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 |    GemStone III'S                                        May 1992   |
 |                                                      Vol.2, No.12   |
 |               _   _           _    ___                              |
 |              / ) / )         / )  / __)                             |
 |             / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____          |
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 |          (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(              |
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 |      .                 / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                 |
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 |    .  (_____)       / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /     |
 |      _|~~~~~|_     (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(      |
 |    _(~  KE's ~)_                                                    |
 |   |~   Second  ~|                       The Kronicles of Kulthea    |
 |  _| Anniversary |_                                                  |
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 |  Local News ....................... Input from Bleys Airelious   1  |
 |  Tales of Old ................................... Vaash Majeer   2  |
 |  Fun in the Sun with a Sword ...................... Zoweee Wow   3  |
 |  The Gates of Kelfour's Landing ................. Art by Yonah   4  |
 |  Prices! Prices! Prices! ...................... Thantis Azzurn   5  |
 |  Eight Stones of Power  ......................................   5  |
 |  GemStone III Commands ................. Elminester Silvanisti   6  |
 |  Made Immortal by the Reroller ............. Celestin Drowstar  12  |
 |  Learning All the Right Moves ....... Darkwalker deKnightsaber  15  |
 |  Is it Better to Have...? ................. Flavor Da'Fearless  18  |
 |  TimeRift ................. Bobuss Mortis & Arborius Dragonson  19  |
 |  Ship Entering Claedesbrim Bay ........ Art by Flint Thalassar  19  |
 |  Cape & Sash Registry of Family Colors .. Artuero Bresnahanini  22  |
 |  Symbols and Lies, Pt.1 ............... Lord Whilder Planrathe  23  |
 |  The Serious Snoop .................... Miss Louvella Parsnips  27  |
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                               Local News
    Mysterious Threads of Unlife       the  town gates to the tidal pool in
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       the Coastal Cliffs.
     Report by Bleys Airelious
                                       There, we discovered a new series of
Roots  of this tale go back in time.   caves  not  far from the ruined dock
As  you  may  know,  House Aspis has   in the Shore Area, and encountered a
been haunted by the spirit of Cleric   long  forgotten  race  of  sohleugir
Erebor  Bordeaux  since his soul was   lizardmen.  They seem as powerful as
imprisoned  by  the Unlife.  It fell   greater  orcs, and carry tridents as
upon  House Aspis' shoulders to find   they  slink  about  quickly, peering
a  way to free our departed comrade.   with cold, unblinking eyes.
With  the aid of the Lady Taarna and
others,  we  were  able to determine   We  had  yet,  however, to encounter
that   by  making  a  simulacrum  of   the mystery.  At the site of a newly
Erebor it might possible to fool the   formed  crevice we discovered a thin
Unlife into releasing his soul.        thread stretching  up  out of sight!
                                       It  produced an almost ceaseless low
We came together in a ceremony which   humming,  a note both evil and chil-
began  by offering material items to   ling  to  the  soul.   Touching this
attract the Unlife's greed.  Then we   thread  produced  a mysterious voice
gave parts of ourselves so the simu-   that  echoed  deep  within  my mind:
lacrum  could  be  whole, and appear   "The  time  is  not  yet  ripe.   Be
real.  After a time of solemn prayer   patient  and vigilant but meddle not
the  Unlife was indeed fooled -- and   with  things  beyond your ken.  Wait
Erebor's soul was released!            for a sign to come...."
Then,  not  long ago, Erebor's Ghost   Three more threads were found later,
came   back   to  warn  of  terrible   in  the  Graveyard, on Blototh Moun-
danger.   As  we  feared, the Unlife   tain,  and  in  the  domain  of  the
wasn't  fooled  for  long;  it seeks   Fireguards,  apparently representing
revenge on those who tricked it.       the  elements  of  water, earth, air
                                       and  fire.   And  they  are growing!
Erebor's  warnings  became  increas-   When discovered, these black threads
ingly  urgent  and  one night a ter-   were  thin;  later  they grew to the
rible   Essence  Storm  rolled  into   size  of  a  woman's  wrist,  then a
Claedesbrim  Bay.   Some  of us pro-   man's wrist and, at the time of this
tected  the town while others sought   report, are the size of a man's arm!
the source of the storm which filled
the sky with flashes of lightning of   Watch  your  loved  ones, my friend;
all  hues  and the shook the ground.   the battle is far from over.  I know
Essence  users  experienced an over-   not what the future holds but I know
load at one point and, among others,   good  will  triumph  in  the end, no
I  was translocated from a battle at   matter what the cost!
           |                                                  |
           | Town Forums:  Wednesdays at 9:30PM Eastern Time  |
           |    TOPIC                       HOST      DATE    |
           | Open Essence Spell List        Kygar     June  3 |
           | Ranger Spells                  Snikt     June 10 |
           | Romance: Wooings & Weddings    Elvanion  June 17 |
           |   (Begins at 10:30 Eastern)                      |
           | Closed Channeling Spell List   Kygar     June 24 |
                                Tales of Old
 ____________                  by Vaash Majeer
/ \      __  \
\@|     / "| |s I walked down  Reann   of  Kelfour's   Landing  diminished.
  |    //|"| | street,   I  happened   Finally the  Gods of our own reality
 _|   //=|"| | upon the curious mys-   saw this and were quick to strike.
/@|  //  |"| | tic we all know well.
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / I nodded  to him as I   "Have you  ever wondered exactly why
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ do  to all  I pass and   adventurers come this way?  Many are
was about to continue on my way when   not here  for furs  or coins or even
he called  out to me, "Vaash, stop a   fame.   Some come  here only  to  do
second.   I have  need of your ear."   battle with  the evil minions of the
I turned slowly and saw him approach   realm.   It was the Gods' hands that
me quickly and with delight.  Now, I   brought them  here. And  bring  them
had been  warned  of  this  mystic's   here today  as well.  With the  mon-
stories but  was eager to hear tales   sters ravaging  the land,  the  Gods
of  old.  "I  want  to  tell  you  a   needed  powerful   fighters,  mages,
story," he  said as he sat down upon   sorcerers,   clerics,    bards   and
the dusty  road.   "It is  a tale of   thieves to challenge them and power-
adventure and  danger."  I smiled to   ful healers  to  ease  the  injuries
myself and  sat down,  ready to hear   garnered  in  the  struggles.  Thus,
his yarn.                              they cast  powerful spells  over the
                                       town  calling   adventurers  to  it.
"A long  time ago  when Kelfour  was   From all  around, people flocked in.
still young  and only a few settlers   People with  weapons that gleamed in
were in  the area,  a great and evil   the sunlight  and armor  as thick as
thing occurred.   Now,  the Gods  of   hide.   They did  battle with  these
this realm  were  pleased  with  the   monsters and slowly but surely drove
civilization that was beginning here   them back.
in Kelfour  and  gave  their  people
good crops  and  torkaan  to  raise.   "This did  not please  Aurin and his
However,  somewhere   far  away   on   revenge was cold and powerful.  With
another plane  of existence, an evil   all his  power, he struck down these
God by  the name  of Aurin  happened   adventurers,  killing  them  on  the
upon our  realm and decided he liked   spot.   Kuor, the  King of  the Gods
what he saw. Aurin was very powerful   here was very angry. With a powerful
and very evil.  Though the people of   stride he  threw a  lighting bolt at
Kelfour were  not  powerful  at  the   Aurin. Now,  Aurin might  have  been
time,  neither  were  the  monsters.   powerful, but not that powerful; the
Aurin saw  fit to  change that  and,   bolt hit him and he fell back.  With
with his power, he gave the monsters   Aurin on  his knees,  Kuor  banished
things they never could have desired   him back  to his own realm.  But the
before. Weapons,  intelligence,  and   damage was  done, the monsters still
deadly skills were just a few of the   roamed with Aurin's power and no God
things Aurin showered upon them.       could undo  that.   That is  why  to
                                       this  very  day,  adventurers  still
"With these  new-found  skills,  the   arrive to hunt the evil creatures of
monsters began  to pillage  and  de-   our realm."
stroy the town of Kelfour's Landing.
Although just a small village at the   I marveled  at this  tale. Not  just
time, many  people inhabited Kelfour   for its story, but for the impact it
and  many  perished.  Aurin  laughed   had on  me.   For I too knew of this
with glee  as  he  saw  human,  elf,   Aurin.   He  had  plagued  my  sleep
dwarf, and  halfling cut down by his   since I  had arrived  here. Could it
army of evil. He animated the bodies   be that Aurin was returning?  Was he
that fell  into undead and sent them   planning to  seek revenge  upon  us?
to his  newly formed  graveyard.  As
the months  went on,  the population   Only time will tell.
                       Fun in the Sun with a Sword
 _____________         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \ _________ \              by Zoweee Wow
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    |o the  north  of  our   action  aplenty!  Spectral fisherman
/@|   _|_|_   |famous Coastal Cliffs   abound,  to  hack you to goblets for
\_/__________/ lies   a    beautiful   your  amusement  and  the Moray Eels
stretch  of  beach comparable to the   are  a  scream!   Oh  yes, let's not
shores  of  Waikiki  (wherever  THAT   forget those lovely Sea Witches!
is).   Hosting huge waves, beautiful      So come on down!  Bring a fishing
stretches  of  white  and black sand   pole  and  coerce  your friends into
shoreline,  a  sailors' haven, dock-   acting as bait!  With this map as an
yard for fishing, an authentic Kraal   aid,  suntan oil, a clerics blessing
Warship  and  a  tidal  pool for the   on  yer  weapon, and a boogie board,
kiddies, it's sure to  become a fav-   I'm sure you'll agree that Kelfour's
orite summertime retreat for heroes!   Landing IS the Alcapulco of Kulthea!
   Hmmmm?   What's that?  Don't LIKE      The   Beach   area  is  north  of
the  beach?  Think sitting around in   Coastal  Cliffs.   Exact  directions
the  sun  with  a  beachmat and ugly   from Town are:  Go Gate, NW, NW, NW,
swimshorts  is  boring  and  stupid?   Go  Road, W, W, NW, W, W, W, NW, NW,
Well,  fear  not!   This  beach  has   W, W, SW, W, W, W, SW, W, Go Path.
 ::Map of BeachLands    ::
 ::                     ::         RDxx[]xx[]  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
 ::RS=Rocky Shore       ::         |           ::New! Sohleugir Lizardman::
 ::SH=Sailor's Haven    ::         RD          ::Approximate OB 75, DB 40::
 ::OH=Outside Haven     ::         |           ::Weapon: Trident         ::
 ::BS=Black Sands       ::         RD          :: THT 86 against hide,   ::
 ::RD=Rotting Dock      ::         |           :: 58 vs leather breastplt::
 ::TP=Tidal Pool        ::         RD          ::Carry Small Chests      ::
 ::BH=Boat House        ::         |      SH   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
 ::[]=Unidentified      ::         RD     |
 ::                     ::         |      SH
 :::::::::::::::::::::::::         RD     ^
                                   ^      | Climb Ladder
                   Go Dock/        |      v
                         /Go Beach |      SH
                                   v     /  \
                BS                 []  SH    SH  RS
               /  \                |     \  /    |
                                          ^      | \             ^   x
                                   Hatch  |      [] \       Path |   x
 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::               v      |   \           v   TP
 ::Key Map Symbols       ::               SH     BH   \          CC  x
 ::                      ::               ^      |     \             x
 ::X = Up/Down           ::       Passage |      BH     \            TP
 ::                      ::               v              []          x
 :: ^                    ::               SH--SH        /            x
 :: | Special Movement   ::               |           []             TP
 :: v   (i.e. GO ?????)  ::           SH--SH         /        N
 ::                      ::                        []        W+E
 ::                      ::                       /           S
 ::                      ::             []xx[]xx[]
 ::                      ::
                                    -3-                             More...
Here's the stats on some of the beaches regulars...
