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The Interregnum is the dark ages between the First Era and Second Era of the Shadow World history. The "Long Night" was roughly 100,000 years long and involved the gradual rehabilitation of life, with the surface of the planet being barely able to support the simplest forms. It is unclear when or how the dragons first arose, but they were powerful in the latter half of the interregnum.


  • (-100,000 Second Era): The Eyes of Utha are constructed by the surviving rebels against the Empress Kadaena.
  • (-100,000 to -80,000 S.E.): This secret order called the Ahrenreth, led by Andraax, sealed errant portals and hunted down powerful demonic or other servants of the Shadow.
  • (-80,000 S.E.): Andraax believes he is the last surviving Lord of Essaence, and puts himself into suspended animation in his sarcophagus.
  • (-70,000 to -50,000 S.E.): The Lords of Orhan (Liabo) send their nymphs and similar fey folk to begin making the world hospitable to life again, and then re-populate it with the various races they had hidden away on their moon. These had been experimented on by the Lords of Essaence in sheer hubris and arrogance.
  • (-50,000 to -5,000 S.E.): There were a few relatively primitive civilizations that rose and fell, partly due to natural disasters and warring against the Elves. Dark underground races such as the trolls had survived on their own, as well as some more hideous powers left over from the First Era. The Eyes of Utha hold up against the comet Sa'kain reasonably well.
  • (-100 S.E.): Andraax wakes up to discover something has intervened to restore the world in his absence, though the Lords of Orhan would not reveal themselves for another 500 years.