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/ \                                                                         \
|  |                                 Win NEW Electronic Arts Software! P.2   |
|                                                                          |
|   XXXX         XXX       XX     XXXXX                                    |
| xXX XX       XXX        XX     XX  XX                                    |
|     XX     XXX          XX    XX    X                                    |
|     XX   XXX    XXXXXXX XX    XX      XXXXXXXXX  XXX     XX    XX  XXXX  |
|     XX XXX    XXX    XX XX   xXXXXXX XX       XX XXX     XX   XXX XX     |
|     XXXXX   XXX       X XX    XX  XX XX       XX  XX     XX    XXX       |
|     XXXX   XXXXXxxx     XX    XX   X XX      XX   XX     XX    XX        |
|     XXXXX   XXX         XX    XX     XX     XX    XX    XXX  x XX        |
|     XXXXXX    XXXx      XX  x XX      XX   XX     XX  XX XX XX XXX       |
|     XX  XXX     XXXXXxx XXxXX XX       XXXX        XXX   XXXX  XX        |
|     XX    XX            XXXX  XX                                         |
|    xXX     XX xX             XX        The Kronicles                     |
|   XXX       XXX            xXX               of Kulthea:  Vol.1, No. 6   |
|                         XXX           X                  November 1990   |
|  XXXXXXXXXXXXX         XX     XXX    XX     XXX          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   |
| XX XX        XX        XX    XXX   XXXX    XXX                           |
| X  XX         X        XX         XXXXXXXX                               |
|    XX           XXXXXXXXX     XX     XX     XX     XXXXXXXX   XX  XXXX   |
|   XXXXXXXX     XX      XX    XXX     XX    XXX    XX      XX XXX XX  XX  |
|    XX    X     XX      XX     XX     XX     XX    XX      XX  XXX    XX  |
|    XX          XX     XXX  x  XX  x  XX  x  XX  x XX     XX   XX     XX  |
|    XX       XX  XX   X XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX   XX    XX     XX x|
|   XXX     XXX    XXXX  XXXX   XXXX   XXXX   XXXX    XXXXX     XX     XXXX|
|  XXXXXXXXXXX                                                             |
 /                                                                         |
|       Local News .............................................  1        |
|       Merrie's Song by Merriebeth IvyThorn-Thienson ..........  1        |
|       Win EA Software in KE's First CONTEST! .................  2        |
|       Cartographer's Shop:          ~~~~~~~                              |
|           Map of Kelfour's Landing by Darwynn Ellessur .......  4        |
|       Before the Flood, Editorial by Usul Lu'Nak .............  7        |
|       The Art of Pawning by Avondale delnightSaber ...........  8        |
|       Kirc's Korner: Skinning by Kirc Bloodguard .............  9        |
|       Hall of Fame ........................................... 10        |
|       Inventory of Kulthea by Lythe L'Green .................. 11        |
|       Dictionary of Shortalk by Vlad Drakulya ................ 14        |
|       Navigators! by Vanthras Ruinspell ...................... 15        |
|       Trapped in Castle Claedesbrim! by Valeria Deering ...... 16        |
|       The Ecology of Thieves by Angelique Lovelin-Niranda .... 20        |
|       Advanced Combat by Celeborn Greyswndir ................. 24        |
|       Newcomer's Guide by Rune Arundel ....................... 25        |
|       The Mouth That Roared by Miss Louvella Parsnips ........ 27        |
|                                                                          |
|  The Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the game  |
|  GemStone III on the GEnie Information Network. Submissions are welcome  |
|  and may be  edited for space, accuracy  and readability.  Contact Usul  |
|  Lu'Nak, Editor-In-Chief, Achoo GoldenRod, Managing Editor, Eron Kulsen  |
|  Reporter, or  Phaedra Bleu, Publisher, or send GEnie  Email requesting  |
|  information to P.HERRINGTON.                          Banner by Dagger  |
|   _______________________________________________________________________|_

                             [               /
                             [   LOCAL NEWS  \
Castle Ruins Discovered        || KE Sponsors Contest
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        || ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   Residents   were   thrilled ||    A  drawing for six new game releases
last  month when the elaborate || by   Electronic  Arts  will be  held in
ruins  of  Castle  Claedesbrim || town  on Saturday  afternoon,  November
were  discovered in the forest || 24th at 4:00 PM EST.  Learn how YOU can
to   the  far  west  of  town. || have a chance to be a WINNER on page 2.
Rumors   of   a   diabolically ||
clever four-level dungeon maze || New Skills Exhibited
travelled  through the commun- || ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ity  seemingly  by  telepathy. ||    Lockpickers  are  cautioned  to  use
First   to   find   their  way || the new DISARM TRAP skill before  open-
through  this  maze  (and earn || ing treasure chests now as  STUN CLOUDS
Experience and Fame points for || have been reportedly found therein. All
it)   were   Valeria  Deering, || residents  can  now TEND their  own and
Krang   Krashen   and  Airioch || others' wounds, gaining time in an emer-
Ramthanodox.    Valeria  tells || gency whilest dashing to an healer. And
you about it from her point of || Magic DB was  recently  adjusted to re-
view starting on page 16.      || flect  Directed Spells  training rather
                               || than brawling skill.
   Three   new  magical  items ||
ave  been  reporter  to  your  VV Reminders
erstwhile  editors.   An Oaken    ~~~~~~~~~
Wand  which  casts Stun Relief       Free weekends in GemStone are  being
was   presented  to  Publisher    earned and enjoyed by residents as they
Phaedra   Bleu   by  Vanthras,    continue to  contribute to KE,  and the
Lyzonn   and   Shadohawk  (who    position of Staff Artist is  open  now.
reported  they found it on the    Contact P.HERRINGTON by Email for info.
street),   and  small  statues
providing  strength  in  addi-    Congratulations  to  Krystal Trumen and
tion to __!__  beautiful  Blue    and Enegue LionHeart who were joined in
Crystals  |   have  been  dis-    holy matrimony last month.
          |_      covered  and
         /  \    carried  back
        /____\    to  town  by                   Merrie's Song
       ||  | ||   hunters.                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       || (@)||     ________               by Merriebeth IvyThorn-Thienson
       |------|                         Every song I ever sing,
       |      |________________          I know another wish will bring,
     __|______|________________\        but every kiss I get from you,
    /___________________________\        I know another with come true.
