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 |    GemStone III(tm)                                 November 1992   |
 |                                                       Vol.3, No.6   |
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 |                       The Kronicles of Kulthea                      |
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 |  Houses of Kulthea ........................ Dartaghan Darkstar   1  |
 |  Black Stalkers .............................. Kalagay Halatil   3  |
 |  (untitled poem) ........................... Greywulf Aliantha   4  |
 |  How to Pick a Pocket .............. Lord Artuero Bresnahanini   5  |
 |  The Price of Love ............................ Jarran Terraxx   6  |
 |  The Thieves Guild ......................... Kahsmire Drakkhen   9  |
 |  The Knight and the Lady ..................... Valeria Deering  11  |
 |  Pauper's All Hallow's Eve Masquerade ........... Phaedra Bleu  12  |
 |  You Can't Hit a Centaur? ............... Lord Certain Justice  13  |
 |  A Tale to be Told ............................... Eron Kulsen  15  |
 |  night ..................................... Trachten Hickapod  16  |
 |  Undermining Kelfour's Part 2 ............ Llorien Silvanestii  17  |
 |  Monster Compendium ............................... Xca Thedra  20  |
 |  Babes in Gorcland (Episode 2) ................... Dayln Grimm  26  |
 |  nerilka ................................... Trachten Hickapod  28  |
 |  School Daze ............................... Lloyd Llowd, Ph.D  29  |
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 ______________              Houses of Kulthea
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\@| ~| |  | |~ |           by Dartaghan Darkstar
  |  |~|--|~|  |
 _|  |~|--|~|  | ouses  of   Kulthea   fee, the players have to pay for the
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | are   Gemstone  III   construction and furnishing of their
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / player cooperatives   private rooms. Houses may also offer
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ established    under   engraving and loan services.
the auspices of the local government
but organized  and governed  by  the   The first  House  recognized  by the
players. This flexible system allows   local government was  established by
a  House to be  organized as a guild   a group of dedicated roleplayers who
or a  social  club  or  in any other   banded together to oppose the Unlife
manner, as  long  as the setup stays   the  growing influence  of the Grand
within the framework detailed in the   Poobah  over the  adventurers of the
Tomes by the local government.         Landing. Titanic battles were fought
                                       by Lady Wisraith and Lord Riverwind,
Any group of five or more players of   Lord  Lythe,  Lord  Fxg,  and  their
level  five  or  higher  (characters   allies in their  crusade against the
must be  level five  or higher to be   Unlife.  They even  dared to assault
eligible  to   join  a   House)  may   the stronghold of the Unlife itself,
petition the  local government to be   repeatedly  killing the Grand Poobah
accepted into the Cooperative of the   and his underlings.
Houses of Kulthea (CHK).  The CHK is
a loose federation of all the Houses   Finally, the Grand  Poobah called on
of  Kulthea.  It  sets  standards of   dark  powers to  place wards  around
conduct and  administers the  system   his  stronghold, powerful  enough to
of dispute resolution which uses the   withstand  the assaults of the House
tribunal model. The local government   of the  Rising Phoenix.  In a secure
has  appointed Lord Elvanion, to  be   stronghold, the  Unlife strengthened
House  Controller  and  to  have the   its  influence.  The  House  of  the
responsibility for the establishment   Rising Phoenix continued its valiant
and  maintenance  of all the  Houses   battle, but even these intrepid cru-
of Kulthea.                            saders wearied.  Most have  moved on
                                       to far lands, seeking to  escape the
The Houses offer players camaraderie   evil they so abhor.
and  opportunity   for  roleplaying,
along with  a wide range of services   The House of the  Rising Phoenix has
and benefits.  Some Houses have been   not been  the same  nor very  active
established to further professional,   since then, but if you are intrigued
political, and social goals.  Others   by a "House dedicated to  preventing
emphasize camaraderie and  adventur-   the furtherance  of the goals of the
ing, and one  House was  established   Unlife," talk  with Lady  Galauriel,
as a for-profit  social club.          Lord Maruko, or Lord Waldo2. Member-
                                       ship fees  are reasonable, but  only
Probably the most popular feature of   strong  roleplayers  with  untainted
the Houses is expanded storage. Most   souls need apply.
Houses  provide forty - item lockers
for  members.  House  Arcane managed   House of  Argent Aspis was the first
to install sixty-item lockers; rumor   House to be built. It was founded by
has  it  that  Lord  Moonpie  Legend   a group of free spirits, among  them
bribed local officials. The rumor is   Lord Erebor and Lord  Whilder, as an
unsubstantiated, but  the sixty-item   exclusive House that avoids politics
lockers have been confirmed.           and  local  disputes.  Not much  was
                                       known  about this  House  until they
Some Houses also provide for players   began sponsoring a Newcomers  Orien-
to design and  own a  private  room.   tation  Night  where  House  members
Unlike locker facilities, the use of   offer  a  training  tour   to  newly
which is  included in the membership   arrived adventurers.
                                    -1-                             More...
Now the  House of  the Argent  Aspis   House Brigatta  was founded by  Lord
has opened  up a  bit and is seeking   Zinderin, Lady Taarna, and  Sterling
new members.  They are interested in   as a private  House to promote role-
players that  will be active members   playing.  This House is still rather
and are  here  for  the  long  term.   exclusive, but all  applicants  will
Initiation fee  is  20,000  silvers.   be  considered.  While this House is
Talk to Lord Bleys about membership.   small, it does have an earth node, a
                                       bar,  and a doorbell that  announces
House Arcane  was established  by  a   arrivals by name. The initiation fee
group of  close  friends  who sought   is  5000  silvers, no monthly  dues.
a  private  sanctuary  in  which  to   Dedicated roleplayers should get  in
recoup after stimulating quests  and   touch with Lord Zinderin.
safaris.  A House  with a pool and a
well-stocked bar seemed ideal. House   There  are  two  other Houses  being
members  occasionally  lead  safaris   organized in Kelfour's, the House of
open   to  all   adventurers.  Other   Grimoire and the  House of Eternity.
safaris are for members only.          House  of  Grimoire is dedicated  to
                                       the  study of  magic lore, bardsong,
House  Arcane   is  a  non-political   and the  history  of Kulthea.  It is
House with a closed membership. They   under construction, but  the date of
will, however,  open the  membership   completion is  unknown at this time.
up for  the right  candidate. To  be   Thantis  can give  you more informa-
considered for  membership, you must   tion. The House of Eternity plans to
be at  least level 20  and active in   be  a  sanctuary  for   clerics  and
Gemstone  on a  regular  basis.  You   healers.  Lord  Sauron is  unable at
must  also be an  adventurer, not  a   this  time  to say  more  about  the
crusader. Roleplaying is encouraged,   House.  When  and if the House  will
but good judgment must  be exercised   be built is unknown at this time.
so that House Arcane doesn't  become
embroiled in  personal or  political   The Houses  of Kulthea  have so  far
conflicts. A fondness for hobbits is   failed to  live up  to the  original
also encouraged :).  Initiation  fee   expectations of the local government
is 50,000 silvers. See Dartaghan for   and players.  Early  on,  we  got  a
more information.                      glimpse of  the potential  that  the
                                       House system  has  as  a  venue  for
Shortly after  the House  of  Argent   roleplaying  and  as  political  and
Aspis and  House Arcane  were built,   social  focal points.  After a brief
Silent,  the  first  tycoon  of  the   period of  excitement  and  activism
Landing,  with  a  couple  of silent   (mostly from  House  of  the  Rising
partners, built the first for-profit   Phoenix), organized House activities
social club.  Almost from the day it   slowly fizzled out. Most Houses look
opened,  the House  of  Paupers  has   vacant,  inactive  except   for  the
been  the  most  popular   House  in   locker doors.
Kelfour's,  with  far  more  members
than any other.                        That may be changing soon. Rumors of
                                       monthly House  Challenge Games  have
The House  is open  to  all  players   surfaced  lately.  Not much is known
level  five or  higher.  The  single   yet, but it sounds intriguing. There
membership plan has  lifetime fee of   has also been  talk that  the Chair-
20,000  silvers and no monthly dues.   persons and  Chairhobbits of all the
For  that sum, you get to  soak in a   Houses are meeting to work out a way
hot tub while you enjoy a drink from   to implement  the system of conflict
the free bar. Some members are known   resolution provided  by the Coopera-
to drink more in one night than rea-   tive  of  the   Houses  of  Kulthea.
sonable  monthly dues  would  buy at   Perhaps the new activism will  usher
Helga's Tavern.  Speak to  Lord Kirc   in an era  where Houses will be more
or Lady Phaedra about joining.         than glorified locker clubs.
  ___________                 Black Stalkers
o[ ________  ]o               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 | "|"|""\"\ |              by Kalagay Halatil
 |  |"|__/"/ |
 |  |" __ <  | lack   stalkers   are   right arm, a one-rounder. Do not get
 |  |"|  \"\ | nasty,"  lectured one   carried away. Take the gift and only
 |  |"|__/"/ | well-meaning  friend,   hit  once before  parrying up again,
 | """"""""  | while  I recovered in   especially  if things  are a  little
 |    / \    | the   temple.  "Their   sluggish.  A strike to the  left leg
 |  /     \  | hunting   companions,   is a two-round stun.  I'm still very
 |/         \| the   basilisks,  are   cautious  about  swinging twice even
nasty.  Their  unlife neighbors, the   in  that case. Things  get more com-
deathwoodes, tree spirits, and skel-   fortable with blows to its chest for
etal giants are nasty.  Why bother?"   a three - round  stun  or  abdominal
                                       slashes  for four.  Bloody gashes to
Now I love  hunting stalkers in good   the head are good for ten rounds.
company so I thought for a long time
how to answer that question.  If you   It's  tempting  to  _berserksgangen_
are not a risk-taker, if you are not   when your stalker is stopped cold, I
bored stiff with steel golems, or if   admit.  You  want so badly  to parry
you truly prefer to hunt alone, then   down and beat it to peices before it
indeed you  won't bother with  black   can  come to  and start  running  or
stalkers. But you will miss out on a   hitting back.  What  you do not want
lively  and profitable  time  if you   is  for a basilisk to thunder in and
leave cavers  behind and go straight   immobilize  you just then, and  that
to  steelies.  Black  stalkers carry   is  exactly what  basilisks do best.