Sea Witches:             Moray Eels:             Spectral Fisherman:
OB=65  DB=70             OB: Pincher=60  DB=45   OB=50  DB=30
THT=76  Rnd Time=10 sec      Sting=80            THT=76  Rnd Time=10 seconds
CCP's=128                    Tusk=65             CCP's=105
Skin: Can't Skin 'em     THT=73  Rnd Time=7 sec  Skin: Skin a ghost, weenie?
They carry a Hand Axe    CCP's=70                They carry Grappling Nets
and normally have coins  Skin: Eel Skin          and may have coinage
I  think  Spectral Fishermen and Sea   hitting Steel Golems.
Witches  probably  carry chests, but
doubt  if you'll ever get one off an   Finally,  the  only  place I saw Sea
Eel.  Also, and  this  is IMPORTANT,   Witches was in the Black Sands area;
you  can  NOT hit Spectral Fishermen   Spectral  Fishermen  can be found in
without  a  blessed  weapon (Clerics   Sailors   Haven   and  Rotting  Dock
can  bless  them for you).  Finally,   areas;  Moray  Eels  can be found in
RT's  may  be off by a second either   the vicinity  of  the  Boat House or
way,  and  CCP's  may  be  a  little   Tidal Pool.  I hear the Moray's also
inaccurate,  but  not  much.  Sorry,   put  in  an  appearance on the Rocky
there is no way to check for sure.     Shores, but could not confirm it.
One  more thing:  Grappling nets use   In  the  Boathouse, there is a Kraal
your  Brawling  Skill  to wield, and   Warship  which  can  be  entered  by
are  the  single  BEST  weapons  for   either GO BOAT or GO HULL.  Enjoy!
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                         .-----------------------.                         |
|                         | \|/ {= |_ ( () /|\ {= |                         |
|                         |__-----_ ~|~ () _----__|                         |
|                   __-~~~    __-- ~\____/~       ~~--_                     |
|              __-~~    |    |                         ~~-__                |
|          _--~          \   `.-~~  .-~~-.                  ~-_             |
|       _-~       _-~~\   |   |     |    |  .'   .'   _        ~-_         ,|
|     /~   |      \    \  |   `.    `-__-' .'   .'  /` ~~-_  /~   ~\     , :|
|, , |      \_     \--~`   \   `     ____  `~~--'  /        ,--_    | ,  :.:|
|:.:.| ~-_    \     \_--~     __--|~~,:| ~~~--__  `        :    ~,  |.:..' :|
|: : |    ~-_-~-----     __-~~ :  |:;`,|  ....  ~~-__   -_  ~-_   ' | :  : :|
|: : |       ~-_      _-~      :  |`,.;|  :   ```... ~-_  ~-_--~    | :  :.:|
|:.:.|__________~___/~.`       :  |.`';|  : o       ``. ~\__________|.:..' :|
|: : |___|___|___|_| .`        :  |`';,|  :            :  |__|___|__| :  : :|
|: : |_|___|___|___| :         :  |`;,.|  :             : ||___|___|| :  :.:|
|:.:.|___|___|___||  :         :  |:';,|  :             :  |_|___|__|.:..' :|
|: : |_|___|___|__|  :         :  |,.`';  :             :  |___|___|| :  : :|
|: : |___|___|___||  :       o :  |,.`'|  :             :  |_|___|__| :  :.:|
|:.:.|_|___|___|__|  : o     ..:  |`,.'|  :             :  |___|___||.:..' :|
|: : |___|___|___||  : ...```  __-'`';,|  : o         o :  |_|___|__| :  : :|
|: : |_|___|___|__|  ``  __--~~;:`;'`,.|  :.............:  |___|___|| :  :.'|
|:.:.|___|___|___||__--~~`';`':'`';,:`'|___________________|_|___|__|.:..'  |
|               _/',.`;`,.';`';,``';,.`';,.,.`';`';,.`';,.`'\_              |
|              /;`',.;`,.';`',.;`;.',.`';,.`';,.`';,.`';,.`':;\             |
| ___                                                                       |
|                                                                           |
    The Gates of Kelfour's Landing                               by Yonah
                           Prices! Prices! Prices!
 ___________               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/ \    ____ \                 by Thantis Azzurn
\@|  /~/~~\\ |
  | |~|    ~ |
 _| |~|    _ |ash can weigh you down   those long-stemmed roses  before you
/@|  \~\__// | Vile pick-pockets rob   head to  Brinn's?  That is one place
\_/   ~~~~~ /  you blind. Navigators   where it pays to know the  prices in
  ~~~~~~~~~~   can  demand  payment.   in advance!
Countless other things can happen to
your hard-earned silver, so isn't it   What follows is a list of the  major
fortunate  that  we have banks!  But   stores  in  Kelfour's  Landing, with
what  about  those  times  when  you   basic items at list prices. (Special
really need to go shopping?            order items can be found in KEv1n5.)
                                       With a rank or two  of trading,  you
Ever wonder what some merchants have   can  bargain  prices down  by 10  or
to offer?   Need to know the cost of   more silvers.
Sariis' Clothiers             Prices   Kelfour's General Supplies    Prices
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             ~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~
Low Leather Boots.................22   Leather Backpack.................135
High Leather Boots................45   Mountain Backpack................180
White Leather Moccasins...........11   Belt Pouch........................22
Black Leather Boots...............90   Velvet Pouch......................33
Flowing Robe.....................112   Herb Pouch........................33
Blue, Red, Green, White, Brown,Black   Small Sack........................45
Woven Cloak.......................90   Large Sack........................45
Woven Black Cloak.................90   Leather Sheath....................45
Woven Green Cloak.................90   Black Leather Sheath..............56
Hooded Cloak......................94   Saber Sheath......................78
Full-length Gown...............11250   Dagger Sheath.....................45
(Blue, Emerald, White, Red,Lavender)   Small Chest......................225
Brinn's Blossoms                       Aznell's Armory
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Crown of Bluestar Blossoms......1875   Pair of Arm Greaves...............22
Garland of Wildflowers..........1125   Pair of Leg Greaves...............22
Wreath of Sirenflowers..........2500   Wooden Shield.....................22
Bouquet, Bridal Blush Roses....12500   Reinforced Wooden Shield..........45
Single Red Rose..................562   Leather Helm......................22
Dozen Long Stemmed Roses........6250   Visored Helm......................45
Crown of Snow White Blossoms....5000   Aventail..........................90
White Carnation Boutonniere......250   Light Hide Armor (AT 3)..........135
                                       Heavy Hide Armor (AT 4)..........157
Tyron's Arms                           Light Leather Armor (AT 5).......180
~~~~~~~~~~~~                           Full Leather Armor (AT 6)........225
Cudgel............................11   Reinforced Leather Armor (AT 7)..337
Dagger.............................6   Double Leather Armor (AT 8)......450
Short Sword......................157   Cuirbouilli Leather Armor (AT9)..675
Scimitar.........................247   Ring Mail Armor (AT 10)..........900
Two-handed Sword.................450   Studded Leather Armor (AT 12)...1001
Rapier...........................495   Scale Mail Armor (AT 12)........1012
Broadsword.......................270   Brigandine Armor (AT 12)........1023
Hand Axe.........................135   Chain Mail Armor (AT 13).........675
Mace.............................157   Double Chain Mail Armor (AT 14)..787
War Hammer.......................337   Aug. Chain Mail Armor (AT 15)....787
Quarter Staff.....................22   Chain Hauberk (AT 16)...........1462
Halbard...........................90   Metal Breastplate Armor (AT17)..1125
                                    -5-                             More...
The Alchemist Shop            Prices   Gert's Bakery                 Prices
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            ~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 ~~~~~~
Akbutege Leaf....................532   Loaf of Bread.....................50
Wifurwif Lichen..................266   Wedding Cake....................1000
Belrama Potion...................532   Piece of Wedding Cake.............20
Terbas Leaf......................399   Birthday Cake....................400
Yuth Flower.....................1092   Slice of Birthday Cake............20
Arnuminas Leaf...................273   Chocolate Chip Cookie.............10
Edram Moss.......................682   Cinnamon Sugar Cookie.............10
Dagmather Spine..................273   Donut............................. ?
Curfalaka Fruit..................682   Mug of Strong Kulthean Coffee.....50
Rewk Potion......................409   Cup of Herbal Tea.................50
Arfandas Stem....................682
Hegheg Root......................546   Tools Of The Trade
Bursthelas Potion...............1365   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Berterin Moss....................546   Crude Lockpick....................47
Pasamar Grass...................1092   Common Lockpick..................247
Tarnas Potion...................1092   Good Lockpick....................475
Wekwek Potion...................1365   Professional Lockpick............950
Baldakur Potion.................1092
Siran Clove.....................2184
              / \                                           \
              \@ |  Eight stones of power,                   |
                 |  Eight stones of might,                   |
                 |  Scattered on a rampant wind,             |
                 |  Thrown into the night.                   |
                 |                                           |
                 |  The first went sailing o'er a roof,      |
                 |  And there was left to lie.               |
                 |  The second on a stony shelf,             |
                 |  Watching people die.                     |
                 |                                           |
                 |  The third was nettle blown and came,     |
                 |  To rest in a fiery place.                |
                 |  The fourth fell to a rocky grave,        |
                 |  Amid strange and beautiful grace.        |
                 |                                           |
                 |  The fifth concealed in velvet darkness,  |
                 |  In a dreadful place of power.            |
                 |  The sixth saw ashen ruin,                |
                 |  And weathers by the hour.                |
                 |                                           |
                 |  The seventh lies alone and cold,         |
                 |  In an ivy colored box.                   |
                 |  The eighth is just below the grass,      |
                 |  But not among the rocks.                 |
                 |                                           |
                 |  If you shall seek,                       |
                 |  Then you shall find,                     |
               _ |  But 'ware the stones,                    |
              /@ |  That steal your mind.                    |
                          GemStone III Commands
 _______________        by Elminester Silvanisti
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | hen you  enter the   You  could  kill another player that
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | world of  GemStone   has  the  same  first  letter in his
/@| _|__/  \__|_| III, you  can feel   name.   If  you  want to attack more
\_/_____________/ overwhelmed by all   than  one  monster of the same kind,
of  the  things  you  have to learn.   you can specify which one.  Example:
The  commands  that  you use to take   ATTACK  FIRST  ORC  or  ATTACK OTHER
your  character  across the land are   ORC,  when there are two of the same
very  important.   Some commands are   kind.  See KILL and CAST.
combat-specific   while  others  are
used  for roleplaying purposes.  The   APPRAISE -  Use  this  to  find  the
latter  will  help show what kind of   standard value  of an  item. Format:
personality  your character has.  As   APPRAISE [OBJECT]. Example: APPRAISE
GemStone   grows  and  evolves,  new   SWORD.
commands  are added.  Here is a list
of  all the commands that are active   ASSIST -  This command  will call  a
now   and  how  they  are  used.   A   GameMaster  to   assist   you   with
command  that  appears in in capital   problems in the game.
letters needs that part to function.
Some   commands  can  also  be  used   BET - Used to place a wager. Format:
alone.  The optional part appears in   BET [AMOUNT]  on [PLAYER|TEAM]  this
lower case letters.                    command  is   used  mostly   in  the
                                       gladitorial games.
ACCEPT  -  Accept  an  offer  of  an
object from a person.  See GIVE.       BOW -  Lets you  bow to  a person or
                                       just bow.  Format BOW [person] . SEE
ACT  -  Allows you to create special   CURTSEY.
actions   that  can't  be  performed
using  other  commands.   The action   CANCEL -  Use to  cancel an  ASSIST.
will   appear  between  parentheses.   Format CANCEL ASSIST.
