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|   |                                   Great Potpourri of Tips and Tales |
 |                                                                     |
 |    GemStone III's                                     August 1992   |
 |                                                       Vol.3, No.3   |
 |               _   _           _    ___                              |
 |              / ) / )         / )  / __)                             |
 |             / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____          |
 |            /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)         |
 |           / /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /             |
 |          (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(              |
 |                    _____      _    _    _    _                      |
 |                   / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                      |
 |                  / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____          |
 |                 / ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )         |
 |                / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /          |
 |               (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(           |
 |                                                                     |
 |                       The Kronicles of Kulthea                      |
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 |                                                                     |
 |  Noblesse Oblique ..................... Lord Gallenod Varynesti   1 |
 |  Some Notes on Commands .......................................   2 |
 |  Talespinning, Songsmithing, Dreamweaving . Llorien Silvanestii   3 |
 |  Inyigo's Lost Love ............................ Inyigo Montoya   4 |
 |  The Merchant's Wagon ......................... Rastur Shibatae   5 |
 |  The Etiquette of Dying .................. Aegyptia Nyctadaemus   8 |
 |  Tips for Healers ............................ Jhembryn Durrock  10 |
 |  Mad Glimmering .................................... Rhea Sibex  10 |
 |  High Sorcery: Correction! ................. Dartaghan Darkstar  11 |
 |  Of Arms and Their Evolution ................. Melchion Merdaen  12 |
 |  The New IBM Front End ........................ Altor Arlington  13 |
 |  Immediate Environs Map .................. Aegyptia Nyctadaemus  15 |
 |  Wearbear Revenge ............................... Thellra Dumas  16 |
 |  Quest of Love: The Resolution ................. Bolivar DiGriz  17 |
 |  Life of a Mage ........................... Llorien Silvanestii  18 |
 |  A Midsummer Night's Dream & Barriers............ Elyria Blythe  19 |
 |  A Wight's Revenge ...................... Elminester Silvanisty  21 |
 |  Every Little Bit Helps ..................... Celestin Drowstar  24 |
 |  The Story of My Coming, Part II ............... Iomadh Dauphin  26 |
 |  Rhea's Troll Call Song ............................ Rhea Sibex  27 |
 |  The Death Of A Thief ............................. Tapor Lieff  28 |
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                              Noblesse Oblique
 ____________            by Lord Gallenod Varynesti
/ \   ____   \
\@| /~/~~\\  |
  ||~|    ~~ | reetigs, one and all!   and weapons.  Lady Taarna, the lead-
 _||~|  |==| | Once again I take pen   ing  cleric  in  the Land was one of
/@| \~\__//  | in hand to address an   the original Kelfour pioneers.  Lord
\_/  ~~~~~   / issue  near and  dear   Enegue,  the only Bardic Lord.  Lady
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  to any who strive for   Kayla and Lord Rhys, Master Healers.
excellence in Kulthea.  Today's top-   And  no list would be complete with-
ic:   the obligations of nobility in   out  Lord  Yuri and, of course, Lord
our littletown. Having lately achie-   Fxg,  GemStone's  own  version  of a
ved  noble  rank,  I  feel a certain   Battlemaster   and   the   mightiest
obligation  to  explain  what  noble   warrior in the Landing.
status  means  from  both  the  per-
spective   of  struggling  to  reach   These  puissant Lords and Ladies and
noble rank and what it feels like to   their   contemporaries   have   been
have finally achieved it.              joined  of  late  by a second gener-
                                       ation  of  nobility.   Lord Mikhail,
It's  not  easy to earn ennoblement.   the  Landing's master questor.  Lord
Of the hundreds of players listed on   Dartaghan,  who  achieved noble rank
the  fame  lists,  less  than 50 are   in  only six weeks!  The list of new
Lords  and  Ladies.   Far  fewer are   Lords  and  Ladies grows each month,
still active in the game, for having   and  the  evil  powers that threaten
reached  this long-sought goal, many   our  existence  are  hard-pressed to
adventurers  go into semi-retirement   stem the rising tide of increasingly
or  bring younger siblings (and even   capable  adventurers.  But what does
offspring)  into  town.   Some  just   this  "nobility"  entail?   What are
leave,   looking  for  new  thrills.   the  responsibilities  of  nobility,
Living  legends such as Lord Dagmar,   and what are the perks?
Lady  Valeria,  Lord  Erebor,  among
others,  have  disappeared  into the   I  can't  speak  for my fellow Lords
mists of time.  Younger players will   and  Ladies,  so  I'll  give you the
hear   their   names   only  in  old   perspective  I  formed while a young
stories,  along with that of the Mad   adventurer  working  my  way up.  My
Mage  Lythe,  his  mortal enemy Lord   views are a mixture of both personal
Laeg.   Young  players  who pass the   experience  and the studies I under-
House  of  the  Rising  Phoenix  may   took  parallel  with  my  advance in
never  have the privilege of meeting   experience  to better prepare myself
its  founder, Lady Wisraith.  And we   for noble rank.
are  all  poorer  for the passing of
the  great  cleric  Lords Sindar and   Nobility  means  power.   Lords  and
Bashir.                                Ladies  fear little in this land, as
                                       they've  gained enough ability to go
Among those who remain, however, are   almost anywhere with impunity. Lords
some   of   the  most  powerful  and   routinely battle monsters that would
influential  residents  of Kelfour's   kill three quarters of the residents
Landing.  Kulthea's greatest Healer,   of  Kelfour's with two strokes.  And
Lord   Strom,   the   highest  level   woe  betide  lesser  adventurers who
adventurer  extant  in  the landing.   raise the wrath of a less than scru-
Master  Thief  Lord  Moonpie, who is   pulous  noble.  Several young adven-
rumored  to be able to pick a gnat's   turers have died at the hands of the
nose  with a crowbar.  Lord Odds and   enraged  (or  sometimes  bored) Lord
Lord  Lose,  who,  while  no  longer   they  offended.  While most nobility
permanent  residents  in  Kelfour's,   are  patient,  I  recommend  younger
are still the only two mages to ever   characters  tread  carefully  in the
gain  the  ability  to enchant items   presence  of  Lords  they don't know
                                    -1-                             More...
well,  as  some will go out of their   fear,  and  other  nobility  usually
way to "educate" the ill-mannered or   take a dim view of that.
                                       Nobility  involves  certain expecta-
Nobility  confers a certain societal   tions.   On  major  quests, nobility
respect.   As  a young adventurer, I   are  expected  to  take  a prominent
dreamed  of  one  day  being  a Lord   role,  and  face  the most dangerous
myself. The title itself adds a cer-   challenges. Younger adventurers come
tain  image to a character, and most   to depend on their noble mentors for
nobility   have  acquired  a  rather   defensive   and  offensive  enhance-
personal style in dress and manners.   ments.   A noble greeted properly by
How  they act beyond that determines   a  liegeman has a certain obligation
whether  they are respected, feared,   to  the safety of his or her vassal.
or  ignored.   Whether or not I per-   This  may mean casting spells, loan-
sonally liked the nobles I met, how-   ing  money, opening chests, etc.  Of
ever,  I respected their achievement   course, the noble can't be forced to
in attaining noble rank.               provide  these  services.   However,
                                       almost  every  Lord or Lady I've met
It's  never wrong to show respect to   here   has,  to  different  degrees,
any noble you approach, usually with   fulfilled these expectations.
bow  or curtsey when you address the
Lord  or Lady.  (Note:  while it may   Many  will  never  reach noble rank;
be appropriate for female characters   the  road  is  not easy.  Becoming a
to  bow, it would be insulting for a   Lord  or  Lady  is only a milestone,
male  character  to  curtsey.)  Some   not  the  end  of the road, and pro-
nobility  prefer  being addressed as   gression  beyond  is  possibly  even
"Lord"  or  "Lady," while others are   more  difficult  than getting there.
uncomfortable  with  the formal con-   Some stop to rest and never progress
ventions.   You'll  never  be wrong,   further, content with their place in
however, to use the honorific unless   life.   Some grow restless and leave
a  particular  noble has told you it   town  entirely  in search of new ad-
isn't  necessary.  And respect works   ventures.  Others continue on, look-
both ways.  Nobles who do not return   ing  for  new  challenges  down  the
the  respect  of  subordinates  will   road.   The  higher  you climb, how-
quickly  lose even the token respect   ever,  the  steeper  this road gets.
their  titles confer.  They may then   See you there.
only  maintain  their status through
 /                                                                      \
|                       Some Notes on Commands                           |
|                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           |
| The  MEASURE  command has been added which allows you to determine the |
| approximate number of doses left in a potion or herb.                  |
|                                                                        |
| A DIAGNOSE command has been added which will be of special interest to |
| those  inclined  towards the healing arts.  This command, when used on |
| another  chracter,  will allow you to quickly determine their injuries |
| based on your medical skills (first aid skill).                        |
|                                                                        |
| As you may know, there are some magical pools of water in Kulthea that |
| can help with bleeding.  These have been adjusted somewhat as they now |
| do not cure bleeding, but rather clot it for a period of time.  On the |
| plus  side,  they now affect all bleeding not just one area.  However, |
| the  behavior  of these pools is unpredictable and overuse of them may |
| lead to a depletion of whatever magical properties still persist.  The |
| lesson is this: guard your precious  natural resources, lakes, forest, |
| magical pools, things like that.                                       |
                Talespinning, Songsmithing and Dreamweaving
 _____________  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ _________ \            by Llorien Silvanestii
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | he bard is  probably   automatically  be  raised  to 90.  I
/@|   _|_|_   | the least played and   would  then put the 4 highest scores
\_/__________/  most   misunderstood   into  the other development stats in
class  in the world of GemStone III.   the  following  order:   AG, CO, RE,
Bards  don't have a clearcut role as   and  SD.  I will go into development
do  the other professions.  Yet this   points  further  in  the  section on
class offers one of the best choices   training.
when  it comes  to role-play-ability
--  at  least  in this humble bard's   When it comes to the physical stats,
opinion.  Let's explore the world of   STrength,  QUickness,  PResence, IN-
the bard.                              tuition and EMpathy, the choices are
                                       fairly  easy.   EMpathy is the other
Stats                                  prime  attribute  of  this class, so
~~~~~                                  put  the lowest remaining score into
The  first step in rolling up a bard   it.   It  will also be raised to 90.
is   deciding   which  direction  of   Then  put  the two highest remaining
training  you  are  going to pursue.   stats  into ST and QU.  The order in
Since  the  advent  of the new lock-   which   you  do  this  is  partially
picking system, I strongly recommend   dependent  on  your  choice of race.
not try-   __________________________________________________
ing to    /                                                  \    The Elven
create   |  Bardly Skill     Cost Total   Notes               | races  seem
the ever |  ~~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~ ~~~~~   ~~~~~               | to  be  the
popular  |  One Handed Edged  3/9   12   Always take 2 ranks  | most  suit-
bard-    |  Body Development  3     15   One rank should do   |able, giving
thief.   |  Directed Spells   10    25   A MUST every time    | bonuses  to
even with|  Wands             6     31                        | your quick-
LockLore,|  Runes             5     36                        | ness  but a
the      |  Spell List        4/*   44   Try to invest twice  |  half-elven
ability  |                                 per Level.         |character is
to train  \__________________________________________________/a good choice
only once                                                     for the addi-
per  level  in picking and disarming   tional strength bonus.  Finally, put
makes  this  option unfeasible.  Be-   the last 2 stats  into IN and PR, in
sides,  if  you've  read the manual,   that order.
you  know a  bard  is  a  SEMI-Spell
Caster - although the training costs   A  last  note  on  stat  generation.
would have you think otherwise.        When  viewing the potentials of your
                                       stats,  keep in mind that the higher
The bard's best trait is the ability   the  EM  potential,  the  more spell
to  combine a reasonable strength at   power  points  you  will  get in the
arms  with spell casting.  With this   later stages of development. Also, a
in  mind,  and  the  fact  that most   decent potential in ST and QU is de-
training  costs  are fairly high for   sirable  to allow the bard to become
this class, here is my approach.       effective in combat.
