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 |     GemStone III's                                                  |
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 |     / ) / )         / )  / __)                          June 1991   |
 |    / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ___      Vol.2, No.1   |
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 |        The Kronicles of Kulthea        / /=======@\  ~~~~~~   /     |
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 |      Local News ..........................................   1      |
 |      Holy Wars!! ............................ Henna Harper   2      |
 |      Takeover ..................... by Wisraith Winterwind   5      |
 |      Easy as Skinning a Tork .............. Dagmar Istarii   6      |
 |      For You ............................. Kalagay Halatil   8      |
 |      A-Hunting We Shall Go ................. Dane RedLance   9      |
 |      Hall of Fame ........................................  10      |
 |      What GSIII Means to Me ............... Inyigo Montoya  11      |
 |      The Great Kitten Quest .............. Elwyn Moonstorm  12      |
 |      Hint for Beginners No. 1 ......... Samwell Hawkholder  13      |
 |      Shopping at Sen's ............... Lady Kayla Kyndhart  14      |
 |      News of Kulthea  .................... Alton Alianthas  16      |
 |      Heraldry Tutor .................. Delvian Kel'Bathian  18      |
 |      Tales of the Unknown ................ Flint Thalassar  19      |
 |      Wanted: Dead or Alive  ..............................  21      |
 |      Kalagay and the Pickpocket .......... Kalagay Halatil  22      |
 |      Dream Weaver ................... Balladeer Carpentere  24      |
 |      The Defensive Method ................. Inyigo Montoya  25      |
 |      Letters Home ...................... Belladonna Atropa  28      |
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                               Local News
          Auction Raises              ___________________________________
       3.5 Million Silvers          //+                                 +\
       """""""""""""""""""         ||           KELFOUR EDITION           |
KE  has  been  informed  that last ||          =================          |
month's  auction, which took place ||                                     |
in brightly colored tents just off ||   Publisher           Phaedra Bleu  |
Town  Square,  raised an excess of ||                                     |
3.5 million silvers.  Among dozens ||   Serving the Citizens of Kulthea   |
of  special  items  posted  in the ||                                     |
Tomes were  three  kittens, stolen ||     This plaque commemorates the    |
fiendishly  by   minions   of  the ||       First Anniversary of the      |
Unlife  moments before the auction ||            Kelfour Edition          |
began.   The  first  part  of  the ||                                     |
story of their rescue (held in the ||  For information on submissions to  |
MPGRT  conference  area)  is  pub- ||    the monthly publication, send    |
lished in this edition.            ||       GE Mail to the Publisher      |
                                   ||+          at P.HERRINGTON          +|
       Magical Sword Found          \\___________________________________/
A new, mystical weapon recently  ap-     Plaque Awarded Kelfour Edition
peared in  the  lands.  Hidden  by a     """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""
playful  god,  Lord  Talon Elessidil   Officially  commemorating  its first
stumbled  upon  it  after  a  hectic   year  of  publication,  local   gods
search, and  is now the proud owner.   recently   presented   KE  Publisher
Similar  to the Drake Falchion, this   Phaedra  Blue  with  the above shown
unique   weapon  is  called  an  Ice   plaque  now  mounted in the Newsroom
Blade.   On  occasion  it produces a   of the new KE Building situated just
cold  attack, with resultant damages   south of the General Store.
coming from the cold critical table.
                                       Advertisers and residents are invit-
Unfortunately, the Ice Blade is more   ed to  visit KE's offices  where, on
breakable than most, but is nonethe-   occasion, they will meet some of the
less effective against Steel Golems.   contributors whose  works  have made
                                       KE an award-winning publication.
     Outlaws Propose Government
     """"""""""""""""""""""""""        An  Index to KE's first 12 editions,
Formation  of a local government was   cross-referenced   by   subject  and
proposed  at a hastily convened town   author,  is available in the MPGames
meeting last month, presided over by   Library, file #248.
Thief  Allanon  deLion  and  the mad
Mage, Lord Lythe L'Green.                        Spells Available
Soundly  scoffed  by those attendees   As  local  Sorcerers anxiously await
aware  of  the  pair's  backgrounds,   availability  of  their  spell  list
residents  pockets were picked while   (which  we  understand  will be Real
they  listened  to  them  generously   Soon  Now),  other  professions  are
offer to rule the lands whilst draw-   casting  about  anew.   Healers,  in
ing  up  a body of laws, after which   particular,   are  enjoying  use  of
they  would ostensibly rescind lead-   Shockbolt (spell 207 from the Closed
ership  to  duely  elected officials   Channeling  list)  while Rangers are
whose  powers  would be backed up by   hiding  more efficiently with use of
unknown means.                         their Hues spell.
                               Holy Wars!!
                             By Henna Harper
/ \ ____   ___ \
\@| ~|~|  /~/~ |ulthea  stands  div-   struck  down  by Cearnach who claims
  |  |~|_/~/   | ided as it prepares   he  then  conversed  with  L'Green's
 _|  |~|~\~\   | to enter into  what   ghost.   "He  [L'Green]  told  me he
/@| _|~|  \~\_ | may well become the   would  have  to  deal  with  me in a
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / bloodiest civil war   "permanent  manner".   Despite  this
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in its  history.  On   threat  I did not interfere with his
one  side  stand  those  shrouded by   resurrection  by  Sindar  although I
allegiance  to  the  unlife,  on the   knew  precisely  when  it  was being
other, those who have vowed to drive   effected  and  still had my ring set
all unlife from Kulthea.               to the location.  It would have been
                                       a simple task but I stayed my hand."
It started innocently enough, with a   Cearnach said.
letter  being nailed to the oak tree
in  Kelfour's  Landing  Town Square.   A  confidential  source told Kelfour
This letter began:                     Edition that L'Green was, on another
        /                                                        \
       | "Wake up  Kulthea!!  Members  of  the  Council of Light  |
       |  do not  serve the undead  unwittingly.  We  are not so  |
       |  thickheaded.  We know our services  will aid the cause  |
       |  of the  undead.  We also  know that  our services will  |
       |  ultimately be rewarded... In the end we will all die."  |
Laeg  Cearnach,  professional  thief   occasion,  slain  by  famous  thief,
and  admitted author of this missive   Lady   Valeria   Deering.    Deering
states,  "Because of the publication   apparently claimed vengeance for the
of  this letter Lythe [Lord L'Green]   murder  of  Cearnach  as her motive.
murdered   me   in  the  Claedesbrim   Unfortunately,  this event is unsub-
dungeon  without  warning  or provi-   stantiated  and  Lady  Deering could
cation.   He  then proceeded to drag   not be reached for comment.
my   still  warm  corpse  about  the
dungeon  to prevent a cleric who was   In   yet   another   battle,   Lythe
trailing behind from providing aid."   L'Green's  younger  brother,  Lerek,
                                       struck  Cearnach approximately eight
Kelfour  Edition  spoke with accused   times   with  a  wand,  only  to  be
murderer,  Lord  Lythe  L'Green.  "I   himself viciously slain by the angry
slew  Laeg  because  he embraced the   thief.   "I  hewed him down with one
Shadow,  stated  he  would  work  to   swipe  of  my dark laen broadsword,"
further the Unlife and that he would   Cearnach said.
corrupt others if he could," L'Green
said.  "I do not believe that I have   In  his  justification of the murder
committed  murder;  I believe what I   of  Laeg Cearnach, Lythe L'Green has
have  done  is  right  and just, and   said,  "This is not murder.  This is
that all who wish Life to prosper on   war,  and  a primal struggle between
Kulthea  must  join  in  the  battle   the  most  basic  choice:   Life, or
against  the  Unlife  and  those who   Unlife.  Those who league themselves
serve it."                             with  the  Lord  of  the Grave shall
                                       fall   before  the  Light  as  wheat
Shortly  after  the  murder  of Laeg   before the scythe."
Cearnach,   L'Green,  on  a  hunting
expedition  in  Upper Kaldsfang, was   Under pressure, L'Green and Cearnach

drew  up  a treaty which would serve   "I had no desire to kill Rune, for I
as  a  token of peace.  Said treaty,   know  that she suffers from bouts of
however,  was ultimately rejected by   what  seem  as madness to me, though
both sides, and Kulthea hurtled ever   she  would  ever claim otherwise.  I
closer towards Civil War.              could  see  no other explanation for
                                       this  attack,  and  she  offered  no
Renowned  ranger  Martin  Kinzan was   other  one  as  replacement.   None-
overheard saying, "Is it possible we   theless,  with  her summoning of the
may  be  on  the  brink of civil war   powers  of  Shadow,  my  life was at
here??  Will it no longer be safe to   risk,  and  defensive  measures were
walk the streets of Kelfour???"        called for." Winterwind told KE.  "I
                                       destroyed  her  weapon  to  try  and
Hasty  meetings  were called on both   prevent  her  doing me harm.  This I
sides.   Lady  Wisraith  Winterwind,   did  three  times,  after three sep-
Chairperson  of  The  House  of  the   arate  attacks,  one of which did me
Rising   Phoenix   issued  a  public   hurt."
statement:   "At  this point I would
like  to say that all of the talk of   Arundel's  attack  on  Winterwind is
'war'  I  have  heard,  and  all the   believed  to  have  been  a personal
warnings  that  'war'  is  going  to   vendetta  with  no  relation  to  an
break  out  have  NOT  come from the   organized  group.   However, sources
House of the Rising Phoenix."          reveal  that  Arundel  stated before
                                       the   attack:    "[Winterwind]   has
Lady  Valeria  Deering, spokesperson   called  me  evil  once too often.  I
for  one  group, said in response to   alone  take  full responsibility for
that    statement:    "If   Wisraith   my actions in an effort to quell the
shields  Lythe  behind the mantle of   vicious  tongue  of  the Phoenix and
the Rising Phoenix, then the Phoenix   its chairperson."
protects  a  murderer  and it is the
Phoenix  who  will  begin  the final   Winterwind   stated,  "Arundel   has
confrontation."                        publicly  apologized  to  me for the
                                       attack,  and  I  hold  no particular
"The confrontation draws near," Lord   animosity  towards  her, even if, to
Maruko Ashimine, member of the House   this  day,  I  still totally fail to
of  the  Rising Phoenix, is reported   understand   her   motives  or  what
to have said.                          benefits  she believed would surface
                                       as a result of my death.  I consider
Events  took  a  turn  for the worse   the matter entirely closed."
shortly  thereafter  when  notorious
ranger  Rune  Arundel  was overheard   The  attempted  assassination of the
saying, "I'd like to throw preaching   Chairperson  of  the  House  of  the
Wisraith  in  the  bottomless well."   Rising   Phoenix   may   have   been
Following  this  statement,  Arundel   interpreted  as  a gesture of war if
attempted to murder Winterwind while   not  for the statement issued by the
on  an excursion in Upper Kaldsfang.   young  ranger,  Arborious Dragonson.
Says   Winterwind:   "She  [Arundel]   "Rune's  attack  on  Wisraith was of
said  before  she  struck  that  she   HER  own  feelings  at the time.  We
thought   Kelfour's  would  be  best   had  no  hand  in it.  Rune's attack
served  by  having me slain." Events   MAY  NOT be used by the House of the
leading   up  to  the  assassination   Rising   Phoenix  as  an  excuse  to
attempt  on  Winterwind are unclear.   pursue all out war."
