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|   |                           Tour the Reopened Spider Temple!  Page 9  |
 |                                                                     |
 |  GemStone III(tm)                                                   |
 |              _____                                                  |
 |             //--   ________                           July 1993     |
 |            //    //----------                       Vol 4, No.2     |
 |           //   //                                                   |
 |   ,______//_  //     _   _           _    ___                       |
 |  /          \//     / ) / )         / )  / __)                      |
 | /             \    / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____   |
 ||               |  /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)  |
 ||              _|_/ /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /      |
 | \            /  (_/\ \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(       |
 |  \          /       |                                               |
 |   `-- -----|        @@@                                             |
 |     //  // \ __ @@   @    _____      _    _    _    _               |
 |   //   // ||     @@@     / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/               |
 | //    //  ||            / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____   |
 |||     \\  ||           /  ___) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )  |
 |||      \\  \\         /  (_   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /   |
 |||       \\___\\______(_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(    |
 | \\        ----  -----                                               |
 |   \\                                   The Kronicles of Kulthea     |
 |                                                                     |
 |                                                                     |
 |   GemStone III Top Five Family Fame Rankings .................   1  |
 |   Life After Death ................... Lady Hilgavolkas LaJolla  2  |
 |   Clerics R Us ..............................Lady Sydna Warrick  4  |
 |   Wilderness Report ....................... D.Forrest Hobgoblin  8  |
 |   Outside the Spider Temple ............ Lord Trachten Hickapod  9  |
 |   Getting Your Stuff .............................. Sean2 Lladd 12  |
 |   What Stuff You're Getting ........................ Amber Kari 14  |
 |   A Detour Through the Wilds of Kelfour .... Imric of Troyhadwy 16  |
 |   Ker ............................................. Simon d'Ker 18  |
 |   New Beginning .................................... Rhea Sibex 19  |
 |   A New Venture? ........................... Palance Buckhannah 21  |
 |   Untitled Poem ...........................Lord Blades Clanners 21  |
 |   Undermining Kelfour's (Part 8) ..... Lord Llorien Silvanestii 22  |
 |   Ram's Guide:                                                      |
 |     Kulthean Bare Basic Knowledge .............. Ram Youngblood 25  |
 |   Kelfour Vaudeville and Variety Company ............ Auditions 27  |
 |   Lletters to Lloyd .......................... Lloyd Llowd, PhD 28  |
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 | Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the multi |
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 | Submissions  may  be  edited for space,  accuracy  and readability. |
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|  ===========  GemStone III Top Five Family Fame Rankings  =============  |
|                                                                          |
| Mages:                  Level  Race | Sorcerers:             Level  Race |
| Dartaghan Darkstar.........33   HL  | Nixie Trevize.............27   HE  |
| Odds Bodkins...............31   HL  | Airioch Ramthanodox.......26   FE  |
| Certain Justice............26   FE  | Mnesiliculous Ecthelion...30   HE  |
| Xura Viirkort..............20   HL  | Anthrax Blackmoore........15   HE  |
| Whilder Planrathe..........26   FE  | Queron Kinevan............20   HM  |
| Clerics:                Level  Race | Healers:               Level  Race |
| Lairaerrykthrok TykilVuul..32   HL  |  Strom O'Berin............49   HI  |
| Aeklug Baeyenbreghaldt.....28   DW  |  Unum Lux.................23   HE  |
| Redeye Kielsson............27   HE  |  Woundhealer Odlaw........25   FE  |
| Hilgavolkas LaJolla........23   DW  |  Caretaker D'BoldHome.....31   DW  |
| Raphael Kinevon............23   HM  |  Kayla Kyndhart...........30   HE  |
| Fighters:               Level  Race | Thieves:               Level  Race |
| Waldo2 Ptolomy.............26   HE  | Arteuro Bresnahanini......34   FE  |
| Shardin QuickSword.........11   HM  | Moonpie Legend............24   HE  |
| Blades Clanners............24   HE  | Valeria Deering...........24   FE  |
| Metaboculous Griden........21   HM  | Stanyon Sting.............27   HE  |
| Gilthor Longblade..........24   HM  | Mohrgan Silversteel.......12   HE  |
| Rangers:                Level  Race | Bards:                 Level  Race |
| Fxg Lyon...................29   HE  | Enegue LionHeart...........33  HM  |
| Trachten Hickapod..........28   HM  | Llorien Silvanestii........21  FE  |
| Kalagay Halatil............18   HE  | Erion Kulsen................6  FE  |
| Nastorm Trevin.............26   HE  | Valinor Kalmirson..........18  FE  |
| Gallenod Varynesti.........24   HE  | Aleksandr Charodey.........11  HM  |
| Of Note - Character levels below 5 and GM created characters disregarded |
|         - Lord Strom O'Berin is one level away from Legend!              |
|         - Fame Rankings are current as of Wed, July 14, 1993             |
| Races - DWarf, HaLfling, High Man, Half Elf, HIgh elf, Fair Elf,         |
|         Wood Elf, Common Man.  (Letters in CAPS are the abbreviations)   |
                     ,---,       ,~~~~,   (( ),  ,,,,,,
                    | -/-|       | o.o|  / /\ \  |o.o |
                   ,(__-_),      (__=_)/@\/  \_\ ( =  )
                  /||    ||\    /|@| |@|/'    \*\_)  (__
                 / |@\__/@| \  /@|@| |@|       |*********\
                / /|@@@@@@|\ \/ /|@| |@|        (**GS3**\*\
               ( ),|@@@@@@|,( )) |@|_|@|         (*******\ \
               ''' /\@@@@/\ '''' /+++++\          \*******\ \
                  /  /\@/  \    ,++/'\++\         /**__***,( )
                 `__/    \__'   \+\   /+/        /**/  \**\'''
                  \@\    /@/     \+\ /+/         \__\  /__/
     ___________ (@@@)  (@@@) _ (+++)+++) _____ (****)(****) ___________
 _________                    Life After Death
/ \ _____ \                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~  |            by Lady Hilgavolkas LaJolla
  |  | |   |
 _|  |~|   |
/@| _|~|_  |t  seems  there is  much   to decompose, then  you shall awaken
\_/ ~~~~~ / confusion on  how to get   on the altar of the temple in town.
  ~~~~~~~~ resurrected (rezzed) when
you have met your death.  I shall do   Before being  resurrected or finding
my best to explain  the best  method   yourself  brought back by Eissa, you
of being restored to life.             will notice that as a ghost, you can
                                       still speak.  SAY does not work, but
When you die,  you get a devastating   a ' before any text works. So if you
message of  death, which everyone in   type 'HELP!, the  wolverine  mauling
the lands can see that you have just   your body will hear your cry as will
died. Try to keep enough presence of   anyone in the same room.
mind to pay attention  to the little
tagalong message  of your death that   You can also type LOOK and should do
says  how  much time  you  have left   so, to see where you have died.  The
until your departure.  At this time,   short  area description  in brackets
it  is wise to  look at a clock  and   and the room  exits  will be helpful
keep the countdown  in mind.  Do not   to the clerics and healers who  want
exceed it! If you do, your body will   to help you.  If there are others in
decompose and you shall depart.        the room with you, then  you can beg
                                       them to pick up your precious weapon
If someone with lifekeep, (usually a   and shield, which had dropped to the
cleric but there are lifekeep items)   ground from your lifeless fingers.
casts lifekeep on you, you gain some
extra time that you can use  to wait   Depending on where you died and what
around before decomposing.  When you   type  of monster you were  fighting,
are lifekept, you get a message that   you might notice one of the monsters
you have  "<x> extra minutes"  which   picking up either  your laen  shield
is added to any amount  of time  you   or weapon. Grey Orcs and Liches have
have  remaining.  So if you died and   a nasty habit of doing this (and the
the message said you have  3 minutes   hounds in  the  Spider  Temple  will
until forced departure, then someone   drop  their weapon so they  can pick
casts lifekeep and you gain 10 extra   yours up if you  die).  They are not
minutes,  you now have a total of 13   really being helpful, more like they
minutes from time of death until you   are  rather  inquisitive  about your
depart.                                laen equipment.  You  can try asking
                                       your companions to  try to  retrieve
If your lifekeep wears off, you will   your items from the monsters.
get  a  message, at  which  time the
person can cast it on you again.  If   Typing STAT  will show you who is in
you are alone, wait a few minutes to   the lands at that time.  If a cleric
see if a  cleric  or helpful  person   happens to be on, they will want  to
shows up and  finds you.  Just  make   try and help you. Sometimes you will
sure  not to exceed  your time, EXIT   not always see a cleric, but one can
with at  LEAST  a few  minutes still   be called in to help from a relative
remaining, just to be safe.            that  might be in the lands at  that
If you  run out  of time,  your body
decomposes, all of your clothing and   You should  leave the game  and wait
items  are left on the ground  where   in the Round Table Conference  (RTC)
you  died  (they have a  tendency to   room 9. To get there, exit the game,
disappear rather rapidly),  you will   type m1045;2 and pick 9.  Wait there
be resurrected by  Eissa (hopefully,   10 minutes or so.  If a cleric is in
see my previous article about deeds,   the lands and had seen you die, then
"The Cost  of Living").  If you were   they will  almost certainly  follow,
                                   -=2=-                            More...
so as to arrange a  resurrection for   the GemStone  page).  If the  cleric
you.                                   you seek  is on page 930, then enter
                                       GemStone, exit,  then  re-enter  and
If you were  fortunate enough to die   exit again. Then go wait in the RTC.
with friends in the room,  tell them
you will be in the RTC waiting for a   The cleric will probably have gotten
cleric to come rezz you. Ask them to   the idea you are dead and need to be
send someone to the RTC to tell  you   resurrected, then will  hopefully go
if you should wait or not.  Those of   to the RTC to check on you.  Exiting
you helping someone dead, should ask   and  entering is risky though, as it
around  for a cleric.  If no clerics   tends to use up about 30  seconds of
respond, then one  of you should  go   your time remaining. If you  are too
to  the  RTC  and inform the  person   short on time,  then you might get a
waiting there, that  no clerics  are   forced departure.
presently available.
                                       Another option  you can use, if  you
If  no clerics  are available in the   are  short  on time, is to  send the
lands, then it is time to  go post a   cleric  a message  using the  NOTify
message in  the  Resurrection Needed   email name command.  An  example  of
topic on the bulletin boards.  To do   this would be  NOT h.volkas  Help! I
this, exit GemStone or  the RTC, and   need a  rezz, it  is 1:00 est  and I
type m1045;1 to  get to the bulletin   will be in the RTC at 2:00 est. When
board area.                            h.volkas  exits  the game  they will
                                       actually see  the message, hopefully
Once in the bulletin board, type SET   meeting you in the  RTC  to  arrange
17 to  move to  the correct place in   your resurrection.
the GemStone  bulletin  board.  Then
type REP  9 to  enter your  message.   Now that you  know the  various ways
Explain that you died and need to be   of getting  hold of a cleric, let us
resurrected.  Include your character   take this time to discuss the actual
name and where you died.  If you are   resurrection process.  You were able
uncertain where  you  died, then put   to find a cleric and now both of you
what  killed you in the message.  It   are back in GemStone.  First of all,
also helps to say what time (include   if it  is a dangerous area,  it is a
time zone) you are  available to log   good idea to  have someone drag  you
in for a rezz.                         into a  safe room.  Several areas in
                                       the wilds have what is known as safe
Clerics who check the board may post   havens where monsters do not appear.
after your message, informing you of
when they can log on to assist  you,   It is  best if  a strong  person can
so be sure  to read  the  Rezz topic   drag you into one.  If this  can not
for new messages (REA 9 NEW).          be  done, then the cleric  will have
                                       to calm all  creatures  in the area.