First  and  most important to a bard   Training (See Illustration)
is  the number of development points   ~~~~~~~~
he  has.   These are determined by 5   Due  to  the  costs,  a bard must by
stats:   COnstitution, AGility, Self   necessity have a fair number of dev-
Discipline,  REasoning,  and  ELoqu-   elopment  points, even to start. Let
ence.   ELoquence is one of a bard's   me  demonstrate  by showing  you the
primary stats, therefore I would put   skills I trained in and  their costs
the  lowest  score  there as it will   at the early stages of my career.
As  you can see, even the most rudi-   way  to  develop  a bard, but I have
mentary  skills  will end up costing   found  that  it  works  fairly well.
you  a  large  number of development   (This  from  a bard who hunted pumas
points.   You  may  start  with less   at level 2.)
than  44  points,  in which case you
could  only  invest  in  one rank of   But never forget the primary purpose
spell  list  and  use  any left over   of  a bard.  Not squashing critters,
points to invest in, say, Perception   or blowing up castles with that neat
or Climbing or First Aid. But by the   new  spell  of mass destruction.  We
time you  reach third  level, you'll   are  the historians and storytellers
want at least those 44 dev. points.    of  GemStone III.  Much has happened
                                       and  much  will  happen  that future
As you climb levels, you may want to   generations  would benefit by if the
skip a level  training  in wands and   knowledge  of  these  events is pre-
invest points in your spell list. At   served,  whether  by song, story, or
higher levels, when weapons training   anecdote.   Maybe  we  can't go kill
is only getting you +2 to  your wea-   centaurs or spiders by ourselves now
pons skill (or perhaps when it  hits   (if  ever),  but  we  can  write the
+3), you would do  well to  consider   stories  of  those who can, or those
training only once/level in weapons,   who were foolish enough to try.
thus freeing 9 valuable points which
can be put into your spell list.               Inyigo's Lost Love
Which  spell  list  to  choose?  The            by Inyigo Montoya
bard class has 2 lists to pick from,
neither  of which are yet fully imp-       I sit here thinking of Piffen,
lemented.   The  Bard  list  has two       As she picked my chest,
spells  implemented  while  the Open       Oh, how I've been smitten,
Essence List has four.  Rumor has it       My heart stolen by the best.
that the Open Essence list is under-
going  revision  and  may  soon have       A stalwart champion,
many  more spells available, so this       A prince from faraway,
may  be  the best choice at present,       None sways her falchion,
but the proposed Bard list has great       Her pride will not stray.
potential.  Given the cost of train-
ing  in  spell lists, it is probably       She is one of zest,
best  to concentrate on one list for       She is one so pure,
the  time  being,  so  that when the       She rides the wave's crest,
spells  are  available, you can take       With her sultry demure.
immediate advantage of them.
                                           I ask not to be your knight,
If  you  have  high AGility, you may       This I know will never come,
want  to  train  in  First  Aid.  In       For like a thief in the night,
addition  to being able to help your       My search has just begun.
fellow  adventurers when they forget
to   duck,  you'll  find  there  are       Piffen, my fair maiden,
plenty  of  critters whose pelts are       I can never make you happy,
worth  a small fortune (centaurs and       For my soul has been stricken,
pumas  come  to  mind).   Train only       With the blackness of Anarchy.
once  per level in this skill as the
extra  6 points for the second level       A love as deep as mine,
can be better spent elsewhere.             must not give you fright,
                                           It is more like aged wine,
Conclusion                                 for my thief in white.
There  you  have it -- what, through       To harbor you from the cold,
trial  and error, I have found works       Your wounds for me to tend,
for me. This is by no means the only       And may I be so bold.....
                                    -4-    I'd like to call you friend.
 ____________              The Merchant's Wagon
/ \   ____   \           (A view from the inside)
\@| /~/~~\\  |              by Rastur Shibatae
  ||~|    ~~ |
 _||~|  |==| | ypsy wagons sighted!"   to  the  bank.  Galauriel and Garret
/@| \~\__//  | The hand-printed sign   handed over some silvers while Dolph
\_/  ~~~~~   / in the square told us   called  out  everyone's name as they
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ they  were coming that   paid. It seemed like somone could be
very day, with "a big surprise."  My   making a  list of the lucky  few. My
mind  raced with the stories  fellow   teacher, Natasha, looked frightened,
adventurers told me of trinkets  and   but I had  no second  thoughts; into
special clothes, of  weapons, armor,   my pocket I reached and out came my
and magic things sold by the travel-   500 silvers.
ing  merchants.  Maybe I could buy a
great  weapon  or  a  unique ring of   The merchant  unlatched the  door on
power.  Without  hesitation, I  gave   the back  of the  wagon and swung it
up killing  torkaans and  kobolds to   wide open. I gave Dolph my coins and
wait for the gypsy wagon's arrival.    stepped  up  the  ladder.  From  the
                                       dark interior, Alhana asked, "What's
The townsfolks' excitement grew to a   the surprise?"  I  felt a sharp pain
frenzy when the Town Crier rushed in   on the  back of my head and then all
to announce, "The Gypsy Wagon is now   went black.
just outside town! It will arrive in
minutes!" And off he ran to proclaim   When I came to, I found  myself sit-
the good news in a different part of   ting inside a very dark "merchant's"
town.  I  checked my supply of hard-   wagon,  bound and  gagged.  I cried,
earned silvers  and bolted  for  the   "Oh, no!" but the only sound to find
center  of town, hoping to get first   its  way into the air was a  muffled
pick of the wares and to sample  the   "MmMfmmmMf."  Then I  watched  help-
"big surprise."                        as Gilthor was pushed into the wagon
                                       bound and  gagged.  He was soon fol-
It  seemed  like  hours  before  the   lowed  by  Galauriel, then Hagar and
colorful  wagon  arrived. The  gypsy   Kalas.  Garret was  pushed  in next,
merchant looked to  be  a  Fair Elf,   then Talabane and Tranar.
well  dressed in a silk shirt, fancy
trousers,  a black  jacket and threk   Hagar struggled  to his feet just as
hide boots.  He sported a black mus-   Alhana was  pushed into  the  wagon,
tache and wore a gold pendant shaped   bound and  gagged.  Gilthor tried to
into a clenched fist.  His name  was   say   something   but   again   only
Dolph and  he seemed a true showman,   "MfMfmmmMf" was  heard.    Galauriel
waiting for  the crowds  to grow  to   and Tranar struggled to stand up but
just the  right size  before opening   were knocked down by the entrance of
for business.                          Bardo and Maruko.  We tried to stand
                                       and make  our escape  but the  wagon
I  looked around me at  the turnout:   suddenly lurched forward knocking us
Alhana  was  there, and Mikhail, and   all to the floor.
Jhembryn, Natasha, and Gilthor, then
Galauriel,  Hagar,  Kalas,  Garrett,   From the  way the  wagon was shaking
along with Lose and Kayla, Zinderin,   and jolting,  I guessed that we were
Gandalf, Bardo, and others I did not   going pretty fast.  As a result, all
recognize.  I  knew  there  must  be   the motion  didn't  allow  for  much
something really special on board.     action. Still, we tried to stand  up
                                       again  and  communicate  with   each
Just  then Dolph  called, "The first   other with muffled  noises, blinking
ten people to hand me 500 silver can   eyes, and shaking heads.
see the most amazing surprise!" In a
flurry  of  activity,  Jhembryn gave   As the wagon lurched back and forth,
Dolph his coins as Alhana rushed off   the thought struck me that its floor
was made of wood. My jump caused the   "Well, it  looks like  our  visitors
floor "give a little."  My fall took   have broken  out of their cell," she
Bardo down too; however, now  every-   said.   "Ah, so  many pretty  little
one  began  to  jump up and down, to   playthings.  They will provide hours
break  through the wagon's floor. It   of fun for me."
got comical afer a  while, with  all
of us  jumping,  falling,  standing,   Cyanidia  Banewort  had  pale  skin,
blinking, shaking heads, whatever we   dark eyes,  and unkempt,  long black
could do while bound and gagged.       hair. Just  looking at  her made  me
Meanwhile,   the   wagon   continued
careening   around   corners,   down   Cyanidia was  well equipped  with  a
alleyways,    and     over     bumpy   black shaalk shield in her left hand
cobblestones.   I could only imagine   and a  "deadly black  broadsword" in
what  was   occurring  outside  this   her right. She wore a long dwarfskin
contraption.   Were others following   cloak over a gruesome black-as-death
the wagon?  What was going to happen   tunic, a  spiked leather collar, and
to us?   Why didn't I pay heed to my   a  dull  white skull helm.  She also
teacher's frightened  look?    Where   had leather wrist guards, dull black
were we  and where  were we heading?   leg guards, and platinum  armbands.
I continued  to jump and fall on the
floorboards, occasionally  taking my   "Now what do we do with them?" Dolph
companions down with me.               asked.   "I don't  think we  can get
                                       them all  back in.   I suppose we'll
The wagon lurched once more and came   have to  do  away  with  the  bigger
to an aburpt stop, sending us all to   ones, and  drag the  smaller ones on
the  floor  again.  We  heard  Dolph   the ship by themselves."
giggle, "You folks *fall* for things
mighty easily."                        Cyanidia smiled at Gilthor and while
                                       the rest of us exclaimed our muffled
"Nice job, Dolph," some female said.   dissatisfaction  with   being   kept
                                       against our  wills, she  "playfully"
Dolph appeared inside the wagon just   rubbed her broadsword down Gilthor's
as we began to jump around again. He   chest!   Gilthor groaned  and I  saw
said, "Well, see  you all after  the   that he  had some  deep lacerations.
lovely boat trip.  Did you see stars
when  my  deary knocked you on  your   "Damn!" I  thought to  myself,  "I'm
head?" He chuckled and added, "Fare-   only a  level 2 healer, I can't take
well. Don't  struggle too  much. You   chest  damage."    I  was  outraged,
need to save your strength to finish   scared for  my life and the lives of
the trip."                             my companions;  we  all  were!  Gags
                                       muffled our curses to grunts.
We continued  to speak to each other
through our  "MfMfmmmMf" noises  and   "You folks  are in for a nice treat.
nudges and motion with our heads and   Would you  like to  see what  I have
eyes  the   feelings  of   fear  and   planned for  you?" she asked.  While
helplessness we  all  felt.    While   Dolph mumbled  something  about  the
some of  us slumped  to  the  floor,   money they  could have  made from us
others continued to jump up and down   being "alive,"  Cyanidia  removed  a
causing the floor to "give a little"   shrunken  halfling   head  from  her
each time. Suddenly, the floor broke   belt.  She held the halfling head up
apart under out feet, sending all of   in her hand and smiled softly at it.
us tumbling to the ground outside.     Suddenly, Cyanidia clenched her fist
                                       and squeezed!  The remains oozed out
We found ourselves in the cargo room   between her sticky fingers.
of  Iolan's  Warehouse,  with  Dolph
exclaiming, "What  the..!?" I recog-   Dolph  removed  his  claidmore  from
nized  his female companion  at once   inside his  cloak and  while looking
from her "Wanted" poster in town.      down its  edge, he  aimed it at each
                                    -6-                             More...
one of  us  like  it  was  a  ranged   Talabane  and  Alhana  attacked with
weapon. "Who  should I  start with?"   blades  and  Kalas cast  shockbolts;
he asked.                              still nothing could  touch Cyanidia.
                                       Kalas  muttered, "Oh  boy,  where is
Gilthor groaned  as Cyanidia  rubbed   Odds when we need him!"
her broadsword  down  Alhana's  arm.
Alhana hopped up and down exclaiming   Cyanidia  swung  her  deadly   black
"MfMfmmmMf!"  Dolph laughed and then   broadsword  at  Garret--and  missed!
swung  his   claidmore  at  Gilthor.   Galauriel severed Dolph's left  hand
Gilthor's  abdomen   opened  up  and   and  Talabane  hit  him with a bone-
Dolph  swung   again  splitting  the   crushing blow to the leg,  following
chest  cavity   and  destroying  his   up with a slash to the forehead when
heart.   I went  numb.                 my  blow went  wide.  "Dolph!" cried
                                       Cyanidia, as Alhana's blow  sent him
"Poor Gilthor," Cyanidia smiled. She   to the  grave.
bent over and kissed him gently.
                                       "You have  destroyed one  of my men!
