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/ \                                                                         \
|  |                                    Free WEEKENDS in Kelfour's Landing  |
|                                                                          |
|   XXXX         XXX       XX     XXXXX                                    |
| xXX XX       XXX        XX     XX  XX                                    |
|     XX     XXX          XX    XX    X                                    |
|     XX   XXX    XXXXXXX XX    XX      XXXXXXXXX  XXX     XX    XX  XXXX  |
|     XX XXX    XXX    XX XX   xXXXXXX XX       XX XXX     XX   XXX XX     |
|     XXXXX   XXX       X XX    XX  XX XX       XX  XX     XX    XXX       |
|     XXXX   XXXXXxxx     XX    XX   X XX      XX   XX     XX    XX        |
|     XXXXX   XXX         XX    XX     XX     XX    XX    XXX  x XX        |
|     XXXXXX    XXXx      XX  x XX      XX   XX     XX  XX XX XX XXX       |
|     XX  XXX     XXXXXxx XXxXX XX       XXXX        XXX   XXXX  XX        |
|     XX    XX            XXXX  XX                                         |
|    xXX     XX xX             XX      The Kronicles                       |
|   XXX       XXX            xXX             of Kulthea:    Vol.1, No. 4   |
|                         XXX           X                 September 1990   |
|  XXXXXXXXXXXXX         XX     XXX    XX     XXX         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   |
| XX XX        XX        XX    XXX   XXXX    XXX                           |
| X  XX         X        XX         XXXXXXXX                               |
|    XX           XXXXXXXXX     XX     XX     XX     XXXXXXXX   XX  XXXX   |
|   XXXXXXXX     XX      XX    XXX     XX    XXX    XX      XX XXX XX  XX  |
|    XX    X     XX      XX     XX     XX     XX    XX      XX  XXX    XX  |
|    XX          XX     XXX  x  XX  x  XX  x  XX  x XX     XX   XX     XX  |
|    XX       XX  XX   X XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX   XX    XX     XX x|
|   XXX     XXX    XXXX  XXXX   XXXX   XXXX   XXXX    XXXXX     XX     XXXX|
|  XXXXXXXXXXX                                                             |
|                                                                          |
|        Free Weekends.... 2     August Hall of Fame............. 2        |
|        New Monsters..... 2     CrossWord Puzzle Answers........ 4        |
|        First Tribunal... 3                                               |
|        Essence Shift.... 4   Tuilindo by Kalagay Halatil...... 24        |
|        Animated Folks... 4   "Pooh" Poem by Owlet Stalmorgan.. 24        |
|        A Demon Called Greed by Achoo GoldenRod................. 5        |
|        Editorial by Usul Lu'Nak................................ 7        |
|        Ballad of the Sleeping Boulder by Phaedra Bleu.......... 8        |
|        A Concerned Citizen's Editorial........................ 12        |
|        The Better Part of Valor by Magnetron Ramthanodox...... 13        |
|        Throne of Gold by Usul Lu'Nak.......................... 16        |
|        Special Monster Section by Landreth deLorde                       |
|          with Achoo GoldenRod and Magnetron Ramthanodox                  |
|             Monster Chart..................................... 17        |
|             Monster Statistics................................ 18        |
|             Special Abilities Glossary........................ 22        |
|                                                                          |
|  The Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the game  |
|  GemStone III on the GEnie Information Network. Submissions are welcome  |
|  and may be  edited for space, accuracy  and readability.  Contact Usul  |
|  Lu'Nak, Editor-In-Chief,  Achoo GoldenRod, Managing  Editor,  Landreth  |
|  deLorde, Technical Editor  or Phaedra Bleu, Publisher,  or send  GEnie  |
|  Email to P.HERRINGTON for further information.        Banner by Dagger. |
|   _______________________________________________________________________|_

 City News Desk                                                   Dateline
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       _______________________________        September 1990
                     |* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *|
  _____              |*| FREE WEEKENDS in GemStone!|*|
  ~|_|~              |*|___________________________|*|
   |~|               |* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *|
   |~|                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
   |~|                               ||
  _|~|_n an unprecedented move,      ||        Invasion of New Monsters
  ~~~~~  Kelfour Edition is pleased  ||        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
to announce that major contributors  ||    Early last month, warriors of the
are now being compensated with cost- || lands were delighted to discover that
free time in the lands. Although     || the wilds surrounding town had been
special arrangements can be made     || invaded by some astonishing new
with Publisher Phaedra Bleu, in      || monsters. Reports of 40 heretofore
general, upon publication of three   || unknown beasts have been received,
features (articles or similar works) || although at press time not all had
authors will be invited to select an || been investigated thoroughly by brave
entire weekend during which their    || KE reporters. KE extends its thanks
time in GemStone will be FREE of     || to those of you who contributed to the
connect fees (except surcharges where|| Monster Chart in this issue (we could
applicable) from 6PM Friday until    || not have done it without you) and all
8AM Monday local time -- a potential || residents can rest assured safe in
value of $372.00! Particulars may be || their homes that we will publish more
obtained from any KE Editor or by    || details on these and other critters
email addressed to P.HERRINGTON.     || in future Editions as facts become
   KE is also proud to mention that  || known. Local Militia, in fact, began
its staff will soon be working from  || patrolling town 24 hours a day upon
the new Kelfour Press Building south || discovery of these monsters.
of Town Square. As soon as construc- ||    New hunting grounds were also
tion is complete, issues of Kelfour  || uncovered, including an extensive
Edition and other documents will be  || underground Labyrinth (the entrance
made available from this location.   || to which is near the Mews) which was
Submissions will accepted there as   || explored by a number of brave souls.
well. A gala Grand Opening Party     || Officials temporarily blocked that
will be announced soon, so be sure   || entrance pending safety inspections.
to mark your calendar. And now, on   || KE expects it to reopen soon and
to other news...                     || advises caution when exploring there
                                     || and in dangerous places like Blototh
                                     || Mountain and the Dead Forest.
   ______HALL_OF_FAME_______________/  \____________________________________
  / \                                                                       \
  |                        Fame: I wanna live forever.                      |
  |_                         Some fools never learn.                        |
  |  Bard      Mendle Seldagrave   15  |  High Human   Benar Stormarm    12 |
  |  Ranger    Landreth deLorde    16  |  Common Man   Beolost Lamontt   11 |
  |  Mage      Dagmar Istarii      18  |  Dwarf        Vesitsa Talchild  14 |
  |  Fighter   Kirc Bloodguard     13  |  Halfling     Doppel Ganger      9 |
  |  Thief     Valeria Deering     17  |  Wood Elf     Celeborn Greysndir 8 |
  |  Cleric    Erebor Bordeaux     14  |  High Elf     Strom O'Berin      8 |
  |  Sorceror  Utgarhoth Draugluin 11  |  Half Elf     Dagmar Istarii    18 |
  |  Healer    Kayla Kyndhart      14  |  Fair Elf     Valeria Deering   17 |
/@| Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race as of August 29,1990 |
More Local News
 Kelfour Landing's First Tribunal      unsoiled if she insists upon keeping
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      company with a reportedly low-life
   On August 29th at 11:00 PM EDT,     rouge and womanizer like Etienne,
Kelfour's Landing's first formal       especially whilst her valiant husband
Tribunal, consisting of Kyliri         is out of town on a trip. She was also
Avendar, Phaedra Bleu and Landreth     supposedly seen meeting Etienne out-
deLorde convened in Moot Hall to       side the town gates later that eve,
settle a long-standing feud            allegedly to go hunting ghouls.
between Dagmar Istarii and Valeria        Far be it from your Editors to
Deering. Many citizens were in         mention her name lest we be accused of
attendance, as were a few of the       besmirching this angel's reputation.
minor gods. Dagmar and Valeria,        Suffice it to say that she should
both choosing to represent them-       watch her step if she wishes to remain
selves in person, presented open-      happily in Kelfour's Landing.
ing arguments describing the           
situation from their own viewpoint.    
