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|   |                               Festival Next Month - See Local News  |
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 |                                                         July 1991   |
 |    GemStone III's                                     Vol.2, No.2   |
 |                     _   _           _    ___                        |
 |                    / ) / )         / )  / __)                       |
 |                   / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____    |
 |  ()_______       /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)   |
 |  ||*******\_____/ /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /       |
 |  ||*******\_____|/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(        |
 |  ||*******\_____|  _____      _    _    _    _                      |
 |  ||*******\_____| / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                      |
 |  ||*******\_____|/ (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____          |
 |  ||-------\_____| ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )         |
 |  ||-------\_____|(__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /          |
 |  ||           (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(           |
 |  ||  Happy                                                          |
 |  ||   July 4th!                          The Kronicles of Kulthea   |
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 |   Local News...............  1   Shadow of Melancholy .......   1   |
 |   Hunting Updates ........ Backpack Map by Lokyy of Thangoith   2   |
 |   From the Lost Memoirs of Usul Lu'Nak ......................   3   |
 |   Statistics 101: Krush Course in Combat ..  Hellion ColdIron   4   |
 |   Life .............................. Courtesy of Eron Kulsen   8   |
 |   Avoiding Conflict ................ Lady Wisraith Winterwind   9   |
 |   In a Word ............................... Amelda Heronheart  10   |
 |   "Let's Swing" .......................... Zaknafien Do'Urden  12   |
 |   Nymphs in Kulthea ..................... Lord Rhys Corwinson  13   |
 |   Introducing Civilization to Danjirland ..... Inyigo Montoya  14   |
 |   History of Ale ........................ Delvian Kel'Bathian  15   |
 |   Hall of Fame  .............................................  16   |
 |   The Added Experience Bonus ............. Lokyy of Thangoith  17   |
 |   The Untold Story .................... Cameron SilverMask II  19   |
 |   Lament to a Nubie ......................... Chance Saberman  20   |
 |   Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn Pt.3 .................. Eron Kulsen  21   |
 |   At the Hub of the World ................... Flint Thalassar  22   |
 |   The Dark Gods .............................. Elor Once-Dark  26   |
 |   The Malicious Meddler .............. Miss Louvella Parsnips  29   |
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 ___________               ||    Local News   |
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\@| /~/~~\\  |              \\_______________/       Editors Appointed
  ||~|    ~  |                                       """""""""""""""""
 _||~|  |~~| |emStone  adventurers     Phaedra  Bleu,  Publisher of Kelfour
/@| \~\__)/  |are advised  to mark     Edition,   recently  announced  Lady
\_/  ~~~~~  / your  calendars  for     Wisraith   Winterwind  as  KE's  new
  ~~~~~~~~~~fun, games and prizes:     Editor,  with  Rune  Arundel joining
                                       the  staff as Assistant Editor.  All
August 2-4:                            residents  are  cordially invited to
 Scavenger Hunt!                       visit  the  KE  Building (two blocks
 Birthday Bash for Rhiannon & Gira.    south  of  the General Store) during
                                       business  hours  to  get  acquainted
August 9-10: New Area!                 with  the staff and make suggestions
 The Sands of Jiwo Ima.                about future editorial coverage.
August 16-18:                          Remember:  KE pays contributors with
 Ye Olde Kelfour's Jousting Event      FREE  WEEKENDS in GemStone III.  Ask
 (Elimination Style)                   any staff member for details.
August 24:                              _________________________________
 The Gladitorial Games: Host Vlad      /                                 \
                                      | Kelfour Edition honors the memory |
The Second Annual Kulthean Festival!  |     of its Founding Editor        |
 26th:   Torkaan Skinning Contest     |                                   |
 27th:   Art Contest/Judging          |            Usul Lu'Nak            |
 28th:   Dagger Throw                 |                                   |
 29th:   Barding/Poetry Contest       |     and prays for his safe and    |
 30th:   Lockpicking Contest          |    imminent return to the lands.  |
         Birthday Bash for Roland      \_________________________________/
 31st:   The Infamous GameMaster
         Dunking Booth!
                      Prizes and Treasures to be Awarded
Rolemaster/Shadow World Modules  and   Two 1-Year Subscriptions to Computer
Boxed  Sets  (Courtesy of Iron Crown   Gaming  World  Magazine (Courtesy of
Enterprises),  including -12- copies   the Gang at CGW).
of  the  Quellbourne  Module and -3-
Boxed Sets of "Emer - Master Atlas &   REAL Semi-Precious Gems:  Amethysts,
Addendum"  plus  "Tales of the Lore-   Garnets, Citrines, Topaz, and more!
masters  I  &  II", "Stormriders - A
Shadow World Novel", and many more!    Don't miss the fun!
                            Shadow of Melancholy
                   Under the Lu'nak tree he sits alone
             His lute breaks somber chords with songs of home.
                   But no one sees this shadowed place
                    Nor Orhan, rising, light his face.
             In this killing borne Land of the Silver Mists
                  An Iron Wind blows as The Shadow shifts.
                  Is the bloodred tune that fills the sky
                   Kadaena's death scream, or a lullaby?
      Usul in the temple longing for a Quindera (Kieron's Magic Lute)
Hunting Updates:                          Backpack Reference Scroll
     Mine Hunters Rejoice      This area for less experienced adventurers has
     """"""""""""""""""""      been discovered, but watch out: Currently more
The   apparent  migration  of  dangerous  than  the  notorious Wolverines are
deadly  poisonous  Cave Worms  the Bounders (stomp  OB  40, THT  49) and Dark
from  Tralog's  Silver  Mines  Wisplings  (pound  OB  35, THT of 41).  A more
recently  permitted return of  detailed map is available on page 13.
experienced  hunters  to that  _____________________________________________
area.   This  joyous occasion / \                                           \
brought  about discovery of a \@/___________________________________________/
second fissure connecting the  |                                           |
Greater  Spider  area through  |              New Coastal Cliffs           |
the   crevice   to  an   area  |              """"""""""""""""""           |
adjacent  to  the  Cave Troll  |       Charted by Lokyy of Thangoith       |
camp  up  the  steps  to  the  |                                           |
north.   Residents are warned  |              *-*-*                        |
however  that the Cave Trolls  |             /     \  coast                |
here attack with claws making  | *-*-6       *-*-*-*       *               |
them   more   dangerous  than  |      \     /      |        \              |
those in the Castle Dungeons.  |       *-*-*       *         *-*-*-*       |
But the appearance of Crystal  |       |          /               / \      |
Golems  in this adjacent area  |       *         *   *-*-*       *   *-*-7 |
makes them well worth hunting  |        \        |  /     \      |         |
if  your  DB is at least 170.  |         *-*-*   *-*       *     *         |
Just  don't  solo:   Resident  |               1 2   \       \   9         |
Gemstings and Spiders web and  |               *     *       *-*           |
slay  lone  adventurers  with  |              /     /       /   \          |
relative ease.                 |             *     *       *     *         |
                               |            / \    |      /      | village |
      Ice Kral Spotted         |           *   *   *     *       *         |
      """"""""""""""""         |     cemetary  |    \     \      |         |
Without  warning  or  explan-  |               *     3     *     *         |
ation,  a  troop  of Ice Kral  |               |                /          |
were  recently  seen  roaming  |               *               8           |
the  streets  of  town.   The  |              /                            |
troop consisted of a Captain,  |             *                             |
Wizard,  Mercenaries and sev-  |                     3       *             |
eral  Apprentices.   No doubt  |      underground    |      /              |
scouting the Landing, the Ice  |             ruin    *     *               |
Kral (noted for their warlike  |                    /|\   / \              |
demeanor)  provoked  no  vio-  |               *-*-* * 5-*   *             |
lence,  despite  at least one  |                     4   |                 |
of  their number being killed  |                     *-* *   *-*-8         |
by  a  citizen  who  picked a  |                     |  /|   | secret wing |
quarrel.   This unprecedented  |                     * * *   5             |
event  brought  out our mili-  |-------------------------------------------|
tia, who had not been bother-  | Ye Old Monsters   | Legend                |
ed to leave their barracks in  |    Level 1        | 1: path               |
months. As the Kral departed,  |     Sea Nymph     | 2: trail              |
rowing  away in a skiff, they  |     Carrion Worm  | 3: steps              |
yelled,   "We'll   be  back!"  |    Level 2        | 4: door (trap)        |
Management at Kelfours Secure  |     Ghost         | 5: pull sconce, chain |
Bank  is advised that perhaps  |    Level 3        | 6: tree (knothole)    |
their current Ice Kral guards  |     Dark Wispling | 7: go road (Kelfours) |
may  be less than trustworthy _|    Level 7        | 8: shrine             |
should  their brethren       /@|     Bounder       | 9: gap                |
return in greater numbers.   \_/__________________________________________/
/ \ _____ \          From the Lost Memoirs of Usul Lu'Nak
\@|  |~|  |          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ |ran into the curious mystic   When  The Curious One had finished,
\_/ ~~~~~ / wandering down Widow  Wart   I  asked him where he had come upon
  ~~~~~~~~ Road today.  He said, " Ah,   such a song and he replied,  "Well,
Usul,  Bard and Scribe, here is a song   if you MUST know...  a  little bird
you  may choose to keep to yourself or   told  me as  I  was taking a bath."
publish for all to read.  It's  called   He gazed into his crystal, smiling.
A Hudvaark's Lament  and it goes  like   "Heh,  needless to say,  I  skinned
this:                                    and fried it."  He smirked, looking
                                         me in the eye.  "And finger lickin'
         I'm a little seagull,           good t'was too!"
          On a windak stair.
       Trying to find the ocean,         Saddened, I recited this litany:
          Looking everywhere.
       Hard times without pity,          "I am not afraid of what there might
     In this cold town by the sea.       be.   Out  in the world you learn so
    Is there nowhere left to fly to?     many things,  oh yes, you do!   So I
       Nothing anywhere for me?          tell you _again_,  I'm not afraid to
                                         go out there in this Shadow World  &
     Shadows lurk in every corner,       be myself. So come on, listen to me:
       No one feeling any shame          There are  _so_  many things in this
  Townfolk bleeding on the sidewalks,    world that we must not be afraid of,
     Does it really seem the same?       No, no, no! Just believe in yourself
    Murder,  mayhem and corruption.      and  in  time  you'll get ahead...So
       Same old story everyday.          BE SOMEONE! Come on now BE YOURSELF!
   It's gonna take a big old wagon,      !!! B E   Y  O  U  R  S  E  L  F !!!
     Just to haul them all away.         Do not be misled by  what evil-doers
                                         may say. They  will only  bring  you
  When the good are left defenseless     down if you let them!"
  Seeking truth, they serve the lie.
     Yes, the living are a-dying,        The Mystic shrugged.  He   turned to
    But no one stops to wonder why.      walk away. He looked back at me over
  Think I'll fly out to the wilds now    his shoulder & looking deep into the
    To the fangs that bite the sky.      crystal in his hands he whispered:
  I guess I'm never going back there;
      That will be the day I die.        "You only got two roads to travel in
                                         this Shadow World.  Only two roads."
         Oh, it goes to show.
    Man, it's hard, just to live.        I nodded to him,  but he had already
         Oh? Don't you know?             disappeared into the silver mists.
     Signs I take. Signs I give."
                              /                                Wisraith
                             /                        /\         Winterwind
              \             / /                      /  \
               \\\' ,      / //           /\        / ~~~\
                \\\//,   _/ //,          / ~\      /      \
                 \_-//' /  //<,         /    \    / ~~~    \    /\
                    /  >>   \\\`__/_   / ~~~  \  /     ~~~  \  /  \
                   /,)-^>>  _\` \\\   /~       \/ ~~~~   /\  \/    \
                   (/   \\ / \\\     /     ~~~  \   /\  /  \ / ~~~  \
                       // _//\\\    / ~~~        \ /  \/    /   ~~~  \
                \\_____(('--(('_____________  ~~  / ~~ \   /~~~       \
        (ZZZZZZZI _________________________/    ~/      \ /      ~~~~  \
                //               /          ~~~~/   DragonsFang Mts.    \
                  Statistics 101:  A Krush Course in Combat
                 Or the very, Very, VERY Last Word on Combat
 ____________               by Hellion ColdIron
/ \   _____  \
\@|  /~/~~\\_ |emStone III --  which    easily  surpassed  by its  elegance.
  | |~|   __~ | is  unbelieveable in    After  a  few practice trials you'll
  | |~|  |_ | | scope  and  dynamics    be  happily  punching  away  at your
 _| |~|    )| | both --  seems   to     calculator.
/@|  \~\__//  | suffer from  a self-
\_/   ~~~~~  /  perpetuating  mythos    All  weapons  in the known world are
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ concerning its combat.    held  under  5 categories - AL (Arms
I can't count the times I've trudged    Law), SL (Spell Law), CL (Claw Law),
aross  a  battlefield or sat quietly    RSL  (Reverse  Spell  Law)  and  RCL
in  the  temple  and  listened to an    (Rev.   Claw  Law).   AL weapons are
"expert"  advise  a  newcomer to the    just  that  -  weapons.  SL contains
lands  on  the  strengths  and flaws    the     elemental    attack    spell
inherent in certain weapon and armor    statistics.   CL is the grouping for
types.   By  now, most regulars know    natural  weapons.   RSL  &  RCL  are
about  these, but the actual statis-    inverse   tables   and  all  attacks
tics  involved  escape  them.   This    falling into these categories affect
article  assumes a working knowledge    heavier  armor more adversely (thus,
of combat in GSIII.                     we have the infamous "lightning rod"
Without further  adieu,  here is the
Condensed Combat System (CCS) in its    The armor classes (1-20) are divided
brutal  entirety,  unabridged  as it    up into 5 separate armor categories,
appears  in  Rolemaster Companion I,    each   with   its   own  distinctive
enhanced  (I  hope)  with  editorial    advantages  and disadvantages:  Skin
comment.   Illustration  1 shows the    (Sk)  entails  ATs 1-4, Soft Leather
format  that forms the basis for all    (Sl)  5-8,  Rigid Leather (Rl) 9-12,
combat   in   GSIII   involving  the    Chain (Ch) 13-16 and bringing up the
standardized form, and I have yet to    rear  (as  always)  is Plate (Pl) at
find an exception:                      17-20.