Kalas  groaned  and Maruko shook his   I will  not tolerate that!" Cyanidia
head. The  rest  of us hopped up and   cried  out.  She  crushed   Garett's
and down trying to get free.  Alhana   throat  as she threw off every spell
and Galauriel  moved a little closer   and attack.  I healed the injured as
to the  crates lined  up against one   well as I could, and Gilthor's ghost
wall  of the  warehouse  and  rubbed   cried, "Get help! Get a cleric!"
their bonds against the crates.
                                       While I watched in  horror, Dolph's
"Dolph,  please  do  something  with   corpse rose and walked right out of
that  body.     It's   beginning  to   the warehouse.  The fight  followed
smell." Cyanidia  said. Then turning   him  out and moved down the streets
her gaze  towards Maruko,  she said,   of Kelfour's waterfront.
"Maruko  dear,  you  look  a  little
tired."                                Cyanidia  dodged  Rory's thrust  and
                                       stunned him.  Maruko's  blow, though
All  at  once,  Galauriel  broke her   invisibly  guided, also went astray.
bonds and began  to untie our  hands   Lose  waved  a  cold  steel  rod  at
so we could free ourselves. At that,   Cyanidia,  lightly stunning her; but
Cyanidia prepared for  battle.   She   two  more attacks  missed,  allowing
rubbed a necklet of halfling fingers   her to recover somewhat. She shouted
and a deep blue glow surrounded her.   to  Dolph  for  help, but the coward
She  rubbed  a  black  widow  spider   came out of hiding and fled!
earring to envelop  herself  with  a
wall  of  force.  Finally,  Cyanidia   Cyanidia tried to take cover  behind
rubbed her black onyx  buckle  and a   Zinderin.  She  rubbed  him  gently,
translucent sphere formed about her.   saying, "Come  with  me, Zinderin. I
                                       can  teach you all about life -- and
Amid cries of dismay from Alhana and   death," and clasped his hand.
Kalas, Garret urged "Parry up!" and
Galauriel shouted, "Go for her!"       A wicked slash from Maruko's  katana
                                       cut Cyanidia's abdomen, causing  her
With that, we attacked, swinging our   sword to clash with Mikhail's.  Rory
swords  and  throwing  spells at the   got in a gash to her leg, and Maruko
evil  Cyanidia.  She  had  protected   sent  a  crushing  blow to her back.
herself too  well, however;  our THT   Waldo2  fractured her  ribs,  paving
against her was over 530!  Above the   the way for Maruko to administer the
din, we  could hear Gilthor's  ghost   final blow.
shouting, "Get her! Avenge me!"
                                          * Cyanidia just bit the dust!
Galauriel   replied  fiercely,   "We
will!" and  Maruko growled, "On your   Cyanidia's possessions  were quickly
honor, Gilthor!"  Hagar,  Galauriel,   claimed by the victors.  Of her evil
                                    -7-                 Continued on Page 9
 _____________            The Etiquette of Dying
/ \ _________ \           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |           by Aegyptia Nyctadaemus
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | here  I  lay  on the   The next  item is deeds. You need to
/@|   _|_|_   | the Upper Kaldsfang,   start accumulating these because you
\_/__________/ broken  and bleeding,   will lose one every time you die and
newly level two. An orc  stomped  on   get resurrected,  and you  will lose
my weapon and shield and flung oaths   two if  you depart.  If you die with
at my body.  Through  the  panic and   none, it's an automatic departure to
confusion of death, I heard  someone   the Character  Manager. Don't  think
shouting at me, "Don't  depart!  Log   it's safe to go about with one deed,
to 1045;2!"                            because if something goes wrong with
                                       a resurrection and the cleric has to
I thought the adventurer who stopped   try again, you've lost your one deed
to save  my gear  was speaking to me   and you're out of luck.
in Seoltang!  Precious time  slipped
by before I understood him and  left   It's best  to start  buying deeds at
the surface  of the  planet until  a   first level.  My advice  is to buy a
resurrection could be arranged.        lot of them because they become more
                                       expensive as  you get  older. At low
Perhaps the information that follows   levels, deeds  can be purchased with
will spare new adventurers some con-   agates. As  you go  higher you  will
fusion.  It might also  spare  those   need  tourmaline  stones,  topaz  or
who  find the  body  the trouble  of   opals,  which   are  all   found  in
describing  details under less  than   chests. At  any level,  you can  buy
ideal circumstances. Jamel's article   deeds  with   silver.  The  formula,
"Life After Death," in Vol. 1, No. 9   given by Vizier quoting Kayla in the
of  the KE, is  useful, though  much   KE, Vol. 1, No. 12, is this:
has changed since then.
                                           100 silver per level
The  gods  now allow you  ten "free"      +100 silver per number of deeds
deaths in the first year of training          you already have
(Level 1). They may not  SEEM  free,      +101 silver
because  you may lose your gear when
you depart and have to re-equip. Now   Agates count  500 silver  towards  a
if someone  is  on hand to get  your   deed and  tourmalines count  1000. I
stuff, the DRAG  command  allows the   don't know  how much topaz and opals
good soul to fill your sack or back-   are worth; I've never found any.
pack with your equipment and drag it
into town, even if it is too full to   Here's how you get a deed: take your
pick up.                               offering (agate,  silver, etc.) into
                                       the temple.  "Go  black  arch,"  and
What makes  these deaths  "free"  is   then go  behind  the  tapestry  ("go
the fact that you do not lose a deed   tap"). Strike the hollow brass chime
when you  die, you  do not lose your   two times ("hit chime with mallet").
character and  wind up  back in  the   Tyriyn  will tell  you to kneel  and
Character Manager,  and  your  stats   prepare  your offering.  Kneel, drop
are  not  affected  when  you  reach   your agate  or silver ("drop agate,"
Level 2. Everything changes once you   "drop  500  coins"),  then  hit  the
train  for Level  2,  though.  Death   chime with the mallet one more time.
becomes a much  bigger  deal. If you   If your offering is acceptable, your
depart, some of your stats will most   your deed will be recorded. Type EXP
likely be randomly lowered  when you   to see how many deeds you have.
train at your next level.  Potential
stats are not changed; you will gain   Now you're ready to die. Here's what
back the points  eventually.  Still,   will  happen.  Say you underestimate
the loss  can affect your ability to   a troll:
function.  Think  before you depart.      * Aegyptia just bit the dust!
                                    -8-                             More...
A message will tell you how long you   right afterward.  The cleric usually
have before your soul  automatically   casts  Lifekeeping  first, to  allow
departs. This period of time depends   time to tend your injuries and/or to
on your race as follows: Common Man,   drag  you  to a  safe  place for the
8 minutes; High Man, 7 minutes; Half   rez. If the preliminary steps take a
Elf  and other Elf races, 4 minutes;   long  time and  the spell wears off,
Dwarf and Halfling, 10 minutes each.   you still have as  much time left as
A cleric with the Lifekeeping  spell   remained before the spell  was cast.
can  give  you 30 seconds  more  for   Lifekeep can  be re-cast as often as
each  level of  the casting  cleric.   necessary.  You  can  stay  Lifekept
More about this later.                 even if the attending cleric doesn't
                                       have the resurrection spell.
When  you die, you drop any items in
your hands, but you  do not drop the   Resurrecting in  the wilds  is risky
things you are wearing.  As long  as   for the  cleric as  well as  for the
you  don't depart, your clothing and   victim.  While  LifeKEEPING  can  be
backpack or sack will be safe, along   cast with  no risk  to  the  cleric,
with rings, anything you wear around   LifeGIVING  will   leave  both   the
your  neck,  and your shield, if you   cleric and  the newly  raised person
happen to be wearing it. Ask someone   low  in   life   levels   and   with
in your party to get your weapon and   dangerously lowered defenses against
shield.  If  you are  alone, you can   attack. In addition, the cleric will
wait and hope someone will find you,   be stunned for about 45 seconds.
but don't  wait  too  long.  You can
lose everything if you depart.         In an area with monsters, the cleric
                                       will  probably  calm  everything  in
Your  best   chance   of   a   quick   sight. If  you  hunters  see  calmed
resurrection is  to exit  and go  to   monsters,  try  to  find  out  if  a
the Temple  Room in  the  Muliplayer   resurrection is  in progress.  If it
Games  Round Table, at  page 1045;2.   is, don't attack a calmed monster.
When  you  are  prompted for a room,
type 9.  Usually, someone  will show   Ideally, you  and  the  cleric  both
up there  within a  few minutes  and   ring back  to safety  as soon as you
help arrange for  a resurrection, or   are able  to move.  If you  have  no
"rez."  If  no  one shows, go to the   ring, you  will have  to make  other
MPG  Bulletin  Board,  page  1045;1,   arrangements,  perhaps  borrowing  a
Category  17,  Topic  9, and  post a   shield from  someone whose  defenses
notice that  you  need resurrecting.   are in better shape than yours.  The
Some  clerics will make appointments   improvements to  the  DRAG  command,
for  resurrection by e-mail.           however, mean your cleric or friends
                                       will try to drag your body to safety
Be sure  to leave  basic information   before a rez is even attempted. Work
about where  you died, as exactly as   out the  details  ahead of time, and
you can remember (room exits too, if   all will go smoothly and safely.
you  know them).  Also say something                   -*-
about the injuries  that killed you,   Merchant's Wagon - Cont. from Page 7
so you can be tended or healed  when   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
you  come back  to life.  Otherwise,   goods,  I  recovered a black leather
you will simply die all over  again.   knapsack that I now wear as a remin-
At present, instant death  criticals   der  of the gypsy merchant wagon and
don't  bleed  and  won't  kill you a   the horrifying adventure that lay in
second time, but that could  change.   wait  for  the  curious that day.  I
Disease also  will not  kill  you  a   don't  know  if  she  and  Dolph are
second time, but poison can.           alive, dead or -- undead.   Though I
                                       hope  our  paths  never cross again,
When you've made your  arrangements,   the  encounter  brought  me comrades
the cleric and party will want to be   and  gave  me the will to become the
on the spot before you log back into   best healer I can be and to share my
the game or near enough to find  you   knowledge and skill with others.
 _____________               Tips for Healers
/ \ _________ \              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |            by Jhembryn Durrock
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | his list is intended   ambitious, and  that is great! But I
/@|   _|_|_   | to be advice to  low   am 7th level, and need all the exper
\_/__________/  level  healers about   ience I can get. Take turns if there
good  healing  practices,  training,   is more than one healer around.
and survival.
                                       6.) Take care when you transfer con-
1.) Download  Kelfour Edition  No.7,   cussion points, keeping a  sharp eye
Dec. 90.   It  is available  in  the   on how  many  you have left. You can
Multiplayer-Games Library in several   die from transfering too many. Don't
formats, file numbers 14-17. On page   be offended if someone you are heal-
9, you will find a complete list  of   ing says  to be careful.  They  have
herbs  and  what  they  do.  For you   probably seen  a healer heal himself
younger healers,  a neck  injury  is   to death.  You can transfer 5 points
treated as a head injury.              per level, so watch it at second!
2.)   Always   carry   Edram   Moss,            Mad Glimmering
Arfandas Stem,  and  Pasamar  Grass.            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
These three herbs will keep a person            by Rhea Sibex
live long  enough to  get  them to a
better healer, and they do not leave      I see it it's gleaming
nasty scars!                              I want it it's sheening
                                          I hides so's to catch it
3.) Keep up training in the healers'      I know I'm no match yet
list and worry about closed and open
channeling after you can succesfully      I'll wait in these shadows
heal any wound. It is also important      Till I see my chance an
to  train every time in  channeling.      I don't think I'm strong e
Your skill levels determine not only      'nuff to make attack yet.
the percentage  of power points  you
can successfully send but your abil-      So I'll wait - ears a twitch
ity to receive points as well.            For the footfall and swish
                                          Of a warrior fine,
4.) On  a hunt, always travel with a      To make its treasure mine
fighter-type person  or  a  mage  or
sorcerer.   At lower  levels we need      Whats that! Why's it sniffing?
the help.  Also, stop  along the way      How come its a stiff'ning
and check  for wounded.    Sometimes      I scrunch myself smaller
newer people  don't have amulets and      Kaedena! It's taller
cannot call  for help.   Worse, some
don't even realize they are hurt!         Mouth snarling - Teeth gaping
                                          It raises its axe an
5.) You  know,  I  wouldn't  believe      No time to leap back as
this if  I had  not seen  it. I have      It starts to attack - ah!
seen healers  get  upset  with  each
other over  who gets  to  heal  who!      It's skewered in time by
Come   on   folks,   we   all   need      A warrior's blade who's
experience; let's not fight over it!      Just entered this glade an
Any respectable  healer will  advise      Has my scruffy hide saved!
you to trade off.  Take what you can
and call for help on what you cannot      Before he can blink or
handle.                                   Me stop to think I take
                                          Its treasure to clink in
Even Lords need experience, but they      My loot sack and
will give  you a  chance,  just  let      Slink... Away!
them.  I know, you young healers are      Whats that? Is it gleaming...