While you are in  the bulletin board   This is to protect  both you and the
area, you can read topic  9, and get   cleric from  being hurt by wandering
a list of the email names of clerics   monsters after  the resurrection  is
(if you do  not already  know any of   complete.
them).  Then you can send email to a
particular  cleric.  People  usually   Please keep in mind, if you enter an
read  their email before  they  read   area and  see any  calmed creatures,
the bulletin boards.                   first  ask if a resurrection  is  in
                                       process before you try attacking any
If you  already know  the email name   of the monsters.  The moment  you do
of a cleric,  then you can  check to   attack a  calmed monster, it becomes
see if  they are on GEnie somewhere,   enraged with your attack and will no
by typing LOC (for Locate) and their   longer be calmed.
email name. For example, if you type
LOC h.volkas (me),  then it may show   Before doing  the resurrection,  the
you that  I am on page 930 (which is   cleric must first  check  to  see if
                                   -=3=-                (Cont'd on Page 13)
 ____________                   Clerics R Us
/ \  ______  \                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| /~/~~\~\ |              by Lady Sydna Warrick
  ||~|    |~||
 _||~|    |~||
/@| \~\__/~/ |f all the  professions   Other advantages fair elves have are
\_/  ~~~~~~  / available, one of the   considerable resistance to diseases,
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ most difficult  to try   as well  as immunities to cockatrice
to develop is that of the cleric.  A   and basilisk immobilizations. On the
large  proportion  of the  currently   down side, elves of all types regain
active clerics  either still have or   life points very slowly.  Since  75%
have  had  relatives in a  different   of a clients life points are lost by
profession prior  to  their priestly   the cleric during resurrection, this
sojourn.  I have  noticed  a lot  of   is a  considerable  disadvantage.  I
young clerics  give up  the struggle   usually  need at  least  ten minutes
after they  have reached their fifth   between resurrecting people. A dwarf
or sixth year of training.             or  hobbit, on  the other hand,  can
                                       regain  life points back quickly and
The Fighter, Thief, Ranger, and Bard   can almost do back to back rezzes.
can double  train in  weaponry.  The
Mage  and Sorcerer can  double train   In addition, fair elves are not very
in directed spells. Clerics are some   strong.  The second highest number I
what better  fighters than  Healers,   rolled in  the  character  generator
yet Healers can get  experience from   was a 94 which I placed in strength.
healing  right  from the  beginning.   Regrettably, it  did not  go up when
However, Clerics can double train in   the potential rolls were done.  As a
wands  but  not in  directed spells.   result,  I started  with a  strength
Unfortunately, they can  only single   bonus of +14  and an Offensive Bonus
train in weapons.                      (also known as  OB) of +24  at level
                                       one.  I have  been  inching up  ever
I am not saying that  you have to do   since.  I am now level 17 and I have
things the  way I  suggest,  but the   an ob of 96, but as I said before, I
following contains a  lot  of useful   do get by.
information for the aspiring cleric.
                                       My lack of strength  makes it almost
             Statistics                impossible for  me to drag any of my
                                       clients, except hobbits and possibly
When I rolled up my Cleric, Sydna, I   other elves.  The new changes to the
did not  entirely  know  what I  was   dragging  command were made sometime
doing  and had  made  several errors   after I had started as a cleric. The
(actually  suboptimal decisions).  I   choice of a high man (woman), common
knew  enough  about the  way  things   man, or  half elf would  probably be
worked from playing a ranger, that I   more optimal.  They  are all  fairly
had  gotten by.  I made  life harder   strong  and regain life levels at  a
than it needed to be.  For instance,   reasonable pace,  although not quite
I  decided to be a fair elf  largely   as quickly as a dwarf or hobbit.
due to the fact that  I rolled a 100
in the character  generator.  I  put   Elves of all  sorts are  susceptible
the 100 in my quickness stat because   to  essence spells,  especially  the
a fair elf would receive a +40 bonus   notorious fear  spell, which is used
in quickness.                          by many of the more powerful unlife.
                                       Hobbits and dwarves, I believe, have
Having a bonus  of +40  had its good   considerable resistance to this.
points.  One example is that I could
walk around with a DB (more commonly   The third  highest number  was a 90,
referred  to as Defensive Bonus)  of   which I placed into my constitution.
60  right from day one.  Later I was   It became on rolling potentials a 98
able to obtain  additional equipment   giving  me 10 life points.  However,
so as to enhance my Defensive Bonus.   a  resurrection removes  75% of  the
                                   -=4=-                            More...
clients life points from the Cleric,   The curious  varieties of the random
so the maximum number of life points   potential rolls meant that reasoning
(ten), is very useful.  I have known   and  self discipline  went up  less,
several successful clerics that have   which is far  less important (to me)
gotten by with  less, eight would be   than the statistics of  presence and
the absolute minimum though. It also   empathy.
gives  me  extra  concussion points,
which is useful for almost anyone.     These first  five statistics make up
                                       the number of  development  points a
I placed the next four highest rolls   player character gets each level.  I
in agility, reasoning, presence, and   get 42 development points per level,
empathy;  taking  the automatic 90's   which is decent, but more would have
for  both eloquence  and  intuition.   been nice.  It adds up  over levels.
When the potential stats were  done,   I  would not have taken less than  a
it came out like this:                 40. Nevertheless, when the automatic
  ________________________________     roll of 90 in intuition became 99, I
 /                                \    took the  character  (giving me  2.8
| Statistic      Potential  Bonus  |   power points per level).
| Constitution       98       21   |
| Agility            95       13   |   Clerics  are obliged to  go straight
| Self Discipline    76      -15   |   up on their spell  list first for  a
| Eloquence          92       17   |   considerable level, anyone who wants
| Reasoning          78        6   |   to accomplish that, should make sure
| Strength           94       14   |   that they have a lot of power points
| Quickness         100       40   |   to use.  Still this is a  decent set
| Presence           96       32   |   of statistics, considering  I  spent
| Intuition          99       23   |   less  than  thirty  minutes  rolling
| Empathy            82       12   |   this set  of stats in  the character
 \________________________________/    generator.
          Spells and Magic             the ability to resurrect people, the
                                       most common thing  to do first is to
The next  serious mistake I made was   learn the hold undead spell from the
in my training.  My other character,   cleric list and the  calm spell from
being a ranger, did not worry  about   the  closed channelling list.  After
getting spells. In fact she received   which, to proceed up the cleric base
most of her spells with only 4 spell   list until  you achieve the  twelfth
training  levels  invested  in  each   spell, lifegiving one.  At this time
spell. It would be true to say I did   you must make the decision to choose
not know how learning  spells really   to continue  along the  cleric  base
worked and silly  me, I did not  ask   list,  or switch  over to either the
anyone.  So I did not put a full ten   open or closed channelling list. The
training levels into my spells, when   closed channelling list is not quite
it  was all  over  I had  three less   completed as of this writing.
spells than I might have had.
                                       It is  hard for clerics  (especially
At level 17 I know  spells 1 through   the lesser ones) to leave the cleric
14 on  the cleric list,  as well  as   base list because of  the repetitive
the first spell listed in the closed   nature of the  spells.  For example,
channelling list.  However, I should   the hold undead spell reduces the DB
have known at least 16 spells on the   of the undead to 0, making it easier
cleric  list as well as one spell on   to fight.  Unfortunately  there  are
the closed channelling list.           four iterations of this spell.  Many
                                       clerics rely rather heavily on these
Since most people become clerics for   spells.  A cleric might also wish to
                                   -=5=-                            More...
learn the second spell on the closed   training in  channelling  above +100
channelling list.  It is a very nice   will  be useful.  However, since  it
defensive spell to have.  This would   only costs 1 training point per rank
of course put off his or her getting   in this  skill,  then it  might be a
the lifegiving spell for a level.      good idea.
The  first spell listed on  the open                  Weapons
channeling list is  used for defense
against magic spells, which has  its   As I stated before, Clerics can only
uses.  I understand that a couple of   single train in weapons. Personally,
the younger  clerics are training in   I  have only trained  in one  handed
the  presently unimplemented  closed   edged weapons, but I discovered that
channelling list.  It is unknown how   many other  Clerics fancy one handed
it will fair for them at this time.    crushing weapons, on occasions, some
                                       Clerics trained in  both  one handed
Training  in staves  and wands is  a   edged and  crushing weapons.  I have
good idea.  Clerics can double train   never seen a Cleric using two-handed
in wands.  You will find  that using   weapons, but it is within the realms
oak  wands (they  unstun people)  is   of possibility.
very useful.  There  are many  other
channelling wands appearing of late.                   Armor
For instance, I own a  wand that can
cast  calm.  However, keep in  mind,   It is  possible for  a cleric to use
that you will need extra training in   leather armor.  I personally, put 12
wands so you can overcome any of the   ranks of  training in rigid leather,
penalties while using essence wands.   which enables me to wear AT 10, also
                                       referred to  as cuirbouilli leather.
Clerics  are only able to train once   Wearing  AT 10  armor  costs you  10
per level in directed spells  but at   points to your DB bonus and 5 points
only 3 training  points  it is quite   to your OB bonus.  In actuality, the
cheap.  Even if you do not intend to   DB reduction is subtracted from your
use  directed  spell wands, it  is a   quickness bonus.  If you do not have
smart idea  to get some  training in   a quickness bonus then it should not
directed spells as it increases your   affect  you very much.  However, due
defense against magic.  Of course if   to what I have been fighting, I have
you cast a  hold spell on an unlife,   not found much use for leather armor
then its DB drops to 0, meaning  you   as yet,  but I believe it might come
do not  need a  high OB in  directed   in handy when fighting Ghoul Kings.
spells to fry it.