KE  spoke  with  Arundel  about  the
situation.   "Wisraith Winterwind is   It  appears  that many of the events
a  spineless  coward," was Arundel's   have  been  carried  out  under  the
comment.                               guise  of "sudden madness." Is there

some  plague  raging through Kulthea   As  KE  went  to  press, a seemingly
that affects personages at different   unrelated incident occurred in which
times?   KE  spoke with noted healer   two   more  Kelfourians  lost  their
and  psychoanalyst,  Surtey  Akrash.   lives.   Whether  this  new  rash of
"There  is  indeed  a madness in the   murders  signifies discontent within
land  and  I  am growing rich on the   the  ranks  of the Council of Light,
payment    for   services   required   or  is  just  another example of the
because  of  this  madness,"  Akrash   madness   that  has  struck  Kulthea
said.   "There  is  no  cure, except   remains to be seen.  Allanon DeLion,
perhaps  the  execution of those who   younger  brother  of  Lord Riverwind
appear to have been overcome by it."   Entreri,   challenged   Alhana  Way-
                                       finder, sister of noted cleric, Lady
Both   sides   appear  to  be  doing   Taarna  Wayfinder,  to a duel to the
everything  diplomatically  possible   death.   Wayfinder  accepted only to
to   avert   what   could  become  a   recoil  in  shock  as  DeLion struck
massacre.     Sources    claim   the   down  first  Garette  Dayne, a young
respected House of Argent Aspis will   bard,  then slew Mikhail Minnehan, a
perhaps    enter   into   the   war.   fellow  thief.   As  Minnehan  fell,
Strategists   have  determined  that   DeLion   snatched    his   valuable
even   the  powerful  House  of  the   scimitar and made away with it.
Rising  Phoenix cannot stand against
the    combined    forces   of   the   DeLion met his death at the hands of
opposition.                            Lady  Wayfinder  shortly  thereafter
                                       and  his  gruesome  mace  and shield
Respected  healer,  Rhys  Corwinson,   were  taken as bargaining tools.  At
stated   the  supposed  position  of   almost the same moment, Lady Deering
Kelfour's other clerics and healers.   (again?)  slew  Lord  L'Green in the
"I  would  strongly ask those of you   town square.  All parties were later
preparing  to  engage  in warfare to   resurrected,  weapons  were returned
consider  the  effect  of  the joint   to  their rightful owners, and peace
withdrawal  for  a  time  of all the   appeared to have been restored.  The
lifegiving  Clerics and Healers from   patronage  of  Eissa's  Temple grows
the land."                             ever greater as those who leave this
                                       place of sanctuary do so in fear for
Brother   against  brother,  friends   their very lives.
destroying   friends  -  Kulthea  is
indeed on the brink of a holy war to   The  boundaries  dim,  enemies fight
end all wars.  Who will triumph, the   side by side, and friends have slain
forces  that  declare  themselves to   friends.   The  crusade continues as
follow  the  path of 'evil' or those   darkness  descends  on fair Kulthea.
who  stand  in defense of the forces   A  final plea from one who wishes to
of   'good'?   The  very  fact  that   anonymity:  "Will there  ever  be an
residents  of Kelfour's Landing must   end to this madness?  How  many more
live   in  fear  of  assassinations,   senseless murders must occur  before
retributions,  robbery  and  torture   we realize we are heading for anarchy
because  of  their religious beliefs   and  the total annihilation of  that
bodes ill indeed.                      is dear to us?  In the name of Eissa
                                       let  this  madness end."
Diplomatic   negotiations   are   in                    __           art by
progress.  Duels have been announced                   (__)          Taarna
although whether they will be fought                    ||
is  unknown.   Meanwhile, subterfuge                    ||
continues and those in power on both                 %%%%%%%% %
sides  have  been warned to be alert                 / ~* ~ \  % %
to assassination attempts.                         / *~ ~ ~ * \ %  %
                                                  ( *~ *  ~* ~ ) %  %
                                                  (%%%%%%%%%%%%)  % %
                                    -4-            \%%%%%%%%%%/
                          by Wisraith Winterwind
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |he large  man  seated   to  the  floor  around her, Wisraith
  | ~~ |_| ~~ | at the mahogany desk   watched  the  dazed  figure  of  the
 _|    |_|    | glanced  up  as  the   leader of the Council of Light slump
/@|   _|_|_   | woman in  white came   to the floor.
\_/__________/  through the  door of
his  office.   Head bowed, she spoke   "Nice  work," said the Ranger at the
before  he  could utter a word.  "My   door.  "Tie him up quickly and don't
Lord,  with  time and thought I have   let  him  up.  I'm weak now; I'll be
come  to  realize that ever were you   back  in  a  few minutes after I get
right.   My  attempts  to  fight you   back some power."
have been in vain.  Please, I beg of
you, let me join your ranks."          She   set  to  work  as  the  Ranger
                                       departed.   While binding his wrists
His   impenetrable  eyes  registered   and  ankles as tightly as she might,
what might have been surprise but he   hatred   was   plain  on  her  face.
smiled  broadly, his studied expres-   "Murdering  your  predecessor wasn't
sion calculated to set her ease.  "I   enough.   You  can  believe  I won't
knew,  my  dear, that you would come   stop   fighting   the   Unlife  that
to  me  someday.  Your lack of power   destroyed Quellbourne and everything
frustrates you, doesn't it? Those of   my  family  stood for, and which has
fewer years and less training wield-   ensnared  and  transformed  good and
ing  more  powerful  magic than your   noble folk.  I will stop challenging
own.   Well, now can you put them in   only  when  you  and your putrid ilk
their  places." Chuckling softly, he   are gone from Kulthea, or breath and
added,  "Quite  the best spy I could   heartbeat  forever  leave this body.
find  in  the  House  of  the Rising   My  magic  may  no longer work here,
Phoenix,   the   Chairman   herself,   your masters learned that lesson the
Wisraith Winterwind."                  hard  way  too,  but I can hold you,
                                       prevent  your saving yourself, until
He   stood   and,  stepping  closer,   he   who's   magic   you  overlooked
forced  her to retreat until she was   returns."
nearly  pinned against his desk.  As
he  reached  toward  her,  his  face   Wisraith  frowned  that  the man did
assumed  a  darkness that belied his   not  struggle.   Then, as the Ranger
earlier joviality.  "Come closer, my   slipped  back  into  the office, she
dear,  that  I  may  administer your   bent and hissed into the bound man's
oath to me."                           ear,  "For my family's sake, and for
                                       slaughtered  and enslaved innocents,
As  she  faced  him rigidly she saw,   I   will   gladly  watch  you  die."
from  the  edge  of  her vision, the   Returning  to the Ranger's side, her
door  slowly open.  "My Lord, I have   pale  face  was  cold  and  stern as
first   for  you  a  surprise."  She   sculpted ice.
glanced over his shoulder, "Look..."
                                       Fireball  after  fireball struck the
As  he turned, the elven woman threw   prone  man,  yet  he  did  not  die.
herself  over  the  desk, praying it   Flames  burnt  his  arms,  legs  and
would shield her from the barrage of   back, until he was engulfed in fire.
fire  she  knew  was at that instant   Still  he  lived,  ever that impene-
flying  from  the fingers of the man   trable   gaze  unwavering  from  his
who   had  quietly  entered  moments   assailants.   The  heat  charred his
before.   A weight hit the desk, and   face,  distorting  it  beyond recog-
as smoldering papers finally settled   nition.    At   last,  a  powerfully
                                                        Continued on Page 8
                         Easy as Skinning a Tork
                            By Dagmar Istarii
/ \   ____   \
\@| /~/~~\\  |etting started in Gem-   GemStone game mechanics are based on
  ||~|    ~~ |Stone III can be easy.   I.C.E.  Role Master RPG game system.
 _||~|  |==| |Roll a  character  and   Buying  Role  Master  Character  Law
/@| \~\__//  |take  a  look  around.   from   your  local  hobby  store  is
\_/  ~~~~~   / Don't spend a  lot of   recommended.    I.C.E.    also   has
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  time   getting   good   publishes other books, Spell Law and
stats   for  your  first  character.   various modules like Shadow World as
Just  try  to  have at least a 90 or   well.   If  you really want the most
higher  in  ST  and QU.  ST bonus is   accurate  info  on  critical tables,
added  to  your weapons training and   damage  tables  etc.,  then  get the
affects your ability to hit monsters   series  of  Role  Master Companions.
with your weapon.  QU bonus is added   Simutronics uses the tables from the
to   your   defensive   bonus  which   Companion series.
affects   your   ability   to  avoid
getting hit by a monsters.  Once you   The Characters
get equipped  with heavy hide armor,   """"""""""""""
shield,   helm,   greaves,  avental,   There  are 8 professions and 8 races
weapon  and  a  backpack,  go to the   to  choose  from.   Until the racial
main  gate  or  the  temple.  Ask if   stat   bonus   are   adjusted,   the
anyone  could  show  a newbie a good   half-elf  race  has  the best set of
place to hunt.  After a few sessions   stat  bonus.   A  halfling  Mage  or
of   this,   you  probably  want  to   Sorcerer  would  be  awesome once he
reroll.   Before  you do get as much   gets  past  level  10  or so but the
information   on  rolling  and  dev-   halfling  has  a  ST penalty of -20.
eloping a character as you can.        Very difficult to develop a halfling
                                       and a new player should stick with a
Background Materials                   half-elf  or  one  of the other tall
""""""""""""""""""""                   races.  Fighters and Thieves are the
The  Multiplayer Games RoundTable on   most  powerful weapon users and both
Page  1045  is  a  must-read for all   are good at opening chests.  Rangers
serious  GemStone players, Categories   and  Bards  are  almost  as  good at
17 through 20.  Players and GMs talk   weapons  and  can learn magic spells
about  various  aspects  of the game   easier  than  Fighters  and Thieves.
there,   from   the   mechanics   to   Mages   have  the  most  interesting
roleplaying.   You can also download   spells,  including  those which pro-
maps   of  Kulthea  and  informative   tect  and  enhance a hunting party's
guides   dealing   on   rolling  and   capabilities.  Sorcerers have power-
developing characters.  Past Kelfour   ful  spells  of destruction.  If you
Editions,  the  players  newsletter,   like    destroying   monsters   with
are  also  in  the  Libraries.  They   powerful  magic,  then a sorcerer is
have   articles   touching  on  most   your choice.  Clerics have spells to
aspects  of rolling and developing a   battle   the  undead  and  resurrect
character  as well.  The April issue   fallen  comrades.   Healers  are the
has  a  couple  articles  on getting   hardest  profession  to  play and it
started,  plus  a  map of the forest   takes  a  truly  special  person  to
and  grasslands just outside of town   stick  with  it  for more than a few
where   a   new   player  can  taste   levels.
adventure  by  battling  kobolds and
torkaans.    Run   from   any  other   All  professions  can  learn spells.
monster  you  may see until you gain   Pure  spell  users  like  Mages  and
some experience and skill!             Clerics  can learn a spell per level
by  putting 10 development points in   this  example,  you  hit it.  If you
the  spell  list.   Its harder for a   had  a  d100 roll of 59 or lower you
fighter  to  learn  a  spell.   If a   would have missed.
fighter  puts  20 development points
in  his  spell  list  he will need a    A Wolverine claws at you
roll  of  at  least  91 on his spell    OB:50  vs  DB:60 = -10
gain   roll   to  learn  the  spell.    THT 66, d100 roll: 96, modified: 86
Rangers  and  Bards can learn spells    ...and hits for 7 concusion  points
easier than Fighters but not as easy       of damage
as  pure  magic  users.  If you fail    ...a slashing blow to your neck
the   spell   gain  roll  then  your       severing your spine
investment  is  carried  over to the extra 3 concussion points of
next  training session until you get        damage
the spell.  To cast a spell you have
to  prep <spell number> then cast it    *Dartaghan bites the dust*
at a target or just cast if it is an
area affect spell.                     Dart  had  a -10 modifer to the d100
                                       roll,  but  because the THT was only
Tactics                                66,   he  bit  the  dust.   Be  very
"""""""                                careful against monsters using claw,
GemStone   III   is  a  magical  but   stinger or other non-weapon attacks;
violent  world.  Eventually you will   the  THT for claw attack versus hide
go  out  into  the wilds and have to   armor  is  much  lower  than  if the
battle  monsters.   So what do those   monster  were using a weapon.