                          High Sorcery: Correction!
 _________                  by Dartaghan Darkstar
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~| |~ |
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  | it has  been  discovered   Disruption.   These  spells will not
/@| _|~|_ | that a gang of nefarious   only make you very powerful but very
\_/ ~~~~~ / elves broke into  the KE   popular  when  hunting  parties  are
  ~~~~~~~~ Building the night before   forming.
the  July  print  run and hacked the
last  three paragraphs from the High   If,  however,  you  want  to  be  as
Sorcery  Part  Two:   Guide to Power   destructive  as  possible,  as  most
article.   They then pasted on their   Ultimate Destroyers do, then look to
own  stuff  asserting that sorcerers   the Sorcerer's base list.  Mind Jolt
should  train  in  ambush.   This is   and  Mind  Shock can stun your foes.
absolutely  false!  Sorcerers should   Word   of  Panic  will  make  anyone
-NOT-  train  in  the  ambush skill.   helpless  before  you.  Demonic Ass-
The  ambush  skill  only  applies to   assin can offer you companionship if
weapon  attacks.  Spell attacks like   your  destructive  nature  makes  it
TOD   do   not  derive  any  benefit   hard  to  find  hunting  parties  to
whatsoever  from training in Ambush.   join.   Shatter  may  free  you even
Hiding on the other hand can be use-   from that thief Larton.  If you take
ful  skill  even without the benefit   this path to high sorcery, learn the
of  Ambushing.  Since casting attack   first   three  spells  in  the  Open
spells  do  not  have round times, a   Channeling  list.   Protect  1, Air-
sorcerer  can  come  out  of hiding,   wall,  and  Aura  protect  you  from
cast  TOD at a target, and then hide   physical  and  magical attacks.  The
again  before  he  can  be attacked.   more  daring  might want to train in
With  the  right  macros, and enough   Hiding.  With the right macros, such
hiding skill, this tactic might make   a  sorcerer  can  attack from hiding
a sorcerer invincible in a player v.   and  hide  again before anything can
player battle.                         return  the  attack.   To  make this
                                       work,  you  have  to train in hiding
Readers  should  cut  the last three   every  level.   Otherwise,  you will
paragraphs  from  High  Sorcery Part   not  be  able  to hide near monsters
Two  and  paste  the  following cor-   and  players  with  high perception.
rected paragraphs in place:            Perhaps  the  sorcerer  taking  this
                                       path  should  only  train  once  per
                                       level   in   Directed  spells,  thus
Which  spell  lists  to learn and in   freeing  up  five development points
what  order  is  a  tough  question.   for the Hiding skill.
Every  sorcerer should have Touch of   
Disruption  by  level two.  TOD will   If  your goal is to be the most des-
become  your  primary form of attack   tructive  of  all the mortals adven-
as  you approach lord level.  Of the   turing  in the Shadow World, this is
two  proposed  spell  lists  in  the   the  path for you.  Even the bravest
tomes,  Sorcerer's base list and the   hobbit  mage  would  not  be able to
Open   Essence,  the  Open  is  more   stand  for  long before the Ultimate
versatile   and  perhaps  even  more   Destroyer  casting  Disruption  True
powerful  for  the sorcerer training   from hiding.
to   use   elemental  attack  wands.      ______________________________
Spells such as Essence wave, Word of     /           REWARD!            \
Opening,  Essence  Blast,  Guarding,    | A  tidy  reward  is offered by |
Essence Blade, Inbed and True Strike    | the   Author  for  information |
makes  the  Open  Essence spell list    | leading  to the capture of the |
the  one that a sorcerer should con-    | Nefarious Gang of Elves guilty |
centrate  on  once  he  has Touch of    | of this dastardly editing.     |
                                    -11- \______________________________/
                        Of Arms and Their Evolution
 _____________          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ _________ \             by Melchion Merdaen
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | here is available to   and  cutting,  or  a  narrow pointed
/@|   _|_|_   | us in GemStone III a   blade purely for thrusting.  The cut
\_/__________/  rather wide array of   of  a  straight  blade was more of a
weaponry.  While the choices are not   hacking  cut than that of the curved
as  staggering  as  a  look  at  the   blade.   Examples:   standard  "Long
entire  history of arms, at the out-   Sword,"   short   sword,   Claymore,
set  you  must  still  choose from 7   Rapier.
types  of  edged weapons, 2 crushing
weapons and 2 polearms.  Through the   The  different  blade  types  can be
course  of  adventuring,  more types   seen  to  be associated with certain
become available. Why the great var-   geographical regions.  With some ex-
iety?   While functional improvement   ceptions,  the curved, slicing blade
often  played  a  large  part in the   predominates in the east and middle-
history  of  a  weapon,  changes  in   east.   Warfare  from  horseback and
fashion  could also result in change   Chariots  was common, and the curved
in  weapon  design.  I would like to   blade is much better suited to this.
offer  some  insight  into the func-   Armor  was  also  generally lighter,
tional  differences  of weapon types   and  a  broad,  heavy  sword was not
in a group.  By no means am I an ex-   needed to penetrate it.
expert in this field, and this arti-
cle is not  meant to  be the defini-   The  broad,  hacking blade predomin-
tive work on the topic.                ated  in Europe.  Heavier and sturd-
                                       ier  than the curved, it could pene-
The  sword has been been held in the   trate  the heavier armors associated
highest  regard through out history,   with  the  region.   Early  European
as  an  art  form,  an  heirloom,  a   swords  had  blunted points and were
symbol  of  war,  justice and honor.   effective  only for cutting.  Later,
Of  variable  gender;  he, she or it   the blade began to taper to a point,
has  been  worshipped,  has been the   giving   the   ability   to  thrust.
favored gift of the gods and endowed   Curved  and  half-curved blades, in-
with  human  and  super-human  qual-   fluenced  by  eastern weapons, began
ities.   It  has  been said to sing,   appearing   in   Europe   after  the
speak  and  dance, and been lovingly   crusades.
named  and  cared  for.  At its most
basic,  the  sword  is  a long metal   It can also be seen, again with some
blade,  designed  to  cut, thrust or   exceptions,  that there was a varia-
both, with a grip at one end.  Blade   tion  in  sword  types from north to
types typically fall into 2 forms:     south.  People of the southern lati-
                                       tudes   were  generally  active  and
Curved:   When  the curve is inside,   agile races of light build and _com-
this blade is particularly efficient   paritively_  small  strength.   They
at  cutting, while a poor choice for   have  been  seen  to  have generally
thrusting.  Example: Scimitar.         preferred   pointed   swords,  whose
                                       thrust  can  deleivered  without re-
Less  common  is  the  ouside curve.   quiring a great deal of strength and
These  weapons were commonly broader   weight;  whereas  the  people of the
and  heavier  at  the front and made   north,  often  larger  and stronger,
excellent  chopping  weapons.  Exam-   chose  the long, straight blade more
ple:  Kukri.                           suited to their power and stature.

Straight:   one  or  two  handed.  A   Following  is a list (hopefully com-
broad,  blunted blade for cutting, a   plete)  of  the edged weapons avail-
broad  pointed  blade  for thrusting   able  in  GemStone and some comments
                                    -12-               Continued on Page 14
 ____________              The New IBM Front End
/ \   ____   \             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| /~/~~\\  |              By Altor Arlington
  ||~|    ~~ |
 _||~|  |==| | emstone's  new  Front   from  a room, as  well  as UP, DOWN,
/@| \~\__//  | End has the potential   and OUT.  Bar graphs which represent
\_/  ~~~~~   / to   show   beautiful   CP's, PP's, life levels, parry  per-
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ detailed illustrations   centage, and round time appear here.
and  graphic creatures.  I hope this
article will help you decide if  the   In the top right window, the  actual
program  enhancement  is   something   graphic interface  begins to unfold.
which would interest you.              In this corner, illustrations of the
                                       forest,  Upper   Kaldesfang,   Lower
When you  load the interface for the   Dragonsfang, the  temple, and  other
first time,  you will be asked to go   places   appear.  The  pictures  are
through a setup menu for  baud rate,   well-designed,  and  they  load from
ports, and colors and fonts  for the   resource files that come with the FE
program's windows.  You also set  up   and  can   be  updated.     My  only
a Chronicles function to capture all   complaint with  them is  that  there
of your session to a file for  later   are not  enough of  them!   Although
reading/grimacing.                     monsters have  not been added to the
                                       pictures yet, I am sure they will be
The graphical  part of the Front End   sooner or later.
takes control when you enter Kulthea
from Option  3 of  the Gemstone  III   The bottom two-thirds of the screen,
menu.  There are three main sections   not counting a border, is devoted to
to the  interface: a  window in  the   the  interface   you  are   used  to
top left,  one in the top right, and   seeing.  It has been enhanced to let
one  that covers the  bottom 2/3  of   you set  certain lines in bold, such
the screen.                            as the "Also here" line you see when
                                       you enter a room or LOOK. The window
The top left corner window gives you   can be  split, so that your familiar
graphics that  tell you  about  your   will have its own window.
character's position  in  the  game.
There are  graphics of your left and   The  border   around   this   window
right hands  and a hand with fingers   changes with  respect to  where your
extended. These graphics   represent   character  is   in  the   game.  For
respectively what  you have  in your   instance,  when   you  are   in  the
left  hand,  right  hand,  and  what   forest, the window has tree branches
spells you  have ready  for casting.   surrounding  it.
You can  see at  a glance  what  you
have  readied   for  combat  without   Surprising and fun little animations
using the  INV command.    The  only   show up here when you  least  expect
error I have found with this section   them. Once when I was in the city, a
is that  it  does  not  update  your   little  dragon ran across the top of
right  hand   when  your  weapon  is   of  the  border,  shooting   flames.
knocked from your grasp.               It served the purpose of amusing me,
                                       is worth it.
There are small and large icons that
look like your character.  The small   You can  create a  variety of macros
icon represents  what your character   with the FE, up to 480 of them, each
is  physically  doing;  if  you  are   with up to 512 characters. These can
kneeling, the  small icon  adopts  a   include returns,  pauses, wait for a
kneeling pose. This is a neat gadget   particular character,  or wait for a
to  play  with  while  you  rest  in   round time  to finish,  to mention a
the  temple.  The larger icon  shows   few. I use these macros to parry up,
any permanent  or  current damage to   parry  down,   parry  tag,   attack,
to your  character.  A  compass-like   prepare and  cast spells, and log on
graphic shows you the obvious  exits   to GemStone.
                                    -13-                            More...
The Front  End also lets you use the   Of Arms & Evolution --  From Page 12
keys on  your number  keypad to move   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
in compass  directions.   The center   on  their  relationship to similarly
(5) key  is  OUT.    Each  of  these   edged weapons in history:
keystrokes is automatically followed
by a  return.   The number keys used   The   Short  Sword:   Probably  most
with a  macro set up around the DRAG   closely  resembles the Roman Gladius
command  make  it  easy  to  move  a   or  European  Spatha; a double edged
friend's body  to safety  or pull  a   blade of approximately 50cm.
LARGE sack of loot back to town.
