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Iyo is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The Iyo, an Introduction

(From the notes of Eslada L'Rae, a researcher embedded with the tribe for several years, in early 5015)

Of the many mysteries surrounding the Isle of the Four Winds, the Iyo who dwell in a sprawling series of loosely connected villages at the Isle's heart are certainly amongst the most intriguing. Iyo are humans, diminutive in stature, and with generally dusky complexions (though the skin tones can and do vary greatly from individual to individual). They are an insular group, and very much prefer to keep to themselves, but they are unfailingly polite in their interactions with those they consider 'outsiders', even when their intent is clearly to convey their earnest desire to be left alone.

After having lived amongst the Iyo for a number of years, I have only become more convinced that their rich culture is one that is worthy of study. It is my hope that this record will lead all to a greater understanding of this captivating, secretive group.

Finished Works of Eslada L'Rae

Iyo Crafting

Recovered Excerpts from the journal of Eslada L'Rae

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