numbers  mean when you attack or get
attacked?   When you attack a kobold   Critical Hits
you will see a display like this:      """""""""""""
                                       There  are  two  extra  lines in the
 You swing a sword at a kobold         above  example  that  weren't in the
 OB:30  vs  DB:10  = +20               first.   They  are there because the
 THT 79, d100 roll:65, modified:85     modified  roll  was  20 greater than
 ...and hits for 3 concussion points   the  THT.   If you are wearing heavy
                                       hide  and  a monster gets a modified
OB = Offensive bonus, DB = Defensive   roll  of 11 or greater than your THT
bonus,  THT  = To Hit Threshold.  OB   there  is  another  d100  roll.  Its
is  the  total  of your ST bonus and   called  a critical roll.  The result
your  skill  at  using  that weapon.   of  that  d100 roll is compared to a
The  monster's  DB varies as it gets   critical table to determine the kind
hurt  and  the  THT is determined by   of  critical  damage  Dartaghan suf-
the  weapon  and  the armor  worn by   fered.  The D100 roll must have been
the  target.   In  the above example   a  high  one  cause Dart's spine was
the  kobold  is  wearing  hide and a   severed,  an instant death critical.
short  sword  has a THT of 79 on it.   Wearing  armor  like  leather breast
If  you  were using a broadsword the   plate  and  ring mail gives you more
THT would be 84 or so.  d100 roll is   protection  from  criticals  but you
the  roll  you  get from a 100 sided   also have to train in that skill and
dice.   The results of most (but not   in  most  cases  suffer  OB  and  DB
all)  actions  are  determined  by a   penalties.
d100 roll.  In the above example you
had  a  d100 roll of 65.  To that is   Parry Tag
added  the difference of your OB and   """""""""
the  kob's  DB,  which is +20.  That   You  can  berserk  at  Parry  0 when
gets  you  to the last number on the   battling  kobs  and  torks  but when
third line, the modified roll.  Then   hunting  more dangerous monsters you
that  modified  roll  is compared to   must   adjust   your  parry  to  the
the  THT.   If  the modified roll is   situation.    The  basic  tactic  is
greater  then  the  THT  as it is in   referred  to as Parry Tag.  When you
set  parry  to 100 you are using all                Takeover
you  offensive  skill  (OB) to parry          Continued from Page 5
the  monsters  attack.  When you set
your OB to 0, you are using all your   accurate  blast  separated  the head
offensive  skill to hit the monster.   from  the shoulders; little remained
If parry is set to 50 then half your   but swirling smoke and acrid fumes.
OB  is  used  to hit the monster and
half  to  parry the monsters attack.   The  tension eased as the two sighed
When  you attack you normally have a   with  relief;  the  decapitated body
Round  Time  of  5  secs.  Some (but   lay  at their feet.  Telepathically,
again,  not  all)  monsters  have  a   they  announced  that  the the Grand
greater  Round  Time  than that, and   Poohbah was dead.  The Ranger smiled
when  that  happens  we  Parry  Tag.   and  spoke  for the first time since
That  means  we  initially  have our   reentering  the  office, "Now I, Fxg
parry   set   to  100.   We  find  a   Lyon,   will  rule  in  his  place."
monster.  Wait for monster to attack   Wisraith  turned  to  him,  alarmed.
and  then  quicky set Parry to 0 and   Meeting  her  gaze,  he shrugged, "I
attack   the  monster.   Count  five   will  no  longer  take  orders  from
seconds  and  parry  100.  Then wait   anyone here.  I am my own Master and
for  the monster to attack again and   none can tell me what I can or can't
repeat   the   sequence  until  it's   do.   My  rule  will  be  benign, my
defeated.                              followers  able  to choose their own
                                       paths.   Besides,  what matter is it
Parry  tag  works for most monsters,   to  you?  You wanted him dead didn't
and  the ability to embed a Carriage   you?"
Return   in  your  macro  is  a  big
advantage  since  there's only a few   Still  concerned at Fxg's words, but
seconds   difference   between  your   moreso  at the consequences of being
Round  Time and the monster's.  Some   found  with  the dead body, Wisraith
monsters are too fast for this.  For   turned  to  go  with Fxg behind her,
them,  you must adjust your parry so   but  could  not see the door through
that  while  you can hit the monster   the  pall.   If  anything  the smoke
the  monster  cannot  get a critical   seemed  denser.  Soon they could see
hit  on you.  As the monster weakens   nothing  at  all  through  the haze;
you  adjust  your parry, lowering it   most  particularly,  they  could not
until  you  finally ease it to 0 and   see  the  glint  in  the eyes of the
can  kill the monster.  Of course as   head that was without a body.
you  reach  higher  levels, monsters
get   more   interesting   and  more   Disoriented  and  nearly  blind, the
intelligent and you have to use more   two  choking  allies found the smoke
sophisticated tactics.  Hmmm, wonder   beginning  to thin, though the sight
how you kill a Red Dragon?  :)         that  greeted  their  streaming eyes
                                       was not at all what they expected.
  _________________________________     (Conclusion in the next Edition)
 /                                \\
|      DIRections and ADVice       ||              For You
|      """""""""""""""""""""       ||              """""""
|  Two important new commands for  ||         by Kalagay Halatil
|  Level 1 players are DIRections  ||
|  and ADVice.                     ||    You sing to me in moonlight.
|                                  ||    Your strength is my protection.
|  The first  guides  you  around  ||    In silver shadows of the night,
|  town, currently providing DIR-  ||    Defender, sweet perfection.
|  ections to 15 important places  ||
|  while ADVice offers just  that  ||    Now stay and I will with you bide
|  for everything from amulets to  ||    All dazzled with your shine,
|  wealth.                         ||    Till Eissa bid me to her side,
 \________________________________//     Oh, eog broadsword mine.
RedLance Ruminations
                         A-Hunting We Shall Go
                            by Dane RedLance
/ \  ______  \
\@| /~/~~\~\ |ver the  course of the   friend  to aid you in your training.
  ||~|    |~||past  few  editions, I   As  a personal aside, I have learned
 _||~|    |~||have  concentrated  on   what  little skill I have in the art
/@| \~\__/~/ |the fascinating people   of fighting from a kind few who were
\_/  ~~~~~~  /and places of Kelfours   gracious   enough  to  spend  a  few
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  Landing.   But  newly   moments  helping  find  my  way.  My
welcomed  visitors to Kulthea should   first   journey   here,  Lord  Talon
take note: The pubs and shops of the   Ellessidil  literally  grabbed me by
Landing  are fine places to spend an   the hand and led me through my first
eve  or  two,  but  for  many of us,   battle scenes, waiting to come to my
especially  vagabond  sword-swingers   aid  if  need  be.   So,  if you are
such  as  myself, the true import of   inexperienced,  find  someone  above
this   area  are  the  exciting  and   you  and  group  with him on a short
dangerous   wilds   surrounding  the   jaunt into the woods.
township.   This  month, I'd like to
indulge   in  a  few  hints  to  the   There  comes  a  time  as  you  near
uninitiated  about  the dark forests   completion  of  your  first level of
and grassy plains.                     training  that  it  seems faster and
                                       more  productive  to  venture out on
I've noticed that for every success-   your own.  There is no harm in this,
ful  hunt, a four part equation must   of  course,  and I rather enjoy solo
be completed.  Sleep not, my friend,   hunting  late  at night, just myself
for  I  speak  not of the science of   and   the  call  of  the  wolverines
mathematics!   Nay,  I  mean  to say   behind  me  as  I  run silently (and
that  there are four decisions to be   quickly)  away.   Just  make sure to
made each and every time to insure a   ask  around  in  the  Temple  for an
rewarding foray.                       extra amulet in case your 'sparring'
                                       partner becomes a little excited.
First:    Before   setting  out,  or
anytime  your  chance  upon a fellow   Second,  decide  where  to  go.  For
adventurer  in  the  wilds, a choice   first  level adventurers, the choice
must  be made:  Group or Solo?  Each   is  both  limited and easy.  I would
has its benefits and drawbacks.  For   advise  all  first  time visitors to
less-experienced   fighters,  surely   venture  only  in  the  Wooded areas
the best way to learn the nuances of   just  southwest  of  town.  In these
battle  here  in  Quellborne  is  to   woods  are  plenty  of  kobolds  and
study  another  pioneer  and his/her   torkaani who will dance with you; no
techniques.   The best advice anyone   need  to look for werebears and such
can  give on your very first hunt is   just  yet.  In fact, the best advice
to  locate  a  mentor  (as  they are   here  is  to stay off the trail/path
called), a higher-ranked fighter who   that  you  will happen across at the
will  show  you  the  proper ways to   very  southern  tip  of  the forest.
attack and skin a kobold.              Pass  that  way,  and  death will be
                                       quick  and  sure!  Another tip is to
Yes,  I know you trained galore back   search   the  library  back  at  the
in  your small town, but this is the   Landing  for  any  maps of the area.
real  thing,  man!  Lest you forget,   They make it easier to learn the lay
there  is no 'armsman' watching your   out of this part of the land.
every  move and calling off the dogs
unless  you  have a more experienced   Third, is of course that stage where
                                    -9-                             More...
one shouts out, "There it is!!" Many   and  skins  together are worth more,
articles    published   earlier   in   we  sometimes  made  a  mess  out of
Kelfour  Edition  can  give  you far   skinning   the  creatures  and  thus
better  help than I could.  Articles   ruined the pelts, while every kobold
by  Synyster and Lord Kirc to name a   known  to  me has carried at least a
few  will show you the ropes of both   short   sword.    Choose   your  own
beginning  and  advanced  combat   I   variation  of that theme, but try to
would center this discussion instead   maintain some semblance of fairness.
on  who  to  kill!   Remember, don't
even  go  near wolverines, karnelins   Lastly,  with  your  pack  full, and
or werebears.  These creatures get a   your  head  spinning from all of the
thrill out of tearing young fighters   brawling, head home.  You now have a
limb  from  limb;  it  must  be  so,   two-part mission:  Sell, sell, sell,
because on any given night there are   and then rest, rest, rest.  First, a
what  seems like millions of them in   quick  trip  to  the  furrier  (just
the region known as Kobland.  But we   inside the gates on North Ring Road)
are  fighters, not librarians, so we   to  sell  the hides, and then a dash
mustn't   complain   no  matter  how   for  the  Pawn  Shop  where  you can
grossly unfair it may seem ;)          unload weapons, shields, etc.  Count
                                       your coins, and then head off to one
As  for divvying up treasure between   of  the  three hot spots I mentioned
members  of  your group, I do have a   in  KE12.  Remember to put away your
few   suggestions.    An   effective   shield  and  sword, and sit/lay down
technique  that  I have done with in   wherever  you are, because your mind
groups  is to pick a certain item to   rests much quicker that way.  By all
collect  and have each member gather   means,  catch  up  with your buddies
that  one  up  at  every  kill.  For   around the fire at the Inn, around a
example,  Darien  and I went hunting   table  in the back of Helga's with a
once, and  while  he took all of the   cold  mug  of  ale,  or  laying down
skins,  pelts  and coins,  I grabbed   watching  the  monks  in the Temple.
the  short swords.  Though the coins   For isn't this what we actually have
                                       come to the Landing for?