                                       The Scimitar:  As described earlier,
Another  aspect  of  the  front  end   an  Eastern  weapon  composed  of  a
which  is  useful  in  combat  is  a   curved,   single   edged   blade  of
programmable icon  bar that  can  be   approximately 80cm.  One of the most
put  at  the  bottom  of  your  edit   efficient cutting designs ever.
window.   Some icons  duplicate what
is already  on the screen, but some,   The Two Handed Sword:  A heavy (some
like the Room Name, are not.           examples  weigh close to 20 pounds),
                                       long (up  to  6  feet total length),
New  resource   packets  should   be   bladed   sword,   single  or  double
coming along  soon that will let you   edged,  designed  to  smash  through
hear sounds,  add new  pictures  and   heavy  armor  by  sheer  weight  and
animations,  and  perhaps  give  you   momentum.   Remained  in  use on the
even  more   information   such   as   battlefield into the 16th century.
companions in your group or items in
your sack  or   backpack.    A  nice   The  Rapier:   A long, narrow bladed
feature for  Simutronics to  work on   thrusting  sword from about the 15th
is a  button bar (for function keys)   century.   Elaborate  systems of use
and a compass which you can use with   developed  around this sword, and it
the mouse.  As it is now, a mouse is   was an item of high fashion.
not really  implemented to any great
degree in the FE.                      The  Broadsword:   As  it appears in
                                       GemStone, the broadsword seems indi-
As more  resource  files  and  other   cative   of  the  standard  European
enhancements are  produced,  I  will   fighting  sword;  a blade of approx-
review them as well.  This Front End   imately  70-80  cm.,  double  edged,
is a  great start  for the  game and   with  any  of  a variety of hilt and
undoubtedly makes  it  more  fun  to   pommel designs.  The swords actually
play. I would recommend it to anyone   called   "broadswords"   in  history
who has  an IBM  compatible computer   showed great variety:  they could be
and a  VGA display.   It is not only   of  straight  or half curved design,
entertaining, but  also helps you be   single  or  double edged, with plain
more productive  while  you  are  in   to elaborate "basket" style hilts.
Gemstone III.
                                       The  Falchion:  A sword with a heavy
  _______________________________      blade  of aproximately 60cm., with a
 /                               \     single, curved edge.  The back could
|    FREE WEEKENDS in KULTHEA!    |    be  straight, curved or clipped near
|    =========================    |    the  point.  The over-all appearance
|  Earn an entire  FREE  WEEKEND  |    is  that of a very long Bowie knife.
|  to spend as you wish anywhere  |    A  formible chopping type sword, the
|  in  Kelfour's Landing  or the  |    effect was probaly much like a large
|  surrounding wilds.             |    meat cleaver.
|                                 |
|  How?  By contributing  to the  |    I  have  left  the  dagger out of my
|  Kelfour Edition. Send GE Mail  |    discussion.   While it is one of the
|  to P.HERRINGTON for details!   |    oldest   edged   weapons   known,  I
 \_______________________________/     question its practicality in combat,
                                       except as a last ditch effort.
  / \                                                                    \
  |                                                                     |
  |     COASTAL CLIFFS--go road--X Entrance Gate to Arena               |
  |                               \                                     |
  |                               ,X                     -===-          |
  |                              /  \ Jousting     IMMEDIATE ENVIRONS   |
  |        N                    /    X Area        of Kelfour's Landing |
  |      W + E                 ,     |\ (often     ASCII Map by         |
  |        S                   |     X  \closed)   Aegyptia Nyctadaemus |
  |                            |    /    \         with thanks to       |
  |                            |  go path,\        Trebor, Zepath,      |
  |  =============             |  /  ne    \       Elzbeth and Torgas   |
  |  | Beware of |             |  X         \            -===-          |
  |  | Karnelins |             |   \         \                          |
  |  =============             |   go arch    \                   X     |
  |                            |     \         \                  |     |
  |                        go path    X         \            go dinghy  |
  |        go                  |       Wedding   \                |     |
  |     X--dep/---X            | one   Glade      \            X--X--X  |
  |        up    / \           | way W             \          /         |
  |             /   X      XX<-|-------X--go path--OUTSIDE---X          |
  | Karnelins  X    |      XX--X       |           TOWN GATE            |
  |             \   X       | /| go    |           (go gate)            |
  |         go   \ /|       |/ `------>X                                |
  |        path---X |       X   path   |  Torkaan                       |
  |         to     up/     / (one way) X  Row               X--X        |
  | CLAEDSBRIM    down    X            |  North       OLD      |        |
  |     CASTLE      |     |            X           MINE ROAD   X        |
  |                 X--X--X  Kobolds   |          & MONASTERY  |        |
  |                     \ |   <----    X                  |    X-go     |
  |  ==============      \|            |                climb  | trail  |
  |  | Beware of  |       X  Torkaans  X                 bank  X to     |
  |  | Wolverines |       |   ---->   / \           go    |   /  Grave- |
  |  ==============       X          X   X--X--X--bridge--X--X   yard   |
  |                       |          |                    |             |
  |                       X          X                    X             |
  |       Kobolds &      /|           \                                 |
  |       Karnelins     / |            X                                |
  |                    /  |            |  Torkaan Row South             |
  |                   X   |            X                                |
  |                   |   |             \                               |
  |                go X---X go           X       go                     |
  |             trail  \ /  path         |  X--opening/--X              |
  |                   WERE-              X  |    out     Iorak's        |
  |                   BEARS.             |  go           Gate           |
  |                         .            X  path         House          |
  |                           .          |  |                           |
  |   =======================  .         X  X  IORAK'S                  |
  |   | Note: Werebears are |  .        /  /   REACH                    |
  |   | much more dangerous |  .       X--X    (Reasonably safe)        |
  |   | than Wolverines     |  .       |                                |
  |   =======================  .       X <--go path to return north     |
  |                            .       |                                |
  |                     WEREBEARS------X  To Hobland, Danjirland,       |
  |                   and Grey Orcs,    \ Greater Orcs, Manticores,     |
 _|                   go clearning        Threks, Hill Trolls, Glacier, |
/@|                   to return           Stalkers and Lava Flows       |
                              Wearbear Revenge
 ____________                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \      __  \                by Thellra Dumas
\@|     / "| |
  |    //|"| |
 _|   //=|"| | hunter I'll never be.   dismay,  it wasn't a tree.  I almost
/@|  //  |"| | Oh,  I try.   I guess   fell  over  as  the huge shape moved
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / I'm a  middlin'  kind   away  a few paces, towering over me.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  of hunter.  My trophy   I  froze,  gazing helplessly at that
case  has  more  than  a  few skins:   giant   werebear   frothing  at  the
orcs,  hobgoblins, trolls and pumas.   mouth...   such a cavernous mouth...
My  pride  and  joy, however, is the   long razor-sharp teeth dripping with
backpack I had made from the hide of   slime...  darkness.
a ferocious werebear.
                                       I still cannot believe I made it out
I  remember  when I first arrived in   with  my  life.   The  werebear must
town.   A  young and innocent little   have tired of playing with my almost
thing  I  was.   Kind folks tried to   lifeless   body,   and   I  regained
set  me  straight on armor, weapons,   consciousness  in  the temple, pain-
and  the  most  likely places for an   fully  aware  of being the center of
amateur  to  hunt.   I only listened   attention.   A beautiful Healer with
with  half  an ear though, impatient   long  dark  curls  was  soothing  my
to be out on my own.  Yes, I thought   terrible  wounds  while a few others
I   was  a  legend  in  the  making.   milled   around,  trying  to  get  a
Dreaming  of the epic poetry I would   glimpse  of the young fool that went
inspire, I dashed right out into the   up against a werebear.
forest  without  rations,  a map, or   
the name of a healer...just in case.   I  felt  weak,  coming  so  close to
"Just in case of what?" I laughed to   death,  but I thanked the Healer and
myself, "I won't be needing anyone's   made  my  escape  from  the  temple.
help this day!"                        Anything   to  be  away  from  those
                                       pitying  looks  everyone  was giving
Wielding  a rusty second-hand broad-   me.   Retreating  into  my  wretched
sword,  I  stomped  into a clearing,   room  at  the  inn, I checked myself
bold  as can be.  I caught a glimpse   over.   The  Healer  had done a fine
of  a  kobold  hiding  behind a huge   job.   Only  a  few  pink scars were
rock.   It appeared that it was try-   evidence of the horrible wounds that
ing to close a sort of wooden trunk,   the  werebear  had  inflicted on me.
but the latch was giving trouble.      All of my possessions were gone save
                                       a  fair quality lockpick tucked into
"Treasure!!!"  I screamed with glee,   my   boot   and   the   bloodstained
running  toward  the  creature.   It   clothing upon my back.  Woe is me!
took  one  glance  in  my direction,
grabbed  the  trunk, and disappeared   Needless   to   say,  I  managed  to
into a stand of windak trees.          survive.  With the help of some good
                                       friends,  I  regained my self confi-
"That  treasure  will  be  mine!"  I   dence.   I immersed myself in train-
snarled  and  took up the chase.  It   ing  and even managed to save enough
seemed that just as I was gaining on   money  for  a  decent weapon.  I was
that  ugly  kobold,  it  would  slip   cautioned many times, and for once I
away, taunting me as it ran.           listened  to  the  lessons the older
                                       folks  told.   I  bought  a  map and
Before  I  knew it, I was in a dark,   started  hunting  in  groups.  To my
dead  part  of the woods.  There was   surprise  I  made  even more friends
no sign of the fleeing kobold or its   and  I  could always glean something
wooden  trunk,  so I took the oppor-   useful  from  their  experience.   I
tunity to lean back against a sturdy   slowly  honed my skills and became a
tree  to  catch  my  breath.   To my   better  hunter.   Still  not a great
                                    -16-               Continued on Page 23
                       Quest of Love: The Resolution
 ____________          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ ________ \               By Bolivar DiGriz
\@| ~|~|~~\~\ |
  |  |~|__/~/ |
  |  |~ __ <  | olivar awoke  to the   Bolivar   looked   around  the  main
 _|  |~|  \~\ | sound of birds sing-   chapel  of  the temple attempting to
/@|  |~|__/~/ | ing merrily and fro-   sort   out  the  confusing  mass  of
\_/ ~~~~~~~~ /  licking in the air.    sights   and   sounds  as  the  many
  ~~~~~~~~~~~                          adventurers of Kelfour's Landing met
"Such a beautiful morn," he thought,   their  friends  and  planned for the
folding  his  arms  behind his head.   days adventures.
"I wonder what adventures might come
my way today?"                         He  saw Natasha the kindly, seasoned
                                       healer speaking to Jhembryn, a good-
Rubbing the last of dredges of sleep   natured  and  relative novice in the
from  his  eyes, he stretched lazily   trade.  He noticed Garret the notor-
and  hopped  out  of  bed.  Reaching   ious  cannibal,  and  his  newly wed
under  his  pillow  he  withdrew his   wife,   Galauriel,   who  apparently
copper sheath, admiring its engraved   enjoyed  his affectionate nibblings.
design  and the craftsmanship of the   The noble Lords Gallenod and Whilder
item.   He  withdrew  the drake fal-   were  also  present, quietly discus-
chion  contained  within  and tested   sing  their  recent  exploits in the
its sharpness.                         land of the Golems; Lord Whilder was
                                       gently  stroking  his  pet bluebird.
"Hobgoblins beware!" he chuckled.      Before   he   could   continue   his
                                       observations, Bolivar was awestruck.
Quickly  dressing  in his camouflage   His eyes instantly became focused on
tunic   and   accessories,   Bolivar   the  most beautiful of fair elves he
pulled  a  large  treasure sack from   had ever chanced to see.
under  his  bed.   Peering inside he
saw  his  black  laen lockpick and a   Bolivar's  eyes  strained  to  their
golden ring.                           limit,  admiring  the  long, flowing
                                       white   hair   that   caressed   the
"Alas!   I  spend  all  my  money on   voluptuous  curves  of  the wondrous
these  blasted  picks." Bolivar mut-   fair  elf's  body  with  every  head
tered,  smiling  wearily at his tool   movement.  He nudged Gandalf.
of  trade.   Then,  holding  up  the
golden  ring, he stared at it admir-   "Who,  by  Elyssa,  is that gorgeous
ingly.   "But  my  wonderful Naviga-   maiden," he whispered.
tor's ring has saved me many times!"