I should point out that this article    The  combat  system has three parts:
doesn't   deal   with  weapon/shield    (1) The Attack Statistics Area (ASA)
clashes,   or  criticals.   Those  I    where   all   info   on   Weapon  OB
shall   leave   for   another   day.    modifiers  and  damage  is kept, (2)
However,  at  the end of the article    the Armor DB modifier area where all
I'll  kick  some  theories around on    info  on  DB mods to different armor
the  CCS  as it appears to have been    types is held, and (3) the THT area,
implemented.  Also, if you find this    where  minimum THT's and Crit levels
system  a  bit (!) complex at first,    are stored...
don't  worry.   It's  complexity  is
        _________________________Illustration 1____________________
       //                                                           \
      ||  [Name] [swings/slugs/bites/etc at] [Target] [with Weapon]  |
      ||   OB: XX vs DB: YY                                          |
      ||   THT: ZZ, d100: AA, modified: BB                           |
      ||    [Damage done]                                            |
      ||    [Potential criticals]                                    |
  Critical types:
  P = Puncture; S = Slash; K = Krush; I = Impact; C = Cold; H = Heat
  E = Entangle or Electricity; T = Tiny; G = Grapple; U = Unbalance
                                    -4-                              More...
Condensed Combat System - Attack Statistics Area (ASA)
Attack  Fail  Crit  Table|  Weapon OB mods & Basic Hit Factors [OB MOD(BHF)]
Type    Range Type  Type |   Skin     S.Leath   R.Leath    Chain      Plate
Dagger    01  P,S   AL   | -10(4.7)  -12(8.2)  -20(8.5)  -20(10.7)  -20(22.9)
Falchion  05  S,K   AL   |  +0(2.3)   -2(3.3)   +4(3.3)    +4(4.4)    +4(6.4)
Hand axe  04  K,S   AL   |  -5(3.1)   -5(4.5)   +3(4.2)    +5(5.5)    +5(8.5)
Main Gau  02  P,S   AL   |  -8(4.4)  -10(7.1)  -15(7.3)   -15(9.1)  -15(16.7)
Scimitar  04  S,K   AL   |  -5(2.5)   -5(3.7)   -5(3.9)    -5(7.7)   +0(13.2)
Rapier    04  P,S   AL   | +10(5.3)   +5(7.5)   -4(9.1)   +0(10.4)  -18(23.7)
Broadswo  03  S,K   AL   |  +0(2.8)   +0(4.1)   +0(4.4)    +0(6.0)   +0(10.3)
Shortswo  02  S,K   AL   |  +5(3.8)   +0(5.4)   -5(6.4)   -10(8.7)  -10(14.9)
Barefist  01  K,I   AL   |-25(11.4) -35(15.9) -35(25.0)  -35(29.0)  -31(31.5)
Club      04  K,I   AL   | -15(3.9)  -15(5.7)  -10(4.9)   -10(5.7)   -5(10.3)
War Hamm  04  K,P   AL   |  -5(3.2)   +0(4.7)   +0(4.2)   +10(5.0)   +10(7.7)
Mace      02  K,I   AL   |  -5(3.5)   -5(5.0)   +0(4.9)    +5(5.3)    +5(8.0)
M. Star   08  K,P   AL   |  +0(2.5)   +0(3.5)   +5(3.9)   +10(4.6)   +10(6.6)
Whip      06  E,K   AL   |  -9(3.9)  -10(8.8) -15(10.1)  -25(12.2)  -25(32.0)
Bola      07  E,K   AL   | -10(5.1)  -10(8.0)  -10(4.1)   -10(5.7)   -6(10.1)
Comp.Bow  04  P     AL   |  -9(2.9)   +1(3.4)   -2(3.0)   +10(3.5)    +5(6.4)
Hvy Xbow  05  P     AL   |  -2(2.3)   +6(3.1)   +4(2.6)   +15(3.5)   +10(5.8)
Lt  Xbow  05  P     AL   |  -7(2.8)   -3(3.4)   -2(3.1)    +3(3.7)    +0(7.1)
L. Bow    05  P     AL   |  -3(2.6)   +3(3.2)   +1(2.9)   +13(3.3)    +8(5.8)
S. Bow    04  P     AL   | -12(3.1)   -4(4.3)  -11(3.6)    +0(4.0)    +0(9.9)
Sling     06  K,I   AL   | -12(2.5)  -15(3.9)   -6(3.4)    -5(4.3)    +0(6.7)
Bat. Axe  05  S,K   AL   |  +0(1.5)   +3(2.3)   +6(2.0)   +13(2.6)   +13(4.6)
Flail     08  K,P   AL   |  +4(1.8)   +6(2.4)  +10(2.6)   +13(3.3)   +13(4.5)
War Matt  06  K,I   AL   |  +0(1.7)   +3(2.2)   +6(2.2)   +15(2.7)   +18(3.6)
Q. Staff  03  K,I   AL   | -15(2.8)  -12(3.7)  -12(4.5)   -12(6.1)   -15(9.2)
2-H Swor  05  S,K   AL   |  +5(1.6)   +6(2.1)   +8(2.0)   +10(2.8)   +10(4.7)
Javelin   04  P     AL   |  -6(3.3)   -6(4.3)   -6(3.7)    -7(5.2)  -10(11.4)
Lance     07  P,I   AL   |  +0(1.4)   +4(1.9)   +5(1.8)   +17(2.1)   +20(2.8)
PoleArm   07  P,K   AL   |  -2(1.8)   -2(2.5)   -1(2.5)    +0(3.3)    +0(5.2)
Spear     05  P,I   AL   |  -4(2.8)   -5(4.0)   +0(3.6)    +3(4.7)   -4(10.5)
Bk/Pn     02 T,S,K*& CL  |  +3(3.4)   +5(3.3)   -7(4.3)    +9(4.5)   +30(4.6)
Bite      02 T,S,P*& CL  | +17(2.5)   +5(2.6)   +0(2.7)   +15(3.0)   +23(3.2)
Cl/Ta     02 T,S,P*& CL  | +20(4.7)   +1(5.0)   -3(5.3)   +11(5.4)   +22(5.9)
G/S/E/S   02   G&    RCL |  -6(5.0)   -5(6.4)  +11(9.2)   +30(8.0)  +45(12.4)
Ho/Tu     02 T,P,U*& CL  | +19(2.9)   +2(3.1)   +3(3.2)   +13(3.4)   +22(3.5)
RaBuBa    02  U,K*&  RCL |  -4(5.7)   -8(5.8)   +7(6.3)   +25(5.9)   +43(6.8)
Stinger   02  T,P*&  CL  | +21(9.3)  -5(10.4)   -2(9.7)  +11(10.8)  +21(11.5)
TA        02   T&    CL  | +26(8.3)   +4(9.6)  +0(10.4)  +14(10.9)  +25(10.3)
Tr/St     02   K&    CL  | +37(3.1)  +18(3.0)   +9(4.2)   +28(4.7)   +34(4.6)
Fa/Cr     02   K+    CL  | +45(2.4)  +35(2.8)  +23(3.1)   +45(3.0)   +43(3.6)
Note:  Martial Arts Strikes and Sweeps seem to be unimplemented at this time,
but are probably part of the GSIII CCS anyway.
                                    -5-                               More...
ShckBlt   02#  E$    RSL |  +9(7.0)  -11(8.6)  -1(10.2)   +28(8.6)  +46(10.2)
WatrBlt   02#  I$    SL  |  +6(3.7)   -5(4.9)   -3(7.6)   +16(7.6)  +28(10.5)
IceBolt   02# I,C$   RSL | +21(2.6)  +15(3.5)  +18(6.0)   +34(6.1)   +53(8.5)
FireBlt   02# I,H$   SL  | +38(3.3)  +10(4.2)  +15(6.2)   +36(5.8)   +51(7.7)
LghtBlt   02# E,I,H$ RSL | +30(3.0)  +21(4.0)  +18(5.2)   +50(4.8)   +66(5.6)
ColdBal   04#  C@    SL  | +62(7.0)  +39(8.4)  +48(9.8)   +64(9.1)  +76(10.9)
FireBal   04#  H@    SL  | +68(5.6)  +53(6.0)  +61(7.4)   +72(8.2)   +84(9.5)
Armor DB mods Area (ADBmods):                   Threshold Area (TA):
           Table Type                             Armor Catagories
AT |  AL   SL  CL  RSL  RCL  |           |   Sk    Sl    Rl    Ch    Pl  |
---|-------------------------|       ----|-------------------------------|
 1 |  15    2   0   13   38  |       THT |   61    52    52    26     5  |
 2 |   5    0   4    3   25  |        A  |   71    72    72    75    75  |
 3 |  19   12  16   18   33  |        B  |   76    84    83    89    89  |
 4 |  23   16  25   25   29  |        C  |   82    99    98   100    97  |
 5 |   0   11  11   18   29  |        D  |   93   112   114   110   104  |
 6 |   3   16  15   17   23  |        E  |  111   131   126   119   109  |
 7 |   7   21  22   17   15  |       -------------------------------------
 8 |  12   19  24   15   10  |
 9 |   5   12  22   22   21  |    Process Summary Area:
10 |  13   19  30   27   18  |
11 |  18   24  37   28   12  |    1) Roll d100, halt attack if <= failure.
12 |  22   29  44   25    8  |       Otherwise, modify roll by attacker's
13 |  15   13  23   20   17  |       OB & target's DB. If attack is natural
14 |  25   16  31   15   14  |       weapon, apply any ceiling restrictions
15 |  30   23  37   10    7  |       due to attack size (see attack size
16 |  35   24  38    7    4  |       restrict. below). Result is the IAV.
17 |  26   12  29   17   11  |
18 |  35   15  36   12    8  |    2) Cross index the attack's "Table Type"
19 |  45   23  41    5    4  |       with the target's armor type in the
20 |  50   28  48    0    0  |       Armor DB Mods area. Take the IAV,
------------------------------       subtract the Armor DB mod, and add the
                                     proper Weapon OB Mod (WOBM). The result
                                     is the FAN.
3) If the FAN is >= the THT (see threshold area) then the attack does damage.
   A critical is also resulted if the FAN is greater than at least one of
   the other thresholds; its severity is indicated by the highest threshold
4) To determine how many Concussion Pts were delivered divide (FAN - THT)
   by the Basic Hit Factor for the weapon used (round off):
                  (FAN - THT) / BHF
Attack  size  restrictions  are typically for natural attacks by beasts.  The
intention  of the CCS was to mimic the RoleMaster attack tables as closely as
possible,  and  the RM tables had a cutoff at 150 for the OB/DB modified d100
attack roll, regardless of the attack type used.
Ceilings are 105 for small attacks, 120 for medium, 135 for large and 150 for
huge attacks.
                                    -6-                               More...
Weapons  should  probably be treated as huge attacks although I don't believe
they  are  as  GSIII  implements  them.   Thus  you  have  two-handed  swords
delivering 100-point blows when they originally maxed out at 47 points or so.
   Abbreviated natural attack types:
     Bk/Pn - Beak/Pincher                      Cl/Tl - Claw/Talon
   G/G/E/S - Grapple/Grasp/Envelop/Swallow     Ho/Tu - Horn/Tusk
    RaBuBa - Ram/Butt/Bash                        TA - Tiny animal
     Tr/St - Trample/Stomp                     Fa/Cr - Fall/Crush
  ... the first type of critical indicated to the second and so on. They are
  not meant to indicate additional criticals for exceptional damage as given
  on the other attack lines.
Additional  criticals  are,  I  believe,  unimplemented - only 1 critical per
strike maximum, the crit type seems to be random.
Symbol  Means
   #    These attacks may incur fumbles at higher ranges depending on the
        armor type and range of the final attack number.
        Note: I believe that these attacks have a fumble range of 04.
   $    Inflicts special criticals when an Unmodified 100 is rolled.
   @    Inflict special criticals when an UM 96-100 is rolled.
        Note:  Both unimplemented??]
   &    Limited by the size of the attack - small..huge.
   +    Limited either by distance fallen or by size of attack - small..huge.