  / \                           HALL OF FAME                               \
  |  Congratulations to Lady Wisraith Winterwind, Lord Enegue Caretaker, |
  |  Lord Karel Tasavalta,  Lord Maruko Ashimine,  Lord Nastorm Trevin   |
  |_         and Lord Strom O'Berin for achieving Noble Rank!            |
  |  Bard     Enegue LionHeart    20 | High Human Benar Stormarm      18 |
  |  Ranger   Fxg Lyon            22 | Common Man Beolost Lamontt     19 |
  |  Mage     Dagmar Istarii      24 | Dwarf      Vesitsa Talchild    16 |
  |  Fighter  Kirc Bloodguard     20 | Halfling   Xura Viirkort       15 |
  |  Thief    Valeria Deering     22 | Wood Elf   Zhuge Liang         12 |
  |  Cleric   Sindar d'Clairique  21 | High Elf   Strom O'Berin       21 |
  |  Sorceror Xura Viirkort       15 | Half Elf   Kayla Kyndhart      26 |
  |  Healer   Kayla Kyndhart      26 | Fair Elf   Valeria Deering     22 |
/@|  Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race - June 6, 1991   |
                          What GSIII Means to Me
                            by Inyigo Montoya
/ \ ________ \
\@| ~|~|~~|| | unny thought. I  know   I guess another reason this game has
  |  |~|_ ~~ | GemStone  is a  game,   affected  me  is  the  fact  that  I
 _|  |~|-|   | and a good  game, but   willingly  let  myself  get  carried
/@|  |~|     | there are  lessons to   away   with   my  character.   Great
\_/ ~~~~~    / be learned  here that   actors  achieve credibility the same
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  don't  apply  to  the   way with their roles, so why not me?
real  world,  yet  have a remarkable   When Inyigo receives a critical hit,
impact on how you deal with reality.   I grit my teeth in anguish.  When he
                                       comes  across  a  life or death sit-
Confused?  Hope not.  I think that a   uation,  my blood rushes with adren-
major   lesson   I've  learned  here   aline.   You  may  feel the same, or
(aside  from  realizing  that I like   you  may  scorn this as lousy "role-
playing  with numbers) is tolerance.   playing."   Try it out, though.  Try
Tolerance, humility, control, pride,   feeling Rune's pain as she faces her
patience,  trust...  and friendship.   emotions,   Lythe's   grim   nature,
No,  I'm  not a tyrant in real life.   Laeg's  idealism.   It's fascinating
I  just seem  to have expanded these   just   getting  into  another  char-
aspects of myself because of Inyigo.   acter's head.  Sometimes insults are
We  each have our own reasons why we   directed  to  the  actual person who
love  this  world  within  a  world.   pulls  his/her  character's strings,
Some like the release they feel when   and sometimes it isn't although it's
they   slaughter   hobgoblins,   and   misconstrued  that  way;  then again
others like the way people deal with   sometimes  insults  are  taken  only
situations, thus creating storylines   from   one   character  to  another.
for  aspiring  writers.  Some people   Whatever   the  case,  that  is  the
see it purely as a role-playing game   nature of life.  One cannot have one
with   some   hand/eye  coordination   or  another.   We  have to deal with
thrown  in.   I've  seen it in a way   this as just one of those "things."
that has evolved.
                                       I  just  want to say that, even if I
I've  come  across  different  char-   haven't  met  you  in  GemStone, you
acters, people who breathe life into   have changed the way I see life, and
their   personas   making   them  as   in a very positive way.  In life, we
individual  as their creators.  With   shouldn't take anything for granted.
that   naturally   comes   conflict.   We   should  breathe  every  breath,
Conflict  can  be  constructive pro-   cherishing  it  as  if it were to be
vided  you're  willing to learn from   our  last.   Live  our  days  to the
it.    The   friends   I  have  made   fullest as if there were no more.
(Arborius,  Joquain,  Fenris, Bobus,
Shayna, Zepath, Jaraxx, etc.) I feel   I'm  saddened  by  the  departure of
I   know  personally,  yet  actually   friends  here  of  late (Greyhawk in
(with  one  exception) I really know   particular), to some of whom I never
nothing  about them.  There are some   got   the   chance   to  express  my
I've  wanted  to  kill,  and have on   gratitude.   Yes,  life goes on, but
occasion  been too close for comfort   before  ours  take us down different
to  doing  so,  yet  I  realize that   trails,  I'd just like to say thanks
killing   is   not  within  my  con-   for  being  you.   You've given me a
science's  grasp,  unless  I  had no   chance  to  know  myself better, and
choice.                                provided memories I'll never forget.
                          The Great Kitten Quest
                    Condensed Version of the Accounting
                            by Elwyn Moonstorm
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|hen it  was learned   distance from our arrival point.  It
  |  |~|/~~\|~| |that Fluffy, Frisky   seemed in rather poor condition, but
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| |and    Selene,  the   a  sense  of  indefinable  evil hung
/@| _|__/  \__|_|three kittens which   about it.  The walls and battlements
\_/_____________/ were to  have been   were  adorned with carven figures of
auctioned  off  by the gypsy traders   hideous   monstrosities.   The  moat
who  so  recently  visited our town,   which  surrounded  it  was overgrown
had, in fact, been captured and sent   with water plants and pond scum; the
to  distant  Castle Melvehn for evil   drawbridge was down.
experimentation  by  minions  of the
Unlife,  it  was only natural that a   We  faced  our  first opponent as we
call   should  go  out  for  valiant   approached  the  drawbridge.  One of
adventurers to rescue them.            the statues, a sort of horned devil,
                                       suddenly animated and dropped to the
I  don't  know  that  I qualify as a   far  side,  hefting a huge falchion.
valiant  adventurer, but I do rather   Arborius  attacked first, loosing an
like  cats,  and  so  I  decided  to   arrow  at  it;  the missile flew far
answer  that  call.   The others who   off  target though, ricocheting  off
joined  me that morning to meet with   of  one of the immobile statues atop
Miss   Sue-Ellen   Cowslip   of  the   the wall.
Kelfour's Society for the Prevention
of  Cruelty  to  Animals  were Alton   His second arrow nearly hit, even as
Alianthas,    Arborius    Dragonson,   Glorfindel threw a water bolt at the
Glorfindel   Yen-Soron   and   Bobus   gargoyle which struck it squarely in
Windshadow.   We  chose  Alton,  the   the  shoulder and spun it about.  As
most  experienced  warrior among us,   it  reeled  back behind the gateway,
as  our  leader,  and dedicated our-   the  rest  of us quickly crossed the
selves  to the rescue.  Thus was the   bridge  to  take  advantage  of  its
Kitten Liberation Force born.          temporary   disorientation.   A  few
                                       more  skillful  strikes  finished it
We  received  some special equipment   off, and the creature shattered into
--  catnip,  a  bag of marbles and a   thousands of tiny bits of stone.
ball of yarn, as well as a number of
more  practical  items  --  from the   Somehow,  during  that first battle,
KSPCA.   Arborius  was quite pleased   Rhys   Corwinson,  the  healer,  had
to  be given a longbow that had been   joined  us.   I had no idea how, but
imported  from  Jaiman.  The rest of   had  neither time nor inclination to
us  were  somewhat  concerned, as he   ponder the mystery.  Beyond the gate
freely   admitted  how  little  real   was  a  cobblestoned  courtyard sur-
skill  he had in using it, but there   rounded  by  low  buildings.  Behind
was no disuading him.                  them stood our destination, the tall
                                       keep tower.
Miss  Cowslip then summoned Raemond,
the Navigator who had been hired for   A  search  of the buildings revealed
our  trip,  and  he teleported us to   nothing  of  note;  however,  in the
our   distant   destination.   After   courtyard, we found the huge corpses
explaining  to  us how to summon him   of  several  animals  which fit des-
for  the  return  trip, he vanished,   criptions  I  have read of creatures
leaving us to our task.                from    distant   lands   known   as
                                       "elephants."  What was worrisome was
The  castle  keep  was  but  a short   the  condition of the corpses.  They
seemed   to  have  been  ripped  and   guardroom   beyond   the   door,   a
mauled, as though even larger beasts   tactical  blunder  of  which we were
had been feeding upon them.            more  than  happy to take advantage.
                                       Bobus  tossed  in  a  flask  of oil,
We  had  scarely noted this, though,   which  was  ignited  when Glorfindel
when   we  began  to  hear  a  high-   cast a fireball into the room.  When
pitched  squeaking sound from behind   the   flames,  screams,  and  stench
one  of the buildings.  Alton and I,   began   to   die   down,   Rhys  and
investigating,  soon found ourselves   Glorfindel  both cast coldballs into
face-to-snout  with the largest rats   the  room  to  put out the remaining
we had ever seen.  We had apparently   flames, and we proceeded onward.
found the predators which had killed
the  elephants; now we had to defeat   We had gained entrance into the very
them.                                  stronghold  of  the enemy.  But what
                                       horrors  still  awaited  us  in  our
Alton had fair luck with his.  After   attempt  to  free  the  kittens from
Glorfindel distracted it momentarily   Melvehn's  evil  clutches  we  could
with a shockbolt that singed off its   only imagine.
whiskers,  he  managed  a  masterful
stroke,  nearly  severing  the rat's     Final Confrontation Next Edition
neck  and  killing  it instantly.  I
was  not  quite  so lucky.  I got in
one good strike, damaging a forepaw,
but  the  rat  responded by taking a        Hint for Beginners  No. 1
large  bite  out  of  my  side.  The        """""""""""""""""""""""""
others   closed   in   on  it  as  I         from Samwell Hawkholder
retreated  to  tend my bleeding; the
rat did not last long.                 When starting a hunting trip, get in
                                       the habit of doing two things.  Stop
As  we  finished  our  search of the   outside  the  main  gate and type in
courtyard  area, I found, behind the   INVentory.   This will save you from
building  from  whence  the rats had   the   danger  and  embarrassment  of
come, a Swiss cheese easily the size   getting  attacked  without  a weapon
of  Surtey's  healing  tent.   I was   and shield readied.  While you're at
tempted  to  search it, for the gods   it,  type  in PARRY, to double-check
only  know  what  treasures may have   that you're at full Parry.
been  hidden  in  its many holes and
tunnels, but the others were anxious
to resume our quest.                                              * * * *
                                                    ____         * * * * *
We  were  unable to gain entrance to             / /,,,\ \      * *||| ** *
the  keep  through  the  stout oaken           /  / ,, | |      * \) / ** *
doors  on  the  ground  level, those         /  /| -  - \ \      * | |    *
being   securely   barred  from  the        | /,,\   |  /  |    *  | |    *
inside,   but   upon   climbing  the        |/'''' \_~_/  /____*_ /\ /    *
ivy-covered  walls,  we discovered a         \ '''/\___|/ |   *   \  \    *
secondary  entrance from the battle-           \/   \    /   *     \  \   *
ment  walkway.   Our suspicions that           /      \ /    *      | |   *
our  arrival was not unexpected were         /       \ | /   *      | |   *
confirmed when, after I unlocked and       /        -- * --  *      | |   *
carefully opened this door, a volley     /     )     / | \   *      | |   *
of arrows greeted us.                  /     / |             *      | |  *
                                      | |\  \  |  &          *      | | *
It  is  a  fair bet that this battle  | |  \  \|  &__________*________*___
did  not  go  as  our  opponents had  | | <==)))==&______________________/
intended.  There were a large number   \ \     |  &                 | |
of  them  in  the  relatively  small    | |    |  &   art by Taarna | |
                              Shopping at Sen's
 ______________            by Lady Kayla Kyndhart
/ \ ____  ____ \
\@| ~| |  | |~ |ere you are, a newly  arrived adventurer looking for herbs
  |  |~|--|~|  | before heading  into the wilds.  You arrive at the  local
 _|  |~|--|~|  | alchemist only to find a huge, puzzling display. Which do
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | you need and how do you use them?  This guide's for you:
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ /
Name              What it Heals                            Eat/Drink/Doses
""""              """""""""""""                            """""""""""""""
Akbutege Leaf     Restores 10 concussion pts.                  Eat/10
Wifurwif Lichen   Twitching                                    Eat/4
Belrama Potion    Sporadic & Uncontrollable Convulsions       Drink/4
Terbas Leaf       Slurred Speech                               Eat/3
Yuth Flower       Constant Spasms & Difficult                  Eat/2
                  Time Controlling Muscles
Arnuminas Leaf    Minor Bruises & Laceration on Limbs          Eat/4
Edram Moss        Fractured & Bleeding Limbs                   Eat/4
Dagmather Spine   Old Battle Scars On Limbs                    Eat/4
Curfalaka Fruit   Mangled Limbs                                Eat/2
Rewk Potion       Bruises On Head and Neck                    Drink/4
Arfandas Stem     Bleeding From the Ears, Snapped Bones,       Eat/2
                  Lacerations and Mild Concussion
Hegheg Root       Scar Across Face or Neck                     Eat/4
Bursthelas Potion Several Facial Scars, Old Neck Wounds       Drink/2
                  Terrible Mutilated Wounds
Berterin Moss     Bruises & Laceration on Chest, Abdomen        Eat/4
                  and Back. Irritation Of the Eye
Pasamar Grass     Deep Gashes, Serious Bleeding, Deep           Eat/2
                  Laceration of the Chest, Back and
                  Abdomen. Blinded and Swollen Eyes.
