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|   |                          Here Come Hot Summer Nights!  Pages 2 & 29 |
 |                                                                     |
 |                                                                     |
 |    GemStone III'S                                       July 1992   |
 |                                                       Vol.3, No.2   |
 |               _   _           _    ___                              |
 |              / ) / )         / )  / __)                             |
 |             / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____          |
 |            /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)         |
 |           / /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /             |
 |          (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(              |
 |  .                 _____      _    _    _    _                      |
 |.   +  Prizes!     / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                      |
 |   .  ____   +    / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____          |
 | +   /\/\/\      / ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )         |
 |    .\/  \/ .   / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /          |
 |   .  \  / .   (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(           |
 | .   + \/  .                                                         |
 |      .  +             The Kronicles of Kulthea                      |
 |   + .  .                                                            |
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 |  Local News ..................................................   1  |
 |  QUESTionable Behavior ............... Lord Gallenod Varynesti   2  |
 |  Our Favorite Things ........................... Stanyon Sting   5  |
 |  High Sorcery Part II: Guide to Power ..... Dartaghan Darkstar   6  |
 |  The Price of Trust ............................ Elyria Blythe   7  |
 |  Monastery Maps ....................... Lord Whilder Planrathe   9  |
 |  A Farewell to Wands ................... Talamasca D'Lioncourt  13  |
 |  A Family Man .................................. Stanyon Sting  14  |
 |  The Thoughts of a Healer ................... Jhembryn Durrock  16  |
 |  Regrets (Part 2) .............................. Feckly Fecund  17  |
 |  Find the Words: Theme HEALERS ................. Haze Skywrack  19  |
 |  Guided Tour of the Graveyard (Maps) .... Aegyptia Nyctadaemus  20  |
 |  Monsters of the Graveyard .............. Aegyptia Nyctadaemus  27  |
 |  Hot Summer Nights Prizes! ...................................  29  |
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 | Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the multi-|
 | player role-playing game GemStone III on GEnie Information Network. |
 | Submissions edited for space, accuracy and readability. For details |
 | contact assistant editors  Kalagay Halatil, Iomadh Dauphin, or Lady |
 | Rune Arundel, or publisher Phaedra Bleu by GE Mail to P.HERRINGTON. |
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   Shift in Clerics' Powers            |\                __
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       \    | \            __ || __
All  residents  --  especially         |  \___________||_||_||____________/|
clerics  -- are urged to check    --   |   _______________________________ (
the GemStone III Version Notes         |  /     :                  :      \|
on  GEnie Page 931 for details     /   | /    {~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~}
about changes to the powers of         |/      |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
clerics.                                       |                    |
                                               |      L O C A L     |
Alterations are detailed in the July           |                    |
'92  Changes.   They  affect,  among           |       N E W S      |
other  things,  depart  times in the           |                    |
event death for all races as well as           | K                E |
the  need  for deeds.  These changes           | E       /\       D |
pertain  to  ALL  resurrections.  KE           | L      /  \      I |
will   publish  an  informed  player           | F     /    \     T |
analysis  in  a  future  edition but           | O    /      \    I |
check  out  the Version Notes in the           | U   /        \   O |
meantime.                                      | R  /          \  N |
                                               |   /            \   |
          Player Resources                     |  /              \  |
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     | /                \ |
Town  Forums are held each Wednesday           |/                  \|
night in Moot Hall.  This is a great
way to be heard by the designers and
GameMasters.                                         Drag It!
Your  game  time  can be enhanced by   The next time you discover you don't
downloading  informative, files from   have  the  strength or space to pick
the GemStone III Software Library on   something  up (dead bodies included)
page 930. Study files offline to in-   try DRAGging it.  Most things can be
crease enjoyment of your time in the   drug  through doorways and arches as
game. For instance, an INDEX to KE'S   well as in the  standard directions.
second  year of issues is now avail-   Nice enhancement!
able  (KEINDEX2.TXT) as well one for
our first year (KEINDEX1.TXT).  Also     __________________________________
recommended are Zepath's GIFMAPS9 in    /                                  \
three  varieties of compression, the   |        !Hot Summer Nights!         |
updated version of Natasha's No Non-    \__________________________________/
sense Guide, and Taluk's ARMOR.TXT.
                                                 .oOOOOOOO"        "OOO
                                            _,ooOOOOOOO"            OOO
            o.O.                        _,oOOOOOOOOOOOOO.           OOO
            OO_Oo.                 _,oOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO           `='
         |     .O:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"""    ~"""""""' oo`OOOO
             oO.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO""'                   `O OOOO
          .OO.OOOOOOOOOO/""""''''                             OOOO
        oOO.OOOOOOOO/"                                        `OO00
       oOOOO/"                           Warning: Dangerous pumas sighted!
      QQQO/"                                             KE needs details!
 ___________               QUESTionable Behavior
/ \ ________\              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~~|| |          by Lord Gallenod Varynesti
  |  |~|_|~~ |
 _|  |~|-|__ | ach of  us  dreams of   sword-swingers as spell-casters.  Of
/@|  |~|__|| | that big  quest where   course, any two  sword-swingers will
\_/ ~~~~~~~~/  we solve all the puz-   compliment   the  mage  and  cleric.
  ~~~~~~~~~~   zles, track  the vil-   Fighters,  for example, can learn to
lains  to  their  lair, and vanquish   pick locks as well as thieves.  How-
the  varlets.   (Then  strip them of   ever, thieves can train cheaply in a
everything  they  owned, of course.)   wide  variety  of  skills,  and  are
However, it's rarely that simple.      usually better climbers and swimmers
                                       than  are fighters.  On some quests,
Sometimes it takes a lot of fumbling   those skills may be very important.
around until someone finds the catch
to  the  secret door.  Some puzzles,   Once  you  have the basic group, you
like  the entrance to the new monas-   may  add more people as you see fit.
tery,   can  only  be  solved  by  a   Sorcerers  are particularly powerful
specific  class  of  player,  or one   questors,  as they can assault oppo-
with  unique skills.  Then there are   nents   otherwise   immune   to  the
the monsters you may encounter along   party's  attacks.   While  I'd still
the way.  A party of thieves with no   slightly  favor a mage for the basic
blessed  weapons  will be in trouble   group   because   mage   and  closed
if  ambushed  by  Wight  Lords.  The   essence  spells  give  more  overall
first  and  most important part of a   benefit  to  a party, I'd advise you
quest is organizing your group.        to  always  try  to include at least
                                       one sorcerer in your group.
Mostly,  you  have no idea what kind
of  opposition  you'll  run into, so   Fighters  are  also  a welcome addi-
it's  best  to recruit as balanced a   tion,  particularly  those with two-
group  as  possible.   At a minimum,   handed  weapons.   A patient fighter
you  should have at least one cleric   with  a greatsword can dispatch mon-
and  a  mage.  The cleric is absolu-   sters with two blows that would take
tely   essential  if  you  encounter   the rest of your several minutes.  I
Unlife,  and  mages  have a powerful   say  patient because fighters sacri-
collection  of  spells at their dis-   fice  20  to  45 points of defensive
posal  even at lower levels.  A mage   ability to carry those huge weapons.
specializing  in  the Closed Essence   Impatient fighters with low DB'S get
list has useful spells like Slow and   killed  off  too  quickly  to do the
Haste.   The  main advantages to the   party much good.
Mage  Base  list  are  the defensive
spells, like Wizard Shield and Blur,   Bards,   unfortunately,   are  at  a
that can be cast on party members.     significant  disadvantage until they
                                       get  some  spells.  Until then, they
In  addition to a cleric and mage, a   will  have  to  rely  on their quick
basic group should have a ranger and   wits  to  raise them above the level
a  thief.   Rangers have good defen-   of  simple sword-swingers.  However,
sive  spells  in  addition  to their   a  bard who can sing and entertain a
combat ability, and thieves can pick   dispirited group of questors lost in
locks,  an  important  skill  if you   a   maze   and  beset  by  countless
expect  to  reap the rewards of your   beasties is okay in my book.
endeavors.   Rangers and thieves, if
they have channeling skill, can also   And  last,  but  hardly  least,  are
act  as  living  power batteries for   healers.   While healers have little
the cleric and mage.                   offensive  capability,  they  can be
                                       absolutely priceless on a quest.
As  a  general  rule, try to balance
the  group  so  there  are  as  many   Wounds  that  might  put  your  only
                                    -2-                             More...
mage, cleric or thief out of commis-   whisper.   And  consider  this:  the
sion are child's play to a competent   gods sometimes judge us during these
healer,  saving  valuable  time  and   quests.  Players who natter on about
maybe  even  the  character's  life.   inconsequential  things  are  rarely
Definitely recruit a healer for your   rewarded for their behavior.
group,  and then protect that worthy
person   with  every  available  re-   Also, the group leader should be the
source.                                only  one communicating over the ESP
                                       net.   I've seen several groups have
My  ultimate  group  would include a   to  backtrack  to pick up people who
cleric,  healer, sorcerer, two mages   decided  they just couldn't resist a
(one with each list,) two rangers, a   side  comment  or  two  while  their
fighter  and  a thief.  Add a second   group  was  travelling.   (I've also
cleric  if  you  expect to encounter   seen  members abandoned, because the
much  Unlife.   But  as  long as you   group  leader got fed up with having
have the basic four-profession group   to  go  back  for them.) If you must
I mention above, you should be okay.   use  the  net, make sure you get the
                                       group to stop and wait.
Now that you have your group formed,
you're  ready to go out and save the   When  you enter uncharted territory,
world,  right?   Probably  not.  The   it's  best to take a careful look at
difference   between   a  successful   everything  in every room.  Have the
group  and  a  dead group is usually   characters   with   high  perception
team-work.  Make sure everyone knows   search.   Touching or tapping things
their  roles before you set a single   is  a  fast way of discovering those
foot outside town.                     obvious  items that might have other
                                       functions.  It's also a good way for
First,  you  need a leader.  Leader-   a  character  who  has  discovered a
ship  should  not  be  determined by   hidden door, for example, to show it
comparing  experience  and automati-   to  the  rest  of  the  group.  Some
cally  assigning the player with the   handy  random commands would be "tap
most  as  leader.  Pick a leader who   opening,"  "touch  chest,"  and "tap
knows  the  lay of the land.  Change   (hidden) door."
leaders if you're going into an area
that  the  current  leader is unfam-   Puzzles  can  be trying for a group,
iliar  with.   You  never  know when   particularly if activating that trap
you'll  need  to move quickly; know-   door  drops  you  into an area where
ledge of the terrain is a big plus.    you  can't  ESP  the solution to the
                                       rest  of  the  party.   Once  you've
Keep  chatter  to a minimum; it just   identified  everything  in  the room
clutters  things  up.   If  you have   that  might  activate  something, my
something  pertinent  to  the quest,   suggestion  would be to have differ-
fine.   If you want to chat with one   ent people try different things with
person,  it's  usually  a  lot  less   it.   Poldark  the Mage turns, Whiz-
annoying  to the entire group if you   bamph  the Sorcerer pulls, Lighthand
                      //|                       //|
                        |                         |
                   |\___|___/|               |\___|___/|
                   |         |               |         |
                    \       /__     ___     __\       /
                     |     |   |___|   |___|   |     |
                     |     |                   |     |
                     |     |       _____       |     |
                     |     |      |||||||      |     |
                     |     |      |||||||      |     |
      _______________|     |______|||||||______|     |_______________
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|     |~~~~~/       \~~~~~|     |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the  Thief  pushes.   That way, if a   opposition.   Even  if every monster
character  disappears though a hole,   in  the  room  is  familiar  to you,
you  have  some idea what caused him   there  may  be hiders in the shadows
to vanish.                             waiting  for you to lower your parry
                                       so they can ambush you.
