Kasdonath (prime)

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Long Day

A tall figure is seen trudging along a forest path. The weather is horrible. Rain is falling with enough force to welt the skin. He raises his head enough to make out the wall of the city in the distance. He bends forward into the wind with renewed vigor, hoping to make the city within the hour. As he nears a turn in the road, he hears a growl, and something moving in the bushes. A hulking shape steps from the shadows, and swings a large cudgel at him. He is hit in the side, the snapping of ribs is heard. He responds with a viscous strike to the beasts head. The beast drops in its tracks. This is fifth time in as many minutes he has been accosted on this road. After a moment to gather himself, he continues on. Finally the gates of the city rise above him. He enters and is immediately assaulted by the force of hundreds passing through the streets. He turns east and fights his way down the street, think that perhaps he would be better off in the wilds. A path is seen leading up to the gates of a enormous house. With a smile and a knowing nod the doorkeeper lets the weary traveler into the courtyard. As he approaches the massive doors leading into this great house, he looks around with a small smile despite his injuries. He knows that he is home.

Kasdonath~Keeper of da Kegs