Level II chests, just to start with.   Many a Stalker lived as its would-be
                                       slayer died because a basilisk froze
Stalkers are  so easily stunned that   the  warrior at  parry 0 long enough
bushwhacking is one of the best ways   for the  Stalker to  come out of its
to hunt  them. The  two of  you hide   stun and start taking big pieces out
and  wait  for Mr. Stalker to  sniff   of her hide.
out one of you.  The other can parry
hit from  ambush, and parry up again   Your partner cannot help you much in
in time.  Usually.  Of  course,  the   this case, because no  one can  drag
sniffee follows up in the usual way,   you away if you are immobilized. The
parry down, hit, and parry up again.   best  you can  hope for  is that the
                                       stalker will bleed to death and fall
While the Black Stalker is only mod-   at  your feet before it can actually
erately  fast, it  hits plenty  hard   get in  enough  swipes to  kill you.
when it does connect. If you plan to   The best  insurance is to kill  each
parry  tag  them, keep in  mind  the   basilisk as  it appears, even if you
different ways you can stun them and   get  no experience for it. If you or
how  long  each kind  of stun lasts.   your partner has a calming spell, so
The most usual stun is a hit  to the   much the better.
                             Monster Statistics
    Black Stalker - level 17               Basilisk - level 7
    Type A: OB = 165/90   DB = 90          OB = 70/55/50   DB = 70
    THT = 65       MTHT = 79/41            THT 84    MTHT 69/66/99
    Weapon - 2-handed sword/pound          Weapon - bite/claw/swing
    Armor - Cuirbouili leather             Special attack-gaze (7-10 sec.)
                                               Immobilize - (20 - 30 sec.)
   Type B: OB = 165/90   DB = 90
   THT = 83       MTHT = 79/41         The  basilisk is a serpent - ostrich
   Weapon - short sword/pound          with punishing natural attacks. Dead
   Armor - none                        basiliks  will drop silvers  and the
odd useful item  when searched,  but   eyes,  and an attitude.  They've got
not chests, to my knowledge.           enough clout  to be dangerous with a
                                       short sword, never mind a two-handed
Stalkers are bi - pedal  beasts with   weapon. As I mentioned earlier, they
cloven  hooves,  knobby  fists,  red   frequently drop Level II chests.
    Here's what you will find through the clearing south of greater orcs:
   |\  Map of Stalkers, Ye Dead Path of Trees and Bare Peakes of Smatoth  \
   |                                                                     |
   |                                   tree bridge                       |
   |                                  to cockatrices                     |
   |                                        |                            |
   |                                      ( )   Upper                    |
   |                                       |       Kaldesfang            |
   |                 ..................   ( )--> swamp                   |
   |  Here be Basilisks     ( )       :    |                             |
   |   and Vengeful  :     /   \      :   ( )--> gorcs                   |
   |  Black Stalkers :   /       \    :    :                             |
   |                 :( )         ( ) : go clearing                      |
   |                 : |           |  :    :                             |
   |                 :( )         ( )-----( )        Dead Path           |
   |                /:   \        /   :    go path      ( )   Deathwoodes|
   |               ( :    ( )--( ) ...:        \      /  |  \            |
   |                 :............:( )--( )    ( ) ( )--(u)--( )   and   |
   |            climb // trail    /        \      \   \  |  /  Malicious |
   |               to    \      ( ) Smatoth ( )     \   ( )  Tree Spirits|
   |             Skeletal  )       \         |        \  |               |
   |                Giants   \ _ _ _( )     ( )         ( )              |
   |                                   \   /     u = up into top of      |
__ |                                    ( )          giant tree          |
                             (untitled poem)
     Who hath seen flames               Despairing
     and loveth not the Dark?           they laid tomorrow's promises
                                        upon dry needles
     wood elves amble up the trail      and grief ignited.
     steel wrapped in wool
     to quiet clangs                    On the trail below
     their purpose sharp --             kinderslayers scowl
     the dark elf village;              at scents which follow
     a moment's confusion               on the evening breeze
     upon finding none but              a young one asks:
     children sleeping                  how --
     not knowing local holidays         do they not love their
                                        young as we do?
     Later                              another answers, No
     dead parents                       try not to understand them
     buried their own hearts            they aren't, you know
     but could not commit               real elves like us
     immortal flesh
     now cold, to earth.                            Greywulf Aliantha
                  Successful Thievery: How to Pick a Pocket
 _______________       by Lord Artuero Bresnahanini
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+| e  now  turn   our   For those of you who don't know, the
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | attention  to  the   command    which     initiates     a
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | much-maligned,  if   pickpocketing   attempt   is   STEAL
/@| _|__/  \__|_| undeniably  useful   <TargetName>.   The thief  must have
\_/_____________/ art   of   picking   at least  one hand  free in order to
pockets. I must apologize that  I've   make an  attempt. As  we  shall  see
not been able to ascertain the exact   later, having  both  hands  free  is
mechanics of the pickpocketing  pro-   advisable.
cess.  Indeed, the  following  model
is  most likely erroneous in several   A simplified formula  is  set  forth
respects. Still, I believe the model   below.  I will  discuss  what  makes
provides a framework for understand-   up  the Thief's Total  Bonus and the
ing the basics of picking pockets.     Target's Total Bonus presently.
  |  R  =  D100  +  (Thief's Total Bonus)  -  (Target's Total Bonus)  |
The  D100  is  subject  to a fumble.   with an upper limit of the number of
If the  D100  =  1 or 2, the  thief,   silvers  the   target  is  carrying,
regardless  of  any  other  factors,   possibly (though I do not believe it
fails  his   attempt  to   pick  the   is) modified by the amount of silver
target's  pockets.    In  fact,  the   the target is carrying and the bonus
thief  botches his attempt  so badly   of the  target.  For example, on any
that the  victim notices.  The  only   given  successful  attempt,  I  gain
way to  achieve  this  extraordinary   somewhere  between   110   and   170
failure is through the fumble  roll.   silvers. I can't say how this number
A  pickpocket,  no  matter  how bad,   is  reached, except that it seems to
cannot be discovered without rolling   depend on  my skill more than on the
a 1 or 2 on his D100.                  target's defenses.

Barring a  fumble, the  two  results   Now let us turn to what makes up the
possible are as follows:               Thief's and  the  Target's  bonuses.
                                       While I  believe I have been able to
R  = < 100:  the thief fails to gain   identify all  of the  factors  which
sufficient advantage  to   pick  the   make up  the bonuses,  I  have  been
target's pocket.                       unable to  determine  how  they  are
                                       weighted,  so   please   take   this
R  >  100:  the  thief's  attempt is   information  with   a  rather  large
successful. If the target carries no   grain of salt.
silvers, the thief will discover the
fact.  Otherwise, the thief  grabs a   The Total  Thief Bonus  consists  of
handful of silvers.                    his Pick  Pockets skill  bonus  plus
                                       (or minus) his Self-Discipline bonus
I believe  the number of coins taken   plus his  AGility bonus. The formula
depends on  the skill  of the thief,   might go something like this:
(Total Thief Bonus) = Pickpocket Skill + [(SD + SD + AG)/3] + Other Factors
Other factors include:  Picking from   The Total  Target Bonus  consists of
hiding/invisible (a bonus), injuries   the Target's Perception skill bonus,
(a penalty), having both or only one   his Pick  Pocket  skill  bonus,  his
hand free (a penalty for having only   QUickness  and  his INtuition.  I am
one   hand   free),   and   possibly   less confident  about  this  formula
encumbrance.                           than about the thief's:
 (Total Target Bonus) = Perception + Pickpocket Skill + [(IN + IN + QU)/3]
                                    -5-                             More...
The target apparently does not  have   Even  though  Toady  is  only   half
to make a dexterous move  type roll,   Ricardo's level, Ricardo is going to
so things  like  injuries  or encum-   have  a hard  time picking his pock-
brance should not affect his chances   ets, as he  needs to  roll a  93  or
of having his pockets picked.          better to be successful.
Now for a few examples.  This month,       R =  93 +  103 - 95 = 101
Remus's nefarious  younger  brother,
Ricardo, takes  a trip to hobland to   Ricardo tries a few times and  never
do  some  "collecting."  Ricardo  is   rolls over a 92.  On his fourth try,
eighth level with  great interest in   Ricardo  rolls a 1.  This results in
picking  pockets, so  he has  double   Toady's noticing  Ricardo's  attempt
trained throughout  his  career.  He   to steal from him. Yipes!
has no injuries, both hands free, is
unencumbered,  and  will  not strike   Ricardo grins, and runs away.  Toady
from hiding at all, as  he wishes to   vows to  train harder so that he can
make this a quick run.                 someday pick Ricardo's pockets.
Ricardo has  20 ranks of pick pocket   In reality,  however,  once  thieves
skill, giving  him a  skill bonus of   get  to  be  a  high  enough  level,
90.  He is a common man with a 90 SD   through a fair amount of training in
and a 90 AG; his stat bonuses are 15   perception and picking pockets, they
and 10.  Putting these numbers  into   effectively    close     out     the
the picker's formula, we get:          possibility that  anyone  can  steal
                                       from them.   Other  classes  may  do
 Total Thief Bonus = 90 + [(15 + 15    this as  well, although it will take
      + 10)/3] = 103.3, or +103        a bit longer and cost more dps.
His first target is a 3rd level mage   I have  noticed that  the way people
named Bartholomew.   Like most mages   train leads  to the situation that I
and sorcerers,  Bart has not trained   can pick  some  people  all  of  the
a lick in  perception  or in picking   time, and  some people  none of  the
pockets.  However, he is  a halfling   time.   There are  few people  who I
with 100 QU and 92 IN. His bonus is:   miss  only  occasionally,  and  this
                                       occurs   generally    when   I    am
 Total Target Bonus = 0 + 0 + [(35 +   attempting to  pick against  thieves
     35 + 12)/3] = 27.1, or 27         slightly lower than half my level.
Ricardo makes his first attempt, and   Pickpocketing is a worthwhile skill,
rolls a  32.                           from both  a defensive and offensive
                                       standpoint.   I do  suggest that any
 R = 32 + 103 - 27 = 108 = Success!    pickpocket  also  train  heavily  in
                                       weapons use,  however, as  there are
Ricardo gets away with say 75 coins.   many uncivilized  and immoral  folks
He  makes  another  attempt, but  he   in the land who will attempt to slay
only rolls a 24. This puts R at 100,   a  weaker  pickpocket,  rather  than
which  is  just low  enough so  that   take the  time to develop the skills
Ricardo fails to pick Bart's pocket.   necessary to defeat them.