Combat can come upon you two ways on
a quest, expected and unexpected.  A   Sword-swingers   should   start  any
few  thoughts on how a well-prepared   combat  by  searching  the  room for
group deals with each:                 hidden   opponents   while  at  full
                                       parry.   This  gives clerics time to
Expect  to  have something nasty try   Hold  or  Blind opponents, sorcerers
to  rip your head off every time you   to  use  Mind  Jolt, or mages to use
enter a new room.  This is not being   Slow.  If you have the support, wait
paranoid; they really are out to get   for the  spell-slingers to soften up
you.   If  you  have time to prepare   the   opposition  before  you  start
for  combat,  the  first  thing  you   swinging.   Also, try to get a read-
should do is have attack commands at   ing  on  the offensive and defensive
the  ready.   (In  other words, make   capabilities   of   your  opponents,
some  "attack thingie" macros if you   spells  and  round  times  included.
know what you're up against.)          You never know when such information
                                       will come in handy.
Those   characters   with  defensive
spells  should cast them on everyone   During combat, someone should always
at  regular intervals to save power.   be watching for stunned comrades and
For  instance,  I'm a ranger with 32   be  prepared to drag them to safety.
power points.  If I cast them all at   If a party member gets stunned, drag
                                       them  back  the  way  you  came,  if
                                       possible.  Dragging them to an unex-
once,  I  can  cover  myself and two   plored room could take them from the
other  characters with +20 physical,   frying pan to the fire, so to speak.
+20  RR  and  +30  magical DB for 40   This  job  usually falls to healers,
minutes.                               or to clerics if there are no Unlife
                                       present.   With  Unlife,  one of the
However,  If  I  space  that out and   sword-swingers  should drag if there
cast  on  one  person  every  six or   is no healer present.
seven  minutes,  I can maintain that
coverage  on  myself  and five other   If  things get really bad, evacuate.
characters almost indefinitely, plus   The group leader should yell LEAVING
have points left over to give myself   or  RETREAT,  and  then get the heck
an  extra  +15 to physical DB when I   out  of  there  once  people  are no
need  it  and channel a few PPS to a   longer  in  round time from attacks.
cleric  or  healer  in an emergency.   The  monsters may chase you, but may
The  same applies to any spell where   not come in force.
you  can  build up a duration.  Cast
one or two, get back to full points,   Okay,  you've  solved  the  puzzles,
and  cast a few more.  Do this while   killed   the  baddies,  and  rescued
you're searching around and not only   whoever  needed  to be rescued.  You
will  your  party  will be well pro-   now  have  this huge pile of loot to
tected   when  you  arrive  at  that   divide up.  (We hope!) How do you do
ambush, but your spellcasters should   this without coming to blows?
still be at or near full power.
                                       Grabbing  treasure  and  running off
Actual combat can turn into a bloody   with it is the fastest way I know of
mess  if every player fires off _ad_   getting  a lot of people VERY mad at
_lib_.   Quest opponents are usually   you.   I  like  to  think  that if a
much   more   dangerous   than   the   group worked together well enough to
monsters  we  fight day to day, so a   solve  the  quest they can divide up
little  tactics  never  hurts.   The   treasure in a reasonable way.
first  thing  to  do  is  assess the                      More on page 8...
                            Our Favorite Things
                              by Stanyon Sting
                   Charging Karnelians and no DB Torkaans
               Lite armored Kobolds with their small fortunes
               Frothing dark Werebears that make us take wing
                   These are a few of our favorite things
              Strong armed Hobgoblins that carry good treasure
              Fast moving Threks that we hunt for our pleasure
               Bare handed Trolls and the dangers they bring
                   These are a few of our favorite things
                           When the chest *clicks*
                            When the blade nicks
                         When you're feeling fried
                  We simply go back to the Temple we love
                         So happy to have not died
                Quick casting Titans with their weapon fire
                Frightening Unlife and the souls they desire
          Bewitching young Sea Nymphs and the songs that they sing
                   These are a few of our favorite things
                 Pounding Steel Golems and Shadow Assassins
                Calming Death Dirges and Spiders that fasten
               Sidestepping Black Stalkers two-handed swings
                    These are few of our favorite things
                              Going on quests
                             Passing the tests
                          With your friends around
                 Discovering things like a Shimmering Glove
                        And bringing it back to town
                  Twinkling auras and translucent glowing
                  Finding the Crystal that is all knowing
                   Not being navved when using Gold Rings
                   These are a few of our favorite things
                  Making a Level and passing a Spell Roll
                    Finally realizing all your Potential
                 Doing your best at some good Role-Playing
                   These are a few of our favorite things
                            Avoiding gas clouds
                             Shouting out loud
                           We have come to fight
                     Thereby elevating the level above
                     And gaining more skills and might
                     High Sorcery Part II: Guide to Power
 ___________               by Dartaghan Darkstar
/ \ ______  \
\@| ~|_|~\\  |
  |  |~|  || |eveloping the ultimate   of  any  set that has a 100 in it or
 _|  |~|  || | destroyer will not be   three or more 90s.
/@|  |~|_//  | easy. Young sorcerers
\_/ ~~~~~~  /  are almost as hard to   The POTENTIAL stats are what counts.
  ~~~~~~~~~~  develop as healers and   Try  to  get  potentials  of  90  or
clerics.   Reading Character Law and   higher  in AG, QU and ST.  Having an
Campaign Law as well as Spell Law of   average  of  90 in CO, RE, EL and SD
the  Rolemaster  series published by   would  insure  an adequate number of
Iron  Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.) can   DEVelopment  points.   A  minimum of
help   minimize  the  hurdles  young   two  power  points  per  level  is a
sorcerers will encounter on the long   must.   Sorcerers  are hybrid spell-
road  to  high sorcery.  Nine out of   casters.  Thus they derive the total
ten  hobbits  have  also recommended   number  of  their  power points from
reading  High Sorcery Parts I and II   the  average  of  their  EM  and  IN
along  with finding a mentor to help   stats,  which so happens to be their
you over the toughest spots.           primary requisites.
Your  first  hurdle -- getting a set   Some  may  be tempted to put the two
of  killer potential stats -- can be   lowest  D100  rolls  here,  take the
a pain.  However, with a bit of luck   automatic  90s,  and  hope  for good
and  a  set of macros, it should not   potential rolls.  Statistically, the
hurt your budget too much.  First of   better strategy is to put the 100 in
all, you do not need killer stats to   EM  and  the  lowest  number  in IN.
have  the potential to one day prac-   Doing  it  this way gives you a much
tice   the   dark   magics  of  high   greater  probability  of getting two
sorcery.  Secondly, even if you want   or  more power points per level.  If
the  killer  stats  of  an  ultimate   you  plan to be a proficient user of
destroyer, there are tricks that can   elemental  attack  wands such as the
shorten  the time needed rolling the   iron,  silver, metal, and gold wands
dice in the Character Manager.         commonly  found in Kulthea, then put
                                       your  next  highest roll in AG.  The
On  your first trip to the Character   AG  stat bonus along with any racial
Manager,   record   each   keystroke   bonus is added to the Directed Spell
necessary  to  move  from getting 10   skill  and  the sum is the Offensive
100-sided  dice rolls to another set   Bonus of your elemental attack.  Put
of  10 100-sided rolls without rear-   the  next  highest numbers in QU and
ranging  the  rolls  or  training in   ST.   The  QU  bonus  is  your basic
anything.  Then make a set of macros   Defensive  Bonus  to  which  bonuses
or  a  script  of  those keystrokes.   from shields  and magical armor etc.
Using  this  tool will enable you to   are added  to derive your ability to
get new sets of stats in less than a   avoid   getting   hit   from   melee
minute,  until  you  get a set worth   attacks.  High ST is needed at first
rearranging  to  see  the  potential   so  you  can  use  your single-edged
rolls.   The  trick is to be able to   weapons  skill  to kill monsters and
recognize when to rearrange the D100   later  to parry the melee attacks of
rolls  and  when to use your tool to   high level monsters.
get  a  new  set  of stats.  This is
more  an  intuitive  process  than a   Put  your next highest numbers in EQ
science.   About  the  best  you can   and  RE.  The higher the EQ stat the
hope for is a set of D100 stat rolls   more  field experience your mind can
that  has  a 100 or 99 and two other   hold  before you reach the must rest
90s  or higher stats.  Rearrange and   state.   Higher  the RE stat, faster
take  a  look at the potential rolls   you can absorb that experience.  Put
                                    -6-                             More...
the  next  two highest numbers in CO   wands,  runes  and  the body skills.
and  SD.   The CO bonus adds to your   Train  two  times  per  level in the
maximum  body  hit  points.   The SD   Directed  Spell skill if you plan on
bonus  is used for channelling skill   being a proficient user of elemental
and in the ability to resist attacks   attack  wands.   Even  if you do not
like  the  stare  of a basilisk.  It   plan  on  using  wands,  still train
also  might  be  used  to add to the   once per level in the Directed Spell
hiding skill someday.  The amount of   skill.   It  is useful to parry ele-
Development  points  is derived from   mental attacks of monsters and other
the CO, AG, SD, EL and RE stats.  If   players.  Try to always put 10 deve-
you had a 100 in all these stats you   lopment points into your Spell List.
can  have the maximum possible of 50   If  its  unavoidable, 9 is safe once
development points.  Having a poten-   in  a  while but putting only 8 into
tial  of  40 or more is recommended.   the  Spell  List is not recommended.
Try  to  have a potential average of   Most  sorcerers  would want to get a
90 or greater in these five stats to   spell  every level.  If at the early
insure   you  will  have  sufficient   levels   you   do  not  have  enough
number  of  Development points.  The   development  points  to train in all
PR stat's only know effect is to the   these  basic  skills,  do  not start
hiding  skill, higher the PR, harder   training  in runes and/or channeling
it  is to hide.  Having killer stats   till later.  Channeling power points
is  not  a must.  You can have some-   from  other  players and using runes
what  lower  stats  than recommended   can  be  useful  but not critical to
here and still become a practitioner   your  development.  Once you have 90
of  high  sorcery.   It  just  takes   to  120  body  points,  you can stop
longer to get there.                   training  in body.  That will free 8
                                       development  points for other skills
The   most  powerful  sorcerers  are   such  as  climbing,  perception  and
either   halflings  or  elves.   The   first aid.
exception  is Queron, a highman, who
is  a  very powerful practitioner of   Your  first  spell  should be in the
high  sorcery.   Highman is probably   sorcerer's  base  list.  The next in
the   best   choice   for  sorcerers                   More on next page...
planning  on  training in hiding and
ambushing.  Half-elves have the best
balance of stat bonus and is perhaps          The Price of Trust
the  best  overall  choice  for most          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
players,  Only  try  a halfling with           by Elyria Blythe
extreme  caution.   While  they have
the  potential  to  be the best wand   Do I dare give up my heart
wavers,  they  also  have  a  -20 ST   To one who may not want a part
bonus  which  makes  them  the  most   Of the love I have to share?
difficult  sorcerer  to  develop  to   Can I say that I don't care?
lord  level.   Wood elves are a good
choice  for sorcerers who wish to be   My fears attack me in the night.
very  good  wand  wavers  but do not   I drown amidst the waves of fright
want the -20 ST bonus of a halfling.   Along with wolves which seek to rage
                                       Against my heart given to a mage.