The opening statements were concluded  
at 1:30AM, at which time witnesses     |\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
were called by each side. At about     ||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
4AM, the Tribunal retired to chambers  ||          FRONTIER JUSTICE          |
to decide the case, rendering their    ||                                    |
decision in approximately 30 minutes.  ||              KELFOURS              |
   The panel mandated that Valeria     ||           ~~ TRIBUNAL ~~           |
return Dagmar's translucent cloak, and ||                                    |
that Dagmar return Valeria's magic     ||       Don't take the law into      |
shield. These items were exchanged     ||     Your own hands when you need   |
shortly thereafter. It addition, the   ||      To settle your grievances     |
gods decreed that Dagmar and Valeria   ||                                    |
are forbidden from attacking any       ||           A TRIAL BY PEERS         |
citizen of Kelfour's Landing except in ||                                    |
self-defense for the remainder of their||       An Honorable Tradition       |
time in these lands. A complete        ||                                    |
transcript of the proceedings will soon||      Available by Appointment      |
be available for inspection at KE's    ||                                    |
new offices.                           ||           At the Courtroom         |
   Residents may avail themselves of   ||                 in                 |
a Tribunal hearing in the event of a   ||              MOOT HALL             |
dispute they cannot otherwise settle.  ||                                    |
Involved parties must name and agree   || At the corner of*Half Senit St. on |
upon the panelists and possible        || the East Side  ***  of Town Square |
verdicts prior to the hearing.         ||              *******               |
   Shortly after the Tribunal met,            | |    **\\*\\******   | |
KE received a letter reputedly from           | |   ****\\//*****    | |
Kelfour's Moral Decency League,               | |   **** \ \//**     | |
stating that a certain well-known            ~~~~     ****| /**      ~~~~
lady Mage shocked everyone by                             | |
attending said Tribunal escorted by                       | |________
one Etienne de Noire. This missive               *_______/   \
went on to claim that the lady's             _____________      ========
spotless reputation will not remain

Yet More Local News

Evident Shift in Essence Flow             Residents Become More Animated
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A shift in local Essence flows was       Townfolks have become animated of
apparently responsible for major         late, doing things like shaking hands
changes in the magical powers of         upon being introduced and shocking
mages and clerics last month. Mages      each other by winking -- which seems
suddenly discovered they had a couple    the latest rage. Upon investigation,
of extra spells but this hardly off-     your erstwhile Editors discovered
set the fact that their much-used        that even they can do such things.
Sleep I power had been rendered          ere, for your elucidation and
totally ineffective when cast at         instruction, is how:
beasts of any substance. Additionally,   
magic wands can no longer be waved       Give <person>    Item must be in
in rapid succession, leaving spell         Accept         right hand.
casters in particular exposed to           Decline
ravaging. The gods report that the         Cancel         [] Optional
situation is under investigation and     Grimace          <> Mandatory
advise that other powerful spells may    Pout             |  Used in choice
be learned over time, but many mages     Shudder
are most dis-spirited at press time.     Wink [person]
   Clerics, too, have been advised by    Chuckle [person]
the gods that many new spells are in     Shake <head|hands> [at|with] [person]
the atmosphere, and indeed, there have   Raise <hand|eyebrows> [at] [person]
been wonderful reports of citizens       
lives being saved by the most powerful        Answers to August CrossWord
cleric in the lands today, Erebor              _________________________ 
Bordeaux. And Fxg Lyon demonstrated           |E|X|P|*|*|M|A|P|S|*|*|A|T|
a most amazing ability to set off a           |N|O|R|*|S|E|N|I|T|*|T|R|O|
flare that was seen by residents out-         |*|R|E|S|I|S|T|*|A|G|A|T|E|
of-doors at that moment as far south          |*|*|P|A|T|H|*|A|M|E|N|*|*|
as Danjirland.                                |S|T|A|N|S|*|D|R|I|N|K|S|*|
   Brother Wuldreth has opened a new          |T|O|R|K|*|R|E|I|N|S|*|I|S|
Clerics' Shop just south of the Temple        |O|D|E|*|D|E|I|S|A|*|E|R|A|
and is offering for sale weapons for          |P|I|*|C|R|A|T|E|*|N|S|E|W|
fighting the Unlife. Included are:            |*|E|A|S|I|L|Y|*|E|I|S|S|A|
ritual daggers, holy kukris, commoners        |*|*|N|A|V|Y|*|R|A|T|E|*|*|
staves, monk's truncheons, high scimitars     |A|D|O|R|E|*|R|E|T|E|N|T|*|
holy saparas and white blades. These are      |S|O|N|*|R|A|I|D|S|*|C|O|B|
useful only to clerics although clerics       |P|C|*|*|S|I|P|S|*|*|E|N|E|
can bless other, standard weapons that         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
may be used to fight the Unlife.
                 %~~~~~~~~&         (Hic) (Hic) Hooray!
                 %        %
                 %        %          3 Cheers for the
                 %        %          Staff of Live-ly
                  %      %              Gamemasters
                    %@%        Yum, Yum, Who's Got the Rum?
                     %          GEMCON I August 18-20 1990
                 /~~~~~~~\        R.I.P.= Ripped In Pieces

                          A Demon Called Greed
 _________                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 ~|_|~~~||                  by Achoo GoldenRod
  |~|   ~~
  |~|   __
  |~|___|| ver since the first time    Without a word, he drew his sword,
 ~~~~~~~~~ I ventured outside the      and began maniacally swinging at
main gates of Kelfour's Landing,       the beast, in the hopes that one of
I've prided myself on my ability to    his wild swings would, through some
quickly appraise any given situation   miracle, connect and deliver the
and gauge my actions accordingly.      hobgoblin back to it's creator. The
Fortunately, I found another           gods were uncharacteristically
adventurer with similar intuitive      beneficent, allowing this neophyte
abilities, and we've adventured        only a score of misses before
much together. The story that          permitting him the victorious blow.
unfolds below chronicles one           
singular event, but is typical,           Not particularly well-struck, in
I think, of everyday occurrences       my opinion, bur nonetheless lethal.
outside the main gate.                 Caroam and I immediately protested,
                                       claiming the beast as ours, only to
   It was a fair and quiet night,      be answered that we did not own the
and Caroam and I decided to hunt in    forest, nor the creatures within
the Upper Kaldsfang where, we were     it, and it was this fellow's
told, the hobgoblins and lesser orcs   birthright to whack away at
were occasionally mixed with forest    anything he pleased, regardless of
trolls carrying untold riches. A       anyone's sense of fair play. With
small first-aid kit packed on our      that statement, he gathered up the
backs, and gleaming broadswords at     spoils of the kill and left Caroam
our sides, we set out to earn our      and me standing there staring at
share of these untold riches.          each other, wondering how this
                                       individual would fare with his
   On that night the forest was        attitude against a pair of
singularly desolate, and it was        adventurers less forgiving than
several hours before we happened       ourselves.
upon our first hobgoblin. Caroam       
was first to strike, rendering a          A short time later our unspoken
deep slash across the creature's       question was answered. The
chest. I readied a spell, parried      miscreant had happened upon a
down, and cast. The hobgoblin          forest troll -- probably the
fell immediately to the ground,        richest creature to be found in
writhing in agony and grasping its     Upper Kaldsfang. Great treasures,
leg. Caroam struck again at the        like anything of value, seldom come
beast, delivering a critical blow      with no risk. While docile enough
to the hobgoblin's weapon arm,         most of the time, forest trolls can
causing it to drop its battle axe.     become particularly deadly when
I quickly slung my shield over my      disarmed. This fact was, of course,
back and snatched up the weapon,       known to Caroam and me, and even
putting it safely in my backpack       against an unarmed troll, we were
and out of the hobgoblin's reach.      sufficiently advanced to hold our
The battle was ours. Without a         own long enough to finish the kill.
weapon, the creature could not         It was evident, however, that this
effectively endanger either of us,     fellow's style of combat (if, indeed,
and it was merely a matter of time     it could be called style) combined
before we would claim our victory.     with his inexperience as a fighter,
                                       would prove to be quite inadequate,
   It was at this point that           should the troll's weapon be
another adventurer, a stranger to      rendered useless.
both of us, happened onto the fray.
