Iron Jack

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Iron Jack
Town Wehnimer's Landing
Gender male
Race human
Alias/Title Iron Jack
Job blacksmith
Shop Name Blacksmith

Iron Jack is the name of the Wehnimer's Landing blacksmith. He runs the forge on Mikhail Street, just north of Lyon's Way. Adventurers below 6 trainings can ask him for a job.


You see Iron Jack, the town blacksmith.  He is a powerfully built human of about 45 years of age.  He is wearing leather boots, breeches and soot-stained overalls.

Room Ambients

  • Iron Jack shouts to his apprentices, "Please be careful! Supplies are becoming dangerously low!"
  • You hear a loud, metallic clang, soon followed by Iron Jack cursing under his breath something about "apprentices" and "rolton brains."
  • The blacksmith shuffles through the work orders piling up on his workbench.
  • Iron Jack, the blacksmith, takes a cloth from his pocket and wipes his sweaty brow.