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Eh, because I'm an Ivas nerd...

For your viewing pleasure. This is the description of Ivas from earlier Elanthian documentation (circa 1996), straight from Lady Laranna's Lair (or at least, it was). Not the current "Official" Documentation, but it is very close.


Quick Referance

Name: Ivas / Inis, "The Dancer"
Pantheon: Lornon
Title: Goddess of lust and jealousy
Relations: Lover of many
Rival: Tilamaire
Shrine: Hall of the Wounded Heart - IceMule Trace Temple
Symbol: A stylized green wisp of smoke on a field of red
Sphere: Unbridled desire, lust and passion
Manner: Insatiable
Appearance: Beautiful four-armed woman with fair skin, green eyes, blonde hair, and is very voluptious and seductive.

Goddess of lust and jealousy, domination. "The Dancer", beautiful four-armed woman with fair skin, green eyes, blond hair, and is very voluptuous and seductive. Her cults are quite devoted to carnal pleasures including any number of perversions. She has the power to enslave mortals utterly, and often creates havoc among them by using the violence brought about by lust and jealousy. She generally perfers those than can not control thier impulses, allied with Mularos.

Related Information

Excerpt from the Lost Scrolls of the Sages

Ivas is the Goddess of Seduction. Possessing a pair of tentacles where most humanoid beings have arms, and with full, sensuous lips hiding a maw filled with shark's teeth, Ivas cloaks herself in illusion. She appears to the unwary as a woman of unearthly beauty.

Preying on those willing to be seduced, Ivas thrives on the jealousy, distrust, and hatred that results. Often times marked by rotting diseases that defy all cures, her adherents form cults which revel in perverted carnal pleasures. However, their primary goal is the seduction of unwary outsiders.

-- Name: Eorgina / Origiana
Pantheon: Lornon
Title: Queen of Lornon, Goddess of death, darkness, domination
Relations: Lover of Luukos and Ivas

And then we have...

Excerpts from Kulthean history (circa "way longer ago"). It's uh... different, but still pretty interesting - kinda gives you an idea of how the perception of what Ivas should be in a text-based game has evolved. The first set of info was posted by someone in the Gods of Elanthia folder a long ol' time ago. The second one was from a website, but the original link to it appears to now be dead (woe is me, I should have copied down all of the Arkati at the time). Inis is the old name for Ivas, as noted above (Moralis is Mularos).

INIS - Green-eyed, blonde, and voluptuous with a wry, seductive demeanor and truly insatiable lust. A Dancer possessed of four arms, she vies for the attention of the weak, seducing those who cannot control their lusts. Cults of Inis are invariably devoted to carnal pleasures, and bring downfall through uncontrollable jealousy and hate. She is not a warrior herself, though she can be a formidable opponent in combat, wielding a curved +30 mithril broadsword in each of her 4 hands in a whirling dance of death. A bard & mentalist by profession, she wears a diaphanous robe and a platinum necklace with a milky white stone called a LoveStone: A power enhancer and an aphrodisiac which, when touched by the perspiration of a Kulthean, enslaves him to the wearer forever.

The DARK SPIRITS are the serving souls of the Dark Gods, sharing a loathing for all things of goodness. They include [...] the DANCERS OF INIS who resemble their mistress and appear during rituals to seduce her enemies & destroy them in sensual revelry.

The Dancer is a lovely woman with fair skin ? and four arms. She vies with Moralis for the attentions of the weak, seducing those who cannot control their lusts. Cults of Inis are invariably devoted to the carnal pleasures, including any number of perversions, most of them unspeakable. Her servants infiltrate cultures and bring about their downfall through the violence brought about by uncontrollable jealousy and lusts. Inis is not a warrior herself, though she can be a formidable opponent in combat, wielding four curved swords with her four arms in a whirling dance of death. Realms: Chaos, Destruction, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Crescent Knife

Dancers of Inis
A dozen beautiful women, these dancers are all identical, and resemble Inis (including their colorful costumes). They will sometimes appear during rituals to entertain her followers or destroy her enemies.
Realms: Destruction, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Scimitar

I try to stay away from mentioning the really old stuff, but I will admit that Shiril will talk about 'the dancers of Ivas', since I personally like the concept.

-- lisa ann