   Caroam and I tried to warn this        Within a few minutes we had
fellow of the inherent dangers but     dispatched the troll and began
he thought himself to be superior      sorting through the growing rubble
to any wisdom we might impart. He      pile for valuables. After several
simply informed us that he had         minutes, Caroam and I came to the
happened upon this troll by himself    conclusion that Eissa had not
and intended to kill it by himself;    thought favorably of that man's
we were welcome to leave at our        attitude, and had chosen to keep
earliest convenience. At that, Caroam  his soul in purgatory to ponder
and I exchanged knowing glances, and   the error of his ways.
ventured forth into the forest.        
                                          To this day, I have not run into
   Not far away, we happened upon      that man who met his fate with the
a quiet glade and decided to rest a    troll that night, and I still wear
moment before continuing on. The       on my own hand the magic ring that
moonlight, coupled with a slight       he once owned. Caroam battles
breeze, made this spot -- in fact,     creatures daily, confident that he
the entire forest -- seem simultan-    can summon help when needed through
eously relaxing and foreboding. We     the use of the magical crystal that
chatted briefly about the events       the man wore around his neck. The
which had just transpired, and how     man himself we've never found, but
it seemed that many in this world      his spirit, devoid of morals as it
held the same ever-changing set of     is, lives on within the hearts of
morals as the fellow we had just left. other adventurers destined to meet
Suddenly, as we were sitting there,    the same fate. I implore you, as you
Caroam and I became aware, as if by    hunt, to place the same value on
magic, that this fellow had met a      others as you would have them place
most gruesome death. I cannot say      on you, and cast this demon called
how this information became known to   Greed from your soul. For it is
us, only that we both felt it; there   certain that Greed serves none other
was absolutely no doubt in either of   than the unholy, and only an agonizing
our minds that it was true. Quickly,   Unlife awaits those guided by it.
we reassembled our gear and back-      
tracked to where we had left our       
"friend."                              ######################################
                                       #      KELFOUR'S GUIDED TOURS        #
   A few hundred yards back through    ######################################
the woods we came across the pair.     #                                    #
The forest troll, looking fairly       #     VISIT THE FAR SIDE OF TOWN     #
healthy, stood defiantly over his      #                                    #
conquest, and kicked and spat at       #   INCLUDING TOUR OF WORLD-FAMOUS   #
the body of this misadventurer.        #      DRAGONS DRAUGHT BREWERY       #
The restless soul floated above,       #                                    #
screaming for assistance, imploring    #   EXAMINE THE ANCIENT TAPESTRIES   #
us to save his worldly possessions     #       AT THE TEMPLE OF EISSA       #
for him, confident that Eissa would    #                                    #
grant his soul another life, although  # VISIT THE INFAMOUS CHELDAR'S BATHS #
neither Caroam nor I could think of    #                                    #
a single reason why she would. None-   #  TAKE A RIDE ON AN ICE KRAAL SHIP  #
theless, we implied that we would do   #    BUY RARE HERBS, HOLY BLADES     #
what we could, and should he be        #                                    #
fortunate enough to live again in      #  INCLUDES TOUR OF THE LABYRINTH    #
these lands, he should waste little    #       (ALL 64,000 ROOMS)           #
time returning to this spot to re-     #                                    #
claim his possessions. The body then   ######################################
suddenly decayed, and Caroam and I     # PICKUPS AVAILABLE AT THE MAIN GATE #
stood there over a pile of rubble,     # FEE NEGOTIABLE ---  THE NAVIGATORS #
with an angry troll glaring at us.     ######################################

 _____                       Take Me to the River!
 ~|_|~                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  |~|                            by Usul Lu'Nak
  |~|   __
  |~|___|| ook closely at something     analysis always have the last word.
  ~~~~~~~~ you take for granted and
you will find a mystery.                   At this point I must apologize to
                                        any serious programmers in the audi-
    Like Gemstone III. Our eyes swim    ence. What you are so kindly reading
in a river of minutely organized        is passionate and metaphorical, not
visual and verbal cues that give us     rigorous and analytic. It takes a
insight into the pseudo-reality of      special kind of obsession to spend
Kulthea. While the course of this       a lifetime cross-referencing and
river and its depth is hidden from      debugging code, and while I respect
our eyes, it grows longer, wider,       and admire such devotion, I humbly
and deeper with every spell list,       concede that it is not mine.
monster, or command added. Yet an         For me it is the river, and it will
aspect of it, the human hows and whys   always be the river- I may be all wet
of it, remain for most of us utter      but then, the joy is in the swimming!
and complete mystery.                   Besides, I've seen the depths:
   We know more about Madonna's fire-       Somewhere upstream in time was
cracker marriage than we know about     held a little gathering of fellow GS
the internal workings of Gemstone III.  players and staff. It took place in
If one gets into it, really into it,    a medieval inn near the shores of
digging into the scripts and commands   the largest river in the nation. Oh,
that are etched in code with tired      we had a grand old time, doing the
minds and sweaty hands by the master    usual silly little things people do.
programmers, one will find that the     But staring at the Mississippi in all
mystery's not that a multiplayer        its mud and glory brought up some
online game with HUNDREDS of members,   serious questions to mind. Do we
objects, and commands within limited    let the rushing torrent of rollplay
GEnie resources can be programmed,      drag us along into the muddy shallows
but that someone would WANT to! Think   or find some way to stand against it,
of the responsibilities, the player     feet planted on the river bottom,
and management expectations, the never  roleplaying and thereby changing the
ending need for enhancement and all     river's course? For that is the heart
the PR involved and then ask yourself:  and soul of the turbulent currents
Where did Simutronics find it? And      and rapids that we face in GSIII- to
more: How did they bring it back?       deliberately incite abstract but real
                                        emotional responses in characters
   And finally: Could you possibly do   by appropriate game mechanics. Do we
it, too?                                create and manipulate our characters
                                        or do they manipulate us? A simple but
    Possibly. Maybe in your own way     unanswerable question! Good mysteries
you would be willing to try. Maybe      are those with surprising solutions,
out there exist talented programmers    but great mysteries defy solution
with the vision and resources to make   entirely. All we can hope is that
a GSIII possible. But this I do know:   somewhere, sometime, someone cried
Whoever they are, they'll be plugged    or laughed or succeeded in a quest.
into the mystery at its most profound   They found who they were.....and the
level. They'll be the best damm         river started to flow!
swimmers in the river.                      Most of the river is hidden to us
  They'll have to be! The current in    at present. We cannot see into the
the river is strong, and they will be   unfathomable depths and cling to the
at the mercy of the Winds of Change.    muddy banks. Time drags us inevitably
As gods, in effect, aping nature, they  downstream, of course. But where the
evolve rules and guidelines to cope     tide will carry us next and how we get
with the physical limitations of        there...AH!...Those mysteries are ours
their chosen media which in the final   to create and relate. Dive right in!