                                       An amazing number of  the unlife use
It is also wise to train in runes as   the claw, bite,  and pound  attacks.
often as you can.  Interesting runes   All of  which have a lower THT (also
turn up rather  frequently,  some of   referred to as To Hit) against heavy
which  have very helpful  DB spells.   hide.  More often  than not, Clerics
Rune skill is  also necessary if you   seldom use anything other than heavy
intend  to enter the new  high level   hide.
area  where the hooded  figures  and
beetles are located.                               Other Skills
Another useful skill  Clerics should   The first aid skill, is an extremely
double train  in is channelling.  It   useful skill to have handy.  If  the
is wise to continue training in this   deceased person was bleeding when he
skill until  your channelling  bonus   or she died and no healer was nearby
reaches  +100.  If it  is  less than   or available  at the time, then they
this  when you gain the resurrection   would  die immediately  after  being
spell, there is  a chance the  spell   resurrected.  However, if the wounds
might fail.  There are  other spells   are  tended too  through the use  of
that also use the  channelling skill   the first aid skill, then the client
and it is uncertain at this point if   would most likely survive after they
                                   -=6=-                            More...
were resurrected.  The Cleric should    IIIIIII                    IIIIIII
always check to see if the client is    |. _ .|                    |. _ .|
bleeding  before trying to resurrect    |.| |.|                    |.| |.|
them.                                   |.| |.|                    |.| |.|
                                        |.|_|.|                    |.|_|.|
Brawling is  another  highly  useful   / \ . / \                  / \ . / \
skill. This particular skill enables   | |.*.| |                  | |.*.| |
you  to  parry your  Offensive Bonus   | |.*.| |        /\        | |.*.| |
even when  you  are not  carrying  a   | |.*.| |      //..\\      | |.*.| |
weapon in your hand. It is also very   | |...| |     //....\\     | |...| |
useful for  diagnosing  injuries  in  |   |.|   | //.../  \...\\ |   |.|   |
the field and dealing with any other  |   |.|   |/..../ /\ \....\|   |.|   |
emergency situations.  In  the  past  |   |.|   |..../ /||\ \....|   |.|   |
when  nets  were  available, Clerics  |   |.|   |./ \| |||| |/ \.|   |.|   |
had used enchanted (or ET'd) nets to  |   |.|   |.| |--------| |.|   |.|   |
fight steel golems.  Fighting  steel  |   |.|   |.| | ****** | |.|   |.|   |
golems without  a net, is  something  |   |.|   |.| | ****** | |.|   |.|   |
that a Cleric would find hard to do.  |   |.|   |.| |--------| |.|   |.|   |
                                      |   |_|   |.| |.*./\.*.| |.|   |_|   |
Also  try to  put training into body  |    _    |.| |./ ++ \.| |.|    _    |
development as often  as you can.  I  |   | |   |.| |.| || |.| |.|   | |   |
presently have 100 cps (better known  |   |_|   |.| |.| ++ |.| |.|   |_|   |
as  concussion  points), which is  a  |         |.| |.|____|.| |.|         |
decent  amount to  have.  You should   ---------                  ---------
also try  put training  in climbing,
swimming, and perception when  it is   wonderful items can cast lifekeeping
possible.  A few ranks of trading is   (which is  very useful for  Clerics)
useful for almost anyone.              and only costs  about 13000 silvers,
                                       but they are well worth the price.
Personally,  I would  avoid training
in  lockpicking, disarming, stalking   Clerical weapons can also be essence
and hiding,  ambushing,  and picking   bladed, which  is  extremely  useful
pockets. It is not that they are not   for Clerics that have  low Offensive
useful  (though  picking  pockets is   Bonuses.  Unfortunately, lower level
unbecoming  in a cleric), rather, it   Clerics can not carry essence bladed
is  that you will have a hard enough   weapons, not to mention, that these
time fitting in all the other things   weapons can not be edged.
that you will  need much more.  Then
again, it is also your life.           The  calm spell (201),  is the first
                                       spell on the closed channelling list
           Useful Tidbits              and will reverse  the effects of the
                                       fear spell which can be cast by many
Cleric  weapons can be  purchased in   of the unlife  phenomena.  The worst
the  cleric shop,  these can only be   the fear spell will cause you to do,
used by  Clerics and are very useful   is to drop  your  weapons and become
when fighting the unlife.  White eog   totally  immobilized  with fear.  If
weapons  can be purchased at Tyron's   this  happens,  then your  Defensive
weapon shop.  These weapons can also   Bonus will drop distressingly  close
be used to fight the unlife.           to  nothing.  Naturally, this can be
                                       frequently fatal to you, as the calm
The  Cleric shop, like  most  shops,   spell  will not be helpful to you if
has a  back  room.  If you  purchase   you happen to be alone.
enough stuff there (try buying a lot
of ritual daggers) then you can gain   Next time, where and how to fight.
admittance  to the  back  room.  The
back  room has  additional white eog         //@                    \ | /
weapons  (at rather inflated prices)   @====[*]======================-* -
and also sells  Eissa Staffs.  These         \\@                    / | \
 ____________                Wilderness Report
/ \ ________ \               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|~|~~\~\ |            by D.Forrest Hobgoblin
  |  |~|__/~/ |
  |  |~ __ <  |
 _|  |~|  \~\ |ack again, folks!       wanna  scare  the poor little bugger
/@|  |~|__/~/ |                        off.   I  hate  having  those little
\_/ ~~~~~~~~ / D. Forrest  Hobgoblin   guys  turtle  on  me  and  run about
  ~~~~~~~~~~  complainin' to ya once   alot.    Whatapain!   But  the  body
again from the wilds of Kulthea.       looked  kinda  mushy,  sos I thought
                                       I'd just kick it into the bushes.  I
So, here it  is.   I  know,  I know,   took  close  aim,  spied me a nearby
nuthin  new about me complainin, but   shrubery, and kicked the arm.
you   smellies   are  always  messin
things  up  fer  us  here  critters.   At  that  point  an interestin thing
Last  week  I overheard that certain   happened.   I sudden-like became all
groups  o'peoples  were  holding the   short  on  one side o' me body!  And
ancient newbie nights.  What a GREAT   it  wasn't the arm that went a-flyen
idea!  Newbie Hunts!  I ain't hunted   --  it  was  me leg!  What's up with
newbies in years!  I hadn't realized   that!??   Well, that just got me all
just   how   self-destructive   your   upset  so  I  swatted at the squishy
"kind" really are.                     arm and... RIP, GRAPPLE, POP!  There
                                       it  went!   Now  my arm was off too?
After  goin' thru  my  pop's --  Mr.   What  would  I  do  about swim team?
B.Plate  Hobgoblin's -- old chest of   I'd go in circles?  Brelga would not
junk;  well,  he  used  to be one o'   be happy.  Great.  Needless to say I
them  chest  runners  in his younger   tried  to  kill the durn thing and I
days.   By  the  way,  I  personally   ended  up  looking  like  a  bowl of
never  understood the point of chest   wearbear chili.
running.  I mean ya just pick up one
of  those  heavy  heavy  chests  and   I  tell  ya,  you  never  can be too
start  a  runnin?   WHERE  TO?  Just   careful with those newbies.  So wait
AROUND?   Whippie!  I guess when one   till  next time when ya can find out
hob  starts,  they all starts a doin   how  all them young brats came about
it.  It kinda catches  on, ya  know?   and  pounded  on  me  like a lump of
Sheesh!  Well,  at least it paid the   bread   dough!   All  screamin  like
rent.   Anyway, I find his old short   they're  trolls  in  a  vittle  vat!
squewer   and  breastplate  in  this   Sheesh!
chest,  see.   And, after I get real
mean  lookin  and all, I rush out to   Brought to you by the fine makers of
the gates of Kelfour.                  Carlos' Troll Cudgles (tm). "WE MAKE
                                       'EM, YOU BREAK 'EM!" and Gary Gorc's
There I  was,  all  outta breath and   Gas  Pills (tm).  "If they're on yer
looking like a wet sea  nymph  when,   tail, gas em the natural way!"
yep, you guessed it, ALLOFASUDDEN, I                   __
step  on  this  squishy cold thingy.                 / -- \            / \
You  civies are SICK!  What was with                (    ``)           | |
that   body  at  that  gate?   YUCK!                |/-\/-\|           | |
Pieces everywhere!?  Hand here, foot                ||0  0||           | <
there,  hips  and a half over there,                (|  > |)           | |
doncha   even  clean  up  after  the             ___ ( -- ) ___        > |
newbie  hunt?   "Poor  newbie,"  I'm            //--\------/--\\       | |
thinken,  "hacked  into  little bite      _____// \\ \ -- / // \\      | |
sized pieces, and WHEW, the smell!"      /______\ //  \  /  \\  \\     | |
                                        //--\/--\\(    \/    )\  \\   [---]
Well,  can't  eat that, so I thought   ||        ||\        /./\  \   /,=()
I'd clean up the place a bit while I   || Newbie ||.\ /..\ /./ /\  \//()=()
waited  fer  the next newbie to come   ||        ||\|\ .. /|/|/ \\    `_=()
through the gate.  Ya know...  Don't    \\______//| \.\.././ |   \\___/
                                   -=8=            ~~~~~~~~~~
 _____________            Outside the Spider Temple
/ \ _________ \           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |           by Lord Trachten Hickapod
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | he outer part of the   a falchion or a hand ax with Essence
/@|   _|_|_   | Spider Temple opened   Blade cast on it is the single edged
\_/__________/  again recently, with   weapon of choice. They are stunnable
some very huntable  creatures. There   and of normal  size, so expect  good
are  still zephyr hounds,  centaurs,   critical  hits. Centaurs will sit to
and spider servants -- but they  re-   tend  bad wounds but NOT  if you are
semble  the  former   Spider  Temple   hiding  in  the  room.  Let them run
creatures in name only.                (which they do a lot) and  wait  for
                                       them to sit before you chase them.
      Centaurs and Servants
                                       Hrasskian Servants are  quicker than
Centaurs now  come  in a variety  of   Centaurs  but  are  parry  taggable.
colors, though there is no real dif-   They  also  can be stunned and  take
ference between them. They  are slow   normal  criticals.  They  fling  the
enough to  parry tag easily and have   occasional insult or threat your way
a defensive  bonus (db)  of only 175   too. Both Servants and Centaurs col-
using  reinforced  shields. If  they   lapse occasionally  after  receiving
see a better  shield  on the ground,   heavy damage.  General damage  seems
they will drop theirs to pick it up.   to  produce  this  effect, which  is
                                       different  from the  normal collapse
Centaurs  still wear chain  mail, so   caused by a severed leg.
 //                                                                      \
||            Centaur                            Hrasskian Servant        |
||                                                                        |
||    Level:       23                       Level:      21                |
||    Attacks/OB:  halberd/200              Attacks/OB: rapier/165        |
||    DB:          175                      DB:         170               |
||    Roundtime:   10 seconds               Roundtime:  8 seconds         |
||    CPs:         Approx. 280              CPs:        Approx. 185       |
||    AT:          13                       AT:         5                 |
||    Skin:        None                     Skin:       None              |
||    Treasure:    Level 2 Chests           Treasure:   Level 2 Chests    |
||    Special:                              Special:                      |
||     - All colors the same.                - None                       |
||     - Drops shield to get better                                       |
||       one (ie. yours if you die).                                      |
           Zephyr Hounds
Zephyr Hounds are now much more like   the  huts to foil them. The huts are
those in  Rolemaster (tm). They  are   a lot  safer than being outside, but
NOT parry taggable, but with  enough   I have seen a  hound enter a  hut on
DB spells,  adequate  armor, and  an   one occasion, so be careful.
Essence - Bladed weapon, you can set
your parry and wear  them down. They   Each type  of hound  has a different
do not stun, unfortunately, although   bark attack. The  first four (Water,
you get normal criticals.              Storm, Fire, and Ice)  bark directed
                                       spells. They do not have  to prepare
If you die  while fighting  a Zephyr   the  spell; they  just bark, and  it
Hound, he will  try to  disrupt  any   comes  out. Typically, a  hound will
attempts to  resurrect you  by haul-   bark the  first  time you enter  his
ging  your  corpse  around.  Have  a   room, then on every fourth attack or
cleric or buddy drag you into one of   so after that. Be especially careful
                                   -=9=-                             More...
with the Ice Hound, as it barks Cold   you  make a RR against poison  every
Ball, which has  a low To Hit Thres-   6 seconds until the cloud dissipates
hold (THT) against most armors.        (about 20  rounds). If  you fail the
                                       RR,  you  take  damage  and  can  be
The next  two types, Vapor Hound and   stunned and  knocked down, though it
Night Hound, have a new attack: Poi-   happens infrequently.
son Breath/Poison Cloud. When one of
these hounds  barks at you, you must     RR Threshold (RRT) against breath
make a Resistance  Roll (RR) against       attacks = 50 - player level +
poison. This is the breath attack.         poison level
The hound's  breath hangs around and   For me, the RRT of the breath attack
will  turn into a poison cloud in 30   is 39: 50 - 27 (my level) + 16 (poi-
seconds. If  you stay  in the cloud,   son level).
