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Glass jars are sold throughout Elanthia in local alchemist shops. These jars hold up to 20 doses of items used in alchemy, such as alchemy drops, foraged items, and gems. The jars do not hold skins. The jars reduce those 21 items (including the jar) to just one item for item inventory quantity reasons. This feature is a huge boon to alchemists and Adventurer's Guild gem hoarders because of the 500-item limit.

Shortly after the release of the jars, GM Bernt opened a merchant tent that traveled to different towns selling jars, bottles and beakers that held 50 doses instead of the standard 20. The shop was simply called Inside a White Tent. 100-item jars were later released at Duskruin Arena costing 250 bloodscrip.

A full 100-item jar will weigh 11 lbs when full of gems and 50 lbs when full of herbs. Weight will scale down based on capacity.


20-item jar

You analyze your glass jar and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This glass jar is designed to hold small, nearly identical items -- in particular, gems, alchemy ingredients other than critter skins, etc.

Alterations are permitted to the base description following the 15/15/15 rule in ALTER 2, provided that it continues to make sense that the contents would be identifiable without looking inside.

It can hold a maximum of 20 items.  PUT items in to store them.  SHAKE the jar to get them back out.


Each of the above can be ordered in customized colors to make "an <above adjective> <color> glass jar".


When an item is added, the description changes from "a glass jar" to "a glass jar containing {items}"

an opalescent glass jar
an opalescent glass jar containing ayana leaves

The jars can be customized when ORDERed to be different colors for ease of sorting. The jars cannot be dyed via the dyer's tents. When the full system is in place, the dyer's tent dyes will be able to dye empty jars.

During the first two days of sale, these jars were just "a glass jar". The opalescent part was added later when the colors were made manipulatable.


  • LOOK IN the jar to see an exact count of how many items the jar contains. This will also give a rough indicator of the remaining capacity relative to the container.

Inside the glass jar you see 5 portions of uncut maernstrike diamonds. It is mostly empty.
Inside the glass jar you see 7 portions of cerulean glimaerstones. It is less than half full.
Inside the glass jar you see 10 portions of dragonseye sapphires. It is becoming full.
Inside the prismatic glass bottle you see 49 portions of crystal cores. It is nearly full.
Inside the prismatic glass bottle you see 50 portions of crystal cores. It is full.
  • SHAKE [jar] removes one alchemy item from the jar. One hand will need to be free to hold what comes out.
You give your jar a hard shake, causing an ayana leaf to fall into your left hand.
  • SHAKE [jar] AT [cauldron] drops one of the contained ingredient into your cauldron.
You give your jar a hard shake over your cauldron, releasing a luckbloom blossom into it.
Sorcerers can also shake a jar of animation salts at a dead creature or player. This will have the same results as spreading the salts by hand. Beware that when salts of different qualities are mixed together in a jar, the entire batch of salt will have an average of those quality values.
  • INVENTORY FULL CONTAINER lists all worn containers; as well as containers, including jars, within worn and open containers.
You are currently wearing and carrying:
a void blue backpack
a rolton-embossed leather knapsack
an opalescent glass jar containing blue trafel mushrooms
an opalescent glass jar containing turquoise stones
a purple silk sheath with gold edging
  • RUMMAGE IN [container] INGREDIENT [ingredient name] finds jars containing alchemy items or gems. The word "ingredient" cannot be shortened.
You rummage through the heavy backpack and remove a large prismatic glass bottle containing crystal cores.
  • LOCKER MANIFEST shows how full a jar in the locker is:
an opalescent glass jar containing blue trafel mushrooms (12/20)
an opalescent glass jar containing turquoise stones (18/20)