    Ballad of the
                    _  _  __ __ __  _ _  _  _   
                   (_' I  I_ I_ I_) | I\ I / '  
                   ,_) I_ I_ I_ I   I I \I \_T  
                        ,_   _  _ _ _  __  __ ,_    
                        I_) / \ I I |  | \ |_ I_)   
                        I_) \_/ |_| |_ |_/ |_ I \_  
          __                 by Phaedra Blue
        /|~|            (c) Peggy Herrington 1990
       //|~|               All Rights Reserved
    //   |~|ye listen, good gentles, for now ye shall hear
  ~~~    ~~~  A tale of adventure what's nigh true and dear.
      A story of glory and blunder and strife,
        With sweet love-struck longings revealed by the sight
      Of a Ranger in danger, great magick and Thieves --
        And everything else in ye heart that believes
      In cruel death and the Healers of life and of love,
        And in spells cast upon us by Gods from above.
      Wait not! Lest ye wait now to watch e'er we see
        The bravest and truest of warriors to be,
      As Rudy the Ranger, of twinkling eye,
        While hunting through Tralog's a Cave Troll doth spy!
      "Aha!" he gives challenge, a falchion he flashes
        Not noticing Melvyn as eastward he dashes.
      Yet thrusts of bravado meet stone-hide resistance
        And claws seem the sharper in spite of persistence.
     I \udy jabs and he lunges, then fumbles, retreating
        Just as Melvyn returns with the magick of sleeping.
      Mel flings forth his hand in grand gesture of passion
        And the Troll doth thud dully in lullaby fashion.
      It snores whilst their eyes meet, a taking of measure
        Twixt warriors of Kelfour's, each seeking his treasure.
      Mel nods, and wand-waving renews the attack
        But the Troll waketh quickly and both must fall back.
      As it lashes they parry, 'gain Melvyn is chanting.
        He fights for control but doth know he is panting.
      He strains as he gestures, false words leave his mouth,
        And his power goes sour -- as the Caver goes south!
      Yet the Ranger is ready! He quick raceth after,
        And as shaken young Melvyn takes pause 'neath a rafter,
      He darts toward a crevice where he trusteth survival
        To eyeing the Troll as he waits Mel's arrival.
                                                 Continued -->
     _ _  
     I Ie waits long and lonely, then just as he's doubting
        In stalks the magician, hands high now and shouting.
      As the Troll falls they strike it and the battle is raging
        When in from yon crevice glides one most engaging.
      "A boy?" wonders Rudy, his swing strange slow motion
        Whilst the small figure cringes midst newfound commotion.
      Young, slim and yet shapely, dark hair and sweet features,
        Dressed neatly in trousers -- most appealing of creatures.
      "Nay! A girl!" His eye twinkles, then the Troll starts to grumble
        And he feels his heart flutter as toward her it doth rumble.
      Without thought he must save her or his life's not worth keeping
        And he bounds forth in rescue as its claws come asweeping!
      Stunned silence confounds them when Rudy falls bleeding
        But soon they be dragging him north to safe-keeping.
      Now they're strangers no longer, 'tis no use denying,
        This Mage and this Thief... with this Ranger who's dieing.
     _  _
     I\ I
     I \Io, wait! They look closer. Have the gods lost their minds?
        That these eyes that did twinkle shall forever be blind?
      Rudy lays there, rough breathing, head gashed side-to-side,
        As the Troll hunkers southward, just biding its time.
      Heavy mem'ries of pausing like rocks bring Mel trouble
        But with trembling fingers he rubs crystal bauble.
      He thinketh of Healers and Tralog's and dieing
        Whilst the youth kneels by Rudy feeling helpless and sighing.
      Then hark! Like a twister, Mel's mind whirls away.
        He sees now, with Rudy, that they drug the wrong way!
      The door is down yonder with the Troll in between;
        He must sleep it again to pull friend past unseen!
      Mel's gath'ring his powers, though weak that they are,
        When the thoughts he's now dreading arrive from afar:
      "Aye, running!" she's thinking, "To the door! Bring him well!"
        So hurry must Melvyn, or risk Healer and hell.
     I_)rown eyes search Mel's face as the youth glances up,
        And she thumbs bejewelled dagger as an offer of help.
      He shakes his head curtly, barely masking his fear
        As he stiffly moves south mumbling, "Nay, lad. Stay here."
      But this youth is no laddie, nor trained in command,
        Thus murm'ring a spell, to the background she blends.
      Sneaking stealthily after (will she tiptoe right past?)
        She stops short in terror -- for the Troll holds Mel fast!
                                                     Continued -->
      Then, rememb'ring the Ranger and his gallant protection,
        Her resolve flushes warmly and restores her intention.
      Off'ring her life for his, she stabs her hand quickly
        And her bait hits the ground, red, warm and most thickly.
      Breath held lest she falter, she creeps further south
        As the Troll sniffs then charges, snorting mad through its snout.
      She leaps at its eyes, jewelled dagger point gleaming
        But it senses her trap and bounds up to the ceiling!
     ||t's still rumbling there as the Healer arrives
     ~~ And she gapes at the youth, wond'ring if they'll survive.
      Then astonishment swells for like answ'ring some call,
        Rudy staggers in blindly, hands groping the wall.
      The Troll shifts its haunches (for fear, too, it smells)
        And as Healer shields wounded -- the Mage shouts his spell!
      Mel swoops in, arms waving, and in last brave attempt
        He flings forth his magick as he slumps all but spent.
      His spell strikes the Troll with magnificent might,
        They hear zips, zings and crackles, see sharp dancing light.
      The Troll shudders slowly then flutters its eyes
        And the tunnel grows quiet -- whilst the strange lights abide.
      Mage and Healer peer 'round them, its source to define,
        And discover the youth near the door of the mine.
      She's tilting her dagger first this way... then that...
        Reflecting bright sun spots with the jewels on its shaft.
      ||iny sparkles of sunlight up the rough-hewn walls creep
        And wink ever so slowly toward the Troll in its sleep.
      They watch -- fascinated -- as light skips near its snout
        When a thunderous crash shakes the mines in and out!
      The tunnels wail wildly all hope to abandon!
        Rocks hurl down upon them and a blast of vast passion
      Throws each 'gainst the wall and then down off his feet
        While sharp, piercing shrieks echo madness to greet.
      'Gain, last, all grows quiet and the dust's filt'ring down
        On the youth crawling carefully, searching around.
      Soon she's hugging each one, whisp'ring words of thanksgiving
        Mixed with laughter and tears -- amazed they're all living.
      As she kneels by the Ranger, gently taking his hand,
        The Healer moves close, her own power to command.
      She chants and then gestures; Rudy winces, then sighs;
        And his wounds fade like sunrise as he opens his eyes.
                                                   Continued -->
      ||hen all of the dangers they've shared on this day
        Seem as motes in a sunbeam, like they just showed the way.
      For the tales they've all heard about Trolls given sun
        All come true in these mines -- right here one by one.
      For they soon see the Caver is gone from the ceiling!
        As they stare at the hole there with minds that are reeling
      They see on the ground beneath where it did dangle,
        Sleeps a big, brand new boulder of the same size and angle!
      Soon they're cheering and Mel shouts, "Good going, m'boy!"
        Which tickles the Healer who chuckles with joy.
      She hugs the girl smartly as she heals up her hand
        And they look they exchange even Mel understands.
      He grins and then blushes a nice shade of pink
        At the realization of what they must think.
      But the Healer (who knows him) lifts an eyebrow his way
        And whispers e'er softly, "Ye, too, saved the day."
      |_)ut what brought ye out to the mines, my dear Mage?"
