In Remembrance of GM Skhorne

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A New Beginning

12 Eorgaen:

With a final review of the paperwork, Leiana nodded and scribbled her signature upon the paperwork to finish the deal. Standing up, she reached out to shake hands with the man before her as they both smiled and murmured thank you. The Inn was no longer in her hands but she felt a sense of pride, nonetheless. It would be in good hands as one of her father's supporters had generously offered to purchase it when news of Sabrien's departure from the family business had spread through the town.

It wasn't an easy decision and she had thought about it long and hard, but finally decided that it would be best for all involved. She loved the town and it's people, but it was time for a new beginning. With her father out on his adventures, Oreena dead, and the town's banishment in place it did not make sense to linger. She understood that they needed a villainous face to put in the poster. She understood that she was the easiest one to fill that role. Honestly, she felt that she deserved it somewhat. She had done real damage, after all. And let's not forget that she made a promise. One which she knew Daenamaryllis fully expected her to keep. No matter her personal feelings toward that woman and her friends, the flower twins, she understood that for Daenamaryllis it was truly about justice. Leiana felt perhaps she owed the Landing a bit of that accountability, even after all it had done and thought of her. So she would be the villain, then, that was fine.

As she made her final goodbyes to the staff and friends she had made over the years and grabbed the few boxes she had of their family's remaining things, she made her way out of the Inn for probably the last time. Nodding to a few waiting workmen near the doors of the Inn, she followed them to the gates where she watched them erect the scarecrow that she had commissioned. It would stand in protection over the town in memory of her father and their family as a whole. She was ready to go then, and she made her way silently and undetected through the crowd gathering around the scarecrow to look at the myriad of figurines at it's feet, all murmuring to each other in wonder over what they may mean.

A smile crossed Leiana's visage as she quietly launched into the clouds above, viewing the Landing from the currents of wind and giving it one last wave. And then she was gone.


**OOC: One of two memorials to the late GM Skhorne has been erected outside of the Landing north gates. Look for the scarecrow against the town walls as a commemoration of all that he did for Platinum and the players within in his various personas, including Sabrien - Proprietor of the Thrak Inn.