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The Inyexat

The Inyexat are forest gnomes who are found in Atan Irith. They have close ties with the erithi.


The Inyexat speak a dialect of Gnomish known as Inyexi, as well as being fluent in both Common and standard Gnomish. Most Inyexat can speak a least a smattering of Erithi as well.


Egalitarian by nature, Inyexat governance is mostly done by open discussion; reaching consensus for most issues is rarely an problem, and when it cannot be met, mystics known as the Children of the Starlit Wilds are asked to perform a reading. The Starlit's decision after the reading is held sacrosanct, and all abide by that.

In addition, a trio of elders, comprised of a Starlit, a Star-Spear (warriors), and a Star-Evoker (mages with prodigious alchemical skill), serve to assist in governance and leadership in smaller enclaves and villages. Their primary role is to serve as conduits to and from the city of Inye'vexl where the majority of Inyexat reside and to coordinate their area's rituals and festivals.


Inyexat rely mostly on a system of barter and trade amongst one another at neighborhood marketplaces. Because of the prevalence of precious gems, stones, and metals within the mountain ranges of Atan Irith, collecting items with monetary value outside of Inyexat society is a simple prospect and allows them to take some measure of perceived wealth with them if they travel.

Art & Architecture

Inyexat architecture ranges from the simple, in its outposts and enclaves, to stunningly complex in and around Inye'vexl. No matter the size or location, however, building to optimize the views of the stars is essential to Inyexat culture.

The city of Inye'vexl is built around a central step-pyramid, whose upper levels rise above the abundant trees for unbroken views of the skies. The Children of the Starlit Wilds, the Star-Spears, and the Star-Evokers are headquartered here, and much study of astronomy, divination, and alchemy occurs within its walls. Similar, albeit much smaller, versions can be found in several enclaves.

Stars, constellations, and geometric patterning are prevalent themes in art and architecture for the Inyexat, especially those areas built up by the Starlit. However, nature and local geography dominate architectural decisions, and the Inyexat take great care to complement the areas they live, respecting the natural forces at work.

Even the city of Inye'vexl, with its larger than life statuary and structures, bends knee to nature, blending the city and its environs into a natural melding with the lush greenery surrounding it.

Etiquette, Nobility, Social Strata

Respect of oneself, one another, and nature is key with the Inyexat. There is no nobility as other races such as humans and elves consider nobility, but the leaders of the Starlit Wilds, the Star-Spears, and the Star-Evokers garner considerable respect and power, as do other leaders, such as their scholars.

While some level of social strata exists, it is minimized by the importance given to everyday life. The work of a farmer provides food for the work of a scholar, and neither is considered more important or better than the other but rather part of an interdependent culture.

Idealistic this may be, but the Inyexat strive to maintain this egalitarian approach to life. It is not always perfect, and of course, they are people like any other, given to tempers and quarrels and remorse.

Worship and Beliefs

While they know the Arkati exist, Inyexat overall feel no strong need to worship them. Nature reigns supreme in their rituals and rites. It is not unheard for an Inyexat to align with a particular Arkati, but it is also quite common to stay neutral in such affairs and instead turn toward what the world itself brings to them.

Key times for rituals include both summer and winter solstice, as well as rituals around planting and harvest. Festivals are often planned around key rituals, with mystics and druids performing their rituals to start, and the festivals and celebrations beginning after.

Marriage & Relationships

Pair and group bonding is common amongst the Inyexat, with a variety of different ceremonies available depending on the individuals involved and the positioning of the stars.

In general, Inyexat are social and tend to marry or bond in their twenties or thirties, but no stigma exists for those who choose a more solitary life, nor is there stigma over leaving a bonding should a partner so desire. Details on Inyexat marriage ceremonies are currently lacking.


Divination is prevalent within most rituals and customs of the Inyexat, and it is considered bad luck to enter into a major life decision without seeking out a Child of the Starlit Wilds for a mycomancy or oneiromancy reading.


While general clothing styles of the Inyexat are similar in style and cut to the Bloodline forest gnomes, as behooves people living predominantly in the forests, several specifics of design diverge, and the Inyexat have their own terms for their clothing.

While feathers and beading do have a place in Inyexat clothing, it is not as dominant as seen in other forest gnome clothing. Centuries of relations with the erithi have also influenced Inyexat fashion, especially when visiting their cities.


The Star-Spears are the closest correlation to a military the Inyexat have. Trained warriors, the Star-Spears serve as guardians for the Children of the Starlit Wilds. In addition, they and others with similar skills patrol enclave borders, serving as protection for the Inyexat as a whole.

Other than protecting against the occasional krolvin raider along the coast, however, Inyexat have little need for a military as war and conflict is virtually unheard of on Atan Irith. With fierce training and honed skills, the Inyexat are ready to join their erithi brethren in defending their homelands if ever needed, but thus far, no need has ever arisen.

Current Relationships with Others

The Inyexat keep close ties with the erithi. They have only recently (in 5122) made details of their culture known to Elanthia at large, and Inyexat who have traveled outside Atan Irith are few and far between and have done so under the guise of another culture.

The Inyexat are cautious folk and would be willing to enter into trade with other nations, but it is almost certain that their borders will remain tightly closed to all.

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