   /                             \
__/_______________________________\__   I drown myself inside your eyes,
============================o========    eyes that smile and sympathize,
 |   _!_         _!_      o   o     |   You hold my hand and kiss me soft,
 | BRO|HER  WULDRE|H'S   o     o    |    and I know my soul shall fly aloft.
 |    CLERIC SHOPPE       o   o     |
 |                         \ /      |   For every song I ever sing
 |   Fine Holy Blades      _!_      |    I know another day will bring
 |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       |       |   Another wish that will come true,
 | Member: Kelfour's Blessed Bureau |    and all I know, is I wish for you
 |__________________________________|   All my love, Merrie
/ \ ____  ____ \         Win Electronic Arts Software!
\@| ~|_|  /~/~ |         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  |  |~|_/~/   |
  |  |~|~\~\   |elfour Edition is proud to announce a contest, prizes for
/@| _|~|  \~\  | which are six new entertainment releases from Electronic
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ / Arts! To enter, simply send you answers to the questions
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on the following page via GEnie Email to K.MCCANN2 by
MIDNIGHT EST Thanksgiving Day.  Six winning entries will be drawn at random
LIVE in GemStone at 4:PM EST on the following Saturday.
The contest consists of twelve questions (ten of which you must answer
correctly in order to qualify for the EA software drawing) involving
information derived from GemStone's TOMES, which can be accessed via the
menu on GEnie Page 931, Option 3.  The TOMES contain a great library of
knowledge concerning GemStone.  If you are unfamiliar with the way they
operate, see Riverwind Entreri's GUIDE TO THE TOMES, Kelfour Edition No. 2,
for July 1990.  The TOMES also provide information on usage by typing HELP.
                              OFFICIAL RULES:
(1) You must correctly answer TEN of the TWELVE questions on the next page
    in order to qualify for the drawing.  Spelling counts!
(2) Please submit only ONE ENTRY regardless of the number of characters you
    play in GemStone.  If you have multiple GEnie accounts, do not submit
    entries with more than one of them.  (Please be honest and fair.)
(3) Entries must be submitted by midnight EST, November 22, 1990
    (Thanksgiving night) as dated by GEnie EMail.  There will be NO grace
    period.  Send your entry via EMAIL (free under GEnie Star*Services) to
    K.MCCANN2.  Submit ONLY your numbered answers, not the questions.
(4) GEnie/GemStone employees, families and internal users are disqualified.
A total of SIX (6) WINNERS will be determined by a random drawing from all
qualified entries.  This drawing will be held LIVE in GemStone on Saturday,
November 24, 1990, at 4:00 PM EST.  You do NOT have to be present to win.
  / \                              |                                   \
  \@| Each of the 6 WINNERS drawn  | INDIANAPOLIS 500, THE SIMULATION  |
    | from qualified entries will  |        Available for Amiga & IBM  |
    | be invited to select ONE of  |                                   |
    | these  new  games  provided  | POWER MONGER                      |
    | free  by  Electronic  Arts!  |   Available for Atari ST & Amiga  |
    |                              |                                   |
    | Winners will be announced at | IMPERIUM (From United Kingdom)    |
    | the LIVE! GemStone  drawing, |  Available for Amiga, Atari & IBM |
    | notified  by GEnie EMail and |                                   |
   _| published  in  the  next KE. | EARL WEAVER BASEBALL or STARFLIGHT|
  /@| All decisions are final.     |     Available for Apple Macintosh |
  \_/______________________________|___________________________________/                                                                 /
                            Kelfour Edition
                ___   __         _____   ___   ____  _____
               /     /  \  |\  |   |    |     |        |
              |     |    | | \ |   |    |---   ---\    |
               \___  \__/  |  \|   |    |___  ____|    |
These questions may be researched through the TOMES.  Submit ONLY the
answers, numbered to coincide with each question.  For example, if the
answer to #7 was Iyxia, put "7. Iyxia" or something like that.  Hmm.. IS
that the answer to #7?  You MUST correctly answer 10 of these questions
in order to qualify for the Electronic Arts software drawing.
                           OFFICIAL QUESTIONS:
   1.  This God of the Night is often referred to as the "Dream-master"
       among other similar names.  He is responsible for dreams, and
       sending visions to his followers.  What is his name?
   2.  Bandur Etrevion, after falling under the influences of the unlife,
       slew his brother.  What was his brother's name?
   3.  What is the name of the empress that Bandur Etrevion pledged his
       loyalty upon?
   4.  What is the primary steed of a Herald of the night?
   5.  What are the huge sea beasts' names which are described as "a
       lizard in a turtle shell" and are capable of swamping 30' ships,
       sometimes even crawling up on land temporarily to get their prey?
   6.  How many land masses are there which might be classified as the
       true continents or continental groupings on Western Kulthea?
   7.  Which of the land masses on Western Kulthea has the island of
       Nexus, home of the Navigators?
   8.  In Quellbourne, which volcano is located upon a high limestone
       plateau, and emits steam and poisonous gases, with its fires
       sometimes seen glowing eerily at night?
   9.  Which hook-shaped island in the Claedesbrim Bay is a home to
       pirates (due to its sheltered harbors) and is composed of rough,
       jagged peaks?
  10.  Who was responsible for the slaying of the Nyrdru, the evil High
       Priest of the Galthon?