        She asks as she ponders, recalling his age.
      "Ye father shan't like it," she chides him askance.
        And Mel shrugs and at Rudy casts his own knowing glance.
      But our Ranger's too busy admiring the lass
        To acknowledge this look, for so it did pass
      That the first thing he saw as he regained his sight
        Was the girl he'll adore for the rest of his life.
      So they head back to town now, new friends and soon lovers,
        From adventures they'll retell to all and their brothers.
      As they leave, Rudy turns back the boulder to spy,
        And it's there, just like always, that twinkling eye.
      And thus, me fine gentles, if this tale ye doth doubt,
        Remember the Troll and its sun-sparkled snout.
      Be it proof, like the Ranger, ye ask of some more,
        Check the boulder asleeping just north of the door.
                               -The End-
              Dedicated to Kirk Bloodguard in fond memory
                  of his lovely bejewelled dagger.

      /|~|                A Citizen's Editorial
     //|~|                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  //   |~| s citizens of
 ~~~   ~~~      Kelfour's Landing      and limb (you outsmarted it!) and
we all know that our day-to-day        then find that it has been removed
lives are controlled to large extent   and made resistant to the form of
by the "Powers That Be" in GemStone.   attack that you discovered was most
Yes, I'm talking about those strange   effective, using -- guess what - OUR
people poofing in and out of our       OWN TAX MONEY! These examples cover
presence without the aid of our        only the work being done on the
trusty rings. They call themselves     creatures of the land but the same
GameMasters and on the whole they      concept applies to the work being
are most helpful to everyday life in   done to spell lists, critical
GemStone. In fact, we can't live       tables, and other related areas of
without them.                          our world.
   We, however, are still citizens        It is thus the opinion of this
and as all citizens have done for      editorial that sadly, the taxpayers,
time out of mind, we are required to   while not being intentionally
pay taxes to these powers through      mistreated, are footing the bill for
their devious tax collector who goes   projects and work which, in some
by the name of "GEnie." It is also     cases, is not acceptable to us. How
no secret that many sweeping changes   did this situation occur and what
have been seen in the land and that    can be done to prevent it from
these changes are a result of the      occurring in the future? It is the
GameMasters putting our tax dollars    intent of this editorial to propose
to work to improve, renovate, and      the formation of a monthly status
add on to our world. For the most      report of what uses our taxes are
part this has been welcomed as a       currently being put to. This could
long overdue project that is finally   include general information on what
going to benefit the people of our     is being done to specific creatures,
land in their quest to advance in      spells, etc., and most importantly
their chosen professions. Alas, as     WHY it is being done. Thus it would
with any large project, there arise    allow constructive criticism by
many unforseen complications and       the players who must live with the
pitfalls. It is, of course, without    situation before it becomes
doubt that the GameMasters are         accomplished fact. This requires a
trying their best to correct these     fair bit of responsibility on our
problems and attempting to create a    part. We cannot simply veto all
world that is reasonably fair, yet     creatures which are not level 20
still capable of providing us with     with OBs and DBs of zero. However,
all the dangerous adventure that we    if the system can be put in place and
might want.                            we can use it wisely, we may be on
                                       the verge of a new era in cooperation
   At times though, as I'm sure you    between the "Powers That Be" and the
will agree, it is quite hard to        common taxpayer -- and that could
see the "Master Plan." Perhaps you     only enhance everyone's enjoyment.
are in battle with a creature who is    
worth maybe 50 points toward your         The time has come for the citizens
advancement and it has a OB and DB     of Kelfour's Landing to take an
higher than your own as well foul      interest in where our tax dollars are
magic spells to contend with. Or       going and demand an end to the current
perhaps you and your friends have      oligarchy style of power. If eastern
devised a way to hunt a certain        Europe can break the rules and turn
creature with minimal risk to life     democratic then so can we.
                                               -Signed, A Concerned Citizen.

                       The Better Part of Valor
____    ____           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+|~|    |~|+
 |~|    |~|            by Magnetron Ramthanodox
 |~|    |~|
 |~|    |~|
  \~\__/~/ pon designing and equipping your GemStone character for your
   ~~~~~~ first foray into the wilds, you might be wondering what monsters
you can hunt for experience with any hope of surviving. If you set the
BatteBrief Flag OFF you will get information that will enable you to examine
your intended target versus your skill. This information may at first seem
overwhelming but it is important that you understand it for it can mean the
difference between Life and Death.
Let us use a First Level Mage as an example.
   Our mage has studied:            And is equipped with:
       Weapons                          Broadsword
       Spell Lists                      Reinforced Shield
       Directed Spells                  Heavy Hide (AT4)
       Wands/Staves                     Greaves (arm and leg)
       Body Development                 Aventail
       Trading                          Helm
       First Aid                        Backpack
He will be Half-Elf since that is the most common race for his profession.
Thus, his abbreviated statistics are as follow:
              1->Temporary statistics for Level 1
              |   2->Racial modifiers
              |   |    3->Bonus for unusual stats
              |   |    |     4-> Total of columns 2 and 3
              |   |    |     |
        CO:  90  +5  +10  = +15         | Note: These figures do not
        ST:  85  +5   +5  = +10         | use the "smoothed" table
        AG:  78  +5   +5  = +10         | currently employed in GemStone
        QU:  92 +10  +10  = +20         | but they will suffice for
        EM: 100  +0  +25  = +25         | purposes of explanation.
Our mage's training, as he wanders in the gates, results in these bonuses:
                      Weapons Training  : +10
                      Directed Spells   : +20
                      Wands and Staves  : +20
                      Body Development  : +10
                      Trading           : +05
                      Perception        : +05
                      First Aid         : +05
                      Spell Lists       : Both first level spells
 his maximum Defensive Bonus (DB)      And his maximum Offensive Bonus (OB)
 is 60 when parrying at 100%:            is +20 when parrying at 0%:
   +10 for ST (race and stat bonus)      +10 for ST (race and stat bonus)
   +20 for QU (race and stat bonus)      +10 for weapons training
   +20 for shield                        -00 No penalty for wearing AT4
   +10 for weapons training.
   -00 No penalty for wearing AT4
                                   -13-                    Continued -->
Our mage sets forth into the Grasslands where he encounters a Wolverine.
As you can determine from the Monster Chart in this issue, Wolverines are
5th level and are capable of two types of attacks: Claw and Bite.
   A wolverine Claws at you!            A wolverine Bites at you!
   OB: 45 vs DB: 60 = -15               OB: 50 vs DB: 60 = -10
   THT 66, d100 roll: 13, modified: 3   THT 69, d100 roll: 25, modified: 15
   A clean miss.                        A clean miss.
It would seem that these attacks would not be able to hit our mage. If we
examine the THT thresholds, we see that they are 66 and 69 respectively. In
order to hit with a Claw attack, the Wolverine would have to roll an 82 or
greater. For a Bite attack, an 80 would be required. Here's why:
                                    Claw    Bite
                                   ------  ------
                   Wolverine's  OB   45      50
                         Mage's DB   60      60
                                   ----    ----
                        Difference  -15     -10
                             ToHiT   66      69
                                    ----    ----
         Sum of THT and Difference   81      79
               Add 1 to the result    1       1
                                    ----    ----
        Minimum required to do harm  82      80
If the Wolverine rolls better than the required 82 for the Claw attack, it has
potential to do serious harm due to the fact the Mage is wearing Heavy Hide
(AT4). This armor does not cost development points for training nor does it
have maneuvering penalties. But it does have one serious drawback: The attack
only has to exceed the THT by 10 to obtain a critical strike. If it does, it's
going to get at least an 'A' critical in the Slash table, and the damage it
delivers can be anything from nothing to a broken neck and severed artery.