At  first  you will have only enough
Development  points  for  some basic   Who's to say he's like the ones
skills  such  as  one-handed  Single   Whose painful treatment I now shun;
Edge  and  Body  development.  Hope-   Those who treated me as dirt,
fully  as  your  stats  reach  their   Or nothing more than one to hurt.
potential  you will be able to train
in  such skills as climbing and per-   I cannot comprehend this pain,
ception.   So  start out by training   For in sooth I stand so much to gain.
once  per level in one-handed single   To give my heart to a man such as he
edge weapons, channeling, staves and   He need only ask me for its key.
open  channeling.   Then  go back to     QUESTionable Behavior from Page 4
the   base  list  to  get  Touch  of     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Disruption.   From here you can take   The first trick is to collect it all
several  roads  to high sorcery.  No   and  get  it  to a safe location.  A
one  road  is  clearly  superior  to   good idea if you don't want a lot of
another.  One path is to learn three   outsiders hanging around when you're
more  spells  in the open channeling   dividing   up  is  to  have  a  pre-
list  to get aura and airwall.  Aura   arranged  meeting  place.  That way,
adds  +10  to  DB  and to RR for one   you  can  call  over  the  net  that
minute per  caster's level.  Airwall   you're  "at the spot" without alert-
is  very useful when you need +50 to   ing every potential thief in Kulthea
DB  in  an  emergency  and at higher   to your whereabouts.  Also, don't go
levels  when  you  want  to use just   out  picking daisies when your group
Base  Attack Spells.  Then go to the   is gathering to divvy treasure.  One
open essence list and learn at least   of  the most annoying things for any
the  first  10.  The 10th spell, es-   group  is  when one person with some
sence blast, is a real killer.         of  the quest items takes the better
                                       part  of  an hour to show up for the
An  intriguing  alternative  path to   treasure division.
high  sorcery  is to train in hiding
and  ambushing.  A potential of more   Having gotten the treasure to a safe
than  40  DEV  points  is  required.   place,  you need to find some way of
Even  then  you  will  be limited to   dividing  it  up.   In  some  cases,
training  once  per  level  in  one-   certain  items may be usable only by
handed  single  edge  weapons, body,   certain professions.  Clerics should
hiding,  ambushing,  and  staves and   get  holy  items, healers should get
wands.   Hopefully  you will have at   healing  items,  sword-swingers  the
least  7 or 8 DEV points left to put   swords, thieves the lockpicks, etc.
in  the  spell  list.   After  a few
levels  you  should  have enough DEV   If  a player will give up their roll
points  to  train  once per level in   of the dice for a special item, then
directed  spells  as  well.  If pos-   that's  fair  trade.   However, if a
sible, train once per level in runes   cleric passes up the offer of a Holy
but  only  if  you  can still put at   Symbol to roll for a cloak, then let
least  8  DEV points in spell lists.   them.   Everyone  who  was in on the
Once  you have 90 or so body points,   quest,  whether they killed anything
stop  training in body and use the 8   or  not,  has  a  right  to what was
DEV  points  to train in skills like   found.   Even  if the healers didn't
climbing,  perception, and swimming.   have  to heal a single wound because
If you do not have enough DEV points   the party was so well prepared, they
to  train  in  hiding  and ambushing   still  deserve a full share for tak-
during  the  first few levels, train   ing the risks, in my humble opinion.
just  in  ambushing at first.  Start
training  in  hiding  when  your DEV   Some  people don't like rolling dice
points  increase as your stats reach   for  treasure;  however, it seems to
their potentials.                      be  our  fairest recourse at the mo-
                                       ment.   Have  someone  keep track of
Developing  this  ultimate destroyer   all the  rolls and act as moderator.
will not be easy.  A few spell rolls   If  you're not careful, dividing the
are  likely  to be missed.  Not many   treasure  can  take  longer than the
secondary  skills will be developed.   quest  itself,  so  try not to waste
But  given  the  nature  of Touch of   time in the process.
Disruption,  Essence Blast and other
spells  available  to sorcerers, the   I've  probably  missed  some things,
bonus  to  the criticals provided by   but  if you stick to the basics I've
ambushing   should   be   worth  the   outlined  here  you should do pretty
enormous  costs.   If  power is your   well.   And  remember:  no quest has
game, than this is your path to it.    ever been solved by a single person.
                                    -8-It takes teamwork.
                               Monastery Maps
 _____________           by Lord Whilder Planrathe
/ \ _______   \
\@| ~|  _ ~\  |
  |  |~|_|~ | |ecently, a  discovery   area  which, as of this writing, can
  |  |~ _ ~/  |was made by a  daring   be visited ONLY by familiars.
 _|  |~| \~\  |group of adventurers.
/@|  |~|  \~\ |Though I wasn't along   Monsters   here   include   Spectral
\_/ ~~~~   ~~~/to find this new area   Monks,  Liches  and,  in  the sewer,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was  loaned  a ring   Ratsnakes.  I will leave it to those
set to its doors by Stanyon, and was   better  versed  in Unlife to explain
able  to  gain entrance with a fami-   the  abilities of the Monk and Lich.
liar  and  lots of help from others.   As  I write this, none but familiars
Here  is  my  map of the interior of   has  gained  entrance  to the sewers
this  Monastery  with notes about an   and the Ratsnakes.
          Monastery Map  (First and lower level accessible by all)
                   1   1          Notes:  Rooms marked 1 are small chambers
                    \ /                   containing a cot and a spike at
                1--- O ---1               head level. Nothing else found.
                  1/ | \1                 A to B, B to A: Go door. (If door
                     |                    is not open, the only way in is
                     |                    a or someone who has a ring set
                   1 | 1                  for interior. If you are outside,
                    \|/                   Pull Lever to open door.)
                1--- O ---1    (Next
                    /|\         Map)      C to D: Go arch.
                   1 | 1          \
                     |             \      E to F: Turn brazier; secret door.
                    /                     F to E: Open door.
                   /    O----B
                  /     |    |            G to H: Go Opening. It's hidden
     F-----E-----D      |    |            but I did not need to see it.
     |            \     |    A----O
     O             \    |         |       H: A room with a rune-covered
     |              \   |         L       stone which seems to ward off the
O----O----G----H     \  |                 Unlife. Good resting place.
     |                \ |
     O                 \|                 F: A stairway that goes to lower
             O-----O----C----O            level where stone is located.
             |          |   /
             |          |  /              I to J: Go privy.
             O          | /
             |          |/                J to K: Go Hole. Only a familiar
             |          O                 can enter this hole now. Hafling
       O-----O-----O                      volunteers with strict diet/exer-
             |                            cise training should contact a
             O                            Lord/Lady immediately!
General  Notes:   Obvious  directions  and  OUT have been left off this map.
Same  with  go  stairs,  up/down.  If way back is simply a direction, I have
left that  information  off as well.  For example:  To go from C to D you Go
Arch.  To move from D to C is simply SouthEast.  L on the first map is where
you come out of the Lake after swimming.                             More...
  Monastery Map Sewer Level (accessible by familiars only at this writing)
                                           O   O   O
                                           |   |   |
                                           |       |
                                           O       O
                                            \     /
                                             \   /
                                              \ /
                                       O---O---O---K   <-- From map above
                                      /        |
                                     /         O---O---O
    Rocks -->   Z----Y----X----W----V                   \
                                                         U  <-- Basket
To move between rooms V, W, X, Y and   open  the front door.  Have familiar
Z  requires  the opening of doors by   Drop Rock and the intelligent animal
the  familiar.   Have  it try to get   will  drop  it right into the basket
ring using the FULL name of the ring   for you!
to reduce confusion.  Once the doors
are  open,  they  will  stay open as   There  is a little problem that will
long  as you keep sending a familiar   try  your  patience.  The sewers are
into  the  area.   The two important   filled  with  creatures  called Rat-
rooms are:                             snakes.   These  little animals LOVE
                                       rocks  and  have  a tendency to grab
Room Z:   Contains  a large pile of    them  out of the basket, right under
rocks.   Have  familiar get rock and   the familiar's nose!  It takes speed
then send familiar to...               to  get enough rocks into the basket
                                       to   open  the  door  but  a  quick,
Room  U.   This  room  has  a basket   patient mage can persevere.
attached to counterweights that will
What  follows  is a tour of the sewers for those of you who cannot command a
familiar.   I'm  sure  you're  interested  in what each area looks like.  My
comments are included in parenthesis ()....
The grey wolf went into a small privy.
[Inside the Privy]  (Note: Room J on first map.)
This  room  is  fairly  simplistic in its design, as many rooms of this sort
are.  Bare brick walls, blackened with ages of damp and mildew, look upon an
unassuming privy hole in the center of the room.
Obvious exits:  out.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room K on both maps.)
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench  in the center.  A pipe leads up and out, through what looks like the
underside of a privy chute.  Around you lie the remnants of, well, remnants.
Obvious exits: west, out.
(In  the  interests of saving time and space, we skip ahead to room Z on the
second  map,  and  work directly back to room U.  I have edited out commands
and most movements, e.g, Tell fam to go Iron door.)
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room Z on second map.)
This  is  the  drainoff area for the Monastery's sewage.  Before you is also
the  mouth  of a surprisingly large underground river, flowing swiftly past.
Some  sort  of animal has made a rather large pile of rocks, which lies dir-
ectly  on  the  edge  of  the  river.  In the pile you can see bits of shiny
metal, but nothing large.  Near the east wall hangs an iron ring, apparently
to control the door in times of emergency. You also see an open copper door.
Obvious exits: none.
The wolf carefully picks up a round rock.
The grey wolf went through a copper door.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room Y on second map.)
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center. Hanging from the ceiling are three rings -- of bronze,
steel,  and copper -- apparently used to control the doors in times of flood
or emergency.  You also see a bronze door and an open copper door.
Obvious paths: none.
The wolf drops the rock it was carrying.
>The grey wolf tugs on a copper ring.
Squealing  and grinding, the bronze door slides into the ceiling.  Your fam-
iliar reacts with mild confusion.  It couldn't get the ring, just tug on it.
The wolf carefully picks up a round rock.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room X on second map.)
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center. Hanging from the ceiling are three rings -- of copper,
bronze,  and steel -- apparently used to control the doors in times of flood
or emergency.  You also see an open steel door and an open bronze door.
Obvious paths: none.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room W on second map.)
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center.  Hanging from the ceiling are three rings -- of steel,
copper, and bronze -- apparently used to control the doors in times of flood
or emergency.  You also see an open iron door and an open steel door.
Obvious exits: none.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room V on second map.)
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center. Above can be seen a drain in the bottom curve of what,
from all appearances, was once a sacrificial altar. Black stains course down
the  walls  and  spot the floor, old enough to be little more than dust now.
Near the west wall hangs an iron ring apparently to raise and lower the door
in times of emergency.  You also see a sewer ratsnake and an open iron door.
Obvious exits: northeast.
A ratsnake scrabbles northeast, hissing sibilantly at nothing in particular.
[Inside the Sewer]
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center.  The tunnel is at its darkest point to the east of the
curve  here,  with diffused lighting visible off to the southwest.  You also
see a sewer ratsnake.
Obvious exits: east, southwest.
