J.M. and Descendants

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J.M. and Descendants is the locksmith shop in Zul Logoth. It is located through a heavy black door on the east side of town in the Sapphire Tunnel. Werstel sells locksmith supplies in the north room, and Warstel opens boxes in the south room.

[J.M. and Descendants, Werstel]
A long counter extends from the north wall nearly to the south wall, splitting the room neatly in half. Two large stone pots, one on either side of the counter, house luminescent toadstools, their glowing caps providing ample light by which to conduct trade. Behind the counter a smiling dwarf goes about the business of opening boxes, creating lockpicks, and cheerfully helping customers. A metal work table abuts the west wall, behind the counter, and a sign resides on the counter. You also see the locksmith Werstel.


Welcome to Werstel's Lockpick Sales!

Werstel offers his catalog to browse.
Werstel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a ruby-inset blue steel lockpick       6. a blackened invar lockpick
  2. a tapered white gold lockpick          7. a burnished golvern lockpick
  3. a snail-capped mithril lockpick        8. a sturdy grey leather tool pouch
  4. a slender rainbow glaes lockpick       9. a set of professional calipers
  5. a silver-edged dark rolaren lockpick