  11.  What is the Unlife's "goal?"
  12.  What Loremaster holds the only permanent seat as the only
       surviving Founder of the Order?
       Remember! Submit only your numbered list of answers to
       K.MCCANN2 via GEnie Email by midnight EST November 22, 1990.
                               GOOD LUCK!
                         by Darwynn Ellessur
The map on these two pages can be taped together to provide a quick
reference for old and new residents of Kelfour's Landing. It provides
accurate directions along the arcs from each location, although some arcs
have been stretched. To use the bridge between banks of the Colewaether,
use the command GO BRIDGE.
  |  ### Exterior Wall     /  NE-SW    <UPPERCASE> Street Abbreviation  |
  |  --- East-West         =  bridge   <lowercase> Place Abbreviation   |
  |   |  North-South       \  NW-SE    XXX         Colewaether River    |
     A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N
                    .              .              .              .
 1            WES--LAN--EAS
          ###      gate    ##############################################
         #          |              .              .              .
 2      #     NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG--NRG-------BAW
       #     / |   fur             |   mil   |   hea   |              |
      #     /  |                   |         |    |    |        N.    |
 3   #   ---  EOG   .             MEW       YAR  JAR  WID       |     |
    #   /     bat                  |         |    |    |       /|\    |
   #   /       |    .              |         |    |    |        |.    |
 4 #WRG . . . SQNE-----SQNE--REA--MEW--REA--REA--JAR..WID--MIR .|. . COL
   # |        rti   .   wea       sta   |   loc  hel  paw   |   |.   ndo
   # |         |\       /|              |         |    |    |   |     |
 5 #WRG        | \  .  / |         .   IOR       JAR--WID--DRA   .   COL
   #mer        |  \   /  |             bla       war        |       /war
   # |         |  | . |  |              |         |         |    . /   XX
 6 # |         |  |   |  |        AND--KEL--KEL  JAR--LAE--DRA--COL   XXX
   # |         |  \ . /  |         |         |    |         |   wha\  XXX
   # |         |   \ /   |         |         |    |         |       \   X
 7 #WRG--BLU--SQW--SQC--SQE--HAL--AND       KEL--JAR       DRA   .   COL
   # |   gro  ban  / \  moo        |         | \           inn        |
   # |         |  / . \  |         |         |  \           |    .    |
 8.#WRG . . . .|. |. .| .|. . . . AND . . . KEL  WIN--WIN--DRA--WIN--WCR=
   # |         | /  .  \ |         |        cat   |        ban        |
   # |         |/       \|         |              |         |    .    |
 9 #WRG--GRI--SQSW-----SQSE        |        MOO--MOO       DRA        |
   #  \  arm        .   gen        |         |    |         |    .    |
   #   \                 |         |         |    |         |         |
10  #   \           .    |        AND--ORH--ORH  HUD--HUD--DRA   .   COL-
     #   \               |        cle  tem            bak  fle        |
      #   \         .    |              |         .         |    .    |
11     #   \            FAE       TER--TER                 DRA       COL-
        #   \       .   scr        |    |         .        dre   .    |
         #   \           |         |    |                   |         |
12        #   SRG--SRG--SRG--SRG--SRG--SRG-------SRG-------SRG--SRG--SRG-
           #       gem                            .              .
                    .              .              .              .
     A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N
                                                                 Map --->
Each node has a street name in capital letters: WID (Widow-wart Road);
a place name in lower case letters: paw (the pawnshop); and several
directional lines: N, E, S. This nomenclature is used for sites. A grid
system is provided for fast look-up from the cross-reference tables for
streets and places.
                     WID--  <-- Street Name
                     paw    <----- Place Name (Blank, if none)
                               STREET CROSS-REFERENCE TABLE
                            AND   Andraax Avenue       G6-G10
                            AQU   Aqua Regia Road      Q5
                            BAE   Bay's East Watch     Q2
  O    P    Q    R          BAW   Bay's West Watch     N2
                            BLU   Bluestar Street      B7
                      1     BOA   Boatyard             P10(gate/N10),Q10
#################           BRI   Bridge, Kelfour's   08
XXXXXXXX         #          COL   Colewaether Way      N4,N5,M6,N7-N11
XXXXXXXX   BAE    #   2     DRA   Dragonfang Road      L5-L11
XXXXXXXX   cat     #        EAS   East Tower           E1
 XXXXXXXXX    \    #        ECR   East Crossing        P8
  XXXXXXXXX    \ERG#  3     EOG   Eogsmith St.         C3
  XXXXXXXXXX    alc#        ERG   E. Ring Road         R3-R8
  XXXXXXXXXX     | #        FAE   Faetherquel St.      E11
 XXXXXXXXXX . . .|.#. 4     GAR   Garden               Q9,R9,R10
XXXXXXXXXX       | #        GRI   Grimseer Lane        B9
XXXXXXXXXX       | #        HAL   Half Senit Street    F7
XXXXXXXXXX AQU--ERG#  5     HUD   Hudvaark Road        J10,K10
XXXXXXXXX   |   coo#        IOR   Iorak Street         H5
XXXXXXXXX   |    | #        JAR   Jarkarn Street       J3-J7
XXXXXXXX   RIV   | #  6     MEW   Mews, The            G3-G4
XXXXXXXXX   |    | #        MIR   Mirenna Street       L4
XXXXXXXXX   |    | #        MOO   Moonstone Lane       I9,J9
 XXXXXXX   RIV  ERG#  7     NRG   N. Ring Road         C2-L2
XXXXXXX     |   bre#        ORH   Orhan Square         H10,I10
XXXXXX      |    | #        REA   Reaan Street         F4,H4,I4
=BRI==ECR--RIV--ERG#. 8     RIV   River Ramble         Q6-Q8
XXXXX jet  war   | #        SHA   Shanty Town          P11-Q12
 XXXXX      |    | #        SQC   SQUARE Central       D7
  XXXXX    GAR  GAR#  9     SQE   SQUARE East          E7
   XXXXXXXX     shk#        SQNE  SQUARE Northeast     E4
        XXXXXXX  | #        SQNW  SQUARE Northwest     C4
------BOA--BOAXXGAR# 10     SQSE  SQUARE Southeast     E9
            | XX   #        SQSW  SQUARE Southwest     C9
            | XXX  #        SQW   SQUARE West          C7
------SHA--SHA XX #  11     SRG   S. Ring Road         C12-N12
      sha   |  XX#          TER   Teris Lane           G11,H11
       |    |  X#           WES   West Tower           C1
------SHA--SHA #     12     WCR   West Crossing        N8
              #             WID   Widow-wart Road      K3-K5
##############              WIN   Windzak Street       J8,K8,M8
                            WRG   W. Ring Road         A4-A9
  O    P    Q    R          YAR   Yarlek Lane          I3
  <--- Map                                             Continued...