Tarnas Potion     Old Battle Scars on Chest, Back and         Drink/4
                  Abdomen. Black and Blue eye.
Wekwek Potion     Permanent Mutilated and Painful Looking     Drink/2
                  scars on Chest, Back & Abdomen. Severe
                  swelling and Bruises of the Eye.
Baldakur Potion   Restores Blinded Eye after Surtey treats    Drink/1
Siran Clove       Restores a Missing Limb                      Eat/1
                                   -14-                             More...
That's  just half of the puzzle.  Knowing how to use the herbs is equally as
important.   Following  are examples are of cures for injuries that have NOT
been treated by Surety, the Quack in the tent on North Ring Road.  He leaves
scars  and  charges  lots  of coins, but it's better than dieing if a Healer
isn't  available.   Remember  that  eating these herbs will put you in Round
Time, so make sure you are safe.  USE THE HERBS IN THE ORDER GIVE HERE:
     A Severed Limb:        Edram Moss               2 bites
      Includes arms,        Arnuminas Leaf           1 bite
      legs and hands        Siran Clove              1 bite
     Fractured Limbs        Edram Moss               1 bite
      Includes arms,        Arnuminas Leaf           1 bite
      legs and hands        Curfalaka Fruit          1 bite
                            Dagmather Spine          1 bite
     Deep Gashes:           Pasamar Grass            2 bites
      Includes chest,       Berterin Moss            1 bite
      back and abdomen      Wekwek Potion            2 drinks
                            Tarnas Potion            1 drink
     Deep Lacerations:      Pasamar Grass            1 bite
      Includes chest,       Berterin Moss            1 bite
      back and abdomen      Wekwek Potion            1 drink
                            Tarnas Potion            1 drink
     Twitching:             Wifurwif Lichen          1 bite
                            Terbas Leaf              1 bite
     Sporadic               Belrama Potion           1 drink
      Convulsions           Wifurwif Lichen          1 bite
                            Yuth Flower              1 bite
                            Terbas Leaf              1 bite
     Uncontrollable         Belrama Potion           2 drinks
      Convulsions           Wifurwif Lichen          1 bite
                            Yuth Flower              2 bites
                            Terbas Leaf              1 bite
     Snapped Bones and      Arfandas Stem            2 bites
     Bleeding from Ears     Rewk Potion              1 drink
      Includes neck         Bursthelas Potion        2 drinks
      and head              Hegheg Root              1 bite
     Mild Concussion        Arfandas Stem            1 bite
     and Lacerations        Rewk Potion              1 drink
      Includes neck         Bursthelas Potion        1 drink
      and head              Hegheg Root              1 bite
     Blinded Eye            Pasamar Grass            2 bites
                            Berterin Moss            1 bite
                            Baldakur Potion          1 drink
Find  a Healer to purchase herbs for you; We can buy them cheaper.  Carrying
herbs  as a first-aid kit can save your life.  A Healer is your best choice,
of  course, because we leave NO scars.  There are seven healers available on
a   regular  basis:   Caretaker  D'BoldHome,  Elandred  Evergreane,  Elzbeth
Collins, Rhys Corwinson, Silicon Nemisis, Lord Strom O'Berin and Myself.
                             News of Kulthea
                           by Alton Alianthas
                   " of beauty, land of riches.
                "Come one, come all. Fortunes to be made,
              "Heroes will stand tall in the Land of the
                "Silver Mist. Come they did, one and all,
                  "and in the light of the sinking sun,
               "with an ale in hand, they still remember,
                  "the one who stood tallest of all.
              "A name known far and wide, the first to walk
                         "in the land of mist.
                  "Rame Kelfour, a hero known to all..."
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "| |s  the  last   lyrical   factory, my  lords and ladies," said
  |    //|"| | note  drifted  across   Manthon as  he shook  hands  and ex-
 _|   //=|"| | the warm spring night   changed hugs all around.
/@|  //  |"| | the crowd  burst into
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / spontaneous applause.   "As   always,  Manthon,  your  voice
  ~~~~~~~~~~~                          brings  us great joy and happiness,"
The  bard,  while  making  grandiose   noted one of the more powerful mages
bows   to   each   segment   of  the   in  Kelfours,  and  also  one of the
appreciative   crowd   in  Kelfour's   town's most beautiful ladies.
square,   thought   that   only   in
Quellbourne would the Ballad of Rame   "Ahh, my dear, thank you.  Of course
Kelfour be so appreciated.             my  songs cannot match the beauty of
                                       you  nor  any of the fairer denizens
Manthon Kari was his name.  He was a   of this town." Manthon smiled at the
small,  wiry  man  with  distinctive   ladies  in the group, and noted with
gold hair and a voice that many said   satisfaction   that   most  of  them
could  lull ferocious trolls into an   blushed prettily.
peaceful   bliss.    Many   of   his
contemporaries    did    not   enjoy   "Hmmm,  yes, of course, Manthon your
traveling    to    the    wilds   of   talents  are  without  peer," said a
Quellbourne,  but  Manthon liked and   tall  fighter  as he moved closer to
enjoyed   being  around  the  rough,   his lady, noticing the looks she was
friendly    populace   of   Kelfours   giving   Manthon.    "But  could  we
Landing,  and  thus made it an point   impose   upon   you   for   news  of
to visit the town each spring.         happenings outside our hamlet?"
The   crowd  began  to  disperse  as   "Of   course,   my  lord.",  replied
Manthon signaled the performance was   Manthon  as  he  sat himself upon an
over  by packing up his instruments.   obliging barrel.
He  tied  the straps on his carrying
case and straightened as he felt the   The  crowd  found seats upon benches
presence of a someone behind him.      and  the  ground.   An  ale  keg was
                                       brought  forth  and  tapped.   After
Turning  with  a  smile, Manthon saw   everyone  received  a  tankard  they
that  the group consisted of some of   quieted to wait for him to begin.
Kelfour's more notable citizens.  He
knew all of them, and knew what they   They  are  even  quieter than when I
wanted.   While they enjoy my music,   sing,  mused  Manthon.   "What  news
he  thought  wryly  to himself, they   would you hear, ladies and gents?"
hunger  for  my  knowledge of events
occurring in other parts of Kulthea.   "Tell   us   of   the  situation  in
"I hope the  performance  was satis-   Rhakhaan."
                                   -16-                             More...
A  grim  look  passed over Manthon's   "The  Dragonlords  are  beings  that
face.   "The  Usurper,  Frelik,  has   lust  for  material  things, wealth,
defeated  a  large  portion  of Duke   power,  dominion.   They  are  evil,
Kalen's  army  at  the border.  Duke   this  is true, but they seek not the
Kalen is trying to organize remnants   destruction  of  life  as the Unlife
of  his scattered army while calling   does.   While  both  are  evil, they
for   help   from   Emperor  Jerrin.   have  different goals.  One can only
Emperor    Jerrin,    despite    the   hope that they destroy each other."
misgivings of those nobles who covet
Duke  Kalen's  land,  has authorized   "These  are  dark  tidings  that you
the  sending  of four cohorts to the   bring, Manthon," muttered the lordly
north.   They  may  be  too  late as   fighter.  "Is there no good news you
Frelik  is  moving with the speed of   could  impart?   I,  for  one, would
lightning,   some   even   say   the   like to go to sleep knowing there is
Magician rides with him."              some chance for our world."
"The Magician?"                        "Ahhh,  my  friend, do not despair,"
                                       smiled   Manthon,  "Let  your  sleep
"Yes,  the  Magician," another frown   tonight  be  filled  with  dreams of
fell upon Manthon's face.  "A being,   Legion's  of  Cloudlords filling the
who has inveigled himself into Royal   sky, sallying forth against evil."
courts  in Jaiman for nigh onto 4500
years  Everytime  he appears trouble   "What?   The  Cloudlords of Tanara?"
soon follows.  He has great interest   queried  the  fighter with a puzzled
in  the  Six  Crowns of Jaiman.  One   look.   "Were  they not decimated by
can   only   hope   that  Loremaster   the Unlife many years ago?"
Andraax can hold him at bay."
                                       Manthon nodded to the fighter before
Manthon  let the murmurs fade before   continuing,  "Yes,  that is what was
he   continued.    "There  are  dark   believed,   but   there   are   many
tidings from the east as well.  Just   confirmed  reports  from Tanara that
oer  the  mountains  the Dragonlord,   the   Cloudlords  have  ridden  into
Sulthon  Ni'Shaang, has launched his   battle  against the Yinka peoples, a
Lugroki  armies  into Lu'Nak.  He is   barbaric  race  that  seeks dominion
bent  on  conquest,  and  so far has   over   the   three   other  cultures
vanquished many small communities of   residing in Tanara.
human   settlers  there.   He  seems
unstoppable   unless   some  of  the   "If  reports are true, and I have no
rumors I have heard are true."         reason  to  believe they are not, it
                                       can  be  assumed that the Cloudlords
"Of what rumors do you speak?"         will  drive the evil from Tanara and
                                       make it a powerful force for good on
"It  seems  that the Unlife also has   Jaiman once again."
an  stake  in  Lu'Nak,"  a wry smirk
crossed  Manthon's  face,  "And they   As he finished relating his news and
are  actively  resisting the Dragon-   the   crowd   began   to   disperse,
lord and his armies."                  Manthon,  acting  on  some  impulse,
                                       raised  his  voice  in song.  As the
"I   thought  the  Dragonlords  were   his  pleasant  voice floated through
agents of the Unlife?" said Kelfours   the  streets  and homes of Kelfour's
most notable rogue.  "Why would they   Landing,  the  residents of the tiny
fight each other?"                     hamlet  laid  their heads upon their
                                       pillows and slept a little easier.