Ricardo moves on to his next target,    /                                 \
this  time   a  fellow  thief  named   |           Beginner's Tip          |
Toady.   Toady has single trained in   |           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          |
both   picking    pockets   and   in   |   Develop safe habits by always   |
perception; he is fourth level, with   |   getting your weapon first so    |
stat  bonuses of 40 QU and 25 IN (He   |   that it will be in your right   |
is a fair elf).  Toady's bonus:        |   hand. Then remove your shield.  |
                                       |                                   |
Total Target Bonus = 30 + 30 + [(40     \_________________________________/
       + 40 + 25)/3] = 95
                             The Price of Love
 _________                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ _____ \                  by Jarran Terraxx
\@| ~|_|~  |
  |  | |   |
 _|  |~|   | t was early  afternoon,   "You  know  how much Lanara loves me
/@| _|~|_  | the  sun partially hid-   and  how I love her.  So, with a lot
\_/ ~~~~~ /  den by thick clouds.  A   of  work  and  courage, I'm good and
  ~~~~~~~~  cool breeze was blowing,   ready  to  propose  to her.  Well, I
making  it a nice day as I walked to   was  ready."  His  eyes  showed  his
the  bank, enjoying the scenery as I   pain at that last statement.  With a
went.   The  leaves had changed to a   deep breath he continued.
myriad  of  colors  and  were strewn
across  the  road  where they'd been   "I  have  been saving money for some
left  by the wind.  The streets were   time, and today was finally going to
worn  and weathered by time and man.   get  her that beautiful ring and ask
Some  of  the buildings were old and   her  to  marry me.  So I came to the
dirty,  but  many  still  looked  as   bank, got all my money and headed to
fresh as the day they were built.      the  gemcutter's shop.  I pointed to
                                       the  ring  and reached for my pouch.
My  pockets  bulged from the coins I   That's  when  I realized someone had
had found on a rude orc that thought   taken  my  every  coin."  His  voice
he  was good enough to beat me.  For   faltered.
once  I was happy at the fact that I
had gotten at least a little money.    "Vallar,  I'm  so sorry.  But I have
                                       money,  maybe  even  enough," I said
As  I  made  way  up the road to the   hopefully, forcing a smile.
bank I looked at it, and realized it
had  seen  better days.  Entering, I   His  look left me speachless, but it
nodded to the guard, and happened to   was  his next statement that shut me
notice  a friend of mine leaning his   up.
head  against  the  old cracked wall
off  to  one  side of the tellers --   "I  can't take your money.  I appre-
the look on his face making my heart   ciate  the offer, but I can't accept
sink.  He looked as if his world had   it.   I  also can't ever tell Lanara
come to an end.                        about  this  --  it  would crush her
                                       heart."  He patted my shoulder as if
"Vallar? You all right?" I asked.      HE were trying to reassure ME.
Slowly  he looked up at me, his eyes   Suddenly,  I brightened.  "Let's get
almost  in tears.  "No, I'm not," he   you  that  money right now.  Between
said, his voice devoid of emotion.     the  two of us, we can rake it up in
                                       no time."
I placed my hand on his shoulder and
steered  him  outside  bank, pulling   He  shook  his head sadly and looked
him off to one side.  "Why don't you   up at me.  "How to tell you this, my
tell  me what happened," I said in a   friend?"
quiet voice.  "Maybe I can help."
                                       My  heart  felt  as if it knew some-
He  shook his head slowly.  "I doubt   thing I  didn't.  "Come on, it can't
there is anything you can do."         be  all  that bad.  You just need to
                                       go out there and get the money.   We
"You can talk to me.  We're the best   can do it easily in a few hours."
of friends, remember?"
                                       "No," he said solemnly, "I'm leaving
He  nodded  and with a sigh of hope-   here  for  good,  going  where there
lessness  began  talking,  his  eyes   aren't   thieves  to  make  people's
seeming to fade off to the distance.   lives miserable. I need you to do me
                                    -7-                             More...
a big  favor;  watch out for Lanara,   thing  I  had  to leave to take care
until maybe I can return."             of,  and you don't know when I'll be
I  stood  there  in  shock  for what
seemed an eternity.  I couldn't make   My  heart sank as I realized nothing
myself  not believe what he had just   I  could  say  or  do  would  change
said.   Finally,  I was able to find   this.   All that was  left was honor
my voice -- at least, I think it was   what he asked of me. So I nodded and
my  voice.   "You  can't  mean that!   gave him my word.
What about Lanara?  She'll be heart-
broken!   Don't do it, stay here, we   He  smiled, revealing a bitterness I
can  find  the  thief,  and get your   had  never  seen before.  "You are a
money back. It won't be hard to do."   good  friend, Jarran.  Thank you.  I
                                       can  never  repay  you for this.  Do
He  looked at me sadly.  "I know who   take good care of her for me."
did  it  -- I only passed one person
between the bank and the gemcutter's   I  nodded.   "But  despite  what you
shop   --   but   even  together  we   say,  I'll figure out who this thief
couldn't  do it.  We'd wind up dead.   is,  and  I swear upon my honor that
At  least  not yet.  But keep train-   they'll pay for this disgrace.
ing,  make yourself better, then one
day,  when it's time, I'll come back   Sighing.  "As you wish, Jarran, just
and  tell  you  who  it  was.  Don't   don't  get  killed  for  it."  Then,
worry;  you  know  what  goes around   after  grasping  my arm briefly in a
comes  around.   That thief will get   warrior's   salute,  he  turned  and
it one of these days -- yes, it WILL   headed for the town gates.
happen -- and the thief will know it
was me whose love was lost."           I  watched  him go, vowing that this
                                       would not go forgotten.  With that I
I looked at him, anger  barely under   resolutely  went  into  the bank and
control. "Who was it?"                 deposited  my  money, determined not
                                       to  fall  prey  to a thieve's pocket
He shook his head, "No, not today or   picking.   Then I made my way to the
anytime soon. I don't want your life   temple to look for Lanara.  My heart
on  my  hands.   Just  take  care of   was  heavy  with  the  news I had to
Lanara   for   me,  and  watch  your   deliver  as  the  clouds  broke  and
pockets,  my friend.  This thief has   began pouring rain.
no  morals  and  you'll only wind up     ________________________________
being another victim."                  /                                \
                                       |              Earn                |
I grabbed his wrist, "Don't you dare   |                                  |
leave!   Don't  let  a thief ruin it   |     FREE WEEKENDS IN KULTHEA     |
all  for you, you still love Lanara!   |     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     |
Build your money up again and try it   |  You too can enjoy a completely  |
on another day!"                       |  free weekend in the lands of    |
                                       |  GemStone III.  All you have to  |
He  looked at me with sadness.  "You   |  to do is have three submissions |
don't  understand, Jarran.  Today is   |  of at least one page each       |
a  special day for her, and I wanted   |  published in Kelfour Edition.   |
to make it even more special by pro-   |  We'll even help you polish it.  |
posing.   But  it's lost, the moment   |  Stories, How-To's, Poetry, etc. |
is  gone, and I won't be a victim to   |                                  |
this  thief  any  longer.   I'm  not   |  For full details, send GE Mail  |
getting  money  to  support a thief,   |  to Publisher Phaedra Bleu at    |
especially  one  who has ruined this   |  the address P.HERRINGTON.       |
for  me  and Larana.  And you are to   |                                  |
never, ever to tell Larana about it!   |                                  |
Just  say  something happened, some-    \________________________________/
                             The Thieves Guild
 ____________      Player Editorial by Kahsmire Drakkhen
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "|  |
  |    //|"|  | world without morals   One  of  its rules consists of a fee
 _|   //=|"|  | or  laws  to  govern   each  member  is required to ask for
/@|  //  |"|  | the  actions  of its   in  preforming  task  of picking and
\_/ ~~   ~~~ /  inhabitants  becomes   disarming  a  chest.   This  rule is
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  a world of  chaos and   what  I would call the "2-3 scoops."
self-destruction.   This is the case   A  scoop  is  what many people would
in the world of Kulthea.               refer  to  as  1 single gathering of
                                       coins  from the chest, since a chest
Upon  its  rich land, there are many   usually  has  more  coins in it than
different types of race and classes,   that.  Guild members are required to
each  having its own form of govern-   charge 2 scoops for a regular locked
ment  to  help  keep them civilized.   chest  and 3 scoops for one that has
But those who aren't governed by any   was  trapped.   For calculation pur-
known  set  of  rules become savages   poses,  this  comes  to about 20% of
and roam around quite freely.          what  may  be  in  the  chests for 2
                                       scoops,  and about 30% for 3 scoops.
For  the  past  three years, Kulthea   Not  only is this a rule required of
has  had  no government of any sort,   members, it  apparently accounts for
but  instead,  each  person has been   income of its members as well.
free  to  make his own rules.  Lucky
for  many of us, within the gates of   Let  me  explain.  the case.  When a
Kelfour there are a set of laws that   Thief  Guild  member  charges  you 2
everyone  must  abide  by.  But with   scoops or 20%, he is allowed to keep
the laws in the town, there are also   half  of  it,  and the other half is
rules  and  laws  within  the guilds   required to be put into the treasury
which  a  couple  of classes seem to   of the Guild.
have formed.  Apparently, each guild
has  set  their own set of rules and   Does  that  seems fair, that you get
laws  for their members to abide by.   to  keep  half the share even though
But  along with the rules, there are   you are doing all the work.  But why
also   advantages   to  joining  the   join  the guild when you can keep it
guild...   if you can call             all  to  yourself?   It  seems  more
them advantages.                       logical  to  keep  it  all yourself,
                                       don't  you think?  Those half shares
One  guild in particular seems to be   really add up if you think about it.
causing  disturbances  in the lands.   Think  of  all  the laen shields you
The  guild  I am referring to is the   could  buy,  or  that special weapon
Thief Guild.  It was formed recently   you  can  save  up  for or that ET'd
and,  from the looks of it, seems to   hide you've been dieing to have.  So
have  accumulated  a  fair number of   why  join  the  Thief  Guild?  There
members  who  all possess one unique   must  be  other  advantages  to draw
ability,  that of being able to pick   members, let me get right to them.
locks on treasure chests.