Format:   ACT  [MESSAGE].   Example:
"Act   runs  and  hides  behind  the   CAST -  This  is  an  action  and  a
monk."    What   appears   will   be   combat command. You use this command
(Elminester  runs  and  hides behind   to cast  a prepared  spell.  Format:
the   monk.)  ACT  is  a  theatrical   CAST  [person|object|monster].   The
command  and  doesn't  really  cause   same rules as ATTACK  apply to  this
anything to happen.  See SMILE.        command when casting at monsters and
                                       persons.  Example:  CAST  ORC,  CAST
ADVICE  -  Used by first level play-   SECOND ORC,  CAST  OTHER  ORC.  When
ers.   When  you  first come to Kel-   CAST is  used alone,  the spell will
four's  Landing,  you can learn what   affect the caster. See PREPARE, WAVE
to  do  and  where  to  go using the   and INVOKE.
ADVICE   command.    However,   this
command  is no substitute for a live   CHANNEL  -   Allows   players   with
player, who will be your best source   channeling skill  to transfer  power
of information.                        points to each other. Format CHANNEL
                                       [AMOUNT]   [PERSON].    The   points
ATTACK - A combat command.  Use this   transferred  will   depend  on   the
command  to  strike  any  monster or   channeling skills  of the sender and
player.   Format:   ATTACK [TARGET].   the receiver.
With  this  command  you can use the
first  three  letters of the target.   CHECK  IN   -  Enter  the  character
Troll  will  be 'tro'. You could use   manager to  advance in  level or  to
one  letter,  but that is dangerous.   reroll your character.
                                    -7-                             More...
CLIMB -  This command will allow you   DRAG - Lets you drag a person out of
to climb  obstacles  that  can't  be   any room that has directional exits.
passed by GO.                          Format: DRAG [PERSON DIRECTION]
CLOSE -  This is  an action command.   DROP -  You will  drop the  item  in
You   can   close   doors,   chests,   your left  hand  if  you  just  type
pouches, sacks  and backpacks. Doors   DROP. Otherwise, DROP [item].
and chests must be unlocked in order
to be closed. See OPEN.                DUCK - Self-explanatory.
CRY - Self-explanatory.                EAT -  Use it  to eat.  Format:  EAT
                                       [ITEM].  You   can  also   use  this
CURTSEY -  Self-explanatory. Format:   command  to   bite  another  player.
Same as BOW.                           Format: EAT [PERSON].
DANCE - Allows you to invite someone   EXAMINE. This  command  is  used  to
to   dance.   Format:   DANCE   with   test  chests  for   traps.   Format:
[person].  When used alone, you will   EXAMINE [ITEM]. See PICK and DISARM.
dance by yourself.
                                       EXPERIENCE   -    Lists   how   much
DECLINE -  Used to  decline an offer   experience you have, your level, how
of an object from somebody.            many deeds  you  have,  your  family
                                       fame  and  personal  fame,  and  the
DEPART -  When  your  character  has   condition of your mind.
died and  you don't want to wait for
your body to decompose normally, you   EXIT -  Use to leave the game.
can type  DEPART and  you will  find
yourself in  the  altar  at  Eissa's   FROWN - Self-explanatory.
temple.  Be   careful   using   this
command, because  you will  lose all   GASP - Self-explanatory.
your items. You must also have deeds
from the  temple of  Eissa which you   GET -  This command lets you pick up
can  get   by  donating  agates  and   an object.  Format: GET  [ITEM]. You
tourmaline stones from chests.         need to  specify which item you want
                                       if there  is one  on the  ground and
DIRECTIONS -  This is a new player's   you  want   one  from   your   sack.
command.  It   will  tell  you  what   Example: GET SWORD or GET SWORD FROM
direction certain  places  are  from   MY SACK.
where  you  are.  Format:  DIRECTION
[PLACE]  Example: DIRECTION TEMPLE.    GIGGLE - Self-explanatory.
DISARM -  Used to  remove traps from   GIVE -  Will offer to the designated
locks. Format  DISARM [ITEM],  where   person whatever  you  have  in  your
ITEM can be whatever has a lock.       right hand.  The other person has to
DISBAND -  Allows you  to disband  a   ACCEPT. You can give coins to others
group of  people who  are joined  to   also. Format:  GIVE  [PERSON],  GIVE
you. See JOIN and LEAVE.               [PERSON AMOUNT]
DISMOUNT - This command is used only   GLARE  -  self-explanatory.  Format:
during the joust to get off a horse.   GLARE [PERSON]
There are  no  horses  in  Kelfour's
Landing except  the  ones  that  are   GRIN - Self-explanatory.
imported for the joust games.
                                       GRIMACE - Self-explanatory.
DRINK -  Will let you drink any item
that  is  drinkable.  Format:  DRINK   GROWL - Self-explanatory.
ALE, DRINK POTION.                     GO -  Use this  command to  move  in
                                    -8-                             More...
non-directional ways  such as  PATH,   JUMP -  Will make  you jump  up  and
TRAIL, DOOR,  GATE,  HOLE,  CREVICE,   down like  a twelve  year  old  (fun
ARCH, WINDOW,  and SHOP.  Format: GO   command.)
                                       KICK - Will let you kick any object,
GULP - Self-explanatory.               monster,  or  person.  Format:  KICK
HEALTH -  Lists remaining concussion
points, life levels and modifiers to   KISS - Lets you kiss a person or ob-
your general  health and to your DB.   ject. Format: KISS [PERSON|OBJECT].
It lists  your wounds,  whether  you
are bleeding,  and what your rate of   KILL - Same as ATTACK.
bleeding is.
                                       KNEEL -  When you  KNEEL, you  get a
HELP -  Gives a brief explanation of   bonus to  your  lock picking  skill.
how to  use the  commands and how to   You also lose -50 to your DB and OB.
move in Gemstone.                      See LIE, SIT, and PRAY.
HIDE -  This commands  allows you to   KNOCK  -  Self-explanatory.  Format:
hide from  players or monsters. If a   KNOCK [OBJECT]
player  in   the  room   has  enough
perception skill,  you will  be seen   LEAN -  You  can  lean  back,  left,
and won't  be able  to hide. You can   right, lean  on your weapon, or lean
attack  from  hiding.  If  you  have   on  a   person.      Formats:   LEAN
skill in ambush, it will be added to   [DIRECTION],  LEAN  on [WEAPON], and
any critical you roll. See STALK and   LEAN on [PERSON].
                                       LEAVE -  Allows you to leave a group
HIT -  Use to hit an object. Format:   of which you are a member.
HIT  [OBJECT]  Same  as  PUNCH.  See   affecting your DB and OB in the same
notes.                                 manner as  KNEEL.  Exercise  caution
                                       in the Wild.
HUG  -  Will  allow  you  to  hug  a
person. Format: HUG [PERSON].          LOCK -  Will let  you lock  an  item
                                       that has a lock if you have its key.
HOWL - Self-explanatory.               Format LOCK [ITEM]
INFO -  Lists  your  statistics  and   LIE - Puts  you in a prone position.
their potentials,  along  with  your   Use caution in the wild.  This com-
level,  description,   wealth,   and   mand deducts -50 from your DB.
number of power points.
                                       LOOK  -  Lets  you  examine  people,
INVENTORY -  Tells you what you have   rooms, and  objects. There  are some
in each  of your  hands and what you   things that are not visible when you
are wearing.                           use LOOK, and you have to SEARCH for
                                       them. Format  LOOK  [object|person].
INVOKE -  This command  is  used  to   See SEARCH.
invoke a  rune. You  must first read
the rune  to find  what  spells  are   MOUNT -  This command  allows you to
inscribed in the rune. With the rune   mount a horse.
in one  hand  and  the  other  free,
INVOKE [NAME|CODE].                    NEWS -  WIll give  you an  update of
                                       WHAT IS GOING ON IN GEMSTONE.
JOIN - Allows you to become a member
of a  group of  adventurers, so that   NOD -  Self-explanatory. Format: NOD
several can  travel together  or  be   [person].
affected by  a group  spell such  as
Mass Blur. Format: JOIN [PERSON].      NUDGE  -   Self-explanatory.  Format
                                    -9-                             More...
NUDGE [PERSON].                        point, regardless of how many points
                                       the spell requires.
OPEN -  Will allow  you to  open any
object that  is not  locked. Format:   REMOVE -  This command  is  used  to
OPEN [OBJECT].                         take  off   an  item  that  you  are
                                       wearing. Format REMOVE [ITEM].
ORDER -  Use to  buy items  from the
shops in town.                         REPORT -  USED TO  NOTIFY GAMEMASTER
                                       OF BUGS.  (You should use the ASSIST
PARRY -  This  command  is  used  to   command when  you need  to talk to a
change the  amount of  OB that  goes   GAMEMASTER).
into your DB. Format: PARRY [amount]
Example: PARRY 100 will put all your   RING -  This is  used to ring a bell
OB into  your DB  (see notes).  Used   or a similar object. RING [OBJECT].
alone,  it   tells  you   what  your
current parry percentage is.           RUB -  Use this to rub magical items
                                       or  people.   Magic  items  such  as
PAY -  Used to  pay  debts  in  Moot   amulets, statues,  and crystals will
Hall. Format: PAY [AMOUNT].            cast  spells  on  you  when  rubbed.
                                       Format: RUB [ITEM|PERSON].
PET -  Allows you  to pet  any  non-
harmful  creatures   and  Familiars.   SEARCH -  Use this  command to  find
Format: PET [creature].                treasures on  monsters  or  to  find
                                       hidden persons  and hidden  passages
PREPARE -  Readies a  spell so  that   or objects.  Format SEARCH or SEARCH
you can  cast it.  You must know the   [monster|object].
spell code  or name. Format: PREPARE
[CODE|NAME].  Once   the  spell   is   SIT -  Self-explanatory. Be cautious
prepared, you  have a limited amount   about using this when in the Wild.
of time  in which to cast it, before
the spell dissipates.                  SELL -  Use  this  command  to  sell
                                       items  in  the  pawn  shop,  furrier
PRAY - This command causes you kneel   shop, and gem cutter's shop. Format:
and say  prayers. Use  caution  with   SELL  [ITEM].   You  can   use   the
this  command  while  in  the  Wild.   APPRAISE command  to find  the value
(See KNEEL).                           of the item before you sell it.
PUNCH  -  A  theatrical command used   SHAKE -  You can use this command to
to punch another  character  without   shake your  head or  to shake  hands
causing any  actual damage.  Format:   with   somebody.    Format:    SHAKE
PUNCH [PERSON]. (See HIT).             [hand|head].  Example:   SHAKE  HAND
                                       Michaeloos.  You   see:   Elminester
PUSH  -   Self-explanatory.  Format:   shakes hands with Michaeloos.
                                       SHUDDER - Self-explanatory.
PUT -  Used to  place objects in any
specific  location.     Format:  PUT   SKIN -  This command is used to skin
[object] IN  or ON  [location]. Used   monsters. Later  you  can  sell  the
alone, it works the same as DROP.      skin in  the furrier  shop.  Format:
                                       SKIN [MONSTER].
READ -  For writing  and runes.  You
need rune  skill in  order  to  read   SLAP  -   Self-explanatory.  Format:
runes. Format: READ [OBJECT].          SLAP [PERSON].
RELEASE -  This command  will let  a   SMILE -  This command  will make you
prepared spell  dissipate so you can   smile  or   smile  at   someone   in
prepare another.  When you release a   particular. You can use this command
spell,  you   only  lose  one  power   as the ACT command and put a message
                                   -10-                             More...
after  it.  Format:  SMILE  [person]   WAIT -  Will indicate  that you  are
[message]. Example: SMILE Michealoos   waiting for something.
evilly.   You    will   see    this:
"Elminester  smiles  at   Michealoos   WAVE -  Use this  command to  aim  a
evilly." The advantage of SMILE over   wand or  staff  at  target.  Format:
ACT is that  the  message  won't  be   WAVE WAND  AT [MONSTER|PERSON].  You
in parentheses.                        can also use it to greet people.
SMIRK - Self-explanatory.              WEALTH - This will tell you how much
                                       money you have and how much you owe.