Any map to Kelfour's Landing would be incomplete without shop locations.
These places and how to enter them are provided in the following table:
  ABBR.   PLACE               GRID      DIRECTIONS
  alc   Alchemist              R3       GO HOUSE
  arm   Armory                 B9       GO ARMORY
  bak   Baker's                K10      GO SHOP
  bat   Cheldar's Bathhouse    C3       GO BATH
  ban   Bank, 1st Quellbourne  C7       GO BANK, GO ARCH, GO WINDOW
  ban   Bank, Kelfour Secure   L8       GO ENTRANCE, NORTH, GO WINDOW
  bla   Blacksmith             H5       GO GATE, GO DOOR
  bre   Brewery                R7       GO GATE
  cat   Catacombs              Q2       GO TOWER,GO STAIR,N,GO HID DOOR
  cat   Catacombs              I8       GO CRATE
  cle   Cleric's Store         G10      GO CLERIC
  coo   Cooper                 R5       GO SHOP
  dre   Dress shop, (Sarii's)  L11      GO SHOP
  fle   Fletcher               L10      <can't yet>
  fur   Furrier, (Jarik's)     D2       GO SHOP
  gate  GATE                   D1       GO GATE
  gem   Gemcutter's            D12      GO SHOP
  gen   General Store          E9       GO STORE
  gro   Grocer                 B7       <can't yet>
  hea   Healer's Tent (Surtey) J2       GO TENT
  hel   Helga's Tavern         J4       GO STAIR
  inn   Inn, Frith's           L7       GO INN
  jet   Jetty                  P8       GO FOOTPATH
  loc   Locksmith              I4       GO DOOR
  mer   Merchant's Guild       A5       GO GUILD
  mil   Military Barracks      H2       GO BARRACKS
  moo   Moot Hall              E7       GO HALL
  ndo   North Dock             N4       GO WALKWAY
  paw   Pawnshop, Dernick's    K4       GO PAWN
  rti   Raging Threk's Inn     C4       GO INN
  scr   Scribe                 E11      GO SHOP
  sha   Shanty                 O11      GO SHANTY
  shk   Shack                  R9       GO SHACK
  sta   Stables                G3       GO STABLE
  tem   Temple of Eissa        H10      GO TEMPLE
  war   warehouse,OLD          Q8       GO WAREHOUSE
  war   warehouse, TOWN        J5       GO ENTRANCE
  war   warehouse, IOLAN's     N5       GO WAREHOUSE
  wea   Weapons, Tyron's Arms  E4       GO ENTRANCE
  wha   Wharf, South           M6       GO WHARF
The reference location is read by locating the alphabetic EAST-WEST
axis and the numerical NORTH-SOUTH one. Upcoming GemStone features will
open the currently closed shops.
Of course, other maps to Kelfour's exterior are available, noteably in
GEnie's Games RoundTable Library on Page 806. Candidates for future
Editions include Danjirland, GORCY Park, The Graveyard, The New Area,
HOBLand, the Mine Road, and the immediate vicinity just outside of
town including KOBLand.
/ \_____    _____\      Before the Flood (Metaphorically Speaking)
\@|+|~ ~\  /~ ~|+|      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  | |~|\~\/~/|~| |              Editorial by Usul Lu'Nak
 _| |~| \~~/ |~| |
/@| |~|  \/  |~| |etaphors are  pow-   purpose  or connection; The relevant
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~ / erful  but  dan-    commonality being the word "no."
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  gerous forms  of
simile.  If you have read  my column      The   you-puzzle  or  the  world-
you  know  I  love  metaphors:   The   puzzle  lacks  some crucial piece(s)
Straight Line Monster;the Wide, Deep   and  you  fall  thru the portal into
River with Shallows; Creativity as a   the  void  of a big empty landscape,
Big  Fuzzy  Cloud  of Possibilities;   abruptly denied not only trajectory,
Diamonds  in  the  Rough;  Bound and   but all forward motion as well.
Dragged in Chains.  Sound familiar?
                                          Often  the problem is creativity!
   Do  not underestimate the useful-   Sooner  or  later it happens to each
ness  of comparisons.  If used well,   of us, but things are often not what
a  type  of mental symbiosis occurs,   they seem & there is a trick to beat
providing a background against which   the  problem.  First you must create
the  Object  To  Be  Examined can be   a  metaphor.   Then  you  must  give
understood,  and  even  judged.  But   yourself permission to change it!
metaphors,   like   the  tools  they
really  are,  can be very dangerous,      Be creative! Change the metaphor!
even deadly when misused!              It  doesn't have to be a  desert, or
                                       or  a  missing piece of the  puzzle.