[Inside the Sewer]
This  tunnel  is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides  provide  a  convenient  walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench  in  the  center.  It is dim here, but faint light can be seen to the
east, with the darkness deepening to the west.
Obvious exits: east, west.
[Inside the Sewer]
This tunnel is part of the Monastery sewer system; raised ledges along the
sides provide a convenient walkway raised slightly above the main sewage
trench in the center.  Through a small grating above you is what appears to be
the ceiling of the corridor overhead.  You also see a sewer ratsnake.
Obvious exits: south, east, west, northeast, northwest.
A ratsnake scrabbles east, hissing sibilantly at nothing in particular.
[Inside the Sewer]
This  tunnel,  though part of the Monastery sewer system, looks more like an
access  tunnel to something further east.  The ledges and trench of the main
tunnel are gone, leaving a normal flat surface to walk upon.
Obvious exits: north, east.
A ratsnake just scrabbled in, hissing quietly to itself.
[Inside the Sewer]
This  tunnel,  though part of the Monastery sewer system, looks more like an
access  tunnel to something further east.  The ledges and trench of the main
tunnel are gone, leaving a normal flat surface to walk upon.
Obvious exits: east, west.
A ratsnake just scrabbled in, hissing quietly to itself.
[Inside the Sewer]
This  tunnel,  though part of the Monastery sewer system, looks more like an
access tunnel to something in the room to the southeast.The ledges and trench
of the main tunnel are gone, leaving a normal flat surface to walk upon.
Obvious exits: west, southeast.
A ratsnake just scrabbled in, hissing quietly to itself.
[Inside the Sewer]  (Room U on second map.)
This  room  apparently  contains the counterweight for a rather large, heavy
mechanism.   Dangling  from  a  series of chains, pulleys and gears is a big
metal  basket, with some dust gathered on it.  The dust, however, appears to
have  been  disturbed  lately,  perhaps  by  something scuttling about these
Obvious exits: northwest.
The wolf goes over to the basket, where it promptly drops a round rock in.
The basket shifts downward slightly, with a grinding of gears.
                            A Farewell to Wands
 ___________                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \  ______ \            by Talamasca D'Lioncourt
\@| /~/~~\_\ |
  | \~\____~ |
 _| _~~~~\~\ | pring.  A  long, cold   that kept others at a distance.
/@| \~\__/~/ | winter   was  finally
\_/  ~~~~~~ /  over. It was the time   "I  had  heard  that things had been
  ~~~~~~~~~~   a   young  sorcerer's   changing up on Iorak's..." I started
fancy turns to  magic!  Of course, a   to say.
young  sorcerer's  fancy   turns  to
magic in all seasons, but people see   "It doesn't matter," he interrupted.
it  happening  more  clearly  in the   "I  found  something on the mountain
spring.  Such was  the  case  for  a   that may take the place of wands for
friend of mine named Celestin.         me."
Most sorcerers like Celestin are not   "What did you find?" I asked.
proficient with  weapons, and  their
spells prove  to be  less  efficient   Celestin  stared into his grog for a
than mages' spells in some cases, so   time  without  answering.   Thinking
many   hunt  creatures  with  wands.   he  may  not  have  heard  me, I was
Lately it has become more  difficult   about  to ask my question again when
for  sorcerers  to  wave  wands, but   he spoke.  He had found some sort of
Celestin's major problem is  finding   strange  device  which  he agreed to
enough  wands  to   use.  He usually   let me examine.
keeps wands with charges in his sack
and wands that are  out  of  charges   "Come," he said, rising to his feet.
in his backpack.  When all his wands   "I'll  not  show  it here.  Let's go
are used up, he climbs up to the top   where we won't be disturbed."
of Iorak's Reach and recharges them.
                                       We  left  Helga's  and headed out of
I remember  the last  time  when  he   town  towards  the trail that led to
returned from  Iorak's. It was early   the   mines.   When  we  got  there,
in the  season, and I was sitting in   Celestin took a black metal box from
Helga's  sipping  wine and listening   his sack and set it on a large rock.
to  some bards singing when Celestin   It  was  about  the  size of a small
came  in  and  headed straight to my   chest,   and  I  could  see  on  its
table. He threw down his empty pack,   surface  some small, blinking lights
pulled  out  a chair, and sat with a   and  a  yellow  symbol made of three
sigh.                                  triangles within a circle.
"Charging wands again?" I asked.       "I  think  it's  a magical device of
                                       some sort.  I found these runes with
"They  all  exploded,"  he said in a   it.   Can  you make any sense out of
low, angry voice.  He set two silver   them?" he asked.
coins   on   the  table.   A  server
brought  him  grog,  took the coins,   I  was  so  intent  on examining the
and quickly moved away.                device  that  he  had  to  wave  the
                                       parchment in front of my face to get
Townspeople  shied  away from Celes-   my  attention.   I  nodded, took the
tin.   He  wasn't  ugly  or anything   parchment  from  him,  and  began to
like  that,  although he was kind of   examine it.  These were not runes of
ghoulish-looking  with his pale skin   any   magical   type  that  I  could
and  dark  hair, eyes, and clothing.   understand,  but  I tried my best to
A  scar down his face, which he said   interpret them.
was  given him by a god, didn't help
much  either.   Still,  it  was more   "Hmm, I'm not sure what this says...
likely  his  almost  constant  gloom   something   about   megaton   yield,
                                   -13-                  More on page 15...
                               A Family Man
 ___________                 by Stanyon Sting
/ \    ____ \
\@|  /~/~~\\ |
  | |~|    ~ | oming  back  one  day   Being  in  a  relatively safe area I
 _| |~|    _ | from  a  pounding  by   decided  to  take the opportunity to
/@|  \~\__// | steel golems, I chan-   open  a few of the chests the golems
\_/   ~~~~~ /  ced upon  a man walk-   reluctantly gave me.  The birds were
  ~~~~~~~~~~ ing my way on the road.   singing and the sky was fair, but no
"Fair  evening  good  sir!"  I said.   music  was  sweeter  to  me than the
"Stanyon  am I, Stanyon Sting of the   sound  of  the  *click*.   This  was
family  of  Sting.  Care for company   denied  me  however,  as my injuries
in your journey to town?"              prevented me from exercising my hard
                                       earned thiefly skills.   Just then a
"And a good evening to you, sir," he   woman  came  walking  down  the path
replied  politely.   "Actually, I am   right  towards  me.   I  stood up as
seeking some peace and quiet on this   fast as I could.  She was beautiful!
fine  night.  I rarely get any as my   Bowing  awkwardly,  I greeted her in
brothers and sisters are always cal-   fashion  of  Half  Elves.   "Stanyon
ling  upon  me  for  something.  I'd   Sting  at  your service, m'Lady.  Is
like  to get my blessed hands on the   there aught errand that takes such a
person who invented these confounded   fair  lady  on such a lonely road as
crystal  amulets!"  Looking  at this   this?" I asked.
man,  I  could  see  he  was  finely
attired. His twinkling robes, spark-   "Indeed!"  she  replied.  "My errand
ling sash, and gleaming rings of all   is  none  other  than  you,  Stanyon
colors,  shapes  and types indicated   Sting." Laughing in as clear a voice
that  he  was  a Lord of great might   as  I  have ever heard she meditated
and power.                             over  me  and  took my injuries upon
                                       herself  one  by  one  until I was a
"Lonely  has  been  my road of late,   healthy  as  the  day I emerged from
m'lord,"  I  said.  "Most of compan-   that  back  alley  by  the  gates of
ions  have  either left the land for   town.   Feeling  like  my  old  self
some  needed  rest  or  are  seeking   again,  I  laughed  along  with her.
self-improvement at the Raging Threk   "My  father sent word to me that you
Inn.  Lately I have been sharing the   were  here  and  in  great  need." I
company  of  Steel  Golems, and they   looked  at  her with a twinkle in my
have  no  desire for companionship."   eye.   "Well,  I'm  glad  he  didn't
He  must have looked me over for all   dispose  of his crystal amulet." She
at once a look of concern was in his   gave  me  a knowing glance.  "Oh, he
eyes.                                  complains all the time but it's just
                                       talk.   I  admit  some members of my
"Stanyon,  you are injured gravely!"   family  have  taken advantage of the
he  exclaimed.   Trying to put on as   fact  that they have a father who is
brave a face as I could, I said, "Oh   a Lord Cleric.  They take risks they
it's  nothing,  m'lord.   Just  some   should  not  be  taking knowing they
deep   lacerations  on  my  back,  a   can  always  receive  help from him.
missing  arm, a mild concussion with   Since we were children he has always
some  bleeding from the ears, not to   wanted  us  to  be  responsible  and
mention  that I feel about a quarter   independent  citizens of Kulthea.  I
as  strong as before." I grimaced as   have  one  brother  who  insists  on
I said this.                           fighting  hill trolls even though he
                                       knows  that  they  are too tough for
He rubbed  me gently and said, "Wait   fighter  types.   Daddy  has  resur-
right here!" Before I could reply he   rected  him  five  times in the last
disappeared  in the fashion those in   two  weeks,  but  the  last time, he
Kulthea  have  become accustomed to.   made  him  wait  in  the  temple for
                                   -14-                             More...
three  days.  I think he has learned      A Farewell to Wands from page 13
his  lesson."  Before  I could reply      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
she  somehow  vanished as quickly as   thermonuclear something or other," I
kobold under a fear spell.             mumbled.
I returned to my two chests lying on   "There  must be some way to activate
the  ground.   *click*  *click*  and   it,"  he  said  as he knelt down and
they  were  open.  One of the chests   peered  more  closely at the device.
had a  clammy  white  boulder.  "Oh,   "Maybe a shockbolt..."
boy,"  I  said  to  myself.  "Wonder
what  this  does?"  What  it did was   We  became  so absorbed in trying to
stick   to   my   hands  like  glue.   activate  the device that we did not
Cursed!   It  began  to  glow with a   notice  a  goblin  coming  down  the
bright  light and a smidgen of dread   trail.   It  must  have  realized we
entered  my  thoughts.   I  heard  a   hadn't seen it for it ran up quickly
snicker  behind  me.  Quickly I spun   and swung at Celestin!  It missed by
around,  drawing my sword but not my   a hand's length.
shield   as   the   cursed   boulder
prevented  that  action.  It was the   Unfortunately,  it  did not miss the
Lord  Cleric!   With  a  wave of his   device.  The goblin's cudgel smashed
hand, he said, "You can drop it now,   into the black box, breaking it open
Stanyon." And I dropped the boulder.   and  knocking it off the rock.  Some
                                       sparks  and  wisp  of smoke flew out
"I have seen this before," he remar-   from it, and looked as though it was
ked.   "My nephew is a fine mage but   melting in upon itself.
he often sticks his nose into things
he  shouldn't  be."  The  two  of us   Neither Celestin nor I could believe
began  slowly walking home together.   what had happened, and we both stood
"My  brother  lives in these woods,"   there  in  a  sort of stunned shock.
he  said.   "He is a fine ranger but   The goblin glanced around nervously,
as a child he was always..."           not expecting the sudden quiet.  The
                                       silence  was  broken  when  Celestin
  ________________________________     spun around towards it.
 /                                \
|    Potential Value: $372.00      |   "See   what   you  did,  you  bloody
|                                  |   idiot!"  he  screamed  at the goblin
|                                  |   while  pointing  at the black smold-
|             Spend a              |   ering  lump  that had been the box a
|                                  |   short time ago.
|      -*   FREE WEEKEND   *-      |
|           ~~~~~~~~~~~~           |   The  goblin  was caught off guard by
|            in Kulthea            |   Celestin's  outburst.  Celestin drew
|                                  |   his  broadsword and started chopping
|                                  |   into  it,  and  it died quickly, but
|                                  |   Celestin  hacked at the corpse until
|   Contributors to KE earn FREE   |   he  was  exhausted.   Then  he threw
|   WEEKENDS (from 6PM Friday to   |   down   his   broadsword  and  walked
|   8AM Monday, your local time)   |   off towards town.
|   for three published articles   |
|   or other major works.          |   I  retrieved the broadsword and has-
|                                  |   tily  searched  the dead goblin.  It
|                                  |   had  a  cudgel, a silver coin, and a
|   Send inquiries  via GE  Mail   |   metal  wand.   When I caught up with
|   to KE Publisher Phaedra Bleu   |   Celestin I gave him the wand, think-
|   at P.HERRINGTON for details.   |   ing  it  might  cheer  him  up.   He
|                                  |   looked at it and then shoved it into
|                                  |   his sack.
