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Category: Monks
Topic: Developer's Corner - Monks
Message #: 524
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 07/17/2012 07:02 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Iharmony may be out of tune.

>>Ok the way the description reads it APPEARS rank 1 and 2 are passive, and rank 3 is active with a 40 stamina cost. Is this the case, becuase it doesn't explain in the description. Or is the 40 stamina cost automatic every time a spell effect is negated? Or is it an active skill that I use 40 stamina to have it last a certain amount of time? If this is the case please explain what it's duration is? Help!

It's a Martial Stance. Krakiipedia gives a good, brief description of what that means.

Basically, you activate it and it lasts 4 hours. At ranks 1 and 2, it "ticks" every 30 seconds and at rank 3 it also ticks immediately when you use it.

GameMaster Oscuro