                                       One  advantage  is that it creates a
At  first glance, this seems to be a   sense  of  closeness  or  what  they
group  of  unique people with unique   would "fellowship." One member help-
abilities  who  can  help  the lands   ing  another  member in the need.  A
alot.   But  why  would  a  thief or   long  lasting friendship to the end,
anyone  who  can  pick a lock join a   or as long as the Thief Guild lasts,
group  like this?  As I said, it has   or  even  as  long  as you are still
advantages,  but  it  also has rules   with  them.  But it seems strange to
that  its  members must follow.  Let   join  a  guild  just for that.  When
me  share  with you some of things I   you  are in the game you create your
have learned about the this Guild.     own  friends  and group that you can
                                    -9-                             More...
help  or  go  hunting with.  You and   them.  Your guess is as good as mine
your  fellow adventurers create that   about how strict or lenient they may
bond   of   friendship   yourselves,   be  about  infractions  --  and  you
especially  when  you  find trouble.   don't know any of these things until
So  why  join  the Thief Guild?  You   you have already joined.
don't  need them to create closeness
or fellowship. It is created even as   I  have shared with you some of what
you  sit  in  the  temple talking to   I have learned about this guild.  It
someone you never talked to before.    seems  like  a good idea to join, so
                                       why  do  many  refuse or are against
Apparently,  as  I  found  out,  the   it?   It  seems  that  a  rumor,  or
sense  of  fellowship created by the   possibly    the   truth   has   been
Thief Guild  also gives its member a   circulated about the Thief Guild.
sense  of  protection.   If you like   
the  idea  of  going out hunting and   One  of these rumors is that the two
having  two  Lords  watch  over you,   high   Lords  are  out  looking  for
then maybe this is an advantage.  As   members.  You must be at least level
I  found out, the two high Lords who   5 and have lockpicking and disarming
govern  the  Thief  Guild watch over   skills.  And from what I have heard,
members closely, aiding themif there   anyone   who  has  those  skills  is
is  trouble  by  sending  help.   It   required  to  join.   First they are
seems odd to me that two Lords would   asked  to  join  but if they refuse,
protect   you  from  something  your   the  pressure  starts.   If  this is
group  is  not  able to, though they   true,  I disagree with these tactics
may  be  the  same  rank as you are.   the  Thief Guild is using to recruit
The  two  illustrious  Lords  of the   membership.    A  person  should  be
Thief  Guild  are  Lord  Mikhail and   allowed to decide their own fate and
Lord  Artuero,  and they just happen   choose freely without pressure as to
to be the two highest thieves in the   whether they should join.  I see lot
lands.   Apparently, if you become a   of people who have joined the guild,
member,  you  are  also protected by   but  I  don't know whether they were
them   from   being  harrassed.   If   pressured  to  do  so  because  they
someone  is found to be harrassing a   won't  say.   This  makes  me wonder
member,  the  penalty  is  death.  I   what   happens  if  someone  changes
shudder to think of making a mistake   their mind and wants to resign.
like  that  and  having  those Lords   
come after me.                         The  other  story  going around that
                                       angers  people  like me in Kelfour's
Another  advantage,  I  am  told, is   is  that  whoever openly opposes the
that  members  can  borrow  from the   Thief   Guild  will  be  dealt  with
guild  treasury.   Now that is truly   severely. As to  how  severely,   my
an  advantage.  But what's the limit   guess is death.  I personally am op-
on  how  much  you can borrow -- and   posed to this Guild.  It is a matter
how  much  interest  do they charge?   of  opinion  and I have the right to
Only members know.  As I walk around   address  it if I choose.  No one has
Kelfour,   I  look  at  these  guild   the   right  to  harm  me  for  this
members  and  it seems that they are   opinion,  and  if they do, they will
very  well equipped, so the treasury   prove  these  rumors  to be true.  A
must  be  generous.   But as we have   person  should  be entitled to their
learned   in  life,  you  don't  get   own  opinions and be able to express
something  for  nothing.   What does   them freely if they choose to do so.
the  guild get for these loans, what   It  seems  that  you  are also dealt
happens if you don't pay it back?      with severly if you try to bring the
                                       Thief  Guild down.  If expressing my
Only  its  members  fully  know  the   opinions  should  have  that effect,
rules governing the Thief Guild, and   then so be it.
all  members  are required to follow
                          The Knight and the Lady
                             by Valeria Deering
                   In a faraway land dwelt a noble Knight
               Peace blessed the lands which called him lord
                   Yet one day he laid aside book and pen
                   Once again buckled on armor and sword
                  And then into the chamber came his Lady.
                 She saw him geared as for war with dismay
                    "Why dost thou bear arms and sword?"
                    Asked the Lady of her noble Knight.
                       "Whither goest thou, my lord?"
                      And trembled she, his fair Lady.
                 "There is need for me in the shadow lands
                And I shall be on the road by first light."
                     Visions of battle and heroic deeds
                 Fired the heart of the courageous Knight.
                   "But naught to concern thee, my Lady."
                  "Pray do not, my lord, go again questing
                  Surely, for us, peace is the better lot
                    What good is slaying giants to home
               And hearth?  'Twould leave thee little thought
                       Little thought for thy Lady."
                 "Lady, friends from afar call for mine aid
                   Sworn enemies doth cry out their hate
                  Tonight, I ride for the lands of shadow
                      For no man e'er escapes his fate
                        And so, au revoir, my Lady."
                   As e'ening fell he rode from his keep
                Nothing would stop him, this valiant Knight
                      On his quest for death or glory
                    Not ogre nor giant nor barrow wight
                       Nor e'en the tears of a Lady.
                    Paupers' All Hallow's Eve Masquerade
 ____________       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \  ______  \               by Phaedra Bleu
\@| /~/~~\~\ |
  ||~|    |~||
 _||~|    |~|| n All  Hallow's  Eve,   plush mohair hobbit suit, some hairy
/@| \~\__/~/ | the House  of Paupers   hobbit  foot boots with hairy hobbit
\_/  ~~~~~~  / was discovered  to be   hand  gloves, fake hobbit ears, blue
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ haunted, complete with   plaid  pants  with  a  bright yellow
roaming  ghosts,  a  raging bon-fire   shirt,  a  dark green feathered cap,
where    lovely   bard   DreamWeaver   and a  forest green knapsack decora-
Oenothara  entertained with song and   ted with an embroidered windak tree.
story  (accompanied  at  times  by a
gargoyle), and the swimming pool was   As  the  personification  of winter,
filled  with  a  strange  red  gooey   lovely  Fair Elf Sylvermyst Sadheart
substance.                             placed  fourth.   Her  long  braided
                                       silver hair and violet eyes were set
Fortunes  were told, apples contain-   off  with  a  sheer  silvery veil, a
ing prizes were bobbed for, and some   wreath  of  silver frosted leaves, a
adventurers were mysteriously trans-   sheer gauze bodice tastefully dotted
ported to a strange place.             with  small  silver  frosted leaves,
                                       silvery gauze veils suspended from a
The  highlight  of the evening was a   delicate  silver belt clasped at the
gala  costume  contest  sponsored by   waist  with  a single silver frosted
the  House  and  judged  by officers   leaf, delicate silver sandals, and a
Lord Kirc Bloodguard, Lairaerrythork   silvery  satin pouch.  She carried a
TykilVuul and myself, Phaedra Bleu.    frosted silver-tipped wand and  sil-
                                       ver tipped rose.
Taking first place  in this costume
contest  was  Lord Caretaker D'Bold-   Fifth  place  went to Sahardes Star-
Home,  the  Dwarf  Healer.   He wore   gazers,  the  Half-Elf  Fighter.  He
rose  colored  spectacles,  a  thick   wore  a  mask  in  the  shape  of  a
beard braided into two plaits at the   snarling  panther,  its  eyes shaped
ends,  a  cloak  woven from numerous   from  deep  green  emeralds  and its
troll beards, a moldy wolverine pelt   whiskers  from  gold wire, a panther
overcoat, some grey sackcloth pants,   suit  with  a  long  graceful  tail,
and tattered rags wrapped around his   clawed  panther  boots,  and panther
feet.   Caretaker  pestered everyone   paw gloves.
with  his  begging bowl and infected
us all with fleas.  A truely pitiful   Among five great prizes were a magic
character.                             falchion,  a  black satin magician's
                                       cape,   Eidolon,  City  of  the  Sky
Second  place went to Bugg Hornwort,   (Shadow  World  Sourcebook),  Quell-
the Halfling.  Hilarious Bugg wore a   bourne: Land of the Silver Mist mod-
mask that resembled the face of Lord   ule,  & RoleMaster Character Records
Mikhail   Minnehan,   complete  with   Book containing individual character
black  eyepatch  and  a  bulbous red   sheets   for  every  RM  profession,
rubber  nose.   He  was dressed in a   compliments of Simutronics.
harlequined  jester's  robe  in red,
black  and yellow, with sleeves that   The  contest was EmCee'd by graceful
drug upon  the  ground,  topped by a   Nerilka   Ferine,  and  participants
jester's  cap with silver bells.  He   numbered  an auspicious 13 -- all of
found nourishment in a rubber pickle   whom   were   simply   marvelous  --
and  tickled  the party-goers with a   including    Artuero   Bresnahanini,
limp chicken familiar.                 Catrissa  Dakhati,  Bleys Airelious,
                                       Mikhail   Minnehan,  Stanyon  Sting,
Lord  Gallenod  Varynesti, the Half-   Iliana Calmar, Gregor Deathwish, and
Elf Ranger, placed third.  He wore a   Alyssa Sandorala.
 _________         What Do You Mean, You Can't Hit a Centaur?
/ \ _____ \        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~  |        Player Editorial by Lord Certain Justice
  |  | |   |
 _|  |~|   |
/@| _|~|_  | wanted  to  call   this   get  spell  and  critical hit exper-
\_/ ~~~~~ /  "GMs: The Good, The Bad   ience  along  the  lines of the ori-
  ~~~~~~~~   and The Ugly,"  but I'm   ginal  RoleMaster algorithms.  Sure,
told  that title was used elsewhere.   sure  the  E  crit  we  roll against
Besides,  it  would be unfair, some-   kobolds  that  happen to wander into
what untrue, and possibly too kind a   our path in the woods would be a big
generalization  to label our tormen-   deal  -- until its divided by twenty
tors  with.   Seriously,  I have en-   or  more.   I for one wouldn't waste
joyed   most,  if  not  all  of  the   power points or  connect time to get
special   events   that   have  been   two  experience points from a kob or
materializing  in  the lands lately.   hob if I could  still get ten from a
The  fog  golems were cute, it would   ghoul king, guardian or stalker.
have  been nice to get them back now
and  then (before the ruins became a   It's  not getting less and less from
dangerous  place  to play and get no   slaughter  of  lower  level monsters
experience).  It's really surprising   that's   irksome,   didn't  we  stop
that  newbies weren't slaughtered by   decrying  the  fact that there is no
the  bellacorns  at  the town gates.   longer   experience   in  murder  in
But  enough  of  these positive com-   Kulthea?   What  we  demand  is that
ments,   this  is  meant  to  be  an   experience  be awarded for effective
editorial on spell experience.         use  of  spells.   And until you can
                                       come  up  with an acceptable defini-
It  may only be amongst the Lords, I   tion  of  effective,  any spell that
realize there aren't that many of us   works  should  have worth.  I'm sure
over twenty-fourth level, but it's a   that   you   will  quiet  a  lot  of
lot  of  work  to  charge  up,  burn   grumbles with a token one experience
devices and then risk a ring to nick   point  per  power point required for
a  centaur or get webbed by a spider   the   spell.   My  pet  modification
and  have  to logoff until he leaves   would  be  to  multiply  this by the
town.  Even when there are enough of   level  of  the target divided by the
us  around  to  cajole a priest into   level  of the caster (rounded up, of
summoning   a  mammoth  spider,  the   course) for offensive spells and the
experience for the hours of planning   inverse for defensive, only allowing
and  effort  has  to be split six to   the defensive experience for casting
ten ways.  That is unless you happen   on  player characters; no mass blurs
to only contribute defensive bonuses   on torkaans.
to  the  party  or calm or blind the
creature   to  the  benefit  of  the   If  you're afraid of disrupting game
entire  enterprise.   In  that event   balance  or  aggravating  someone or
your  experience is zip, nada, zero,   other, consider the players who have
yep a big goose egg.                   invested enough to become Lords, but
                                       who don't come around all that often
It  does not seem too much to ask to   any more.