SNIFF -  Self-explanatory.   Format:
SNIFF [object|person]                  WEAR -  This command lets you put on
                                       any item  that can  be worn, such as
STAND - Self-explanatory.              sacks, backpacks,  or items of armor
                                       and clothing.  If  you use a shield,
STEAL -  Used to  pick pockets.  You   you can WEAR SHIELD to free a hand.
must have  skill in picking pockets,
and  you   should  not   attempt  to   YAWN - Self-explanatory.
pickpocket  in  town.  Format  STEAL
[PERSON].                              YELL -  When you yell, people in the
                                       next room can hear you. Format: YELL
STRIKE -  Same as PUNCH and KICK but   [message].
you will strike the person.
SWAP  -  This  command  will  change                 ~~~~~
objects from  one hand to the other,   1. Commands   such  as  SLAP,  KICK,
Whatever you have on your right hand   PUNCH, STRIKE  and EAT  don't  cause
will go to the left and vice versa.    real  damage   and  are   only   for
                                       theatrical purposes.
TAP   -    Self   explanatory.   TAP
[object].                              2. Some  commands are  used only for
                                       certain special actions. HIT is used
TELL -  Used by  mages and sorcerers   in the  ritual that  is performed in
or  anybody   that  can   cast   the   the temple  of Eissa  to gain  deeds
FAMILIAR or  EYE SPY  spell.  Format   toward return  from death.  RING  is
TELL [FAMILIAR|EYE] to [ACTION].       used  to   call  Larton  so  he  can
                                       appraise a  chest and  tell you  how
THINK  -   Use   this   command   to   much he  will charge you to open it.
communicate with  others using  ESP.   PAY can  be used  to pay  Larton  to
This  spell   can  be   obtained  by   open a chest.
rubbing crystal amulets and by other
means. Format: THINK [MESSAGE].        3. DB is your DEFENSIVE BONUS, OB is
                                       your  OFFENSIVE   BONUS  and  CP  is
TICKLE  -  Self-explanatory.  Format   CONCUSSION POINTS.
                                       Every day  new commands are added to
TOUCH  -   Self-explanatory.  Format   GemStone III.  I  suggest  you check
TOUCH [OBJECT|PERSON].                 the version  notes and  use the  NEW
                                       command so you don't miss anything.
TRANSFER -  Healers use this command    _________________________________
to   transfer   wounds   from  other   /                                 \
players   to   themselves.   Format:  |    INDEX Needed for KE Volume 2   |
TRANSFER [WOUND] from [PERSON].       |                                   |
                                      |  Earn the  Free Weekend  of your  |
TURN -  Use this  command to turn an  |  dreams by compiling an Index of  |
object. Format:  TURN [OBJECT], used  |  articles published  during KE's  |
mostly to reset GOLD RINGS.           |  2nd year.  Contact P.HERRINGTON  |
                                      |  by GE Mail for details.          |
UNLOCK - Self-explanatory.         -11-\_________________________________/
 _________             Made Immortal by the Reroller
/ \ _____ \            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~ |                by Celestin Drowstar
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ | once played  a character   some  of  the  things I learned will
\_/ ~~~~~ / who looked  like  a good   help  you when, or if, you visit the
  ~~~~~~~~ sorcerer.  Wasn't  strong   Character Manager to roll up yours.
but  he  was quick and agile and had
great  potential  for magic.  He did   By the time you get to the Character
not  bother  with  any form of armed   Manager,  you  should know what pro-
combat,  training instead in the art   fession   and  race  you  want  your
of  wands  and  directed spells.  It   character  to  be.   You should know
didn't take long to get to 5th level   the  minimum  values you will accept
when  I  realized he would soon have   in  the  stats  you roll, as well as
nothing to hunt to advance in level.   the minimum potential values for the
                                       character's   stats.    If  you  are
I  put  a lot of time and money into   unsure about profession, look at the
that character, so I thought it best   Skill Development Costs charts below
to  do  some planning before rolling   to  see  what  advantages  different
up  my  new  sorcerer.   I hope that   professions offer.
        /  \                                                     \
       |  @/               Skill Development Costs               /
       |  ------------------------------------------------------'
       |    Skills      | Fighter |  Thief  | Ranger  |  Bard   |
       | Soft Leather   |   1/*   |   1/*   |   1/*   |   2/*   |
       | Rigid Leather  |   1/*   |   2/*   |   2/*   |   2/*   |
       | Chain          |   2/*   |   3/*   |   3/*   |   3/*   |
       | Plate          |   2/*   |   4/*   |   4/*   |   5/*   |
       | 1-Handed Edged |   1/5   |   2/7   |   3/7   |   3/9   |
       | 1-Handed Crush |   2/5   |   3/8   |    4    |    6    |
       | Two-Handed     |   2/7   |    4    |    6    |    7    |
       | Bows           |   2/7   |    4    |    6    |    7    |
       | Thrown         |   2/7   |    4    |    6    |    7    |
       | Pole Arms      |    5    |    6    |    9    |   15    |
       | Climbing       |   3/7   |   2/5   |   3/9   |   3/9   |
       | Swimming       |   2/6   |   1/3   |   2/6   |   2/6   |
       | Riding         |   2/6   |   2/6   |   2/6   |   2/6   |
       | Disarm Traps   |   3/8   |   1/3   |    4    |    4    |
       | Pick Locks     |   3/9   |   1/3   |    4    |    4    |
       | Stalk & Hide   |   2/5   |   1/3   |   1/5   |   2/7   |
       | Perception     |   2/5   |   1/3   |   2/7   |   2/7   |
       | Spell Lists    |   20    |   10    |   4/*   |   4/*   |
       | Runes          |    7    |    6    |    5    |    5    |
       | Staves & Wands |    9    |    7    |    6    |    6    |
       | Channeling     |   25    |   20    |    3    |   13    |
       | Direct Spells  |   20    |   20    |   15    |   10    |
       | Ambush         |   3/8   |   1/3   |    3    |    6    |
       | Body Devel     |   1/3   |   3/7   |   2/7   |   3/8   |
       | First Aid      |   2/6   |   2/6   |   2/4   |   2/6   |
       | Trading        |   3/6   |   2/4   |   3/5   |   2/4   |
       | Pick Pockets   |   3/6   |   1/2   |   2/5   |   2/4   |
       | Brawling       |   2/6   |   2/7   |    5    |    5    |
       |   _____________________________________________________|_
       \_/_______________________________________________________ /
                                   -12-                             More...
Skill  Development  /  \               Skill Development Costs             \
Costs  charts also  | @/___________________________________________________/
show which combin-  |    Skills      |  Mage  | Cleric  | Healer  |Sorcrer|
ations  of  skills  |----------------+--------+---------+---------+-------|
your character can  | Soft Leather   |    9   |   1/*   |   2/*   |   9   |
reasonably   train  | Rigid Leather  |    9   |   2/*   |   3/*   |   9   |
in.   For example,  | Chain          |   10   |   10    |   10    |  10   |
it is possible for  | Plate          |   11   |   11    |   11    |  11   |
a    fighter    to  | 1-Handed Edged |    9   |    6    |    9    |   9   |
double   train  in  | 1-Handed Crush |   20   |    7    |   20    |  20   |
one-handed   edged  | Two-Handed     |   20   |    9    |   20    |  20   |
weapons,two-handed  | Bows           |   20   |    9    |   20    |  20   |
weapons,  body de-  | Thrown         |   20   |    9    |   20    |  20   |
velopment,  disarm  | Pole Arms      |   20   |   20    |   20    |  20   |
traps,  lock pick-  | Climbing       |    6   |    5    |    6    |   7   |
ing, and brawling.  | Swimming       |    3   |    3    |    3    |   3   |
All  of that would  | Riding         |    3   |    3    |    3    |   3   |
cost  50  develop-  | Disarm Traps   |    7   |    7    |    8    |   7   |
ment  points, how-  | Pick Locks     |    8   |    8    |    8    |   7   |
ever, so he or she  | Stalk & Hide   |    5   |    5    |    6    |   6   |
would  need  100's  | Perception     |    3   |    3    |    3    |   3   |
in all development  | Spell Lists    |   1/*  |   1/*   |   1/*   |  1/*  |
stats   which   is  | Runes          |   1/4  |   2/5   |   2/6   |  2/5  |
highly unlikely.    | Staves & Wands |   1/4  |   2/5   |   3/7   |  2/5  |
                    | Channeling     |    7   |   1/4   |   2/5   |  2/5  |
Races  in  Kulthea  | Direct Spells  |   2/5  |    3    |    3    |  2/5  |
have     different  | Ambush         |    9   |    9    |    9    |   9   |
stat  bonuses  and  | Body Devel     |    8   |    6    |   1/3   |   8   |
penalties as well,  | First Aid      |   2/6  |   1/5   |   1/2   |  3/6  |
as  shown  on  the  | Trading        |   3/5  |   2/5   |   2/6   |  3/6  |
table below.        | Pick Pockets   |    3   |    3    |    3    |   3   |
                 ___| Brawling       |   18   |    7    |   18    |  18   |
Chances  are  you  will  want to select a race to improve the stats that you
think  are  important  to your character.  You don't have to, of course.  If
you  have  your heart set on playing a dwarf mage then choose that.  Just be
sure  that  the stats you select overcome any penalties that could adversely
affect your character at higher levels.
 / \                         Race Selection Table                           \
| @/_______________________________________________________________________ /
|                 Development Stats         Primary Stats       Additional |
|                                                                          |
|              ST   QU   PR   IN   EM    CO   AG   SD   EQ  RE             |
| Common Men   +5    0    0    0    0     0    0   +5    0   0    1xD8/120 |
| High Men    +10   -5  +10    0    0   +10   -5    0    0   0  .7xD10/150 |
| Half-Elves   +5  +10  +10    0    0    +5   +5  -10    0   0  .7xD10/150 |
| Wood Elves    0   +5   +5    0   +5     0  +10  -20   +5   0  1.5xD8/150 |
| High Elves    0  +10  +10    0   +5     0   +5  -20   +5   0    2xD8/110 |
| Fair Elves    0  +15  +15    0   +5     0   +5  -20   +5   0   3xD10/120 |
| Dwarves      +5   -5  -10    0  -10   +15   -5   +5    0   0  .5xD10/120 |
| Halflings   -20  +10  -15    0   -5   +15  +15  -10    0   0   .5xD8/80  |
|  ________________________________________________________________________|
                                   -13-                              More...
One of the best tools I've found for   From  the sheet, you can see that at
selecting   minimums  for  stats  is   level  seven, I can hunt hill trolls
spreadsheet software.  A spreadsheet   without  getting  any  criticals  at
can  show  my  weapon's  OB  and DB,   full  parry.   At level eight, I can
magic OB and DB, and power points at   hunt  Fire Guardians without getting
future  levels.   You  can  find the   fried.    Doesn't   look  like  this
formulas   you   need  in  Viszier's   character  will be able to hunt at a
article,  "Basic Math for GSIII," in   higher level than FGs easily though.