                                       "Figures..." he muttered.
 _______________         The Thoughts of a Healer
/ \ ____    ____\        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+|           by Jhembryn Durrock
  |  |~\~\/~/~| |
 _|  |~|\~~/|~| | y name is Jhembryn   hard  times  yourself, then remember
/@| _|~| ~~ |~|_| Durrock;  I  am  a   and  perhaps  share  your next chest
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~/ young  but capable   with  the  healer.   We  really  are
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  healer of the  7th   understanding    people,   we   love
level.  The  road here has not  been   helping others, and we get enjoyment
easy.  My purpose  in writing is not   out  of  saving lives.  Please don't
to complain  of hardship but to give   make it hard for us to do that.  :)
you an  insight into  how we healers      A  few  other  things make every-
work. By no means do I speak for all   one's day go a little easier when it
healers but  only for myself.  These   comes  to  healing.   Let's say, for
thoughts  will,   I   hope,   assist   example,  that  you  come  in to the
aspiring young healers to advance as   temple  with  a  head wound.  If you
far as  I have  and beyond.   I have   are  so new that you do not know who
far to  go before  I am truly versed   the healers are, ASK!  If the temple
in all aspects of my profession, but   is  fairly  empty,  the  healer  "on
I have learned much.                   duty"   will   probably  immediately
   Healing is a painful business, in   check  you  out for injuries and fix
more  ways than one.  Let me quickly   any that exist.
explain  for  you non-healers how we      If  the  temple  is  full though,
heal.   We  do not exactly heal you,   standing  room  only, we may be busy
but  rather we take your wounds upon   healing others or having a conversa-
ourselves.   Then we use our granted   tion  (we  do  have personal lives).
abilities  to  heal ourselves, which   Just  tap  a healer on the shoulder,
leaves  behind the telltale scars of   or  call  to him, or whisper to him.
an  experienced healer.  That is the   We will answer, I promise!  It helps
first  pain  I speak of, pain in the   too if you can tell us exactly where
literal sense.                         your wounds are, if you are bleeding
   The  other pain is personal, pain   (cps/rd),  and how many cps you have
which  affects  me every day.  It is   left.   We  can  then  heal the most
the  pain  of  knowing that I cannot   dangerous wound first.
save  a life without herbs.  My fear      It  is my observation that we run
is that when I leave a person bleed-   healing  in  the  temple  much as an
in the temple so I can go get herbs,   emergency room is run.  We take care
the  person  may  not  live  until I   of  the most life-threatening wounds
return.   I have never lost a person   first.   I  do  not  work on a first
that  way,  but I am scared that one   come,  first  served  basis.  Not to
day I will.                            sound morbid, I work on the basis of
   Herbs are a big part of a younger   who  would  die  sooner  without the
healer's  life and by "young" I mean   attention.
below  about 10th or 11th level.  By      Oh,  here's  another thing that I
that   time,  herbs  are  no  longer   appreciate.    If  you  are  in  the
necessary    for   routine   healing   temple  and  not  wounded,  and  the
operations.    For   healers  of  my   healer is REALLY busy using a lot of
skills though, herbs are an accepted   herbs, offer to run to the alchemist
fact of life.  I need them.            for  him.   Take up a collection and
   Unfortunately,   they   are  very   resupply  his herbs.  Many have done
expensive.   If  a  healer heals you   that  for  me  in  the  past, and it
without the use of herbs, a donation   really helps me a lot.
would be nice.  But if the healer is      Again,  these thoughts reflect my
forced  to  use  herbs  to save your   own  personal feelings, not those of
life,  remember  that  he just spent   any other healers.  I think, though,
his  hard earned silver to save you.   that  you  will find my feelings are
Give the healer a bit of silver or a   for  the  most part universal within
nice  item.   If  you have come upon   the healing community.
 _____________                Regrets (Part 2)
/ \ _______   \               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|  _ ~\  |               by Feckly Fecund
  |  |~|_|~ | |
  |  |~ _ ~/  |
 _|  |~| \~\  | adagast Rope Company Manager's Office]
/@|  |~|  \~\ | Strange, only half of this  room seems to  have suffered the
\_/ ~~~~   ~~~/ ravages of time and magical tide.  The condition of the part
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  of the  room you have just  entered suggests  the scene of a
titanic  battle.   The  walls  are encrusted with drippings, as if they were
nearly melted in a conflagration involving primal forces of nature.  Nothing
less  could have liquefied walls of solid shaalk this way.  Nothing else has
survived, not even shards or ashes.  That is, up to a point just a little in
front of the impressive ithloss desk near the far wall.  There seems to be a
line  across  the floor, walls, and ceiling which encircles the room, a line
that says to you, and to the magic before you, "This far and no further."
[Radagast Rope Company, Manager's Desk]
The  throne-like  chair  behind  the ithloss desk offers an impressive perch
from  which its long-forgotten occupant could view his visitors.  Remarkable
hangings  adorn  the walls, and curios and statuary of clearly immense value
complete  this  counterpoint  to the desolation and destruction evidenced on
the  other  side  of the line.  Despite the damage they have suffered, there
are  two  usable doors in  the east wall and one in the north.  There are no
other obvious exits.
[Radagast Rope Company, Beyond the Looking Glass]
You  are  in  the  center  of  what  must  be a most powerful illusion.  The
furniture  and  accoutrements  are  obviously  of  great  value  and equally
obviously  unreal.  The floor is mostly a gaping maw, no doubt point- ing to
an  unsavory end for anyone who falls.  Still, there seems to be a safe path
across  this  half  of  the  room  through  the  middle  of  the illusionary
There  is  a  collapsed  wall  along  the  western  end  of the room and the
remainder  of  a  devastated  room to the east.  Behind the rubble, no doubt
from  the  collapsed  ceiling  in  this part of the room, there is a shadowy
crevice in the wall.  There seem to be deformed depressions in the rear wall
leading down into the seemingly bottomless pit below.  The only exit appears
to be the path into the other half of the room.
[Radagast Rope Company, Ropewalk]
Neither  time  nor magic seem to have had much effect on this room.  Rows of
tables run its length.  At the west end of the room, dark holes stare inward
like empty, dead eyes.  At the east end of each table there is a hole in the
[Radagast Rope Company, Storeroom]
If  not  for  the  sign on the door, even money no one would guess what this
room  once  was.   The  nubs of fire-hardened pins and slugs that might once
have  been  brass  nails litter the dusty floor.  If not for the fiery magic
that  ignited  the contents of this room, you feel that they might well have
been preserved to this very day.
A  search  reveals a concealed lock box in the north wall.  The doors on the
east and west walls are the only obvious exits.
[Radagast Rope Company, Warehouse]
Crates.   An  ocean of crates.  Half-burned crates,  charred and broken; the
ashes  of crates with the occasional remnants of bands and nails; almost and
fully  intact  crates,  some of wood and some of more substantial materials,
are strewn all about this room.  Some of the very large and otherwise intact
ones  seem  marred and dented, as if an enormous power had striven long long
and  hard  before  giving up its attempts at gaining entry to their precious
Behind  one  of  the  more substantial metal boxes is a rubble clogged chute
which  might  lead  to the surface.  There are exits to the east, south, and
southeast of this room.
[Radagast Rope Company, Guard's Quarters]
There  must  have  once  been  bunks  in  the  places  where row upon row of
splinters  and  dust  now neatly lie, except for the disarray radiating from
the  far  corner.   Like  spokes, drag marks trail through these memories of
sleep,  converging on a low straw throne.  If the gristle and bone shards at
its  base  are  any  indication,  this altar to catabolism has witnessed the
explosive  and  probably  premature  passing of many a mountain creature, as
well as the accidental sacrifice of occasional luckless adventurers.
[Radagast Rope Company, Lunch Room]
A table, two chairs and a tray are here, stone by the look of them, polished
granite.   And  what are those small square holes in the wall?  Where is the
dust?  This room is atypically clean.
Staring  out  of  the  holes  are the dark eyes of endless night at the cold
heart  of all ageing mountains.  Faint echoes of winds wearing on -tites and
-mites sigh in the unplumbable distance.  There is a door in the west wall.
[Radagast Rope Company, Pantry]
A  nasty  chill  claws  your  flesh  and  sinks in, grasping for your bones.
Remnants  of  dry  goods  indicate  that  this  was not always cold storage,
despite the occasional carcass which dangles from the ceiling.  The only way
out is the way you came in.
[Radagast Rope Company, Privy]
Once  again,  Gaeia  illustrates  that  nothing is so common as the unusual.
Water  still  trickles into a trench dug behind a row of low walls.  Despite
apparently  continual  washing, there lingers in the air a most foul stench.
Something  long  dead or possibly something long undead could be lying here.
It would be much better if this place were awash with fresh air instead of a
trickle  of  water.   There  is  a  distant  pervasive "drip, splash" as the
manufactured stream finds egress far away and far below.
[Radagast Rope Company, Privy]
Ambushed!   Now  I  know  what  a  monster  feels  like  when  I attack from
invisibility.   Well,  really,  it  was my own fault.  So engrossed was I in
examining  the  seats  with  holes in them, between the little walls, that I
hadn't noticed that the next one was occupied.
The first thing I did notice was the crackle, as every hair on my body stood
up and tried to leave!  There was lightning everywhere!
I  can  only  thank  the great Hairy Foot that it didn't hit me head on.  Or
maybe it would have been better; everyone is always saying that the toughest
part  of  me  is my head, but I didn't think so.  That bolt could have fried
                                   -18-                              More...
any lord in the land. I just hoped I wouldn't fumble my magic as he had.
I only got a glimpse of the monster as I rolled into the next stall.  It was
big,  really  big,  and  draped  in a hooded cloak from head to ankles.  And
there  lay the secret to my survival.  There were strange and baggy garments
piled  about  his  ankles.   Apparently  he stumbled on them and miscast his
magic.  I must not fall prey to any such catastrophe or it would be my last.
The  only thing that came to mind was to strike back as quickly as possible.
With a flip of my wrist, I cast Minor Pain at him. Had I realized how futile
and desperate an act it was, I should have frozen on the spot and died.
It worked! Never before such an effect! He fell grasping his bleeding head.
Realizing  I  had  but  seconds  to  choose  a course of action my very life
depended  on  (for I was rooms ahead of my party and no help could arrive in
time) I prepared Touch of Disruption. I ran up and cast right into his face.