You swing at the Wolverine in retaliation! (Setting parry to 0% to do so...)
   You swing a broadsword at a Wolverine!
   OB: 20 vs DB: 50 = -30
   THT 80, d100 roll: 52, modified: 22
   A clean miss.
At parry 0, our mage must roll 111 to have a chance of hitting this creature
(THT 80+(OB:20-DB:50)+1). While at parry 0 with 5 seconds of Round Time (RT)
he stands a very good chance of getting hit himself. Obviously, Wolverines
would be one monster our mage would avoid at all costs. It could well mean an
end to existance!
Let's look at a Torkaan next since they are commonly found in the Grasslands.
The Torkaan only has one mode of attack: Bite.
   A Torkaan Bites at you!
   OB: 20 vs DB: 60 = -40
   THT 69, d100 Roll: 90, modified: 50
   A clean miss.
                                                       Continued  -->
This torkaan is using a Bite attack against our mage's AT4. His DB at full
parry is sufficient to keep it from hitting him unless the Torkaan rolls 110
or better (THT 69 + (20-60)+1)) on a d100. Let's try something:
You swing! (after setting your parry to 10%)
   You swing a broadsword at a Torkaan!
   OB: 18 vs DB: 0 = +18
   THT 80, d100 roll: 72, modified: 90
   You hit for 2 points of damage.....
In setting his parry at 10%, our mage leaves himself some defensive bonus
while giving him a sufficent plus in order to hit this creature. With this
setting he has an OB of 18 and a DB of 42 [(10% of 20 is 2) plus his shield
and QU bonuses)].

   A Torkaan Bites at you!
   OB: 20 vs DB: 42 = -22
   THT 69, d100 Roll: 90, modified: 68
   A clean miss.
With this setting our mage has increased his chance of getting hit by the
attack of the Torkaan. It will have to roll 92 or better to hit him. While
this is a more common roll than the previous 110, he could have a reasonable
chance of survival against this type of opponent. The one thing he must watch
is if it does hit. It will do a critical! Torks are known to be slayers of
first level characters, so he must use care even in this situation.
In order to increase your chances of survival, several players compiled data
on many of the creatures we have run across in the wilds. This information is
in chart format in this edition. To use this valuable information you would
first determine your maximum Offensive Bonus (OB) and Defensive Bonus (DB) and
your Armor Type. The Monster Chart gives the THT threshold of the most
commonly used armors, that is, the number the attacking creature has to roll
to hit you and have a chance of doing damage.
Armor index example: Heavy Leather vs. Scimitar indexes to an 89 THT.
Looking at a creature to attack:
      Example: 1st level character, heavy hide (AT4), OB 20, DB 60.
        Wishes to engage with:
        Hobgoblin, base DB 25, OB 50 using a battleaxe THT 84
Comparing data reveals that this is not a good match up. At a parry of 100%
the Hobgoblin would only have to roll a 95 to hit. While this is a high roll,
it does happen. Where attacking the Hobgoblin with an OB of 20 vs. its base
(parry 0) DB places you at a -5 with a DB of only 40. It would then have a +10
tohit. This Hobgoblin would make short work of you.
                                                        Continued -->
There is an added twist to all this. The creatures in GemStone now have a
"parry logic" that somewhat mimics the player's. You may find a monster
swinging at you with an OB of 0! You would tend to think that this is a good
opportunity to get some experience. Well, before you drop your parry to the
0 point, take a swing at it. You may be surprised to find that the creature
has a DB of 100 or more! What has occured in this instance is the creature is
parrying at its maximum ability, much like a player. When the battle gets
into the advanced stages you may find that its OB will suddenly jump to a
level that is deadly to you.
If you keep the above information in mind and use the data our Monster Chart
provides, you should be able to make good decisions about what to hunt. If
you find yourself someplace strange and see a totally new monster, by knowing
your character's strengths and how to evaluate your chance of success against
a particular creature, you, too, can choose the better part of valor.
       _____________________________ //________________________________
                              Throne of Gold
                           For Chani, from Usul
        She's my Queen.......I'm her King Man
        There's no daylight like the love she brings... and...
        In the morning, when I log in
        Waiting for me, arms embracing......
        In the dark of the night, her light shines bright
        So here we stand, in this Shadow Land, joined by the hand
        And, Dreams of Sunshine's got my head spinning around
        Don't you know love glows brighten up the Darkest Land
        Yes Dreams of Sunshine's got my head spinning around
        Don't you know love grows.... it can never be a one night stand
        I'm her Knight in Shining Armor, Joy and Laughter hereon after
        Mother Nature, Father Time....from Creation said she was mine
        Never been a love like this, since Kuor and his wife Valris
        That's why I'm sitting on a Throne of Gold,
        She gives me love, she fills my soul...
        That's why I'm sitting on a Throne of Gold......Throne of Gold
        Oh, how good and pleasant it be, in her company
        Like birds of a feather, we live and love together,
        Forever yes....
        And, Dreams of Sunshine's got my world spinning around

        Don't you know love glows, to brighten up this Shadow Land
        Yes, Dreams of Sunshine's got my head spinning around...
        Don't you know love grows, it can never be a one night stand...
        That's why I'm sitting on a Throne of Gold....
        Cause she is mine, all the time
        Yes I'm sitting on a Throne of Gold.......
        Throne of Gold......

                               Monster Charts
                             by Landreth deLorde
             Assisted by Achoo GoldenRod, Magnetron Ramthanodox
                          and other valiant warriors
   Being an adventurer is never easy; it requires exploring and mapping
unknown territory, encountering and engaging wondrous new creatures and
ultimately dieing from lack of preparation coupled with the element of
surprise. This Monster THT Table, the Monster Stats and Monster Special
Abilities Glossary have been designed to give you the advantage of having
a bit more knowledge as you approach a creature you haven't engaged before.
   For the Monster THT Table, we tested various natural and weapon attacks
against the two most commonly worn armors in the land: Heavy Hide and Leather
Breastplate. As you can see, Heavy Hide has a higher THT against weapon
attacks, while Leather Breastplate has a better THT against natural attacks.
Heavy Hide requires four ranks of training in Maneuvering in Soft Leather
while Leather Breastplate requires 12 ranks in Maneuvering in Rigid Leather
for the best results.
   When viewing the Monster  ____________________THT_Table________________
Stats, please keep one      |\ ____________________________________________\
thing in mind: There is     | | Form of             Heavy       Leather    |
a slight room for error.    | | Attack              Hide      Breastplate  |
We don't guarantee that all | | -------             -----     -----------  |
the OBs/DBs and Special     | | Bite:                69           74       |
Abilities are entirely      | | Claw:                66           77       |
accurate, although they     | | Stinger:             65           76       |
should be fairly close to   | | Charge:              67           70       |
the Monsters' potentials.   | | Ensnare:             96           62       |
Thus, even with the Monster | | Pincher:             83           81       |
Stats and Special Abilities,| | Tusk:                67           71       |
exercise caution when       | | Stomp:               49           65       |
engaging these monsters.    | | Swing:               99           67       |
   The levels of the        | | Rapier:              74           61       |
various monsters also       | | Scimitar:            89           62       |
have room for error, but    | | War Hammer:          86           57       |
when we say a Ghoul King    | | Short Sword:         79           62       |
is level 16, don't try it   \ | Two Handed Sword:    79           49       |
out thinking it might be     \|____________________________________________|
level 5 and we're just
dummies. ;) The monsters' levels were determined through their abilities,
both physical and special.  Therefore, before engaging any of these monsters
solely upon their levels, look at their abilities *first*.