/ \                       --- Poison Bark Attack ---                     \
\_@|                                                                      |
   |                        Attack                                        |
   |             Type        Level           Damage if Failed             |
   |             --------  ---------  ---------------------------         |
   |             Breath        16        8 cps                            |
   |             Cloud         24     5-13 cps, possibly stunned          |
   |                                            and prone                 |
   |                                                                      |
   |              To Resist:  1d100 + CO bonus > RR Threshold             |
   |                                                                      |
   |  Don't panic if you see that you have an 8 cps/rnd poison. The dis-  |
/@ |  sipation rate is also 8 cps/rnd, so you only loose 8 cps in all.    |
 //                                                                      \
||                   The Hounds of the Spider Temple                      |
||                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                      |
||         Water Hound                             Storm Hound            |
||         -----------                             -----------            |
||    Level:       24                       Level:       24               |
||    Attacks/OB:  claw/181,176;            Attacks/OB:  claw/185,180;    |
||      bite/186; waterbolt/176               bite/190; lightningbolt/185 |
||    DB:          189                      DB:          185              |
||    Roundtime:   6 seconds                Roundtime:   6 seconds        |
||    CP's:        Approx. 275              CP's:        Approx. 275      |
||    AT:          4                        AT:          4                |
||    Skin:        None                     Skin:        None             |
||    Treasure:    None                     Treasure:    None             |
||                                                                        |
||         Fire Hound                              Ice Hound              |
||         ----------                              ---------              |
||    Level:       24                       Level:       24               |
||    Attacks/OB:  claw/190,185;            Attacks/OB:  claw/189,184;    |
||      bite/195; firebolt/185                bite/194; iceball/185       |
||    DB:          180                      DB:         181               |
||    Roundtime:   6 seconds                Roundtime:  6 seconds         |
||    CP's:        Approx. 275              CP's:       Approx. 275       |
||    AT:          4                        AT:         4                 |
||    Skin:        None                     Skin:       None              |
||    Treasure:    None                     Treasure:   None              |
 //                                                                      \
||                 The Hounds of the Spider Temple (cont'd.)              |
||                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~              |
||                                                                        |
||        Vapor Hound *                           Night Hound *           |
||        -------------                           -------------           |
||    Level:       24                       Level:      24                |
||    Attacks/OB:  claw/183,178;            Attacks/OB:  claw/187,182;    |
||      bite/188; poison breath               bite/192; poison breath     |
||    DB:          187                      DB:         183               |
||    Roundtime:   6 seconds                Roundtime:  6 seconds         |
||    CP's:        Approx. 275              CP's:       Approx. 275       |
||    AT:          4                        AT:         4                 |
||    Skin:        None                     Skin:       None              |
||    Treasure:    None                     Treasure:   None              |
||    Special:     Unlife                   Special:    Unlife            |
||                                                                        |
|| *                                                                      |
||  Note that the unlife Night and Vapor Hounds require a blessed weapon. |
/ \                                                                      \
\_@|                  --- Outside the Spider Temple ---                   |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                 O                    |
   |                           X------------X   X   / \                   |
   |       go trail           /              \ / \ /   \                  |
   |       to/from           /                X   X     O                 |
   |       black rock       /                     |\   /|                 |
   |       on mine road    /                      |/  / |                 |
   |              |       X                       |\ O  |  'O' marks hut  |
   |              V        \       go door        | \|  |   that can be   |
   |                        \      to enter ->X   O--X--O   entered via   |
   |              X          X     temple      \ /|  |  |   go hut; safe  |
   |               \        /                   X-X--O--O   from creature |
   |                \      /                     \|  |  |   there, kinda  |
   |                 X    X                       X--O--O                 |
   |       N          \    \                      | /   |                 |
   |       |           \    \                     |/    |                 |
   |   W - + - E        X    \                X   O     O                 |
   |       |           /      \              / \ / \   /                  |
   |       S          /        X------------X   X   \ /                   |
   |                 X                               O                    |
   |                  \                              |                    |
   |                   \          go path            |                    |
   |                    X----X <-----------> X---X---X <- node            |
/@ |                                                                      |
Hunting solo, I  found  that usually   to gen on  the long loop  around the
three creatures generated at a time.   temple, though they sometimes wander
They usually appeared among the huts   back there. There is a lot of ground
in the  east, although  occasionally   to cover when looking for creatures,
one would  show up between the  path   but  sticking  to  the  north /south
and the trail. Creatures do not seem   routes will find most of them.
 _________                  Getting Your Stuff
/ \ _____ \                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~ |                   by Sean2 Lladd
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  | t  recently  came to  my   help keep your bill down.  And  THAT
/@| _|~|_ | attention  that  a  new-   gives you more time in the Landing!
\_/ ~~~~~ / comer  to our  fair city
  ~~~~~~~~  had trouble getting some   I notice that  there is a  Macintosh
files  from the GemStone Library. To   equivalent called "On-line Servant."
aid the distressed damsel, I created   I understand that Lord Gallenod is a
the following  script/formula, based   "Mac-head."  Perhaps he  can help us
on using Aladdin  to download files.   with that one <hint, hint>.
I have  noted  differences  when you
use other software.                    In the example below,  I use the two
                                       file  numbers  for  the  GSIII  Beta
With  the  new  billing  changes,  I   Front End (FE). These are perhaps of
recommend that if you own an IBM PC,   immediate interest to our new  citi-
you get Aladdin to use to access the   zens.  The  FE  is only for IBM  and
BBS (Bulletin Board System). It does   clones. It requires a 286  or larger
most of the work off - line and will   and 2 megabytes of memory, at least.
 //                                                                      \
|| 1.  Start up Aladdin .................. Or your favorite Terminal S/W  |
|| 2.  At the Main Menu type [F4] ........ Terminal menu {*}              |
|| 3.  Then hit [G] ...................... Logon to GEnie {*}             |
||     (Or logon using your software)                                     |
|| 4.  Then enter [M930;8] at the ........ After logon is finished        |
||     next available prompt                                              |
|| 5.  Then enter [6] .................... Download a file                |
|| 6.  Enter file# at the prompt ......... 68 or 69 <---------------<     |
|| 7.  Then enter [D] .................... Download this file        |    |
|| 8.  Then enter [1] .................... Select X-Modem protocol   |    |
||     (This assumes Aladdin. If you are                             |    |
||     using another package that supports                           |    |
||     Z-Modem, use that. This will also                             |    |
||     allow you to specify more than one                            |    |
||     file# at step 6. Separate each file#                          |    |
||     by a space.)                                                  |    |
|| 9.  When the system says "Start..." ... {*} Most other S/W uses   |    |
||     hit ESCape (This puts you back       ALT-R to Receive files.  |    |
||     to the Terminal Menu)                                         |    |
|| 10. Hit [D] to start receiving ....... {*}                        |    |
||     the download.                                                 |    |
|| 11. Enter a filename at the dialog box {*}                        |    |
|| 12. When the file is done, it will ... {*}                        |    |
||     return you to the Terminal Menu.                              |    |
||     Hit [T] to return to the system.                              |    |
|| 13. If you wish to download another file, >---------------------->     |
||     answer [Y]es                                                       |
|| 14. If you are through downloading,                                    |
||     answer [N]o.                                                       |
|| 15. When done, hit ESCape to return .. {*}                             |
||     to the Terminal Menu again.                                        |
|| 16. Hit [L] to logoff the system ..... {*}                             |
||                                                                        |
|| NOTE: {*} Indicates an Aladdin-specific command.  Substitute the       |
||      proper command for your telecommunications software if NOT        |
||      using Aladdin.                                                    |
If you have any questions, GEnie has   thing  really   bizarre -- read your
an Aladdin support  topic. There are   software manual ;^}.  Should do it.
a number of  knowledgeable people on
the  BBS; as a last  resort, you can   Now a  word about  the very  least a
e-mail me at P.LADD1.                  newcomer  should try  to download. I
                                       will  give you  the file  numbers of
I have  based my  comments  on other   the items as they are located in the
software using Procomm and Telix. If   GemStone Library, found in  the same
my suggestions don't work, try some-   game. (Ed. Note: Menu item 8.)
 //                                                                      \
|| File   Name           Source          Brief Description                |
|| ~~~~   ~~~~           ~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                |
||  84  GIFMAP10.ZIP    ZINDERIN        Zepath's Map of GS3 for the PC    |
||                                                                        |
||  69  GS3.COM         SIMU.SUPPORT    Replacement(fix) for GS3.COM v1.6 |
||                                                                        |
||  68  GS3FEB16.EXE    SIMUTRONICS     GS Graphical Front End BETA 1.6   |
||                                                                        |
||  37  NO_NONSENSE_GUIDE.TXT           Natasha's No Nonsense Guide:      |
||                      CHERIDAN        2nd Ed.                           |
||                                                                        |
||  34  ARMOR.TXT       CHERIDAN        Taluk's Excellent Armor Guide     |
||                                                                        |
||  There you have it, the basic survival information for every IBM-PC    |
||  owning player.  Good luck, and good hunting!                          |
  (Life After Death - from page 3)     Both your defense and  offense  will
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      be down  from  its normal  amount by
you have any wounds.  If you do have   the percentage of the mods.
wounds, either  a healer  should  be
summoned to  heal you or the  cleric   Clerics can help you get out of mods
(or anyone else with first aid) must   by  giving  you  extra  life levels.
tend your wounds  until they  are no   Hilga sometimes does this.  However,
longer bleeding. If this is not done   it is very dangerous for the cleric,
and the cleric resurrects  you, then   because it usually  leaves them with
there is a good chance you could die   only  1 life level, and  in terrible
again from  the bleeding  before you   mods themselves. So do not demand it
have time to get to a healer.          from them.
                                       Now that the resurrection is finally
Once  the cleric  has completed  the   completed, you  are back in town and
resurrection, you will find that you   safely  recuperating.  There remains
are  immobilized for  a few moments,   only one last  thing to  do.  Please
as will be the cleric. Resurrections   remember to thank  those that helped
take a lot out of people. As soon as   you. Clerics, healers, draggers  and
you can move again, stand up and use   anyone else who  aided.  Healers and
your gold ring to pop  back to town,   clerics  are especially grateful for
(assuming of  course you have a gold   any donations, after all is said and
ring). If not, pick up a  shield and   done.
weapon, and walk  back to town  with         |\                       |\
others to safeguard you.                   _/ \_                    _/ \_
                                           /   \                    /   \
You will be extremely weak, with few      |"""""|                  |"""""|
lifelevels (usually only 1). Your DB      |  I  |    ___ __ ___    |  I  |
will  be extremely low,  because you      |     |    | |_||_| |    |     |
will "be in mods".  This shows  as a      |     |   /\/\/\/\/\/\   |     |
minus percentage under  both  DB MOD      |     |   |  __  __  |   |     |
and MOD  when  you  type EXPerience.    I_I_I_I_I_I |  ||  ||  | I_I_I_I_I_I
                                   -=13=-            ~~~~~~~~~~
 _________                What Stuff You're Getting
/ \ _____ \               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~  |                   by Amber Kari
  |  | |   |
 _|  |~|   |
/@| _|~|_  |f  you  do not  have the   anyways.
