Inside a White Tent

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Shortly after the opalescent glass jars that hold 20 doses of alchemy supplies and gems were released, GM Bernt sent a large white tent to tour the major towns to sell similar jars, beakers, and bottles that could hold 50 doses at once, but only count for one inventory slot.

Each item sold for 1,200 silvers.

[Inside a White Tent]
Hazy sunlight filters through the white canvas overhead, which is supported by tall poles in the six corners of this hexagonal tent. A pair of flies have found their way inside and buzz noisily about the tent's peak. You also see the tent flap, a cotton-lined wooden crate, an amply-sized bin filled with jars, a rack of glass bottles, a display of glass jars with some stuff on it and a large sign propped up on an easel.
Obvious exits: none
All these jars and bottles hold up to 50 small gems, alchemy items, and the like.  No mixing items in a single jar, though!
In the wooden crate you see a clear glass beaker, a sooty glass beaker, an azure glass beaker, a viridian glass beaker, an amber glass beaker, an ochre glass beaker, a poppy red glass beaker, a tawny glass beaker and an ash grey glass beaker.

In the ample bin you see a bronze-rimmed mulberry glass jar, a laje-rimmed indigo glass jar, a brass-rimmed scarlet glass jar, an ora-rimmed carnelian glass jar, a silver-rimmed dove grey glass jar, a kelyn-rimmed goldenrod glass jar, an invar-rimmed amethyst glass jar, a vaalin-rim cerulean glass jar and a gold-rimmed vermilion glass jar.

In the bottle rack you see a tall silver-streaked bottle, a slender multicolored bottle, a swirled rainbow glass bottle, an opalescent violet glass bottle, a blue-hued speckled glass bottle, a greenish mottled glass bottle, a dark brown narrow-necked bottle, a large prismatic glass bottle and a pale pink wavy glass bottle.

On the glass jar display you see a slightly bulbous glass jar, a mottled ten-sided glass jar, a hazy heptagonal jar, a large octagonal glass jar, a translucent pentagonal jar, a twisted triangular jar, a nearly square glass jar, a perfectly cubical glass jar and a spherical glass jar.