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Jhenni SparrHawk, Half-Elf Warrior

Jhenni SparrHawk
Race Half-elf
Profession Warrior
Religion Ronan
Affiliation(s) White Haven
Spouse Khylynnia SparrHawk

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Jhenni SparrHawk

                                               Excerpt from Leafiara's Advent Calendar
    The lands' naughtiest half-elf gal? Probably! Actually, make that the lands' naughtiest gal. Actually, the lands' naughtiest half-elf. Actually... the lands' naughtiest character, period?!
  • Jhenni was Wed to Khylynnia on Leyan, the 1st day of Lumnea, in the year 5116.

Orphaned as a Baby

Warrior Guild


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