  /                                                                      \
 |             GemStone III Graphics/Sound Front End Program              |
 |             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              |
 |   If you play GemStone III using an IBM-compatible system, check out   |
 |   Simutronics' Front End Program in the Library on page 930.  Great    |
 |   game enhancements and conveniences along with color and sounds!      |
 |                                                                        |
 _____________               A Tale To Be Told
/ \ _________ \              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |               by Eron Kulsen
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | wilight  came  early   noble wedding.  And  for  it  to  be
/@|   _|_|_   | that evening, bring-   Dagmar and  Kayla!   What  would  be
\_/__________/ ing  chill  winds and   worthy to give to the couple?  Alas,
ominous clouds from the north.  Eron   nothing I  could give.  I shall pray
huddled  by  the fire at the Wayside   over it;  perhaps an  idea will come
Inn,  staring  into  the  red-orange   from the gods to me."
flames and sipping warm spiced wine.
It had  been an  eventful day  to be   The following  day, Eron sat amongst
sure, yet  things were just about to   others  in  the  Temple,  recounting
get more interesting.                  battles of  the day, and showing off
                                       the scars  to prove them.  Suddenly,
A weary  messenger boy  came up  the   a rugged  gnoll came sauntering into
stairs looking worried.  "Excuse me,   the temple,  bringing a silence with
milord. I  was  sent  to  deliver  a   him.  He had a sturdy bag slung over
letter to  one  named  Eron  Kulsen.   his shoulders  and a  cane which was
Might you be he?"                      obviously not  meant to  be used for
                                       walking.  His hands were scarred and
"That I am, lad. You may deliver the   burnt,  his   skin   was   wrinkled,
letter and be on your way."            leathery, and  quite tan.  He'd  the
                                       looks of a smith, to be sure.
"Forgive me, my lord," stuttered the
boy, "I  have lost  the parchment  I   Several adventurers commented on his
was to  deliver you.   Yet  I  would   arrival.  Gnollish  workmanship  was
gladly recite the letter to you."      beyond compare, their weapons sought
                                       after  by  all  who  would  swing  a
"Then out  with it,  boy,"  muttered   sword.  The gnoll  glanced over  the
Eron.   "I'm  not  one  to  begrudge   silent crowd, rested  his gaze  upon
another's  mistakes--usually.  Speak   Eron, and scowled.  "You, Eron. I am
the message."                          told by the gods that you search for
                                       a unique gift. Because I owe a favor
Quickly the  youth sputtered out the   to  a certain goddess, I will use my
message:   "Eron, it is done.  Kayla   skills to  make such a gift.  Come."
has consented to be wed with me!  We
will be  married at  the  next  full   Eron  followed  the  gnoll,  leaving
moon,   in    the   wedding   glade.   gossiping whispers  in  the  temple.
Everyone will be there. Please, come   The  gnoll  walked in  silence for a
and celebrate  with me  and my love!   few blocks,  then abruptly  stopped.
Signed, Lord Dagmar Istarii."
                                       "Where might I find a suitable forge
"Torkaan teeth!  I didn't  think she   in this  town?   It seems  as though
would agree  so quickly.   I  didn't   the  gods'  directions  were  of  no
think he  would get the nerve to ask   help, as usual," scowled the gnoll.
so soon, for that matter!"
                                       "I might  be able to lead you there,
"Milord?" questioned  the messenger,   sir.   Along the  way, might  you be
holding out an eager hand.             willing   to    entertain   a    few
                                       questions?" Eron  responded,  taking
"Ah,  forgive   me,  here  you  go."   the lead towards the smithy.
Deftly, Eron  tossed the  boy a  few
silvers.                               "No," said the gnoll, "so don't even
                                       bother to ask."
"Now,  what  to  get  as  a  wedding
gift?" thought  Eron.   "No  wedding   Eron  shrugged  this  off  and  soon
will be greater than this, the first   arrived  at   the  smithy,  standing
                                   -15-                             More...
aside to  allow the gnoll to inspect   bellows again.  "Start pumping, lad.
the area.  Mumbling to  himself, the   This fire isn't getting any hotter."
gnoll  nodded   his   approval   and
quickly went  to work,  putting  his   In a  daze, Eron  set the shimmering
bag down and producing various tools   iridescent falchion  down and  began
from it.   Among  them were a rather   working the large bellows. As before
large bellows, a smith's hammer, and   the runes on the anvil glowed, and a
a rune-covered anvil.                  loud roar  brought essence  into yet
                                       another falchion  under the  gnoll's
"Now then," inquired the gnoll,"what   hammer,  blinding  Eron  as  before,
did you have in mind?"                 even though his eyes were closed and
                                       prepared this time around.
"Well," replied Eron, "I've heard of
the fine  craftsmanship of  gnollish   Wearily the  gnoll  walked  over  to
weaponry. Certainly  such would make   Eron, picking up the falchion on the
a good gift in these lands."           ground,  and  handed  two  identical
                                       shimmering iridescent  falchions  to
The gnoll merely nodded and soon had   him. Eron  accepted them  without  a
the  coals   white  hot  inside  the   word, and knew the value of the gift
forge.   Taking hammer  in hand  and   he had  received.  Then, stammering,
producing an  ordinary falchion from   Eron tried  to thank  the smith, but
his bag, he began to heat the blade.   the gnoll would have none of it.
"Well, hurry  with  it,  man!  These   Gathering up  his things,  the gnoll
coals won't  stay hot forever!  Grab   slung the  bag over his shoulder and
the bellows and start pumping!"        bid Eron a farewell and a thanks.
Eron quickly  did as he was told and   "Thanks?" Asked  Eron, "But  it is I
watched the  smith begin  his  work.   who should-"
After  the  falchion  was  hot,  the
gnoll  hammered  at the blade, chan-   "Nay," said  the gnoll, "Now I don't
ting  in  a  language Eron had never   owe  any  more  favors to the gods."
heard.   Soon  the runes engraved on   And  with a wink and a grin from ear
the  anvil began to glow as brightly   to  ear, the gnoll left Eron holding
as   the  falchion,  adding  to  the   two of the finest swords in Kulthea.
brilliance and heat in the room.
Suddenly the  gnoll raised his voice            night         by Trachten
in an  ear splitting  roar, bringing
in a  magical flow  of essence  that        Reann's light
knocked  Eron   to  his  knees,  and        glints on darkened steel
brought the falchion's brightness to        as I slide
that of the sun.                            through the trees
                                            young ranger comes
After several  moments Eron's vision        crashing in behind me
cleared, revealing the gnoll sitting        finger to lips does not still
back in a slump, holding in his hand        hand to chest does
a  shimmering,  iridescent falchion.        glistening sleek cat
Gaping,  Eron  accepted the falchion        pads into clearing ahead
from  the gnoll and could only stare        swishing its tail
at the magnificent blade.                   child scared slightly shifts
                                            puma is on him
The gnoll  took a  deep  breath  and        four claws cut deeply
stood up. He said, "This gift is for        one feeble steel gash in return
a  wedding  couple,  I  understand."        I swing from the shadows
Unable to speak, Eron faintly nodded        cat dies yeowling
and turned  his  gaze  back  to  the        student shakes from fevered chills
shimmering   falchion.   The   gnoll        keeping company with the akbutege
nodded and  sighed, handing Eron the        on trip back to town
 _______________      Undermining Kelfour's (Part 2)
/ \ ____    ____\     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+|         by Llorien Silvanestii
  |  |~\~\/~/~| |
 _|  |~|\~~/|~| |
/@| _|~| ~~ |~|_| aybe  we'd  better   "Headed   north  on  Andraax, that's
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~/ go  back  and talk   all I know."
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to the  shop  owner
and see if he can shed some light on   "Probably headed  for the gates, you
the  subject,"  Pterelas  suggested.   would think," surmised Pterelas.
A  few  minutes later  everyone  was
gathered around the still-recovering   A voice  from a  dark corner  of the
shop   owner,  badgering   him  with   temple spoke  out. "They  must  have
questions.  Haltingly,  he  unfolded   been very  good at  hiding to get by
his story.                             me." A figure stood up and, throwing
                                       his hood  back, revealed  the visage
"Elves from  hell, they  were. Black   of Inyigo, ranger extraordinaire. "I
as coal  and as quiet as silk across   just came back from a little mapping
a newborn's backside, they were." He   trip, which  was not a great success
shivered  with  the  remembrance  of   since I  forgot to take my parchment
those dark  forms drifting noiseless   paper  with  me  again,  and  I  had
into his shop.                         paused at  the gates  to chat  for a
                                       while. No one passed us, going in or
"I told  them that I was closed, and   out, that I did not recognize."
Ignatius started to show them to the
door. They  spoke amongst themselves   "Very strange, since that means that
in a  strange  dialect,  so  I  only   they must have left by the river, or
caught  a   few  words.   Ghosts  or   else they  are still  in town. And I
spirits,  I  think  they  mentioned.   know that  the harbor master takes a
Plus  an  ancient  word  that  means   very dim  view of  people disturbing
powerful or strong. I also think one   him during dinner," Pterelas mused.
of   them   said   something   about
regretting what must be done. That's   "Well,  we  could take a walk around
when they attacked.                    town.   Maybe  someone  has  seen or
                                       heard  something  out  of the ordin-
"Ignatius  never  had  a  chance.  A   ary," said Aegyptia.
quick  blow to the  head and  he was
out like  a snuffed torch. I ran for   If  we   want  to  talk  to  people,
the door and received a  scimitar to   perhaps the town square would be the
the  gut for my  trouble.  The  next   place to start," Penna suggested.
thing I  remember was  one  of  them
hoisting Ignatius over his shoulder,   As they  headed west on  Half-Senit,
saying he might be helpful. The rest   the  adventurers were halted  by the
started  ransacking  the  shop,  ob-   sight of a  young child playing with
viously looking for something.  Then   a dagger. Not just any dagger, but a
they  spotted the weapons locker and   white one.
smashed  it  open,  grabbed the holy
weapons, and lit out into the night.   "Where did  you  find  that?"  asked
                                       Aegyptia.  "May I see it?"
"What  is   happening  to  our  fair
town?" lamented the shop owner. "Why   The child looked  cautiously  at the
have these  dark  ones  visited  our   group of well-armed  and, in Penna's
home and done this?"                   case  well-scarred, adventurers  and
                                       meekly handed  over the  dagger.  He
"Did  you   happen  to   see   which   then  turned tail and ran out off as
direction  they   headed?"   queried   fast  as  his short legs could carry
Pterelas. "Perhaps it is not to late   him.
to pick up the trail!"                                              More...