                                       Gandalf    blinked    and   followed
Slipping  the ring on his finger, he   Bolivar's   gaze.   "Why   that,  my
gave  it  a  little  turn to set its   friend,  is  Elyria  Blythe.  A most
destination  to  his  home.  Tapping   stunning lady, indeed."
his  purse to make sure he still had
some  silver, he stepped outside and   Bolivar  stared  intently at Elyria,
made  his  way  to the temple.  Upon   noticing  the charming beauty of her
arriving,  he  strolled  inside  the   violet  eyes,  and the pearly white-
magnificent structure, quickly spot-   ness  of her fair skin, as it teased
ting his good friend, Gandalf.         his  imagination through the various
                                       openings  in  her armor.  Surprised,
"Hello Gandalf!  How are you today?"   Bolivar  suddenly  realized he was a
asked Bolivar, smiling broadly.        victim  of love at first sight.  His
                                       heart  was  beating  at  an alarming
"Ah, Bolivar!  Just resting up a bit   rate  and  blood  was racing through
before  I  go  to  hunt  some orcs."   his veins.
Gandalf replied.                                                    More...
"Will  she take just a common human,   colors,  reminding  Bolivar  of  the
a  thief  with  no  riches,  fame or   confusion  of  his emotions.  He was
power  as  a  husband?" he wondered.   standing back in his home.  Flinging
Suppressing  his  doubts he thought,   himself on the bed  he began crying,
"It  isn't  relevant.   I  must have   wracking sobs shaking his body.
her, as no other will ever do for me
now."                                  "Never shall  I give  up on her," he
                                       cried. "If I must wait till my death
Frowning at Gandalf's knowing smile,   death bed, so be it.  I shall  never
Bolivar  said,  "I  must get to know   love  another."  The  day  wasn't so
her better."                           beautiful after all."
"I  can  see  by  your face that you
will  not give up until you have won         Life of a Mage
her hand." Gandalf responded, chuck-         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ling and nodding his head.                by Llorien Silvanestii
"You  know  me  too  well  Gandalf."          Dedicated to
sighed   Bolivar,   his  gaze  never      Lords Odds and Whilder
leaving the lovely Elyria.               
                                         There he was, in the forest
With  the  stealth and subtlety only     His wand shiny and new
one  of  the  thief  profession has,     Knees shaking at the thought
Bolivar   quietly  melded  into  the     Of the kobold he must hew.
shadows  and  began sneaking his way     
toward   Elyria.   Picking  his  way     A rustle in the bushes
around pews and columns, he suddenly     A disturbance of leaves
saw  her turn towards him and smile.     A swing of his sword
Blinking   dumbfoundedly,  wondering     The kobold family grieves.
how  she  could have ever noticed he     
was  there, he suddenly realized she     The thrill of killing
wasn't  looking  at  him.   She  was     In his mouth sits tart
looking past him.                        He pledges his life
                                         To refinement of his art.
Curious,  he  turned  his  head  and     
looked  back  over his shoulder.  He     His power ever growing
noticed  the  handsome and honorable     Onward the mage goes
figure  of  Lord  Baram  filling the     Shock bolt, fire bolt
temple  entrance.  With utter horror     Vanguishing all his foes.
and  dismay he watched as Elyria ran     
towards   Baram,   her   arms  flung     Soon even the trolls fear
outward,  smiling sweetly at him and     The one who casts stun cloud
calling  his  name  lovingly the way     The orcs run screaming
only one truly in love can do.           From the mage who stands proud.
Cruel and sharp, comprehension slow-     He wanders with impunity
ly  grabbed  hold of Bolivar's mind.     Nothing he cannot fell
A  feeling  of  great sadness washed     "One more lich", he says
over  him,  like  a wave upon a sand     "And I have yet another spell."
castle,  sweeping  away  the hopeful     
and  happy  feelings  he  had felt a     Having done his training
moment  before,  leaving  him  empty     And telling all his friends
inside.   He  could  not bear to see     He has failed to consider
them  meet.  With tears in his eyes,     What it all portends.
Bolivar  removed  and  replaced  the     
golden ring on his hand.                 Now he sits in the temple
                                         Deep in contemplation
The world suddenly faded out and was     Wondering about the merits
replaced  by  a  myriad  of swirling     Of ET concatenation.
 _________                A Midsummer Night's Dream
/ \ _____ \               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~ |                   by Elyria Blythe
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  | t had been a rough  day.   shiny  depression  at the top of the
/@| _|~|_ | I was hitting poorly, my   cave's entrance, but failing to find
\_/ ~~~~~ / ax  as  ineffective as a   a  way  up  to it, we ignored it and
  ~~~~~~~~  dull knife. It seemed my   passed on into the cave.
my  companions  had far surpassed me
in strength and skill, for they were   Inside  it was odd to my eyes, and I
having more success than I.  Wearily   could  see that Bolivar had furrowed
I  went  home,  but  sleep  was  not   his brow.  The walls were curved and
easily found.  Tossing  and  turning   we could dimly see a tunnel twisting
produced only a restless doze.         away   into  the  darkness.   Arches
                                       supported  the  walls and ceiling at
I  awoke   what  seemed   like  only   regular   intervals,   fostering   a
minutes  later   to  some  sound  or   luminous  moss  that gave off sickly
movement I could not identify.  Soft   green  light.   Our steps, magnified
breathing  in   the  shadows  nearby   by  the  echoes,  competed  with the
caught  my  ear;  I  turned  my head   rustling sounds of animals scurrying
toward  the  sound  as  a dark shape   around  in  the dark.  Once our eyes
detached   itself   from   the  deep   adjusted  to  the dim light, Bolivar
shadows and knelt by my bedside.       began  to  notice depressions in the
                                       walls just about at waist height.
"Elyria. Elyria,  it's me, Bolivar,"
the shape  whispered  into  my  ear.   It was as he was pointing one out to
"Look outside.  Something strange is   me that  a finger-length  projectile
happening outside." He pulled gently   shot out  from it, striking my heavy
at my sleeve.                          hide. It became a snake, hissing  as
                                       it hit the floor and  slithering off
I dragged  myself from the warmth of   under  cover  of  the  darkness. The
my  bed  and  went  to  the  window,   weaving  and undulating  tunnel  had
pulling on  my  various  armors  and   a calming, almost hypnotic effect on
placing my  cloak over my shoulders.   us, making it hard to respond to the
Out   the   window   thin,   glowing   attacks  upon us by rats and spiders
tendrils  of   mist  stretched  away   and  other  denizens  of  the tunnel
toward  the   town  gates,   weaving   complex.   These  creatures were not
patterns of phosphorescent light.      particularly   dangerous,   but  the
                                       tunnel's  lulling  rhythm  made  our
I took  Bolivar's hand  in mine  and   responses slow and weak.
led him outside, intent on following
the tendrils  wherever they led.  We   The constant  barrage  of  creatures
walked for  what seemed like forever   and attacks  by hissing  snakes took
until we  were completely lost, with   their toll  on us  while we  slashed
only the shifting mists to guide us.   our   way   on,   dispatching   each
Abruptly, we  came into  a clearing.   creature as  it appeared.    We  had
Directly ahead  up a slightly rising   risen an  estimated three  levels in
incline,  was   a  dark   cave,  its   height above  the  entrance  when  I
shadows deepened  in  contrast  with   noticed  that  the  quality  of  the
the pale  silvery light of the moon.   light had  changed in  the distance.
The  entrance was shrouded with moss   I  tapped  Bolivar  lightly  on  the
hanging in  strands, and  fingers of   shoulder and nodded in the direction
fog disappeared inside.                of the light. He squeezed my hand in
                                       response and  we went on.  It was at
We  heard  no  sound  at  all  as we   this point  that it  occurred to  me
approached  the  cave; no footsteps,   that neither  of us had spoken since
no  breath, no animal life, nothing.   he had come to me in my room.
Bolivar  pointed out a semi-circular                                More...
"Bolivar,"  I  whispered,  "what  is   object never  fell from  its tenuous
this all  about?" He  shook his head   hold.   We heard  a noise,  soft  at
at me and tugged again at my arm.  I   first, then louder, ominous.  It was
sighed and  shrugged and we went on.   hissing at  us in a peculiarly jerky
The light  around us  became silvery   manner,  almost   as  if   it   were
again as  we entered  the end of the   laughing.   I  frowned  at  it,  not
tunnel.  Silhouetted by  the  light,   taking my  eyes from  the  object  I
two stalactites curved down over the   could see  more clearly now.  It was
exit from  the  tunnel.  A slow drip   a pendant of some sort.
came from their direction punctuated
by an occasional bubbling hiss.        "I think I'm going to have to try to
                                       steal it  from that  beast," Bolivar
We edged  carefully past them, but I   said.   "Just in case something goes
was splashed by a drop of fluid, and   wrong, I'll have my ring ready."  He
it burned  when it  touched my skin.   then removed  a brass  and gold ring
A  gasp  escaped  my  lips,  causing   from his finger. Edging even closer,
Bolivar  to   spin  about  and  look   he prepared  himself for  the moment
searchingly   at    me,   his   eyes   ahead.      Drawing   several   deep
gleaming. I shook my head at him and   breaths, he  relaxed,  then  with  a
gestured toward the light.             lightning   quick    movement,    he
                                       snatched the  pendant from  the jaws
We emerged  onto a  broad  platform,   of the  cobra. Its  jaws just missed
the view  revealing the  lands below   him as they closed with a loud snap.
us.  A movement off to my side stole   It began to sway back and forth upon
my attention  from  the  surrounding   the altar,  hissing and  sensing the
lands, and  I saw  what had  alerted   air with  its tongue. Its body began
Bolivar.   There  was  an  altar  in   restlessly to  slide against  itself
front of  us.  Upon  the  altar  lay   as  we  backed  away  from  it.    I
coiled a  giant  cobra.    Depending   prepared myself  to fight,  but  the
from  its  open  jaws  was  a  shiny   creature merely  lowered  itself  to
object,  swinging  slightly  in  the   the platform  and slithered into the
cool   breeze,   points   of   light   darkness.
striking off  it as  it moved.   The
eyes of  the cobra  glittered in the   "Stash that  thing and let's get out
pale moonlight,  seeming to watch us   of here," I hissed.
closely, bespeaking  an intelligence
I had  not yet  encountered  in  the   As we  turned,  I  noticed  a  faint
snakes I had already fought.           trail highlighted  in the moonlight,
                                       so  I   nudged   Bolivar   in   that
"Bolivar,"  I  whispered,  "I  don't   direction.   We climbed  the  trail,
think I can get that thing, whatever   arriving out  onto the  top  of  the
it is.  You're a thief, can you?"      tunnel.   Next to  us, sloping  down
                                       and  away  into  the  darkness,  was
He cocked  his  head  to  the  side,   another   semi-circular   depression
considering, then nodded at me once.   like the  one we  had seen  earlier.
We both  edged closer to the object,   Looking back  toward  the  altar,  I
squinting  against   the   darkness,   happened to  glance down.  Below  me
trying to  see what it was.  Bolivar   were  two  hugely  glittering  eyes,
drew  his  drake  and  attempted  to   gazing sightlessly  over the  altar.
cleave the  cobra in  half.   He was   Below them was a gaping jaw with two
stunned by  the reverberations  sent   dripping fangs.   We had traveled to
coursing through  his arm  when  the   this place  through the  body  of  a
falchion not  only bounced  off  the   rock snake.   I  shook my  head with
cobra, but actually shattered in his   wonder.   Bolivar started to chuckle
hand.                                  softly, his body shaking.
The cobra  never moved, its glittery   Bolivar sat  down at  the top end of
eyes never  closed, and the dangling   the depression, patting the space in
                                    -20-                            More...
front of him and smiling.  I glanced   der of its body  spiraled around the
back one last time at the altar, and   leg of  the cross.   Its  eyes  were
noticed that there was another giant   blood red  ruby chips and its  fangs
cobra  coiled   upon  it,  still  as   were smooth white bone.
stone, a shiny object depending from
its jaws.                              Bolivar draped the pendant around my
                                       neck  with   a  tired  gesture.    I
I sat  down in  the vee of Bolivar's   indicated that  he could stay, as it
legs and  he held  me  tightly,  our   was too  far for him to walk home in
weight giving  the impetus  to start   his condition.   I fell into my bed,
us on  a slippery  journey down  the   fully dressed,  too tired  to  care.
back of  the rock  snake.    It  was   Strong arms  wrapped  around  me  as
swift and cold on the way down, even   Bolivar joined  me, his  warm breath
slightly  nauseating   the  way   it   on my  neck a  contrast to  the  icy
twisted and dipped.  We shot off the   cold  of   the  pendant  against  my
end and  landed in  a  bed  of  soft   chest.
moss, where  we had  begun our quest
only an hour earlier.                  When I awoke I was alone in my room.