 /                               Example                                   \
|                                                                           |
| Hellion  (OB  of  55)  swings a  broadsword at  a vorpal rabbit (yet to   |
| be implemented, DB of 60, AT of 1) D100 roll is (what luck!) 95.          |
|                                                                           |
|   IAV = [(roll) 95 + (OB) 55 - (DB) 60] = 90.                             |
|   FAN = [(IAV) 90 - (ADBmod vs. AL) 15 + (WOBmod vs. Skin) +0] = 75.      |
|   Since (FAN) 75 > (THT) 61, Hellion scored a hit.                        |
|   damage = (75 - 61) = 15 / (BHF) 2.8WOBM                                 |
|          = exactly 5 points of damage, and since the A critical threshold |
|            was passed, the critter takes an A critical (probably slash).  |
|                                                                           |
| The rabbit,  being annoyed by this, leaps at Hellion with its teeth bared |
| (Bite, max  attack  size  =  Huge, OB = 120).  Hellion is wearing a Chain |
| Hauberk (AT 16) but has an anemic DB of only 50. The roll is (whoops) 92. |
|                                                                           |
|   IAV = [(roll) 92 + (OB) 120 - (DB) 50] = 162. This is over the maximum  |
|         IAV for a huge attack, so it is reduced to 150.                   |
|   FAN = [(IAV) 150 - (ADBmod vs. CL) 38 + (WOBmod vs. Chain) +15] = 127.  |
|   Since (FAN) 127 > (THT) 26, the rabbit scored a hit (to say the least). |
|   damage done = (127 - 26) = 101 / (BHF) 3.0                              |
|               = 33 concussion points. That's nothing compared to the E    |
|                 crit poor Hellion has to face. (Probably lose his head.)  |
In practice, the optimum choice for a weapon is one with consistantly high
WOBM values and very Loooooow BHF's. That way, it will decrease your THT and
increase your damage. Looking at the chart, right off hand I can see that the
war mattock (as suggested) is the crushing weapon of choice. The falchion is
an excellent choice in slashing weapons, as it's WOBMod values remain low
negative to low positive. Did anybody notice that the lance seems to be the
best 2-handed weapon? Look at those WOBMod/BHF ratios.
Given  time, you will probably recognize the deviation in the THT value given
by  the GSIII combat system from the five standard THT values in the CCS.  GS
apparently  factors  the  WOBMod  and ADBmod into the THT so the only modifi-
cation  made  to  the  attack d100 are the OB/DB mods.  Here is a formula for
converting  CCS  THTs  into  GSIII  THTs.  I've tested it on numbers given by
Yasantre Spleenbender, and haveyet to find an error.
         GSIII THT = CCS THT + (Armor DB mod) - (Weapon OB Mod)
         eg: Falchion vs. Plate, 5 + 50 - (4) = THT 56
         eg: Bare fist vs. Plate, 5 + 50 - (-31) = THT 86
         eg: Lightning vs. Hauberk, 26 + 7 - (50) = THT -17
The  system  is  compact and appears to retain a good portion of the original
RoleMaster qualities (probably 90-93%).  Also of interest is the fact that it
is  flexible  enough  to be used in any roleplaying environment.  Soup up the
water bolt attack  and whallah, you have a shotgun blast... etc. etc., et al.
In a world where death by violence is as common as the ebb of the tide, it is
appropriate that our characters fight through a combat system as sharp as the
edge of an eog broadsword.
                        Life -- Courtesy of Eron Kulsen
  You see a stairwell leading up to a trap door.  The Stairs also lead down.
  Obvious exits: down
  >PARRY 100
  Parrying at 100 percent.
  [Kelfour's, Land Tower East]
  You notice a gold ring, a gold ring, a crystal amulet, some heavy hide,
  a broadsword, a reinforced shield, a lore lockpick and a baby dragon.
  Obvious exits: down.
  A baby dragon stomps at you with its foot!
    OB: 200 vs DB: 85 = +115
    THT 49, d100 roll: 87, modified: 202
    ...and hits for 49 concussion points of damage!
    Bone-crushing blow to left leg.
    An extra 12 concussion points of damage.
    You are stunned for 2 rounds!
  You are still stunned!
  A baby dragon breathes an enchanted fire at you!
    OB: 250 vs DB: 60 = +190
    THT 06, d100 roll: 90, modified: 280
    ...and hits for 58 concussion points of damage!
    Head charred to a smoldering stump!
  *Eron just bit the dust.
  A voice from below yells, "Eron, is it safe to come up yet?"
Editorial:                   Avoiding Conflict
 ___________            by Lady Wisraith Winterwind
/ \  ______ \             Editor, Kelfour Edition
\@| /~/~~\_\ |
  | \~\____~ |itting here at my desk      Unless you are the kind of person
 _| _~~~~\~\ |in  my  new  office in   who  thrives  on  controversy, about
/@| \~\__/~/ |the new Kefour Edition   this   time  you're  apt  to  become
\_/  ~~~~~~ / Building, it occurs to   disgusted  with the entire situation
  ~~~~~~~~~~ me that this  month has   whether you're involved or not.
been  one of the most peaceful I can      Conflicts, however, need not pro-
recall.  Perhaps I've just not heard   gress  this  way.  If you are strong
of  new  scandals and controversies,   in  your  convictions,  there  is no
but  I  tend  to trust my perception   need  to  defend them, especially to
because   our  purveyor  of  purient   someone  intentionally  baiting you.
interests,     Louvella    Parsnips,   Refusing to dispute in public is not
periodically   stalks   through  the   a  weakness  if  your goal is peace.
newsroom in an absolute rage.          Rather,  it  is the strongest state-
   Noticing  this  peace has made me   ment  you  can  make; you are saying
think  about  the nature of it, what   you will enforce peace around you by
disrupts  it,  and how to regain and   not  becoming  involved in open con-
retain it.                             flict.   There  will always be times
   Unrest  arises when an individual   you  can't  avoid  it, but there are
or  group  demonstrates - by word or   always ways to mitigate it, too.  If
deed - that which diverges from  the   your  intent  is to avoid spectacle,
ideas of someone else.  This is true   take  your quarrel out of the public
in  a dispute  between  citizens  or   eye, and don't encourage spectators.
civilizations.   In either case, one      In   addition,   avoid   becoming
side's  expression  provokes a nega-   involved in other people's disputes,
tive  response  which,  in  turn, is   either  as  a  spectator or a parti-
often  calculated  to re-provoke the   cipant, unless specifically asked by
first  party.                          both   sides  to  help  mediate  the
   Complicating  this  is  the  fact   dispute. When we spectate, we create
that  disputes  draw  attention, and   an  audience, and if we try to force
parties  soon  arrive  who  are  not   a  role  as  mediator,  we  may well
directly   involved.   Some  try  to   provoke  the  original  parties into
bring about compromise, and some try   resenting us for it, generating more
to stir things up by becoming allied   bad     feelings.      If    someone
with one side.  Others feel it their   specifically  asks for help, that is
responsibility  to  interject  their   one  thing,  but  we  often  seem to
opinions  (invited  or  not) while a   blindly  jump  into  the disputes of
few  just  want  to  be  involved in   others, out of loyalty or some other
whatever has people's attention.       motivation,  where  we  may  not  be
   None one of these people know, as   wanted  and probably are not needed.
do  the  original participants, what   Most  people  seem able to take care
the dispute was really about.  Their   of  themselves; give them the chance
words  and deeds only serve to cloud   to solve their own problems.
the issue(s) leading to even greater      We  all know people who thrive on
conflict.                              conflict  and  delight  in involving
   Then   too,   newcomers  form  an   those  who  try  to  avoid it.  They
audience  which  tends  to bring out   will   always  be  around,  sniffing
the performer in us.  In front of an   through  the  detritus of our lives.
audience,   neither  side  tends  to   If  you  want  peace,  don't dignify
compromise,   and   may   even  feel   agitators with a response unless you
pressured to  recruit allies, allies   absolutely must. Even then, do it on
who  bring  their  own  ideas,  pre-   your  terms, not theirs. No world is
judices,  assumptions  and  agendas.   free  of  conflict,  but  there's no
Thus,   even  the  best  intentioned   rule that says you must settle it in
newcomer can exacerbate a dispute.     public.
                                 In a Word
 _____________             by Amelda Heronheart
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |rying to  make  one's   name  I  shan't reveal, I learned of
 _|    |_|    | way in  a  new  land   an  even more distressing occurrence
/@|   _|_|_   | with  new   customs,   that  had befallen him and a hunting
\_/__________/  language  and  terms   partner  in  his early days.  It was
of dialect can be confusing.           not  really the mage's fault, and he
   When recently arrived in Kulthea,   felt  badly about it.  It seems they
I   made  the  acquaintance  of  the   were  out  hunting  torkaan  and the
gracious  Kyanna  under  most trying   mage  waved  a  lethal  wand  at the
circumstances, particularly for her.   "tor."  The  wand  worked perfectly.
Fortunately  she  has  a sympathetic   The  flames  were a sight to behold.
nature  and  still speaks to me, and   However,  poor  Tory  was  barbecued
even   calls   me   "friend."   What   rather  than  the  tork.  On hearing
happened was that I was invited on a   this  sad  story I realized just how
hunting  party  of  which  the  good   important  a  name  can  be.  I have
Kyanna   was   a  member.   We  were   never  seen  the lad Tory about, and
hunting  kobolds  and although I had   assume  he has undergone a change of
hunted before, it had not been much.   appellation,   which   is  advisable
   It  seems  that  3-letter  abbre-   under the circumstances.
viations  are  commonly used in this        Returning  to  the local custom
place  and  I  had  been told that a   of  abbreviating  just  about every-
kobold  could  be  referred  to as a   thing,  I  have  been warned several
kob.    Having   no  hunting  macros   times  that one should really follow
prepared,  and  being of an original   the three-letter system.  I'm afraid
turn  of mind (though often MUCH too   I did not heed the advice other than
impetuous,  as  my friends will tell   in  combat,  and  became comfortable
you)  I  had discovered I could make   putting  things into and taking them
my  work  easier and eliminate typos   out  of  my "ba"ckpack.  This worked
by  attacking "k" rather than "kob."   until  one  night I was invited to a
It  never  occurred  to  me the gods   party at my friend Piffen's house --
would misunderstand my intentions.     at  the House of Argent Aspis, to be
   This  had  worked perfectly while   exact. It was stunning! I  was over-
hunting  with  my  friend  Whistler,   whelmed by the opulence of the house
although  he  did  not  know  of  my   and  by  Piffen's graciousness.  The
abridged   abbreviations   or  would   evening  was  enveloped  in  beauty,
certainly  have  warned  me.  There-   like a dream.  Piffen gave me a pair
fore, I was surprised, and certainly   of  black satin slippers -- a wonder
Kyanna   was  no  less  so,  when  I   to behold, and not another pair like
accidentally  attacked Kyanna rather   them  in  all the land.  I was taken
than   the   kobold.    After   many   aback   trying  to  be  on  my  best
apologies,   checking  for  damages,   company  behavior,  but  I still had
much  hugging,  etc.,  we  began the   much to master by way of customs and
hunt again.  Unfortunately, I seemed   dialect.   This  night  I learned to
to  have  the  "k"  burned  into  my   drink  MY wine, a skill that must be
reflexes,   because  the  poor  lady   learned  since  "drink wine" assumes
found  herself  victim  to  my sword   one wishes to drink from the carafe,
several  more  times  before  I  had   and  that  was  never  my intention.
sufficiently     re-programmed    my   After  having  had a few drinks (and
neurons   to   "att   kob"   without   my  friends  may say that these went
mistake.   Lucky for her, my prowess   to  my  head,  although I can hardly
with  weapons  was  lacking in those   believe so) I realized that it would
days and her defenses were good.       be   more   socially  correct  if  I
   In   discussing  this  near  dis-   removed  some  armor I had accident-
astrous  outing  with  a  mage whose   ally left in place; I removed my leg
                                    -10-                            More...
greaves  and  inobtrusively  slipped   yet  again,  I  began to notice that
them  into  my  "ba"ckpack,  only to   the  healer  seemed  somewhat embar-
realize  the next morning that I had   rassed;  then  I  noticed  he  would
actually   put  them  into  Piffen's   reach  to  invoke  his amulet almost
bar  instead.                          immediately  after  he had rubbed my
   But  then  how  many  bars  do  I   humble  self.   As I have spent more
encounter  in  Kelfour's?   What was   time  in  this  country,  I  have on
done  was done.  I continued happily   numerous  occasions  been  rubbed by
putting  things  into  my "ba"ckpack   friends    and    strangers   alike.
until  one day I accompanied friends   Usually  I  smile  and go on my way,
to  Cheldar's.   Penna and I decided   though   occasionally  a  gentle-elf
to  take  a  bath as long as we were   will  admit  that  he has NOT made a
there.   I thought it appropriate to   mistake  at all, and I shall refrain
unarm, and accordingly put my shield   here  from relating what effect this
and  broadsword  into my "ba"ckpack.   has  upon  me.  Let me just say I am
In  the shadowy interior, I must not   not complaining, simply pointing out
have noticed what I was doing.  When   certain dangers of our dialect.
M'Lord  Naxxixx  pulled the chain to      In  regard  to these perils, last
show   Penna   and  myself  how  the   but  by  no  means  least, I wish to
"ba"ths worked, my shield and broad-   tell  of  the  time  I  nearly  dis-
sword  washed  right down the drain!   membered  my beloved friend Penna in
Was  I surprised!  Monsieur Arconium   front  of  Moot  Hall.   Her gallant
was nearly beside himself, handed me   paramour,  Khelban,  had  been  kind
his own broadsword and rushed out to   enough  to  stow  my gear and all my
replace  my  custom shield, although   clothing  in his locker as I, with a
it  was  not his fault at all.  From   tear in my eye and hope in my heart,
that   day  on,  I  have  been  more   headed    off   to   encounter   the
careful  when  putting items into my   Character  Generator.   Yes,  I  had
"bac"pack.  So far, so good.           been in the land long enough to know
     My own name has proven to be of   I  wished  to stay and grow wise and
some  amusement  in  this  place  as   seek  my  fortune  here,  and  I had
well.   I had no idea when I arrived   finally become convinced that I must
that  this would be so, having never   become  stronger  within myself if I
had  particularly interesting exper-   were  to  live a long and prosperous
iences occur from its use.  However,   life.   So,  as I fondly parted from
once   again,  abbreviations  caused   my friends, knowing I would return a
confusion.  Even veterans of life in   different Elf -- a better one, hope-
Kelfour's  are  not  immune  to  the   fully, but nevertheless different --
pitfalls of the 2-letter abridgment.   I began affectionately to kiss Penna
A certain eminent healer, for whom I   goodbye.   What  happened  was not a
have  the utmost respect and to whom   matter  of  abbreviations this time,
I owe my life and lack of scars, has   but  a  slip  of  the  fingers  that
been  caught  in  this  snare on any   anyone could make.  I suddenly found
number  of  occasions.   We  had not   myself pummelling Penna with my bare
even  been  introduced  when, in the   hands.   I'm  afraid  "kiss" is dan-
temple,  I  found  that  I was being   gerously  close  to "kill" and I had
gently rubbed by him!                  simply   made   an  honest  mistake.