KEv1n12.                               I  need  to  increase  the potential
                                       minimums   for  STrength  and  /  or
I  also use 'Adds' columns to figure   QUickness.  As you can see, figuring
increases in stats toward potential.   out the minimum stats your character
Here  is  an  example  of  part of a   needs  before you reroll will help a
spreadsheet,  so you can get an idea   lot in the higher levels.
of  what  I've  putting together and
what you can get from it:              Once  you  have  figured  out   your
 / \                        Spreadsheet Sample                            \
| @/                                                                      /
|  ----------------------------------------------------------------------'
|              OBs               DBs              Magic     Adds        |
|   Lvl  w/ Fal   w/ SD    w/ SD   w/ SD+WS    OB   DB  PPs DBQ MOB MDB |
|   --- -------- -------- -------- --------   ---- ---- --- --- --- --- |
|    1       10       30       54       74     41   61    3  0   0   0  |
|    2       15       35       59       79     51   81    5  0   0   0  |
|    3       20       40       66       86     63  103    8  2   2   2  |
|    4       25       45       71       91     75  125   10  2   2   4  |
|    5       30       50       76       96     85  143   13  2   2   6  |
|    6       35       55       83      103     95  161   16  4   2   8  |
|    7       40       60       88      108    103  177   18  4   0   8  |
|    8       45       65       93      113    113  195   21  4   2  10  |
|    9       50       70       98      118    121  211   23  4   0  10  |
|   10       54       74      102      122    129  227   26  4   0  10  |
|   11       58       78      106      126    136  241   29  4   0  10  |
|   12       62       82      110      130    142  253   31  4   0  10  |
|   13       66       86      114      134    148  265   34  4   0  10  |
|   14       70       90      118      138    154  277   36  4   0  10  |
|   15       74       94      122      142    160  289   39  4   0  10  |
|   16       78       98      126      146    166  301   42  4   0  10  |
|   17       82      102      130      150    172  313   44  4   0  10  |
|   18       86      106      134      154    178  325   47  4   0  10  |
|   19       90      110      138      158    184  337   49  4   0  10  |
|   20       94      114      142      162    190  349   52  4   0  10  |
|                                                                       |
|   Fal = Falchion       SD = Shaalk Dagger     WS=      Wooden Shield  |
|   PBQ = Plus in QU     MOB = Plus in AG       MDB= Plus in AG (cumm)  |
|   ____________________________________________________________________|__
minimums, stick to them. It may take   I've ever gotten  was two, and  I've
a  long  time  to  roll them up, but   heard of someone getting three,  but
it'll be  worth it  in the long run.   I've  not  heard of  more than that.
                                       As  far as potentials go,  the  best
Of course, if  you are  setting  all   I've  ever  had  was  two 100's, two
of your minimums  to  100, then  you   99's,  and  the  rest  above eighty.
will  be  in  the roller a very long   Others have gotten better, I'm sure,
time indeed!  The  most  100's  that   and  maybe you will too!
                        Learning All the Right Moves
 ____________    Or the Art of Training a Character Properly
/ \      __  \          by Darkwalker deKnightsaber
\@|     / "| |     with help from Avondale de|{nightsaber
  |    //|"| |
 _|   //=|"| |
/@|  //  |"| |fter playing  GemStone   so you shouldn't rush.
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / for  over two  years,      Next  is weapon skill.  Off-hand,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  I have repeatedly run   I  suggest fighters learn two-handed
into  a problem of training my char-   (massive  damage  and  probably  the
acter  incorrectly because of things   only  advantage  of  being a fighter
that  were  not  implemented  at the   right  now)  and  a  ranged  weapon.
time.   Not  being  one who likes to   Learning  all  weapons  would  be  a
waste resources, I don't bother with   tremendous   waste   so   learn  one
things until they are put in...  and   hand-to-hand and one ranged.  Unless
this  is  where  I hope this article   something  is  done to let you train
will help you.                         more  than  once, other classes most
   You  should know that Simutronics   likely should not train in any other
implements  new  things very slowly,   weapons.   As  for pole arms, I sug-
but  YOU  should plan ahead and roll   gest that everyone who can do so for
up  a  character  that  will  not be   a  fair  price  train  in it.  It is
forced  into  retirement  due to new   fairly   cheap  and  being  able  to
system  implementations (meaning get   attack  from  the  back  can let you
a character with VERY good stats and   take  a  break  from getting hit all
have knowledge in ALL skills).  I've   the   time.   Fighters  and  Thieves
had  two  characters  over level 10,   should  probably  train  in  it, and
and   had  to  reroll  both  due  to   Rangers  and  Bards who couldn't get
ignorance  in certain fields.  It is   bows   and   thrown  weapons  should
important to do things properly from   probably train in this instead since
the  start  because  getting  a good   the  lance  (a  polearm) is the most
character  makes it easier later on.   deadly weapon in the game.
If you want to get to Lord level and      Next,  we  have  general  skills.
beyond, it is a necessity.             Being  a real bargain for thieves, I
   First  off,  follow  the articles   suggest they train at least once per
published  in  KE  on  how to roll a   level   in   climbing,  riding,  and
character.    They  are  all  fairly   swimming.  For the other arms-users,
accurate,  but remember:  Unless you   training  once  per  level  is  also
play for the personal interaction of   suggested.  Spell-users MUST train a
role-playing  exclusively,  GemStone   little  off  and  on  between levels
III  is  not a place for mediocrity.   because  not being able to climb can
You must get VERY good stats.          limit  the  areas you can visit.  In
   Also extremely important are what   the   future,  swimming  may  be  an
skills you train in.  Looking at the   important  factor as well.  The best
list,  I  see  that  armor is first.   time  for spell-users to train would
The  good  thing about armor is that   be  times  when you skip a body dev-
you  can  put  as  many ranks as you   elopment skill.  Remember, body dev-
want in them so it is easy to "catch   elopment  is  a skill with a maximum
up"  here  if something new gets put   and  you  shouldn't  (in my opinion,
in.  I suggest that everyone includ-   rush or force yourself to reach your
ing  arms-users  not  train  at  all   max   as   fast  as  possible.)  Not
until the engagement system gets put   training  in these skills was one of
in  because  if  chain  or plate are   the  reasons I rerolled a character,
implemented,  and  they  are  better   and that was after twelve levels!
than   rigid   leather,   all  those      Next  come  the thiefly   skills.
development  points  will  have been   Thieves should train twice per level
wasted.   Also remember that you can   and  fighters  may  want to as well,
learn  those  ranks all in one level   but it is very expensive and I would
                                    -15-                            More...
save instead for ambush and weapons.   nate between skills or just get good
Rangers  and  Bards may also want to   in  one  and train in the other at a
pick  locks,  but  remember you also   higher level (like 10 or so).
have spell lists to think about.          Channeling  is  good  mainly  for
   Hide  and  Stalk  is required for   Clerics,  Healers,  Rangers and Sor-
ambushing and I suggest you train in   cerors.   For other classes, I think
it  twice  per  level if you ambush.   there  are better skills to develop.
It's  not  really  worth  it  if you   It   is   particularly   useful  for
don't because getting the message of   rangers  who  don't have spell lists
someone  noticing  you  when you are   and have many spell points unused.
hunting  in  a group makes you waste      Directed  spell  is good for your
one  of  your  skills  and  is  also   spell  offense  and  spell  defense.
downright embarrassing!                Mages and Sorcerors must train twice
   Perception   is   a  very  useful   and  Clerics and Healers once.  This
skill!   It  lets  you  find  secret   is  too  costly  for  arms-users and
doors  and  may  even  play a bigger   they  should  pass  except for maybe
role  in  the future.  I suggest you   the Bard.  At 10, it is still costly
train  in this once per level and if   and  one  must weigh its usefulness.
it's cheap, maybe even twice.          It  would  definitely  make you more
   Spell lists are mainly for spell-   adaptable  to different environments
users  and  hybrids, but thieves may   (safer  if you find a new area where
want  to  get  the  locklore  spell.   monsters  in the same area have high
Fighters  shouldn't even think about   melee OB and spell OB.)
it.  Try to put ten per level, but I      Ambush should be trained in twice
wouldn't  force  myself  to  put ten   by  Thieves  and  possibly twice for
unless I was a cleric.  Nine is okay   Fighters.   Rangers  and  Bards  may
and  if you don't get the spell, you   also  want it but since it takes too
need  only put in one next level and   long  to  get  real  good at it, I'd
you'll  have  development points for   pass.   Spell-users may also want it
other  skills.   Hybrids, the choice   as  well  since they can get low THT
is up to you if you want only spells   with   metal  wands  and  get  great
or  some  skills and spells.  My old   crits.  The cost is fairly high, and
Ranger  put  about 5 ranks per level   it's  up to you if you think it will
and  was  still able to get channel-   be  worth it, but since brawling may
ing, lockpicking, and first aid.       be  more  useful,  I'd  think I'd do
   Runes  were recently implemented,   that instead.
and  since  they  act  like wands, I      Body  development  is  needed for
suggest  training  in  them once per   all classes and everyone should only
level  instead  of  twice for spell-   train once per level (except Healers
users.    Other   classes   such  as   perhaps).   This  is a skill you can
fighters,   thieves,   rangers   and   max  out  on,  and since most deaths
bards,  may want to train in them as   are  from crits, only train once per
well   because   at   high   levels,   level including Fighters.
training once per level will get you      First   aid  can  help  you  stop
pass  the mod easily and you will be   wounds  and  skin  animals.  It is a
able to cast spells!                   fairly  useful  skill  and it may be
   Staves   and   wands   should  be   worth  getting  a few levels to heal
studied  like runes, but since there   specific injuries.  Ask a Healer who
is  a  lack  of  non-offensive wands   may know how many ranks it takes for
(which  use  your directed spell OB)   each type of injury.
arms-users   may   want   to   pass.      Trading  helps you by not letting
However,  if  you've  got the points   the  shop  owners get angry with you
and want to hope for a better future   for  bargaining.  Get a couple ranks
of  more useful utility wands, train   if  you  can, but don't worry if you
in  this  as  well.  I would suggest   don't have any.
runes  instead  though, and remember      Picking pockets helps you lighten
that  it  is  impossible to train in   the load of your friends and enemies
everything  so  try to either alter-   alike.    Most   people  have  harsh
                                   -16-                             More...
punishments   for   pick-pockets  so   spells at high levels anyway.
think  first  before  you  get  this      It  isn't  possible  to  train in
skill.                                 everything  and  most  of the time a
   Brawling   is   a   useful  skill   few  ranks  is  all you really need.
because  it  lets  you parry without   Some  skills  like  pole  arms,  for
the  use  of a weapon.  It also lets   example, are extremely expensive for
you use nets which have very low THT   a  Bard,  but  you may still want to
on  certain  monsters.  Fighters and   train   in   it  so  that  when  its
Thieves  may want to train twice per   implemented,   you  will  be  ready.
level,  but Rangers and Bards should   Also  note  that  if  the engagement
probably   pass.   Spell  users  can   system gets put in, spell users will
train in brawling but at a very high   need   a   free  hand  to  cast  and
cost.   If  you have the development   brawling may be much more important.
points,  it  is worth it in the long   You   might  want  to  train  in  it
run  since  you would only depend on   instead of a weapon.
 /                                                                        \
|  Class    Train Once                                 Train Twice         |
|                                                                          |
| Fighter  Pole Arms (probably not if you use bows    Two-handed, Bows or  |
|          or thrown), Climbing, Riding, Swimming,    Thrown, Pick Locks,  |
|          Perception, Runes, Body Development,       Stalk/Hide, Ambush,  |
|          First Aid, Trading                         Brawling             |
|                                                                          |
| Thief    Pole Arms, Climbing, Riding, Swimming,     One-handed Edge or   |
|          Perception, Runes, Body Dev, First Aid,    Crushing, Disarm     |
|          Trading                                    Trap, Pick Locks,    |
|                                                     Stalk/Hide, Ambush,  |
|                                                     Brawling             |
|                                                                          |
| Mage     1-hand Edge in no Brawling, Perception,    Directed Spells      |
|          8-10 in Spell Lists, Runes, Wands, Body    (Off and on Climbing |
|          Dev, Ambush, Trading, First Aid, Brawling  Swimming, Riding)    |
|                                                                          |
| Cleric   Any weapon (even ranged), Perception,      Channeling           |
|          10 in Spell List, Runes, Wands, Directed   (Off and on Climbing |
|          Spells, Body Dev, First Aid, Trading,      Swimming, Riding)    |
|          Brawling                                                        |
|                                                                          |
| Healer   One-hand Edge, Perception, 8-10 Spell      Channeling, Body Dev |
|          Lists, Runes, Wands, Directed Spells,      (Off and on Climbing |
|          Trading, First Aid                         Swimming, Riding)    |
|                                                                          |
| Sorceror One-hand Edge if no Brawling, Perception   Directed Spells      |
|          8-10 Spell List, Runes, Wands, Channeling  (Off and on Climbing |
|          Body, Ambush, Trading, First Aid, Brawling Swimming, Riding)    |
|                                                                          |
| Ranger   Bows, Thrown or Pole Arms, Pick Locks,     One-hand Edged       |
|          Stalk/Hide, Perception, 1-9 Spell Lists,   (Off and on Climbing |
|          Runes, Wands, Channeling, Ambush, Body Dev Swimming, Riding     |
|          First Aid, Trading, Brawling                                    |
|                                                                          |
| Bard     Bows, Thrown OR Pole Arms, Pick Locks,     One-handed Edged     |
|          Stalk/Hide, Perception, 1-9 Spell Lists    (Off and on Climbing |
|          Runes, Wands, Directed Spells, Ambush,     Swimming, Riding)    |
|          Body Dev, First Aid, Trading, Brawling                          |
 ____________            Is it Better to Have...?
/ \ ________ \           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|~|~~|| |             by Flavor Da'Fearless
  |  |~|_ ~~ |
 _|  |~|-|   | riday  night  came in   each  other   and  I  was  ready  to
/@|  |~|     | the land  of Kulthea.   develop  it.  She  told  me  that  I
\_/ ~~~~~    / A mystical voice exp-   made her feel warm inside.  With me,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  lained to all  that I   she didn't follow her first instinct
had joined the land once again.  The   involving men, which was to run. Yet
small  crowd  sitting  in the temple   I was tearing her apart, she said.