"A common misconception, my friend,"    __________________________________
responded  Manthon.  "There are many   /  GemStone III  Categories on the \
sides  to evil, just because someone  |  MPGRT  bulletin  board  on  page  |
acts with evil intent does not  mean  |  1045 of GEnie are #17 through 20. |
that he or she serves the Unlife."     \__________________________________/
                    Heraldry Tutor:  The Origin of Armory
                            by Delvian Kel'Bathian
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |his is the first in a   moved  into  warmer  climates.   The
  | ~~ |_| ~~ | series  of  articles   cloth  coat  of  arms  covered metal
 _|    |_|    | that will attempt to   armor,  protecting  it from moisture
/@|   _|_|_   | explain some  of the   and  dust, and protecting the wearer
\_/__________/  history,  theory and   from the effects of the sun.
rules  governing  the art and living
history  of heraldry.  Although I am   Once  the feudal system became fully
by  no means an expert in the field,   established  the  right to bear arms
I   will  use  my  knowledge  and  a   was  established.   This  right  was
variety  of  source material to give   granted   by   the   ruler   of  the
you  a  start  in  creating your own   territory to those who were loyal to
arms and devices for Houses.  All of   him.   This  award  of arms entitled
this  information is from recognized   him to rule or govern an area in the
authorities  in the art of heraldry.   name of the sovereign, to manage the
Anyone  interested  in  obtaining my   finances  and  farms of the land, to
references  has but to ask.  Perhaps   uphold the laws and most importantly
once  the  Engraver is in operation,   to  pay  a  tithe of the land to the
GameMasters  may incorporate some of   sovereign   in  goods  or  coin.   A
what I say into their world.  We all   separate  fee was collected from the
have our dreams.                       holder  as essentially a display fee
                                       for the award of arms.
The  origin  of  armory  lies in the
desire for distinction in hunting or   When the territories became so large
battle.   Proud warriors would adorn   that  the  sovereign  could  not  be
themselves  with the prizes of their   bothered   with  the  collection  of
conflicts.   These  prizes  could be   these  fees,  a  King  of  Arms  was
the  skins cave bears or wolves, and   established  with Heralds under him.
adornment of dwellings with antlers,   These Heralds would collect the fees
for  example,  was a sign of mastery   as  well as serve as ambassadors for
over nature.                           the  sovereign.  They were to create
                                       local officers for the collection of
This  symbolism was further extended   monies,    organize    the   census,
to   associating  oneself  with  the   establish  treaties of matrimony and
characteristics  of the hunter.  You   peace  between  princes of the realm
were  sly as a fox, strong as a bear   and  record  the  events  at martial
or  ran  swiftly  as a deer, to name   tournaments   or   conflicts.    The
but  a  few associations.  Naturally   Pursuivant or junior officer under a
the  sons  of  such  hunter/warriors   Herald     officiated    at    small
would   want   to   follow   in  the   festivals,  funerals,  marriages and
traditional    patterns   of   their   court  celebrations.  Fees were paid
fathers.   Thus  symbols  and relics   to  these officers as their presence
would  be  passed from generation to   was a high honor.
generation.   The  father's weapons,
armor   and   possessions  became  a            Heraldry Tutor II
source of pride to the family.  Once             The Achievement
the   closed   helm  was   invented,
heraldry became the principle manner   An  achievement  is a complete award
to  identify your enemy in conflict.   of  arms consisting, in its simplist
It  also  served  as  a  symbol  for   form,  of  a  crest  and  a  shield,
troops to rally around.  The Coat of   but  there  are  many  highly prized
Arms  was developed as heavier armor   options  which  can  be  added.   By
became   more  popular  and  warfare   law, a crest cannot  be  transferred
                                                       Continued on page 27
                           Tales of the Unknown
                            by Flint Thalassar
/ \ ________ \
\@| ~|~|~~|| |lint  heard  footsteps   confused, my friend!"
  |  |~|_ ~~ | approaching  purpose-        "Am I?"
 _|  |~|-|   | fully from behind him        "Doubtless   you   intended  to
/@|  |~|     | on the  pier,  but he   refer to Tales of the Unknown:  True
\_/ ~~~~~    / made no move to turn.   incidents  of Bravery and Adventure,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  He  sat  crosslegged,   told  in  the finest oral traditions
looking  out  over Claedesbrim  Bay.   of antiquity."
The  sun  had just crept in over the        "Exactly what I meant to say."
horizon   like  a  guilty  schoolboy        Flint rose.  "But we are climb-
arriving  late  to  class,  thus re-   ing  this morning, are we not?  Come
sembling   Flint   himself   in  his   on,  I'll tell you on the way." They
earlier years. The cool fog that lay   started  on  their  walk  toward the
over  the water writhed and twisted,   town gates.
and  Flint  imagined the white misty        Tess  asked  if Flint was cold.
creature  taking sustenance from the   He replied that, no, actually it was
steam  rising  off  the  rim  of his   looking to be a great day, but still
coffee  mug.   The  footsteps halted   he  tugged  at  the  sleeve  of  his
and a soft, clear voice called out.    purple   tunic   as   if  the  words
     "Hey, aren't you supposed to be   themselves  had sent a chill through
a Dwarf?"                              him.   Tess  found herself imitating
     Flint  smiled  at  the familiar   his   motions,   then   felt   self-
joke.   His  name  had  been quite a   conscious and stopped.  She tried to
source of amusement to his childhood   gauge, glancing at Flint, whether he
peers,  and  even  now he never went   was  up  early  or  had  simply  not
long   without   hearing   the   old   slept.
refrain.  He turned to see Tess, the        Hard  to tell.  His hair, short
teenage  daughter  of  a  local mer-   but  nearly  as  blond  as  her own,
chant.   Like Flint, she was a Half-   seemed  neatly arranged.  His violet
Elf.   Flint  offered  her  a sip of   eyes gave little hint of fatigue.  A
coffee.                                short  but satisfying night's sleep,
     "I was once, but I outgrew it."   she  surmised.   But  where  had the
They  both  chuckled.   Seeing  Tess   coffee  come  from?   Shops were not
raise the mug to her lips, Flint let   open  this  early.   A mystery.  She
his  gaze  trace the outlines of her   listened  while  Flint  related  his
body,  thinking  -- quite wrongly --   latest misadventure.  He had found a
that she would not notice.  The soft   magic   wand,   and   with   typical
contours  of  her  face,  the  blond   eagerness,  rushed off to show it to
curls rippling over her shoulders to   some  of  his friends.  As he made a
splash  against the wool of the dark   grand  gesture with the artifact, it
cloak,  even the detail of her newly   had  discharged,  singeing  his hair
polished  boots  all  sent their own   with a flashing bolt of energy.
messages  to  Flint.   He filed them        "Nice  way to make an entrance,
away   under   "danger."  How  could   m'Lord," said Tess.
anyone  look like that at this hour?        "It   was   indeed   dramatic."
Some  pact  with the forces of evil,   Passing through the gates, they fol-
no doubt.  And in exchange for never   lowed a well-trodden trail and appro
looking  sleepy  or rumpled, I offer   ached  a bubbling  stream  in  Upper
my  soul...   If  only  it were that   Kaldsfang.  The  rising  sun cast an
simple.                                orange glow throughout the forest.
     "So Flint, any new stupid thief        "Look,   we're  almost  there,"
stories for me?"                       said  Flint.   "You're going to like
     Flint  paused.   "You  must  be   this one."
     Tess  peered  down  the  stream        Flint,  still  attached  to the
bank   at   the  rock  formation  in   rock  wall,  twisted his head around
question.   A  very  nice  dihedral,   to  look.  Seeing the Orc, he froze.
about  25  feet  high,  starting  at   His  sword  and  backpack lay in the
near-vertical and then arcing out to   grass  at  the base of the climb.  A
form  a  challenging  overhang.  The   trembling  in  his forearms told him
crack   looked  hand-width,  finger-   that  he had to make a decision very
width in places.  Coming closer, she   soon.   He  hoped  it  would  be the
saw  that  the  surrounding face was   right one.
strewn with tiny ledges and pockets.        Tess grabbed for Flint's sword.
A perfect climb.                       It  felt  heavy,  useless.   The Orc
     "This   is  going  to  be  fun,   made   a   low  growling  sound  and
Flint!"                                lurched  toward  her,  teeth  bared.
     "I'll put on my other shoes and   She  saw  its  hand  grip the spiked
give  it  a  try.   You can spot me.   hilt  of  its own weapon.  Don't see
Then  we'll  switch  off, ok?" Flint   him,  she  thought.  Look at me look
sat  down  and  removed his backpack   at  me  don't see him I'm right here
and  sword,  then took out a pair of   come  closer.  Absurdly, it occurred
soft  leather  shoes.   He had these   to  her  that Flint might fall.  The
made to order by Sarii.  A few sizes   Orc  unsheathed  its  sword.  It was
smaller  than  he normally wore, the   close now, only a few steps away.
shoes  would  hold  his toes tightly        Trusting  his  handholds, Flint
together  for  greater strength, and   swung  his  right  leg  up  past his
the  thin  leather would allow him a   shoulder  and hooked his heel behind
good feel for the rock.                an  outcropping  at  the  top of the
     Finished  lacing  the shoes, he   formation.   He  levered his body up
sprang  up  and approached the rock.   onto  the  ledge  in  a single fluid
Wedging  hands  and  feet  into  the   motion,  his hands aching and nearly
crack,  he slithered up the first 10   losing  their  grip.   He turned and
feet of the wall.  Tess stood below,   prepared to leap down onto the Orc.
prepared  to  break  his fall should        Flint  knew, somehow, that this
the  need  arise.   Flint  moved out   wasn't  a  great idea.  His climbing
onto  the  face, his body kept close   buddies  often  measured their alti-
to  the  rock  to  put  the  maximum   tude by what sort of injury would be
amount  of  weight  over  his  feet.   inflicted  in  a  fall.  "This is an
Soon  he was near the most difficult   ankle,"  they would say, or "now I'm
section  of the overhang.  He paused   at  a  leg."  Of  course,  the scale
to  rest  and  plan his final moves.   became  meaningless  after a certain
Once  at  the  top,  he could rest a   height, and at that point they would
while on a small ledge, then scamper   switch  to  estimating  the size and
down the other side where the climb-   shape   of   the   crater.   He  was
ing  was  easier.  His concentration   definitely  at  around  a  leg right
was   interrupted   by   a  strained   now,  and unsure of what he hoped to
whisper.                               accomplish.   Maybe  he could supply
     "Flint!"                          Tess  with  a  chance  to  run.  His
     The Orc moved deliberately down   muscles tensed to jump.
the   trail.   Tess  could  see  its        The next moments seemed to pass
breath   steaming   in  the  morning   with  infinite slowness.  He noticed
sunlight.   Maybe it wouldn't notice   the  grainy  texture  of  the  Orc's
them.   After  all, they were in the   leather  armor, mottled with ancient
shade,  hidden  away  in  the  rocky   bloodstains,  the  footprints it had
corner  by  the  stream's edge.  She   left  in  the river sand.  A puzzled
stood   still.   The  creature  kept   expression  crossed  its  face as it
lumbering  forward,  then came to an   looked  up to find the source of the
abrupt halt and sniffed the air.  It   sudden  noise from above.  Tess held
turned to look directly at her.        the  blade  out in front of her with
     "Flint!"                          both  hands, arms outstretched.  She
did  not  bother to swing the sword,        For   a   brief   moment   Tess
but   simply  lunged  forward  fero-   wondered if her friend had sustained
ciously.    The  attack  would  have   a  blow to the head in the course of
looked  foolish  had  it not been so   his  fall.  Then she laughed.  Flint
effective.   The  Orc  stared  up at   grinned  at her.  The two made their
Flint,  bewildered, almost innocent,   way  back  to town, Flint leaning on
until the sword point glided through   his  companion  and limping.  Surtey
its soft neck and into the brain.      would  be  glad to see him.  How was
     The   need   to   jump,   Flint   he   going   to  explain  this  one,
noticed,  was now past.  It was time   though?    You  fell  on  that  easy
to  cancel the urgent message he had   climb?   No,  I  jumped  on purpose.
sent  to  his  legs,  to  regain his   Right,  Flint.  But a dead Orc broke
balance.   He attempted to step back   my  fall.   Of course it did, Flint.
onto  the  ledge  and  then realized   How was I to know Tess would kill it
this  was  impossible,  for  he  was   in   a  single  blow?   Boy,  Flint,
airborne.                              that's a tough one alright.