   The  touch  of a healer is not to
be  disdained,  and  at first I won-   Fortunately,  with all my belongings
dered  whether  he had seen signs of   in  the  locker I was unarmed and no
some  illness  or  injury of which I   real  damage was done to Penna.  But
was  unaware.   I did not think this   as   embarrassing   and  potentially
the  case  since  I  felt  perfectly   tragic  as  this  lapse  could  have
well,  but  as  I  was  new  and the   been,  one  has to wonder what might
healer widely known for his skill, I   have  been  the  effect if the error
assumed he would not do this without   had  been  made in reverse and I had
reason.   When it happened again and   been  trying  to "kill" a wolverine.
                              "Lets Swing!"
 ____________             by Zaknafien Do'Urden
/ \  ______  \
\@| /~/~~\~\ |
  ||~|    |~||Kay, I was new to town   my  village,  and  I  had more often
 _||~|    |~|| but I had  an idea of   than  not  come  out  the winner.  I
/@| \~\__/~/ | what I  should do.  I   quickly answered with "To the Stun!"
\_/  ~~~~~~  / went  to  the  armory   in  fear of losing my life, and when
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ and  bought  the  best   he  said  "What?" I missed it due to
armor  silver could buy, then to the   the  fact  I  was swinging my sword.
weaponsmiths   and   got   myself  a   Little  did I know that Donnwulf was
weapon.   I  was ready for anything;   just trying to test my OB/DB!
I'd  listened  to  the  tales  of my      I  attacked him with the ferocity
elders, grand stories they were, and   of  a bat out of hades, stabbing and
hoped  to have some for myself right   swinging as I strode towards him.  I
away.   Adventures  that  the  bards   didn't  even notice the strange look
would sing of for years to come.       on his face.   My attacks rarely hit
   I  travelled through town looking   and   when   he   repeatedly  yelled
for  information  on local beasts of   "Stop!"   I  thought  he  was  being
the  wilds.   I  heard  whispers  of   sarcastic,  so  I  continued on with
torkaani  and  kobolds  but  nothing   heightened  fury.   He  tried to run
about   their   location.   I  found   away  which  made  me  think  I  was
myself  that day at the gate with no   winning,  and I followed through the
idea   where  to  find  action,  but   forest  until  the  two of them lost
looking  for  it  anyway.   Then two   me.   I didn't see them for the rest
seasoned  adventurers  happened  by,   of  my  journey.   I was so proud of
so,  thinking  safety  in numbers, I   myself, my attack had fended off the
introduced myself.                     likes   of  Donnwulf!   My  ego  was
   "Hail,  and  well  met,"  I said.   swollen beyond the point of control.
"My  name  is Zaknafien Do'Urden.  I   And that was the end of that.  Or so
am  new  to  town  but  I understand   I thought.
something  of  fighting and all that      Several  days  (and  a few kills)
it  entails.   May I join your group   later,  I  happened upon Naxxixx and
so  that I might gain the experience   Penna, both higher level and skilled
of watching you?"                      people  that  you  probably know.  I
   The  two  adventurers  were Penna   said  my  usual greeting to them and
and  Donnwulf.  I joined their group   they  asked  if  I  would join their
with  anxiety  building in my heart.   group.  I was curious as to why they
The  adrenalin  was  heady but there   would  need my lower level skills in
were  no  monsters  to  be found.  I   battle  but  I  joined anyway not to
didn't  see  one monster, except for   push   my  luck.   We  were  hunting
fleeting  glances  of  Karnelins and   hobgoblins,  and  I knew where I was
Wolverines.   In  my naievete I once   going this time because I'd recently
tried  to  attack  one  but Donnwulf   got a map.  We hiked for what seemed
quickly grabbed me and dragged me to   to  be  miles, and after we killed a
safety.                                few  orcs  we stopped.  I thought it
  "Zaknafien,"  he  said,  "What  is   was to rest so I chose a spot on the
your  Offensive  Bonus and Defensive   ground  and  lay there.  (Not a wise
Bonus at parry 100?"                   move, as I found out later.)
   I  glared  at  him,  mumbling.  I      "Zak," Naxxixx said, "I heard you
thought   I  knew  everything  then,   freaked  out on Donnwulf a couple of
although soon enough I would realize   days  ago."  Penna  nodded in agree-
there was much to learn.               ment.
    Donnwulf    saw   my   confusion.     "What?"  I said, quickly standing
"C'mon, Zak, let's swing."             so   that   I   might  gain  a  more
   Ah  ha!  This I understood!  Many   defensible position should the worst
fights  had  I been in as a child in   happen.   I carefully made no action
                                    -12-               Continued on Page 18
                             Nymphs in Kulthea
 ____________                """""""""""""""""
/ \      __  \            by Lord Rhys Corwinson
\@|     / "| |
  |    //|"| |s the  gods have been  silent to repeated pleas to grant me
 _|   //=|"| | something in the  land I can  do to  good purpose, I  have
/@|  //  |"| | turned my  efforts to  exploring  diverse  territories.  A
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / result of  this is  my attempt to help  newcomers find the
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  true path.  Hopefully this  map of the new  Coastal Cliffs
along Merchant Road will help.
   Preliminary  findings  of  monsters  in the area include:  Level 1 Sea
Nymphs  (along  the CC area), Level 1 Carrion Worms (along the CC, QP, RV
and  OP  areas),  Level  3 Bounders (in the ravine and hillocks), Level 2
Ghosts  (In the CY), and Level 3 Dark Wisplings (in the Underground).  No
OBs and DBs are included since I suspect they will be tweaked before this
goes  to  press. Keep your parry  up until you know what you're fighting.
  Codes:    Overgrown  Path=OP,  Coastal  Cliffs=CC,  Ravine=RV,  Wrecked
Village=WV Small Hillock=HI, West Wing=WW, Cemetary=CY, Entrance Hall=EH,
Quiet Path=QP                  CC-CC-CC                Merchant Road lies
                             /          \              NW, NW, NW  of the
CC-CC-CC           CC-CC-CC-CC            CC           Town gates.
        \        /          |               \
         CC-CC-CC          RV                CC-CC-CC-CC            M
         |                 /                          /  \          E
         HI               RV        OP-OP-OP         QP    CC-CC-CC-R R
         \                |        /        \        |              C O
          HI-HI-HI        RV------OP         OP      QP             H A
                SW        SE       \           \     /--(Go gap)    A D
                Path      Trail     OP          WV--WV              N
      N          \       /          /          /      \             T
     W+E           \   /          OP         WV        WV
      S              \            |         /           |
                   /   \          OP      WV           WV
                  NW   NE         \       Cistern       |
                Trail  Path        OP      \           WV
                 CEMETARY          Steps   WV          /
    Inside       ENTRANCE          to      Clearing   WV Shrine
    Mausoleum      /                |
 Go  | Out       CY            (Go   \
 Mau |         /    \           Steps) \
     Mausoleum        CY            UNDERGROUND
                  ----Pit          Entrance Hall      Cold Storage
          Go    /     |                   |                /
          Pit / Out   CY                  EH            Kitchen
            /         |                /  |  \          /    \
        Grave         CY             /    EH   \ Din - Fire    Cold
                     /             /  Trap Wood  Hall  Room    Storage
                    CY     WW-WW-WW   Door Door           |
     Marker to Sailors   Flat          /    |         Dormitory
                         Spot        /      |        /    |
                                   /        | Excavation Excavation
                                  /         |
                                /      Antechamber--Royal Bedroom
          (Climb Trapdoor    Deep Pit       |     .
           or Climb Roots)   Pit         Bedroom  . <-Pull Sconce in DH
                                               . .   to get Stone Chute
                                     (CHUTE) .    HW--HW--Altar and Shrine
                                              .   |
                                    -13-        . HW (Pull Chain for Chute)
                  Introducing Civilization to Danjirland
 _________                  by Inyigo Montoya
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ | woke  up   that  morning   for help in resurrecting my now dead
  |  |~|  | with  one  goal in mind;   friend.   He responded by meeting us
 _|  |~|  | to  go  into  Danjirland   there.  I guess he couldn't help but
/@| _|~|_ | and  tame  those  wicked   chuckle  at  the  idiocy of us going
\_/ ~~~~~ / Grey Orcs. To shave them   there  in  the  first  place, but he
  ~~~~~~~~  dead or alive.  My first   brought Elandred back from the dead,
excursion  into these wilds had been   so all seemed well.
a  mess although in retrospect I did
learn a few things.                    Not letting that failure hamper me I
                                       proceeded  to  ask  some  of my more
I  had  taken  my  childhood friend,   powerful   friends  to  go  with  me
Elandred the healer, with me just in   there.   Joquain (only the gods know
case  a need arose for an extra limb   why)  was overjoyed by this suicidal
or  two  (on me, of course).  Having   ranger's  idea  and agreed.  We were
spent  only  7  years  in the lands,   to met at the entrance to Hobland to
none  of  them  in Danjirland, I was   discuss  our  strategy.   (Strategy?
filled  with  childhood innocence of   We don't need no stinkin' strategy.)
the  rage  hidden  inside the beasts   I  then  saw  that  Glorfindel,  who
there.   We  cautiously  passed  the   obviously  didn't know of our plans,
sign  entering the cursed place when   was  in Joquain's group.  "Great," I
we made our first mistake.  Going on   thought.   Joquain  asked  if  I was
the  trail,  I  discovered later, is   ready  just as Glorfindel asked "Go?
more dangerous than the path.          Where?"
Actually, let me re-phrase that:  It   "Danjirland," I replied. As the orcs
was  our  second mistake.  The first   had  a wild eyed look about them, so
was the whole idea.  We soon met our   then did Glorfindel.  "DANJIRLAND!!"
first  Grey  Orc and what a sight it   he   exclaimed.   "I've  lived  here
was,  grunting  to itself.  "This is   longer than you and I highly suggest
odd," I thought.  I parried for full   you  not go there." Undaunted by his
defense  as did Elandred to see what   concern,  I  explained that I needed
it  could  do.   Two swings from the   to  go.   For  some  reason, Joquain
orc  later  I  finally realized what   took  Glorfindel's  concern wrongly.
was going on.  "Two swings?" I asked   He  explained to Glorfindel that the
myself.   This  was a joyous moment.   two  of  them  had  about  the  same
As  I  smiled  at Elandred's obvious   amount  of talent in the wielding of
disgust  with  me,  the  orc grunted   wands,  spells,  and  swords.   This
again   and  waved  at  the  clouds.   part   gets   hazy,  but  they  then
Before long they began turning black   started  taking shots at each other.
as  night.   It was as I motioned to   No,  not  pot shots, actual blows to
Elandred  to  look  up at this sight   tell  who  was stronger!  Shaking my
that I noticed his absence.  Finally   head,   I  realized  we  were  never
I  looked  down.   "Elandred, it's a   going.  Apparently no one told these
sight to behold all right, but is it   two.   They  finally realized, after
a  good  idea to lie down?" Wait, he   ten   minutes   of   spell  casting,
wasn't  lying  down, he was stunned!   edging,  and  blurring, that 1 point
Ack!   He'd  been  stunned  at  full   separated  the  two.   Giving  up, I
parry!                                 offered to buy drinks at Helga's and
                                       lie  about  going  into  Danjirland.
Adrenaline  coursed through my veins   Joquain's  reply  was  simple, "Lie?
as I drug him out only to find a war   What  are you talking about?  We ARE
troll  anxious  to give him one last   hunting  Grey Orcs!" Nevertheless we
love  tap.   At  the  sight  of  his   called it off.
broken body, I beseached Lord Erebor                   Continued on Page 20
                              History of Ale
 _______________          by Delvian Kel'Bathian
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|
  |  |~|/~~\|~| |
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| |HACK!    WHACK!   A   out near  the  fire.  He forgot that
/@| _|__/  \__|_|rough  hand  whomps   the next day he  would have to be up
\_/_____________/me upside the head.   early for the  Lord's  inspection of
                                       his fields and did  not remember the
"Delvian,  wake  up! Curse  you  for   pot  of  porridge  until that after-
being the sleepy fool that you are!"   noon.   On  entering  his  home,  he
shouted the  master  in  that  voice   noticed an actively bubbling mass in
that struck fear into  the hearts of   his  cookpot.   Not wanting to throw
acolytes at the academy.               out  the  grain, he removed the bub-
                                       bling  liquid  to a large clay crock
"Are you going  to  sleep there like   which  he  placed on the shelf to be
some farmboy or present your work to   cleaned.   The lid was so tight that
this group?  I  am  sure  I can find   he  had  difficulty  opening  it and
something more exciting  for  you to   some   time  passed  before  it  was
do elsewhere!"                         disturbed again.