Upon  examining the knife,  Aegyptia   could've sworn  I was carrying 150,"
proclaimed,  "It's  eog!  I feel the   stated the  trader. "I  still  don't
power of Eissa emanating from it."     know how  you  managed  to  talk  me
                                       outta pressing charges."
"Seems like they were headed for the
gates after all. You sure you didn't   Penna  cleared her  throat. "This is
see anything, Inyigo?" Llorien asked   not getting us anywhere."
the ranger,  wondering if  the man's
perception was  equal to his  memory   "You're  absolutely  right,  Penna,"
and map-making skills.                 said Aegyptia.  "Let's just  quickly
                                       check it out and then move on."
Inyigo did not miss the inuendo  and
replied, "No  chance, music  man. At   As we  approached the  old well  and
least no  more of  a chance than you   the tree,  Pterelas suddenly stopped
singing off  key." Feeling  like  he   and pointed  into the  tree.  Seeing
had  put the bard into  his rightful   leaves rustling with no wind to stir
place, Inyigo  motioned the group to   them, Llorien boldly stepped forward
continue moving.  Llorien brought up   and  called   out  to   the   unseen
the rear,  muttering something about   intruder,   "Show    yourself,   you
a new  song dealing  with the  party   cowardly knave!"
antics of a certain drunk ranger.
                                       A  form  launched  itself  from  the
The town  square was strangely quiet   foliage, directly  at the bold bard.
with no one  passing through  except   A  flurry of  vigorous activity fol-
the local  trader, who  seemed to be   lowed as Llorien took several swings
moving rather  more quickly than was   to   dispatch   his   foe.  Pterelas
his wont.                              slapped  him  on  the  back, saying,
                                       "Nice  going, oh mighty hunter!"  as
"Hold up  there!"  called  Pterelas.   he pushed  the squirrel's corpse out
"What's your hurry?"                   of the way.
"I heard voices back there, though I   Llorien  blushed  as  he  wiped  the
did  not  understand  of  what  they   blood   from    his   falchion.   He
spoke,"  stammered  the  trader.  He   pretended to plant a kiss on Penna's
pointed to  the north  side  of  the   cheek and whispered in her ear, "Uh,
square. "And  they did  not sound at   dear?"
all pleasant.  But  I  couldn't  see
anyone, so I figured that it must be   "Yes, my love?" answered Penna.
some cutpurses planning an ambush."
                                       "Could  you,   uh,  that   is,   you
The only  things to  be seen  in the   see...," he  held out  his  hand  to
direction  the  trader  pointed were   Penna, who  saw the blood welling up
the  tree in  which  many of  us had   in numerous scratches on its back.
played in  our younger  days and the
old unused well.                       "Oh, Llorien! A squirrel? Again?"
"It was  probably just some children   "Hey, it  only took  me four  swings
playing a joke," chided Inyigo.        this  time.   Besides,"  he  pouted,
                                       "It's not  severed this  time,  only
"Maybe so,"  said the  trader,  "but   nicked."
one cannot take  chances when one is
carrying coin." He  stared  right at   Penna shook her head, took Llorien's
Pterelas, who looked sheepish.         hand in hers, and began to meditate.
                                       The scratches  faded  from his  hand
"It  was  only  a  prank,"  Pterelas   and reappeared  on hers. She uttered
said. "I did give it back."            a phrase of magic, and the scratches
                                       healed, leaving fresh red scars.
"You gave  me back 100 silver, and I                               More...
"Now  that  the  injured  have  been   Inyigo. "Want  me  to  airwall  you,
tended to,"  chuckled Aegyptia, "can   just in  case?" He  winked at  Penna
we continue?"                          and quickly  clambered over the side
                                       before  the   slighted  bard   could
Meanwhile,   Pterelas   and   Inyigo   retort.
wandered  over   by  the  old  well.
Suddenly Inyigo  stopped. "Hey, look   "Why do  I put  up with  this abuse,
here!"   exclaimed    the   stalwart   dear?"  He  looked at Penna inquisi-
ranger, pointing at the well.          tively.
Aegyptia gasped. A fine silver chain
with  a   small  pendant  shaped  in   "Because he's your friend," answered
Eissa's sign  lay wedged between two   Penna. "Besides,  who would help him
of the well's stones. She recognized   find his way back to town every time
it as  the only  piece of  adornment   he  goes   out   mapping?"   Llorien
that Ignatius ever allowed himself.    nodded.
"Maybe    they've     dumped    poor   "Hey, you  guys. Come on down here."
Ignatius's  body   down  the  well,"   Inyigo's voice  came from  the well.
Pterelas said.  Quickly grabbing the   From the tone of his voice something
well rope,  he lowered  himself hand   was  up,   and  soon   everyone  was
over hand  into the depths. We heard   squeezed together  in the  bottom of
him  call  up,  "Um,  could  someone   the  well.  "Look  here,"  he  said,
throw down  a torch? It's a bit dark   tracing around  an area of stonework
down here."                            roughly in  the  shape  of  a  door.
                                       "This looks  like it's  not part  of
Taking a  brand from  his  backpack,   the  original  construction  of  the
Inyigo struck  his flint against the   well."
rock wall  of the  well and soon had
the torch  burning. He  leaned  over   "A  secret   door?"  asked  Aegyptia
the side  and peered  down.  "Ready?   incredulously. "In this old well?"
Here it comes."
                                       "So,  how  do  we  open  it?"  asked
"Well?"  I  shouted.  "You find any-   Penna, looking  for a lever or other
thing?"                                means of  opening the door. Pterelas
                                       leaned over to take a closer look at
"No  sign   of  Ignatius,"  answered   an interesting  rock formation, with
Pterelas.  "But   this  is  curious.   Llorien peering  over his  shoulder.
Looks  like   the  dirt   has   been   Trying to  maneuver in  the  cramped
disturbed down here recently."         space,  Inyigo   accidentally  stuck
                                       Llorien in  the  backside  with  his
"Maybe you  better go  check it out,   dagger, which  he had  been using to
Inyigo," suggested Aegyptia.           scrape at the rocks.
"Oh sure,  and  get  all  yucky  and   "Hey, watch  that!" the bard yelped,
muddy," Inyigo  protested. But after   turning  around   quickly.  In   the
a stern  look from the ladies in the   process  of  doing  so,  he  jostled
group, he  threw up in hands in mock   Pterelas,  pushing  the  poor  boy's
surrender. "All right, I'm going! No   head into a protruding rock.
need to push!"
                                       "Ouch!" Pterelas  stood  up  rubbing
"I'll  stay   here  and   guard  the   his head.  But no one was paying any
ladies,"  Llorien  volunteered  gal-   attention  to   him.  Everyone   was
lantly.                                watching a portion of the well swing
                                       away to  reveal a  dark passage.
"In  case   some  half-crazed  robin
attacks,  right   Llorien?"  grinned             [To Be Continued]
                            Monster Compendium
 ____________                 by Xca Thedra
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "|  |
  |    //|"|  |s an aid to residents   In addition, fire rats and fire cats
 _|   //=|"|  | of Kelfour's Landing   are   new  species  and  may  evolve
/@|  //  |"|  | I have  compiled, to   somewhat  before  they  adapt to the
\_/ ~~   ~~~ /  the best of my abil-   environs of Kelfour's.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  ity, this list of the
monsters that roam the lands           Following  each  monster's  name  is
                                       information I consider important.  A
Although  I  conducted extensive re-   "U"  next  to  the  monster's  level
search  in  trying  to make sure all   indicates  it  is one of the undead.
statistics for each monster were re-   If  a  monster  can  be skinned, the
corded  accurately, you should allow   highest  price  Jarek will quote for
for  the  possiblity  that  I erred.   that  skin  is  shown  in  the  Skin
Also,   some  monsters  may  possess   column.   The line under a monster's
abilities  they failed to exhibit as   stats outlines offensive and special
I interviewed them for this census.    abilities.
Information on the ki-lin dates from   In  all  cases I have shown the base
the  time  it  was initially discov-   DB  without  regard to shield bonus.
ered.   Recently,  I  have  tried to   The  parry  tag  style of combat was
encourage  a lich to summon one, but   used  to  determine  relative quick-
the  liches  at  the  monestary have   ness.   If  I  could not parry tag a
proven most uncooperative and I have   creature it was rated fast.  Those I
not  been able to verify information   could  tag, if careful, rated medium
on the ki-lin.                         while  those that could be hit twice
                                       were rated as slow.