     Flint  crashed  into  the  Orc,        Flint   sniffed.    "You  know,
adding momentum to its collapse, and   Tess,  if nothing else, this morning
hit  the ground rolling.  He came to   has  all  the  makings  of  a stupid
rest in the sand next to the stream.   th...  a Tale of the Unknown."
Tess  was  standing  over the fallen        Tess  smiled.   They  would  be
Orc, a blank expression on her face.   back, one day soon, to climb again.
She started over to Flint.  Amazing.
He  seemed to have escaped unharmed.   ************************************
It  was  a good thing that luck like   *                                  *
that  accompanied  his attraction to   *      Wanted: Dead or Alive       *
danger.   Flint stood, smiling, took   *             ________             *
a  step  toward  Tess, and fell back   *            |--------|            *
into the sand with a thud.             *            | EDITOR |            *
     So  much  for appearing heroic.   *            |--------|            *
Strange,  Flint  thought.   His left   *             ~~~~~~~~             *
leg  was no longer a leg.  It looked   *        for Kelfour Edition       *
like  a leg, alright, but turned out   *                                  *
to  be  a  loose,  spongy thing that   *   Interested  applicants  send   *
could  support  no  weight.  Who had   *   GE Mail to P.HERRINGTON with   *
stolen  his  leg  and put this cheap   *   qualifications.   Salary  is   *
imitation  here  in  its  place?  As   *   practically non-existent but   *
Tess  arrived  at his side, he began   *   the rewards are priceless.     *
to  notice  an  unpleasant sensation   *                                  *
burning    its   way   through   his   ************************************
adrenalin  rush.  His left ankle was
singing  to  him, something high and
shrill.   He  could not make out the                     *   *
words, but they were no doubt of the                  *         *
"you done me wrong and now you gonna                *        _|_  *
pay" variety.                                      *  __|__   |    *
     "Flint,  are  you  ok?" Tess no               *    | __|__    *
longer  held the sword.  Her look of               *    |   |      *
shock  was  gradually  giving way to                 *      |    *
one  of  concern.   "What you did, I                    *  *   *
mean  trying  to  save me, it was...             _\==================/_
well,  it  was  crazy, but it was...            (  _\    __  __    /_  )
well, thank you."                                 (   \ (_ \/ _) /   )
     "Heh.     Truth   is,   I   was              _)    \_/||\_/    (_
attempting  to  save  the  Orc  from                    /  ||  \
you." He looked over at the lifeless      art by      /    ||    \
body and shook his head sadly.  "But      Taarna
was too late."
                         Kalagay and the Pickpocket
                             by Kalagay Halatil
/ \____  ____\
\@|~|~~\ |~|~|o question  about  it.   Kalagay   reviewed   her  grievance,
  | |~\~\|~| | Kalagay's  heart  had   examining  again  the  events of one
 _| |~|\~\~| | been  broken  by  the   agitated  weekend.  The elf began by
/@|_|~| \~~|_| bard Tuilin L'Oiseau,   picking  her  pocket, using the cir-
\_/~~~~  ~~~~/ the  most   notorious   cumstance  to  talk her into dinner.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  flirt to come through   He then paid for the dinner with the
Kelfour's  gates  in  months.  True,   proceeds of his theft.  He flattered
she  felt  more  like  cursing  than   and  cajoled  and  sighed.  Kalagay,
crying.   True,  she  felt more like   courting-wise  as  she  thought  she
cutting  the  impudent cur's elegant   was, finally agreed to a rendezvous.
throat  than  like  cutting her own.   It was not without incident, and she
She  had  to  compose  a  ballad  to   was   feeling  pleasantly  tormented
persuade  herself  into  the  proper   upon  retiring  to  her  rest.   Her
frame of mind.                         reveries  featured  a wedding of the
                                       most  refined nature.  In this melt-
A prowl in the general store yielded   ing  frame  of  mind, she sent out a
a small harp with but one gap in its   tender mental call.
twelve-string  span.   She sat on an
empty  barrel  in the sun and worked   There was no answer.
out a simple melody to set the words
of  her  lament.  Finally, she shook   Immediately she was assailed by hid-
her  hair back, lifted her chin, and   eous  fears  for  his safety.  Some-
began to sing "Kalagay's Lament."      where  out there was _her_ bard, yet
                                       he did not answer. Therefore, he was
   Yon is the Kobold Forest            dead  or  nearly so.  Feverishly she
   With firepit black and old.         sent  her  thought:   "Who  is  with
   We had a midnight picnic there...   Tuilin? Who knows where he is? Is he
   Today the coals are cold.           all right?"
Yes, that had a properly gloomy ring   Replies began to come:  "He was okay
to it.  She went on:                   a  minute  ago." "He is on the cliff
                                       over Claedesbrim Bay." A kindly soul
   You sang me many merry songs,       then  inserted the knife.  "It's all
   You jested and you teased.          right,  Kal,  he's  with Eleni." And
   You swore you loved but said not    another, kinder soul said, "Shut up,
      who...                           you  cretin..."  Kalagay  needed  no
   I thought 'twas I who pleased.      further  information.   All her ten-
                                       derness  turned  to  bitter ice, and
And then the really pathetic part:     this  is  how  the  warrior  Erkasse
                                       Berrylip found her.
   Now stand I in eternal dusk
   And for your footfall listen.       "What's  up?"  Erkasse asked, shrug-
   My tongue is still, my heart a      ging  out  of  her leather pack.  So
     husk,                             Kalagay told her friend the story...
   On my blade heart's blood will
     glisten.                          The spring day's weather had run its
                                       course, chilly and fickle, into twi-
It  needed work.  Two 'hearts' in as   light.  Kalagay's enthusiasm for the
many  lines wouldn't do, and besides   hunt  waned as her sack grew heavier
the  whole last verse now sounded as   and  her  broadsword  dragged at her
though  she  were  waiting in ambush   arm.   Dinner of a roast beast sand-
for  the faithless rake, rather than   wich  and  a  draught  of  dark  ale
contemplating suicide.                 seemed  like  quite a good idea; she
                                   -22-                             More...
turned  toward Helga's directly upon   friend  was  in  such  pain,  so she
leaving   Dernick's  pawnshop.   The   offered   her   favorite   solution.
silvers  she  had  obtained  were  a   "Y'know, I think it's time to perma-
satisfying weight in her wallet, and   nently reform this jerk and feed the
she  felt  quite  grown up and inde-   bits to the orcs."
                                       An  image  rose in Kalagay's mind of
A slight jostle from a passerby drew   the  handsome  fellow  in tatters of
her  attention.   She  stared  as an   lace  and soft leather being distri-
elegant elf made her a graceful bow,   buted  piecemeal  to the denizens of
one hand on a stiletto and the other   The Wild. She restrained her imagin-
disposed  amid  the  foam of lace at   ation  and  her bloodthirsty friend.
his  throat.  She hadn't seen anyone   It  was  time  to  consult Amaryllis
so  arrogantly gorgeous in her whole   Firehand,  a  friendly  mage of much
stay  in  Kelfour's  Landing.  "Your   subtlety, for a plan of retribution.
pardon,  my  lady,"  he  smiled, and
walked  off.   Something,  a  slight   "As I see it," Amaryllis said, sort-
smirk,  the  hint  of  swagger as he   ing through her wands while they sat
turned  away,  made  her  uneasy.  A   in the temple, "what we want here is
quick  touch  told her that her that   abject  humiliation,  agreed?  Some-
her   wallet   was   woefully   less   thing  really beastly that will make
substantial  than it had been.  Most   him burn inside when he remembers."
of  her silver had been taken by the
light-fingered dandy.  There was not   Erkasse  licked  her teeth and grin-
even enough left for dinner.           ned. "A  trap...He doesn't know you,
                                       'Ryllis.  You can be the decoy."
Her  first  reaction  was  of  utter
astonishment.   As the daughter of a   "I love it!  Now what would a heart-
well-to-do  merchant, she had always   less  flirt  wear?   Something gauzy
been  accompanied by three household   and Pre-Raphaelite, don't you think,
servants, and at least one was large   Kal?  Kal, honey?"
and  well-armed.   She never consid-
ered   pickpockets,  somehow.   Then   "Hm?   Oh, anything.  If you're in a
fury overtook her, taking her breath   dress he'll be after you like a duck
and  leaving  her eyes stinging with   on a June bug.  I don't want to talk
angry  tears.   The  thief had taken   about it anymore."
something  much  more important than
silvers.    Where  had  that  joyful   Still,  the  whispering and giggling
feeling  of  competence  and indepen   went  on  around  her for some time.
-dence  gone?   He  had  no right to   Finally  they decided on the perfect
take that, however gorgeous he might   spot   for  the  assignation/ambush,
be.   She ran after him without ano-   Tuilin's  favorite overlook onto the
ther thought, determined to confront   bay.   There  need  be  little  con-
him.                                   triving;  he  would  do all the work
                                       toward his own comeuppance.
One thing led to another, and...
                                                . . . . . . . . .
"I  will  never trust another male!"
Kalagay wailed.  "I will never, ever   Amaryllis  wandered  into the temple
love again!"                           looking  ethereal in floating layers
                                       of  tissue  silk,  and quite wonder-
Erkasse had little patience for ills   fully clueless.  She swanned over to
she  could not cure with her claidh-   the  bard  and  smiled straight into
mor.   "Jiminy,  Kal,  you  sure let   his  eyes.  "I'd love to look at the
yourself get suckered," she lectured   ocean,"  she  cooed, "but I'm scared
tactfully.    "Everyone  knows  what   to go all alone.  Don't you find the
bards are like, and Tuilin L'Oiseau,   ocean...exciting?"
well!" Still, she was sorry that her                                More...
Precisely on schedule, the pair left   cinder.  Kalagay gently let him sink
the temple and arrived at the cliff-   to  the ground and tended the slash.
top  overlook  with  dizzying speed.   'Idiot..idiot..idiot," she muttered.
Indeed, it seemed very much as if he   "Why  did  you  _do_ that?  We could
was in the habit of coming here.  In   have  kept  that disgusting creature
her hiding place, Kalagay winced and   from  cutting you.  But no!  You had
looked  away  as Tuilin whispered to   to  do something really stupid and..
the  mage,  then kissed her right on   silly..  and gallant."
the mouth.  Amaryllis nervously rol-
led  her eyes around looking for her   Tuilin  looked up with his ingenuous
friends,   and  said  in  a  muffled   smile  and replied, "I couldn't help
mumble,  "Um..I  have  something for   it.  You know what bards are like."
you  dear."  The  bard looked eager.
She  pulled  out  a  brown and green
striped  wand  and passed it quickly
in  front  of him.  "That is 'Earth-       ---===* Dream Weaver *===---
fast,'  dear,  to  cool  you  off  a
little.   And this...'" she drew out          by Balladeer Carpentere
a black wand, " 'Fear'!"
                                       In Kelfour's, near the market stalls,
The spells took effect at once.  His   A magic place exists.
feet  were  rooted to the ground, so   A place of yarn and flax and wool,
he  could  not  flee  when  Fear was   All spun, in endless twists.
cast.  Rapier and shield fell to the
ground and the bard looked white and   An aged weaver works his trade,
ill.   He looked near to fainting as   His carpets, deep and soft.
Kalagay  and  Erkasse  came  out  of   And each one holds his magic spell,
hiding  and  walked deliberately to-   To dance in flight, aloft.
ward   him,   grim   as  wolverines.
Kalagay  drew  out her skean dhu and   He's spun his wool, for many years,
her  eyes  were  yellow with devils.   He's spun his flax, for more.