greeted me as I evaluated my health,
experience and inventory.  I found a   Then I  was told  that there  was so
spot  on  the dusty floor to sit and   much more  I needed  to  know  about
look at the people sitting near me.    her.   I wanted  to know  everything
                                       about her.   She  explained how  she
Most  were  trying  to  get treasure   had a deep, dark mysterious past.  I
chests   unlocked,  while  the  rest   did not  care what  she had  to tell
described  their  adventures.  But I   me.   Nothing she  could  say  would
was  only interested in one person's   change my  feelings towards  her  or
comments.                              make me  afraid.  She told me that I
                                       should be afraid.
One  voice received all my attention
for  its  owner  seemed intelligent,   This  caused  me to try to forget my
kind,  friendly  and  charming.  She   former  feelings.   I had allowed my
was  also quite attractive.  A quick   emotions to get me in trouble before
look: No wedding band. Another look:   but  this  time  would be different.
No engagement  band.   Yet  another:   Quickly  I  raised  my parry to 100;
No rings at all. Could I be in luck?   however,   that  doesn't  work  with
                                       matters  of  the heart.  Based on my
I  wanted  to know her better than I   own previous experience, I set up my
knew  the lands  of Kulthea,  better   defenses and prepared for the worst.
than a fighter's  best  friend,  his
weapon.  To  get  her  attention,  I   And now things just aren't the same.
introduced  myself, just in case she   Everything   is   changing  for  the
didn't know The Flavor.                worse,  faster than I ever expected.
                                       She's  avoiding me, ignoring me, not
"Hello," I  whispered into  her ear.   speaking  to  me.   I  feel so down-
"I am everyone's  favorite Flavor...   trodden.   I do not have to be blind
Flavor Da'Fearless,  fighter.  I  am   or stunned to recognize the signals.
the terror  that hunts in the night.
It's a pleasure to meet you."          I wrote  her a  letter saying that I
                                       had  fun   while  it   lasted.  That
She smiled at me.  In a few moments,   someday  I  hope  she'll  be  happy.
she whispered, "Hello, Flavor. I see   That  someday   it  would   all   be
you are unique.  Nice introduction."   forgotten.  Yet in my heart and mind
I thanked  and complemented  her and   I am a broken man.  No mage can cast
hoped to  see  her  later  and  more   a spell  to help  me forget her.  No
often.   Over the  next few  nights,   fight can  be greater  than the  war
she accompanied  me on hunts, and it   I've  had  with  my  feelings.    No
seemed that   we  grew close.  I was   cleric can  resurrect the part of me
starting to  be affected  by her.  I   that died when she left my life.  No
enjoyed her  company.  I knew it was   healer can heal my broken heart.
bad when  I felt  happy just to know
she was visiting Kulthea.              As I  stand at  the edge of a cliff,
                                       looking over  the wilds  of Kulthea,
We had  talked in  remote places for   one question  repeats itself  to me:
what seemed  like hours  on  end.  I   Is it better to have loved and lost,
felt we  had made  a  commitment  to   than never to have loved at all?
 _________        by Bobuss Mortis and Arborius Dragonson
/ \ _____ \
\@| ~|_|~ |
  |  | |  | don't know where you got   Bobuss  mumbled.   He  took  a  deep
 _|  |~|  | this chest but it wasn't   breath and...  Click.
/@| _|~|_ | from Hobs,"  Bobuss mum-
\_/ ~~~~~ / bled.                      He took a deep breath and...  Click.
"Sure it was," Arborius said, crack-   He took a deep breath and...  Click.
ing   a   barely  noticeable  smile.
Bobuss could see the glint of a dark   "Hmmmm."  Why  did he feel like he'd
sygils  toward the back of the lock.   been   through  this  before?   Then
He  had  never seen anything like it   abruptly  his  surroundings changed.
but since it wasn't part of the main   He  was  in a totally flat landscape
lock  assembly  he  figured he would   that   extended   to   the  horizon.
just  keep his lockpick clear of it.   Nothing  to  be  seen  as  far as he
He  took  a deep breath to clear his   could look.
head,  knowing that he needed to use
not  only skill but his intuition to   "What  now?"  Bobuss  sighed.  "It's
get  the  feel  of  the  lock.  Most   always  something."  He  hesitated a
times he didn't think about picking,   moment  trying to figure out what to
he just let his hands do it.           do.   His  father  had  always said,
                                       "Nothing  is ever gained by standing
"Well,  guess  it's  now  or never,"   still."  So  he  smiled  and started
|                                                                         |
|                                                                         |
|    __-_---_                                                    _-_---_  |
|   -___   __-                                                  -_   _ -_ |
|       ---      __---_                                           --- --  |
|              _-_ --- -_        +        +        +                      |
|             -_  ___-___-  _____|___ ____|___ ____|___                   |
|               --         (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (_________)________)________)                  |
|                           ____||___ ___||___ ___||___                   |
|                          (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (         )        )        )                  |
|                          (_________)________)________)                  |
|+_                            | |      | |      | |  /-------]           |
|--|_          L_______________|_|______|_|______|_|_|========|           |
|--__---__      \\                                   +--------|           |
|_________\-------\\   .     Q    Q    Q    Q    Q    Q   Q   |-----------|
| ~     ~           \;;;:     \    \    \    \    \    \   \ / ,,'' ''''  |
|              ~   ,;;;:;.;;;^^\^^^^\^^^^\^^^^\^^^^\^^^^\^^^\'',, ''''''''|
|      ~                        ''   ''   ''   ''   ''   ''  ''' ,,,''''' |
|          ~           ~              ~               ~                  ~|
| ~                ~         ~             ~                 ~        ~   |
|                                                 ~       ~      ~        |
|                          Ship entering Claedesbrim Bay                  |
|                                                                         |
Original Painting in Kelfour's Museum:              Artist: Flint Thalassar
                                   -19-          Donor: Vlad the Art Dealer
walking,  deciding  there  had to be   this   sleek  craft,  they  were  in
something in this strange place.  He   serious  trouble.   Pirates  in this
hadn't  gone  ten  feet  when he was   area  were  notorious for not taking
suddenly  bombarded  with  images of   prisoners.  Bobuss glanced about for
his  past,  present,  and  maybe the   away  to escape, terror gripping his
future.  Struggling to keep his wits   heart.   They had come so far for it
about him,  Bobuss pressed on as the   to  end  like this!  He grabbed Rath
images shifted, seemingly organizing   and Riga as the crew scurried around
themselves   into   some  sequential   grabbing  belaying  pins  and  other
order.   Finally,  one image totally   assorted weapons.
filled  the landscape...  before him
were  three  young  men; himself and   "We  have  to  get  out of here!" he
his   two  cousins,  Riga  and  Rath   cried  frantically.  "Let's grab one
Mortis,  at  the  rail  of a ship at   of the life boats and try to make it
sea.                                   to Claedesbrim Bay."
It was  when he had first arrived at   Rath  looked at him solemnly.  "We'd
Kelfour's.                             never  make it.  Either they kill us
                                       fighting,  or  they  kill us running
The   wind   blew  in  their  faces,   and  I  say we give them hell before
smelling of the sea.  Bobuss smiled;   we go!" Bobuss realized he was right
this   was   real   adventure!   The   but  he didn't have to like it.  The
cousins  had  heard about a frontier   three  of  them dashed below deck to
town called Kelfour's Landing, known   get what Bobuss called their "edge,"
for  its  adventurers,  a few months   weapons  and  magic items that would
before.   Quickly deciding to go and   be handy when they got to Kelfour's.
make  their fortunes in this untamed   If  they  got  to  Kelfour's.   Rath
land, they had traveled far and were   grabbed a large two-handed sword and
now  less  than  a  day  from  their   a  potion,  Riga his gold and silver
destination.    They   were  excited   wands,  and  Bobuss  snatched up his
beyond belief.  Bobuss, the son of a   shaalk  short sword and the gold and
locksmith,  was  determined  not  to   onyx  brooch  his  mother  had given
live the boring life his father led.   him, saying it would bring luck.
He  wanted  to  use  his  skills  to
become  rich,  no matter what he had   As  they  arrived  back topside they
to  do,  and his cousins had similar   saw  that the pirate ship had closed
aims  in  mind.  Rath, a pretty good   much  of  the distance between them.
ranger,  was coming to seek fame for   They   could   see  pirates  running
himself,  and  Riga,  a  mage  of no   around  the deck making preparations
small water, was already seeking out   to  take  their  ship, which was now
new  spells  and  knowledge.   While   less  than  a  half  a mile away and
these  aims were fine, he knew there   closing.   Riga  said, "come closer,
could  be  no  fame without finance,   I'll  give you a little protection."
and  spells  cost!  He was glad that   As  they  stepped  forward Riga ges-
his   cousins  had  come,  and  felt   tured,  and  they  felt  both looked
confident  that  they  could  handle   stronger.   Rath uncorked his potion
anything that came their way.          and waited.  The ship was now within
                                       a  hundred yards, and they could see
"Ship  off  the starboard bow!" came   what  looked  like  three small bon-
the shout from the crow's nest.  The   fires.   As  they watched, the fires
captain    came   running   to   the   suddenly   shot   forward,   burning
forecastle,  looking-glass  in hand.   missles streaking toward them.
As  he  peered  through it a look of
dread  formed  on his face.  "Damn,"   "Incoming!"  shouted  the man in the
he  mumbled, "pirates."  As the ship   crow's  nest.  Sailors scattered for
drew closer Bobuss began to make out   cover.   Two of the missles overshot
details,  and  if  the  ship was any   the  vessel,  but  the third smashed
indication  of  the  inhabitants  of   dead  center  of  the mast, hurtling
                                    -20-                            More...
burning  debris  about.  There was a   about  what  a  way  to  have it end
loud  crack  and  part  of  the mast   before   the  adventure  even  truly
collapsed,  smashing  to  the  deck.   begin.
Smoke and confusion were everywhere.