   The Monster THT Table and Monster Special Abilities Glossary are pri-
marily for reference with the Monster Stats. For example, if it says that the
monster has a Claw (OB 30) form of attack, that means the creature will attack
you with a natural claw with an offensive bonus of 30, thus you can refer to
the Monster THT Table to see how that affects the given armors. Similarly,
if it lists the monster's special ability as being FEAR, refer to the Monster
Special Abilities Glossary for a description of that ability.
   As a reminder, this list is not perfect. Some abilities may have have
been missed, although extensive research was conducted (not to mention lives
lost) in trying to make sure every monster was recorded as close as possible
to their actual abilities. Also, monsters are subject to tweaking by the gods
(altering their skills, usually in an unfavorable manner). Be careful to leave
room for error when encountering any monster due to these reasons.

                                                         = NEWS =
                Monster Statistics                        BULLETIN
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                At press time, we learned
     Monsters of the Unlife require use of a     that many new monsters will
     cleric-blessed weapon by normal warriors     be "adjusted" this month.
     or a holy weapon by clerics in order to          Use caution when
     inflict damage.                                     approaching.
                                                      * Indicates NEW.
     Barrow Wight (Unlife):             *Caveworm:
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~                        ~~~~~~~~
       Level:  15                          Level:  10
       Form of attack:                     Form of attack:
         Claw (OB 165)                       Bite (OB 120)
         Broadsword (OB 165)                 Tusk (OB 110)
         2 Handed Sword (OB 165)             Ensnare (OB 90)
       Special Abilities:                  Special Abilities:
         Fear spell                          Poison
         Immobilization spell              Base DB:  55
         Life Level Drain
       Base DB:  135                     Cobra:
    *Basilisk:                             Level:  1
     ~~~~~~~~                              Form of Attack:
       Level:                                Bite (OB 30)
       Form of Attack                      Special abilities:
         Pincher (OB 65)                     Poison
         Swing (OB 60)                       Base DB:  40
       Special Abilities:
         Gaze                           *Cockatrice:
         Immobilization                  ~~~~~~~~~~
       Base DB:  40                        Level:  5
                                           Form of attack:
    *Black Stalker:                          Swing (OB 30)
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                         Special Abilities:
       Level:  17                            Gaze
       Form of Attack                      Base DB:  45
         Two Handed Sword (180 OB)
       No Special Abilities             *Dark Apparition:
       Base DB:  90                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                           Level:  4
    *Bloodbeast (Unlife):                  Form of Attack:
     ~~~~~~~~~~                              Rapier (OB 50)
       Level:  7                             Swing (OB   )
       Form of Attack:                     Special Abilities:
         Swing (OB 65)                       Minor and Limb Pain
       Special Abilities:                    Blur
         Acid Blood                        Base DB:  40
       Base DB:  75
                                        *Death Dirge (Unlife):
    *Bone Golem (Unlife):                ~~~~~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~~~                            Level:  9
       Level:                              Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                       Battle Axe (OB 70)
         Swing (OB 100)                    Special Abilities:
         Pound (OB 90)                       Immobilization
         Ensnare (OB 40)                     Calm
       No Special Abilities                Base DB:  75
       Base DB:  30

    *Deathwoode (Unlife):                Giant Rat:
     ~~~~~~~~~~                          ~~~~~~~~~
       Level:  17                          Level:  1
       Form of Attack:                     Form of Attack:
         Fist (100 OB)                       Bite (OB 30)
         Bite (90 OB)                      No Special Abilities
       Special Abilities:                  Base DB:  30
         Waterbolt (OB 90)
         Lightning (OB 90)               Goblin:
         Tremors                         ~~~~~~
         Call Wind                         Level:  3
       Base DB:  70                        Form of Attack:
                                             Flail (OB 40)
     Forest Troll:                         No Special Abilities
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~                          Base DB:  30
       Level:  6                         
       Form of Attack:                   Great Brown Bear:
         Claw (OB 70)                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         Bite (OB 60)                      Level:  8
       No Special Abilities                Form of Attack:
       Base DB:  25                          Bite (OB 70)
                                             Claw (OB 70)
    *Gemsting:                             Special Abilities:
     ~~~~~~~~                                Disease
       Level:  4                           Base DB:  50
       Form of Attack:
         Stinger (OB 80)                 Greater Ghoul (Unlife):
         Tusk (OB 65)                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         Pincher (OB 60)                   Level:  3
       Special Abilities:                  Form of Attack:
         Web                                 Claw (OB 40)
       Base DB:  45                        No Special Abilities
                                           Base DB:  30
    *Ghost Wolf (Unlife):                Greater Orc:
     ~~~~~~~~~~                          ~~~~~~~~~~~
       Level:                              Level:  5
       Form of Attack:                     Form of Attack:
         Bite (100)                          Scimitar (OB 80)
         Claw (OB 75)                        Rapier (OB 80)
       Special Abilities:                  No Special Abilities
         Disease                           Base DB: 50
       Base DB:  65
                                         Greater Spider:
    *Ghoul King (Unlife):                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~~~                            Level:  8
       Level:  16                          Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                       Stinger (OB 75)
         Scimitar (OB 100)                   Pincher (OB 70)
       Special Abilities:                  Special Abilities:
         Immobilization                      Webbing
         Aura                              Base DB:  40
       Base DB:  
     Grey Orc:                             Lesser Ghoul (Unlife):
     ~~~~~~~~                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~
       Level:  9                             Level:  1
       Form of Attack:                       Form of Attack:
         Mace (OB 90)                          Claw (OB 20)
       Special Abilities:                    No Special Abilities
         Fire bolt                           Base DB:  10
         Stun Cloud
       Base DB:  90                        Lesser Mummy (Unlife)
     Hill Troll:                             Level:  6
     ~~~~~~~~~~                              Form of Attack:
       Level:  11                              Claw (OB 40)
       Form of Attack:                         Ensnare (OB 10)
         2-Handed Sword (OB 110)             No Special Abilities
       No Special Abilities                  Base DB:  30
       Base DB:  70
                                           Lesser Orc:
     Hobgoblin:                            ~~~~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~~                               Level:  4
       Level:  3                             Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                         Cudgel (OB 60)
         War Mattock (OB 50)                   Short Sword (OB 60)
         Battle Axe (OB 50)                  No Special Abilities
       No Special Abilities                  Base DB:  40

       Base DB:  25
    *Karnelin:                             ~~~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~                                Level:  
       Level:  1                             Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                         Claw (OB 70)
         Tusk (OB 35)                          Stinger (OB 65)
         Charge (OB 30)                        Stab (OB 60)
         Stomp (OB 25)                       No Special Abilities
       No Special Abilities                  Base DB:  70
       Base DB:  10
                                          *Mountain Ogre:
     Kobold:                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~                                  Level:  14
       Level:  1                             Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                         Cudgel (OB 140)
         Short Sword (OB 10)                 No Special Abilities
       No Special Abilities                  Base DB:  105
       Base DB:  10
                                           Phantom (Unlife):
     Large Ogre:                           ~~~~~~~
     ~~~~~~~~~~~                             Level:  2
       Level:                                Form of Attack:
       Form of Attack:                         Dagger (OB 30)