She saw him begin to shift and real-   His yarn is made of finest silk,
ized that Earthfast was wearing off.   Not found, in any store.
The  speech  she  had  prepared  was
on  her  tongue, bitter and honed to   His carpets, each, hold endless hours,
laen  sharpness.   She  was ready to   From fingers, tired and old.
pursue him and pour the poison of it   But never does he pause to rest,
into his ears if he fled.              He never sleeps, we're told.
The orc was a nasty surprise.          To those, in love, who buy his rugs,
                                       And sleep on them, at night.
The mocking smile froze on Kalagay's   A special gift they both shall find,
lips.    Without  hesitation  Tuilin   As rug, and love, take flight.
leaped,   unarmed   and  unshielded,
between   Kalagay   and   the  orc's   But when he's asked just how it's done,
scimitar.   Lace  and  soft  leather   He smiles a silent grin.
parted   across  his  chest  and  an   The secret way he casts his spells,
alarming  quantity  of  blood poured   He keeps secure, within.
from  the ugly gash.  "Fool!" hissed
Amaryllis.   Erkasse  said, "I can't   But every night, midst minarets,
believe you did that..." And Kalagay   A chosen few can fly.
held him when he began to topple.      Upon his carpets, intertwined,
                                       In love, aloft, so high.
In   rapid   order  Erkasse  grabbed
bitter leaf from her sack and forced
him  to  chew  and  swallow it while        ------====****====------
Amaryllis   reduced  the  orc  to  a
                          The Defensive Method
                           by Inyigo Montoya
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ | was tooling  around my PC  one day and  realized  that I could
  |  |~|  | write a program to help newer players understand  the  numbers
 _|  |~|  | generated  by GSIII.  If a  BASIC  program  could  be  written
/@| _|~|_ | that  had  no randomizers in it  (just a  d100  roll of  100),
\_/ ~~~~~ / parrying, OB, and  DB could be  better understood.  This is in
  ~~~~~~~~  Microsoft BASIC for the IBM PC, so it should be simple enough.
  3 SUGG=100:OPT=100
  5 CLS
  10 INPUT"What is your base OB ";OB
  20 INPUT"What is your base DB ";DB
  40 INPUT"What is your THT (i.e. what does the creature need to hit
     you) ";THT
  50 INPUT"What do you need to roll to hit the creature ";CTHT
  60 INPUT"What is the creature's OB ";COB
  70 INPUT"What is the creature's DB ";CDB
  140 INPUT"What are you parrying at ";P
  150 INPUT"What is the creature parrying at (0 on first encounter) ";CP
  160 MOB=INT(OB*((100-P)/100)):MDB=DB+(OB-MOB)
  170 MCOB=INT(COB*((100-CP)/100)):MCDB=CDB+(COB-MCOB)
  200 PRINT"Assuming a d100 roll for both"
  210 PRINT"You make an attack for the creature"
  230 PRINT"OB: ";MOB;" vs DB ";MCDB;" = ";RM
  240 MODR=100+RM
  250 PRINT"THT ";CTHT;", d100 roll: 100, modified";MODR
  270 PRINT"no hit is scored"
  280 GOTO 295
  290 PRINT"you have hit"
  295 PRINT
  300 PRINT"The creature attacks you"
  320 PRINT"OB: ";MCOB;" vs DB ";MDB;" = ";CRM
  330 CMOD=100+CRM
  340 PRINT"THT ";THT;", d100 roll: 100, modified";CMOD
  360 PRINT"no hit is scored"
  370 GOTO 390
  380 PRINT"the creature has hit"
  385 PRINT
  390 FOR I=100 TO 1 STEP -1
  400 MOB=INT(OB*((100-I)/100)):MDB=DB+(OB-MOB)
  410 CMOD=100+INT(MCOB-MDB)
  430 NEXT I
  432 IF OPT=1 THEN OPT=0
  435 IF SUGG=100 AND OPT<100 THEN SUGG=0
  440 PRINT"Optimum = ";OPT
  445 PRINT"Suggested = ";SUGG
  450 IF SUGG=100 AND OPT=100 THEN PRINT"Dangerous!"
  460 SUGG=100:OPT=100
  500 INPUT"Again (Y/N) ";A$
  510 IF A$="N" THEN END ELSE GOTO 530
  520 END
  530 CLS
  540 PRINT"Your base OB = ";OB
  550 PRINT"Your base DB = ";DB
  560 GOTO 40
As a reference, I include the THT and OB as well as DB of some creatures you
might encounter (using a broadsword).
                THT      OB         DB      Notes:
  Torkaan        80      20          0      bite and claw
  Karnelin       80      see notes  45      stomp 32; bite 41; charge 38
  Kobold         80      10         10      short sword
  Wolverine      80      45         50      bite and claw - dangerous
  Lesser Orc     84      60         60      cudgel, short sword, mace
  Goblin         76      40         30      swing
    (lea bre)    57      50         25      battle axe
    (met bre)    31      50         25      short sword
  Forest Troll   84      36         25      cudgel and claw
Now, for them to hit you wearing heavy hide:
  Weapon        THT
  Bite           69
  Claw           66
  Stomp          49  -- watch out for this one!
  Charge         94
  Sh. Sword      79
  Cudgel         99
  Mace           89
  Swing          99
  Battle axe     84
This is  by no  means foolproof.  It is only a guide to what you can and
cannot handle, as well as the parries necessary to not be hit and not be
Notes: - If you wear heavy hide the crit threshold is 10, change line 425
         to another number if you're armor is different (i.e. ring mail
         is 20, hence replace 9 with 19).
       - Refer to KE8 page 9, Yashantre's article on Weapon and Armor
         to get the values of THT of different combinations, as well as
         his article on Spells and Armor (KE9, page 8)
       - Refer to KE7 page 21, Lythe's Beastiary article to get the OB
         and DB values of the different creatures.
       - For a clearer explanation of the mechanics of parry refer to
         Viszier's article on Mathematical parry, KE11 page 4.
       - Remember that DB changes drastically on magical attacks, ask a
         magic user exactly what this encompasses.  I usually just pray
         and hope for the best.
       - My thanks to Kirc's article on strategies KE5, page 3.
       - I still do a parry tag despite this tool, because this is for the
         patient and for someone who does not want to take chances.
       - When a monster "turtles" (i.e. parries at 100) the numbers go out
         the window because IT is under a DBmodifier since some injuries
         have already taken place by then.  Be warned though that as you
         parry lower and lower for a turtled creature, it notices this, and
         can immediately parry 0 itself and critical you (I know from expe-
         rience with a cave troll).
       - Last but not least, thanx to Grump for his patience and his
         assistance. (Dwarves aren't so bad :)
My usual strategy for fast creatures is to stay at suggested until it starts
to  turtle.   For slow and medium speed I do the same until I can time a tag
properly so it hits me, I parry 0, hit the creature, parry so it can't score
a critical on me, and continue to strike the creature until it attacks, then
do the cycle over again.

The  line  numbers are in a strange progression because my program has a lot
of  beasts  loaded  into  small  sub-routines,  creating a huge monster of a
program!   As  you  progress  within the game, this kind of number crunching
will  become  second  nature.  Trust me.  If you have suggestions, opinions,
feedback or comments, feel free to send me GE Mail at M.HERRANZ.
                   Heraldry Tutor: Continued from Page 18
without  an  associated shield, nor can women transfer achievements to their
offspring.  (So much for the male chauvinistic attitude; this rule obviously
does not apply in Kulthea.)
The  crest  has  a  mantling  and a motto.  A helmet is on option but is not
required.   It  is  usually  added by right of inheritance.  For example, an
official  knight  may have a visor, a prince a coronet, the monarch a crown.
In fact many of the achievements in history have lacked one or more of these
options.  (After all it might be hard to think up a motto.) Additions may be
made  to  the  achievements  when  special  awards  are granted.  This might
correspond  to  a  special mantling which surrounds the original achievement
for,  say,  membership in the Mages Guild.  In addition, a special badge may
be  added for membership in a highly selective order or for performance of a
special deed.  Similar to the Medal of Honor, special order of knighthood or
a  specific office (Baron of the Kaldsflag Mountains).  Finally there may be
decorative  elements  associated  with  the  offices of knights, bishops, or
other nobility called escutcheons. Additional components of achievements are
banners and standards, and they will be discussed later.
If  it  seems  that  many of these decorative components overlap in form and
function  you  are  correct.   If  you  want  to add a heraldic option which
someone else has claimed, the best way to alter the situation is to think up
a  new term.  If you don't, you might end up at war with the offended party.
There  are literally hundreds of people in England who devote their lives to
the study of heraldry so that such conflicts do not arise.
 / \                                                                      \
 |                                                                       |
 | Dear Mother,                                                         _|
 |                                                                      \
 | Thanks afterall for getting me  that job as assistant ox-tender with  |
 | the caravan.  The travel was exciting, and the regular ox-tender was  |
 | a dear man as long as he slept, which was most of the time.           |
 |                                                                       |
 | We  reached  the  city  of  Kelfour's  Landing  some  time ago.  The  |
 | ox-tender  who  took  such  good  care  of me on the road proved his  |
 | judgement once again immediately upon our arrival.  He introduced me  |
 | to a charming local establishment known as Helga's, where he entered  |
 | into  a  drinking contest with some local dwarves.  I'm sorry to say  |
 | the  poor  man  lost,  and the dwarves proceeded to stuff him into a  |
 | large  sack,  all  doubled  up with his feet and hands sticking out.  |
 | They  bought  him  from  the caravan leader, and plan to give him to  |
 | their king as a gag gift.  Evidently, dwarves aren't all bad, though  |
 |_I have been out of a regular job ever since.                         _|
  /                                                                     \
 | It's a shame about that.  I learned more about tending oxen than you  |
 | can  imagine!  As you know, I'm only thirty one, young as fair elves  |
 | go,  and  should  I  ever marry I know I'll wish I had learned all I  |
 | could from that job.                                                  |
 |                                                                       |
 | Speaking  of  men,  there's a local who's been kind and attentive so  |
 | far.   I  wonder  what you'd think of him.  He wears an earring, and  |
 | when  I  met him his feet were wrapped in muddy silk rags he claimed  |
 | were boots.  Brown, apparently, is his favorite color, though it has  |
 | occurred  to  me  that whatever color garments he attires himself in  |
 | will  quite likely end up brown anyway.  It's not his fault, Mother.  |
 | He  seems  to  have  grown  up  without many  advantages  I've  been  |
 | accustomed  to.  But he did give me a lovely rose, and just recently  |
 |_gave  me  with  an  emerald  ring.   I wonder what you would think I  |
  /should  do  --  you  know how I love green.  Besides, all the really  |
 | good  ones here are taken, and he IS a fair elf.  And Mother, he has  |
 | kept  his promise not to steal from people any more while I'm in the  |
 | same room.                                                            |
 |                                                                       |
 | I  know  you  don't  think men can change, Mother, and with what the  |
 | disappointment  Daddy was,  who could blame you?  But this one is so  |
 | promising.   I've  only  known  him  three  weeks  and  already he's  |
 | resigned  his  membership  in a secret organization dedicated to the  |
 | UnLife.  Oh, Mother, if you could meet him I know you'd approve, but  |
 | it's  hard to find people heading back that way (which is one reason  |
 | I  haven't sent word since the caravan left two years ago) and  what  |
 | with trolls and orcs and such on the roads, it's hardly safe for him _|
 | to travel all that way alone.                                        \
 |                                                                       |
 | I  hope  to  hear  from  you  soon.  Please tell me what you think I  |
 | should  do,  Mother.   If you wait too long, I'll have to stall him,  |
 | and you know how men hate that!                                       |
 |                                          Your loving daughter,        |
 |                                              Belladonna               |
 |  _____________________________________________________________________|_

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