   Try  attacking  a  G-Orc  with  a   Or  a  logjam, or a  bridge too far,
rapier  and  techniques  meant for a   or a mental  block.  Neither  frozen
Hobgoblin!   You'll likely break the   pipe  nor  rundown  clock  nor char-
blade  and  make  more  business for   acter   manglers,   random    number
Surtey  or  a healer at best, Erebor   mutilators nor slowdown demons.  Not
at worst!                              even   a   cherry   red  '57  T-Bird
                                       convertible  with chrome everything,
   Poor  comparisons,  ill-conceived   white  leather seats, the sex symbol
or  misapplied,  can do worse.  They   of   your   choice  and  heavy  duty
can  wound  the heart in places that   sounds, but with slashed tires!
can't  be stitched.  And while it is
true  that comparisons are not solid      Those  are  just  metaphors, just
as  a blade, neither are the beliefs   markers  on  our  internal maps.  We
and concepts which they cut.           all  know that the map is not really
                                       the  territory,  only  a  pointer to
   Metaphors,   like  the  GemStones   sharable experience.  A Post-It note
that they should be valued with, are   that  we  modern  Hansel  &  Gretels
both  strong  and  weak;  like  laen   leave  behind  as  we wander through
picks,  able  to open most difficult   the forest.
chests,   but   vulnerable   to  the
slightest tap on a flaw.                  Back to the desert.  Go ahead and
                                       build  up your picture of it.  Build
   With this in mind, here's another   your desert and invest the resulting
metaphor for you:  There are deserts   imagery   with   all  the  life  and
in  our character's lives.  Blights.   emotion   you   can   muster.   Give
Wastelands.   Voids.  Some localized   yourself up to it and be trapped!
and  specific,  some vast and encom-
passing.   Each  a  sort of scorched      Now  strike  that  set.   Build a
earth of the spirit.  These grinding   wall  you don't have enough skill to
horrors  can  be times of no silver;   climb,  is too thick to batter thru,
no  experience;  no  excitement;  no   and stretches   too   far   in  both
time,  no  power;  no friends, love,   directions.  Trapped again!  But now
                                       in an entirely different manner.
                                    -7-                             More...
 ________________           The Art of Pawning
/ \____      ____\          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@|+|~|      |~|+|       by Avondale delnightSaber
  | |~| /~~\ |~| |
  | |~|/~/\~\|~| |
 _| |~/~/  \~\~| |ith the exotic weapons and armor available in Kulthea now,
/@| |__/    \__| | many residents are  saving  coins in hopes that  they may
\_/ ~~~      ~~~ / someday enjoy  these luxuries.  Since a  prime source  of
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ income is pawning found  armor and  weapons, I have assem-
bled  a  list of weapons  and  armor you can  sell  in  Dernick's  pawnshop,
along  with  the  price he is willing to  pay.  Note that this list does not
include  special  order  items since  monsters don't carry them, and Dernick
will  not  buy  anything  that  is  really expensive.  He will also  not buy
articles  of   clothing,  equipment,  magic  items,  lockpicks,  etc;   only
standard weapons  and armor.  Should you wish to know the worth of an object
before pawning it, use the command  APPRAISE <object> while in the pawnshop.
  Arm Greaves          -   3 coins    Wooden Shield        -   3 coins
  Augmented Chain Mail - 200 coins    Leather Breastplate  -  66 coins
  Aventail             -   3 coins    Leather Helm         -   3 coins
  Battle Axe           -  43 coins    Leg Greaves          -   3 coins
  Brigandine Armor     - 150 coins    Light Hide           -  13 coins
  Broadsword           -  50 coins    Light Leather        -  26 coins
  Chain Hauberk        - 216 coins    Mace                 -  20 coins
  Chain Mail           - 100 coins    Metal Breastplate    - 166 coins
  Commoner's Staff     - Worthless    Monk's Truncheon     -  50 coins
  Cudgel               - Worthless    Morning star         -  53 coins
  Cuirbouilli Leather  -  83 coins    Quarter Staff        - Worthless
  Dagger               - Worthless    Rapier               -  76 coins
  Double Chain Mail    - 166 coins    Reinforced Leather   -  33 coins
  Double Leather       -  50 coins    Reinforced Shield    -   3 coins
  Falchion             - 155 coins    Ring Mail            - 133 coins
  Flail                -  63 coins    Ritual Dagger        - Worthless
  Full Leather         -  16 coins    Scale Mail           - 150 coins
  Halbard              -  46 coins    Scimitar             -  36 coins
  Hand Axe             -  16 coins    Short Sword          -  23 coins
  Heavy Hide           -  26 coins    Studded Leather      - 150 coins
  High Scimitar        -  36 coins    Two-handed Sword     -  66 coins
  Holy Kukri           - Worthless    Visored Helm         -   6 coins
  Holy Sapara          -  73 coins    War Hammer           -  50 coins
  White Blade          -  73 coins    War Mattock          -  50 coins
                           (Editorial Continued)
   To  escape  from the desert, walk      What to do when you find yourself
on and pray for oases.  Getting past   trapped in a metaphor?  Try  another
the  wall  probably requires digging   view of your world.  Take  the  EXP
under with help. How you take things   problem.  Walking out of the  desert
determines  which  path  you follow;   would  mean  rerolling and  starting
thus the dangerous nature and  power   over for lack of alternatives.  Dig-
of similes.  Think about it;  every-   ging out from under a  wall might be
thing  is  a map to  something. Maps   as simple as new tactics, a  hunting
are  our greatest creation, but they   partner, or more manageable critters.
can also be our greatest traps. They   Why try to walk out of a desert when
cast light but only  from one  angle   you  can take  a  shortcut  under  a
while throwing others into  shadows!   wall? Or, as a last resort, why  not
Stand in a desert and  you'll  never   appeal to  the gods to  bring  on  a
think of  digging.  Stand  before  a   flood to wash it all away?
wall and you'll never  walk thru it.