         Swing (OB 100)                        Morning Star (OB 30)
         Claw (OB 80)                        Special Abilities:
       No Special Abilities                    ShockBolt (OB 30)
       Base DB:  20                            Aura
                                             Base DB:  20
    *Revenant (Unlife):                   *Titan:
     ~~~~~~~~                              ~~~~~
       Level:  4                             Level:  13
       Form of Attack:                       Form of Attack:
         Broadsword (OB 70)                    War Mattock (OB 140)
       Special Abilities:                    Special Abilities:
         Aura                                  Weapon Fire
         Minor and Limb Pain                   Lightning
       Base DB:  45                            Aura
     Skeleton (Unlife):                      Base DB:  85
       Level:  1                           Torkaan:
       Form of Attack:                     ~~~~~~~
         Dagger (OB 25)                      Level:  2
       No Special Abilities                  Form of Attack:
       Base DB:  0                             Bite (OB 20)
                                             Special Abilities:
    *Skeletal Giant (Unlife):                  Disease
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                          Base DB:  0
       Form of Attack:                    *Tree Spirit (Unlife):
         Flail (OB 110)                    ~~~~~~~~~~~
       No Special Abilities                  Level:  17
       Base DB:  40                            Form of Attack:
                                               Swing (OB 140)
    *Storm Giant:                              Ensnare (OB 120)
     ~~~~~~~~~~~                             Special Abilities:
       Level:  20+                             Minor Pain
       Form of Attack:                         Call Lightning
         Fist (OB 140)                       Base DB:  145
       Special Abilities:
        Lightning (OB 100)                 War Troll:
         Waterbolt (OB 80)                 ~~~~~~~~~
         Call Wind                           Level:  10
         Stomp                               Form of Attack:
       Base DB:  105                           War Hammer (OB 110)
                                             No Special Abilities
    *Tatzelwurm:                             Base DB: 50
       Level:  3                          *Werebear (Unlife):
       Form of Attack:                     ~~~~~~~~
         Claw (OB 60)                        Level:  
         Bite (OB 50)                        Form of Attack:
         Charge (OB 40)                        Swing (OB 120)
       Special Abilities:                      Bite (OB 90)
         Poison                                Claw (OB 75)
       Base DB:  45                          Special Abilities:
    *Threk:                                  Base DB:  65
       Level:  8             Wight Lord (Unlife):     Wolverine:
       Form of Attack:       ~~~~~~~~~~               ~~~~~~~~~
         Bite (OB 70)          Level:  20               Level:  5
         Claw (OB 50)          Form of Attack:          Form of Attack:
         Charge (OB 30)          Falchion (OB 240)        Bite (OB 50)
       No Special Abilities    Special Abilities:         Claw (OB 45)
       Base DB:  50              Immobilization         Special Abilities:
                                 Stun Cloud               Disease
                               Base DB: 150+            Base DB: 50

                         Special Abilities Glossary
   Wherein descriptions of special abilities from the Monster Statistics are
followed by a review of which monsters possess each ability. Note that the
strength of an ability is relative to the creature's level, in other words,
the higher level the creature, the more that ability will take affect.
     Acid Blood:  A spray of corrosive blood which, upon hitting you,
                  takes away 10 or more concussion points.
           **Monster(s):  Bloodbeasts**
     Aura:  Increases creature's defensive bonus (DB); the higher level the
               creature, the higher the DB will become.
           **Monster(s):  Ghoul Kings, Phantoms, Revenants, Titans**
     Call Wind:  A powerful gust of wind blows against you, causing you to
                 lose your balance and fall. Note: it also changes your
                 parry percentage when you fall. Be ready to stand and parry.
           **Monster(s):  Deathwoodes**
     Call Lightning:  Forms an electrical cloud which releases powerful
                      bolts of electricity. Flee far from the area that
                      contains one of these clouds. They are capable
                      of wandering from room to room.
           **Monster(s):  Tree Spirits**
     Disease:  If diseased, you will lose a certain amount of concussion
               points per round, until either it dissipates, or you die.
               Strength of disease relative to level of creature. Seek a
               Healer to help with concussion points immediately.
           **Monster(s):  Great Brown Bears, Torkaans, Wolverines**
     Fear:  Upon failing the Resistance Roll, you drop any possessions in
            your hands (i.e. weapon and shield) and run to an adjacent room.
           **Monster(s):  Barrow Wights**
     Fire Bolt:  A powerful concentrated bolt of fire that does an excellent
                 job of removing many concussion points with a single blast.
           **Monster(s):  Grey Orcs**
     Gaze:  A successful gaze will freeze you in your tracks for approximately
            one round.  Does not affect your DB.
           **Monster(s):  Cockatrices**
     Immobilize:  Upon failing the Resistance Roll, you drop any possessions
                  in your hands and are frozen in place with your Defensive
                  Bonus (DB) dropped to zero!  Be careful of this extremely                    
                  dangerous spell.
           **Monster(s):  Barrow Wights, Death Dirges, Ghoul Kings**
     Life Level Drain:  Upon successful contact with the wight's claw
                        against your skin, if you fail the RR you lose
                        1 life level point.
           **Monster(s):  Barrow Wights**
     Lightning:  A powerful bolt of electricity, which upon contact with
                 you can be quite deadly.  Don't play around when your
                 opponent is using this spell.
           **Monster(s):  Titans**
     Limb Pain:  Upon failing the Resistance Roll, a random limb upon your
                 body will be damaged.
           **Monster(s):  Revenants**
     Minor Pain:  Upon failing the Resistance Roll, you will be damaged
                  for some concussion points.
           **Monster(s):  Revenants**
     Poison:  If poisoned, you will lose a certain amount of concussion
              points per round, until either it wears off or you die.
              Strength of poison relative to level of creature. Seek
              a healer to help with concussion points immediately.
           **Monster(s):  Cave Worms, Cobras, Tatzelwurms**
     Shockbolt:  Fires a bolt of raw energy, quite often stunning or even
                 the target.  Be careful of creatures using this spell.
           **Monster(s):  Phantoms**
     Stomp:  The creature (generally of large form and mass) attempts to
             knock you on the ground by slamming its foot down upon the
             surface near which you stand. Be ready to stand quickly
             when engaging these creatures that are capable of this.
           **Monster(s):  Titans, Steel Golems, Storm Giants**

     Stun Cloud:  A devastating electrical gas cloud that strikes you with
                  powerful bolts of electricity. Flee far from any room
                  that contains one of these, for they float from room to
                  room, generally lasting two or so minutes.
           **Monster(s):  Grey Orcs; Wight Lords**
     Tremors:  Causes the ground to shake violently.Should you lose your
               balance, you will fall to the ground, causing you slight
               injury in concussion points. Be ready to stand.
           **Monster(s):  Deathwoodes***
     Waterbolt:  A powerful, concentrated blast of water which causes
                 considerable damage.
           **Monster(s):  Deathwoodes***
     Weapon Fire:  Destroys all ordinary weapons and has a good chance at
                   destroying magical weapons as well.
           **Monster(s):  Titans**
     Web:  When webbed, you are unable to move and your ST and QU bonuses
           are lost, leaving you only with the DB of your weapon, armor and
           shield.  Lasts 1-2 minutes.
           **Monster(s):  Gemstings, Greater Spiders**
          Tuilindo                           The "Pooh" Poem
          ~~~~~~~~                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      by Kalagay Halatil                   By Owlet Stalmorgan
 The Swallow                      I fell asleep in your arms last night
 Out in the grasslands,           On a bed in a hollow tree.
 Pond like a mirror.              If ever I'm asked what is true delight,
 Day's edge to twilight;          I'll reply 'tis to sleep with thee
 The wind has gone west.          In a honeyed lair, all cozy and warm,
 From where the sky blue is       With the bee's lullabye in my ear,
 A dark arrow plunges --          Snuggled together and safe from all harm,
 Midnight and sunset his back     Filled with love, without pain, without fear.
    and his breast                
 His back and his breast.
 He turns, a wing tipping --
 He skims, dainty sipping --
 His song says his name:                                                  end
        Tuilindo                                                       KEV1N4

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