Bobuss  called  out,  "Rath!  Riga!"   Then,  without  warning,  the entire
but  there was no answer.  He scram-   ship  exploded  and Bobuss instinct-
bled through the wreckage searching,   ively  went under the surface.  When
but  the  smoke  was  too thick.  He   he  came  up, it was to see the last
called  out  again  and  again,  and   of  the  ship  going  down  into the
finally heard Rath sobbing, "...over   water.   Debris was everywhere as he
here."  Bobuss  followed  the  voice   grabbed  a  piece  of  planking  and
till  he  saw  Rath slumped over his   attempted  to  paddle  away.  But he
brother's  body,  half  covered with   quickly  tired and just floated, the
debris,  tears  streaming  down  his   current  taking him farther from the
face.  "They killed him," he sobbed.   pirate  ship.   Eventually he passed
Rath  shook  with  anguish.  Then he   out from the shock and exhaustion of
stopped  and  looked to the ship now   the  battle  and  the  loss  of  his
pulling alongside the crippled ship,   cousins.   He  awoke occasionally to
a look of pure hatred burning in his   find himself floating aimlessly with
eyes.  "Now they pay..." he mumbled.   the  current, and once he thought he
                                       saw  something  in the distance, but
The  pirates  had lowered planks and   was to weak to do anything.  He knew
were  beginning  to  board the ship.   he was dead, so he floated uncaring,
Rath Mortis drank the potion and the   ready to let the gods take him.
change   was  immediate;  he  looked
incredibly  strong and imposing.  He   He  dreamed.  He dreamed that he had
gripped  his  two  handed  sword and   stopped floating and there was some-
walked  forward.   The  pirates were   thing   solid  beneath  him.   After
indiscriminately  attacking  sailors   awhile  he  dreamed he heard voices,
--  that is, until Rath arrived.  He   angels  he  thought.   Then  he  was
waded  into  them  like  he was har-   floating  again,  but  it  felt dif-
vesting  wheat.  Eleven pirates were   ferent, and he let the darkness take
soon  dead,  one  nearly  cleaved in   him.   Then  suddenly  his world was
half.  But they soon realized he was   full of light and sound, and he felt
no  ordinary  sailor  and began tar-   as though a hand had somehow wrapped
getting  him.    Bobuss   heard  the   itself  around  his soul and brought
captain wail, "they'll never take me   him  back.  As the pain hit him like
ship,"  and  another  sailor scream,   a  brick  wall,  he thought he heard
"Captain, no!"                         someone say, "Arborius, he's awake."
Soon, from somewhere deep within the   Bobuss  blinked,  realizing  he  was
ship   there   came   an  explosion.   reliving all this from a "TimeRift,"
Bobuss  glanced  at  Rath in time to   a phenomenon he had heard about from
see  him take a rapier strike to his   other  lockpickers.  He  cursed  the
throat,   blood   streaming   every-   being that  had  brought him to this
where,  but on he kept fighting.  He   place  to  repeat his  own  personal
searched  desperately  for something   hell even as he watched on.
to  help  his  cousin and saw one of    _________________________________
Riga's  wands.  Desperate situations   /                                 \
require   desperate   measures,   he  |  Spend a FREE WEEKEND in Kulthea  |
figured.   How hard could it be?  He  |   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   |
grabbed and waved a wand at a pirate  | That's right! Play to your hearts |
in  one  fluid  motion, which immed-  | content -- from 6PM Friday to 8AM |
iately  felt  wrong; the wand flared  | Monday morning!  Three  published |
briefly   then   exploded,  throwing  | articles/stories in  KE is all it |
Bobuss  over  the  rail and into the  | takes!  Send GE Mail asking about |
ice-cold   water.    He  floundered,  | details to  Lady Phaedra Bleu C/O |
losing  his  short  sword,  thinking  |            P.HERRINGTON           |
 ___________         Cape & Sash Registry of Family Colors
/ \    ____ \        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@|  /~/~~\\ |            by Artuero Bresnahanini
  | |~|    ~ |
 _| |~|    _ | hoosing  your  family   families  inactive  between the most
/@|  \~\__// | colors is easier. The   two  recent  Halls of Fame (1/92 and
\_/   ~~~~~ /  Cape &  Sash  Society   3/92).  We suggest that these colors
  ~~~~~~~~~~   recently  compiled  a   be  made  available to new claimants
new  Registry  of Family Colors.  It   in 60 days unless the family holding
includes  claims made since the last   them reposts their claim.
list  was  compiled, striking claims      For those who have not registered
by  families  no  longer included in   colors  but  wish to, the process of
the Hall of Fame.                      registration  is  simple;  the  hard
   The registry recognizes claims on   part  is  choosing the colors.  Once
standard  colors  available  through   you  have  done that, check the fol-
the  special  order process in town.   lowing  list  to  see  if  they  are
In  addition,  a  claim on black and   already  held.   If  not,  go to the
white,  for  example, is regarded as   MPGRT Bulletin  Board  (Page 1045;1)
the  same  as  a  claim on white and   and  post  a  notice in The Kulthean
black.  In order to free colors, the   Cape  &  Sash  Registry (Topic 15 in
registry  identified  those  held by   Category  20).   That's all you need
                                       do to have your claim recognized.
|     Registered Family Colors        |   Must Be Reclaimed within 60 Days  |
|White/White     Wisraith Winterwind  |White/Grey      Hetchel Threadbear   |
|White/Black     Xura Viirkort        |White/Blue      Brant Souvanhouf     |
|White/Dark      Gwen Belanger        |White/Purple    Elor Once-Dark       |
|White/Red       Strom O'Berin        |White/Silvery   Opal Diamond-Ninja   |
|White/Green     Paithan Kirlan       |Grey/Grey       Leatherbelly Vain    |
|White/Golden    Artuero Bresnahanini |Grey/Black      Raven Brightwing     |
|White/Camoflage Michealoos Durados   |Grey/Dark       Erebor Bordeaux      |
|Grey/Lavender   House of Eternity    |Grey/Red        Lal Nirinda          |
|Grey/Camoflage  Ash Blackstar        |Grey/Cyan       Jochme Ytier         |
|Grey/Azure      Rune Arundel         |Grey/Silvery    Enist d'e'elni       |
|Black/Black     Vlad Drakulya        |Black/Blue      Elzbeth Collins      |
|Black/Dark      Joqain Denark        |Black/Azure     Bannor Trocolar      |
|Black/Green     Moonpie Legend       |Black/Tan       Valeria Deering      |
|Black/Orange    Mordue d'Arti        |Dark/Azure      Alton Alanthias      |
|Black/Purple    The Griff Bros.      |Dark/Silvery    Ilstar Darkedge      |
|Black/Golden    Talon Elessendil     |Red/Green       Kedryn Strongblade   |
|Black/Silvery   Jamel Kaili          |Red/Yellow      Hardtwood Strongbow  |
|Black/Brass     Zoweeejr Shadowzit   |Red/Silvery     Angelique Lovelin    |
|Dark/Camoflage  Gallenod Varynesti   |Blue/Azure      Fnord Malaclypse     |
|Red/Red         Taarna Wayfinder     |Blue/Golden     Salvius Cygnus-Aureus|
|Black/Red       Fortunato Sunslang   |Blue/Silvery    Achoo GoldenRod      |
|Red/Golden      Kirc Bloodguard      |Azure/Azure     Arius Altair         |
|Blue/Purple     Donal Champagne      |Azure/Cyan      Fesley Grammar       |
|Azure/Green     Jehr Ap'Cydon        |Azure/Silvery   Deerslayer O'Bryne   |
|Azure/Camoflage Viszier Wazara       |Cyan/Green      Celeborn Greyswndir  |
|Green/Green     Rhys Corwinson       |Cyan/Chrome     Reese Morlane        |
|Green/Brown     Dane Redlance        |Green/Yellow    Kitty Thornburr      |
|Green/Metallic  Hilgavolkas LaJolla  |Green/Golden    Keredon Oro          |
|Purple/Golden   Paks Moray           |Purple/Lavender Tarellon D'Armond    |
|Purple/Silvery  Kayla Kindhart       |Brown/Orange    Rhen Gothmog         |
|Lavender/Golden Rhea Sibex           |Brown/Golden    Elwyn Moonstrom      |
|Silvery/Silvery Eron Kulsen          |Golden/Golden   Kimball Kinnison     |
|Silvery/Chrome  Cameron SilverMask   |Golden/Silvery  Quiz Questroy        |
 _______________         Symbols and Lies, Part 1
/ \ ____    ____\        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|       by Lord Whilder Planrathe
  |  |~|/~~\|~| |
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| |hilder wearily made   haunt a God?"
/@| _|__/  \__|_|  his  way  to  the
\_/_____________/  flat  black rock.   "Killing   weak   creatures  is  not
Slowly  he  scanned  the surrounding   power."
landscape.  "An appropriate spot for
a decision," he thought.               "Then  show  yourself!" he screamed.
                                       "Show  me this power you surrendered
He  looked  back  up the path toward   your   soul,  your  very  existence,
the  Landing.   "I  could  go sit in   for!"
Helga's  tavern,  watch  the Landing
fall to the evil within and without.   "Here,"  came  the  soft  voice from
Or..."   He   shuddered  as  another   behind Whilder.
thought  crossed  his  mind.  "...or
join it."                              Whilder  spun  on  the  balls of his
                                       feet,  his  sword  barely deflecting
"And   why  not?"  replied  a  faint   the   blow   aimed   at   his  head.
voice. His brother's voice.  "Powers   "Attacking  from  behind  is  not  a
you haven't dreamed of.  Powers that   display   of   power,"  he  snapped,
no  others  shall have.  Powers that   backing away from his opponent.
others  shall  fall prey to.  Powers
that can make you famous, respected,   "Your skill  has grown," replied the
feared..."                             figure.
Whilder's  hand  whitened around the   The attack had come in with his back
grip  of  his  broadsword.   "You're   to  the  late afternoon sun, and re-
dead," he whispered.                   flexes  alone had saved Whilder from
                                       the  unseen blow.  He had been talk-
"I am with you always," answered his   ing  to  the  sky,  not watching for
brother's  voice.   "You  and I were   movement,  not  constantly  scanning
one at birth.  Now in death I am one   for  the  many trolls that travelled
with something greater.  Join us."     here.  "Your blow was weak," Whilder
                                       said,   edging  into  the  open  and
Whilder's  sword trembled.  The rage   waiting for his eyes to adjust.
building   within   him  was  barely
controllable,  yet there was nothing   "If I  had killed you, you would not
to  strike  at.   Nothing to battle.   be able to join us," said the figure
Whilder whispered again, anger rasp-   as it  slowly moved to let the light
ing  his voice.  "Your soul was con-   fall upon its face.
sumed  by  that  greater power!  You
exist no more!"                        His face.   Whilder's  face.  A face
                                       that had not aged a day since he had
"I am with you always. The power can   last seen it 30 years ago.
be yours as well."
                                       "Impossible!" hissed Whilder.
"Power?    I  have  power!"  Whilder
turned and pointed down the old mine   "Nothing is impossible, if you serve
road.   "I  could  go  to the mines.   the  proper   cause,"  answered  his
Wander them for the rest of my days.   brother.  "Join us, and know eternal
I  could  easily  kill anything that   victory, eternal life."
lives  there!   Isn't that power?  I
would  be feared by those creatures,   Eternal  damnation,   more   likely,
maybe someday worshipped as a God by   thought  Whilder.  He watched as his
them!  Would you stop haunting me if   brother  came  full  around into the
that  happened?   Would  you dare to   sunlight.    "Show   me  your  hand,
                                   -23-                             More...
brother.  Show me it is really you."   hug  Whilder   and  began   to  step
                                       forward,  the   short   sword   held
The  brother  smiled  and  slung his   carelessly in  his right  hand, flat
shield over his shoulder.  Something   edge toward Whilder.
about the movement struck Whilder as
wrong,  but  there  was  no  time to   Whilder's vision shifted.
puzzle over it.  His brother dropped
his  left  arm.  Holding the palm up   It  was  wrong,  all wrong.  Not the
at  waist  level, he stepped closer,   bright,    shimmering    field    he
the  flat  edge  of  his short sword   recalled.  It was a hole in the very
resting  almost  carelessly  on  his   essence  itself,  blackness striving
right shoulder.                        to overwhelm reality, trying to des-
                                       troy  all  existence.   A  blackness
He walked forward until the point of   shaped  as  a faintly humanoid form.
Whilder's  sword pressed against his   The  weapon  was a many-jagged thing
leather  jerkin.   The  sword  never   that promised pain and destruction.
wavered  against  the  body pressing
against  it.   The  arm never moved.   His combat reflexes took over.