 ___________              Kirc's Korner:  Skinning
/ \  ______ \             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| /~/~~\~\ |               by Kirc Bloodguard
  | \~\___~~ |
 _| _~~~~\~\ |
/@| \~\__/~/ |kinning skill is determined by adding your first aid training
\_/  ~~~~~~ /  to your AGility bonus. For example:
                            First Aid skill  = 40
                            AG (90) so bonus = 10
                            Total skill      = 50%
Monsters have difficulty mods so some will be harder to skin than others.
As far as I can tell nothing else affects the skinning roll, so don't worry
about skinning tools, what's in your hands, etc.  Here's the line up:
     Name                 Yield              Price    Location
     ~~~~                 ~~~~~              ~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~
     Ant      - worker    #                   **      Labyrinth
     Basilisk             basilisk beak       45      Smatoth
     Bear     - brown     bear skin          100      Wartland
              - were      werebear paw        45      Castle
     Black Stalker        cannot be skinned   **      Smatoth
     Bloodbeast           cannot be skinned   **      Graveyard
     Cobra                cobra skin          25      Graveyard
     Cockatrice           cockatrice feather  35      LOrcland
     Dark Apparition      disintegrates       **      LOrcland
     Death Dirge          dirge skin          35      Graveyard
     Deathwoode           disintegrates       **      Dead woods
     Dragon   - baby      #                   **      Town
     Gemsting             gemsting stinger    25      Mines
     Ghoul    - greater   ghoul scraping      45      Graveyard
              - .king     !                   **      Graveyard
              - lesser    ghoul nail          45      Graveyard
     Giant    - frost     giant toe          100      Blototh
              - skeletal  @                   **      --
              - storm     @                   **      --
     Gnoll    - cave      cannot be skinned   **      Stonehold
              - ranger    cannot be skinned   **      Stonehold
              - thief     cannot be skinned   **      Stonehold
     Gnome    - cave      gnome scalp         35      Mines
     Goblin               goblin skin         35      GOrcland
     Golem    - bone      golem bone          35      Tower
              - crystal   cannot be skinned   **      Dungeons
              - steel     !                   **      Ruins
     Guardian - cold      cannot be skinned   **      Blototh
              - fire      cannot be skinned   **      Blototh
     Hobgoblin            hobgoblin scalp     35      Hobland
     Karnelin             karnelin hide       25      Hobland
     Kobold               kobold skin         25      Kobland
     Lich                 @                   **      --
     Manticore            manticore tail      35      GOrcland
     Mummy    - lesser    mummy shroud        75      Graveyard
     Ogre     - large     cannot be skinned   **      Wartland
              - mountain  ogre nose           75      Noseland
     Name                 Yield             Price     Location
     ~~~~                 ~~~~~             ~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~
     Orc      - blue      #                   **      Mine Road
              - greater   orc scalp           45      GOrcland
              - grey      orc beard           45      Noseland
              - lesser    orc hide            35      LOrcland
     Phantom  -           disintegrates       **      Graveyard
              - fire      disintegrates       **      Blototh
     Rat      - giant     rat pelt            25      Town
     Revenant             disintegrates       **      Graveyard
     Skeleton -           skeleton bone       10      Graveyard
              - ice       skeleton skull      25      Blototh
     Spectre              disintegrates       **      Dungeons
     Spider   - greater   spider leg          55      Mines
              - major     !                   **      Dungeons
     Tatzelwurm           cannot be skinned   **      Mines
     Threk                threk hide          45      GOrcland
     Titan                titan scalp         75      Blototh
     Torkaan              torkaan pelt        25      Plains
     Tree Spirit          disintegrates       **      dead woods
     Troglodyte           cannot be skinned   **      Mines
     Troll    - cave      troll skin          55      Wartland
              - forest    troll hide          55      Hobland
              - hill      troll beard         55      Old Road
              - war       cannot be skinned   **      Wartland
     Wight    - barrow    wight claw          75      Graveyard
              - .lord     !                   **      Graveyard
     Wolf     - ghost     cannot be skinned   **      Tower
     Wolverine            wolverine pelt      35      Plains
     Worm     - cave      cannot be skinned   **      Mines
     Wraith               disintegrates       **      Dungeons
Price - Top value of the skin.  Jarlik will offer within -0 to -10 of this
value.  He will actually pay within -1 to -5 of it.
Location - one of the locations where this creature may be found, most times
where I actually skinned it.  Locations kept general.
! - Monster too tough to try, usually level 20 and up.
@ - Cannot find although I have reason to believe it exists somewhere.
# - This creature not seen lately, may be extinct.
  / \    HALL OF FAME                                                        \
  |                                                                         |
  |             Is there really any wonder why I forget thee not?           |
  |_              F-A-M-E! What's your name, what's your name?              |
  |  Bard      Mendle Seldagrave    15 |  High Human   Benar Stormarm    12 |
  |  Ranger    Landreth deLorde     17 |  Common Man   Beolost Lamontt   12 |
  |  Mage      Dagmar Istarii       18 |  Dwarf        Vesitsa Talchild  15 |
  |  Fighter   Kirc Bloodguard      13 |  Halfling     Doppel Ganger     10 |
  |  Thief     Riverwind Entreri    17 |  Wood Elf     Celeborn Greysndir 9 |
  |  Cleric    Erebor Bordeaux      16 |  High Elf     Strom O'Berin      9 |
  |  Sorceror  Magnetron Ramthanodox 9 |  Half Elf     Dagmar Istarii    18 |
  |  Healer    Kayla Kyndhart       17 |  Fair Elf     Landreth deLorde  17 |
/@| Belated GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race - September 30, 1990 |
 ___________             An Inventory of Kulthea
/ \     ___ \            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@|    / ~| |               by Lythe L'Green
  |   //|~| |
 _|  //=|~| |
/@| //  |~| | couple of weeks ago, I  unwisely tossed  a  grog  mug in Helga's
\_/ ~   ~~~ /  direction.  If I hadn't  had so  much to drink, I'd have remem-
  ~~~~~~~~~~   bered  that I'm  terribly fast and agile;  Helga didn't  have a
chance.   The  mug  hit  her  square  in  the  head, delivering a nasty wound.