The  carnage resulting from his erupting carcass was devastating.  It nearly
washed me from my feet. Knee deep in ichor, besmudged and disheveled, I felt
for once that I could stand being a little taller.  Don't get me wrong, it's
better  to search from this angle.  It's great simply to be alive to search,
the proper size and all that, but just once I'd like to walk over instead of
swimming through the gore.  My laundry bills are worse than my bar tab.
It  was  thinking of my bar tab that made my search so diligent and the dis-
covery so satisfying. This guy must have been looting the place! He was car-
rying  a  sack  of  silver pieces, probably thousands of them, and a mithril
circlet and a iron and ruby ring and ...
"Yo,  Charms!   Closing time!" Neither the words nor the vice-like grip that
rattled  my big toe were particularly gentle.  "Damn!  Oops, not you, Helga.
Just  a comment on the unfairness of life." With that, I gathered myself, as
effectively as any wool, and tottered out into the starry early morning.
Now, where was that path again?
 /                                                                        \
|                       Find the Words: Theme HEALERS                      |
|                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                      |
|                              by Haze Skywrack                            |
|                                                                          |
| H K W E R Y D O B T E R B A S   Find the words below in the grid to the  |
| B A L D A K U R E D I L E A F   left. Unused words form a sentence.      |
| R F A R N U M I N A S S O M L   Answer in the August Kelfour Edition.    |
| F L N A A M U F K G D N U O W                                            |
| I O O M R E B A O M S P I N E   Arfandas  Arm      Arnuminas  Baldakur   |
| W W I A I M L N P A S A M A R   Belrama   Berterin Body       Bursthelas |
| R R T L S A I A F T S C A R B   8Buy      Cure     Curfalakai Cuts       |
| U R O I F R E H T H E G H E G   Dagmather Edram    Eye        Face       |
| F I P R E F E A E E B I L E G   Flower    Fruit    Grass      Head       |
| I K U T E A R A R R G R A S S   Heal      Hegheg   Herb       Leaf       |
| W C R Y L N D T E T A C U T S   Leg       Limb     Moss       Pasamar    |
| L E E N A D A H O M F A C E H   Potion    Rewk     Root       Scar       |
| B N R S L A L O A S P A S M T   Siran     Spasm    Spine      Stem       |
| F R U I T S R E K E W K E W U   Tarnas    Terbas   Wekwek     Wifurwif   |
| O S C S A L E H T S R U B U Y   Wound     Yuth                           |
                        Guided Tour of the Graveyard
 ____________              by Aegyptia Nyctadaemus
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "| |
  |    //|"| |egyptia,  where  can I   Depending  on  your level and armor,
 _|   //=|"| | get  mummy  shrouds?"   getting  back  out  can be even more
/@|  //  |"| | asks  one adventurer.   difficult, because you must push the
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / "Where  can  I   find   gate  with  monsters nipping at your
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  ghoul  scrapings, and   heels or worse.  If you have a ring,
are  the  ghouls  tough?"  Since  my   set it so you can ring out.  Some GY
first  days  in  the Landing, I have   spots  don't  allow rings.  If yours
noticed how people enjoy taking home   doesn't  work,  try  a new location.
bizarre   trophies  to  amaze  their   If you hunt the graveyard often as I
friends;  some  of the strangest are   do, you may want to set your ring to
found  in the town graveyard.  It is   carry  you  between the temple and a
affectionately known to residents as   safe  area  such as the foyer of the
the  "GY" although its official name   Crypt (K on Map 2).
in  the  Tomes  of  Kulthea  is "The      From  the  town gates, follow the
Necropolis of Etrevion." As a cleric   path leading around the wooden pali-
I  have  a  professional interest in   sades  of  Kelfour's  Landing, first
helping  destroy  the  Unlife plague   going   south  down  "torkaan  row,"
that  haunts  our  lands, but I find   through   the  plains  and  meadows.
the  graveyard  oddly beautiful.  It   Sometimes  we  get  so busy battling
is  a  quiet  place filled with his-   monsters  or  rushing from one place
tory,  and the crypt is removed from   to another with our descriptions set
the summer heat.                       on  "!desc" that we forget about the
   You  don't have to be a cleric to   wonders  of our countryside.  Take a
hunt  the  GY,  but  you  must ask a   look  around.   You'll find torkaans
cleric to bless weapons for you, for   and  wolverines  as  well  as adven-
the  Unlife  can  only be damaged by   turers  coming  and going from their
blessed  weapons  and  magic.  There   hunting  expeditions.  Hudvaarks can
are  a  few live monsters there that   usually  be  seen circling overhead.
do not require blessed weapons, not-   These  large,  white seabirds are so
ably goblins, hobgoblins and cobras.   awkward  on  land,  they  remain  in
The  higher  the level of cleric who   flight for most of the year.
does  the blessing, the better:  You      At  6  on  Map 1, you can see the
get  three  swings  per level of the   plains  to  the  southwest.  This is
cleric  (the Tomes err in saying one   good  country  for  hunting  torkaan
swing  per level, else the gods have   (giant killer sheep) and wolverines.
bestowed  stronger blessings upon us   Continue  southeast  around the town
since  they  were written), and they   walls to 7, where you get your first
are not cumulative.  If a high level   glance  of  the  Colewaether  river,
cleric  cannot  be found, try to get   which  carries  river traffic in and
several   weapons   blessed   before   out of Kelfour's Landing.
starting  out.  Clerics can purchase      East   of   the   bridge  is  the
permanently  blessed holy weapons in   entrance  to  Mine Road.  Along this
their  Shop  near  the  temple,  but   road and in the mines themselves are
these cannot be used by other class.   many monsters which can be hunted by
   Before  you  go,  you should also   lower- to mid-level adventurers.
consider  how  you're  going  to get      At  13  we  leave the path skirt-
back  out.  One of the more frustra-   ing  town,  to take an obscure trail
ting  "monsters"  in  the  GY is the   towards  our  destination.   We pass
massive  bronze gate that guards its   through  a  pretty,  sunlit clearing
entrance.   Much time is required to   and a dense maze of trees.  This can
push   it   open,  even  with  great   be frightening and disorienting, but
strength,  so  the  more friends you   if  you follow the directions on the
have  help,  the quicker it will go.   map,  you'll  get through all right.
                                   -20-                             More...
   / \                                                                    \
   |                                                                     |
   |           N                                                         |
   |         W + E                                   -=GRAVEYARD=-       |
   |           S                                      CONTINUED ON       |
   |                                                      MAP 2          |
   |                                                       \|/           |
   |    =============================      GY GATE, INSIDE  A  push gate |
   |    |                           |                       |  go gate   |
   |    |          MAP 1:           |     GY GATE, OUTSIDE  18           |
   |    | APPROACH TO THE GRAVEYARD |                      /             |
   |    |                           |                   go path          |
   |    =============================                    /               |
   |                                                    17               |
   |                                                    /                |
   |                                                go trail             |
   |                                                   /                 |
   |             OUTSIDE                              16                 |
   | K           KELFOUR'S                            |                  |
   | O           LANDING                          THE MAZE               |
   | B     go    MAIN GATE                        OF TREES               |
   | O-1--path--(WAYSIDE INN)                         |                  |
   | L |                                   Heading toward the GY,        |
   | D 2     KELFOUR'S LANDING             keep going northeast and      |
   | S |     RIVER GATE (Not               north until you are out of    |
   |   3     open to foot   -----X         the maze; leaving the GY,     |
   |   |     traffic)            |         keep going south and          |
   |   4                         X         southwest till you are out.   |
   |   |              MINE ROAD  |    go               /                 |
   |   5                  |      13--trail--14--15--THE MAZE             |
   |   |                climb    |                  OF TREES             |
   |   6                 bank    12                                      |
   |  / \           go    |     /                                        |
   | X   7--8--9--bridge--10--11                                         |
   | |                    |                                              |
   | GRASSLANDS        VANTAGE                                           |
   |                    POINT                                            |
   |                                                                     |
   |         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         |
   |   MONSTERS:       1-10            11-15           16-18             |
   |                 Torkaans         Usually       No monsters          |
  _|                Wolverines      No monsters                          |
 /@|                                                                     |
Wolverines  and torkaans don't enter   It  opens  slowly.   Those with VERY
this  part  of  the  forest,  so you   GOOD  climbing  skill might try that
should  be  safe from monsters until   route but be warned that this is can
you  pass through the Graveyard gate   be quick way to a painful death.
from 18 to A.                             The  gate  itself  is  beautiful,
   There  are  no monsters just out-   decorated with images of our beloved
side  the gate, a good thing because   Eissa  and the vile Empress Kadaena,
you  must  have  your  hands free to   to  whom Bandur Etrevion pledged his
push  it open.  Give it a hard PUSH,   very soul.  Bandur was the fist Lord
and wait until you notice you aren't   of Orhan to follow the Unlife.
pushing  any more.  Then push again.      Once  the gate opens arm yourself
and   enter   the  graveyard.   Just   able  to  go  back and retrieve your
inside  the gate, weaker unlife tend   things,  or  on  the other hand, you
to  swarm, along with goblins, so be   may  run  clear  to  the  town  gate
prepared.   Here (A through J on Map   before  you  get  your  senses back.
2)  are  phantoms, skeletons, lesser   They  calm  fairly  easily though if
ghouls  and  goblins.  At the end of   you  have  that spell.  Ilstar Dark-
this article is a description of all   edge  said  of  the  dirges:  "These
GY  monsters  and  their  locations.   forms with very dark eyes seem to be
You  also get your first view of the   spirits   bound  to  this  world  by
magnificent  crypt  built  by Bandur   music.  Quiet, haunting tunes can be
Etrevion  several thousand years ago   heard  when  they  are about.  Their
Be sure to "look at crypt" and "read   voices  can make you stand frozen or
inscription".                          run for your life."
   To  the  north  lies  the  burial      The  route  from  MM to LL is one
mound  of  Etrevion's  brother, Kes-   way,  and it's easy to get confused.
trel,  whom  he  slew  in  a  fit of   The  area from BB up through the dam
madness,  possessed as he was by the   and the creek is much safer.  As far
Unlife.  The entry foyer (K) is safe   as  I  know,  dirges don't go there.
from  monsters.  The path encircling   Moving  west to CC and north, you'll
the crypt (A through J) gives a good   find where fallen trees have blocked
view  of  the crypt from all angles.   the  creek  to  form  a natural dam.