\_/ ~~~~~ /  article  "Getting  Your
  ~~~~~~~~ Stuff"  then  please read   First,  I will  discuss the  article
it now. If you have read it,  or for   you hopefully just downloaded (or at
some reason you do not feel you need   least, will hopefully  download) is,
to, then you  might want  to read it   as well as what information it has.
     Natasha's No Nonsense Guide       It  tells you  what the  skills are,
     ---------------------------       about  the races, all the Bonuses or
This  is one of the manuals you need   Minuses,  20  helpful tips  on  what
to get, if you are new  to GemStone,   those lines mean when you fight some
you have  not made a  character, and   monster,  plus tips  on the monsters
not  familiar  with  Rolemaster.  It   you will most likely run into.
gives you  all sorts of tips  on how
to make a character and surviving in   It is  a wonderfully  helpful manual
Kulthea.                               for everyone to use.
   Taluk's Excellent Armor Guide       This guide  discusses the  different
   -----------------------------       types of armor,  the various factors
Another good resource. If you do not   on how they are calculated, as  well
have the Rolemaster Companion 1 (the   as  all  the  positive and  negative
source book of  rules in  GemStone),   benefits they  receive  against  the
then this  manual  will help  you  a   various types of  weapons  and spell
great deal.                            attacks.
        Zepath's .GIF map's            places, (which  you  probably do not
        -------------------            want to do) then you should download
This is  what  you need most of all.   these.
It contains all the maps of the town
of Kelfour's and all the surrounding   Although,  even if you do  not  have
areas.                                 your  own printer, there is probably
                                       some place around that can print the
Unless there is no possible way that   maps out for you. Perhaps a relative
you can print them out,  or you wish   or a friend,  maybe some local store
to make  your own  maps of  the many   that might do this.
            The Beta Version (1.6) of the Front End for GemStone
This is an excellent program, but it   that present time in the game, (i.e.
is  not necessary  to have.  It is a   if you  are in  the woods,  it shows
terminal  program specifically built   trees, if you are in  town shows the
for playing in GemStone III.           Town Wall).
The borders of the program will show   There is a box that will show one of
various pictures of where you are at   three modes:
1. This mode is  the General  Status   ID,PASSWORD; instead type your ID, a
mode: it  shows general  information   comma, and then your PASSWORD.
about your character;  it shows what
is in your Right and Left hands; any   ATDT (the number you use to logon)
spells you presently  have prepared;   \W "Connect" hhh\r
current power, concussion, and  life   \W "U#=" (ID,PASSWORD)\r
level  points, as  well  as numerous   \M2\r
other things.
                                       That'll  log you on to GEnie. If you
2. This window is the health window.   want to go  straight  into GemStone,
It shows you  any injuries  that you   then  type the following information
presently have; the severity, power,   in after the ID,PASSWORD line:
life level points you  have; current
mental condition; the damage you are   \W "continue?" m930;3\r
taking (concussion points  per round
you  are losing  if any), and  other   I believe  it is  important  that on
pertinent information.                 the "continue" line, that you do not
                                       have a  capital "C".  You  can leave
3. The room  description window.  It   out the ";3" on the last part if you
will tell you everything you  see in   just want to go to the GemStone menu
the room  as  well as  what the room   and not actually log into the game.
looks like, (big surprise huh?).  It
will  also tell  you things like the   That is all  there is to it!  Oh, by
obvious  ways out  of the  room  and   the way,  the  \w  "(a word)", tells
what the room is.                      the program  to wait  for  GEnie  to
                                       prompt it with  that word,  and then
There is also an animation window in   the  next part in the line tells the
the upper right corner.  This  shows   program what to do when it sees that
pictures that relate to what you are   word.  It fully explains all this in
currently doing. Say,  for instance,   the manual that comes with the Front
that you pick up an object. It might   End, so do not worry about it.
show that object and maybe even have
an accompanying sound to go with it.   Download  GS3.COM  too, that  is the
                                       file you run to use the front end.
There are still many  other features
that I have not covered here. Like a   If you can not figure something out,
Familiar  mind-link  window,  or the   or  want  to  know  more  about  the
window that will  access  over  four   files  that come  with  gs3feb16.exe
hundred  different  macros to assist   file (which you need  to run  before
you in getting around, which is much   you  use  the front end itself), you
faster and  easier than having to do   will find several information files
it manually.                           that should get you going:
 (Ed. Note:  You'll find an article               memq&a.txt
 on  the  Front-End in  the  Aug/92               readme.txt
 edition of KE. There's also a full              soundq&a.txt
 review  in  the  May 93  issue  of              whatsnew.txt
 Computer Gaming World.)
When you activate  the front end, if
you wish to log automatically  on to   Now,  the second  thing I  wanted to
GEnie, then you need to  make a file   discuss, is  the back  issues of KE,
called  "LOGON.GS3", and  place  the   which  can be helpful to all.  Since
following information in it.  Do not   are reading this, then you obviously
type exactly what it says.  Each set   already  download the issues  of KE.
of  parenthesis  will  explain  what   However, you  may  not  realize that
information you should put in there.   the  BACK issues of KE are also very
For example, the point where it says   useful to read.
(ID,PASSWORD), do not type the words                    (Cont'd on page 24)
 _______________     A Detour Through the Wilds of Kelfour
/ \ ____    ____\    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|            by Imric of Troyhadwy
  |  |~|/~~\|~| |
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| |
/@| _|__/  \__|_|e  stood  upon  the   been  following  continued  east.  I
\_/_____________/ moss covered rock.   looked at Simon questioningly.
Staring  with awe at the surrounding
countryside and sky, taken in by its   "Perhaps  we  should just  stay with
majestic beauty,  we were  so caught   our present course," I offered.
up  in  it that we  almost went  off
track from our true destination.       "We have followed it this far, I for
                                       one would like to see where it leads
"Come on  Imric, we  should take the   to," she added.
other trail.  We have been down that
path hundreds of times. I would like   With our  decision made, we followed
to see more of this wondrous world,"   the path as  it  continued eastward.
urged Simon.                           Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared out
                                       of nowhere.  Nimble of foot,  I dove
Smiling happily, filled with excited   to the  side just barely dodging a 7
energies  from all  that I had  just   foot blade of steel  as it  whistled
breathed in.  I could not protest in   by  my ear.  I turned around in  the
any worthy manner, so I shrugged and   same instant to confront our foe.  I
caught up with  Simon, giving  her a   was stunned and wide-eyed with fear.
hug and nodded my assent. She smiled
with  obvious  delight,  practically   The thing  towered  over us, a giant
prancing down our newly chosen path.   sword held between its  meaty clawed
                                       hands. Armor twisted and bent to fit
I  sheathed my  broadsword, somewhat   over and around its tree like torso.
happy  that I was not  going to have   Grey green in color with small beady
to  use its keen edge on yet another   eyes and a jutting brow.  Its biceps
hobgoblin today.  Relaxing  a bit, I   were a lot  bigger than my legs.  It
bent  to the  task of  studying  the   stood at least 11 feet tall.
trail and  the  surrounding  area we
were following.                        It swung again,  this time at Simon.
                                       She raised  her shield  defensively,
The  trees  and bushes grew  tightly   as the sword connected with it.  The
together around us,  though we would   shield splintered under the force of
have to hack our way through them if   the blow,  her legs  almost buckling
we wanted to leave the trail. It was   out from under her, but somehow  she
not intimidating for the trail to be   remained standing,  although she was
like this, in  actuality it was both   rather dazed.
quite spacious and clearly  defined,
leading  us  along  a  southeasterly   Not  wasting  any time, it swung the
direction.  I also noted  that a few   huge sword again at her again,  this
trees had been hewed  neatly in two.   time like it  was swinging it like a
Perhaps this trail was being widened   bat.  Simon caught this  one full in
for more traffic.                      the side, lifting her clean off  her
                                       feet  and slamming her into a nearby
We continued our quiet  journey hand   tree.  She slid  down to  the ground
in hand, the sun was setting and the   and lay unmoving.
sky, if possible, was  becoming even
more magnificent  with the  last few   The blood burned in my veins, hatred
crimson  rays  of the  sun filtering   filling my eyes.  Shock  faded  away
through.                               leaving only  fire  behind.  With  a
                                       quiet  breath, my broadsword slipped
The  trail we  were  following split   from its sheath.  I was on it almost
suddenly as we rounded a  bend.  One   instantly,  slamming  my  broadsword
path went north while the one we had   into its back  with all the strength
I  could summon.  I hit it with such   The weapon  felt awkward and foreign
crushing force, the monster was left   to me,  though I tried  with all  my
reeling  from  the  blow.  I quickly   might I could not  seem to  wield it
followed  it, swinging  and dodging,   properly,  or use it  to cause  this
inflicting minor wounds.               monster any harm.  It was  almost as
                                       if  I was giving up any hope of ever
Out  of the corner  of my eye, I saw   beating this  monster, then I  heard
Simon awaken.  Although  very groggy   the faint noise. Quickly glancing in
she managed to slip  a ring onto her   in the direction of the noise, I saw
finger.  She disappeared instantly.    Simon standing there, a gold wand in
                                       her hand.
During  that momentary  distraction,
the creature had  managed to  regain   I ducked  to one  side as  a bolt of
its balance and started attacking me   fire  erupted  from  the tip  of the
full force.  My broadsword  bit into   wand.  Crackling  and  spitting,  it
it  again, fire flared  up from  its   flew straight towards the  creature.
blade, engulfing my foe and knocking   It  blinked, an  astonished look  on
it back once again.                    its face, trying to  raise its blade
                                       in defense at  the last instant.  It
It fell back against a tree, slumped   was too  late, the  fire  blasted it
against it for support.  Thinking it   full  in the face, ripping off  half
stunned,  I charged  at it with full   of its jaw and melting  its nose off
force.  In all my years, I had never   its face.  Another bolt of fire came
made such a drastic mistake as this.   at the monster again,  this time the
At the last instant the thing sprang   blast ended the creatures life.
out of the way, allowing my sword to
slam heavily into the  tree that the   I  smiled wearily at Simon,  leaning
creature  had  been  resting against   heavily on my new found spear as the
only moments ago. With a loud thunk,   adrenaline rushed out  of me.  Simon
my sword  sank deeply into the tree.   slipped  the  wand back in her cloak
Pulling with  all  my might, I tried   and quietly approached me.
to no avail to free my blade.