I woke up  instantly,  scattering my   Early in the  Spring,  the old man's
papers all over the  floor. I cursed   young nephew came  to  help with the
myself for my lapse. The last time I   Spring planting. As luck and fortune
fell asleep,  I   had   to scrub the   would have  it,  he   and his fellow
latrines for  a  fortnight.  I leapt   workers retired to the uncle's house
out   of   my   chair   and   walked   for a  drink  of   water. After they
sheepishly to the front of the room.   rested, the nephew  reached  for the
His eyes  followed   me.  He watched   large clay crock so  they would have
every step while shifting  from side   something in  the  fields  to drink.
to side like  that  bear familiar of
his and  every  bit  as predatory. I   The  day  was  hot and the young men
knew then that  I   was going to get   toiled  hard  at  the  plows.  A boy
challenged on any bit of information   opened  the crock and a dark, foamy,
I presented.                           amber liquid emptied into his wooden
                                       bowl.   He  smelled  the  liquid and
Taking a slow, deep  breath I began.   said,  "This  smells sort of like my
"Today I shall  discuss  the history   mum's  bread  in  the  morning."  On
of the fermented  beverage  known as   tasting  it,  he  exclaimed, "but it
ale.  Ale  was   not    originally a   tastes  like wine!" At this, all the
beverage at all. It started out as a   young men drank the pot dry.
way for the  common   man to eat his
porridge in the wintertime.            The  young  men  returned  from  the
                                       fields  singing  and  dancing.  When
In the past, peasants  were ignorant   the  uncle  saw one of them with the
of the more  civilized  practices of   crock in his hand, he was frightened
cleaning  one's   teeth   with  wild   that  they  had  been  poisoned.  He
onions  or  other  roots,  therefore   hurried  them  into  the  house, put
they often lost their teeth early in   them to bed, and prayed for Eissa to
life. The  winter  wheat  has always   spare their lives.
been a poor hard kernel grain. Thus,
peasants  boiled   their   grain  to   When  they  awoke  the next morning,
soften it.                             the  young  men  explained  how they
                                       came  across  the crock and its con-
On one such  winter  day, an old man   tents.   The  old man sat and looked
was too  tired   to   eat his meager   at the pot carefully, a shrewd gleam
ration of porridge and  left the pot   in his eye.  "Hmmm, this is a chance
                                    -15-                            More...
event that I must not set aside," he   walked  into the structure, past the
said to himself, then went about the   private  drinking  rooms,  into  the
task  of  repeating his early error.   common  room  with its central fire-
A  month  later he was rewarded with   pit.   The  smell of burning oak and
the  same  amber liquid with all its   ale was strong, along with the scent
intoxicating properties.               of   well-oiled   leather   and  the
                                       occasional hint of a lady's perfume.
As  the  years  progressed,  the old
farmer  became  wealthy, selling his   "Stop  gawking,  Delvian, and get us
"liquid  bread"  elixir to the local   space  for  a  glass.   It is not as
populace.   He  had  special  crocks   thou  hast  never  seen  this  place
made from the local potter which had   before!   Get  me  the chair next to
pegs  inserted  into  the sides.  He   the fire.  Move it!"
warned  his  customers  not to drink
more  than  a  single peg's worth of   The master of the alehouse waved the
his elixir, lest they have more than   servants away  and  hobbled  over to
just "pleasant dreams."                the fire to  serve  us himself. "How
                                       may I  serve  thee,  Lord Archmage?"
The crocks developed a reputation in   the owner asked.
themselves   as  strong  men  proved
their stamina and capacity by drink-   "I  have been told of the history of
ing more than a peg of elixir.  This   the ale you serve by one of my young
practice  brought  about the expres-   acolytes.   I have come to see proof
sion,  "taking  him  down  a  peg or   and  measure  the  quality  of  your
two."                                  wares.  Bring me your best."
The  old man never named the elixir,   In  moments,  the  old man came back
but   when  drinking  it,  he  would   with  an  old clay crock that looked
always  say  that  it "twas good for   like  it  was as ancient as the ale-
what  ails you." Shortly thereafter,   master  himself.   He struggled with
the  young men simply called it ail,   the  lid  and then sighed and placed
or ale as we know it today."           the  crock into my younger hands.  I
                                       held  the crock as gently as I would
"Enough!"  cried  the  master.  "Thy   a  fragile  crystal  and removed the
history  is  correct if not somewhat   lid.   I poured the dark liquid into
colored.   Whilst  I  accept thy re-   the  Lord Archmage's goblet and gave
search,  I  know  how thou hast come   the crock back to the alemaster.
upon it. Tell us not these tales.  I
now charge you to show the proof for   "Uncle, you always did have problems
your story!"                           opening  that  crock."  I smiled and
                                       relaxed  in  my chair, again contem-
With  that  he ushered me out of the   plating the glass of amber liquid in
class  and made me lead the students   front  of me, sparkling in the light
to  a  local  ale establishment.  We   from the dying fire.
  / \                           HALL OF FAME                               \
  | Congrats: Lord Ise Ikiryo, Lord Rhys Corwinson and Lady Rune Arundel |
  |  Bard     Enegue LionHeart    20 | High Human Benar Stormarm      18 |
  |  Ranger   Fxg Lyon            23 | Common Man Beolost Lamontt     19 |
  |  Mage     Dagmar Istarii      24 | Dwarf      Vesitsa Talchild    16 |
  |  Fighter  Ise Ikiryo          20 | Halfling   Xura Viirkort       18 |
  |  Thief    Valeria Deering     22 | Wood Elf   Zhuge Liang         15 |
  |  Cleric   Taarna Wayfinder    23 | High Elf   Strom O'Berin       21 |
  |  Sorceror Xura Viirkort       18 | Half Elf   Dagmar Istarii      24 |
  |  Healer   Kayla Kyndhart      27 | Fair Elf   Valeria Deering     22 |
/@|  Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race - July 17, 1991  |
                         The Added Experience Bonus
 _____________             by Lokyy of Thangoith
/ \____   ____\
\@|+|~|   |~|+|
  | |~|   |~| |nlife  has  intrigued   me  (please  slap me upside the head
 _| |~|   |~| | me since  childhood.   when  you see me) sold me a ring for
/@|  \~\-/~/  |A macabre fascination   2000 coins.  I'm sure he had no idea
\_/   ~~~~~  / has inspired my devo-   how happy I was.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  tion to the  study of
death,  life, and unlife.  I came to   In  the weeks prior I had spent time
Kelfour's   Landing  several  months   at  the the Kelfour Edition Building
ago,  an aspiring young cleric seek-   reading  through  back issues when I
ing  fame,  fortune, and most of all   came   across  information  on  bone
battle  with  this unlife, and while   golems.   I'd  seen  a bone golem in
my early days were awkward, with the   the  crypt  when I was in the grave-
help  of  kind  veterans, I was soon   yard.  Based  on this information, I
enough  thrashing my way through the   calculated  that  with the help of a
forest west of the Landing.            magical  statue  I could defeat this
                                       abomination.   Ring  and  statue  in
After  gaining  some  general battle   hand I headed off to the graveyard.
experience  I  acquired a map of the
graveyard,  thinking  that at last I   You'd   think  that  phantoms  would
would   meet  my  destiny  with  the   learn not to mess with clerics but I
unlife.   My  excitement  turned  to   was  forced  to  teach  them a fatal
frustration,   however,  as  I  dis-   lesson.   I  entered  the  dark  and
covered  the  massive bronze gate at   forbiding  crypt  slowly.  It seemed
the entrance.  Being a High Man with   as though the golem had been waiting
exceptional  strength  I was able to   for  me  for  as  long as I had been
open it only after about ten minutes   waiting  to  face  it.  As I stepped
of   back-breaking   exertion.    No   through the shadowy arch it attacked
sooner  did I step through it when a   with incredible agility, but a mummy
phantom gate keeper appeared to lock   was  with  it  and I didn't like the
me in!  I wasn't given time to worry   odds.
about  it  though as another phantom
quickly  appeared  and began moaning   I  fled west hoping to gain position
incantations  -- this place was more   to  fight  them  one at a time.  The
frightening than I had anticipated.    ploy worked as the mummy gave chase.
                                       It's  feeble  defenses were no match
I soon discovered however that phan-   for   my   Holy   Eog  Mace.   After
toms  were no match for a cleric and   knocking  the  wretch to the floor I
began  banishing  them with relative   found  a  home  for the mace between
ease.   Then hoards of skeletons and   the  creature's  ears.   Wasting  no
ghouls  set  upon  me  only  to meet   time   I  quickly  gathered  up  the
their   destruction.    After  being   mummy's  shroud  and  made use of my
wounded  by a revenant I headed back   statue.  Now came the real battle.
to  the  Landing.   That  gate was a
definite problem.  I had seen people   As I reentered I was again surprised
with gold rings that allowed them to   by  the golem's speed.  I fended off
teleport  and  decided  to  postpone   its  blow  and  attacked with all my
further  adventures in the graveyard   might. A devastationg hit!  I had no
until I found one of these rings.      time   to  celebrate  as  the  golem
                                       attacked  before  I  could regain my
In  the  weeks following, I defeated   defensive   posture.    Thinking  my
what  seemed  an  army of hobgoblins   timing   was   off  I  continued  my
but  could  not  find  a  gold ring.   strategy  but soon realized that the
Then  my  luck  changed.  A kind and   golem  was too fast for me to attack
noble  adventurer, whose name eludes   and  defend  between its attacks.  I
                                    -17-                            More...
quickly  calculated that even with a   Let's Swing (Continued from Page 12)
minimum  defence  there  was  only a   """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
slim  chance  of being hit so I went   towards my sword or shield.
into a berserker-like frenzy.  I was      "Yeah  Zak,  I heard you tried to
aware  that  the  beast  had several   kill  him,  even  though  he said to
methods   of  attack  but  they  all   stop,   but  you  wouldn't  and  you
appeared equally ineffective.  After   chased him through the woods." Penna
several  more  succesful  strikes  I   agreed with this as well.
began  to  relax,  thinking that the      "What?   I was just sparring with
battle   would  soon  be  over.   My   him because he said 'Lets Swing' and
ballooning  ego was suddenly crushed   then  he ran off and so I followed."
when  the  creature decided to pound   I replied.
at me with its fist!  While the blow      "Zak, he only wanted to test your
caused  no  permanent  injury it was   OB/DB  to see what you were ready to
devastating  to  say the least.  The   battle." Penna calmly stated.
pain  seemed  to be amplified when I      "He  cast a spell at me that made
calculated  that this type of attack   me  feel  calmer  so  I  thought  he
was  more  likely  to  succeed  than   really  wanted to fight to the stun,
fail!  It  had only been toying with   which I even said!" I exclaimed.
me.   Anyone  in  their  right  mind      "No,  Zak,  I think you knew what
would have run at this point.  But I   you were doing, you were going to be
stumbled along the thin line between   a WANNA-BE-KILLER!" Naxxix screamed.
fear  and  anger and attacked again.      I  saw that this was not going to
To  my  relief this turned out to be   be argued through, and that they had
the  fatal  blow  as  the beast fell   made their descision.  And I thought
unmoving.                              I  knew  what was coming up so I got
                                       my shield and sword ready.
As the adrenalin faded and my judge-      "But in fact," Naxxixx continued,
ment returned I realized that only a   "you   are  ended  up  becoming  the
fool  or someone more powerfull than   WANNA-BE-KILLED!"
myself would hunt here.  This seemed      It   seemed   that   things  were
like a good time to use my new ring!   definitely  not  going my way, and I
Later,  relaxing in the Wayside Inn,   was  positive that things were going
I  realized  that  the combat exper-   to   get  messy.   If  he  was  just
ience I had gained was insignificant   kidding  with  me I will never know,
compared to the experience of living   because  I  did  what  all brave and
the  moment.   It  is clear that one   courageous  adventurers  do  in  the
can  never  underestimate  the enemy   face of danger:  I ran.
and you never know what suprises may      I  ran for a mile or two, passing
await.  I'm fortunate to be alive to   all  kinds  of monsters and animals,
learn from this valuable lesson.       but  they  were  nothing compared to
                                       the  monsters  that were no doubt on
     ________________________          my  trail.   I  stopped for a while,
   //                        \         and then quickly retired for the day
  ||      Larton's Locks      |        to think what I was going to do.
  ||  Lockpicks for Everyone  |           Five  minutes  later  I came back
  ||                          |        with  plans  drawn  out by use of my
  ||         Crude +0         |        map.    It   consisted   of   loops,
  ||        Common +10        |        circles, hiding spots and everything
  ||         Good +25         |        just to lose them because I was sure
  ||      Professional +50    |        they would be there, waiting to kill
  ||       Pro Laen +65       |        me.   As it turned out my fears were
  ||         Lore +75         |        unbased.    They   were   gone.    I
  ||     Precision Laen +85   |        returned   to  town  warily,  hoping
   \\________________________/         someone  would  believe  me.  And do
                                       you  know  what  happened?  Everyone
                                       just laughed and moved on.
                            The Untold Story
 ___________            by Cameron SilverMask II
/ \ ______  \
\@| ~|_|~\\ |
  |  |~|  |||uring a time of Heroes,   agreement  that  this fellow was not
 _|  |~|  ||| when legends the likes   to  be  trusted  they agreed to find
/@|  |~|_// | of  Tulkas  Gwath  and   out  what they could.  After hearing
\_/ ~~~~~~  / Blumokshadhvar  walked   his  words  they decided to join the
  ~~~~~~~~~~ the land, there came to   organization  and see for themselves
Kelfour's  Landing  a  young Ranger.   whether or not this group worked for
He  was not powerful nor was he wise   the good or ill of the land.
in  the ways of the world but he had
a  deep  abiding  love of nature and   They  soon  came to realize the that
life.   However,  as  strong as this   some  of  the  members of this group
love   ran  his  single  hatred  ran   were   some  of  the  most  powerful
equally deep.  How, you may ask, can   people in the land.  They decided to
one   who   loves  so  greatly  know   stay for if this group worked toward
anything of hatred?                    the  harm of the land then there was
                                       no   evidence  of  such  activities.