            Known Monsters Characteristics and Stats as of 11-92
                      Lvl    DB  Crits   CPS  Speed   Skin        Location
Accolyte, Spider      23    201  normal  500  medium  n/a           st
                      morning star(219)
Apparition, Dark       5 U   30  normal   90  medium  n/a           cp
                      broadsword(50), word of bleeding, limb pain, blur
Arachnid, Mammoth     27    254  small   575  medium  n/a           st
                      web, pincher(249), stinger(245)
Assassin, Shadow      18 U   90  large   180  fast    n/a           gy
                      scimitar(150), weaponfire, blur, hues, invisibility
Basilisk               7     60  small   130  slow    beak(45)      sm
                      immobilizing gaze, claw(55), bite(70), swing(50)
Bear, Black           11     60  large   290  slow    hide(100)     sf
                      22/rnd disease, bite(105), claw(110)
Bear, Brown            8     50  large   270  slow    skin(100)     dj,c0
                      15/rnd disease, bite(70), claw(70)
Bloodbeast             7 U   70  normal  120  fast    n/a           cp
                      acid spray, daggar(65)
Boar                  10     45  large   250  slow    snout(75)     sf
                      bite(100), charge(110)
Bounder                4     55  normal   80  fast    hide(90)      cc
                      claw(45), bite(55), stomp(40)
Cat, Fire             18     90  small   210  fast    claw(600)     sf
Centaur, Red          23    210  large   300  medium  hide(825)     st
                      stomp(180), charge(190), ensnare(180)
Chieftain, Sohleugir  11     45  normal  175  fast    crest(75)     sc
                      quake, morning star((95)
Cobra                  2     40  small    20  medium  skin(25)      gy
                      poison, bite(30)
Cockatrice             6     45  small    70  medium  feather(35)   lo
                      immobilizing gaze, claw(50), charge(40), pincher(60)
Deathwoode            13 U   70  small   210  medium  n/a           sm,ck
                      wind, tremors, lb(90), wbolt(90), bite(90), pound(100)
Dirge, Death           9 U   75  normal  125  medium  skin(35)      gy,ck
                      fear, calm, swing(60)
Eel, Moray             4     45  small    80  medium  skin(45)      ss
                      tusk(65), stinger(80)
Firephantom            6 U   20  normal   85  fast    n/a           bv,ck
                      firebolt(60), fireball(60), fire storm, swing(40)
Fisherman, Spectral    6 U   30  normal  100  medium  n/a           ss
                      grappling net(50)
Gemsting               4     45  small    60  medium  stinger(25)   mi
                      web, pincher(60), stinger(80), charge(65)
Ghost                  2 U   35  normal   50  medium  n/a           ce
Ghoul, Greater         3 U   20  normal   60  medium  scraping(45)  gy
Ghoul, Lesser          1 U   10  normal   25  slow    nail(45)      gy
Giant, Frost          19    100  large   275  medium  toe(100)      bg
                      quake, cold ball(100), immune to cold, sword(145)
Giant, Skeletal       12 U   40  normal  290  medium  bone(45)      sm
                      flail(110), pound(120)
Giant, Storm          18    105  large   300  medium  skin(100)     cp,sm
                      quake, wind, lb(100), wbolt(100), pound(140), axe(165)
Gnoll, Cave            3     35  normal   60  slow    n/a           sh
                      sword(60), spear(60), swing(60)
Gnoll, Ranger          5     40  normal   60  medium  n/a           sh
                      handaxe(60), claw(60)
Gnoll, Thief           7     30  normal   80  medium  n/a           sh
                      daggar(80), swing(80)
Gnome, Cave            2     30  normal   60  slow    scalp(35)     mi
Goblin                 2     30  normal   50  medium  skin(35)      gy,go,mr
                      scimitar(40), flail(40), swing(40)
Golem, Bone            8 U   30  normal  110  fast    bone(35)      dj
                      swing(100), ensnare(60), pound(90)
Golem, Crystal        12     70  large   220  slow    n/a           c2,mi
                      ensnare(90), stomp(70), morning star(90)
Golem, Steel          20    105  large   300  medium  n/a           c4,br
                      quake, pound(130), hammer(155), ensnare(90), swing(90)
Guardian, Cold        15    100  small   175  medium  n/a           bg
                      cold ball(100), ensare(65)
Guardian, Fire        16     70  small   195  medium  n/a           bv
                      firebolt(110), fireball (110), firestorm, swing(85)
Hobgoblin              3     25  normal   60  slow    scalp(35)     gy,ho
                      battle axe(50), sword(50)
Hound, Zephyr         24    192  small   500  medium  tooth(825)    st
                      25/rnd poison, bite(230), claw(220)
Karnelin               3     45  small    65  fast    hide(25)      df
                      charge(38), stomp(32), bite(41)
King, Ghoul           16 U   80  large   180  slow    finger(100)   gy,c3
                      fear, aura, claw(120), bite(125), pound(90)
Ki-lin                27    170  large   380  medium  horn(875)     mo
                      boil earth, stomp(210), ensnare(190), charge(220)
Kobold                 1     10  normal   30  slow    skin(25)      df,mr
                      sword(10), swing(18)
Lich, Monastic        27 U  175  large   385  medium  n/a           mo
                      summon Ki-lin, blinding, uncalm, falchion(247), drain
Lizardman, Sohleugir   7     40  normal  150  fast    skin(45)      sc
Lord, Wight           20 U  160  large   400  medium  skin(100)     c4
                      cloud, fear, wiz shield, boilearth, word stun,fal(155)
Manticore              9     55  large   150  fast    tail(35)      kf,c2
                      claw(70), stinger(75)
Marmot                10     70  small   150  medium  pelt(40)      ai
                      disease, bite(85), claw(65)
Monk, Monastic        25 U  170  normal  375  medium  n/a           mo
                      blinding, uncalm, dagger(250)
Mummy                  6 U   30  normal  100  medium  shroud(75)    gy
                      claw(40), ensnare(10)
Nymph, Sea             1     35  normal   45  medium  n/a           cc
                      song of holding, dagger(41)
Ogre, Large            8     20  normal  150  fast    n/a           cp,dj
                      claw(80), swing(100)
Ogre, Mountain        14    105  normal  200  medium  nose(75)      dj
                      cudgel(140), swing(140)
Orc, Dark             12     75  normal  170  medium  ear(55)       ai
Orc, Greater           5     50  normal   80  slow    scalp(45)     go,sm
                      scimitar(80), mace(80), sword(80)
Orc, Grey             10     90  normal  130  fast    beard(45)     df,dj
                      fire bolt(45) stun cloud, mace(90)
Orc, Lesser            4     30  normal   60  slow    hide(35)      mr,ho,lo
                      sword(60), cudgel(60), swing(60)
Phantom                2 U   20  small    45  medium  n/a           gy
                      aura, shock bolt (30), swing(20)
Priest, Spider        25    219  normal  525  medium  n/a           st
                      guidance, word of stun, summon Arachnid, rapier(221)
Puma                  15     70  normal  130  medium  hide(300)     sf
                      bite(150), claw(135)
Rat, Fire             16     75  small   200  fast    claw(600)     sf
                      claw(140), bite(155)
Rat, Giant             1      8  normal   25  medium  pelt(25)      kc
Revenant               4 U   45  normal  115  fast    n/a           gy
                      blur, broadsword(60)
Servant, Spider       21    202  normal  425  medium  n/a           st
Skeleton               1 U    0  normal   30  slow    bone(10)      gy
Skelton, Ice           3 U   35  normal   50  medium  skull(25)     bg
                      immune to cold, dagger(40)
Spectre               14 U   80  large   250  medium  skin(45)      c2
                      fear, wind, cloud, cball(90), sbolt(90), rapier(85)
Spider, Greater        8     40  small   100  medium  leg(55)       mi
                      web, stinger(70), pincher(70), bite(70)
Spider, Major         20     90  small   425  fast    n/a           c4,st
                      web, stinger(120), pincher(120), tusk(90)
Spirit, Tree          21 U  240  small   450  fast    n/a           sm
                      call lightning, boilearth, hues, blur, swing(140)
Stalker, Black        17     90  normal  210  medium  n/a           sm
                      twohanded sword(165), sword(165)
Tatzelwurm             3     45  small   145  medium  n/a           mi
                      6/rnd poison, charge(40), bite(50), claw(60)
Threk                  8     50  small   130  fast    hide(45)      kf
                      claw(50), charge(30), bite(70)
Titan                 13     85  large   320  medium  scalp(75)     bg
                      quake, weaponfire, lb(80), alkar, mattock(105)
Torkaan                1      0  normal   35  slow    pelt(25)      df
Troglodyte             3     30  normal   65  slow    n/a           mi
Troll, Cave           12     37  large   265  slow    skin(55)      mi,dj,c1
                      bite(150), claw(150), mace(127), sword(127)
Troll, Forest          6     25  normal  180  slow    hide(55)      cp,lo,go
                      bite(60), claw(60), handaxe(40), flail(40), dagger(40)
Troll, Hill           11     70  large   205  slow    beard(55)     oi
                      twohaded sword(90), war hammer(90)
Troll, War            10     50  large   250  medium  n/a           dj,ck
                      war hammer(120), halberd(120)
WereBear              10 U   68  small   230  medium  paw(45)       df,c0
                      charge(90), bite(85), claw(95)
Wight, Barrow         15 U  135  normal  160  medium  claw(75)      gy
                      fear, twohanded sword(165), sword(165), drain
Wispling, Dark         3     40  normal   70  medium  n/a           cc
                      charge(40), pound(35), ensnare(45)
Witch, Sea             7     70  normal  125  medium  n/a           ss
Wolf, Ghost           11 U   65  large   200  fast    n/a           dj
                      disease, bite(100), claw(75)
Wolverine              5     50  normal   50  medium  pelt(35)      go,df
                      4/rnd disease, bite(50), claw(45)
Worm, Carrion          1     40  small    40  medium  skin(35)      cc
                      charge(26), bite(32)
Wraith                15 U   85  large   240  slow    talon(75)     c2,ai
                      word stun, fear, cball(90), lb(90), drain, sword(90)
                                Location Key
      ai = Abandoned Inn                      gy = Graveyard
      bg = Blototh Glacier                    ho = Hobs
      br = Blototh Ruins                      kc = Kelfours Catacombs
      bv = Blototh Volcano                    kf = Kladsfang Foothills
      cc = Coastal Cliffs                     lo = Lorcs
      ce = Cemetary                           mi = Mine
      c0 = Claedesbrim Cave                   mo = Monestary
      c1 = Claedesbrim Dungeon lvl 1          mr = Mine Road
      c2 = Claedesbrim Dungeon lvl 2          oi = Outside Abandoned Inn
      c3 = Claedesbrim Dungeon lvl 3          sc = Sea Shore Cave
      c4 = Claedesbrim Dungeon lvl 4          sf = Seolfar Straker Forest
      ck = Claedesbrim Keep                   sh = Stonehold
      cp = Claedesbrim Plain                  ss = Sea Shore
      dj = Danjirland                         sm = Smatoth
      df = Dragonsfang Forest                 st = Spider Temple
      go = Gorcs
                             Glossary of Skills
      drain    life level drain               cloud    stun cloud
      lb       lightning bolt                 wind     call wind
      wbolt    water bolt                     cball    cold ball
      sword    short sword                    fal      falchion
           / \                    Kulthea                 \
           \@|                                             |
             |              The Final Frontier             |
             |   These are the Voyages of Dayln and Tapor  |
             |            In their $5000 Mission           |
             |           To Seek out new Monsters          |
             |             New magical Treasures           |
             | To boldly Go where no Newbie has gone Before|
             | ____________________________________________|
             |@\            ..(music swells)..              \
Our adventures have survived the trials of Kobland and have been hunting in
Hobland  for some time now.  With three years experience  behind them, they
look on toward new areas and greater treasures.  We join the dynamic duo at
             the Wayside Inn, preparing for their next quest.
/ \ ______ \          Babes in Gorcland (Episode 2)
\@| ~|_|~\\ |                 by Dayln Grimm
  |  |~|  |||
 _|  |~|  |||ayln: Hey, Tapor, we're   They search the  Hobgoblin and  come
/@|  |~|_// | 3rd now. Let's take on   up with  3 silvers  and an  "I  Love
\_/ ~~~~~~ /  something else.          Elvis" bumper sticker.
Tapor:  Well, the  Monastery  sounds   Tapor: I knew there was a reason for
like fun,  but we  can't  swim.  The   us to hunt a new area.
Spider  Temple sounds  good, but  we
don't know where it is. I have a map   Our boys  are ready for the worst as
to Gorcland, but it sounds whimpy.     they continue toward Gorcland.
Dayln: Ok,  let's go there, but next       (a Cockatrice ambles in)
time let's do the Spider Temple.