                                       We made our  weary way  back to town
Gnarled yellow teeth seemed to smile   as I related what had happened to me
at me as it brought up its sword and   after she had left. She also told me
pounded it down on my now broadsword   of her own adventures.  Encountering
which was wedged  deeply within  the   nothing on the  way home, we finally
tree.  The clash of  metal  rang out   made  it safely back,  very happy to
loudly, the blow sending  vibrations   be alive.
up  the sword and  through my  arms,
making them feel as if they had been   Tired and travel  stained, I decided
torn from their sockets.               to  return home, get cleaned up  and
                                       rest my weary  bones.  We headed off
I  stumbled back as  the blade broke   on our  separate  ways, promising to
free of  the tree, only to  discover   meet up again tomorrow, if we could.
that all I held  in my hand was  the             ______
hilt of my prized weapon. Wasting no            /      \
time, the thing came  at me again, I           | /\  /\ |           /|
quickly spun out of the way.  It was           || `||' ||         /  |
then that I noticed a  second weapon        ___||  ^^  ||___    /    |@@
attached to the  creatures  belt.  A     _ /_   | A__A ||    _\/____ / \____
spear.                                           \____/        \   \ /     /
                                                                |@@ |    /
As it  came at me,  I feigned to the         |            \___ @@   |  /
left, it tried to change  directions      _ /            /___ @/    |/
so as to lunge at me.  Using this to         \  ___/\____\\\\\/
my advantage,  I  twisted  around to           \         @@---
its  right and grasped  the spear at     \      | __   @@_|
its belt, yanking it free.                \ _     \_ @@
 _____________                      Ker
/ \ _________ \                     ~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |               by Simon d'Ker
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | here   is  a   place   offended mouth, a half - elf, taller
/@|   _|_|_   | called  Ker,  rather   than most and older than the world.
\_/__________/ far  from  here, that
is a mass of  hills and valleys  all   His  robes were of  purple, deep yet
shoved  together to form  mountains.   bright. His  wide eyes were an iden-
Within the  numerous clumps of trees   tical  match--the same  purple--with
and  bush live  a variety  of gentle   skin and hair both silver. His robes
flora and fauna. I come from there.    were covered with pouches and  small
                                       satchels attached to  belts, he wore
As I  look  back, life  was  simple,   necklaces of stone and metal adorned
full of sensible ritual, solemn loy-   with gems and shapes and colors, and
alty, and patient elders. We  were a   he was draped with sweeping cords of
small clan.                            keys and tools.
Before I  was  beyond  childhood,  a   I closed my eyes--and my mouth.
horde of  Hill Trolls came down from
the farthest northern peaks. Outnum-   I stayed  for eight years.  He was a
bering  my  people in  both strength   mage--a  high  mage  of  the  Silver
and  blind cruelty,  they  destroyed   Clan, a  long heritage of mages.  He
everything. I was the lone survivor.   sheltered me and trained me.  He was
                                       gentle  and  firm  and  patient  and
Stunned and devastated but resolved,   demanding. The perfect teacher.
I collected  what I  felt  necessary
and  travelled  south. The trek  was   As my eighteenth birthday came near,
tortuous,  with narrow escapes  from   he began to prepare me for my depar-
death  itself to  the less  dramatic   ture. On the day of my birth he sent
problems a  child  would  inevitably   me  on my  way with a gift, my  most
encounter when travelling alone. The   treasured possession, an ancient and
simple chore  of sustenance and safe   tattered wizard's  cloak. It was his
bedding  became   the  tedious   and   to give by way  of his  own develop-
demanding task of the day.             ment  years and was given  to him as
                                       a farewell gift from his teacher.
The season  changed and I had yet to
encounter either  man or elf. I  was   The history  of the  cloak is hidden
weary and discouraged and  fell into   in its threads; but from its appear-
a mood of lonely  reflection upon my   ance, its  secrets are  numerous and
lost  people. I  made less  progress   varied and shall surely take me many
daily and  finally lay down to sleep   years to master.
in an exhaustion  so vast I believed
I would never again rise.              -  Simon swirls the  cloak about her
                                       body and slowly disappears.
Several days, I suppose, passed; and
somewhere in a mist  of unconscious-
ness, I noticed a light or a song or                   @
a hope. I woke to a  taste, a  taste                  @*@
in  my mouth  that was so nasty, one                @@***@@
absolutely had to come back from the        @@@       @*@       @@@
edge of death to dispel it. Sputter-          *@@@@   @@@   @@@@*
ing and spitting, I woke.                      *@@   @@*@@   @@*
What I  saw was  entirely beyond  my            @@@@@@@*@@@@@@@
comprehension. First,  all manner of           *****************
containers  and  objects  and colors
and  sounds. Then, hunkered over me,
shoving  this foul substance into my
  __\  ____\                                                             \
 /    / \__|                                                              |
|    |     |         ____________________________________________________/
|__   \___/_________/                                                  \
 /                              New Beginning                           |
 \                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                          _|
   \                            by Rhea Sibex                          \
    |                                                                   |
    |            My first true love, my only one                        |
    |            Do not look so surprised.                              |
    |            I've missed your bounding spirit and                   |
    |            Tis time you realized,                                 |
    |                                                                  _|
    |            That one day I'd come to fetch you,                   \
    |            Away from all your cares.                              |
    |            I've let you stay amongst your folk,                   |
    |            To manage their affairs.                               |
    |                                                                   |
    |            For like the sheep your people were,                   |
    |            You shepherd of the flock.                             |
    |            But years have passed, your sons have grown,           |
    |            And now they need you not.                            _|
    |                                                                  \
    |            We laughed and danced just yesterday,                  |
    |            'Neath summers golden bloom.                           |
    |            Tis time to leave your crown behind,                   |
    |            And let our love resume.                               |
    |                                                                   |
    |            As it was when we were young,                          |
    |            So shall it be again.                                  |
    |            No longer child, now woman grown,                     _|
    |            My heart still speaks your name.                      \
    |                                                                   |
    |            Your eyes grow dim, you disbelieve,                    |
    |            This elven maiden's song.                              |
    |            A fever dream you think this is,                       |
    |            But truly you are wrong.                               |
    |                                                                   |
    |            Though elven I and young in years,                     |
    |            And mortal you remain.                                _|
    |            Our time together marked my soul,                     \
    |            And see you how I've changed.                          |
    |                                                                   |
    |            That my carefree heart was lessened,                   |
    |            The day you said farewell.                             |
    |            From that time on, I've roamed alone,                  |
    |            Seeking a certain spell.                               |
    |                                                                   |
    |            It took me long, and friends I've made                _|
    |            Of drakes and unicorns.                               \
    |            And justly found the spell I'd sought,                 |
    |            Tis in this chalice borne.                             |
    |                                                                   |
   /_________________                                                   |
  ||\                \___________________________________________________
  ||_|                                                                    \
  |  |                                                             more... |
   \/____________________________________________________________________ /
  __\  ____\                                                             \
 /    / \__|                                                              |
|    |     |         ____________________________________________________/
|__   \___/_________/                                                  \
 /                                                                      |
 \                Take but a sip my long lost love,                    _|
   \              Just with a draught you'll find,                     \
    |             The years stripped from your body, a                  |
    |             New clarity of mind.                                  |
    |                                                                   |
    |             That's it my love, I'll hold the cup,                 |
    |             A sip is all I ask.                                   |
    |             Now up you jump, away we go,                         _|
    |             Leave off your lordly task.                          \
    |                                                                   |
    |             Your sons will rule now in your stead                 |
    |             Ah yes, I'll wait for you.                            |
    |             To leave a note 'neath your old crown,                |
    |             Now let us fly, oh do!                                |
    |                                                                   |
    |             We dance once more the star filled night,             |
    |             Into the mornings dawn.                              _|
    |             My joyful laughter matching yours.                   \
    |             Our hearts again one song...                          |
    |                                                                   |
    |             A morning dawns upon a bed,                           |
    |             Where once a king did lie.                            |
    |             And all twas found a note which said,                 |
    |             "Good bye my sons, I fly."                            |
   /_________________                                                   |
  ||\                \___________________________________________________
  ||_|                                                                    \
  |  |                                                                     |
   \/____________________________________________________________________ /
                              \ | /
                              / | \                           \\\///
                                    \ \ ^ ^^^  / / /        --- ** ---
            \  \  \ / / / /       (   (( ^^^  / / /         --- ** ---
              \* \  /* / /        ( (  ((+++++  )) )          ///\\\
           ( ^  \\ ***/     )       (    +++++)) )  )
            /  / * *** \  \ \     (( (( // |||\\\\
          )   / / /  \* \  \ )        /  /\                ^
            / / / /   \  \ \            /__\              |_|
                   / \                   *                 *       /\
                   |_|                  ( )               ( )     |__|
                    *                   ( )               / /\     **
                   ( )                  / \              / |__|    ()
              /\   ( )             /\  (( ))            (  /**     ()
             /  \  / \         /\ /  \  \ /            (  ) ()
            /    \           /    \   \
           /      \         /__  __\ __\                /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
 -----------|    |------------|  |___|-----------------|__|__|__|__|__|__
            |____|            |__|  |___                ** ** ** ** ** **
                \___\|/        |___     \_              (( )))(( )) ()) (
                                                  Amber Kari - "Fireworks"
  __\  ____\                                                             \
 /    / \__|                                                              |
|    |     |         ____________________________________________________/
|__   \___/_________/        A New Venture?                            \
 /                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                             |
 \                        By Palance Buckhannah                        _|
   \                                                                   \
    |         A Healer's life can sometimes be bland                    |
    |             As I travel along across the land                     |
    |         I take the time to stop your bleeding                     |
    |             And often gets calls from those who are needing       |
    |         Sometimes I think there's something more                  |
    |             Some form of study or other lore                     _|
    |         In my searching I soon found luck                        \
    |             An idea that seemed strange but somehow stuck         |
    |         A Healer who picks, I stopped to wonder                   |
    |             And I heard in my mind the sound of thunder           |
    |         For if the traps of acid spray                            |
    |             I'll just heal the scar away!                         |
    |           @)-----,-----'-----,-----'-----(@                       |
    |                                                                   |
    |    The little blond boy                                          _|
    |    In the Garden                                                 \
    |    Filled with yellow roses                                       |
    |    Image seems dim-light fog.                                     |
    |                                                                   |
    |    He's laughing                                                  |
    |    Begins talking to someone behind the bush                      |
    |    I love you; is read from the boy's lips                        |
    |    Those innocent lips                                            |
    |    Never spoke evil             @@          @@          @@        |
    |    Those innocent hands         @;;@       @;;@       @;;@        |
    |    Never touched evil           @;;;;@    @;;;;@    @;;;;@       _|
    |    Those innocent ears           @;;;;;@ @;;;;;;@ @;;;;;@        \
    |    Never heard evil               @;;;;;;@;;;;;;;@;;;;;@          |
    |    That young mind                 @;;;;;;;@;;;@;;;;;;@           |
    |    Because it doesn't yet          @;;;;;;;;;@;;;;;;;;@           |
    |    Understand evil                 @;;;;;;;@;;;;;;;;;;@    :      |
    |                                    @;;;;;@;;;;;;;;;;;;@   ::      |
    |    He turns                         @;;@;;;;;;;;;;;;;@   ::       |
    |    With a quick jolt            :    @;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@   ::        |
    |    As if being pulled           ::    @;;;;;;;;;;;;@  :::         |
    |    All roses wilted              ::    """;;;;;""""  :::          |
    |    Image darkens                  ::       :::      :::           |
    |    Blond man standing              :::     :::     :::            |
    |    With back turned                 :::     :::   ::::           _|
    |    Flowers blackened with death       :::   :::  ::::            \
    |    Old man lying                       :::  ::: ::::              |
    |    The walk is cracked                   ::::::::::               |
    |    No roses just crisp scattered leaves                           |
    |    All disappears                                                 |
    |    Little blond boy                                               |
    |                                                                   |
    |    - Lord Blades Clanners                                         |
    |   ________________________________________________________________|__
    |  |                                                                   |

 _____________         Undermining Kelfour's (Part 8)
/ \ _________ \        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ||=|=|=|| |         by Lord Llorien Silvanestii
  | ~~ |_| ~~ |
 _|    |_|    | he footing  down the   Aegyptia, upon  hearing this, walked
/@|   _|_|_   | steps   carved  into   to the leader of one of the patrols.