There  was only one thing that could   However,  after  overhearing a whis-
inspire  so burning a hatred in this   pered  conversation one day, Cameron
young  man, and that was the Unlife.   realized this group was as dangerous
He  so  despised all creatures of an   as he had once thought it was.
unnatural  sort  that  he hunted and
obliterated   all  traces  of  these   He knew that his friend must be told
things.   This  young  man was named   and  after  a long conversation both
Cameron   SilverMask.   One  day  he   decided  that  something  had  to be
walked  out  of  the  wilderness and   done.    They  gathered  a  band  of
straight into Kelfour's main gate.     adventurers  both  knew  to be loyal
                                       and trustworthy friends.  A plan was
It  was  a  long  and  danger-filled   soon formed to infiltrate this group
journey   from   his  homeland.   He   with  as  many  people  as  could be
constantly  fought such creatures as   trusted by the companions.  The plan
Orcs (both Lesser  and  Greater) and   was  simple:   infiltrate  and bring
Hobgoblins.   In  the  time  that he   about the downfall from inside.
stayed  at Kelfour's the locals came
to  know  him  as  kind  an generous   While  this  plan  was being carried
warrior. He often risked his life to   out  there was another greater drama
save others and teach young warriors   going  on.   Tulkas,  who had been a
to be compassionate to others.         member  of  the  group  longer  than
                                       Cameron  had,  decided to expose the
One day while hunting down a band of   them  and  prevent  any  more people
Great  Orcs that had been destroying   from being corrupted.  After hearing
local  farms  he met a young fighter   what  Tulkas  had done the leader of
by  the name of Kashthra.  It turned   this  terrible  group  sent his most
out  that  he  and  Cameron had been   lethal weapons to silence Tulkas.
after the same orcs and they decided
to  join  together.   The  two  were   The  Dark  assassins, which had been
successful  in  destroying  the orcs   held  in  check  by the Leader, were
and  soon became fast friends.  Soon   now  free to hunt down any who broke
word  of  their  prowess  in weapons   oath  and  revealed the true purpose
began to spread to outlying areas.     of  the group.  This event brought a
                                       new  meaning  of terror to Kelfour's
One  such  person who had heard word   Landing.  For each assassin defeated
of them came to them with a proposal   the  next one that came was stronger
that  they  join  his  organization.   and  the  next  even  more powerful.
After  a  brief  discussion  and  an   Soon they  were  appearing to every-
                                    -19-                            More...
one seeking ruination of the group.    Danjirland (Continued from Page 14)
Finally,  just  before  Cameron  and   On  the  third  day, I did it again,
Kashthra's plan was to be brought to   with  the  same  child-like expecta-
fruition  the  unthinkable happened.   tion,  although  I have no idea why.
They  were  betrayed by one of their   I finally asked Lyzonn, a feared and
own.   Soon  Assassins  were chasing   respected mage in these lands, if he
after  Cameron  and Kashthra as well   would  go  with  me.   "No  problem,
as  Tulkas.   Friends  started being   young, foolish one," he said.  I was
killed  or  simply disappeared never   overjoyed, and Joquain came along as
to  be  seen  again.  Tulkas, having   well.   But  after  the  ordeal  was
had enough decided to leave the Land   over, I realized that Glorfindel had
forever, never to be heard of again.   been  right  --  not yet, not for me
                                       anyway.   Lyzonn dispatched the orcs
Knowing it was only a matter of time   with  ease,  but I could barely nick
before  the  assassins  turned their   them.   Thus, in my travels of these
full  attention to them, Cameron and   lands I've learned that:  1) Fleeing
Kashthra came to a decision.  Rather   is  no  sign  of cowardice, it's the
than   risking   their  friends  any   result  knowlegeable  experience  to
further in an effort that was by now   realize  a  situation  is  over your
beyond  any  chance  of success they   head.  2) Never gaze at black clouds
decided to leave the land also.  The   spewed  forth  by  manic  depressive
two said there good-byes with a tear   orcs  who  talk  to  themselves.  3)
in  there eyes for by this time they   Flee  when you could get hit at full
were like unto brothers.               defense.  And last but not least, 5)
                                       never   pay   any   heed  to  Inyigo
Kashthra was never seen again in the   Montoya's hairbrained ideas!
land   and  Cameron  knew  not  what
became  of  him.   Cameron  left the
lands  around  Kelfours  Landing and
once  again took to the hard life of          Lament to a Nubie
the  wilderness trail.  He journeyed          """""""""""""""""
long  contemplating his first defeat         by Chance Saberman
from   what   he  now  realized  was
another  plot  of  the  Unlife.   He   O' young adventurer,
travelled   long   and   far   never   How brave thou truly are!
stopping  in one place long for fear   To face great danger fearlessly;
of endangering those around him.       Persist and you'll go far.
Time   passed   and   Cameron  never   Ye may be badly injured,
returned  to Kelfour's Landing.  His   But death can be endured,
closest  friends  never gave up hope   Fear not--the Powers smile on thee;
that   one   day  he  would  return.   A new life to be insured!
However,  the  more time that passed
the  more  they realized that he was   Yet still thine task is difficult--
not  returning.   Finally  when they   'Tis one which I do share--
had  given  up hope there appeared a   Experience grows and fame will gain;
young   Ranger   at   the   Gate  to   Yet danger everywhere.
Kelfour's  Landing.   A young Ranger
who  bore  a striking resemblance to
Cameron.   A  young  Ranger who used   Endure Kelfour's hardships,
his   Fathers  name... the  name  of   Take care beyond its walls.
Cameron SilverMask.                    Well met I say and fare thee well:
                                       To the hunt! Adventure calls!
This ranger went on to his own great
deeds  and  made  friends on his own          ========\\========
merit.   But  that  is  a  story for
another time and place.
                         Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn
 _____________           Part III by Eron Kulsen
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |he  continuation of a   the  lady  held her great steed to a
  | ~~ |_| ~~ | story  to be sung by   slow  and  steady  amble, when Pwyll
 _|    |_|    | all  bards   in  the   reached  the  bottom of the hill she
/@|   _|_|_   | lands   of   Kulthea   was  already  far  away.  The king's
\_/__________/ from this time forth,   horse gave chase, and though it flew
this  tale  is  of a time before the   like  the wind it did not avail him.
great  lords  of  the undead had let   For  the  faster he pursued her, the
loose   their   mignions   and  evil   more distance lay between them.
creatures.  It is a story of bravery      Pwyll marvelled at this and said,
and   magic,   best  told  from  the   "By Eissa, it does no good to follow
strings of a harp.  Hear then if you   the lady.  I know of no horse in the
will,  the  third  part of the tale;   realm  swifter  than this one, yet I
Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn...             am  no  closer  than  when  I began.
                                       There  must  be  some mystery here."
   One  night just at twilight Pwyll   And   his  heart  filled  with  such
was standing atop a mound gazing out   misery  that  he cried out as one in
over  his  realm when a man appeared   pain  saying,  "Maiden, for the sake
to  him and said, "It is peculiar to   of  the  man you love most, wait for
this place that whosoever should sit   me!"
on this mound shall undertake one of      Instantly  the horsewoman stopped
two  things:  Either he will receive   and  turned  to  him,  removing  the
a grevious wound and die, or he will   silken  veil  from  before her face.
see a wonder."                         And she was the most beautiful woman
   "Well in my present state, I care   he  had ever beheld in mortal flesh,
not  whether  I  live or die, but it   more  fair  than a whole spring full
might  cheer  me  to  see a wonder,"   of   flowers,  than  winter's  first
said  Pwyll.  "Therefore, I will sit   snow,  than  the sky of high summer,
upon this mound, and come what may."   than the gold of autumn.
   Pwyll   sat   down  and  the  man      "Gladly will I wait for you," she
vanished, and he saw a woman mounted   said,  "and  it were better for your
on  a  magnificent white horse, pale   horse if you had asked it long ago."
as  the  moon  as  it rises over the      "My  lady,"  Pwyll  said respect-
fields.   The  woman  was dressed in   fully, "whence do you come, and tell
fine  linen and silk of shining gold   me,  if  you can, the nature of your
and  was riding toward him at a slow   journey."
and steady pace.                          "Lord,"  she  replied  in  a most
   He  went  down  from the mound to   gentle   manner," I  journey  on  my
meet  her,  but  when he reached the   errand and I am pleased to see you."
road  at the bottom of the hill, she      "Then   welcome  to  you,"  Pwyll
had  gone  far  away  from  him.  He   said,  thinking  that  the beauty of
pursued  her  as quickly as he could   all  the  maidens  and ladies he had
on foot, but the more he pursued the   ever  seen  was ugliness next to her
further away she got.  He gave up in   beauty.  "What,  may  I  ask you, is
misery and returned to his caer.       your errand?"
   But  he  thought about this woman      "Well,   you   might   ask.    My
all   night  long  and  he  said  to   principal quest was seeking you."
himself,  "Tomorrow  evening  I will      Pwyll's  heart  leapt inside him.
sit  once  more upon the mound and I   "That  is  a most excellent quest in
will  bring  the fastest horse in my   my  estimation.  But can you tell me
kingdom." He did this, and once more   who you are?"
as  he  sat  on  the oucn he saw the      "Can  and will," she said.  "I am
woman   approaching.   Pwyll  leaped   Rhiannon,  daughter  of Hyfiadd Hen,
into  the  saddle  and  spurred  the   and  I  am  being  given  to  a  man
horse to meet her.  Yet, even thoguh   against  my  will.  For I have never
                                    -21-               Continued on Page 25
                          At the Hub of the World
 ____________                by Flint Thalassar
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "| | slender  arm   snaked   the pawn shop, Jaezila?"
  |    //|"| | around  Flint's  neck      She shook her head.
 _|   //=|"| | yanking him back into      "Know anyone who has?"
/@|  //  |"| | the   shadows   along      "Can't   think  of  anyone,"  she
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / Widow-Wart  Road.  He   said.  "Though somebody must buy the
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ yelped  and swung his   stuff,  or  how would the place stay
elbow back in a vicious arc, but the   in business?"
blow  landed  without  real  effect.      "Ah.  I watched the place for the
Reversing    direction,   his   hand   better  part of a day, and never saw
whipped  over  his  shoulder  in  an   anyone  come  out with anything they
effort  to  claw  at  his attacker's   hadn't  brought  in."  Flint settled
eyes.  He felt his arm blocked, then   back  and  took another sip from his
grappled,  and  he  wrenched it free   mug.   His  companion  made  noncom-
again.   With  a forward snap of his   mittal  noises.   "Besides," he con-
upper  body,  Flint  tried  a throw,   tinued,  "think  of  all those metal
only  to  feel  his balance give way   and  leather  breastplates  everyone
when his opponent twisted.  Both hit   sells  there.  If somebody is buying
the  street together, like a pair of   them,  what do they do, hang them on
coins tossed to a beggar.              the  wall?  I sure haven't seen any-
     His  adversary  held him close,   one wear them.  Have you?"
and  whispered:   "You're  slipping,      "I see your point."
Flint.   That  was  far  too  easy."      "But this is very odd.  What sort
Flint  caught  a  hint of perfume in   of  business  operates by buying all
the evening air. Jasmine and clover.   sorts  of goods and selling nothing?
  "Jaezila?"                           Where does the money come from?  Why
  Giggling,  his  opponent  released   isn't  the shop full of breastplates
her  grasp.  Flint instantly whirled   from floor to ceiling?"
around and pinned her to the ground.      "What must happen," said Jaezila,
The  warm light of dusk revealed the   "is  that they are taken and sold in
short golden hair and violet eyes of   some  distant  city, where demand is
Jaezila Prescot.                       higher.  So a profit is assured."
   Flint  chuckled.   He  stood  up,      "A  reasonable idea, I grant you.
pulling  Jaezila  to her feet to hug   But... try something  for me.  Close
her.    "You're  right.   I've  been   your eyes."
spending so much time studying magic      Jaezila  gave  Flint a suspicious
that my other skills have atrophied.   glance.    Was   this  going  to  be
But  that's   no   excuse.   Listen,   another  attempt  to  use  the sleep
Jaezila, I've been watching the pawn   spell   on  her?   Flint  must  have
shop   all  day,  and  I've  noticed   figured out by now that he would get
something curious."                    nowhere  with  that  approach.   She
   A   puzzled   expression  crossed   closed her eyes.
Jaezila's  face.   She  appeared  to      "Now   think   back,"  Flint  was
ponder something.  "You mean to tell   saying,  "to  when  you were a girl,
me, you were lurking here to observe   and  a  caravan  came  to your town.
the pawn shop?"                        Remember it?"
   "What did you think I was doing?"      Jaezila    pictured   the   dusty
   Jaezila  brushed  her  hands  off   streets of her childhood home, heard
against  her  cloak.   "Never mind."   the  clamor of the crowds.  Foreign-
She  fixed  Flint  with  a sly gaze.   sounding  music  announced  the pre-
"Let's  get a drink and you can tell   sence  of  a  caravan in the bazaar,
me what you found."                    where  the  air  was  thick with the
   Over  a  mug  of  ale at Helga's,   smells  of incense and exotic foods.
Flint   began  to  explain  himself.   She nodded.
"Have  you  ever  bought anything at      "What was being sold?"
                                    -22-                            More...
   "Spices, silks, perfumes. Strange   Perhaps  the sculptor who had worked
animals  and rare delicacies.  Music   on  the  bank building had used this
instruments, incense..."               fellow  for a model, he thought.  He
   "Tell  me,  were battered breast-   repressed  a  giggle.   Looking over
plates  a  big  seller?  Did colored   his  shoulder,  Jaezila  watched the
tents fill with sweaty hordes, lined   man shoulder a large canvas sack.
up  to  haggle over a dented helm or      "Aha," Flint whispered.
mouldering shield?"                       "Shh."