                                       I sat  up in  a flash  of memory and
Fog  now   billowed  up   over   the   scrabbled at  my neck.    There  was
entrance to  the  cave,  pushing  us   nothing there.   I was as I had been
back to  the trail  we had  followed   when I  had first gone to sleep, not
earlier.  We  were  guided  away  as   wearing armor or jewelry of any kind
before  by   wisps   stretching   in   but for  my ring.   Things  were all
tendrils, lost in an endless weaving   neatly stacked where I had left them
pattern of  glowing mist,  until  we   the night before.
saw before us the gates of town.
Back in  my room,  we lit  a lamp to   I reached out my thoughts to Bolivar
examine  our  prize.    It  was  the   and was answered by a sleepy echo in
oddest thing  I  had  ever  seen,  a   my mind.   He had never left his own
snake  ankh   pendant,  a  pale  oak   room in the night and was puzzled as
colored    t-piece    of    mithril,   to  why  I  was  contacting  him  so
surmounted by  a glittery deep green   early.   I let  him go,  telling him
snake.   The snake's body formed the   I'd see him later, and merely sat on
arch of  the  ankh,  with  its  head   the window  ledge, gazing  out  into
positioned at  the juxtaposition  of   the  dawn,   feeling   the   ghostly
the leg and arms of the cross, mouth   impression of  ice against my chest.
opened as if to strike.  The remain-
                             by Elyria Blythe
                     Even the ice encasing your heart
                     Is not enough to cool my love
                     Which burns so hot it sears the sky
                     Perhaps enough to warm your soul.
                     Even the dark engulfing your soul
                     Is not enough to dim my love
                     Which shines so bright it lights the sky
                     Perhaps enough to illuminate your mind.
                     Even the wall surrounding your mind
                     Is not enough to hold back my love
                     Which burrows deep between the cracks
                     Perhaps enough to capture your heart.
 ___________                 A Wight's Revenge
/ \ _____   \                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~    |           by Elminester Silvanisty
  |  |~|     |
 _|  |~|  __ | ong  months  had gone   After checking my  account, I headed
/@|  |~|__|| | since I came close to   to the  city  gates.  It had  been a
\_/  ~~~~~~~/  my   dismissal   from   while since I called upon my art, so
  ~~~~~~~~~~   this  world,  five of   I felt I should  practice  on a puny
them  if my memory doesn't fail  me.   creature before hunting big game.  I
I came  face  to  face  with   death   called on my invisibility  spell and
itself  and  I  survived, though the   lurked in the grassland  waiting for
memory still sends chills through my   a wolverine or torkaan to come along.
bones.  Just  looking at my new  leg   Later, confident  that I  still knew
reminds me of how close it was.        the  spells, I  left the  body  of a
                                       torkaan smoking behind me.
A check of my bank balance showed me
that I had spent too many months and   Invisible again, I reached the ruins
too much  of  my  wealth drinking in   where I had been so close  to death.
the taverns, forgetting my  studies,   I looked  nervously  around, knowing
trying to  shake my fear. Now it was   that  the old  man  might  still  be
time to  go back  to work!             there.   Sometimes  I  wonder  if my
                                       chosen  path  will bring  me  to the
I needed to adventure for wealth and   same end as him,  servant of  a Lord
to continue my search for power. How   of Unlife. I shudder at the thought.
much I have  paid for the power that   Surely  I've heard  rumors about the
I wield!  Not  many know of the dark   master  of my guild but he never has
shadow  that  follows me everywhere.   ordered me to harm an inhabitant of
Still, I  don't  regret  paying  the   Kelfour's Landing.
price,  for it brings me  incredible
power at little cost.                  Then I saw it, a steel golem but not
                                       a common one. It  was  much  larger,
Power hunger!  That  is  how  I  was   and glowed around its metal body and
raised, the  son of a noble fair elf   eyes. It looked straight at me.
and a high human. I was raised by my
father in  the way of the Silvanisty   Suddenly a  woman came  from  behind
family, a  struggle between  all the   me, and with a gesture she dispelled
sons of  the  family  for  supremacy   my magic.  I turned  my head and saw
over  the   rest.  Masters   of  the   what she  was.  During  my  time  in
essence  are  the Silvanisty. Though   town, I  heard  about  the  mountain
I followed  the family trade from an   hags but  thought of  them  as  some
early age,  being  half-breed  meant   overblown tale.  Looking at her  was
that I  could never  hope to achieve   a  mistake because the  golem  moved
anything  more   than  the  rank  of   with  incredible  speed,  casting  a
captain in  the Clan's army. As soon   wind that threw me to the floor. The
as I was of age, I fled the conclave   last  thing  that I  remembered  was
and went to the fair elven capital.    the golem  lifting its huge hand and
                                       aiming at my head.
The Silvanisty  don't look kindly on
traitors. They sent a group of arch-   I woke  in a  dark  cell,  my  hands
ers to  "discipline" me.  To make it   chained to the wall.  The smell  was
short, I was  able to escape and get   nauseating.  I could see  huge forms
to the main city  of Palia  in Mazo-   around magic wards that call a minor
berruna.  There I used  gold to flee   spell of light.  To my horror, I saw
to the north. I hired a Navigator to   the still forms of various creatues.
bring me to this  frontier town, and
here I   remain,  still  thirsty for   Most were from  the goblinoid races,
power, still keeping the  Silvanisty   but  I could see  dwarves, elves and
name up to its reputation.             humans,  too.   I shuddered  because
                                    -22-                            More...
each body had all its skin removed.    Werebear Revenge - Cont from Page 16
Sudden  pain made me realize my head   hunter, but I learned.
was throbbing where the golem struck
me.  But I was not badly injured.      A  few  months ago, I left town on a
                                       personal quest.  I snuck through the
The  sound  of  keys  brought  me to   forest  so quietly that not even the
notice  the  opening door.  A man in   blades  of grass I crept upon knew I
black robes came in.  It was the old   was there.  It took me several days,
man  of  my nightmare!  For how many   but  at last I found myself near the
sleepless  nights had I dreaded this   lair  of  the old werebear.  From my
moment!   He lit a torch, mostly for   hiding  place,  I surveyed the area.
my  sake,  I  assumed.   The  way he   Broken  shields littered the ground,
walked  in  the  dark hinted that he   evidence  that  I  had  not been the
had a spell of light.  Of course, he   only victim.
could not know that I did also.
                                       The  sound  of a snapping twig broke
He  approached me smiling.  "Welcome   the  silence  like a thunderbolt.  I
to  my  humble  home,  master Elmin-   whirled around and there was my long
ester,"  he said.  He laughed when I   awaited  foe,  not  ten  paces away.
looked  at  him  with  hatred.  "You   The  werebear  glared  at  me with a
have  noticed the bodies.  Fear not,   growl  of  recognition and advanced.
my  good  mage,  they  are not dead.   Holding  my  blessed  broadsword  in
Yet!"                                  front  of me, I held my breath, took
                                       aim,  and  swung  with all my might.
His  eyes  glowed  as he went on, "I   My  whole body shook as my sword hit
see  you  don't  understand,  master   bone.   It cleaved through the were-
Elminester.   You see, to create the   bear's  flesh like a swimmer through
golem   we   must   use   a   living   water, separating its ugly head from
creature." He gestured toward one of   its body. The head flew away to land
the  orc bodies.  "Common golems you   in  the  grass,  but the body didn't
have  seen  come  from the goblinoid   notice.    One   step,  then  two...
races.  However, with much research,   finally it collapsed at my feet.
I  have  found  a  way  to  use  the
intelligent  races to make golems of   I  let  out a war cry that must have
greater  quality.  The process calls   been heard for miles: "Wahoooooooo!"
for  the  intense  suffering  of the   I  kissed my sword, sheathed it, and
creature  without  it  dying.  Then,   danced  around  the fallen creature.
using  runes  of great power, I meld   After a minute or so, feeling rather
the   body  in  there,"  he  pointed   silly,  I stopped dancing and pulled
toward  a  huge  cauldron,  "with  a   out my skinning knife.  Skinning the
magical  mix  of steel." He laughed.   corpse  quickly,  lest another were-
"The  golem that you saw outside was   bear was lurking around, I rolled up
my  first try -- a mage heading your   the hide and tucked it under my arm.
city  who got lost in the woods.  He
put up quite a fight."                 Back  safely in town, I swaggered to
                                       the   gypsy's  tent  and  ordered  a
I snorted  at him. "What do you want   beautiful  azure backpack to be made
with me, old man?"                     of  the werebear hide.  That evening
                                       I  hosted  a celebration at Helga's,
He got  close to  me and  whispered,   but that's another story.
"Not I,  master Elminester. Him."
                                       Today  I wear that backpack proudly,
He  pointed,  and from the shadows a   but also as a reminder of how impat-
familiar form appeared...  the Wight   ient  and foolish I can be.  I'm not
Lord!                                  cured  of  these  qualities (as many
                                       Healers  and Clerics can attest) but
         (To Be continued)             I believe I have grown a bit wiser.
                          Every Little Bit Helps
                 (or I Think, Therefore I'm in Trouble)
 _________               by Celestin Drowstar
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ |
  |  |~|  | am  pretty much  a loner   headed  down  the trail to where the
 _|  |~|  | so I like to hunt on the   greater orcs lived, Gorcland.
/@| _|~|_ | mine road  for  goblins,
\_/ ~~~~~ / lesser orcs, and kobolds   After  crossing the bridge where the
  ~~~~~~~~  because   I  seldom  see   cockatrices  hang  out,  I  wandered
anyone  else  there.   With  my laen   about for a bit without encountering
shield  and  my  quickness, not even   anything.   I  got a good idea where
the  orcs  up  there  could touch me   everything   was,   and   found  the
anymore,  so  I began to think about   cottage  and pool easily enough, and
bigger game -- like greater orcs.      the  fringes of the swamp.  I didn't
                                       want  to go into the swamp, not even
The  more  I  thought  about it, the   to  chase  a  wounded creature, so I
more I was convinced that as long as   was glad I found it ahead of time.
I  was  faster  than a greater orc I
could  survive going up against one.   As  I wandered around, I came upon a
My  skills  had  developed so that I   forest  troll.   He was armed with a
could  now parry well enough to keep   dagger  that  he  wasn't  very  good
greater  orcs  from  hitting me.  So   with,  so  I  decided  to attack him
early  one morning I decided to give   with  my  axe.   Cutting through his
it  a  shot  and  head  on  out  for   heavy  hide  armor  was  hard, but I
Gorcland.   I asked if anyone wanted   scored a few decent hits.
to  tag  along,  but  there  were no
takers.   Others  were  going  after   He was bleeding in a few places, and
larger game than I was ready for.      he  started  to  concentrate more on
                                       defending himself than attacking me.
I  really  didn't  like  the idea of   After  a  while  I was unable to hit
going   into  new  territory  alone,   him  with  my  axe,  so I prepared a
because  of the danger of losing the   touch  of disruption spell and cast.
shaalk  axe  that  I'd  just bought.   The  troll  resisted the spell, so I
Still,  I  had  gone  into new areas   pulled  a  metal  wand from my sack.
before  without  any  trouble.  As I   Quickly   I   waved   the  wand  and
was   getting  ready  to  leave  the   released  a  cold ball at the troll.
temple,  a friendly lord chanted and   It  blasted his leg, knocking him to
cast  a spell of protection on a few   the ground.  I finished him off with
of  us who were heading out into the   my axe before he could get up.
wilds.   We thanked him and left for
the gates of town.  From there, each   I  hurriedly  put my wand back in my
of  us  went  our separate ways into   sack,  and readied my shield in case
the wilderness.                        some other creature might be lurking
                                       about.   Searching  the troll turned
According  to other hunters, greater   up a few silver coins.
orcs are strong enough to break laen
shields.   I  couldn't afford to buy   Before  going  on, I paused to think
another  one  after spending most of   about  the battle just ended.  I had
my  hard-earned money on my new axe,   used  only  one  charge from a metal
so  I walked through the grass-lands   wand  and  a  couple of power points
toward  hobgoblin territory to get a   for a spell.  "This is going to be a
wooden  shield.  It didn't take long   breeze!" I thought.
to  find  a  hobgoblin  I could kill
without  much trouble.  I dispatched   With  that in mind I set out looking
him, took his shield, double checked   for  more  quarry.   It  wasn't long
to  be  sure I had enough wands, and   before I came upon a greater orc.  I
                                    -24-                            More...
decided not to rush this fight, so I   greater  orc, stunning him, and then
would  only  attack  only once after   took  a  quick swing with my axe.  I
each of his attacks.  The fight went   missed,  and  before I could recover
about  the  same  as it did with the   my  defenses,  he  came  out  of his
troll, but a lot slower.               stunned  condition  and  attacked me
                                       with a mace!
