle, no matter what the price, and rest assured, had a hundred men ran from that demon-spawn, the streets would be echoing the names of the cowards. I cannot fathom what has happened. My boys, my House, has, to a man, disappeared.
Kai protect them as they protect you.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~

Eaontos, year 33,712 of House Vaalor

I grow old and sick, but for the last hundred years, I have searched in vain for the truth of what happened that fateful day at ShadowGuard. There are whispers, but no answers. The aches in my crippled legs threaten to overcome me. Not even the kind family healer can ease the pain anymore. The branches of our once-great House have been absorbed into other Families and all that is left now is my youngest son. He was too young to fight, and thus I was spared at least one progeny. Perhaps he can find the answers I have missed.
~Vysandrich Ilynov~
Koaratos, year 33,806 of House Vaalor

Ilynov Song

Original concept by GM Xynwen

So sing your praises to Ilynov

The rare boys of Vaalor.

Eversworded and never thwarted

Make way for the boys of Ilynov.

So bow down to Ilynov

Rare boys of valor.

First on the field and last to yield

Make way for the boys of Ilynov! Published September 16, 2014.