   Jaezila's  eyes  drew  open,  the      The  man  had  just shuffled into
image  faded.  "I see what you mean.   the  street when he was seized by an
What is your explanation, then?"       odd   transformation.   His  posture
   Flint  hovered  over  the edge of   straightened,  his frown rose into a
the  table.   "Anyone  who would pay   hollow smile, and he lumbered toward
good   coin  for  that  stuff  would   Mirenna  Street  as if unsure of his
intend  to  use  it.   And I've only   bearings.   His  attempt  to  appear
seen it used by Hobgoblins.  In add-   jovial and innocent was comical.
ition,   Hobs   often  carry  around      "There  goes the middleman," said
chests  full  of  money.   You and I   Flint,  "making  a  clandestine del-
wouldn't  take  our fortunes with us   ivery to the Hobs."
on   a  stroll  through  the  woods,      "Notice  how  he plays the simple
right?  Why should they?  Unless..."   bumpkin?" said Jaezila. "Suspicious,
Flint  drained  the  last of his ale   to  be  sure."  From a distance, the
and  set  the mug firmly down on the   two stalked the man, who carried his
table.                                 burden  along Colewaether Way to the
   "Yes?"                              wharf.   There  he let the sack drop
  "Unless they were going shopping!"   and settled down beside it.
   Jaezila  laughed  and made a dis-      "The  docks,  how  perfect," said
missive gesture.  "Brilliant, Flint.   Flint.   "A  boat will row up, he'll
So, when you watched the shop today,   throw the sack in, pocket his fee --
how  many  Hobgoblins did you see go   who  would  suspect  that his hooded
in   and   return  with  armfuls  of   customers are Hobs?"
breastplates?"                            "What   an   imagination,"   said
   "I'm  not saying they buy them at   Jaezila.    The   man   emptied  the
the shop. But they buy them somehow.   contents of his sack, and began to a
It's the only explanation."            careful  examination  of the breast-
   "What  was  that  new  sign I saw   plates  that  now  lay strewn around
over the door?  Ten percent discount   him.    Waving   off  her  whispered
for Hobs?" Jaezila giggled.            objections,  Flint  took  Jaezila by
   "I'm  serious!   How else does he   the  hand  and walked right out onto
stay in business?"                     the dock.
   "Let's find out."                      "You  there,"  Flint  said, "what
   When they returned, the pawn shop   are  you  doing?"  He emphasized the
was  dark.   As the pair crept up to   need  for  a  reply  by  drawing his
the  door, Flint patted at the empty   sword.   Jaezila sighed.  Flint sure
pocket  where  he  once  kept  lock-   knew  how  to  start a conversation.
picking  tools.  He sighed.  Jaezila   The    balding    man   looked   up,
slowly  rotated the door handle.  It   frightened.   He  found himself out-
was unlocked!  Before she could pull   numbered,  unarmed,  and  trapped on
it  open,  a  sudden  noise from the   the  dock,  which  offered  only the
interior sent them scurrying back to   murky  waters  below  as  a means of
the shadows.                           egress.   His gaze darted past Flint
   The  door  creaked opened a small   and  locked  on  to  Jaezila,  whose
amount,   just  enough  to  allow  a   countenance  seemed  the only beacon
balding  head  to  poke out and scan   of hope in this disturbing scene.
the street. The man's skin was pasty      "If  I  were you, I'd quit ogling
white,  his  hair  black and unruly.   the  lady  and keep your eyes here,"
His  rounded  cheeks and exaggerated   said  Flint,  indicating  the broad-
scowl  reminded Flint of a gargoyle.   sword.   He wondered if he were cap-
able of such a feat himself.           sail to distant lands with a crew of
   The  man  pointed  to the breast-   talking torkaans, as he is to find a
plates.   "I  just,  yes, just found   diamond  in  the  lining  of a Hob's
these in the forest.  Nice, eh?"       armor. Both are fables. That diamond
   "Did this forest happen to bear a   story  was  old  when I was still in
striking  resemblance  to  a certain   school.   In  fact, I knew a boy who
decrepit pawnshop?"                    claimed to have made the whole thing
   The man glanced again at Jaezila,   up  himself."  The man looked crest-
as  if  expecting  her to supply the   fallen.
answer.  Given the choice of dealing      Flint  picked  up  a breastplate,
with  a  tall, blond, sword-wielding   ran  his  fingers  along  its  inner
madman  or  an attractive young Fair   surface,   then  discarded  it.   He
Elf, he obviously preferred the lat-   shook  his head.  "You are not going
ter.   Especially  when  the swords-   to find..."  Searched one by one and
man's  blue  robe was covered with a   cast  away,  the breastplates landed
grimy  dirt,  as  though  he had re-   in  a  rhythm that echoed his words.
cently  been  thrown  from  a horse.   "Anything." Thump.  "At all." Thump.
Perhaps  the  woman  would  be  more   "In these -- wait a minute!" Flint's
sensible.   He smiled at her in what   hand   seemed   to  have  caught  on
he  thought  of as an appealing man-   something.
ner. She frowned back at him.  Flint      The   balding   man   jumped  up.
raised   his  sword  high  overhead,   "What?  What is it!"
threatening. "I recall warning you."      With   a   sharp   turn   of  the
   "Hold!   I'll  tell  you!  I took   breastplate,   Flint   withdrew  his
them,  right?   How much do you want   closed   fist.   "Nothing.   A  mere
to keep quiet?"                        trick  of  the  light  and  shadow."
   Jaezila  nudged Flint.  "This man   Jaezila  followed Flint's eyes as he
is  no conspirator with Hobgoblins,"   glanced  down  at  his  hand,  which
she whispered, "he's a common thief.   bulged suspiciously. He looked away,
Like somebody else I once knew."       taking new interest in the horizon.
   Flint   placed  his  sword  point      "That's  mine!  You have no right
on  the  cringing man's neck.  "What   to that!  Give it here immediately,"
were you looking for just now?"        said the man. With new-found courage
   The  man grimaced.  "I heard that   born  of  greed,  he  marched  up to
the   Hobs  will  sometimes  hide  a   Flint and glared.
diamond or two in their breastplates      Flint  fluttered  his  eyelashes.
as  emergency funds..."  The rest of   The   effect  was  so  bizarre  that
his  explanation  was drowned out by   Jaezila  burst  out laughing.  "I'll
laughter.  Flint put the sword away,   tell  you what," said Flint.  "For a
still  giggling.   He looked sternly   mere  fifty silvers, I'll give you a
at the man.                            peek  at  what  I  hold  in my hand.
   "At  the hub of the world," Flint   What   I   found  in  'your'  stolen
began,  "is a giant flower of stone,   breastplate.   I'm  not sure what it
with   the   color   and   sheen  of   is,   but   who   knows?   Could  be
mother-of-pearl. The men who live in   valuable!" Flint leered at the man.
its  shade  call it Jaal at'Rii.  It      Flint's gargoyle flailed his arms
grows from the earth up to encompass   wildly  at  his sides, the pitch and
the  sky.   When  rain  falls on our   intensity  of  his voice rising like
land,  truly  it  is the dew falling   the  whistle  of  a  boiling teapot.
from  the  drooping  petals  of that   "And  I'll tell you what!  I'll give
flower." Flint seemed about to go on   you  one  hundred,  and  you'll hand
at  some  length.  Jaezila waved her   that over, and you'll say nothing of
hand in front of his face.             this,  and you'll leave my sight and
   "Pardon  me,"  she said, "but has   never  return!"  The  man produced a
this little fable some relevance?"     coin pouch, which he thrust out more
   "Our  friend  here,"  Flint said,   like  an attack than a bribe.  Flint
"is as likely to fashion a ship from   tossed  the  pouch  to  Jaezila  and
the  blossoms  of  that  flower, and   extended  his  arm.  His hand slowly
                                    -24-                            More...
turned  over.   One  by one, Flint's   thought, smiling.  Finally, some re-
fingers  stretched,  and  he let his   cognition.   His  hand drifted up to
find drop into the stranger's chubby   tug  at  his collar.  "Of course you
palms.                                 mean as..."
   Jaezila   looked  down.   In  the      "I  mean entertaining children at
shocked  man's  grasp were two paper   parties."
flowers:  one red, one white.             They  both laughed.  It was late,
   "Better  start  working  on  your   but the rain arrived outside just in
ship,"  said  Flint, "I'll alert the   time   to   announce  the  need  for
torkaan    community."   Flint   and   another round.
Jaezila  hurried  away,  snickering.
From behind them in the waning light   Pwyll, Prince of Annwfn (from P. 21)
came  a string of incoherent curses.   """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Next   they   heard   a   series  of   desired  any  man until meeting you.
splashes,  which  Jaezila identified   And  if  you  reject  me now, I will
as  the  sound of breastplates being   never love anyone."
hurled into Claedsbrim Bay.               Pwyll could not believe his ears.
   Back  at the tavern, Flint passed   "Fair  creature,"  he  said,  "if  I
Jaezila  another ale and deposited a   could  choose  from all the women in
few  more coins from the small pouch   any world, I would choose you."
onto  the counter.  Jaezila took the      The  maiden  smiled, and her eyes
mug and looked at Flint.               shone with such happiness that Pwyll
   "Those   flowers   were  actually   thought   his   heart  would  break.
inside the breastplate?"               "Well, if that is you answer, let us
   Flint  smirked.   "Nothing was in   make  a  tryst  before I am given to
the  breastplate.   Merely  a little   this other man."
sleight-of-hand on my part.  Heh."        "I   will   pledge  whatever  you
   "Flint,  when  you  said you were   want,"  said  Pwyll, "and the sooner
studying  magic.." Jaezila grinnned.   the better, I say."
"I  confess  I  envisioned something      "Very  well,  lord,"  the  maiden
more fearsome.  Necromancy, say."      replied. "Come to  my father's court
   "I   know   a   wide  variety  of   where  there  is  to be a feast, and
incantations."  Hadn't she even been   you can claim me there."
impressed  with  his quick thinking,      "I  will do it," he promised, and
his  cleverness?  Of course she had,   returned   to  his  court  where  he
he decided.                            called his warband and together they
   "How  many of them start with the   rode  out,  reaching  the  court  of
words 'pick a card, any card?'"        Hyfiadd  Hen  just as night came on.
   "Less  than half.  Though many do   Pwyll   greeted   Rhiannon  and  her
begin  with  'may I borrow that coin   father  and said, "Lord, let this be
purse  for a moment?'" Flint reached   a wedding feast, for as king of this
over and appeared to remove a silver   realm  I  claim your daughter for my
coin from Jaezila's ear.               wife if she will have me."
   "Old  habits  die  hard,  I  see.      Hyfiadd Hen frowned mightily, but
Anyhow, we at least know now that no   said,  "Very  well, so be it.  I put
commerce  with  monsters  was taking   this court at your disposal."
place."                                   "Let   the   feast  begin,"  said
   "Nothing   of   the  sort,"  said   Pwyll, and he sat down with Rhiannon
Flint.   "Only  that  one particular   by his side.
half-wit  was not engaged in such an      But  no  sooner had they sat down
endeavor.    But  better  to  forget   than there arose a commotion outside
about it.  After all, close down the   and  into  the  hall  came  a large,
pawn  shop  and we put ourselves out   noble-looking fellow dressed in rich
of business, don't we?"                clothing.  He came directly to Pwyll
   "Ah,  Flint.   With  skills  like   and  saluted  him.  "Welcome to you,
yours I'm sure you'd have no trouble   friend; find another place to sit."
getting by." She winked at him.
   This   was   more   like  it,  he        Conclusion the next month
                          T h e   D a r k   G o d s
                    or The Good, the Bad, and the Gnarly
 _____________      """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
/ \ _________ \                by Elor Once-Dark
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |is not without a cer-   irrational  temper,  rousing  mighty
 _|    |_|    | tain  degree of tre-   storms   out   of  the  upredictable
/@|   _|_|_   |pidation that I begin   waters.
\_/__________/ this expose'.              Iloura   and  Iorak  are  another
   You  see, I  am  Elor  ONCE-DARK.   pair.  The Earth-Mother and the mas-
What's  worse,  I  am  a  cleric-at-   ter of metal-working have achieved a
large.   If  that were not enough to   sort  of  harmony.  Iloura is linked
add  insult  to  injury:  I consider   with   AUTUMN   and   the   harvest,
myself  an example of truth, justice   mistress  of  nature,  animals & all
and the Kulthean Way.                  growing  things.   Iorak, the Master
   This  in  itself  would  not nec-   Smith  of  Orhan, is a very imposing
essarily  be  bad except that in the   fellow  who  almost never leaves his
pursuit  of  this  particular under-   smithies, being a bit of a recluse.
taking  I risk the WRATH of the GODS      Phaon, his  wife, Oriana, and Cay
THEMSELVES.  Nevertheless, onward!     always  seem to be involved in play-
   To refresh thy memories, Kuor and   ful  contests of athletic and combat
Valris are the head Lord and Lady of   might  and  magic.  Phaon is Lord of
Orhan.   Complementing  each  other,   the Sun & is associated with SUMMER,
these  elder gods are the most level   virility and elemental magic. Oriana
headed.   Valris  is the mistress of   is  goddess  of love and femininity,
learning   and  wisdom,  whilst  her   associated  with  SPRING & weddings.
husband  is  Master of the Flows and   Both   are  notorious  philanderers,
manipulates the weather.               however,   and  many  are  those  on
   Reann, god of Night,  dreams  and   Kulthea   who  claim  heir  to  this
hunting, and Jaysek, associated with   divine  lineage.   Cay  is patron of
illusion  and  sorcery in its purest   warriors,  associated  with skill at
sense, often travel to Kulthea toge-   arms and raw physical prowess.
ther.   They make a moody, grim pair      The guilds patronize these Lords:
as Jaysek at times can be positively        FIGHTER.......Cay and Iorak
morbid, and can be perceived in dark        THIEF.................Teris
disguise to spout grim prophesies.          BARD.................Kieron
   Kieron, Jaysek's twin and  mirror        RANGER.....Iloura and Reann
image  in  many  ways, is  patron of        MAGE.......Phaon and Oriana
festivals and holidays. He is a pro-        SORCERER...Jaysek and Shaal
moter of the performing arts. Lusty,        HEALER................Eissa
seductive  and the most frivolous of        CLERIC......Kuor and Valris
the  pantheon, he can often be found   In contrast to these goody two-shoes
with  Teris,  a  handsome  but  mis-   of  Orhan,  the  DARK GODS of CHARON
chievous  youth  who is god of Speed   are  a most fearful breed of beings.
and  Fair Wind.  As messenger of the   Unlike  the  Pantheon  of Orhan, who
Lords,  Teris  visits  Kulthea often   are  content  to stay on their wond-
but rarely lingers.                    rous  moon  (and  who can blame them
   Then  there is  beautiful  Eissa.   for  'tis  truly a paradise compared
Almost  always  alone, this mistress   to the broken corruption that is our
of  death  and  rebirth,  associated   world)  these  mighty,  but vile and
with  WINTER,  often  wanders though   pernicious   Dark  Ones  are  making
her forest-garden where the River of   their presence felt.
Life flows.  While friendly with the      The recent outbreak of undead may
Lords, she prefers solitude and they   be  taken  as an indication of their
respect her wishes.                    renewed involvement with the Unlife.
   Shaal,  another  loner, is master   There are _no_ known temples (covert
of   the  seas.   He  is  moody  and   or  open)  in  Quellbourne  to these
reclusive  and  has frequent fits of   wicked Gods...  yet, & no mention of
                                    -26-                            More...
them  exists in the Tomes.  They co-   ANDARAS  -  God of felines & Lord of
exist  on Charon in little more than   numerous  cat-cults  on Kulthea.  He
an  uneasy  alliance.  No single god   is  less  single minded than some of
is  recognized as the leader.  While   his  brethren  & has a twisted sense
not as intrinsically powerful as the   of  humor:   like  a cat he will toy
Lords  of Orhan, they do not make an   with  his  prey.   He has green eyes
effort  to  distance themselves from   with  slit  pupils,  black  hair & a
interaction.   Here  then,  is  what   muscular  but lithe build.  Sadistic
I've  learned of these Dark Gods and   and  indifferent  by nature & a seer
their  Foul  and Cursed Moon Charon:   by  profession, he carries a +40 eog
CHARON, the Third Moon:  Its surface   mace  with  a head wrought in silver
is  a  frozen  waste  with no atmos-   to  resemble a cat-head.  He wears a
phere;  the interior is a network of   golden  segmented  collar  (+100 DB)
caverns formed from volcanic forces.   when  he  transforms  into his other
Inside them the Dark Gods thrive and   form:  an 8 ft.  tall black panther.
plan wicked mischief upon Kulthea.
                                       SCALU - Nightmare God. His visage is
ORGIANA  - Goddess of Darkness.  Too   terrifying  due to its mutation as a
cruel beyond belief, she delights in   10 ft.  tall, very muscular man with
pain.  She has a particular loathing   the  head  of  a  black  hyena  with
for  men.   Her  cults are most fre-   luminous eyes and black hair.  He is
quently   made  up  of  females  who   cold  &  emotionless & frequently at
torture and kill  the males of their   odds  with  his  nemesis, Reann.  He
species.   With her long black hair,   wields  an unholy +30 hand-axe which
shapely  build and glowing red eyes,   can  be  thrown  and returns to him.
she is the ultimate chaos sorceress.   Besides  the 6 ft.  Dreamstaff which
She  has  the  Orb  of Agony (a soul   casts  sleep  up to level 50, he has
stealer),   and   a  firewhip  which   all  spells  dealing in mind control
strikes  as  a  +35 flail & delivers   and all the mystic base lists.
heat  criticals with any other.  She
wears  the  Tiara  of  Torment which   Z'TAAR-Champion of Charon.  Mindless
drains target of hits every round.     in  his pursuit of followers and the
                                       destruction of his enemies, he is an
KESH'TA'KAI  -  Master  of Signs and   awesome   warrior   with  a  scarily
Symbols. This grey-eyed,black haired   determined & viscious attitude.  His
olive-skinned  Dark  God  projects a   cults are oriented towards warfare &
cool,   calculating  demeanor.   The   dominating  less  martial  cultures.
magic  of words and letters is known   Though  he  will rarely enter battle
better by him than any entity in the   on  behalf of any other Dark God, he
Shadow  World  Milieu.  He is reclu-   once  faced  Cay in single combat, &
sive  and  has no desire to rule the   though  the battle was inconclusive,
other  gods,  although  he  could be   between  them lies a grudging mutual
Master  of Charon due to his powers.   respect.   He  wears black eog chain
In  fact, he (along with Andaras) is   armor  which  protects against white
in  some  ways  not  what  one could   magic.  His sword, called Slayer, is
consider 'evil'.  He hates the Lords   a  magnificent  +35 two handed sword
of Orhan but has no wish to dominate   of  black  eog with edges of silvery
the  peoples  of  Kulthea.   He is a   Vanuum  (an alloy native to Charon).
master  of  glyphs  (spells  cast by   In  the center of the blade near the
tracing luminous symbols in the air)   hilt  is  a huge flat cut ruby which
and  Power  Words.   He can paralyze   glows  when  the sword draws a soul.
armies  in  an instant.  He is never   It  is  intelligent, intensely evil,
without  a  large tome; He carries a   cannot  be  fumbled,  and casts Dark
glittering  Runesword  with  a clear   Absoulution which robs the target of
laen edge striking as a +30 2-handed   its  soul  if  it  fails  to resist.
sword.   Runes  run  up  &  down the   This  Dark  Warrior God also wears a
blade;  upon  hitting  an  opponent,   black eog helm with a faceplate made
they reconfigure to be Of Slaying.     to resemble a skull.
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MORALIS - God of Love and Pain.  One   sures,  and  bring  downfall through
of  the  more  twisted gods, usually   violence brought about by uncontrol-
seen  as  a handsome blond young man   lable jealousy and hate.  She is not
though  he will take a female guise.   a warrior herself, though she can be
He  visits  Kulthea  to seduce young   a  formidable  opponent  in  combat,
women  and men.  Once in his thrall,   wielding a curved +30 mithril broad-
he takes them to his Palace of Tears   sword  in  each  of her 4 hands in a
in  the  caverns  of Charon where he   whirling  dance  of death.  A bard &
keeps them as slaves. He abuses them   mentalist by profession, she wears a
in  a  perversion  of  love, leaving   diaphanous robe and a platinum neck-
them  bloody  and battered, yet they   lace with a milky white stone called
fight for the chance to be with him.   a  LoveStone:   A power enhancer and
Moralis' disciples differ from Inis'   an aphrodisiac which when touched by
in  being  more  indulgent  &  maso-   the   perspiration  of  a  Kulthean,
chistic with orgies ending with many   enslaves  him to the wearer forever.
dead.  He wields a +35 crossbow that
delivers  depression criticals which   The  DARK  SPIRITS  are  the serving
curses  the  target to be hopelessly   souls  of  the  Dark Gods, sharing a
in  love  with  Moralis  if  the  RR   loathing for all things of goodness.
fails.   The  only  cure  is  Remove   They  include  OMIR,  known  as  the
Curse.  He wears golden sandals that   Assasin   of   Charon;   ALKATAN,  a
cast  Monk's  Bridge  spell lists at   servant  of Klysus; MORGU, a hideous
will  and  a loincloth that protects   creature with glistening black skin,
criticals  in  that  area.  He wears   leathery  wings, and large red claws
golden  wrist  and  ankle bands that   often confused with demons; ZANIA, a
can  parry  missile or melee attacks   statuesque but spaced-out and insane
with half his OB at no penalty.        astrologer  known  as  Keeper of the
                                       Moon  because she reputedly drives a
KLYSUS - The Lizard God of Death and   misty chariot through the sky pulled
mortal enemy of Eissa, for while she   by spectral stallions towing Charon;
is  also  the Goddess of Death, hers   and the Dancers of Inis who resemble
is  a clean departure and release of   their  mistress  and  appear  during
the  soul.   Klysus' death is a tor-   rituals  to  seduce  her  enemies  &
tured sacrifice; he drinks the blood   destroy them in sensual revelry.
and  devours  the very spirit of the
dead. He is a Soul-taker. Tall, mus-   Last  but  not  least of the Ungodly
cular,   with   skin  of  an  almost   Hordes  of  the  Unlife  is  a beast
metallic  bronze  color,  his  large   known as AGOTH, a most demonic ruler
almond  eyes have slitted, reptilian   of the beings which inhabit the Void
pupils.  His forked tongue and fangs   and  the  nether pales of existence.
are  not normally noticeable, but he   Since  no  one  in  their right mind
speaks  with  a hissing lisp.  He is   would  wish  to confront this gnarly
an  evil  Cleric  by  profession and   dude, much less visit the pales from
carries   a   three-pronged  trident   which  no  one has ever returned and
forged of rare blue-red ithloss with   maintained his sanity, the less said
tips  of  black  eog.  Striking as a   about this abomination the better!
+40  pole  arm,  it  is  Of  Slaying
elves.  Wears a gold necklace with a   I  conclude this tome with a word of
glittering red Soul Stealer gem.       warning  to my fellow clerics.  This
                                       may seem so much Dark Lore, but thou
INIS   -  Green  eyed,  blonde,  and   shalt  rue  the  day  when thou doth
voluptuous  with  a  wry,  seductive   cast  Communion and find before thee
demeanor  and truly insatiable lust.   not  one  of the Lords of Orhan, but
A Dancer possessed of four arms, she   instead  one  of  the Dark Gods.  Do
vies  for the attention of the weak,   not take these words lightly, for ye
seducing  those  who  cannot control   have been duly warned!  Indeed, if I
their  lusts.   Cults  of  Inis  are   be no more, thou shalt know why.
invariably  devoted  to carnal plea-    -----May the Lords be with thee!---
                           The Malicious Meddler
                         by Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | e have been nosing   delighted  to  inform  you   that  a
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | into    everyone's   muchly married, bleu robed lady mage
/@| _|__/  \__|_| business    lately   has been carrying  on  behind closed
\_/_____________/ and have discover-   doors   with   the    aforementioned
ed   some   shocking  goings  on  in   philandering fighter. We spotted her
Kelfour's Landing. In  an outrageous   in a rather unusual  position, stuck
public   display,   Kulthea's   most   in the window while trying to make a
famous lordly mage  and  a very male   quick  getaway  from   the  fellow's
(or so  we  thought)  fighter fellow   office. Perhaps she need  attend the
with angelic eyes  were  seen locked   Surtey Akrash School of Slim?
in  a  passionate  embrace   in  the
middle of Eissa's  Temple.  Even the   While  we  are  on  the  subject  of
monk's  eyebrows   were   raised  in   corpulent concubines, we are pleased
surprise. We  wonder  if  the mage's   to report  that  our  lady cleric of
betrothed,  the   kindhearted   lady   the  olde  speeche  has  driven  her
healer, is aware  of  her intended's   former  betrothed,  a  certain  long
true nature. We notice  that she has   winded,  lordly   thief,    to  flee
been   conspicuously   absent   from   Kelfour's  Landing  permanently  and
Kulthea for some time  and wonder if   has attached  herself  to  a certain
indeed she may have regained partial   fair elf bardly type.
sight, hearing and speech.
                                       Notwithstanding   that   this    new
It has  come  to  our attention, via   admirer is  slightly   on  the young
missives from  several  of Kulthea's   side (twenty years or so, to say the
previously innocent maidens,  that a   least), but she  has  been cavorting
certain  lordly  fighter   has  been   shamelessly with him in  public, and
garnering himself quite a reputation   even sharing  the  durable  lad with
as a swaggering philanderer.  We are   her  sister,  a   flirtatious  young
under  the   impression   that  this   thief.
Casanova designed his office  in the
newly opened  House   of  Paupers to   And finally, might  we  mention that
include a carefully concealed window   now that  the  plot  to overthrow us
which can be used as an escape route   has been undermined and we again can
for the luckless  ladies  enticed to   walk the streets of  Kulthea in safe
his oft serviced divan.                anonyminity, we remind you  that all
                                       gossip, heresay  and  tattle  can be
Naturally, the  concubines   of this   addressed to us  via  that wonderous
womanizing fellow make a  hasty exit   GEmail (MISS.SNOOP). It will be sure
when  his  betrothed,  a  supposedly   to reach our eager eyes directly.
chaste, wraithlike  lady   mage pays
him a visit. She,  of course, has no   Until next month, delicious  scandal
idea of  the  secret   trysts of her   hunting and tra-la for now!
intended and we  can  only wonder if     ________________________________
indeed  all   of   Kulthea's  ladies    //                               \
suffer from a strange  disorder that   || Kelfour Edition rewards contri- |
has left  them  all   deaf, dumb and   || butors with FREE WEEKENDS in    |
blind.                                 || GemStone III.                   |
                                       ||                                 |
Betrothals are all  the  rage lately   || Contact Publisher Phaedra Bleu  |
in   Kelfour's   Landing,   although   || via GE Mail at P.HERRINGTON for |
marriage vows  do  not  seem to hold   || details, or ask a Staff Member. |
any weight with its citizens. We are    \\_______________________________/
                                    -29-                                end

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