\_/__________/ the   cliff  face was   After a  few  whispered words  and a
slick   and  treacherous, but   soon   puzzled look from the patrol leader,
everyone  had reached  the  floor of   the patrol clasped hands in a circle
the great cavern. As they made their   with  Aegyptia in the center. With a
way along the road towards the city,   few words  which  were  lost in  the
the group could not help but  notice   cavern's vastness, she raised up her
the haunted looks of  the workers in   hands. Above  them hovered a glowing
the fields of what looked like giant   sphere. Wispy tendrils extended from
mushrooms and other assorted fungi.    the sphere to touch  each member  of
                                       the patrol and  bathe him in  a soft
"Our main dietary staple," explained   white light. Then  the  sphere shud-
Joran.  "Most   things  require  the   dered  and  dissipated.   Satisfied,
light  of a natural sun, but we have   Aegyptia returned.
found a  variety of  fungus  growths
that satisfy  most of our needs. We,   "I hope that helps to protect them,"
of course, augment our diet by hunt-   she  said. "It is not much, but with
ing wild game as well."                the grace of  Eissa, it will deflect
                                       some of the blows, and perhaps  lift
"Hmm, I wonder  if these make decent   their spirits."
mushroom  brandy?"   asked  Llorien,
drawing a shake of Inyigo's head.      "You are  kind," said  Joran, bowing
                                       to the cleric.  "I only hope that it
"I can't  believe that with all that   is enough  to protect  them  against
has happened, and the wonders  we've   those  horrors,  should they attack.
seen, that  all you're interested in   However, their weapons are well-nigh
is  one more way  of getting drunk,"   useless against these creatures. The
said Inyigo.                           best they can hope for is to provide
                                       delay sufficient to allow the miners
"As  a  matter  of  fact,"  chuckled   to escape."
Joran, "we  do ferment  one  of  the
mushrooms for  the priests,  who use   "Can  your priests not  bless  their
the liquor  in their ceremonies. The   weapons to allow them to  strike the
Tellers  are   also  fond   of  this   undead down?" asked Aegyptia.
liquor, saying it loosens the tongue
for story  telling  and  allows  the   "They  have   tried  all  manner  of
truth to come forth."                  prayer,  but  it  seems  that  their
                                       precious   Great    Wyrm   has   not
"See?" smiled  Llorien. "I  told you   listened," replied  Joran  ruefully.
they were bards at heart."             "Yet another  argument  against  the
                                       righteousness of their beliefs."
After this exchange, the  oppressive
atmosphere seemed  to clamp down  on   "Well, although  the blessing is not
everyone's  spirits, and  the  group   permanent," said  Aegyptia,  "I  can
trudged on silently towards the main   surely  bless some weapons  for  the
gate  of  the  city.  Patrols passed   patrols to  use. At  least until the
them every  once  in a while,  faces   drain of  prayer causes  me to  need
appearing already  to have the taint   some rest.  When we  reach the city,
of death  upon them, as if they knew   you can  inform the commander of the
that  they  would  not  be returning   patrols that I shall do so."
this way again.
                                       Joran nodded his  agreement. "As you
"They are  heading  to  the  mines,"   wish, milady.  But first,  we should
said Joran, "to protect the miners."   go to see the High Council."
As  if his  words were  a cue,  the   these creatures,"  said Joran. "They
group approached and stopped at the   will be expecting us."
ornately  carved gate  leading into
the  city. A tall,  muscular  guard   Looking ahead, the  party could  see
detached  himself from  the shadows   that the  main street emptied into a
and  approached,  appraising   them   large open-air plaza, in  the middle
with a quick glance.                  of which stood the tallest  building
                                      in  the  city. Its  spires, by  some
"I see  you  have  returned, Joran,"  trick  of dim light, seemed to reach
the guard said, sneering. "With the   the roof of the  cavern itself. From
surface dwellers." The drow's voice   its  windows lights glittered, and a
dripped contempt.                     sequence of shapes and shadows could
                                      be seen bustling around inside.
"Yes, and  you would do well to show
some  respect and  hospitality, Gan-  "Hmm...."  said  Joran.  "A  lot  of
del," said  Joran. "You,  I believe,  activity, which  usually  means  one
are due  for patrol duty in a day or  thing.  That   another  attack   has
two, and these  people  may be  your  occurred."
only hope  of returning to your cute
and charming wife."                   Urging the  group onward,  Joran led
                                      the way  into the edifice. Officious
The chastened guard  waved the group  looking clerks  scurried down  hall-
through the gates.                    ways and into doorways, looking like
                                      rats in a maze and desperately seek-
Hastening  through   the  arch,  the  ing a  way to  escape. He  walked to
party entered  into the main street,  some large  stone  doors which  were
a wide, cobblestone-paved  thorough-  slightly ajar. From within, an argu-
fare lined with shops dealing in all  ment could  be heard in  progress, a
manner  of goods.  Citizens  bustled  cacophony of voices on one side, and
every which way, conducting business  a  single  exasperated voice  on the
as  if nothing out  of the  ordinary  other.  The party's  ears perked  up
was happening in their world, though  when they heard that single voice.
the Kelfourians could sense distrust
from those that glanced their way.    "Ignatius!!" Penna  cried out  loud,
                                      bursting through the doors, followed
"I am sorry that you did not receive  closely by  the others.  She stopped
a better welcome," apologized Joran.  abruptly, causing  the rest  of them
"As  you can  see, the  priests have  to bump into each other. A figure in
ingrained  a deep  mistrust  and, in  the center of the room turned to the
some, hatred, for anything or anyone  jubilant healer, revealing the hag-
from the surface world."              gard visage of Ignatius.
"'Tis the  way it  always  is,  when  "Ah, it's  about  time  someone  got
faced  with the  unknown,"  philoso-  here," said Ignatius. "Maybe you can
phized  Inyigo. "Until  they get  to  talk some sense into these oafs," he
know us, they only  have what  their  continued, waggling  a finger at the
priests have told them upon which to  assemblage of  hooded and robed fig-
base their judgment."                 ures surrounding him. In the  corner
                                      of  the room  was  a pile  of stuff,
"Please, come  this way,"  indicated  which  everyone  recognized as  the
Joran. He  turned to  the other drow  missing holy weapons.
in the group and, after a few words,
dismissed  them to go  home to their  "Nice  to  see  you  too, Ignatius,"
families and  rest. He then  led the  said Pterelas sarcastically.
group further into the city.          The monk ignored the thief's pointed
"It is best if we get to the council  remark and  continued, "These  fools
as soon as possible and decide  what  say that our holy  weapons are of no
must be  done, so  that we can avert  use against the vile  creatures that
any more deaths among my people from  plague  them, and I keep  explaining
that the weapons are  only useful in   the  monk. Aegyptia put  her hand on
the hands of a cleric."                Ignatius' shoulder.  "Take  a   deep
                                       breath, brother."
"That is  preposterous!" thundered a
voice from the  crowd of  robed fig-   "But  they are  not true  believers,
ures.  He  contemptuously  kicked  a   sister," answered Ignatius. "Without
holy sapara. "What  good is a weapon   those who  can wield  the holy  wea-
if a warrior cannot wield it? Are we   pons, I fear we are all doomed.
to  understand  that  you  expect  a
priest to fight?"                      "I have  seen the  demons that spill
                                       from  that hole in the  ground,"  he
"Why  not, you  old  goat?" Ignatius   continued. "It is as if the gates of
rasped  back. "Warriors  fight flesh   Hell have opened and all the horrors
and  blood,  but clerics must  fight   that men have  seen in  their night-
minds and souls, the hatred and fear   mares have converged here.
in them. And at times, the shades of
those that have died and returned to   "While  I was  fighting, I  glimpsed
torment us."                           something  in that  hole,  something
                                       purely  evil that exuded hatred  and
"We tried what you said," argued the   loathing." Ignatius shuddered at his
priest. "We  sent three of our young   remembrance of the sight.  "I  think
priests, armed  with  these weapons,   it was the shade of Kadaena."
to the site of the latest  invasion.             (to be continued)
Their  bodies, or  what  was left of
them, have  just been  returned  for      ("What Stuff..." from page 15)
burial.  From  accounts that  I have       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
received,  the weapons  were just as   Have  you  seen those  files  called
ineffectual  as  when  our  warriors   "A27T0303.002" or "AT705F28.ZIP" and
fought with them."                     have no idea whatsoever of what they
                                       are?  They are captures of different
"Then they  were not  true clerics!"   things, usually  of a particular  BB
retorted Ignatius. The two joined in   topic.  These are  not  important to
heated debate immediately, the  rest   download, but if you are going to be
chiming in with their opinions.        looking though old  messages on a BB
                                       and  do not  want to keep logging on
Ignatius' voice rose above the rest.   to look search  for something,  then
"But this Great Wyrm of yours is NOT   you can download one of these.
a Lord of Orhan! How can someone who
worships an  animal wield  a  weapon   There is not too much more to all of
blessed by the Lords of Orhan?         this, but if you do  need more help,
                                       there are a lot of people on the  BB
"You have seen that the weapons can    that could help you. However, if you
strike down these foul creatures. I    happen  to have  any questions about
have used them  and shown  you that    this article, or something that only
they have the power that I say they    I can answer, you  can  email me  at
do," continued Ignatius.               K.COSLEY (I do not mind), but do not
                                       mail me for general  questions (I am
"Bah!"  scoffed the priest. "Tricks!   only about a  two months old on this
Perhaps you are in league with these   system)  and you can  definitely get
things. Haven't I said  that this is   a more experienced (and  more people
a plot of  surface dwellers to drive   to help you  out), when you leave  a
us from our mines?" He looked at his   message on the BB. Of course, if you
peers, who nodded their agreement.     want  to write back, telling me that
                                       you liked  my article,  that is fine
Ignatius, finally exasperated beyond   too.
the point of  control, turned on his
heel  and  stomped  from  the  room.   I hope  this article  has helped you
Joran  motioned  to  the  others  to   out  and can  answer your questions.
follow him, and the group went after   Until then I'll see you in the game!
                  Ram's Guide: Kulthean Bare Basic Knowledge
 ___________                 by Ram Youngblood
/ \      __ \
\@|     / "| |
  |    //|"| | nyone  who  writes  a   buy are  a helm,  aventail,  shield,
 _|   //=|"| | new player guide usu-   and arm and leg greaves.
/@|  //  |"| | ally  does it  on the
\_/ ~~   ~~~ / combat aspects of the   Situation #3
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~  game. When I started
off, I had trouble with other basic    You're at Tyron's Armory, and you're
principles of Kulthean life.           ready to  buy your  weapon(s)! Let's
                                       say you  trained in  one-hand  edged
Well, here's an  article on the odds   weapons. What do you buy?
and ends of Kulthean  adventure that
new players need  to know. This will   A. Only  one weapon  and  save  your
help anyone  on their  first week in   money.
Kulthea after  they understand  com-
bat. We'll start  from the Character   B. As many one-hand edged weapons as
Manager, and I will give  situations   possible,  so  that  you  can  be  a
you  can respond to. Every time  you   versatile fighter.
get a situation correct, give  your-
self a point and see how you add up!   Pick "B?"  Nope, you're  better  off
                                       saving your money. You need only one
Situation #1                           weapon for  now. You  can decide  if
                                       you want multiple weapons later on.