At  J  you  can  look  at the green-   This  is the place to hunt cobras if
veined,  marble  monument  among the   you  can  stand  the  smell  of  the
gravesites  and read the inscription   rotting   stuff  in  the  pond;  the
to  the  sons  of  Kestrel  Etrevion   snakes usually swarm in great number
("read base").                         once   they   realize   anyone   has
   From  F,  take the trail north to   trespassed.   They  live  around the
the  burial  mound  itself.  Flowers   water  and also the dry parts of the
here  are usually pretty.  Revenants   creek bed (GG and HH).
and  hobgoblins  inhabit the area of      So  much  for  above  ground, now
the  mound, but most terrible is the   let's  return  to  the main gate and
ghoul  king  (UU on Map 2).  A rock-   investigate  the  crypt.   From A we
strewn  gully  leads  upward  for  a   enter  the  foyer  (K).  No monsters
breathtaking  view,  but one or more   venture  here,  so it's a good place
kings  await  the  unwary  atop  the   to ring to and from.  It's eerie but
mound,  and  you  should  understand   beautiful.   The  subtle light comes
this  adversary well before attempt-   from  strips of arinyark inlaid into
ing the gully.                         the stone walls.  Arinyark naturally
   From  X  we leave the main grave-   absorbs   and  retains  raw  Essence
yard  and pass amid a half-circle of   radiations,  allowing  it  to  illu-
strewn monoliths ("look monolith" at   minate the grisly freize perpetually
X). They could only have been placed   down  through  the centuries ("look"
here by the golems Bandur created to   and "read" the frieze).
build  his  brother's  burial mound.      Through the arch are three of the
Going  southwest, we head toward the   most   haunting   rooms  in  all  of
bog,  the  creek  and some odd stone   Kulthea.   After  Bandur  killed his
ruins.   South  from  AA there are a   brother,  Kestrel,  he was tormented
few  well-kept graves of an ancient,   by guilt and the Unlife to the point
noble  family, before the land falls   that he  decided to end his days on.
off  into  the  bog  where  you  are   According  to the Tomes, he returned
likely to encounter death dirges (JJ   to  where  he  had  had  his brother
to  RR)  and  greater  ghouls.   The   buried,  and  "planned and ordered a
methane  gas  and leeches in the bog   great  graveyard  and  crypt  to  be
are pretty disgusting, but if you do   built  in the wilds.  He oversaw the
venture  into  this realm, I suggest   entire  project himself, using magi-
using  only  replaceable weapons and   cal  powers  and  conjured hordes to
shields.  When the dirges cast Fear,   complete   the  undertaking."  Thus,
you  may run only a short way and be   this  crypt was built.  "That having
                                   -22-                             More...
   / \                                                                    \
   |                                                                     |
   |    N                   ====================             A-J         |
   |  W + E       HH        |                  |          Skeletons      |
   |    S        /          |      MAP 2:      |    |   Lesser Ghouls    |
   |           GG           |    GRAVEYARD,    |    |     Phantoms       |
   |           /            |   GROUND LEVEL   |    |      Goblins       |
   |         FF             |                  |    |                    |
   |          |             ====================    |                    |
   |       down/up                                  |         K          |
   |          |                                     |    No monsters     |
   |         EE               V----U----T           |                    |
   |          |              /         / \          |                    |
   |    go dam/go bank      W         /   \         |        L-N         |
   |          |            /|   go gulley  \        |   Lesser Mummies   |
   |         DD           X |       /       S       |    Bone Golem?     |
   |          |          / \|     UU       /        |                    |
   |         CC--BB----AA   Y             /         |                    |
   |            /       |    \           /          |       EE-HH        |
   |       go path      |     Z------Q--R           |      Cobras        |
   |           /        |            |              |                    |
   |    MM---JJ----KK   |            P              |                    |
   |     |\   |\   |    |           /               |        O-DD        |
   |     | \  | \  |    |          O                |     and RR-TT      |
   |     |  \ |  \ |    RR         |                |     Hobgoblins     |
   |     |   \|   \|    |          |                |      Revenants     |
   |     `*   NN---LL   |          |                |                    |
   |           \        |       go trail            |                    |
   |        go trail    |          |                |       JJ-TT        |
   |             \      |          |                |   Greater Ghouls   |
   |             OO-PP-QQ          |                |    Death Dirges    |
   |             /                 |                |                    |
   |            SS       E---------F                |                    |
   |           /        /   LEADS   \               |         UU         |
   |          TT       / UNDER CRYPT \              |     Ghoul Kings    |
   |                  /  (SEE MAP 3)  \                                  |
   |                 D           |     G               ___               |
   |                 |     L--M--N     |            _{(___)              |
   |                 C        |        H--J      __{\{_____}__           |
   |  * From MM,     |     go arch     |       _|\_\{_______}_\          |
   |    south goes   B        |        I     _{ \|~~~~~~~~~~~~~|__       |
   |    one-way       \       K       /     (\_\{_______________}_\      |
   |    to LL          \      |      /     (\(_____________________)     |
   |                    \    go     /      \(     IN MEMORIAM       )    |
   |                     \  crypt/ /      |\=========================    |
   |                      \  out  /       | |          ~~~          |    |
   |                       \  |  /        | |  "Here lie the sons   |    |
   |                        \ | /         | |  of Kestrel Etrevion, |    |
   |                         \|/          | |     princes all,      |    |
   |                          A           | |     who perished      |    |
   |               push gate  |  go gate  | |   in the battle to    |    |
   |                          18          | |     regain their      |    |
   |                         /            ; |    ancestral land."   |    |
  _|        START HERE FROM MAP 1       ^^^\|                       |    |
 /@|                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  |
been  done, and all the enchantments   volume.")
and  magical traps placed around the      Heading  west  again,  at  N is a
graveyard,  Bandur installed all his   tall,  onyx  tablet.  Look at it and
valued  possessions, treasured manu-   you  will  find  some  windak beads,
scripts  and  holy  relics  in rooms   which  you can examine more closely.
within the crypt.                      This  is  one of the strands used by
   "Finally,  he  was satisfied that   The  Dark  Path  -  the  state  cult
the  work  was finished according to   created by Bandur.  According to the
his  grand  design.  Now totally mad   Tomes,  "Followers  of The Dark Path
and  in  failing health, he returned   engaged   in   many  heinous  ritual
to  the  capital to appear before an   practices  beneath  a genteel facade
assembly of the high-ranking priests   of prayer, meditation, contemplation
of  The  Dark Path, who ran the day-   and  cultivation of physical perfec-
to-day    affairs   of   the   land.   tion.   They  were  ostentatious  in
Pronouncing   the   words  solemnly,   their   devotions,  carrying  around
`Kadaena Throk Farok,' he told them,   long  rosaries  of  windak beads and
`There  is  a  place  that calls me,   reciting   out   loud  the  Iylarian
where  I must go.  My brother awaits   phrase `Kadaena Throk Farok.'
me  there.  Seek me not if you value      "True  followers  of  the cult of
your  lives.   Find  me  not  if you   Kadaena  who recited the phrase with
value your souls!'                     fervor  and dedication were promised
   "With that, he uttered a Spell of   everlasting existence by Bandur, and
Returning and transported himself to   after  death were transformed by him
the crypt... Sealing himself up in a   into   various   levels   of  undead
sarcophagus of  his own devising, he   creatures."  It  is only by reciting
muttered  a  last  black spell under   this  phrase  ourselves, that we can
his  breath  and gave up his soul to   enter further into the crypt.  (At N
the powers that it had been promised   type  "Kadaena  Throk  Farok,"  with
to long ago."                          quote  marks in the beginning and no
   Some  of  his relics can still be   punctuation  after  it.)  The  magic
seen.   A  look around the room at M   words  take  us  into a dark chamber
reveals  that something has recently   beneath  the  crypt  (VV  on Map 3).
left  tracks  leading  away from the   There  is  just  enough light to see
coffin.   Personally, I think he may   the  portal  leading  back  out.  In
rise  and  stalk  the  land  in some   this   area  can  be  found  greater
demonic  form,  even  though you can   ghouls.  Going south we pass through
touch  the  shrouded form inside the   the   anteroom   of  a  rich  burial
sarcophagus,  and  it  seems  to  be   chamber.  If we take the ramp and go
solid  enough.   ("Look  at coffin,"   north,  we  enter a maze of tunnels.
"look  in  coffin," "touch corpse.")   The  quickest  way  through  this is
Lesser mummies can be found here (L,   down and north (returning, go up and
M,  N)  and  there used to be a bone   south).    Greater   ghouls  can  be
golem  as  well,  although I haven't   hunted  in all directions throughout
seen  it in some time.  One day when   the   maze;  when  you're  ready  to
I  was  collecting  mummy shrouds to   leave, go up and south.
sell   to  the  furrier,  my  friend      Tunnels  and corridors take us to
Lucius  the  cleric told me that was   CCC   where  a  hole  in  the  earth
not  wise, because, "The Unlife will   ceiling  takes us up into the inter-
find  a  way  to  return life to the   ior  of  the  the  burial  mound  of
shroud."  I  have  never  seen  this   Kestrel  Etrevion  himself (DDD thru
happen,  but  I do not doubt that he   III).   Beware!   Barrow wights lurk
saw it.  A very chilling thought.      within  the  mound, waiting to steal
   Going  west  (L)  we find some of   your  life.   They are not only dan-
Bandur's  manuscripts,  scrolls  and   gerous,  they  are sadistic:  If one
personal  relics.  You can "look" at   kills  you, it will "sink its bloody
the  manuscript,  and then "look" on   claws  deep into your body, taking a
the  ledge  to  see  his most famous   moment  to enjoy the grotesque sound
written  work  ("Look volume," "read   of it."
                                   -24-                             More...
   / \                                                                    \
   |                                                                     |
   |            N                  YYY-------XXX                         |
   |          W + E                  |       |                           |
   |            S                    |  CCCC |                           |
   |                                 |   |   |                           |
   |                                 |   go  |**                         |
   |    ==================         ZZZ stair WWW                         |
   |    |                |           |***|  /|                           |
   |    |     MAP 3:     |           |  BBBB |      * sw from VVV is     |
   |    |   GRAVEYARD,   |           | /    \|        one-way to TTT     |
   |    |  UNDER CRYPT   |         AAAA     VVV                          |
   |    |                |           | \   */|     ** n from WWW is      |
   |    ==================           |   \   |        one-way to XXX     |
   |                                 |     \ |                           |
   |                                TTT-----UUU   *** se from ZZZ is     |
   |                                 |                one-way to BBBB,   |
   |                         down/   |                nw from BBBB is    |
   |                   RRR----up----SSS               one-way to WWW     |
   |                    |                                                |
   |                 down/up                                             |
   |                    |                                                |
   |                   QQQ-----go-----PPP                                |
   |                         grating   | (n or go cabinet, same thing/   |
   |                                  OOO      to return, out)           |
   |                                   |                                 |
   |                        LLL-------MMM                                |
   |       VV-WW             |         |                DDD-III          |
   |    No monsters?      down/up     go             Barrow Wights       |
   |                         |       door        (These may roam much    |
   |                        KKK        |         further north, but I    |
   |       XX-CCC            |        NNN       did not see any there.)  |
   |   Greater Ghouls     down/up                                        |
   |   (Found mainly         |                                           |
   |     throughout         JJJ                        JJJ-DDDD          |
   |     the maze.)          |                     Shadow Assassins      |
   |                    go pile/up                                       |
   |                         |      go >                                 |
   |                       CCC-----hole-----DDD--EEE--FFF                |
   |                      /         go <     |           \               |
   |   START            BBB       burrow     |           GGG             |
   |  AT VV:            /                    |           /               |
   |  from N          AAA                   III-------HHH                |
   | on Map 2          |                                                 |
   |   say        go corridor                                            |
   | "Kadaena          |                           CURSES!               |
   |   Throk          ZZ                                                 |
   |   Farok"          |                            `___'                |
   | to return        YY (MAZE) down,n/          = /     \ =             |
   | to Map 2,         |        up,s            ==|  o o  |==            |
   |    go       go   XX                       ===|  ___  |===           |
   |  portal    ramp                          ====   ' '   ====          |
   |          |  /                            ====         ====          |
  _|          | /                             ====         ====          |
 /@|          WW                                                         |
                                   -25-                              More...