Luckily,  a  healer  was  on  hand,  but when the Mayor learned of this, I was
hauled  off  to his office and asked if I'd rather pay a hefty fine or do some
back work he hadn't gotten around to.  I promptly agreed to the latter.
My  task was to compile a list of all weapons and armor currently available in
and around Kulthea.  The Mayor also wanted to know what the fuss was about the
new  substances  which  have  recently  been imported into town.  After humbly
submitting  my  report,  I  was  free  to go.  I'm offering it here in Kelfour
Edition since I doubt anyone will be able to find it in Moot Hall, considering
the bureaucratic somersaults you'd have to perform.  The prices are those that
the  merchants  initially  asked.   Keep in mind that I'm a mage, and have had
only one class in trading.
Name                   Description                     Cost  Availability
==============         =============================== ====  ============
Arm Greaves            Give reduced criticals to arms    22  Armory
Leg Greaves            Give reduced criticals to legs    32  Armory
Wooden Shield          +20 to DB                         22  Armory
Reinforced Shield      +20 to DB, stronger than wooden   45  Armory
Leather Helm           Give reduced criticals to head    22  Armory
Visored Helm           Give reduced criticals to head    45  Armory
Metal aventail         Give reduced criticals to neck    22  Armory
Light Hide             AT 3 armor                        90  Armory
Heavy Hide             AT 4 armor                       135  Armory
Light Leather          AT 5 Soft Leather armor          157  Armory
Full Leather           AT 6 Soft Leather armor          180  Armory
Reinforced Leather     AT 7 Soft Leather armor          225  Armory
Double Leather         AT 8 Soft Leather armor          337  Armory
Leather Breastplate    AT 9 Rigid Leather armor         450  Armory
Cuirbouilli Leather    AT 10 Rigid Leather armor        675  Armory
Ring Mail              AT 11 Rigid Leather armor        900  Armory
Studded Leather        AT 12 Rigid Leather armor       1001  Armory
Scale Mail             AT 12 Rigid Leather armor       1012  Armory
Brigandine Armor       AT 12 Rigid Leather armor       1023  Armory
Chain Mail             AT 13 Chain armor                675  Armory
Double Chain           AT 14 Chain armor                787  Armory
Augmented Chain        AT 15 Chain armor                787  Armory
Chain Hauberk          AT 16 Chain armor               1462  Armory
Metal Breastplate      AT 17 Plate armor               1125  Armory
Augmented Breastplate  AT 18 Plate Armor               1237  Arm Backroom(*)
Half Plate Armor       AT 19 Plate Armor               5625  Arm Backroom(*)
Full Plate Armor       AT 20 Plate Armor              11250  Arm Backroom(*)
 (*) To access the backroom  catalog, you need to get on good  terms with
 Aznell by buying a lot of things without bartering. The quantity of what
 you buy is more important than the amount of money you pour at him.
                                  -11-                               More...
Name                   Description                   Cost  Availability
==============         ========================      ====  ============
Cudgel                 1H-blunt (K,I)                  11  Weaponshop
Dagger                 1H-edged (P,S)                   6  Weaponshop
Short Sword            1H-edged (S,K)                 157  Weaponshop
Scimitar               1H-edged (S,K)                 247  Weaponshop
Two Handed Sword       2H-edged (S,K)                 450  Weaponshop
Rapier                 1H-edged (*2) (P,S)            495  Weaponshop
Broadsword             1H-edged (*3) (S,K)            270  Weaponshop
Hand Axe               1H-edged (*4) (K,S)            135  Weaponshop
Warhammer              1H-blunt (*9) (K,P)            337  Weaponshop
Mace                   1H-blunt (*9) (K,I)            157  Weaponshop
Quarter Staff          1H-blunt (K,I)                  22  Weaponshop
Halbard                Pole Arm (P,K)                  90  Weaponshop
Claidhmore             2H-edged (*5) (S,K)           4500  Weapshp Backrm (*1)
Naginata               Pole Arm (*6) (P,K)           6750  Weapshp Backrm (*1)
Ritual Dagger          Holy 1H-edged (P,S)             28  Cleric shop
Koly Kukri             Holy 1H-edged (P,S)             56  Cleric shop
Commoners Staff        Holy 1H-blunt (K,I)             56  Cleric shop
Monk's Truncheon       Holy 1H-blunt (K,I)            252  Cleric shop
High Scimitar          Holy 1H-edged (S,K)            308  Cleric shop
Holy Sapara            Holy 1H-edged (S,K)            616  Cleric shop
White Blade            Best holy 1H-edged (S,K)       896  Cleric shop
Falchion               1H-edged (*7) (S,K)            n/a  Some Wight Lords
Morning Star           1H-blunt (*8) (K,P)            n/a  Some Crystal Golems
Spear                  Pole Arm (P,I)                 n/a  Some Forest Trolls
War Mattock            2H-edged (K,I)                 n/a  Some Hobgoblins
Flail                  2H-edged (K,P)                 n/a  Some Goblins
Battle Axe             2H-edged (S,K)                 n/a  Some Hobgoblins
  (*1) Accessing the backroom catalog at Tyron's weapon shop is similar to
       obtaining it at the armory.
  (*2) The rapier is the easiest single handed edged weapon to perform an
       attack with, but it will not do as much damage as a broadsword.
  (*3) The broadsword does the heaviest damage of any single handed edged
       weapon you can purchase.
  (*4) Hand axes are good weapons against well armored opponents.
  (*5) The claidhmore is actually a -10 weapon.  However, it does far more
       damage than a regular two handed sword when it does hit.
  (*6) The naginata is a +20 pole arm which does heavy damage.
  (*7) The falchion is the most effective single handed edged weapon.
  (*8) The morning star is the most effective single handed blunt weapon.
