Iron boar hide

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In the depth of the DragonSpine mountains dwell a ferocious breed of wild boars that often grow to a size that matches the shoulder height of your average human. Known as the Mountain Razorback, the species is renown for their fearlessness when confronted by predators (very few) and hunters, often charging with violent abandon with large sharp tusks and thick hides bristling with quill like spikes. Since nearly the dawn of the giantman race, or at least since they began to wander the peaks of the DragonSpine, giantmen and women have hunted the beast. A traditional hunt requires the use of a massive boar spear and the steel nerve to level it toward a charging mountain razorback.

Appearance and Uses

While prized for their meat and the multiple purposes their tusks can be crafted for, the mountain razorback is most often hunted for its hide. Colloquially known as iron boar hide, the thick hide actually offers no more defense than any other leather material, but is often incorporated into giantkin clothing for its capacity to help retain heat in the coldest months and for its appearance of the quills that proliferate along the ridge of the back of the beast. The color of the hide is iron grey, hence the name given to the hide by its wearers and merchants.

The hide is often used for winter cloaks, but the quilled portion is also used for accent purposes on helms, arm and leg greaves, and shoulder pads. One camouflage technique used by its wearers is to wrap the cloak about themselves, then roll about in dead leaves or weeds, allowing the material to catch upon the quills. The wearer instantly then acquires the ability to better blend in with his or her surroundings.

General Restrictions

Given the extreme dangers involved in the procurement of iron boar hide, giantkin are the exclusive producers of products made from the mountain razorback. Don't expect to find the material sold by non-giantkin merchants! Unless otherwise explicitly stated by the merchant, the material will not imbue the wearer with any bonus to hiding or other camouflaging related skills. Don't worry, if looks could kill, the wearer is definitely going to stun fashion knowledgeable friends and family!