   The  warrior-king's  tomb  can be   Look  at  both  the  throne  and the
seen at FFF, and at GGG you can look   tapestry,   if  you  can  stand  it.
at murals depicting his battles.  In   Through the door is a storeroom.
the shadows can be seen the image of      North  from  the throne room is a
his  brother,  Bandur, the dark mage   banquet  hall at least as disgusting
who  lent  his  skills  to  aid Kel-   as  the throne room.  You can either
strel's  illustrious  career  ("read   "go  cabinet"  or go north from this
mural" for a brief explanation).  In   hall   (both  take  you  inside  the
the  dirt  annex  of the mound (III)   cabinet).   Here  you  find a warped
you  can  "look" at an amazing ebony   wooden  grating,  which  reveals the
and ivory dragon chair.                way  into  a  deep shaft.  Down, and
   Returning  to  DDD  we  GO BURROW   down again we enter the cold tunnels
back  to  the  tunnel, and by way of   under the crypt.
the  dirt  pile (GO PILE) we enter a      This  whole  place  seems to have
sloping  passage  under  the  burial   been  carved  out  so the ghouls can
mound. Now we are in truly dangerous   keep  their  food  on  ice.  I won't
territory.    Shadow  assassins  are   tell  you what it is, you'll have to
found  throughout  the  rest  of our   look  for  yourself.   A  few of the
journey.   You  won't  see  them  at   tunnels  must  be traversed one way,
first, but they'll call your name in   as  shown  on  the map.  The ghouls'
a  mocking voice, then jump out from   main  larder  is at BBBB, and if you
nowhere.   I  have  heard  there are   climb  the  stairway  from there you
sometimes  other  horrible creatures   enter  the ice room.  Gruesome as it
between here and the ice room (CCCC)   is,  it's worth a look.  You'll wit-
as well, but I have yet to meet one.   ness  a bizarre sight inside a large
This  part  of the passage is filled   slab of ice ("look slab").  There is
with slimy, creepy things, but don't   also  a  smaller slab ("touch ice"),
worry, it gets worse.                  but  it doesn't do anything special.
   At  LLL  is  a  small cavern with   I  believe  a precious gem was found
fluorescent fungus.  There are piles   under it once.
of  bones  and rotting flesh, and to       And  that's it; end of the tour.
the  east is a throne room.  It must   It's  been fun.  I hope you can find
have  belonged  to some Unlife king,   your  way back out.  As for me, I'll
because  I don't know who else could   just use my magic ring....
have  created anything as revolting.
                 Aegyptia slides a gold ring off her finger.
       Aegyptia slides an intricate gold and brass ring on her finger.
                       Suddenly Aegyptia vanishes!
                You pick up the thoughts of Aegyptia thinking:
            "Can anyone tell me how to get out of Fire Guardians?"
  / \                                                                    \
  |                                                                     |
  |     To those who helped or whose work I studied in writing this     |
  |     article and drawing the maps, I thank you:                      |
  |                                                                     |
 _|         Zepath, Melda, Sauron, Pterelas, Lythe, Lucius, Inyigo,     |
/@|         Dec, Coen, Landreth, Avondale, Kirc and Ilstar.             |
                           Monsters of the Graveyard
   THTS  are  given  against  heavy  hide.   For a description of spells and
abilities, see descriptions at the end of the section.
BARROW WIGHT (Unlife)                  DEATH DIRGE (Unlife)
=====================                  ====================
Level: 15, medium speed                Level: 9, medium speed
      There are two types of barrow    Attack: Swing (OB 60, THT 99)
      wight; can appear in room at     Special Abilities:
      same time; one uses a broad-           Calm & Fear
      sword and metal breastplate,           Song of Holding
      the other twohanded sword and    Base DB: 75                CPs: 80
      augmented breastplate.           Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
Attack: Claw (OB 165, THT 66)                Dirge skin (35)
      Broadsword (OB 165, THT 84)            Visored helm (6)
      2handed sword (OB 165,THT 79)          Does not carry treasure
Special Abilities:
      Fear                             GHOUL, GREATER (Unlife)
      Immobilization                   =======================
      Life Level Drain                 Level: 3, medium speed
Base DB: 165              CPs: 210     Attack: Claw (OB 40, THT 66)
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):     No Special Abilities
      Wight claw (75)                  Base DB: 20                CPs: 65
      Broadsword (50)                  Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
      Metal breastplate (166)                Ghoul scraping (45)
      Twohanded sword (66)                   May carry silver
      Augmented breastplate (216)
      Wooden shield (3)                GHOUL, LESSER (Unlife)
      Treasure Chests, item, silver    ======================
                                       Level: 1, medium speed
BONE GOLEM (Unlife)                    Attack: Claw (OB 20, THT 66)
(Possibly extinct from Graveyard)      No Special Abilities
=================================      Base DB: 10                CPs: 25
Level: 8, medium speed                 Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
Attack: Swing (OB 100)                       Ghoul nail (45)
      Pound (OB 90)                          Does not carry treasure
      Ensnare (OB 40 or 60)
No Special Abilities                   GHOUL KING (Unlife)
Base DB: 30               CPs: 110     ===================
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):     Level: 16, slow
      Golem bone (35)                  Attack: Bite (OB 125, THT 69)
      May carry treasure                     Claw (OB 120, THT 66)
                                             Fist (OB 90, THT 41)
COBRA (Living)                         Special Abilities:
==============                               Fear & Aura
Level: 2, fast                               Immobilization
Attack: Bite (OB 30, THT 69)           Base DB: 80              CPs: 176
Special Abilities:                     Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
      Poison (3/rnd)                         Ghoul finger (value unknown)
Base DB: 40                                  Double chain mail (166)
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):           Metal aventail (3)
      Cobra skin (25)                        Wooden shield (3)
      Does not carry treasure                Treasure: Chest, items, silver
GOBLIN (Living)                        SHADOW ASSASSIN (Unlife)
===============                        ========================
Level: 2, slow                         Level: 18, fast, but spends much
Attack: Flail (OB 20, THT 80)                time casting DB spells, and
No Special Abilities                         can be parry tagged. Hint:
Base DB: 30                CPs: 50           make macro to put away and
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):           get weapon in order to avoid
      Goblin skin (35)                       the weapon fire spell. I
      Light hide (13)                        watched Pterelas, a thief,
      Flail (63)                             kill these at level 13 using
      Treasure chest, item, silver           that method.
                                       Attack: Scimitar (OB 150, THT 89)
HOBGOBLIN (Living)                     Special Abilities:
==================                           Weaponfire, Blur, Hues
Level: 3, slow                               Invisibility
Attack: Swing (OB 50, THT 99)          Base DB: 30? (up to 85 with spells)
      No Special Abilities             CPs: 206
Base DB: 25                CPs: 60     Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):           Not skinnable, Scimitar (36)
      Hobgoblin scalp (35)                   Treasure chests, item, silver
      Carry only a few silvers
                                       SKELETON (Unlife)
MUMMY, LESSER (Unlife)                 =================
======================                 Level: 1, slow
Level: 7, slow                         Attack: Dagger (OB 25, THT 94)
Attack: Claw (OB 40, THT 66)           No Special Abilities
      Ensnare (OB 10, THT 96)          Base DB: 0                 CPs: 30
No Special Abilities                   Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
Base DB: 30                                  Skeleton bone (10)
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):           Dagger (worthless)
      Mummy shroud (75)                      Woven cloak (worthless)
      Treasure: items, silver                Light leather (26)
PHANTOM (Unlife)                       WIGHT LORD (Unlife)
================                       ======================
Level: 2, medium speed                 (Rumor has it that these inhabit
Attack: Swing (OB 20, THT 99)          the Graveyard, but I have never
Special Abilities:                     seen one; stats are from the Wight
      Shockbolt (OB 30, THT 77)        Lords in Claedsbrim Dungeon Lvl 4.)
      Aura                             Level: 17, medium speed
Base DB: 20                CPs: 40     Attack: Falchion (155)
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):     Special abilities:
      None (disintegrates)                   Life Level Drain, Stun Cloud
                                             Fear, Immobilize, Boil Earth
REVENANT (Unlife)                            Wizard Shield
=================                      Base DB: 160          CPs: Unknown
Level: 4, medium speed                 Booty (pawnable price in silvers):
Attack: Broadsword (OB 60, THT 84)           Unknown
Special Abilities:                       _________________________________
      Aura                              /                                  \
      Limb Pain                        |         For a Good Time in         |
Base DB: 45               CPs: 115     |           The Graveyard            |
Booty (pawnable price in silvers):     |                                    |
      Unskinnable (disintegrates)      |    Find the Flower Girl in Town    |
      Broadsword (50)                  |     Give her some silver coins     |
      Reinforced leather (33)          |  Take what she gives you in return |
      Wooden shield (3)                | to the hidden Priest in the Temple |
      Carries no treasure               \__________________________________/
                        Hot Summer Nights Prizes!
In celebration of GEnie'S "Hot Summer Nights" in August, Simutronics proudly
announces  over  $1500  in prizes for special GemStone events.  (This is NOT
a complete list of events.  Please refer to the NEWS command in GemStone III
and the special GEnie *HSN calendar for more information.)
(1) Each  person, regardless of multiple GEnie accounts, is eligible for a
    maximum of two (2) prizes during the entire month of August.
(2) Judgements on prize awards by Simutronics will be final.
(3) All rules are subject to modification as the situation requires.
(4) Written/spoken prose will become the sole property of Simutronics Corp.
(5) ASCII Art will become the sole property of Simutronics Corp.
(6) Winners must be in good credit standing with GEnie for the past 6 months.
(7) GEnie Internal Accounts are not eligible for prizes.
14  Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet GEMS will be hidden throughout the lands in
August!   Additional  prizes  may  be  awarded  based on roleplaying, player
interaction and other GameMaster determinations. Prizes for Specific Events:
Kelfour's Assassins' Contest (Beginning August 1 and ending August 31)
   1st Place: Iron Crown's (ICE) Shadow World "Emer" Boxed Set
   2nd Place: Iron Crown's (ICE) Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module
   3rd Place: Iron Crown's (ICE) Shadow World "StormRiders" Novel
Water Tunnel Races (August 7):
   1st Place: ICE Shadow World "Emer" Boxed Set
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World Rolemaster Companion IV
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module
Bardic  Song/Prose  (August  10) prizes for EACH of SIX events (Short Story,
Epic Poetry, Songs, Short Poetry, Short Story-Telling):
   1st Place: ICE "BladeStorm" Miniatures Boxes Game
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module      ___________________
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "StormRiders" Novel      /                   \
                                                       | Gladitorial  Games  |
Special One-Night Mini-Event/Quest (August 13):        | (August 16): Check  |
   1st Place: 1.40 Carat Faceted Garnet Gem            | GemStone III Tomes  |
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World Rolemaster Companion IV | (Page 930, query    |
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module    | GAME) for details   |
                                                       | on Experience Point |
Maze Event (August 15):                                | formulae and Awards |
   1st Place: 1.34 carat Faceted Cubic Zirconium Gem    \___________________/
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World Rolemaster Companion IV
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module
ASCII Art Showcase & Contest (August 17):
   1st Place: ICE Shadow World "BladeStorm" Miniature Boxed Game
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "StormRiders" Novel
Major GemStone III Quest (August 23-29):
   1st Place: 1.54 Carat Faceted Garnet Gem
   2nd Place: ICE Shadow World Rolemaster Companion IV                KEV3N2
   3rd Place: ICE Shadow World "Quellbourne" Module                    [end]

See Also: