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 / \                                                                     \
|   |                                    Playing the Sorcerer on Page 7   |
 |                                                                     |
 |    GemStone III's                                   December 1991   |
 |                                                       Vol.2, No.7   |
 |                      _   _           _    ___                       |
 |       ___   ___     / ) / )         / )  / __)                      |
 |      /  \\_//  \   / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____   |
 |    _( <> (_) <> ) /    _/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)  |
 |   |\ \__// \\__/\/ /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /      |
 |   | \  / /\\ \  (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(       |
 |   |  \/ /__\\ \___\    _____      _    _    _    _                  |
 |   |  |\/   | \/    |  / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                  |
 |   |  |     | |     | / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____      |
 |   |  |     | |     |/ ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )     |
 |    \ |     | |     / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /      |
 |     \|_____|_|____(_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(       |
 |                                                                     |
 |                        The Kronicles of Kulthea          \ | /      |
 |________________________________________________________ __\|/__ ____|
 |__________________________________________________________ /|\ ______|
 |                                                          / | \      |
 |  The New Age of GemStone III ...................... Simutronics   1 |
 |  History o' the World, Part I ................... Szandor LaVey   2 |
 |  Items of Power ......................... Elminester Silvanisty   3 |
 |  Lands of the Rich and Famous ................. Elzbeth Collins   6 |
 |  Playing the Sorcerer ....................... Celestin Drowstar   7 |
 |  The Gathering ................................ Flint Thalassar  10 |
 |  Cheers .................... Amelda Heronheart & Inyigo Montoya  13 |
 |  Of Mice and Half-Elves, Part 4 ............ Gallenod Varynesti  14 |
 |  The Science Corner ................................ Nightshade  17 |
 |  In Truth, Is There No Beauty? ................ Elzbeth Collins  18 |
 |  The Armor of the Keep, Part 2 ......... Lord Whilder Planrathe  20 |
 |  The Mage ........................... Art from Kelfour's Museum  27 |
 |  The Beastly Blatherskite .............  Miss Louvella Parsnips  28 |
 |                                                                     |
 |                                            /`\                      |
 |                        /`\      HAPPY      ) (                      |
 |                        ) (                \\o///////////////_       |
 |                       \\o///////// \\\\\\\\ooo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\        |
 |       _\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ooo\\\\\\\\ /////////o\\                     |
 |        /////////////////o\\                ) (                      |
 |                        ) (    HOLIDAYS     \,/                      |
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 | Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the multi-|
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 | Submissions  will be edited  for space, accuracy  and  readability. |
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                         The New Age of GemStone III
   As we enter the new year of 1992,     Furthermore, you'll also be seeing
it  is  time  to  look ahead at what   more  impromptu events  occurring at
GemStone  III  will  be offering its   anytime.  Some of you have seen such
loyal citizens of Kelfour's Landing.   "events"  in  the  past few weeks --
   First,  and  most importantly, is   everything   from  a  Hunt,  to  the
our increase in customer service. We   sudden  animation  of  the Elves and
recently announced the addition of a   Monks  in  the  Temple,  to  rolling
new Full GameMaster and an Assistant   thunderstorms drenching the land and
GameMaster. Two MORE Assistants have   those  are only the tip of the Clae-
been  chosen  and are now undergoing   desbrim  Bay icebergs in wintertime!
training and orientation in the hec-   The  talents  of our newly-increased
tic  "backend"  world of the GM.  We   Staff  will be sure to entertain you
will reveal their identities soon in   in  the  days  to  come.  Be wary...
the  GemStone Staff Announcement To-   you never know what may happen!
pic  on the Multiplayer Games Round-      Will this detract from the needed
Table  Bulletin Board.  We just want   additions to the mechanics of GSIII?
to  give  them time to become accus-   Not  at all.  Particular GameMasters
tomed  to  their surroundings before   are   assigned   those   duties  and
we throw them into their preliminary   continue  with  them at the quickest
duties.   We  hope you'll agree that   speed  possible.   We have certainly
we have made some good choices.        not  forgotten  those of you who are
   Basically,  this brings our staf-   expecting   them   and  have  waited
fing  up  to  an unprecedented level   (sometimes impatiently) for them.
and  you'll  soon  be  noticing  the      GemStone is now two years old and
difference that this extra help will   it isn't complete.  Then again, will
lend  to  your  satisfaction  in the   it  ever be?  The world continues to
game.  Additionally, the rest of our   grow, new mechanics are being added,
fine  old  GameMasters  [creak!] are   software changes (many never seen by
turning  with  renewed enthusiasm to   players)  are  being  made, and more
GemStone.   Personally,  I've  never   special  touches will make it a more
seen  the  level of GM morale higher   comfortable and wondrous place.
than  it  is  right  now and this is      With  this  new  age  of GemStone
only the beginning.  You will indeed   III, I hope all of you will view our
be seeing the fruits of their labors   world  as being a glass that is half
at  a  pace  that  we have only pre-   full  instead  of half empty.  Let's
viously dreamed of and hoped for.      join  together  in a new approach to
   Second,  you  will  be  seeing an   something  that  continues to evolve
increase  in  special  events.  They   and grow.  We want you there with us
will  vary in sophistication depend-   to  experience the new magic that is
ing upon the premise but all of them   GemStone  III.   In my experience of
will  bring  you  the sort of "color   multiplayer  games,  even  with  the
and  magic"  that  some say has been   fact  that  the  rest  of  the glass
missing  in Kulthea.  In that sense,   needs to be filled, GSIII is still a
we  never  intended  for GSIII to be   wonderful place to be.  Come join us
strictly  a  hack-and-slash product,   in the magic in the weeks and months
but  more  of  a place where you can   to come.  You won't be disappointed.
meet  friends, adventure, maybe pick      All  of  us  on the GemStone team
up  a  little experience and an item   wish happiness and prosperity to you
or  two, and basically experience an   and  yours  in  1992.   On behalf of
environment that will hopefully make   GEnie, Simutronics and our Staff, we
you  smile  and have fun.  Following   sincerely thank you for visiting our
the  Winter  Solstice event held the   world.  The best is yet to come.
weekend  of  December 28th, our next
event  is the long-awaited return of        Most Sincerely,
the   Gladiator   Games  on  Sunday,     -- Tom Zelinski (TOMAS)
January 26th.  Mark your calendars!         Simutronics Corp.
                        History O' the World, Part I
                            by Szandor LaVey
                                                        | \
Kobolds  have always been at the                         \ \
bottom  of  the heap.  All other                          \ \
(semi-)   intelligent  humanoids                    __     \ \
consider    themselves   several                    \.\     \ \
steps  above  the  lowly Kobold,                     |'|__  _\ \
even  the goblin.  This attitude                    /     \/._\ \
began  a long time past, in some      ________    /  o\ __ ./  \ \
forgotten  era,  but the Kobolds     //''''''_\_/  / ... o |    \ \  \
know,  aye,  they  KNOW  the day    //     _/      |  ,O: /      \ \ ||
will  come when it is their turn   //    _/ /    /   \_'/         \ \//
to rule the world!                ||   _/  /           \_          \//\
                                  ||  /   /      \_      \_      \_//;;\
Aye, humans may be top now; And,  || |  \/         \_      \__    -/;;;/
aye, elves and dwarves and half-  || |  /            \__      """;;;;/ \\
lings could come next.  And then  ||  \>====---___ /    \________;;/    ++
the   giants,  and  the  golems,   \\ /     """---<<
probably.   Then  the ogres, the    \V          {"}\\_
trolls,  and the centaurs.  Then    /         _/| |   \_
perhaps  troglodytes, basilisks,   |         /_ | |     \__
cockatrices,  and spiders.  And,   |      / /##\| |        \_
most  likely,  will come the age    \____/|/ ###| |_         \_
of  the  orcs,  goblins, threks,    |'''' ' ####| |#\__        \
hobgoblins,   karnelins,  manti-   /       /####| |    \__     \\
cores, and the werebears.         /      /  ''''| |       \     |
                                 /     /        | |        |    |
                                /    /          | |        <====>
                               <====>           | |         |;;;|
                              /;;;/             | |         |;;;|
                            /|;;;>               V          |;;;'\_
                          //;;;;|                            \;;;;;===\
                          =======                          /  ==========\
The  worms,  the wolverines, the sea   elves,  dwarves  and halflings), the
nymphs,  and  the  hosts  of unlife.   women, and their children!
The  wisplings,  and  (possibly) the
guardians.   And  the moray eels and   After  the  skies clear of the smoke
the rabid Torkaans.  Aye, could be.    that represents the last vestiges of
                                       humanity   and   civilization,   the
BUT STILL!!  The Kobolds' time WILL,   Kobolds  will  claim  the  land that
say,   WILL  come!!   And,  on  that   rightfully  belongs  to  them, and a
fateful  day, great hosts of Kobolds   Great  New  Age  will  fall  on  the
will   assemble  and  march  on  the   world,  bringing  peace, prosperity,
unsuspecting   (to  say  the  least)   and justice for all Kobolds!
population  of  the  world  to  burn
their  cities  and  to kill men (and   Or, then again... maybe not.
        |   It's true!  Kelfour Edition pays contributors with    ||
        |        ***  FREE WEEKENDS in GemStone III.  ***         ||
        |  Contact a GM or newsletter staff member for details.   ||
                               Items of Power
  __________             by Elminester Silvanisty
/ \     __  \
\@|    / "| | fter acquiring  exper-   the shops can special order. It adds
  |   //|"| | ience, treasure is the   +20 to your offensive bonus.  Two of
 _|  //=|"| | most important part of   these  items exist and were obtained
/@| //  |"| | adventuring   in   the   as  prizes  for  a quest.  Lord Rhys
\_/~~   ~~~ / world of GemStone.  As   Corwinson  owns  one  and  Lord Yuri
  ~~~~~~~~~~  you advance  in levels   Hanbidt owns the other.
your  need  for  special  items  in-
creases  because  better weapons and   Shimmering  Blade:  This weapon does
armor  help  tremendously  in combat   not  have  a true form.  When rubbed
with  higher  level  creatures.  The   it transforms itself into  a dagger,
only  way to obtain such items until   rapier,  broadsword,  short sword or
now (besides those in the shops) was   greatsword.   It's  +20 OB, was pur-
to get them from a quest or auction.   chased at  the third auction, and is
Bids  for items at auctions often go   now owned by Yuri Hanbidt.
to hundreds of thousands of silvers,
a  price  none  but  a  few  wealthy   Black  Shaalk Claidhmore:  Much like
citizens can afford.                   a normal Claidhmore, this blade adds
   But  the  Gods  have changed this   +20 to the OB.  Found in a chest, it
state  of affairs.  Now powerful and   is owned by Airioch Ramthanodox.
unique  items  are  found  in chests
carried by monsters.  These items do   Pure  Falchion:   This  is  a  perm-
not  necessarily  cast spells or en-   anently  blessed falchion and allows
hance  your  abilities; you can find   the  wielder  to combat Unlife with-
anything from  a piece of wire which   out the blessing of a cleric.  It is
does nothing to armor that increases   owned by Lord Lythe L'GREEN.
your  defense and is as easy to wear
as heavy hide.                         Ice  Blade:   This  is  like a drake
   Similar items already existed but   falchion but instead of causing heat
were  mostly  in  the  hands  of the   criticals,  it causes cold ones.  It
rich.  Now, everyone has a chance to   was found in the spider temple.  The
find  them.  There are restrictions.   item  was  cursed  but the curse was
You  must be lower or equal in level   removed  by  Lady  Taarna Wayfinder.
to  the  monster  you SEARCH for the   Its current ownership is unknown.
chest and you may have to get around
difficult traps, but these are minor   Vorpal  Sword:  This powerful weapon
details.                               is  a  +11  one  handed  sword  that
   I have polled players about items   inflicts   damage  as  a  two-handed
they have.  This list contains exam-   sword  and  can  be  edged by a mage
ples  of  what  you  might expect to   making  it a +26.  Found in a chest,
find  in a chest although some items   it was bought by Gallenod Varynesty.
are  from  past quests and auctions.
Such  items  can  be weapons, wands,   Thunder Blade: This two-handed sword
staves,  rings,  jewelry,  armor and   can  be  wielded  with one hand, al-
others.   Some of the items are just   lowing  the owner to use a shield at
unique and others have powers.  Some   the  same  time.   Training  in two-
have  been lost or broken.  The list   handed  weapons  is  needed.   It is
includes  all  items I could account   rumored  that  it  can inflict elec-
for, yet every day more are found.     tricity  criticals  as  a drake fal-
                                       chion  causes heat criticals.  It is
              WEAPONS                  owned by Melda Farthrimnur.
Shaalk Falchion:  This more powerful   Burnished  Blade:   This  weapon has
version of a falchion is made of the   the  same  characteristics as a fal-
precious and magical clothlike metal   chion.  This +15, non-edgable weapon
                                    -3-                             More...
is owned by Mmorfo Chapster.           Stout  Oaken  Wand:   Casts the open
                                       channeling  spell  alkar.   Owned by
Grand Rapier:  This is the same as a   Lord Lose Soulblaster.
normal rapier but of better make and
adding +10 to the offensive bonus of   Glittering  Metal Staff:  This staff
the  wielder.   The  weapon  is  not   is much like a metal wand in that it
magic  in origin and can be edged by   too  casts  the mage spell coldball.
a  mage giving a total of +25 to the   Owned by Lord Lose Soulblaster.
owner.   It  is  owned  by  Drachen.
                                       Black  Onyx  Wand:  Casts the cleric
Enhanced   Short  Sword:   This  +10   spell repell undead II and was found
edgeable  sword was found in a chest   in a chest by Drachen.
by   Althea.   It  is  currently  in
possession of Lord Lose Soulblaster.   Spirit Wand:  Casts the cleric spell
Long  Rusty  Dagger:   This +15 long
dagger can inflict electricity crit-   Sun Wand:  Casts the open channeling
icals.   It  is  magic  and can't be   spell herb production.
edged.  Owned by Joqain Denark.
                                       Oak   Staff:    Casts  invisibility.
Saber:   This +5 edgeble weapon adds   Owned by Lord Dagamr Istarii.
+15 to any criticals it inflicts.
                                       Willow  Staff:  This staff casts the
You  may  have  noticed  a number of   closed  essence spell floating disk.
weapons  that have a natural +10 and   Found  in  chests,  Zhuge Liang owns
are  not  magical.  These are better   one and Griffin has another.
weapons  that  can  be  edged giving
them  a  +25  bonus.   It is rumored         MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC ITEMS
that the Enchantment True spell will         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
grant these weapons a +35 bonus.       Sapphire  Ring  (rub):   These rings
                                       cast  the closed essence spell rapid
           WANDS AND STAVES            fire.   Owned  by Dartaghan Darkstar
           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            and Lord Xura Viirkort.
Black  Crystal  Rod:  This rod casts
the  fear  spell  which  causes  the   Emerald  Ring (rub):  Casts unpoison
victim to drop all items in hand and   and was a gift from Lord Kirc Blood-
run  in  panic  to  the  next  room.   guard to Lady Wisraith Winterwind.
These  rods were found in the spider
temple.  Lord Lythe L'Green and Lord   Mystic Sphere (rub): Casts rapidfire
Dagmar Istarii each own one.           Owned by Lord Lose Soulblaster.

Red Wand:  Casts the fireball spell.   Moss  Covered  Ring  (rub):Casts the
Owned  by  Lord  Dagamr  Istarii and   open   channelling   spell  Airwall.
perhaps others.                        Owned  by Drachen, it was found in a
Blue  Crystal Wand:  This wand casts
mage  spell  lightningbolt  and  has   Ruby Slippers(rub):  Also casts Air-
been  found  in  chests.  Owners are   wall.  Owned by Lady Phaedra Bleu.
Lord  Dagamr Istarii, Dec Carfa'shon
and others.                            Mother  of   Pearl   Necklace (rub):
                                       Casts the closed essence spell Haste
Crystal  Wand:  Casts the mage spell   II.  Dec Carfa'shon received this as
waterbolt.   Found in a chest, it is   a  prize  during a quest.  It is now
owned by Dec Carfa'shon.               owned by Lord FXG Lyon.
Green  Glass  Wand:   Casts the open   Intricate  Bracers (rub):  Casts the
essence  spell  Protection II and is   closed  essence spell strength.  One
owned by Lord Lose Soulblaster.        of  many  items  found  in the first
                                    -4-                             More...
Dragon-ship quest, a pair  are owned   White  Lacquered Armor:  Adds +15 to
by  both  Lord  FXG  Lyon  and  Lady   the  defensive  bonus  and  is  like
Wisraith  Winterwind.   One pair was   heavy hide.  Owned by Lord FXG Lyon.
also owned by Lord Erebor Bordeaux.
                                       Diaphanous  Robe:  Adds +15 to DB of
Ruby  Amulet  (rub):   Casts wall of   the wearer.  Owned by Lord FXG Lyon.
force  adding  +100 to the defensive
bonus  for  ten seconds/level of its         CURIOUS AND UNIQUE ITEMS
wearer.  Now found in chests.                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                       Plumed  Silver  Helm:  Owned by Lord
Scarlet  Amulet  (rub):   Same  as a   Corwin D'AMBER.
ruby amulet.  Found in chests.
                                       Shimmering  Hooded Cloak:  Acts as a
Iron  Amulet(rub):   Casts strength.   backpack.   Owned by Dartaghan Dark-
A number of citizens now own these.    star and others.

Jeweled  Music Box:  When the golden   Black    Blood-splattered   Greaves:
canary  sings,  everyone  and every-   Normal  greaves  with  a  nice  des-
thing  in the room is calmed.  Owned   cription.  Owned by Lord FXG Lyon.
by Lady Wisraith Winterwind.
                                       Velvet Robes:  Same armor character-
Golem  Fragment(wave):  Casts Wizard   istics  as  heavy  hide.   Owned  by
shield.  Owned by Artemis Al~Anhir.    Althea and Pterelas.

Black  Pearl necklace (rub):   Casts   Protective   Cassock:    Same  armor
heal II. Owned by Gilthor In'Glorion   characteristics   as   heavy   hide.
                                       Owned by Lohann Mcloud.
Marble  Statue(rub):   Casts  Alkar.
It is rumored to have ten charges.     Diamond Tip Lockpick:  Same as laen.
                                       Owned  by  Griffun Skyborne, but now
Shimmering  Translucent Cloak:  Once   Shrunken  Head:   Owned by Lord Xura
owned  by  Dagmar  Istarii but since   Viirkort.
lost, added +25 to defensive bonus.
                                       Arbiter's  Coin:   Can  be  flipped.
Embroidered Black Cape:  Adds +15 to   Owned by Benei.
the  defensive  bonus of the wearer.
Owned by Dartaghan Darkstar.           Dice:  Owned by Melda Farthrimnur.

Golden  Torque:   Adds  +10  to  the   Box   of  Popcorn:   Owned  by  Lady
defensive   bonus   of  the  wearer.   Phaedra Bleu.
Owned by Dartaghan Darkstar.
                                       Snack  Bag:  One owned by Dec Carfa'
Gleaming  Steel  Helm:   Adds +30 to   shon, another by Annastasia.
defensive  bonus  of the wearer.  It
was  bought at the first auction and   Unique  items  are  more common than
owned by Lady Wisraith Winterwind.     they once were but acquiring them is
                                       not  without  risk.  Their introduc-
Shaded  Eyewear:   Adds +10 to DB of   tion  was  accompanied  by  improved
the wearer.  Owned by Lord FXG Lyon.   trap  technology  and chests are now
                                       dangerous.  Items listed are indica-
Mystic  Diadem:   Adds  +15  to  the   tive  of what is available.  Whether
defensive  bonus of the wearer.  Was   you   want   enhanced   weaponry  or
bought  at the first auction.  Owned   handsome  attire,  what you seek may
by Lord FXG Lyon.                      be in the next chest you find.
                        Lands of the Rich and Famous
                             by Elzbeth Collins
   Looking   across  the  hard  grey   valiantly  to  hold  the  foe at the
waters  of  the  bay,  the  flame of   line  of the tide.  The surf ran red
hatred   burning  at  my  soul  does   with  the  blood  of  my friends and
little  to  warm the cold of winter.   companions.   Even  now,  that beach
Just  three  days  past,  should any   bears blackened, blood stained sand.
have  said  I  could harbor such ill      The  village  and  docks  lie  in
intent  as this toward man or beast,   ruin,  burned  out  and empty shells
I  would  have  laughed  and bespake   for  homes,  charred timbers marking
them of the benefits of kindness and   the  remains  of our proud shipyard.
forgiveness.  But now, grave dirt of   Not  one  in  ten  of man, woman, or
my  beloved on my hands, my thoughts   child  remains.   Many  speak  of  a
are of hate and vengeance.             sojourn  to  Quellburn,  before  the
   This  dusk,  three  days since it   winter  worsens  and starvation sets
was  that  the  evil  Ice Kraal fell   in.   But  for  me, this is home.  I
upon  us.  Striking across the water   fear  my  years  could  not carry me
from  their  home  on Trelkinaark, a   through  the  mountains  to that far
raiding  party  of a hundred or more   city  of hope.  And someone must re-
stormed the beach.  The watch tower,   main to tend the graves, and hate.
true  to its purpose, sounded alarm,   ...Excerpt from a journal found amid
and  the  men  of the village fought   the ruins of the coastal village.
       To  The                                ::   MAP  THREE:   ::
    Old Dock Yard                             ::THE VILLAGE RUINS::
          |           0-0-0                   ::      AND        ::
          |          /     \                  ::  COASTAL CLIFFS ::
  0-0-0   |   0-0-0-0       0                 :::::::::::::::::::::
       \  |  /      |        \
        0-0-0       0         0-0-0-0
        |          /               / \      The Old Merchant's Road
        0         0   0-0-0       0   0-0-0--------------->
         \        |  /     \      |         Back to Kelfour's Landing
          0-0-0   0-0       0     0                 (MAP ONE)
  A-Go Path    A B   \       \   /<---Go Gap
  B-Go Trail    0     0       0-0
               /     /       /   \        Here you will find the ruins of
              0     0       0     0       an old village, long abandoned.
             / \    |      /      |       Wild beasts such as Bounders and
          #-0   0   0     0       0       foul Carrion Worms have moved in
     An Old     |    \     \      |       but you can also find alluring
    Mausoleum   0     0     0     0       Sea Nymphs, dreadful Ghosts, and
                |     |S         /        terrifying Dark Wisplings.
                0     |T        0         The village lies in ruin, not a
               /      |A                  building left whole.  Even the
              0       |I                  once proud Lords Mannor has been
                      |R                  leveled, leaving but a few
                      0         0         underground chambers.
                      |        /
                      0       0        +----------------------------------
                     /|\     /         |  I have presented each map in this
                0-0-0 0 0---0          |  series in a different format. The
 Beware that which    |    /|          |  best way for you to learn your
 is hidden, and seek  0-0 0 0          |  way around is to select the style
 that which is not    |                |  you like best, and redraw all of
 here revealed!       0             -6-|  the maps using that style.
                           Playing the Sorcerer
                           by Celestin Drowstar
/ \  ______ \
\@| /~/~~\_\ |orcerers  are    spell   lowest  amount  of power points each
  | \~\____~ |users  who concentrate   level  then  you will have to either
 _| _~~~~\~\ |on  spells of  disrup-   put higher values in these stats, or
/@| \~\__/~/ |ption and destruction.   hope  that  you  are lucky enough to
\_/  ~~~~~~ / Playing a  sorcerer is   roll  high potentials.  Power points
  ~~~~~~~~~~  not  for the  weak  of   are determined by taking the average
heart  or stomach!  Spells available   of  your EMpathy and INtuition power
to  the  sorcerer can be graphic and   point   factors,  multiplying  times
are  sometimes gruesome.  Unlike the   your  level  and rounding off to the
spell  for  other  professions,  the   nearest  integer.   Power points are
sorcerer spell list has no defensive   factored are as follows:
spells and this can make playing the
sorcerer  a  real challenge.  If you     100 = 3.0   99 = 2.8   98 = 2.6
are  new to GemStone you may wish to      97 = 2.4   96 = 2.2   95 = 2.0
try another profession to learn what      94 = 1.9   93 = 1.8   92 = 1.7
the  game  is  like before playing a      91 = 1.6   90 = 1.5
sorcerer.   Isei's article "Overview
of  Professions"  in KE2-5 is a good   If  you  had  an EMpathy of 100 with
place to get info on different types   INtuition  of  96  then  your  power
of  characters  you may want to try.   points would be as follows:  ((3.0 +
If  you have your heart set on being   2.2) / 2 * 1) = 2.6 which would be 3
a sorcerer, then read on...            points  at 1st level, ((3.0 + 2.2) /
                                       2  *  2)  = 5.2 which is 5 points at
Rolling the Sorcerer                   2nd  level,  and so on.  If you plan
                                       on  playing  a sorcerer that will be
The  relative  importance of the six   casting spells a lot then both these
ability stats should be decided upon   stats are important.  A high EMpathy
before rolling up a sorcerer because   also  helps  with using wands, which
it  all  depends  on how you wish to   is discussed later.
play.  You can play your sorcerer by
depending  entirely  upon the spells   At  higher  levels,  your  defensive
from  the  sorcerer  list  to earn a   bonus  becomes  increasingly  impor-
living,  or  you  can  augment  your   tant.    Since  sorcerers  can  only
spells  by becoming a sword swinger,   train  in  weapon use once per level
a   wand   waver,   or   both.   The   and  since  there  are  no defensive
following  are suggestions on how to   spells  on  the  base  list,  a high
rate  the  importance  of  different   QUickness  bonus  is the easiest way
abilities based  on  how you wish to   to   boost   your  DB.   I  strongly
play your sorcerer.                    recommend a high QUickness stat.
Sorcerers  are  hybrid  spell  users   Your  AGility  stat is factored into
which  means  that  they  draw power   your magical offensive and defensive
from both the Essence and Channeling   bonuses.   Sorcerers have no intrin-
realms.  A sorcerer's primary attri-   sic  elemental  attack  spells,  but
butes  are  EMpathy  and  INtuition.   they  can  use  wands with elemental
You  get  an automatic 90 in both of   attack  spells.  I would recommend a
these   attributes  unless  you  put   high  AGility  stat  if  you plan on
something  higher there.  If you put   using  wands and if you ever plan on
your lowest values there, and settle   going   up   against  spell  casting
for  the  automatic  90's  then  you   critters since it will also increase
won't have too many power points.      your magical defensive bonus.
If you do not want to settle for the   Your  STrength stat is factored into
                                    -7-                             More...
your  weapon  offensive  bonus  (and   when you use a wand.
your weapon defensive bonus when you
parry).   A  minimum of 41 here will   Body  Development is important since
insure   that   you  don't  get  any   it  is  the only way to increase the
penalty  but  I  would  recommend  a   number  of hit points that you have.
higher  score  if  you plan on sword   The  more  hit  points you have, the
swinging, and/or if the race of your   better  your  chances  are  for sur-
character has STrength penalties.      viving when you do get hit.
COnstitution,  Self  Disipline, Elo-   The  most  important  training for a
Quence and REasoning are development   sorcerer  is spells.  At the time of
stats  and  should  be  as  high  as   this  writing there are fewer spells
possible.   Training  for a sorcerer   available  to  sorcerers  than there
is  not  cheap,  so the higher these   are  for  other spell-using classes.
scores are the better.                 The chart  on the  next  page  shows
                                       spells as they are now.
After  arranging your stats you will
need  to  select a race.  High Elves   Investing  development points in the
have  a  bonus  for  EMpathy.   Fair   sorcerer spell list is an investment
Elves   have   the  best  bonus  for   in  the future :).  The descriptions
QUickness,  and  Wood  Elves have an   of  the  spells  are  listed  in the
excellent  AGility.  Half Elves have   Tomes of Kulthea, and if you haven't
decent  bonuses  for AGility, QUick-   seen  them  I'd  recommend  checking
ness  and  STrength  along  with the   them out.  The sorcerer spells, when
highest  basic  hit points among the   implemented,  look  as  though  they
elves.   Halflings  have the highest   should be quite fun to play with.  I
AGility bonus of all the races along   recommend studying Protection I from
with  a very good QUickness but they   the  Open  Channeling list, and Limb
also  have  the  biggest  penalty to   Pain  from  the Sorcerer list at 1st
STrength.   Halflings  also have the   level.    I'd   then  stick  to  the
best  resistance  mods against spell   sorcerer list the rest of the time.
attacks.   Select  a  race that will
augment  your  stats for the way you   Other skills, such as Channeling and
wish to play your sorcerer.            First Aid, are available but you may
                                       not   have  any  development  points
Training the Sorcerer                  left.   Almost  everything  else  is
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  prohibitively   expensive.    As  you
Training  a  sorcerer  can  be  very   increase in level, you will get more
expensive   in  development  points.   development  points until your stats
Training   in  single  handed  edged   reach their maximum potentials.
weapons  is  expensive,  but  not as
much  as other weapon types, and you   Fighting with the Sorcerer
will need weapons training to defend
yourself   against  most  opponents.   As   with  all  pure  spell-casters,
Train in this every level.             hybrid   sorcerers  can  fight  with
                                       weapons,  but  not  as  well as semi
If you plan on waving wands you will   spell-users,  thieves  or  fighters.
need  training  in both Wands/Staves   Sorcerers  cannot  train  twice  per
and  Directed Spells.  Train as much   level  with  a  weapon,  nor do they
as  possible  in  Wands/Staves until   have  any  spells  to  improve their
you  get to where you can activate a   offensive  bonus,  but  I  have seen
wand  half  the  time, and then only   several  who  are good with weapons.
train in it once per level from then   One  sorcerer  I know uses Mind Jolt
on.   You  should  train in Directed   to   stun   his   opponents   before
Spells  twice every level since this   finishing  them  off with his sword.
will  help  to  defend  you  against   At  first level your offensive bonus
magical attacks, as well as increase   won't  be  anything  special  unless
your  directed spell offensive bonus   your STrength bonus is high.
                                    -8-                             More...
 / \                                                                       \
 |@/         Spells available to the Sorcerer profession by list           /
 | Level|      Sorcerer       |    Open Channeling   |   Open Essence    |
 |   1  | Limb Pain           | Protection I         | Protection I      |
 |   2  | Touch of Disruption | Air Wall             | Presence          |
 |   3  | Word of Bleeding    | Aura                 | Lock Lore         |
 |   4  | Forget              | Disease Resistance   | Open I (*)        |
 |   5  | Lock Joint          | Poison Resistance    | Trap Lore (*)     |
 |   6  | Mind Jolt           | Fog Call             | ?                 |
 |   7  | Eye Spy             | Protection II        | ?                 |
 |   8  | Major Pain          | Stun Relief          | ?                 |
 |   9  | Quake (*)           | Dispell Invisibility | ?                 |
 |  10  | Mind Shock (*)      | Unbalance            | ?                 |
 |  11  | Shatter (*)         | Flare                | ?                 |
 |  12  | Word of Pain (*)    | Waterwalking         | ?                 |
 |  13  | Word of Panic (*)   | Undisease            | ?                 |
 |  14  | Demonic Attack (*)  | Unpoison             | ?                 |
 |  15  | Creeping Death (*)  | Word of Stun         | ?                 |
 |  16  | Vacuum (*)          | Locate Person        | ?                 |
 |  17  | Ice Blade (*)       | Guidance             | ?                 |
 |  18  | Destroy Body (*)    | Thought Projection   | ?                 |
 |  19  | Torment (*)         | Herb Production      | ?                 |
 |  20  | Demonic Assassin (*)| Alkar                | ?                 |
 |  25  | Disruption True (*) | Lightning Call       | ?                 |
 |  30  | Absolution (*)      | Word of Return       | ?                 |
 |  50  | Demonic Control (*) | Wall of Force        | ?                 |
 |   ____________________________________________________________________|__
            ? = Spell unknown           * = Spell unimplemented
One  of the quickest ways to advance   bonus  or  penalty  for  realm since
as  a  sorcerer  is  to  use  wands.   sorcerers  are  from both the realms
There  are  currently  four types of   of  Essence  and  Channeling, and no
wands  that contain elemental attack   bonus  for  knowing  the spell since
spells - iron wands and silver wands   they are mage spells.
(ShockBolt),  metal wands (ColdBall)
and  golden  wands  (FireBolt).  How   Offensive  spells  from the sorcerer
wands are used is explained in great   list   are   not   elemental  attack
detail  in  Lythe's article "Playing   spells.  They are base attack spells
the  Mage"  in KE1-9.  The only real   and  are  determined  using the Base
difference   for  sorcerers  is  the   Attack   Roll,   the  level  of  the
bonuses  that  apply to activating a   sorcerer  and  the Resistance of the
wand.   Only  the sorcerer's EMpathy   target.   Shown  in  the  box  is an
bonus,  along  with  your Wand/Stave   example of base attack spell Word of
skill  are factored in.  There is no   Bleeding in action.
 /                                                                         \
| You gesture at a goblin.                                                  |
| BAR: D100 88 + 4 = 92,  general RRMOD: -50                                |
| Target RR threshold: 60, d100 23 + -50 = -27, resistance failed!          |
| A ragged wound rips open a goblin's jugular, which begins spurting blood. |
                                    -9-                Continued on page 12
                               The Gathering
 _____________               by Flint Thalassar
/ \ _________ \
\@| ||=|=|=|| |he   cards   hit   the   edge  of  the  shimmering  black card
  | ~~ |_| ~~ | table with a pleasing   nearest  him.  "The  void," he  said.
 _|    |_|    | sound as Flint  dealt   "Everyone loses."
/@|   _|_|_   | them in turn  to each
\_/__________/  of  his   companions.   Amelda  giggled  and  nudged Naxxixx.
His  form   silhouetted  against  the   "What kind of a  game is  this, where
light  from  the fireplace, he rested   everyone loses?  Ilmir must  be quite
against the table and smiled.  Winter   a place, if this is any  indication."
had  arrived  in  Kelfour's  Landing,
leading  some  inhabitants  to  start   "We  only lose  the  first  hand,  of
searching for a new kind of treasure:   course," said Flint. "But  in a sense
firewood,  like  that now  stacked in   Plover isn't exactly a  game.  It was
neat rows by the hearth.                originally   a  series   of  rituals,
                                        which   supposedly  led  to  the dis-
"Everyone ready?"  asked  Flint.  The   covery  of  the magical  arts  as  we
large table had been  pulled out into   know them today."
the  center  of the House of Paupers'
common room,  and  gathered around it   "I  heard  a  rumor,"  said  Gremlyn,
were some of  the  familiar  faces of   rubbing  the  cat  behind  the  ears,
Kelfour's  Landing.  At  Flint's left   "that  you  were  working  on  a  new
were Artemis and Snow,  who picked up   spell, Flint."
the  red-backed  cards  and  arranged
them thoughtfully. Naxxixx and Amelda   "Or that it was working on him," said
contrived to sit as close as possible   Artemis.
to each other without revealing their
hands,  an   endeavor  which  brought   Flint shook his head in mock sadness.
Flint  considerable amusement.  Grem-   "Hobbit,  you  steal   all   my  best
lyn, at his right, serene and  still,   lines."  He  reached over  to pet the
watched  the  grey  cat  on  her  lap   cat himself,  liberating  a few wisps
stretch and then return to its nap.     of grey-white  fur  which  floated to
                                        the floor.
"I suppose," said Naxxixx,  "though I
barely  grasp  the rules -- it seemed   "The  way  I  heard it," said Amelda,
to  take  the better  part of an hour   "you  were  negotiating with the Poo-
just to explain them all."              bah,  selling your soul to the Unlife
                                        in  exchange  for  a 'summon Jaezila'
"Ah, but  I  was eating  and drinking   spell."
and being distracted.  If  I tried, I
could  explain  them  in  twenty min-   "Heh,"  said Flint,  pointing  to the
utes."                                  table. He identified the formation as
                                        'The  Lovers,' a  hand eventually won
"Speaking of explaining,  Flint,  you   by  Amelda.   "Actually,  that  isn't
promised to tell me  the story of how   quite the spell I had in mind, though
you  came to Kelfour's Landing," said   an  excellent  suggestion.  As we all
Snow.                                   know,  the  sorcerers  have  recently
                                        come  up  with  several  new incanta-
"That I did, Snow, and I will. I'm no   tions."
bard,  like  Amelda,  but  I'll do my
best.  Think  of the cards as part of   "Eye Spy," said Gremlyn, nodding, and
the  story,  in  fact -- the  game of   Major Pain."
Plover  originates in my  homeland of
Ilmir,  and  says   much  about   its   Flint shuffled  again,  making rather
character."                             melodramatic single-handed cuts,  and
                                        passed  out  the cards.  "Well, I was
The players each cast one card into a   inspired by these to embark upon some
rough  circle.  Flint  tapped  at the   research  of  my  own.  For a spell I
find  only  logical... a spell tenta-   "Right.   Plover  encompasses   other
tively titled Major Pleasure."          games,  and  (some would have it) all
                                        of  life as  well.  As  Illik put it,
Artemis tapped Flint on the shoulder.   'Plover / supped at  like  soup on  a
"Now,"  he  said,  "is the part where   winter's night / bathed in like moon-
you are supposed to  go 'mwahahahaha'   beams.'"  The cat rose from Gremlyn's
in  the  grand tradition  of deranged   lap to  seat itself by the fire.  Its
alchemists."                            resemblance to the  familiar of  Lady
                                        Gira had not gone unnoticed. Now that
"No,  I  mean  it,"   replied  Flint.   the secret of the Call Familiar spell
"Think, for example, of how much more   had  been  uncovered, Kelfour's citi-
humane  it  would  be  to  immobilize   zens found themselves  viewing common
an  enemy with  uncontrollable  plea-   animals  in  a  different  light.  No
sure."                                  doubt the non-magical animals in town
                                        were  pleased  with  the  new,   more
"Think,  on  the  other  hand,"  said   respectful,   treatment   they   were
Naxxixx, "of the fun at parties."       starting to receive.
Snow and Amelda remarked that Flint's   "Now  not  all  artists in  town were
desire for  the spell  probably  owed   wealthy, but we were.  And as you may
little  to  any  plans  to cast it at   have heard it said that youth is was-
enemies,  which drew immediate agree-   ted  on  the  young,  then  certainly
ment from the rest of the table. "You   money  is  wasted  on  the rich.  For
don't even  have any enemies, Flint,"   rarely did  I find  myself  having to
said Gremlyn.  "But let  us know when   actually buy anything."
the  spell is  ready, so we can start
picking your pockets."                  Gremlyn,  winning the hand,  gathered
                                        the cards  together and  prepared her
Flint,  blushing,  lost  the next two   next play. "Because you were a thief,
hands.  "Well, on  with  the story. I   Flint?"  Prior  to  studying   magic,
was  the  eldest  son  in a family of   Flint had been an  apprentice footpad
artists  in Ilmir.  My  father's work   under  the  tutelage of Fenris Nacht.
was wildly popular among the  aristo-   His friendship with Gremlyn had begun
cracy,  and they  paid  him ludicrous   in the  days when  they prowled Upper
sums for it.  We lived like kings."     Kaldsfang together as fellow thieves.
Naxxixx's gaze wandered to a point on   "Bec...heh, I didn't learn that trade
the ceiling above Flint's head. "Art-   until  I came to  Kelfour's.  No, be-
ists living like kings...when  do you   cause  people  were always  buying me
get to the part about  rivers running   dinner, giving me gifts, taking me on
uphill?"                                vacations.  I was  rich  and knew the
                                        right people; I rarely needed money."
Artemis interrupted, gesturing at the
table.  "This  formation is the 'duel   "Ah, is that  why you  never have any
of the Tyrant and  the  Jester,'"  he   of it now?"  asked  Artemis,  nudging
said.  "Snow  and Amelda play for the   Flint with his elbow.
                                        "Could be.  But to this atmosphere of
"Which  one  of  us  is  the tyrant?"   wealth  the  city  brought  a  unique
asked Amelda.                           fund-raising    scheme:   the   anti-
"I  pass  no  judgement," said Flint,
"but I  will say  the two  of you use   Snow identified the next two hands as
your  remaining  cards  to   play  at   'The Tides'  and  won them both.  She
Threks to decide the winner."           looked  up at  Flint to see if he was
                                        joking.  "Anti-lottery?"
Snow  smiled.  "We  jump into a whole
different game!"                        "Well in a normal lottery, you pay to
                                    -11- enter, with money  or prizes bestowed
upon the winner. In the anti-lottery,   "Given that choice, I'd take the name
you pay not to enter,  and the winner   change," said Snow. She lost the hand
meets with some unpleasant fate."       to  Artemis,   but  played  into  the
                                        'Emergence'   formation   next,   and
"That's terrible," said Amelda.         recaptured the cards lost  earlier to
                                        the void.
"What  lunatic  came  up  with   that
idea?" asked Naxxixx.                   Flint smiled.  "Many of my countrymen
                                        took  great  pride  in  their  family
Flint blushed, started to speak, then   name.  Almost  a toss-up  as to which
stopped again.                          would be  worse.  In my case, though,
                                        the prize was  permanent  exile."
"No...," said Snow.
                                        "You mean you won this anti-lottery?"
"It  was a joke, a silly suggestion,"   asked Amelda.
said Flint. "How was I to know they'd
actually go and do it?"                 Artemis  patted  Flint  on  the back.
                                        "Sounds more like he lost to me."
Naxxixx  tossed  his final card  into
the center with  a sigh.  "Bad things   "Well, my name was drawn.  That might
like what?  Death?"                     be considered a win or a loss, depen-
                                        ding on  your  point of view.  Forced
"No, strange things, annoying things.   from  my  home,  I made up my mind to
Like having to wear a heavy weight on   journey to the most obscure, that is,
your  left  leg  for  two  months, or   the  most exotic  place I could think
having  your  name legally changed to   of.  And so it was that  I arrived in
something  extremely  long and silly.   Kelfour's. To the silly lottery I owe
It varied  from contest  to contest."   all that I have found here: adventure
Flint  frowned  at his  few remaining   and magic, friendship..."  He glanced
cards. "High card takes this one."      around the  table.  "And  people  who
                                        can  beat me  at card games that they
"Finally a rule that can be explained   have only just learned.  Heh, I think
in one sentence," said Naxxixx.  "And   I'd  call  it winning after all."
I win, too."
  Playing the Sorcerer from Page 9
Here's how it works.  First, the Base   and the threshold is modified down in
Attack  Roll  (BAR)  is determined by   this  event.  Finally a 100 sided die
rolling a 100 sided die.  If the roll   is rolled for the target, and this is
is 1  or  2,  the spell automatically   added  to your general RRmod.  If the
fails.   If  greater than 2 then your   result  is lower than the target's RR
level  is  added  to the roll and the   threshold  then  the  caster's  spell
resulting  value  is  looked  up on a   takes  effect!   Since  no  offensive
table  based  on  the  target's armor   bonus figured into the attack you can
type  to determine the general Resis-   cast Base spells while at full parry.
tance roll (RR) modifier.  The higher
your   BAR  the  lower  your  general   The  number  of new sorcerers is con-
RRmod,  and  the lower your RRmod the   stantly  on the rise.  The Profession
more  likely the spell is to succeed.   allows  flexibility and provides many
The  target's unmodified RR threshold   options  for hunting.  As more spells
is  dependent on its level versus the   are   implemented,  this  flexibility
caster's;  the  higher  the  caster's   will   increase  and  sorcerers  will
level  compared  to the target's, the   become  ever  more  formidable  oppo-
higher  the threshold and the greater   nents.   As  a  profession, sorcerers
the   chance   the  spell  will  take   are  on  the  way  up  and  have  the
effect.  Some creatures and races are   potential  to  number  among the most
less susceptible to magic than others   powerful of characters.
                          ___      ___ ___ ._  ____
                          |   |  | |   |   | \ |
                          |   |==| |== |== |=/  \==
                          |__ |  | |__ |__ | \    /
                                              ' ,/
 Poem and layout by Amelda Heronheart          ASCII art by Inyigo Montoya
|              [~]                                                        |
|    _         | |                            ......                      |
|   | \        | | ______________________.::::::::::::::. _____________   |
|   |  XXXXXXX(~~~>___________________.::::::::::::::::::::. __________\  |
|   |  XXXXXXX(___>_________________.::::::::::::::::::::::::._________/  |
|   |_/        | |                .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.          |
|              | |               .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.         |
|              [_]               ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         |
|    ______________________      ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         |
|   / \                    \     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         |
|   |@/____________________/     `::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'         |
|   |                     |       `::::::::::[=========]:::::::'          |
|   |                     |         `::::::::(XXXXXXXXX):::::'            |
|   |  One day while      |           `:::::::(XXXXXXX)::::'              |
|   |  hunting hobgoblins |              `:::::(XXXXX)::'                 |
|   |  with Miko, and     |       o           `(XXXXX)                    |
|   |  finding very few   |             o     (XXXXXXX)                   |
|   |  about, he taught   |         o        (XXXXXXXXX)                  |
|   |  me a method of     |            o    (XXXXXXXXXXX)                 |
|   |  tricking them to   |       o        (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)                |
|   |  come to us. He     |      _________(XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)               |
|   |  said he had heard  |     |         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)               |
|   |  it from Celegrin,  |     |888888888|=.XXXXXXXXXXXXX)               |
|   |  and in fact we     |     |888888888|(\\XXXXXXXXXXX)                |
|   |  found that it was  |     |         | ())XXXXXXXXX)                 |
|   |  often successful.  |     |         | //==========]                 |
|   |  We began to sing   |     |         |='                             |
|   |  songs offering     |     |_________|                               |
|   |  free beer to the   |                                               |
|   |  hobs, and they     |    ONE LAST PICNIC                            |
|   |  were indeed fooled.|                                               |
|   |  Later I found this |    Hunting in the Kaldsfang                   |
|   |  ploy to work with  |    One weary, dreary day                      |
|   |  the greater orc as |    I chanced to see an orc and troll          |
|   |  well, but with the |    Setting out to play                        |
|   |  orc one must sing  |                                               |
|   |  out the name of    |    They heeded not my creeping up             |
|   |  one of the more    |    Nor noticed as I slunk                     |
|   |  expensive brands   |    Upon them, slinging falchion high          |
|   |  of beer, or else   |    For both of them were drunk!               |
|   |  tempt them with a  |                                               |
|   |  refined selection  |    I've heard that hobs do like their beer    |
|   |  from the bar....   |    And gorcs prefer smooth whiskey            |
|   | ____________________!    But I conclude this sporting pair          |
|   |@\                    \   Will never more be frisky                  |
|   \_/____________________/                                              |
|                                                                         |
                      Of Mice and Half-Elves, Part 4
 ____________              By Gallenod Varynesti
/ \   ____   \
\@| /~/~~\\  | reetings, my friends,   gather  the children and get them to
  ||~|    ~~ | and  welcome  to  the   safety.   Play  your part, as I must
  ||~|  |==| | conclusion    of  the   play  mine." Then he rushed out into
/@| \~\__//  | second Mouse Tale.      the deepening twilight.
\_/  ~~~~~   /                            I took a few moments to gather my
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  When  last  we met, I   resolve,  and followed.  The village
told  you how the Master came to the   was  in chaos.  The Unlife attacking
village  of  Glynvaryn,  and how the   were not the weak ghouls and skelet-
villagers  thought  him  their  last   ons  we had been seeing of late, but
hope.  In a way, he was.  Let us now   other dark things, some too terrible
speak  of  a  mouse  who  was caught   to  describe.   One I must describe,
between  mastiffs.   I  mentioned  a   however:   the  octoghoul, the crea-
discovery.                             ture that had killed Gilthorien, and
   As  a statistical exercise, I had   Mouse's   parents.   A  great,  many
been  cataloging the achievements of   tentacled  creature  that  resembled
our   war   parties.    Though   the   the  legendary octopus, it seemed to
Master's   signs   increased   their   move  partially  by levitation.  Its
combat  prowess and gave them useful   first   tactic  was  to  spring  and
skills, I saw a disturbing trend.      envelop  its  prey.   Then  it would
   Over some months, I observed that   bite through our warriors relatively
the  number  of Unlife were actually   light  armor  with  its  beak.   The
increasing,  and  that  our  patrols   third attack, however, was the final
were only fighting the weaker types.   one.   The octoghoul would literally
Where   were   the  wraiths,  barrow   suck  its  victim's insides and life
wights, and spectres?  Just hundreds   force  out through the wound, reduc-
of  relatively  weak ghouls, zombies   ing  the  body  to  a lifeless husk.
and   skeletons.    Somewhere,   the   Then, dropping the carcass, it would
Unlife  were gathering.  I mentioned   move  on to its next hapless victim.
this  to  my  father;  it  seemed to   I  saw all this as I tried to gather
catch  him  off  guard.   "Gallenod,   the terrified children and send them
what  are  you saying?  That all our   with other teachers to safe havens.
victories  have  meant  nothing?" he      As  I was about to leave with the
asked.   I  showed  him my evidence,   last  group,  I  saw two sights that
and he was convinced.                  made my heart stop.  First, I saw my
   "My  son,"  he  said, "you know I   father  standing  at the head of the
was  disappointed  when you chose to   last   group  of  resistance:   Lord
become a teacher, But only a scholar   Azreal,  Andralon,  Mouse, my mother
could have identified this.            and  about  half  a  dozen warriors.
   "I have always believed that this   Facing them was the octoghoul.
"Master"   was  leading  us  down  a      Then,   I  saw  the  Master  ride
primrose path, and this is the first   through   the  gate  on  his  wagon,
evidence anyone has found to support   cackling     with     evil     glee.
that.  I'm proud of you, son; you've      Surrounding  his  wagon  were his
performed  a  great service." It was   "graduates,"  walking  like zombies.
the  proudest  moment of my life.  A   Poor  Fariel  was  at their head.  I
pity it was so short-lived.            could  see  from her expression that
   Screams  from  outside  the house   her  mind  was  her own, but nothing
caught our attention.  An elf rushed   else;  she  had  no control over her
in, yelling "Oakhand, the Unlife are   body.   The  Master  held  all their
at  the  gates,  and  the  Master is   strings like a puppeteer.
missing!"                                 Lord Azreal was down, stunned and
   My   father  grabbed  his  sword,   bleeding.   My  mother was doing all
shield  and  ring mail, pausing just   she  could  for  him,  but it wasn't
long enough to instruct:  "Gallenod,   going to be enough.  His wounds were
                                    -14-                            More...
severe, he was ancient, and his will   unnoticed.   What could I do?  I was
to  live  was fading fast.  Andralon   not  a  warrior.   A  direct  attack
was the first to react.  He conjured   would  be suicide.  There was a way,
a  spell, and attempted to blind the   however.   Using  all  the stealth I
Master.  His spell struck the Master   could  muster,  I  crept beneath the
and  dissolved with no effect.  "Try   Master's  wagon.   I  was not a war-
this   one,   oh  faithful  cleric!"   rior but I had my father's strength.
taunted  the Master, as he gestured,   With  one mighty heave, I overturned
sending  a  column of flames roaring   the  Master's wagon, throwing him to
towards the cleric.  Andralon didn't   the ground and stunning him.
have  a prayer.  As his charred body      Several  things happened at once.
hit  the ground, the Master gestured   The  zombies stopped in their tracks
again,  and  the octoghoul moved to-   and  dropped lifeless to the ground.
wards the little group.  "Come, Oak-   The   "graduates"  were  freed  from
hand,"  he  sneered  at  my  father,   their enthrallment, but were stunned
"dance  with  my  little pet!" Then,   and  unable  to move.  Both acolytes
the octoghoul leapt and enveloped my   confronted  me, snarling.  The acol-
father's body.                         ytes  seemed  to be measuring me for
   My  father's  preference for ring   something,  probably a coffin.  Then
mail  over  lighter  armor saved his   their  forms shifted, and I realized
life   and   soul.    The   creature   I  was  facing  Unlife!   I  made my
couldn't   seem   to  penetrate  the   peace  with  the  Lords  of Orhan at
armor.  But my father, having only a   that moment, as I had no defense.
normal  sword,  could not damage the      Then, a figure hurtled into view:
ghoul.                                 Mouse.  He disintegrated one acolyte
   Mouse   ran  forward.   "Gifford,   with  a  spell,  and  yelled,  "Run,
your  sword!  Drop it!" My blood ran   Gall,  you can't fight these!  Go to
cold  as  I  watched  my father wre-   your parents!"
stling  with  the  creature with his      I should not have left my friend,
bare  hands  while Mouse blessed the   but  he  was  right.   I rounded the
sword.   I could almost see the beak   wagon  to  see  my father engaged in
tearing  away at the armor, and knew   combat  with  the Master himself.  A
it  was only a matter of time before   mighty  blow from my father's sword,
it penetrated.                         and  the  Master  was  bleeding  and
   My father retrieved his sword and   wounded.   "Surrender, fiend, you're
deliberately   drove   the   blessed   beaten," snarled my father.
weapon  deep  between the creature's     "Fool!"  screamed  the  Master, "I
eyes  with  both  hands.   The ghoul   still have resources!"
convulsed  and  released  my father,      Before my father could react, the
who  cut  the  creature in half with   Master  gestured  again,  and all of
one  more swipe.  It had been a very   his  "graduates" began to shiver un-
near  thing;  his  armor  was almost   controllably.   Then,  they screamed
completely   eaten   through.    The   as one as the Master ripped the life
Master  screamed  his rage.  "You'll   force from their bodies and absorbed
pay  for  that, Oakhand!  The Master   it.   More  lifeless  husks littered
gestured  again,  and  the bodies of   the village green.
the  octoghoul's victims jerked into      The  rejuvenated  Master loosed a
unlife   around  the  little  group,   fireball  of  tremendous power at my
zombies  at  the  Master's  command!   father.   It  blew  him  across  the
"Die,  by  the  hands  of  those you   village  green  into  the  side of a
loved!"  screamed the Master, as the   building.
horrid  army advanced on my father's      Heedless  of the danger, I ran to
little band.                           his   prone  form.   He  lived,  but
   I  had  been  ignored through all   barely.    My   mother,  seeing  her
this, by life and unlife alike; like   beloved fall, rushed the Master in a
a  mouse  along the floorboards when   blind  rage and was literally vapor-
mastiffs clash. But I saw my chance.   ized  by  another  massive fireball.
I  was  behind  the  Master's wagon,   Suddenly,   I   was  alone  with  my
                                    -15-                            More...
wounded   father  and  the  greatest   no  other  choice, I drove the sword
agent  of  evil I was ever likely to   deep into Mouse's body.
face.   The  Master  sneered  at me.      The acolyte had made a fatal mis-
"Nice  try,  stripling, but not good   calculation;   Mouse   himself   had
enough."  He  regarded  me  as a cat   blessed  this  sword  for my father,
might  a  mouse.   "You're  a bright   and  the  blessing was still effect-
boy, but not that bright.  Should've   ive.  As the sword entered the body,
run  while  you had the chance."       the  acolyte  screamed in agony, its
   As  the  Master  readied a spell,   dark  soul  shredded.  Mouse fell to
Lord  Azreal, weak and dying, roused   the  ground,  free of the demon, but
himself  to  cast  his last miracle.   mortally  wounded by my own hand.  I
He  opened  a gate to another dimen-   dropped  the sword, and knelt by his
sion  right  on  top  of the Master,   side.  He looked up at me weakly and
which   sucked   the   fiend's  body   whispered,  "Thank  you.   Better to
through  in  a  blazing  display  of   die  by  your  hand  than  suffer an
light.   The  ancient elf closed the   eternity  of torment as that thing's
gate  and  expired,  falling  to the   --" He was gone.  I stood and howled
ground  like an old sack.  The world   at the night.
narrowed to me, and my dying father.      More  Unlife  were  coming out of
   I gently pried the sword from his   the  woods  towards the village, and
charred hands.  He was in shock, and   shadowy  forms were gathering around
fading   fast.   He  gasped  weakly,   me.  Well, my father had said to use
"Son, your mother, where is she?"      the  ring if the need was dire.  Not
   "Safely  away from here, Father,"   knowing  or caring what it would do,
I said, unwilling to tell him where.   I  placed  it  on  my  finger as the
He  nodded.   I don't know if he saw   shadows  closed in.  My surroundings
through it, but the answer seemed to   shifted, and I found myself standing
satisfy    him.     "Gallenod,"   he   inside   the   gates   of  Kelfour's
whispered, coughing, "the ring in my   Landing, with only the clothes on my
belt  pouch.   It  is  all I have to   back, and the ring.
offer  you from my life before Glyn-      Disoriented, I took the ring off,
varyn.   Take  it.   Use it when the   and  dropped it when someone jostled
need  is  dire."  He  convulsed  and   me.   I heard, "Oh, pardon me, young
groaned.   Looking  past me he said,   man,"  as  I  watched  the ring roll
"Son, I thought you said your mother   into  a storm drain.  It seemed that
was  gone.   She's right behind you.   my  entire  life went down the drain
Yes,  dear,  I'm  coming."  Then  my   with  it.   I  turned  to see a con-
father passed into Eissa's care.       fused   looking   old  man  standing
   I  wept then, over the body of my   there.   "Have  you seen my dog?" he
father.   I  found  the  ring in his   asked.
pouch,  a  plain gold band.  Then, I
saw  a  familiar  figure come around      Thus  ends the second Mouse Tale,
the    corner   of   the   building.   with   my   arrival   in   Kelfour's
"Mouse,"  I  cried,  "you're alive!"   Landing.   I  am  the last survivor,
But  something  was  horribly wrong.   that  I  know  of,  of  the  line of
His  motions  were  stiff and jerky,   Oakhand,  and  the  elvish  clan  of
and  he  said  nothing.   As he drew   Varyn,  or  Varynesti.  I never knew
closer,   I   realized  he  had  not   my  human  relatives, so I chose the
defeated the second acolyte; it pos-   elven  clan  name as my family name.
sessed  him.   As  I  picked  up  my   If  the children of our clan escaped
father's  sword, the acolyte laughed   that  fateful  day,  my  two younger
through  Mouse's  mouth.  "You can't   brothers may still live.  But I know
hurt   me  with  that,  whelp!   All   not  where  to  look  for them, as I
you'll  do  is  carve up your friend   cannot  find Glynvaryn on any map in
here  without  touching  my  spirit.   this town.  Some day, I may leave to
When he dies, I shall take you!"       search.   For  now, though, my place
   "At  least,"  I replied, "he will   is here in Kelfour's Landing.
be  free of you." Knowing that I had
                             The Science Corner
                               by Nightshade
/ \   ____   \
\@| /~/~~\\  | ot  a  tough  science   people in the room wearing something
  ||~|    ~~ | question?  Need  some   other  than  heavy  hide?  Does that
 _||~|  |==| | advice of a technical   answer  your  question? If  so,  see
/@| \~\__//  | nature?    Send  your   your  local loan shark, borrow about
\_/  ~~~~~   / questions  to  Night-   a million  silver, and  spend it all
  ~~~~~~~~~~~shade, the answer lady.   on a suit of armor. I guarantee it's
She'll answer as many  as  she  has    the best  protection  available,  no
room for each month. Let's look  at    matter   who  you  are.  (memo:  ask
this month's toughest questions:       Nightshade for her source on that.)
Dear Nightshade, I've been stuck  in   Dear  Nightshade,  why are there al-
a  blind  alleyway   since  I  first   ways so many  people lying around in
logged on a month and  a  half  ago.   the temple?
There are people in the game,  but I
never  see any of them, and  when  I   A: It's a  glitch in the program. If
do  see  someone  they disappear be-   fewer than ten people are sitting in
fore I can ask for help. It says the   the temple, the  game  automatically
only  obvious  exit is out, but when   generates   phantom  adventurers  to
I  try  to  go out, nothing happens.   keep  the room full. This   way,  it
How do I get out of this alleyway?     looks like some people  in  the game
                                       actually  worship there, as  opposed
A: Type "quit" <when Nightshade says   to using it for a place to hide from
to  type  "xxxx",  only   type  what   pickpockets, etc.  (TOMAS:  Phaedra,
appears between the quotation marks.   I  don't care if  it IS a player-run
In  this case,  you would  type xxxx   publication.  If she's going to keep
and then hit carriage  return.         making   up  all   her  information,
                                       you're going to have to let her go.)
Wait  for  the "Enter #, P<revious>,
or H<elp>?" prompt, then type "Bye".   OK,  all right.  I  can take a hint.
(What we said about her typing inst-   There  are always lots  of people in
ructions goes for  her prompts, too.   the temple because the place is like
There won't be  quotes  around   the   a giant battery charger. Spell cast-
Enter #, etc.) Leave the  room,  and   ers who run  short on power go there
find someone to help you switch off.   'cause  they recover faster.  Others
Never  play with the computer again.   hang  around  in the temple  because
Of course,  you  could  type  "help"   they've just died, and if they leave
in the alley and you might get some.   the city they'll be torn  into  very
                                       little   pieces   by  mutant  sheep.
Dear Nightshade, how  can  I  decide   (TOMAS:  Nightshade...)   Ok,  well,
the  best  kind of armor to wear, if   it's  something   like  that anyway.
I'm  a  first level fair elven mage?   It's  a  great   place   for putting
My  QU is 94, my AG is-                recent events into the proper persp-
                                       ective, in game language you convert
A: not especially relevant. Look, if   field   experience  into real exper-
you  can  find  the place, go sit in   ience faster in the temple.
the  temple. Ok,  good,  now, you're
sitting in the temple.  Take a  good   That's  all  we have  room  for this
look  around you.   There's  usually   month,  folks!    Send  your science
about twenty people  doing the  same   questions  to Nightshade, the answer
thing.   Of  everyone in the room at   lady,  care of anybody  you know who
that  very  moment,  can  you  count   knows   somebody   at   the  Kelfour
(MEMO:  ask Phaedra  if we can still   Edition. And remember, when you  ask
cut Nightshade's salary in half) the   Nightshade, you've asked for it!
                        In Truth, Is There No Beauty?
 ___________                  by Elzbeth Collins
/ \  ______ \
\@| /~/~~\_\ |he lay quite still  for   ness and  helped  her  down  from the
  | \~\____~ | some time,  not  truly   stone  table that  she had been lying
 _| _~~~~\~\ | aware   of  her   sur-   on.  She  realized where  she was and
/@| \~\__/~/ | roundings. Slowly  was   was startled,  but not shocked.  They
\_/  ~~~~~~ /  consciousness  return-   lead her to a small bench and sat her
  ~~~~~~~~~~   ing.   She    realized   down facing  the altar from which she
that she was lying on  something hard   had just come.  They took a moment to
and cold, some sort  of  smooth stone   make sure that she was calm and  com-
surface.   Her  arms  and  legs  felt   fortable  and  then departed, leaving
like lead,  and  her  hands and  feet   her in silence.
tingled  as   numbness  withdrew,   a
sensation   which   grew  as  feeling   She sat,  overwhelmed by the sense of
crept back  into her body.  She still   what  had  happened,  but  fearing to
could not  move, but by concentrating   bring  the  memory out and look at it
with  great  effort  she finally man-   again. She was torn between the peace
aged to open her eyes.                  of the Temple and the  torment of her
                                        own despair. Soon another figure came
Her vision was  clouded with  a blue-   before her.  She  glanced up  and was
grey mist,  and all she  could do was   shocked to see who  stood there.  Not
stare straight forward. She could not   one of  the faithful  acolytes as she
seem to manage moving her eyes,  much   had expected,  but  before  her stood
less turning her head to look around.   the High Priestess of Eissa.  Dressed
Thoughts  began to  percolate  in her   in  a simple  white robe  with a fine
mind.  Where was she? What had trans-   gold belt, the High Priestess  needed
pired  to bring  her to  this  place?   no  other trappings or badges of off-
Fear gripped her as she realized that   ice to identify  her.  She  seemed to
she had no identity, no sense of  who   glow  with  a pulsing  blue aura that
or  what she  was.  She struggled  to   attested to her power.
calm herself  and  to remember  some-
thing, anything.  Then, in an instant   "My  child,"  She  spoke,  her  voice
of intense pain,  it returned to her.   smooth and melodious. "Eissa has been
Her vision  cleared and she seemed to   true to the bond She  formed with you
leap to meet  the bright  light  that   when  you  completed the deeds neces-
rushed toward her and into her.         sary to gain her  favor.  You are yet
                                        among the living, though  Fate had it
Every  nerve wakened and cried out to   otherwise for you."
her at once.  She took  a deep breath
-- and remembered.                      The young woman looked up at the High
                                        Priestess and gazed into her eyes.
She screamed  and sat  up,  clutching
at her stomach and drawing  her knees   "Hear now the words of Eissa  for She
up  in  a  reflex  motion to  protect   would speak to your very soul."
herself.  Pain tore through  her  and
she screamed and remembered.            A subtle transformation came over the
                                        High  Priestess.  The muscles  in her
Acolytes  rushed to her  side to  aid   face   relaxed,  and   her  shoulders
her. Their gentle touch brought inst-   stooped  slightly for a moment.  Then
ant  calm  and comfort,  yet she con-   the  High  Priestess  stood  tall and
tinued  to  shake  uncontrollably for   straight  and  once again  opened her
a few  moments and then  collapsed in   eyes.  An intense golden light seemed
on  herself,  hugging  her  knees and   to  shine from her eyes and she fixed
sobbing her relief from the  pain and   her stare on the younger woman, open-
terror.                                 ing her mouth to speak.
Wordlessly,  they brought her a plain   "That  dark stain is known to me, for
soft  white  robe to cover her naked-   many  times  have  I  seen it before.
Know  now my  child that  you  cannot   The  vines  that  bore  the  valuable
serve two Masters.  A choice you must   flower grew best in the random copses
make.  Look  deep  into your soul and   of trees that spotted the hills.  The
seek your own truth."                   vines  were sensitive to sunlight and
                                        grew on the trees as  a parasite.  It
The High  Priestess again  closed her   was  ironic  that  such  a  vivacious
eyes, and a bright white light seemed   flower was born on a  parasitic  vine
to  rush  away  from   her.   Without   which  sapped  the  very strength and
another word, she turned and left the   life of the host plant.
young woman to reflect  upon what had
happened.                               The day grew on,  long and  hot under
                                        the summer sun.  The young woman made
The young  woman  sat  for some time,   her way through the hills, pausing at
afraid to open her mind to the memor-   each stand of trees to search for the
ies  that  had  caused her such pain.   elusive   flower.   She   found  many
She was torn between  the  desire  to   occurrences of the wild vine,  but in
know  herself and  fear of  that same   each instance the vine  had ceased to
unknown.                                flower  and immature fruit hung  from
                                        the foliage.  She noted the locations
She  took  a  deep  breath  and  with   of these fruited vines,  intending to
uncertain resolution  opened her mind   return when the fruit  ripened.  That
to  the memories that pressed for her   fruit also had great  healing  worth,
attention.  Once  again pain  wracked   but  for  now  it was the flower that
her unsteady body.  She  doubled over   was her quest.
in agony  but  controlled her  raging
emotions, knowing that  this was just   The  isolated stands  of  trees  were
a memory.                               thick with heavy underbrush.  She was
                                        glad that she had donned the protect-
         *   *   *   *   *              ive  heavy  hide before leaving town,
                                        but still the  long sharp  thorns  of
She had come  to the  hills in search   the  vines found their way through to
of the rare Yuth Flower that was said   score shallow  scratches  on her arms
to  bloom here  in  the  summer.  Sen   and legs,  scratches that  burned and
Dalatin had become irritable and dif-   stung.  To get free of a particularly
ficult to deal with.  Perhaps she had   stubborn  tangle  of  vines,  she had
dickered  with  the old  man once too   drawn  the beautiful blue laen broad-
often,  and he  was  angry  at  being   sword that she  sported to  hack  her
bested  in  so many  trade relations.   way through  the vines.  A few strong
She would have to address that matter   swings  and she  stumbled out  of the
also  and find some way to smooth the   trees,  back into  the open hills and
man's  ruffled   feelings.   He  was,   right into the lap of trouble.
after all, the only one in  Kelfour's
Landing that  seemed to have an inex-   Apparently the  huge troll  had heard
haustible  supply of  the much-needed   the sounds of her struggle,  and come
healing herbs.                          to  investigate.  When  she  stumbled
                                        free  of  the  thicket  of  vines  it
The hills  were a  dangerous place to   loomed up, and with a gruesome growl,
wander, but she felt  somewhat secure   swung the huge two-handed  sword that
in her hard earned weapon  skills and   it bore.  The  attack  was  aimed  to
there  were  several  powerful  wands   cleave  the  young  woman's head, but
that she  could resort to in a pinch.   her reaction had been to jump  to one
She  remained  alert  for  any of the   side  and roll  away from the attack.
huge  lumbering  trolls that  claimed   She rose from her prone position just
this  area  as their  home territory.   in  time  to  parry   another  strong
Such beasts were  apt to strike first   attack from the troll.
and  question   intruders  after,  by
searching through the belongings left   She called  up all  of her  skill and
on the dead body.                       parried off blow after  blow.  Try as
                                    -19-                              More...
she might,  she could not counter the   In one swift stroke, the troll landed
troll's  mighty attack  and stayed on   a  heavy  blow,  stunning  the  young
the defensive. She knew it was just a   woman and knocking her to the ground.
matter  of  time   before  the  beast   Before  she could  gather her  senses
struck   through  her  defenses.  She   the  troll  landed  one  final  cruel
lunged in an all-out desperate attack   stroke, slicing deep into the woman's
and managed to knock the  great beast   abdomen and eviscerating her.
off its feet.  She took  advantage of
the pause in the  attack to sling her   The world  darkened.  She  could feel
shield  over her  shoulder and fumble   her life's blood seeping out onto the
in  her sack for one  of the powerful   ground.  She was  dimly aware  of the
wands.                                  troll,  roaring word  of its  victory
                                        through the echoing hills.  All faded
Her  blood suddenly  ran cold  as she   into blackness.
realized that there was only one wand
in her sack.  She was  sure that  she             *   *   *   *   *
had  packed  several  of  them.   She
wrenched the only  wand from her sack   She  was  standing  on a  wide plain.
and oriented on the rising troll. She   Everything was in shades of black and
reached  down and  out with her mind,   grey.   She  wandered  aimlessly   at
into  the wand  to call out its power   first;  then she  saw a huge  gate in
and  release  its  fury on  the great   the distance, the only feature on the
beast.                                  lifeless plain. She started toward it
                                        and found herself struggling  against
Empty!  The  wand  was  void  of  all   some  unseen  force.  The  closer she
power.  Had  she  truly  used  up the   approached the gate, the stronger the
dweomer  of the  silver rod?  In des-   opposing force became.  A voice began
peration she flung the  useless stick   to echo through her.
aside.  She  delved  deep  down  into
herself to  reach the power  that lay   "Return to plains.  Seek not to enter
in her being.  With a burning wrench,   here.  You are  marked by  the  power
she brought the power out and applied   which you have embraced..."
it in ways that she had just recently
learned.  She opened  her  mouth  and   The young  woman glanced down to look
uttered  strange  harsh  sounds.  She   at  herself.  Indeed,  her  body  was
moved her hand  through the air as if   tinged  with a dark  grey that seemed
scrawling  some strange symbol in the   to  clash  somehow  with   the  greys
air,  and indeed  the  glowing  lines   surrounding  her.  She  struggled  to
left by  the passage  of her  fingers   continue  towards the gate that stood
formed  strange glowing  glyphs, sus-   still in the far distance, but try as
pended in the air.                      she  might   she  could   advance  no
The  troll  struck  again,  its  huge
sword  striking  downward  toward the   In deep despair,  she  nearly  turned
young  woman.  It struck  one of  the   from that path and resumed  wandering
glowing symbols,  stopping the stroke   across that vast plain but suddenly a
in mid-swing. It was evident that the   bright shining  figure appeared, sus-
troll was  momentarily  unbalanced by   pended  in the  grey sky.  The figure
the bone-jolting shock of meeting the   reached down,  and lifted her up from
unexpected   resistance.   The  troll   the endless plain.
quickly  regained its  composure  and
pressed  the attack  once more.  Blow             *   *   *   *   *
after blow landed.  Try as she might,
the young  woman was unable to strike   The young  woman  heaved a sigh.  How
back  through the troll's strong def-   had it started? At what point had she
ense.  The powerful defense  that the   wandered  from the  true  path of en-
woman  had  erected  quickly   faded,   lightenment into this pit of despair?
draining her of much needed vitality.
                                    -20-           (To Be Continued)
                       The Armor of the Keep, Part 2
                         by Lord Whilder Planrathe
/ \ ________ \
\@| ~|_|~~|| |rtrewior  returned  to   slip,  any  tome  or  scroll  of any
  |  |~|_|~~ | the  Keep  with   the   language.   All the guardsmen had to
 _|  |~|-|__ | other guardsmen. They   do  was  follow the instructions and
/@|  |~|__|| | had not been back for   read out loud the proper formulae at
\_/ ~~~~~~~~ / more  than   an  hour   the proper time."
  ~~~~~~~~~~~when he discovered that    "Such enchantments are impossible!"
the  elder  guardsmen  had "departed      "They are now," he replied.  "But
the  Keep  for good." Ertrewior knew   much  was  lost  during the time be-
better,  the  Mad  One had obviously   tween the last age and now.  Some of
killed  the  missing  dwarf and dis-   the most powerful spell users in the
posed  of  the body.  Ertrewior knew   lands    today   would   have   been
sooner  or  later  the Mad One would   considered novices in times before."
dispose  of him, just as he disposed      I  hesitated.   It  was possible.
of  all  the guards who were able to   Scraps of knowledge found still sur-
resist the strange mind control used   viving.  Stories of the Great Age of
on  them.   Ertrewior decided to use   Magic  from before the Final Battle.
the  spell  scroll  as  soon  as  he   It was possible. I relaxed.  "Let us
could,  then  he  would  simply run.   say  this  was  possible.   I  still
His  friends  might  be able to hide   cannot  believe  that  the guardsmen
him  for  a  short time.  Maybe even   had  the power of essence to operate
spirit  him far enough away that the   these spells, or the channeling that
Mad One would not bother hunting him   may have been required."
down.   His  friends  were  his only      "True,  they  did not.  But there
hope, his only way out.                were  ways  of  storing  power,  and
   The  days dragged on.  A replace-   Anrelus  had enchantments that would
ment  for the retired guardsman (for   cause  it  to release when called by
he  had retired, and not been killed   the reciting of the spells by anyone
by  Anrelus) was hired.  A new steel   within  the  room.   That  is why he
block  had  been cast and set in the   protected  the  room with guards and
Grand  Hall.  But there was not suf-   spells.  He did not want the secrets
ficient  potions  to  do the spells,   nor the power stolen." He pushed his
and  a new Armor would be ready in a   mug, now empty, to the side.  Maybe,
matter of days.  Anrelus had discov-   I  thought,  he  is  a Bard.  He can
ered  that the armor did not require   drink  like  one.  I ordered another
a "sympathetic bonding" to its wear-   one  for  him,  as  my own was still
er, hence all could help in creating   full. He took a drink and continued.
it.   Ertrewior  knew his chance had      Ertrewior   began   work  in  the
come and quickly.  He volunteered to   combination   lab/kitchen.   He  had
prepare the potions needed.            almost  finished  preparing the last
   I  slapped  my  mug  down  on the   of the potions.  Now is the time, he
table.   "Your  story goes beyond my   thought.  If the Mad One were spying
ability  to  believe," I said to the   on  him,  surely he would have grown
Tinkerer.   "You  said Anrelus hired   tired and ceased.  The other guards-
only  arms wielders, not magic users   men  were busy with their own tasks,
or those skilled in other arts."       or   relaxing  until  their  shifts.
   "True,  Young  Mage"  He replied.   He would never have a better chance.
"However,   Anrelus  was  himself  a   Carefully,  he  removed  the  scroll
master  of  many  skills, and he had   secreted  in  his boot and began his
placed enchantments on areas and the   preparations.
very  rooms  themselves.  In his al-      Ertrewior hesitated.  His friends
chemical lab, he had placed an ench-   had  told  him  that the spell would
antment that allowed any to read out   create  a  small "window" with which
loud, without the slightest error or   they  could  observe and listen.  He
                                    -21-                            More...
wanted to place this "window" in the   the  steel  walls,  and they squared
right place, but where?  He tried to   off for another bout...
picture  looking in through the var-      The  rest  of  the  guards, 10 in
ious  walls.   The  space  above the   all,  were  sleeping in the quarters
stove  would  be  best,  he decided.   assigned   them,  oblivious  to  the
They  could observe mixing and cook-   death that was coming...
ing  of  the  potions and also still      Ertrewior  finished  reading  the
see  the  scrolls  as they were laid   scroll.   Suddenly  it  burst into a
out.   Also,  the guardsmen all read   flame,  reaching  out  for  the spot
the  scrolls  out loud at the potion   selected  by him.  The strange flame
that  was  presently being mixed, so   spread   across  the  wall,  growing
his  friends  would  be able to hear   larger   and  larger,  covering  the
every  word.   Yes,  above the stove   entire wall...
would  be  best.   Carefully opening      Anrelus   was  paging  through  a
the small scroll, Ertrewior began...   second tome when he sensed something
   In his library, Anrelus carefully   wrong.   He stood, carefully placing
sealed  back  the  cover of the tome   the volume back on the shelf.  There
and  placed  it back in its place on   was  no  hurry,  for  nothing  could
the shelf...                           enter  the Keep without his allowing
   Seated   around  the  rectangular   it.   Must be that simpleton guards-
table,  three  of the guardsmen were   man  had fouled up the potion he was
instructing the new guardsman on how   working on...
badly  Anrelus  treated them and the      The  flame  required  power.   It
nasty  things  he  had done to them.   drew  forth from the stored essence.
"I  remember  the  time he turned me   But there was too much power, coming
into a slug.  Just because I had not   too fast...
moved   a  large  steel  block  fast      Ertrewior   tried   to  run.   He
enough  to  satisfy  him."  "That is   couldn't  move.  He tried to scream.
nothing"  said  the  second  one, "I   Not  a sound issued from his throat.
remember  when he teleported me into   He wanted to close his eyes.  But he
the  heart  of this very volcano..."   wanted to see death when it came for
The   third  guard  was  biting  his   him.
tongue.   The  first man to smile or      And it did, and he did.
laugh  would  lose  a  months pay to      The  flame  seemed  to  melt away
each   of  the  others,  and  unfor-   from  the  center.  A strange black-
tunately  the  look on the new elf's   ness taking its place.  A claw, like
face was almost too much...            none  ever  seen before, reached out
   Three  of  the guards were in the   of  the  expanding black circle.  An
storeroom  rearranging  and readying   impossibly   long  arm  reached  for
materials  and  supplies.  Since the   Ertrewior, reached into him, touched
Keep  was inside of a mountain there   his soul.  And fed...
were  no  real  duties  for  a guard      The  essence energy, raging free,
unless they were attacked.  And this   was  absorbed  by  the potion on the
beat sitting around being bored...     stove.    The  potion  grew  hotter,
   The two female guards were in the   absorbed  its limit and beyond.  And
corridor  near  the great steel door   exploded...
which  guarded  the  entrance to the     The  four  guardsmen  at the table
Keep.   They  were  practicing their   were  knocked  over by the shockwave
unarmed combat, their arms and hands   from  the  blast.   They quickly re-
covered  with a thick, padded sleeve   covered  and  ran  toward  the  lab,
to  imitate  the  effect of being in   afraid  their  fellow  guardsman had
the  armor.   "I  still don't under-   been injured, or worse...
stand why he does not make hands for      Anrelus  stopped  at  the door of
the  things  and  give  us  weapons"   the  library.  The spells around the
panted  one  as  they  rested  for a   Keep  seemed  in place.  No breaches
moment.   "Ask  Anrelus next time he   could be detected.  Yet the presence
is  in  a  good  mood"  answered her   of annihilation was within his Keep.
opponent.  Their laughter echoed off   He began preparing battle spells...
                                    -22-                            More...
   The   three   guardsmen   in  the   it,  it  took  a quick look and then
storeroom  quickly dropped what they   set  itself in motion.  Grabbing two
were  doing  and  ran  out  into the   of the nearest warriors it propelled
hall.   They were not sure where the   them  down  the southwest hall.  Two
explosion had occurred,and the first   more  went  sailing through the left
thought was to get to the Grand Hall   arch.   Two  more  went  through the
and their armor...                     right  arch.   The  remaining Unlife
   The  two guardswomen first looked   warriors  understood  and began run-
at the steel door, not understanding   ning through the various exits...
why the explosion had come from deep      Anrelus  opened  the library door
inside  the  keep itself.  If it had   and  stepped  into the corridor.  He
been  an  attack,  the  door was the   spotted   three   guardsmen   coming
only  way  in.   Recognizing the bad   toward  him.  As the reached him the
defensive  position  they  were  in,   door  to  the  south  opened  and  a
they  started  toward the Grand Hall   guardsman stepped into the corridor,
and   their   armor,   cursing   the   armed.   Anrelus  waited and let the
sparring gloves as they went...        four guardsmen precede him...
   The   remaining   guardsmen  were      The   eleven   guardsmen  had  no
awakened  by  the  explosion.  Habit   sooner   turned   when   two  Unlife
took  over immediately, and they ran   warriors came sliding into the room,
out  toward the Grand Hall and their   propelled by the immense strength of
armor...                               the  shadowed one.  The ensuing con-
   The  entire  wall  of the lab was   fusion  kept  all the guardsmen from
now  a  black  square, neither solid   leaving  as they defended themselves
nor  empty.   Through  the blackness   as  best they could.  The two Unlife
charged  various  creatures,  living   warriors  ceased  to  exist, but the
and  not,  weak  and powerful, armed   noise  of  the  battle had drawn the
with  magical  and  natural weapons.   others  to  the  guardsmen.  Weapons
Into the lab they came, into the air   and  claws slashed through the flesh
filled   with   many   mixtures   of   of the defenders, and spells of fear
potions,  chemicals,  powders.  Some   and holding kept them from defending
died  immediately, some stopped in a   themselves.  A fear spell struck one
rapture,   and  some  continued  on,   of  the rearmost guardsmen.  In ter-
unaffected  by the various mixtures.   ror he turned and fled, knocking one
Ran  on  through  the  only door and   of the guardswomen into the corridor
into the Grand Hall...                 and out of sight of the spellcasting
   The  four  guardsmen knocked down   Unlife  warriors.  Quickly she stood
by the blast ran into the Grand Hall   and  ran down the corridor after the
and saw the horrors boiling out from   retreating  guardsman, thinking only
the  lab.   Unarmed,  they  stood no   of  hiding and getting to the armor.
chance  against the Unlife warriors.   The  remaining were slaughtered with
They died quickly...                   contemptuous ease...
   The guardsmen came up the eastern      Anrelus  and  the  four guardsmen
corridor,  stopping in the room just   arrived  as  the two Unlife warriors
southeast  of  the  Grand Hall.  The   were  getting  back  to  their feet.
odors  and  sounds  coming  from the   The  distant  screams  of terror and
Grand  Hall were enough to shake the   dying  told  him that the Keep would
soul  of  the  most  veteran fighter   fall  soon  unless  he could destroy
among  them.  Nine guardsmen and two   the entrance they were using.  With-
guardswomen  realized two things im-   out  a thought, Anrelus cast a spell
mediately.  They were unarmed.  They   at  each  Unlife warrior, destroying
were cutoff from the armor...          both  where they stood.  The guards-
   The Unlife warriors milled around   men,  emboldened by this, ran across
the  Grand Hall.  With four ways out   the  room  and  into a larger group.
they  were unsure of the location of   The  guardsmen  fell  back  into the
the defenders.  Through the lab door   room,  and  only the armed guardsman
came   a   tall,  heavy  set  being.   was still alive...
Shrouded  in shadows that moved with      She watched the guardsman running
                                    -23-                            More...
down the corridor smash into the far   to  beat it open.  He silently began
wall,  get up, and continue running.   praying to the Gods, praying that he
She  stopped,  realizing that he was   would  be  saved,  that  the  Unlife
not   going   for  weapons  but  was   would  not destroy his soul.  He was
running  in terror.  She ran through   praying   when   the  Unlife  Itself
the  door on her left, into the bunk   smashed  the  steel  door.  He never
room  shared  by  eight of the least   knew  he  had died under the massive
ranking   guardsmen.    She  quickly   weight...
found  a  sword and shield then hid.      Anrelus  saw a shadow move in the
If she could get into the armor, she   room.   He  sensed  the door smashed
could  come back and guard the door,   and  realized that time had run out.
protect  her  body against anything.   He  began  a  spell.   Untried,  un-
Anrelus would just have to clear the   tested, unsure of the exact results.
Keep himself.  She forced herself to   Yet  he  knew that this was his last
relax  in  the  cramped hiding place   chance.   His  spell drew power, the
and began to slip into the armor...    power  of  the  essence  within  the
   Anrelus   cast   several   spells   mountain,  the essence that had ever
toward  the Grand Hall.  The screams   existed  in  time,  the essence that
and  explosions  told  him  that the   existed  in  the myriad realities of
corridor  was  crowded,  that he did   that space...
not  need  to  see to hit something.      She  continued  trying  to  break
Area spells were taking a great toll   out,  swinging her arms and a leg in
on the invaders but still they came.   the  restricted  space.   Why didn't
He  needed  to  fall back, determine   Anrelus  open  the damn door!  Every
their  entry  and seal it.  Cleaning   second  brought  her closer to being
the  keep  would then be no problem.   killed  away  from  her body, of not
He  was  going to tell the guardsman   taking  some of her enemies to Eissa
to  fall  back with him when several   with  her!   She  realized something
undead  warriors came in the doorway   was happening when Anrelus began his
behind  him,  having  made their way   spell,  for the armor had better and
through   the   arch  and  down  the   different  senses than living flesh.
corridor.   Several attacked him but   Better  to  go back and at least die
missed,  his  defensive spells being   fighting,  die  like  a warrior, she
too powerful for them.  Two  quickly   thought.    She  began  the  trance,
sped  past,  striking  the guardsman   slipping off the armor...
from behind, killing him...               Outside  the  niche,  the  Unlife
   She made it!  She had reached her   warriors  took  up  defensive  posi-
armor!   But  Anrelus  had enchanted   tions.   Something  was  inside  the
the  niches and doors against forced   doors,  trying  to  get  out.   They
entry,  and there wasn't enough room   would wait, and they would kill...
for   her  to  swing  her  arms  and      Throughout  the corridors ran the
possibly smash through.  Anrelus had   Unlife warriors.  Searching for more
to  open  the doors with his spells.   guardsmen   to  kill.   One  warrior
No!   She couldn't wait.  She didn't   walked  into  a bunk room and sensed
dare  to  wait.   If  they found her   that there was something living.  It
defenseless body now...                immediately  sent  out an alarm, and
   Outside  the  Keep a force seemed   the  room  was  filled  with  Unlife
to  solidify.  The Unlife Itself had   warriors,   destroying   the   room,
decided to join the battle.  Only It   killing  the  strange  faced guards-
would  be  strong  enough to capture   woman hidden within...
Anrelus,  and wrest his secrets from      The  Unlife  Itself  flew through
him.  The force of the Unlife formed   the  corridor,  drawn  by the spell,
itself  into  a  giant ram, and sent   repelled  by  the  force of essence.
itself flying at the entrance...       It  entered  the room and was pulled
   The  guardsman had begun to shake   directly into the force taking shape
the  effects  of the fear spell.  He   in  the  center of the room.  Pulled
had  smashed  his hands into useless   in, and made a part of...
pulps against the steel door, trying      Anrelus   finished  his  casting.
                                    -24-                            More...
Before  him stood a man-shaped being   alive.
of  pure,  solid  essence.   Anrelus      And it had instructions.
smiled  in  triumph.  It had worked!      Destroy the invaders.
The  power  of  the essence had been      It  lashed  out  at  the  nearest
packed  until  it had become actual,   Unlife  warriors.   The Unlife Golem
solid  matter!   A  thing impossible   destroyed   it.   And  the  body  of
had  been  done, and he had done it!   essence  suddenly  returned  to  its
Anrelus   looked  around  the  room.   proper   state  of  existence.   The
"Kill  all  invaders" he ordered his   Unlife  Itself,  in sudden pain from
creation.                              the essence, fled the Keep.
   "I think not" it answered.             And  the spell creating the steel
   Anrelus  was  stunned.  Before he   replicas,   the  steel  golems,  had
could   react   one  of  the  Unlife   become self-generating.  Another and
warriors  lept  forward, burying his   yet another golem appeared.
weapon into Anrelus.                      Destroy the invaders.
   "He  drew  all  essence into this      The  Unlife warriors fled, unable
creation,  even  that  which powered   to  stop creation of the golems, un-
his spells," mused the Unlife Golem.   able  to  fight  an  enemy that con-
Still,  essence was the barrier, the   tinually renewed itself. Their gate-
thing  which blocked the Unlife.  It   way  was  collapsed  to  prevent the
could  not  understand  how it could   steel  golems  from following.  They
exist  in  a  body  composed of pure   did  not  know that the steel golems
essence.  It did not care.  Turning,   would never leave the Keep.
the  Unlife  Golem  walked back into
the Grand Hall.                           "A  fascinating  tale, but how is
   The   Unlife   Golem  immediately   this story to help me?" I asked.
issued  orders.   "Destroy  nothing.      "I  do  not know, truthfully," he
The  secret  of  creating  this body   said.  "Perhaps it will not.  Still,
must  be mine." It heard a report on   it is fascinating, don't you agree?"
the  noises  which  came from one of      I  nodded and stood.  The sun was
the  niches.  It tapped on the steel   up  and  I  was  restless  though  I
block,  leaving  a hammer shaped im-   should    have    been    exhausted.
pression.  "Impressive strength," It   Thanking him, I walked out of Helgas
mused.   It walked over to the niche   and began wandering through town.
the  Unlife warriors indicated, drew
back  its  arm,  and  drove its fist      I  spend  the  better part of the
through  the door and into the armor   morning  wandering  when  I  finally
behind.   It waited, wanting to test   stop  at  the Temple of Eissa.  Per-
the defense of its new body, yet the   haps my answer is here.
statue never moved.                       The  temple  is  almost deserted.
   Alone.   Dying.   My  Keep in the   Only  a  monk,  seated  in  the  far
hands  of the Unlife.  Anrelus spoke   corner,  is  present.  I walk to the
one last spell.  And he finally went   altar  and  kneel, forming my prayer
to the judgement of Eissa.             carefully.   I  wait,  but no answer
   The  Unlife  Golem screamed.  Its   springs forth.  No vision. No sleep.
new  body slowly dispersing, return-      "Something  troubles  your  soul,
ing  to the essence it was.  NO!  It   young   elf,"  says  the  monk  from
called  upon  its own power, and the   behind  me.   I wonder if perhaps he
bits of the spell that it had heard.   was at one time a thief, for I never
Nothing.   It  tried again, but this   heard him move from his spot.
time  to create a new body, not stop      I  nod  to him.  "I cannot sleep,
the destruction of the one it had.     but I know not why."
   Something   formed.   The  Unlife      "Sleep  is the realm of Reann." A
Golem  cast  more  spells, mixing in   puzzled look crosses his face.  "And
the strange words of Anrelus' spell.   yet,  I...   feel...   that  you are
Incomplete words.                      correct in coming here.  The trouble
   Slowly  a  new  shape took place.   is  within your soul." His eyes seem
But not essence.  Steel.  And it was   to  look far beyond the room.  "Your
                                    -25-                            More...
answers  must  be found by you.  The      "Fare you well."
key has been provided."                   I  watch  as  the ship leaves the
   "What  key?   How  can  I find an   harbor.  The sun has set and still I
answer  when  I  don't even know the   fear  sleep.   Or  I cannot.  I know
question?"                             not  which  it  is, so  I wander the
   The monks eyes clear.  "I have no   streets some more.
answers  for  you.   And  Eissa will      I   near   the  gates  and  stop.
tell you no more." He returns to his   "Think," I mutter to myself.  It all
corner and resumes his prayers.        started  when?  I think back several
   Eissa?   Or  a trick to get me to   days.   It  started  after  my first
drop  more  silver  in the poor box?   visit to the ruins.  The Keep.
It  was  a  foolish to come here, to      Then  that is where I'll find the
ask  of  the Gods for help.  I stand   answer. Simple.
and  leave  the  temple.  Nowhere to      But should I wait until daylight?
go,  no  ideas.   I wander again.      No.  Each hour that passes causes me
   The   sun  is  low  in  the  sky,   to  grow more befuddled.  By morning
another  day  almost  over.   I find   I  may  cast  a  fireball  at myself
myself  at  the  docks  watching  as   thinking   I  had  conjured  up  the
several  ships  prepare to sail with   displacement spell.
the evening tide.                         Besides,  I may get to meet Eissa
   "Hail, Master of Essence" rings a   face  to  face  and  she can tell me
familiar  voice.   The  tinkerer,  I   what her cryptic message meant.
think to myself.                          Resolved, I prepare myself and go
   "The  politician,"  mumbles  that   out,  the  guard  opening  for  me a
voice in the back of my head.          small  door  as  the gates have been
   "You  seem as sad, if not sadder,   closed  for  the night.  I turn down
than when last we met," he observes.   the  nearest path and begin the long
"No answers to your problems?"         journey to Blototh.
   "None.  Not even the Goddess will      A  long  and,  as  it turned out,
help, as far as I can tell."           uneventful  journey.   Not one crea-
   "Sad  indeed.   Still,  there  is   ture  did I see.  Not one attack did
another  night  followed  by another   I  suffer.   I  hesitated at the en-
dawn.   More adventures await you, I   trance  to  the  ruins.  Maybe I was
am  sure."  He  smiles the sincerest   wrong?  Maybe I was wasting my time?
smile  I  ever  remember  seeing, as      But  I  was here.  No use turning
though  he  knows  a future I cannot   around now.  I pulled the hood on my
see.                                   cloak  up around my head and entered
   I  realize he is carrying a large   the ruins....
bag  in  addition to the sack he had
with him earlier. "Leaving the Land-      I  stand  in  what  seems to be a
ing?  I thought you just arrived."     Grand  Hall,  located  in some ruins
   "Sadly,  yes.   It seems that the   near  the  peak  of Blototh.  Twenty
silver  runs  freely  here.   No one   niches  are  set  along  the  wall I
will  pay  to  have  something fixed   face.   The  door set into the niche
when  they  can  just buy a replace-   closest   to   me   has   collapsed,
ment.   I  will seek my fortune in a   revealing  a lifesized steel statue.
less fortunate clime."                 Though   its   face   is  devoid  of
   "Safe   journey,"   I  tell  him.   features,  it  is  as  though  it is
"Perhaps  you  shall  come  this way   staring at me, awaiting some word or
again."                                action on my part.
   "I may," he says.  "I travel much      I stand straight.  Proud.  I keep
for I enjoy seeing much of the world   my face turned away from the statue,
and  all  that happens.  And my pro-   though I know it cannot see me.
fession  is less hazardous than most      "Guardsman!"   I  jump  from  the
who travel the many lands." We shake   loudness  of  my  own  voice.  "Your
hands   and  he  quickly  turns  and   duties  here  are finished.  You are
boards  the nearest ship.  "Fare you   dismissed."
well, Master of Essence."                 Nothing.   It  was  but a foolish
                                    -26-                            More...
notion.   An  idea  born  of a tired   Use  the  Essence  to detect what is
brain, fed by a story I had recently   there, and what is not."
heard.                                    I   realize  the  presence  which
   And  the  voice in the back of my   touched  my soul is gone.  I am very
mind says, "Remember your lessons."    tired, and I can sleep.
   Lessons? My magic lessons? Why...      Fumbling,  I sling my shield over
   And  I  hear  my mother's  voice.   my  shoulder  and evoke the power of
"Reach  out  to  the Essence.  Sense   the teleportation ring I wear.
it. Feel it.  Gather  it to you. Use      Eissa  met  the soul of a guards-
your  ability to become one with it.   woman, and opened the gate.
                                            Continued in the Next KE
  Mage From Kelfour's Museum...
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|             .              (@@,                                   .       |
|                     .,,,.  '@@@,              .                           |
|    .               /     \  @@@@,                                         |
|                    |() ()|  @@@@@@,                  .           _        |
|                     \ O /   @@@@@@@,                            (_)       |
|                      www    @@@@@@@@,                                     |
|                      | |    @@@;#######,                                  |
|       .              | |    @;############                           .    |
|                      | |   @;//:;'''''######                              |
|                      | | @@;//,:   ~J~####;'           .                  |
|                .     | |///////\\,,/'\##;'                                |
|                      | |||||JJJ \\\\T\\                         ________  |
|    .               @@| |@@@@@@@/|||||||@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' ,,,----' |
|                   @@@| |@@@@@@@||||||||@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@;,///'      |
|                 @@@##|,_o@@@@@@////////@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@######      |
|                @@,##c_,|@@@@@@@||||||||@@;'     '@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'###       |
|       .      @@@@###c_,|@@@@@@@///////'@@@            '@@@@@@@@@'##       |
|              @@@@###c_,|@@@@@@'/////'@@@@@                                |
|              @@@@####| |@@@@@@;,||@@@@@@@@,       .                       |
|  .           @@@@'###| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                        .      |
|               @@@@'##| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                               |
|                @@@@@@| |][][][][,-,][][][][]                              |
|                    @@| |][][][]['-'][][][][]    |'''|     |'''|           |
|        .            @| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    \ I /     \ I /      .    |
|                     @| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     | |'''''''| |            |
| .                  ,@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@,    |I|  ___  |I|            |
|               .    @@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    |   | | |   |            |
|       _           ,@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  __|___|_T_|___|_           |
|  ____/ \___       @@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@,/       '|||     \______    |
| /          \____  @@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@,   \     |||    /      \   |
|                 \ @@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@     _____|||    _______\__|
|                  \@@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    /     \__|  /          |
|                   @@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@,  ____      \|/           |
|  _______          @@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@_/    \      /            |
| /       \       __@@@| |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/       \____/             |
|          \_____/          \@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/                \____       |
|                            \@@@@@@@@@@@/                           |      |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
                        The Beastly Blatherskite
                       by Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ ____   ___ \
\@| ~|~|  /~/~ |elfour's  mad   mage   substantial  fees for the resurrect-
  |  |~|_/~/   | has finally  gotten   ion  of the hapless few that  become
 _|  |~|~\~\   | his   come-uppance.   victims of the unlife. The operative
/@| _|~|  \~\_ | We  were  delighted   words seem   to be, if you don't pay
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / to discover that he   you don't live.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ went  one  step  too
far and has finally paid  the  price   We find  it  despicable,  to say the
for his indiscriminate murders.        least, that  these   once upstanding
                                       citizens have  chosen  an avaricious
Our friend,  the  constable, spotted   and mercenary  life  over  the pious
the insane  one  wandering aimlessly   existence they were once  determined
through  the  streets  of  Kelfour's   to maintain.
Landing, brandishing  a   black wand
and   mumbling   to   himself.   The   While  on  the   subject,    we have
constable was quick to apprehend the   noticed that  these  new  items have
subject, on suspicion of  'intent to   brought out  the  worst  in everyone
commit    dastardly    deeds'    and   and  we   have   never    heard such
subsequently  threw  the  scurrilous   arguing,  carrying  on  and  blatant
mage in jail.                          offering of  favors  as  in the last
                                       several weeks.  For  shame, Kulthea.
Without further  ado,  the  mage was   For shame.
given a stiff  fine and released. We
are not sorry to  learn that part of   Once again,  we  remind  our readers
his fine included  the  fear wand of   that gossip and everything  else can
which he was so  fond. It seems that   be  sent   to    our    attention at
our  mage,  deprived  of  his  nasty   MISS.SNOOP (by GE Mail) where we may
means  of   destruction,   has  fled   or may  not   pay   attention to it,
Kulthea in shame and disgrace.         depending on our mood.
Of course, extenuating circumstances   Until next time, happy nosing around
include the  fact  that  his wife, a   and tra la for now!
coyote faced  thief  of questionable    __________________________________
morals, was  spotted  au  natural at   |                                  |
Frick's Inn  with   a  rather odious   |           SPECIAL OFFER          |
sorcerer fellow.                       |----------------------------------|
                                       |     Are you sick and tired       |
We have no doubt that as soon as the   |  of decadence, immorality and    |
citizens  of Kelfour's  Landing find   |   despicable deeds in Kulthea?   |
it safe  to  walk  the streets again   | If so, you might be a candidate  |
(although  quite  a  number  of  our   |             for the              |
damsels have  been   doing  that all   |                                  |
along), our mage and his odious wife   |    KULTHEAN MORALITY SOCIETY     |
will return to wreak more havoc.       |                                  |
                                       |  dedicated to the preservation   |
Greed seems to be the operative word   |  of morality and spinsterhood    |
in Kelfour's  Landing   as  more and   |           in Kulthea.            |
more  residents  have  been  finding   |                                  |
unique items during forages outside.   |    Membership 50,000 silvers.    |
                                       |   See Miss Louvella Parsnips,    |
It appears  that  even  the clerics,   |            President.            |
the most impoverished and  frugal of   |                                  |
them all,  have   decided  to charge   |__________________________________|

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