This  time  I used four power points
for  spells  and seven charges on my   He  hit  me  really  hard  and  took
metal  wand before finally finishing   almost  quarter of the damage that I
him  off.   It was costly, but I was   could  sustain.   Luckily, he didn't
happy   since  this  was  the  first   injure me critically before I got my
greater  orc  I  had ever fought and   defenses back up.
I'd  beaten him!  He didn't have any
coins  but  he  wore a chain hauberk   Right  after  that,  the  protection
that  I  knew  could be pawned for a   spell  cast  on  me  earlier  at the
goodly  amount.   I  set out to find   temple  stopped working.  Since I am
more of his kind.                      a  wood  elf and a not-so-high-level
                                       sorcerer  (who  has  been  known  to
I  found  and  dispatched  two  more   neglect body development training to
greater orcs in much the same way as   insure  the learning of a spell), it
the  first  and  grew  yet more con-   dawned on me that I could be pushing
fident  in my ability to fight them.   my  luck  to stick around.  I turned
I  even  figured  out  that I didn't   back   toward  town,  to  visit  the
need  to  use  my axe, since I could   pawnshop  and  bank  before going to
wait  until an orc attacked, wear my   rest my numbed mind at the temple.
shield,  get  a  wand  from my sack,   
wave  it at him, put my wand back in   When I think about that fight now, I
my  sack, and ready my shield before   realize  that  if  I  hadn't  had  a
he could attack again.  I ran out of   protection  spell  on  me,  that orc
charges   on  my  metal  wand  while   would  have landed a critical strike
fighting  the first of this pair, so   that  could  been fatal.  The more I
I  tried  out  a  silver wand.  That   think  about  it,  the  more  appre-
worked  really  well,  and  it did a   ciative   I  am  of  those  who  are
good job of stunning him, too.         generous  in protecting others, even
                                       when they are not asked to.  Thanks!
I  used  the silver wand on the next   Every little bit helps.
                                    / \
             |                     /   \
            / \                   /     \
           /   \                 /       \                ________
          /     \               |    _    |              /  ____  \
         |       |              |   / \   |             |  |    |  |
         |       |               \ |   | /              |  |____|  |
          \     /                 ||   ||                \        /
           |   |                  ||   ||                 |      |
           |   |           |      ||___||                 |      |
       __  |   |          / \     |     |                 |      |
      |  |_|   |  _   _  (   )    |     |     _   _   _   |      |  _
      |        | | |_| |__\ /_____|     |    | |_| |_| |__|      |_| |
      |        |_|                      |____|                       |
      |                ____                                          |
      |               /    \                                         |
      |              /      \                                        |
      |             |        |                                       |
  ____|             |________|    _________________________________  |____
                      The Story of My Coming, Part II
                       by Iomadh Dauphin, Unbeliever
 ___________             Bearer of the White Gold
/ \ _____   \
\@| ~|_|~    |
  |  |~|     |uckily I had the fore-   serenity,  as  opposed  to  the Drow
 _|  |~|  __ |thought - and the mat-   ideal  of destruction and rage), but
/@|  |~|__|| |erials  -   to  keep a   still  shaking  inside,  not knowing
\_/  ~~~~~~~/ journal of my travels.   what  to  expect.   The elders of my
  ~~~~~~~~~~  This journal may be of   race  have made it forbidden to talk
some  small  interest  to  you.   Of   about  the ceremony of 'Moksha,' the
course,  now that I read it again, I   Drow  coming  of  age; the time when
realize  my  reckoning  of time will   the  boy  becomes  a man, the girl a
mean little to you, especially those   woman  -- even to each other.  I had
of  you  that  do  not  descend from   no idea what to expect.
Elven stock.  But perhaps I can pro-
vide  some  small assistance in this   At any rate, I am no longer bound by
matter:   a Drow shanra is called by   the Drow elders, so I tell you this:
you a  'day.'  A cushanra is roughly   I  still  remember this day clearly.
equivalent  to your week.  A lemshan   There  I  was  on  the  dais, alone,
corresponds   to   your  concept  of   shaking, not knowing what to expect.
'month.' Finally, culem can be tran-   After  an  unbearably long time, the
slated  as 'year.' Smaller or larger   Elders  filed  into the room, taking
units of time are not significant in   up  positions  that  completely sur-
this account, as I did not bother to   rounded  me.   The only opening they
write things hour by hour, nor did I   left was quickly filled by a guard.
look  further than the current culem
-- excuse me, I shall try to conform   "Iomadh!" I heard my name called.  I
to   your  standards  of  reckoning.   looked about, but could not find the
Indeed,  I  did  not look beyond the   source  of the voice.  Surely it was
current day, as I found rather early   one  of the now-seated Elders?  "You
on  that looking forward or back too   know  why  you  are here," the voice
far did me no good.                    continued.  "However, yours will not
                                       be  a  traditional  Moksha." My mind
One  more  item  before I start:  In   raced. "This is because you are dif-
this account you will find the tales   ferent, Iomadh, very different." Did
of  how  I  came  to  be  called the   I detect a note of derision creeping
Unbeliever,  and  also  of the White   into  the voice?  "So different that
Gold that I profess to bear.           we  have  no  choice.   Yes, we have
                                       been  observing  you, Iomadh.  So in
                                       the  name  of  all that is right and
    Culem 1, Lemshan 1, Shanra 1       good,  in the name off all that Drow
             My Egress:                hold  sacred,  I  hereby try you for
                                       the  crimes of being GOOD to people,
And  there  I was, standing tall and   of  loving  PEACE,  of  seeking HAR-
proud,  just  beginning my sixteenth   MONY!"  I  could  hear  the loathing
year.   What present do I get?  What   dripping  from  the  speaker's words
boon do I recieve?  Not a knife, no,   now.  "Therefore, I try you also for
nor  any other implement of destruc-   the  crimes  of  being  a traitor, a
tion. I do not recieve a cloak, man-   spy,  and  a  turncoat."  The  voice
tle, even a pair of boots -- instead   paused,  as my body went slack under
I recieve an excommunication!  There   its influence.
I  stood, on the dais, wondering how
I  had  made  it  as  far  as  I had   I  could not believe the words I was
without  acquiring disfavour (if you   hearing!   The  voice  boomed again:
will  recall,  I  am  a  pacifist at   "And  I  find  you  GUILTY  of these
heart;  I  desire peace, harmony and   crimes!   Is  there  anyone to stand
                                    -26-                            More...
for  Iomadh?"  The  room was silent;   I  never  thought  that I would find
nothing  stirred  at  all.   And the   friends  like the ones I have found,
voice  went  on:   "The sentence for   such  as  Bolivar, Jhembryn, Rimmer,
this  is not death, for death is too   Alhana,  Rory, and a few others that
good  for one such as yourself.  But   I  am  sure  I forget at this point.
you  may wish it had been death, for   Certainly, I  do not wish to offend;
you  are  to  be  cast out from this   If   you,  gentle  reader,  consider
place,  amongst  all the things that   yourself  my  friend,  then  by  all
are  wild  and untamed.  You will no   means, include yourself in the list.
longer  have  the safety of the war-
rens,  you  will no longer enjoy the   And I never dreamed I would find one
shelter  of  our  caves, you will no   Melissa   Douglas,  whom  I  met  in
longer   feel   the   cool  darkness   Kelfour's...  I tried to protect her
within."  I did not believe what the   and  we  ended  up  falling in love.
voice  was  telling  me.   I did not   Ha! A Drow?  Love? Surely  you jest.
believe what was happening to me.  I   But  it  is  true,  yes,  a Drow can
knew  what  I believed in, but I had   love.  At least this one can, in the
never heard of anyone being cast out   sense  that  one typically knows the
like  this!   Finally, the voice an-   word.   Romance, and so on.  Ah, the
nounced, "Therefore, Iomadh, you are   road  with  Melissa  has surely been
to  be  escorted  from  this  place,   tumultous, but well worth it.  That,
never   to  return.   You  may  take   however is another story altogether.
nothing   except  what  you  carry."
Luckily,  I thought, I had taken the         Rhea's Troll Call Song
habit of keeping a knife in my boot.         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I  had  encountered  -dislike-  like             by Rhea Sibex
this  before  (although  on  a  much
smaller  scale),  so  I  had  had to   Come to me my Trollie Baby,
learn  to  defend  myself.  The last   Come to me my Trollie Dear,
words  I  remember  the voice saying   Let me see your waving ears,
were, "Take  this half-Drow from our   Those flapping wings of Fear.
presence!  Escort him outside!"
                                       Come to me my Trollie Darling,
Even  when  I heard the guards with-   Come to me my Trollie Love,
draw  into the cave, even when I saw   I have a gift of steel for you,
the forest for the first time, smelt   My dusky Turtle Dove.
the  air  that  was  not  stuffy and
smelly,  I did not believe.  My mind   I love the way you curl my hair,
refused to believe what had happened   I shiver and shake in fear,
to me -- and to this day, I still do   I await your thumping footfall now,
not  believe  that  my  kin would do   Don't make me wait all year.
such  a  thing  to me.  Therefore, I
carry  the  title 'Unbeliever' -- as   Come to me my Trollie Baby,
an  affirmation  to myself that what   My fleabags furry delight,
happened   to  me  was  unspeakable,   I only want to show you how,
unthinkable.   It  is a title I give   A wand of silver lights.
myself, if only to remind me of what
happened.  Despite my tendencies and   All Trolls come now and hug me close,
desires,  I can never forget where I   I promise not to bite,
came from.                             Come to me my Trollie Baby,
                                       Come visit me tonight!
Upon  reading  this again, though, I   /                                \
find I must add that I never thought  | Rhea Sibex's Troll Call Song and |
I  would  find  a place such as Kel-  | Mad Glimmering, also in this KE, |
four's Landing, where the strong get  | won 1st and 2nd Place Prizes in  |
stronger  and the weak die away.  It  | in the August Bard Competition!  |
is almost like home in that respect.   \________________________________/
                            The Death Of A Thief
                               by Tapor Lieff
The temple filled with brave, good men  A wounded man points to the ground
Who'd dare to go where none had been    Then moves away without a sound
I sat alone                             The metal glint
My thief unknown                        Gives me a hint
I show my pride                         The breastplate there
I type in "hide"                        I'll quickly wear
They laughed at me, all ten             Then I was Kobland bound
"ANY PICKERS?" calls a vet              A Kobold steps into my space
"I CAN PICK THAT LOCK I'LL BET"         The tension high my thoughts did race
A steady hand                           I'll kill him here
My smile grand                          I'll show no fear
I kneel down                            In just one blow
But then I frown                        I'll let him know
"GOT A PICK? I'M STILL IN DEBT"         This, of course, was not the case
With borrowed tool, and treasure near   I was parried up, could not get hurt
I searched the chest                    I knew with death I would not flirt
  "NO TRAP, ALL CLEAR"                  He swung a miss
I went to pick                          My sword he'd kiss
But wait, no click                      A parry tag
A flash of light                        A system lag
Then all went white                     He knocked me in the dirt
                                        But he who fights and runs away
I popped back in and soon felt strong   Can live to fight another day
I grab my shield                        And met a beast
My sword I wield                        He sure looked mean
Then I stop                             That Wolverine
I type in swap                          On the altar, now, I lay
The silence sure was long

I go alone, and trust to fate
I need no friend, no hunting mate
An hour out                                        _________
I'm quite the scout                               |         |
I find my prize                                   |  R.I.P. |
With widened eyes                                 |         |
"SO THERE'S THE CITY GATE"                        |    |    |
                                                  |   -+-   |
                                             \*   |    |    |
                                              |/  |         |  ,'

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