His  brother stopped, a sad smile on
his  face.   "This  is how you greet   Whilder leapt  forward, his left arm
your own brother?" he asked.           sweeping around  to block  the sword
                                       arm of  his  opponent.    His  right
Whilder looked down at his brother's   shoulder dipped slightly and dropped
palm.   It was there!  The birthmark   back, the  broadsword  swinging  up,
in  the  left palm, the ancient fair   flat  edge  parallel  to the ground.
elven  symbol  for  luck.   Not  the   The  point of the weapon met his foe
later  symbols  to  indicate  either   the same instant as his left should-
good or bad luck, but the first one,   er, his right arm thrusting forward.
called "rampant luck" by his race.     The momentum of his body knocked his
                                       foe  backwards, broadsword thrusting
The  same  symbol called "wild luck"   through  the  jerkin  just under the
in  the  common  tongue.   The  same   breastbone.    The  angle  of  their
symbol that was  on  his  own  right   falling  bodies  allowed  the broad-
palm. The  same  cursed  symbol that   sword to continue through the heart.
had denied their parents  the  right
to name them.                          Whilder stood  up, ripping his sword
                                       from the  body.   He did not need to
"Rampant,"  whispered  Whilder,  his   check his foe. The disruption of its
sword arm,  then  his  entire  body,   essence field  told him  better than
relaxing.   His  broadsword  dropped   any physical examination that it was
to his side.                           dead.
"Wild,"  said   Rampant,  using  his   It?
birth-name and  not the name Whilder
had adopted  in an  attempt to break   Whilder quickly  shifted his  vision
free of the ancient ways that seemed   back to  normal.  And looked down on
to have cursed him.                    the face of his brother.
The  grin  on  Rampant's  face  told   "Madness," whispered  Whilder to his
Whilder  his brother was teasing, as   brother's body.
he  had  when  they  were  children.
Whilder  smiled  and concentrated to   Another voice came. "You were always
shift  his vision.  He wanted to see   good at killing your own family."
his brother's essence field, a field
that  was slightly stronger than his   Whilder looked  over at  his father.
own, he remembered.                    "How..."
Rampant spread his arms as though to   The  sight  of  his  father suddenly
                                   -24-                             More...
registered.   Unarmed, wearing robes   now lost, so was I.  No matter which
he had worn on that night of terror.   direction  I went, I had no way out,
Whilder   didn't  need  to  ask  his   no goals, no hope.
father  to turn around, he knew what
the back would look like.  A hole in   "Then  one  with the power showed me
both the robe and the flesh.  A hole   the  way,  the true goal.  He led me
created by a broadsword.               from the maze, out of those woods."
His broadsword.                        Whilder  watched   as   his   father
                                       carelessly stepped  over the body of
Driven by his hand, as it had killed   Rampant, drawing closer.
his own brother but a moment before.
                                       Whilder  spoke  softly,  hoping  the
Whilder  backed away from the figure   growing  terror  in  his voice would
of  his  father.  Reflex brought his   not  betray him.  "The path you were
sword  up  into  the guard position,   given was the path to a graveyard."
but  the sight was too much for him.
His  brother's body, his dead father   "No,  my  son.   I was given was the
standing   just   beyond   it.   His   path to becoming one with the power.
weapon,  the killer of all he loved,   The   power   that  keeps  us  alive
fell from his nerveless fingers.       forever.  The power that has sent us
                                       here to give you another chance."
"Your  grip  seems  weak," mused his
father.   "I thought you had learned   His  father  stepped over the broad-
your lessons from me better."          sword,  not  even  glancing  at  it.
                                       Whilder  hesitated.   He had come to
Whilder backed more.  "You're dead,"   this  place to make a decision about
he  whispered.   "You killed Mother.   his life.  Perhaps...
I killed you.  You're dead."
                                       His  father  stopped,  just  out  of
"Think,  my son.  She was a powerful   reach.   "Join  the power," he said,
magess.   She gave herself to me, to   pointing  at Whilder.  "Tell us your
aid  me  in  becoming  one  with the   decision now!"
power.   Had you not interfered, not
you  not stopped me, she would still   Before Whilder  could reply,  before
be alive.  She would have been whole   his father  could take another step,
once  I  became  one with the power.   a thin length of metal thrust itself
Remember her last words."              out of his father's chest.  The look
                                       on  his  face  never  changed, never
I love  you, she  had  said  to  his   wavered.
father.  And then she had died.
                                       "They  will deny you your existence,
"You killed her then, as surely  as    your glory," came his father's voice
you killed your brother just now."     from  a  vast  distance.  "Beware of
                                       them.  Join the power."
Whilder stumbled and almost lost his
footing.  He stopped backing away.     Whilder  watched, fascinated, as the
                                       blade  slowly  drew  back  into  his
"Over  there,"  pointed  his father,   father's chest.  Impossibly slow, he
"are  vast  woods.  If you walk ran-   fell   first   to  his  knees,  then
domly  about  in  them,  you will be   forward onto his face, revealing his
forever  lost.   Life  is like those   killer standing behind him.
woods.   I had reached that point of
my   life  with  no  idea  of  which   She fixed  Whilder with her striking
direction  I should go.  The paths I   green eyes,  a hint of amusement and
had  chosen  seemed  to lead further   concern flashing  within them.  "You
into an endless maze.  Now you, too,   always try to talk trolls to death?"
have reached that point.  As you are
                                   -25-                             More...
"Trolls?" Whilder numbly replied.      hoping for a response.  Long moments
                                       passed.  No reaction.
She smiled.  "Speak up.  You've been
mumbling  ever  since  I  got  here.   Whilder  was still staring as though
Annoying habit but I guess mages end   she  weren't  there,  staring at the
up that way from mumbling spells."     body.   Not a troll, she knew.  What
                                       he  saw  she  didn't know.  Whatever
Whilder watched her sling her shield   had attacked his mind had not been a
over  her  shoulder, bending to roll   normal  illusion,  and  trolls never
the  body  of  his  father over.  He   had power over individual minds.
looked at the face.  Numbly, he fell
to  his  knees,  hesitantly reaching   An alliance?   Or  something  strong
out,  touching,  his fingers tracing   enough  to   scare  or  control  the
the harsh outlines.                    trolls and  get  their  cooperation?
                                       Something that  could then  disguise
Not  the face of his father, an elf.   the trolls and invade Whilder's mind
The face of a troll.                   without being in the immediate area?
                                       Something that  could  disguise  the
"Don't let them fool you,"  came his   trolls only to Whilder.
fathers voice again from a distance.
Whilder  pulled his hand away quick-   She stood  and quickly  scanned  the
ly. "How can I know?"                  area  again.     Nothing.    Nobody.
                                       Whatever or  whoever it had been had
"Trust   us,"   said   his  brother.   left or  died with  the trolls.   Or
Whilder looked over at his body.  "I   was powerful  enough to maintain its
am with you always," it said.          hold on Whilder's mind without being
                                       in any contact with the mage.
The  guardswoman straightened, plac-
ing  the rapier in its sheath on the   She turned back to where Whilder was
side  of  her backpack.  She glanced   kneeling.  Dropping to one knee, she
at  the body Whilder was staring at.   grabbed  his  right  hand  with  her
The body of a troll.                   left,  intending to slap the hilt of
                                       the broadsword into his hand, hoping
Something she did not understand was   physical  contact  would  work where
happening  here; the mage talking to   words  had  failed.  Hoping he would
bodies,  holding a conversation with   not mistake her action as an attack.
someone,  or  something.   His  lips
barely moved, his voice so faint she   Then   she  spotted  the  birthmark.
could only understand  occasionally.   "Rampant luck," she hissed.
Warrior's  instinct  said  there was   "No,"  answered  Whilder,  his voice
nothing  to  fight, nothing to kill.   barely  audible.   "Rampant  died 30
Yet  every  fiber  told her the mage   years  ago.   Or  was  it just a few
was  in  the  gravest  danger of his   minutes?"
life.   That he was losing his mind,         [Conclusion Next Issue]
and his soul would soon follow.          ________________________________
                                        /                                \
She did not want to attack the mage.   |      For our BEST Customers      |
He might  react with a combat spell.   |                                  |
She wanted  to get his attention, to   |   Strawberry Ice!  Yum!     o    |
get him talking to her.  She stepped   |                            ( )   |
between Whilder  and his view of the   | Refreshing, slushy drink  (___)  |
other troll.   Walking  over to  his   | made with ice, dairy      \   /  |
sword, she knelt and picked it up.     | cream and Strawberries!    \_/   |
                                       |                            / \   |
"Nice  weapon."  She  spoke  loudly.   | Perfect for a Sweetie!    ~~~~~  |
"Too  clumsy for my tastes, though."   |            Gert's Baker's Shop   |
She  glanced  sidelong  at  Whilder,    \________________________________/
                             The Serious Snoop
 _______________          by Miss Louvella Parsnips
/ \ ____    ____\
\@| +|~| __ |~|+| e have just retur-   healer has made her  way back to the
  |  |~|/~~\|~| | ned from an exten-   lands following  an   exile  of more
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| | ded  tour  of  the   than twenty years. We  are under the
/@| _|__/  \__|_| decadent Ice Krall   impression that said healer has been
\_/_____________/ castles  and  were   attempting to sway many of Kelfour's
shocked to discover  that  Kelfour's   young and impressionable adventurers
Landing is as corrupt,  immoral  and   to   her   cause    which   includes
disgusting as ever.                    something along the  lines  of blood
                                       sacrifice. We  wonder   exactly what
We hobbled through  the  town gates,   this seemingly  innocent  healer has
and found ourselves accosted  by the   in store for  the  naive adventurers
ghost of a portly, long dead cleric.   who seem to be  blind to the designs
We were  quite  shocked,  to say the   of this wench. We wonder indeed.
least.  Naturally,  this  cleric  is
spouting off about  doom  and gloom,   We have received   many  questioning
in his  usual   grandiloquent manner   missives lately, asking   about  the
and we could not  help but wonder at   aforementioned disappearance of many
the forces that have  brought such a   of  Kelfour's  prominent   and  most
tortured soul back to the lands.       despised adventurers. We are pleased
                                       to inform you  that  the Society for
Of course, seeing  the  decadence of   the Preservation  of   Moral Decency
some of Kelfour's newest adventurers   (SPMD)   finally   gathered   enough
must have  been  enough  to send our   evidence to  drive  these licentious
portly cleric  scrambling   from his   adventurers from Kulthea. Of course,
grave and  he  brings  dire warnings   corruption  is  still  rife  in  the
(something  which  -we-   have  been   lands, but  beware  for   we and the
doing  for  months  now)   that  the   SPMD are  watching.
corrupt behavior  of   those  in the
landing will be tolerated no longer.   Until next time, gentle reader, keep
                                       out of trouble   and Tra-la for now!
We  have  learned  that   after  the
banishment of many of Kelfour's most
prominent   (and    rather    tacky)    ==================================
personalities,  several   previously   |                                  |
untainted   youngsters   have   been   |           MERCHANT MALL          |
attempting   to   follow    in   the   |__________________________________|
footsteps of  these  repugnant lords   |                                  |
and ladies.  One   young  magess who   |      Dungeons and Torture        |
will remain  nameless  for  now, has   |     Chambers our Speciality      |
taken  on  the  role   of   our late   |                                  |
wraithlike  lady  mage  and  can  be   |     TOURS BY MISS LOUVELLA       |
found at  all  hours  of the evening   |    *************************     |
entertaining behind closed  doors at   |                                  |
Frick's inn and accepting lavish and   |    Visit us for customized       |
rather tawdry baubles from  her many   |    vacations of a lifetime       |
admirers. Of course, one  can always   |                                  |
look at the  adornments  of the lady   |     Banishments and exiles       |
mages of  the  land   to see exactly   |   by special request. Mortal     |
whom we are referring to.              |  enemies welcome. Contact Miss   |
                                       | Louvella Parsnips, KE building   |
Surprisingly enough,  our  reporters   |__________________________________|
have  informed  us  that  a  certain

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