                                       Dayln: Look  out! I  don't know what
So off they go. Dayln gets them near   this is!
the drop in Hobland with his uncanny
sense of direction and an incredibly   Tapor: I am ready for anything.
accurate memory  (the shift-F2 key).
With Tapor leading, weapons prepared   The Cockatrice attacks (THT 99).
and shields ready, down they drop.
                                       Tapor: What a joke!
     (a Hobgoblin ambles in)
                                       Dayln:  Yeah, let's parry 0 and wipe
Dayln: Since we are here already, we   him out.
might as well kill it.
                                       The  Cockatrice  attacks  (THT  66).
Tapor: Sure.                           Dayln  is  stunned.  The  Cockatrice
                                       gazes at Tapor, who is immobilized.
The Hobgoblin  takes a  mighty swing
with  his  battle  axe  and  misses.   Tapor: Ah, Dayln?
Dayln hits  the Hobgoblin  with  his
Laen broadsword.  Tapor  swings  his   Dayln: What!
shield and  knocks the  Hobgoblin to
the ground.  Dayln attacks again but   Tapor: Can you move?
misses. Tapor beats the Hobgoblin to
death with his shield. The Hobgoblin   Dayln: No, I was hoping you could.
screams / dies.  Tapor types "swap."
                                       Fortunately, our  heros  escape  the
Dayln: I don't believe I saw that.     Cockatrice.
                                   -26-                             More...
Dayln: Did you see his cudgel break?   5 gold  coins  and  a  heart  shaped
                                       locket with a picture of Elu in it.
Tapor: He wasn't using a cudgel.
                                       Dayln: Was  that Elu's Orc? It has a
Dayln: I have  been  pinched  before   hickey on  its neck,  so he  must be
but never that hard.                   near.
Tapor:  Yeah,   and  I  have  a  new   Tapor: I'll  call him  on Think Net.
meaning for "If looks could kill!"     He may  want to  give  it  mouth  to
                                       mouth; I don't.
Finally in  Gorcland they  run  into
their first Greater Orc.               The  next   Gorc  battle   is   very
                                       frustrating.   Dayln    and    Tapor
    (a Greater Orc moves into          repeatedly move  into the  clearing,
         the clearing)                 and the  Gorc attacks and then moves
                                       away. It is time for a decision.
   (a Greater Orc removes his
    shield from his shoulder)          Dayln:   Look, I'm  bleeding and  we
                                       must go  back soon, but I still want
After  parry  tagging  the  orc  for   that Gorc. Let's parry 0 and move in
awhile, (and only doing about 10 cps   to attack  the second  we get there.
of damage)...                          One of  us will surely stun him, and
                                       then he will be easy.
Tapor: He  is turtling. I'm going to
try something.                         Tapor:   You're  right.  If  we  are
                                       going back  soon, we  can get healed
Tapor  puts   away  his   new   Laen   if he  gets a  lucky shot  in.  What
Broadsword and  gets out  his Sledge   could go wrong?
Hammer. Tapor  hits the Gorc full on
the  chest   and  stuns   it.  Dayln   The party moves east.
finishes  it  off  by  severing  the
Gorc's head.                              (Swamp, round time 30 sec.)
Tapor: Did  you see  him remove  his   Dayln and Tapor:  OH NO!
                                       The Gorc repeatedly wallops both our
Dayln: Yes,  I'm going  to  parry  0   heros but  fails  to  kill  them  or
while we  walk around,  so I can hit   cause (any  more) serious  bleeding.
them before they ready that shield.    Finally getting  free of  the  muck,
                                       Dayln  and   Tapor  beat   a   hasty
Tapor: What  a great  idea!  You  go   retreat.
                                       Dayln:  This  is  it, Tapor.  I must
   (a Greater Orc ambles in)           go back.
The Gorc already has his shield out,   Tapor: Ok,  let's go  back by way of
and Dayln  misses. Dayln  is quickly   Hobland. I need a shield now.
                                       Dayln: All right, but hurry up.
Tapor: Don't  worry,  Dayln,  he  is
slow. I will double tag him!           Tapor: You  are telling me to hurry?
                                       You are  the one who can't climb the
Tapor is  knocked to the ground, and   shortcut trail.
Dayln is  slashed in  the left  leg.
Bleeding! Tapor  stands back up, and   Dayln: I'm up a level. I'll try it.
Dayln recovers  from his  stun.  The
battle  rages   on  for   about   10   Tapor: (mutters under his breath)
minutes,  but   finally  our   heros
achieve a victory. A search turns up   Dayln tries to climb but pulls back.
                                   -27-                             More...
Tapor:   Come on  Dayln, don't whimp   Dayln  and   Tapor  leave.  (trickle
out now.                               gush).
Dayln tries  and  finally  makes  it   So ends  the great  Gorc  adventure.
back  up  to  Hobland.  He  breathes   Believe it  or not,  our heros  have
easier  now  and  waits  for  Tapor.   decided to  make Gorcland  their new
Dayln waits  a long  time for Tapor.   hunting ground.
Dayln yells:  Hey!  Tapor!  Are  you   Life is  no  fun  without  adrenalin
coming up or what?                     (trickle trickle).
Dayln rubs  a crystal  amulet. Dayln      ==============\\==============
thinks:  Tapor, where are you?
Tapor, over  the Think  Net:   Help!
Healers! I'm in the Temple! Hurry!
Dayln: What the (expletive deleted)!                        nerilka
Dayln removes  and  then  wears  his            claedesbrim echos
gold ring  and flashes  back to  the            with clattering hooves
Temple. He finds himself standing in            what the ...
a  pool   of  blood  with  a  strong            ah nerika
current coming from the direction of            only one in town
a prone  Tapor. Dayln wades over and            bigger than me
sees the stick coming out of both of            I can ride on her back
Tapor's ears  and that  one  of  his            if I take off my boots
legs is missing. Dayln finds that he            and promise not to pinch
can't tend  bleeding that severe. He            weightless
forgets his  own bleeding  and calls            jumping over falls
for healers  over  the  net,  to  no            flying down hills
avail.                                          I squeeze too tight
                                                and into the bush I go
Dayln:  (trickle   trickle)     What            come up rubbin'
happened to you!  (trickle trickle).            my hard highman head
                                                she laughs so hard
Tapor: (gush  gush) I  had a  little            tears stream down
trouble climbing  the trail    (gush            ah nerilka
gush).                                          only one in town
                                                bigger than me
Dayln: (trickle  trickle) Tapor, you
must wait  for a  time when  healers                by Trachten Hickapod
are in  the Temple,  BUT NEVER TEASE
Tapor: (gush gush) I am leaving now.
Goodbye, Dayln (gush gush).                                * * *
                                                        * * * *  *
Dayln: (trickle  trickle)   See  you                   *  ** * *
soon,  my   old   friend.   (trickle                  * *     * **
trickle).                                              * \\* / *
                                                       *  *\/ / **
Tapor: (gush  gush) Maybe  we should                     * * (
wait for 4th before we do the Spider                      |  |
Temple (gush gush).                                       |  |
                                                         /    \
Dayln:  (trickle  trickle)    Whimp!              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~'~~~~~~~~
(trickle trickle).
 ______________                School Daze
/ \ ____  ____ \               ~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~| |  | |~ |           by Lloyd Llowd, Ph.D
  |  |~|--|~|  |
 _|  |~|--|~|  | ow  demeaning. Here   person  in   the  history   of   KPS
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | I sit, a product of   (Kulthean   Public  School)  #42  to
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / the best education,   graduate without passing any subject
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  toiling  away  at a   but physical  education.  (Rumor has
cut-rate  rag  like  the   Kelfour's   it  the   rugby  coach   fixed   his
Edition. Little did I realize when I   grades.)   Captain of the Australian
applied  for the job as gossip maven   Rules  Chess   Team  until   he  was
here that I'd actually have  to live   suspended  for  actually  trying  to
and interact with  the vagabonds and   move  a   piece  instead  of  simply
ruffians  that  infest  this squalid   pummeling  his   opponent  into  the
little town. Well, so be it. Perhaps   ground.
I can bring some sense of perspec-
tive and  culture to  this pimple on   LORD  STROM   O'BERIN:  Strom   "The
the face of Kulthea.                   Barber" O'Berin  was the most feared
                                       member of  KPS #42's  rugby team: he
I've read  some of  the work  of  my   was the  medic.   His early attempts
predecessor.  Revolting.  I'm amazed   at first  aid helped  many promising
that none of you actually strung her   athletes  continue   their  careers,
up.  Shameless yellow journalism, to   mostly as professional organ donors.
which I  will never  stoop. I  don't   Originally   wanted    to    be    a
deal in gossip.  As a well-connected   veterinarian,      but       changed
scholar, however,  I have  access to   professions when  he discovered that
certain  educational   records  that   animals could  not be  hypnotized to
might be of interest to you, to wit:   go out and get themselves injured.
school    yearbooks   that   contain
fascinating facts  about some of the   LORD ARTUERO  BRESNAHANINI:    Voted
better-known  citizens  of Kelfour's   "Most Likely  to Sell  His Mother to
Landing.   Here   are   the   sordid   an Ice  Kraal for  Political Office"
beginnings of some of your more mis-   by  his   class.    An  accomplished
leading citizens:                      pickpocket at  an  early  age,  he's
                                       rumored to  have stolen  the  school
LORD DARTAGHAN DARKSTAR: Voted "Most   principal's dentures,  without being
Likely  to  Defoliate a Major  Land-   detected,  while   they  were  being
mass" by  his class.  His picture in   worn.
the yearbook is  a  blurred photo of
the top of his head, taken  while he   MS LOUVELLA  PARSNIPS:   Voted "Most
was  trying to jump up  in front  of   Likely To"  by her  class.    Passed
the camera lens.  He  was  suspended   horse  and  buggy  driver  education
from class for turning the chemistry   based solely on her  "parking" score
lab into a smoking hole while trying   on the final exam, with bonus points
to make homemade napalm.               from the  instructor for  "excessive
                                       use of  the whip."   Enormous weight
LORD MIKHAIL  MINNEHAN: Voted  "Most   gain  caused  by  massive  chocolate
Likely  to   Succeed"  by   the  FFK   chip cookie  ingestion caused severe
(Future  Felons   of  Kulthea).  His   depression, which  she reacted to by
yearbook picture is blank, as he was   secretly undergoing  a  sex  change.
hidden when  it was taken.  Most  of   She/he now prefers to be referred to
his school records disappeared under   in private as "The Grand Poobah" and
mysterious circumstances.  Suspended   wears a  wig and  dress in public to
on several  occasions  for  starting   keep   up   appearances   with   old
rugby games  with a  live hobbit  as   friends.
the ball.
                                       If I don't find a better job by next
LORD  GILTHOR  LONGBLADE:  The  only   month, I'll be back.
                                   -29-                              KEV3N6

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