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Gender male
Profession Weaponsmith
Service(s) Flare adding
Specialty Holy Flares
Status Uknown

Ironwright is a smith known for the "Blessed Flares" weapon effect.


You see Ghostly Spirit Ironwright.
He appears to be a ghost.
His translucent form shifts and wavers in the air currents. He is shorter than average with alabaster skin, and appears to be an adult. He has burned, patchy black hair. He has piercing dark eyes, a missing nose, and exposed bone fingers. His skin is covered with severe burns.
He is in good shape, for a spirit.
He is holding a perfect dwarven-crafted mithril mattock with a knotwork carved ivory haft in his right hand.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, an ethereal forging hammer, a heavy leather forging apron, a crystal amulet, some black pebbled leather boots, and a pair of black broadcloth breeches.

Blessed Flares

Ironwright's script gives holy flares when an item is blessed (no matter the profession) as well as a selection of two or three other flares (for example, acid/impact/web/airbolt). The other flares are activated by casting a related spell at the weapon after it has been blessed (e.g. Hurl Boulder for impact). The flares last until the bless wears off. This flare occupies the script slot, not the flare slot.

Elemental Blade will work to activate a flare if the random (or attuned) element matches what the weapon is scripted to accept.

Ironwright weapons cannot be player enchanted.

Category: Wizard
Topic: Enchanting
Message #: 1103
Date: 04/27/2016 02:12 AM EDT
Subject: Re: enchanting ironwright

Ironwrights can't be player enchanted, so that's where the actual issue is. Hope that helps explain why you were running into issues!