You've  just   gotten  out   of  the
Character  Manager   and  you   have   Now someone shows you how to get to
nothing. You need weapons and armor,   the hunting area, kobs (between the
so what do you do?                     Wayside Inn and the werebear trail)
                                       Sounds like Situation #4 is up.
A. Look  for a  weapon smith  and an
armor shop.                            Situation #4
B. Ask  around to  see if anyone has   You're a  level one  thief and  just
any spare equipment for cheap sale.    went  hunting  in  kobs. You  kill a
                                       kobold and  find your  first  chest!
Pick "B?" Wrong. It'll be easier for   You are really excited! Do you...
you just to go to the Armor Shop and
Tyron's Armory.  Type DIR  ARMOR  or   A. Check  for traps  and try to pick
ARMORY for  directions. What  do you   it yourself?
buy? That's Situations #2 and #3.
                                       B. Try  to find  someone  else  more
Situation 2                            experienced to pick it?
You're at the Armor Shop. Type ORDER   If you  picked "B," congratulations!
to see a list  of what  you can pur-   That's another point! Even if you're
chase. What will you buy?              a thief,  don't try to pick anything
                                       until you've  double trained in trap
A. The  most  expensive  base  armor   disarming  and  lockpicking  for  at
that  you   can  buy   for   maximum   least four levels. Go to Town Square
protection.                            (DIR TOWN  for directions)  and  ask
                                       for a picker. Now, that brings us to
B. A  cheap, simple  armor, then buy   another situation...
any add-ons.
                                       Situation #5
Did you  pick "B?"  Good! You need a
simple armor,  heavy hide,  and  the   You just  brought back your chest to
add-ons. The add-ons that you should   Town Square.  You've found  a picker
that makes short work of your chest.   with him.  You are  always ready for
It flies  open. You're in a hurry to   something new. What do you do?
get another,  and the picker is in a
hurry to log off. Do you...            A. You join up,  since you're  ready
                                       for your first group hunt.
A. Ask  if he/she  wants part of the
contents of your chest?                B.  You  inquire  more  about  these
                                       pumas because they sound fierce.
B. Thank him/her and return to kobs?
                                       If you joined up, you'd  better dis-
If you  answered "A," that's another   band! You'll be puma food if you go.
point! Most pickers  will  want  two   go. Ask  before you  join up  for  a
scoops (one scoop is 10% of the sil-   hunt. You could  be getting in  over
vers in the chest) for their effort.   your head. A friend then asks if you
Pickers risk  lockpick breakage  and   want to go to kobs. You go, and that
even  their lives if there's a trap.   takes us to the next situation...
So  be sure to ask or you've  gained
an enemy. You go back to kobs...       Situation #9
Situation #6                           You're hunting in hobs with a friend
                                       and you  see two  items in front  of
You went  back to  kobs  and  you've   you: a kobold skin and a short sword
been hit! You're bleeding! Do you...   that  someone   (or   some   thing!)
                                       dropped. So you...
A. Ask help from a healer?
                                       A. Take  the   skin  and  give  your
B. Ignore it, since you  have plenty   friend the  sword  because that will
of concussion points?                  be quicker.
If you  answered "A," you're on your   B. Take  both and  tell him that you
way to a  prosperous life!  Even  if   will split the profits later.
it's  a small  wound, a  new  player
like you  needs to be bleeding  like   If you  answered "A,"  think  again.
you need to be run through. Where do   The skin is worth much more than the
you go? That's the next situation...   sword (the sword is only worth about
                                       six silvers; you may  decide  not to
Situation #7                           pick it up), so it wouldn't be  fair
                                       for  your partner.  Equality  is the
You need  a  healer  because  you're   best way to  split treasure. So what
bleeding. How do you find one?         do you do with the treasure?
A. Walk around kobs in hope of find-   That's situation #10.
ing one nearby.
                                       Situation #10
B. Go all the way  to Town Square to
find one.                              You have  some skins,  pelts, hides,
                                       and equipment from various  monsters
Did you answer "A?"  Wrong.  Walking   that  you've been hunting with  your
around  bleeding will  only endanger   friend. What do you do  with it all,
you  more. There is usually a healer   since it has to be worth something?
at Town Square, so try there.
                                       A. Try to find a Furrier and a Pawn-
In the Square you overhear a conver-   shop in town.
sation that brings up...
                                       B. Walk around awhile to see if any-
Situation #8                           one is interested in buying them.
You're at  Town Square when  someone   Pick "A?"  Good.  Trust  me, no  one
asks  if anyone wants to  hunt pumas   wants your  treasure except  to sell
                                   -=26=-                           more...
it themselves (with the exception of   your round  time (how  long it takes
special  items).  Kelfour's  Landing   to do  one attack). And don't forget
has  both a  Furrier,  Jarlik, and a   that there are  thieves in  Kulthea!
Pawnshop. Type  DIR PAWN  or DIR FUR   Type DIR BANK for  directions,  then
to find out how to get to the shops.   GO BANK, GO ARCH, and GO  WINDOW for
Type SELL  SKIN/PELT/HIDE  and  SELL   banking options.  Okay,  now  add up
SWORD/SHIELD to  sell  your treasure   your points to see how you rank....
for silvers. This leads to...
Situation #11                          1 or 2:  You'll have as many friends
                                       as a war troll and the lifespan of a
You  collect treasure  and  sell it.   Kulthean swampfly.
After a  few hours of treasure hunt-
ing, you've made over 1000  silvers.   3 or 4:  Your  game  plan must  have
What should you do?                    been: heads - A, tails - B.
A. Go  shopping!  Get those  weapons   5 or 6:  Try again and this time no
you've always wanted.                  "eenny-meenny-miney-mo!"
B. Look for a bank to put it in.       7 or 8:  Good try!  Kulthea may make
                                       a warrior of you yet.
C. A bank  may not  be safe,  so you
keep it in your pockets.               9 or 10:  All right!  You'll  live a
                                       prosperous life.
Definitely  put it  in a  bank. Why?
Keeping many  silvers will  increase   11 right:  You sure you're a newbie?
 /\                Hear Ye!      Hear Ye!     One and ALL!                \
|                                                                        |
|                           * Now Announcing *                           |
|        Auditions for the Kelfours Vaudeville and Variety Company!      |
|                           * All are welcome *                          |
|                                                                        |
|  The first troupe is forming and the following openings are available! |
|                                                                        |
|                              Magicians                                 |
|                         Poets, Storytellers                            |
|                      Bards, Singers, Musicians                         |
|                     Stand up Comics, Comic Acts                        |
|             Actors/Actresses with short skits/plays in mind            |
|                            Daring Acrobats                             |
|                              Animal Acts                               |
|                  Dancers - Exotic, Bawdy, Ballerinas                   |
|                       Jugglers, Fools, Clowns                          |
|           Strong men (We need someone to haul out the piano!)          |
|        People to run the concession stand and collect Admission.       |
|                                                                        |
|   I have arranged with the owners of Cheldar's Bath house to let me    |
|   use their stage. It is undergoing a few minor alterations and will   |
|         be available for rehearsals when the troupe is gathered.       |
|                                                                        |
|    If you have an idea for any act/entertainment not listed above,     |
|       do not hesitate to see me about it. Send your replies to:        |
|             Rhea Sibex, manager of KVVC, GE Mail: RHEA                 |
|  ______________________________________________________________________|
| @\                                                                      \
 ___________                    Dressing Down
/ \   ____  \                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| /~/~~\\  |               by Lloyd Llowd, Ph.D
  ||~|    ~~ |
 _||~|  |==| |
/@| \~\__//  |reetings and felicita-   her  attempts to forcibly drag large
\_/  ~~~~~  / tions,  citizens.  The   fighters  to  the  wedding glade are
  ~~~~~~~~~~ time has come to expose   true.   And  the  snow  puma  is  an
the  glaring defects waltzing around   endangered  species!  There ought to
town  in  the guise of "fashion." It   be  a law protecting rare and exotic
is  painfully  obvious  that most of   animals  from  the  depredations  of
our  residents  believe  all  colors   money  grubbing  fur  merchants.  If
match  in  the  dark  and sort their   Dara would  just  wear  shoes and do
socks  by thickness.  Those who wear   something with her hair she might be
them.   I shall be happy to describe   halfway presentable.
the five worst offenders.
                                       Second place, though not for lack of
Fifth  place, and the prize for Best   effort,  goes  to Halfling Mage Lord
Impression  of  a  Bad  Western Emer   Dartaghan  Darkstar.   His  ensemble
Play  Actor,  goes  to Lord Trachten   includes  a  shimmering  translucent
Hickapod  the  High  Man Ranger.  He   cape,  a stoutly armored belt, and a
has  unkempt,  long  black  hair and   shimmering  spidersilk  robe,  and a
wears  a  dusty  black  wide brimmed   tiny spidersilk posing pouch.
hat,  a  calico blanket, some silver
and   turquoise  bracers,  a  golden   Lord  Dart has taken to moonlighting
bracelet, a puma hide vest, and some   as  "Terkel  the  Hobbit  Stud"  for
rock lizard hide boots.                Ladies   Night   at  Cheldar's  Bath
                                       House.   He  reportedly  attempts  a
All  he  needs  is a toothpick and a   wild  strip tease down to his posing
gleam in his eye.  Oh yes.  Trousers   pouch  to  the  strains  (and I mean
would  be  nice, given that the vest   "strains"  literally)  of  Erion the
isn't  long and the blanket waves in   Bard  singing  "I  Can't Stop Loving
the breeze.  Among other things.       Ewe."  And  Lord  Dart  does  look a
                                       little  sheepish  at the end when it
Fourth  place goes to Lord Caretaker   becomes  apparent  that  his stoutly
D'BoldHome,  the  Dwarf  Healer.  He   armored belt is really a girdle that
wears  a  white smock, some tattered   holds in his massive belly.
rags wrapped around his feet, a grey
woolen  cloak,  a  tan fur backpack,   Finally,  first  place  goes to Lord
and  enough  fleas  to infect all of   Strom  O'Berin  the High Elf Healer.
Jaiman with bubonic plague.            He wears old mutilation wounds about
                                       his   face   and   head  with  minor
The rags take the prize, as they are   bruises,  a  mangled  left  arm with
an  obvious panhandling ploy.  Given   minor  bruises  and lacerations, old
the sable his wife wears, we know he   battle  scars  across  his chest and
could afford better.                   back,  a  black-and-blue  right eye,
                                       minor bruises and lacerations on his
Third  place,  with  a  dishonorable   right arm, a completely severed left
mention  for  most  egregious use of   leg,  a  blinded  left  eye,  a scar
animal  fur, goes to Lady Dara Lundy   across  his  face,  a  mangled right
the  Half-Elf  Ranger.   She wears a   arm,  old  battle scars on his right
black  laen shield, some blue shaalk   hand, a mangled left hand, terrible,
ring  mail,  an  ankle-length hooded   permanent  mutilation  of the abdom-
coat  made  of  snow-white  puma fur   inal   muscles,   several   painful-
with  deep  roomy pockets and a bone   looking  scars across his chest, and
white skeleton skull helm.             a strange case of muscle twitching.
The  black  and blue motif is appro-   No clothes, of course.  He can't get
priate for this tomboy, if rumors of   them on over all the scar tissue.

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