  (*9) The warhammer does more concussion damage than a mace, but does
       worse criticals.
  Other Notes:  Letters in parenthesis indicate the types of "critical hit"
                shots that can be done  by a particular weapon.  These are,
                in order of the  deadliness of  criticals in each category:
                P=Puncture, S=Slash, K=Krush (crushing), I=Impact
Name                 Description                             Availability
==============       ======================================  ===============
Iron Wand            Casts Shock Bolt                        Common treasure
Silver Wand          Casts Shock Bolt                        Common treasure
Crystal Amulet       Grants ESP if you rub it (40 uses)      Common treasure
Gold Wand            Casts Fire Bolt                         Uncom. treasure
Metal Wand           Casts Cold Ball                         Uncom. treasure
Gold Ring            Allows for teleportation                Rare treasure
Ruby Amulet          Makes force field (+100 DB) if rubbed   Extremely Rare
Small Statue         Casts Alkar (+25 DB) if rubbed          Uncom. treasure
Oaken Wand           Casts Stun Relief                       Uncom. treasure
Blue Crystal         Unknown, New item                       Rare treasure
You  can  place  orders  for  various  custom  items at several shops in town,
although  only  weapons and armor are discussed here.  There are many types of
substances;  we'll  deal only with those which offer significant advantages to
the purchaser.
Mithril:  The legendary "elfin steel." It provides a +5 bonus to the item, and
is  stronger  and  lighter  than  normal  materials.  Since it is an enchanted
substance,  items  made  from it may not be magically edged or blessed.  Cost:
Eog:  An extremely hard metal which provides a +10 bonus to the item.  Eog may
be  magically  edged  and  blessed.   Weapons  and  armor made of eog are much
stronger  (in terms of breakage) than their standard counterparts.  Eog cannot
be dyed.  Cost:  2100/pound.
White  Eog:   A variety of normal eog which is naturally holy.  This substance
may be used to produce holy weapons for clerics to battle Unlife with that are
not made at the cleric shop.  Cost:  2100/pound.
Ithloss:   A  very  light,  flexible  and strong metal created by the Lords of
Essence.   The  secret  to  its creation has been lost.  Items made of Ithloss
have  a  +12  bonus.  Because of its lightness, suits of armor made of Ithloss
are of unequalled value.  Since Ithloss is already magical, it cannot be edged
or blessed.  Cost:  3000/pound.
Laen:   An ultra-hard, volcanic, glasslike substance.  Items made from it have
a  +15  bonus.  It is naturally magical, and cannot be edged or blessed.  This
is perhaps the best material to make a shield from.  Cost:  3300/pound.
Shallk:   An  enchanted,  clothlike  material.  Items made using it have a +20
bonus.   It  is  light,  and  can  be made into excellent armor.  It is a poor
choice  for  a  weapon  or  armor  because it can easily break during a weapon
clash,  and  it  may  not  be  edged  or blessed due to its inherently magical
nature.  Cost:  6500/pound.
To  determine  the  cost  of an item made from special materials, multiply the
number of pounds of material required to produce a given item with the cost of
the  chosen  material.  Add to this the base cost of the item.  Here is a list
of all the items you can customize (from the weaponshop or armory), with their
base costs and poundage.
        Item                        Base cost    Weight
        ====                        =========    ======
        Helm                               10         5
        Shield                             10        10
        Light Armor (Base AT 10)          100        80
        Partial Armor (Base AT 15)        400        90
        Full Armor (Base AT 20)          2000       150
        Cudgel                              5         4
        Dagger                              3         2
        Sword  (a short sword)             70         8
        Scimitar                          110         8
        Rapier                            220         8
        Broadsword                        120        10
        Greatsword (2H sword)             200        14
        Axe (a hand axe)                   60         8
        Mace                               70         9
        Hammer                            150         9
        Staff                              10         5
        Halbard                            40         8
 ____________              Dictionary of Shortalk
/ \ ________ \             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|~~|| |                by Vlad Drakulya
  |  |~|     |
  |  |~|==|  |
 _|  |~|     |ound a crystal amulet,     :)     A plain smile.
/@|  |~|     | eh?  Wear and rub it,     :-)    Smile with a nose.
\_/ ~~~~     / and all of a sudden       :-(    Frown or sad face.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ you're hearing other       :-<)   Smile with a mustache.
people's thoughts. But wait!  What       :-|)   Another mustache.
IS that they're thinking?  "BRT,"        ;-)    A winking smile.
"OTW," and ":|)"?  Is this English?      '-)    Another kind of wink.
                                         :-"    Pursed lips.
Shortalk is simply the first             :-,    Smirk.
letters of the words intended:           :-O    Shouting.
                                         :-?    Licking your lips.
  AFK    Away From Keyboard              :-p    Sticking out your tongue.
  BRT    Be Right There                  :*     A kiss.
  BRB    Be Right Back                   :-x    Kiss, kiss.
  BBL    Be Back Later                   <:-)   Dumb question. (Dunce hat)
  LOL    Laughing Out Loud               %#@%$  Pretty obvious, no tilt.
  OTW    On The Way                      :-{    Me, Count Drakulya. (Heh)
Here we have the emotions.  You        There are lots of others, too, but
are meant to tilt your head onto       these should set you on your way
your left shoulder, 90 degrees,        to deciphering them.  So the next
when looking at them:                  time your send a message over ESP
                                       (or "AmuNET") don't just send the
                                       thought, send the emotion too!  :-{
/ \           \                 Navigators!
\@| ========= |                 ~~~~~~~~~~~
  | ||~|~|~|| |      by Vanthras Ruinspell, The Dark One
  | ~~ |~| ~~ |
  |    |~|    |
 _|    |~|    |he Navigators are a     The "Navigators" are possibly the
/@|    |~|    | loose alliance of      oldest and largest Guild.  Composed
\_/   ~~~~~   / Guilds who special-    entirely of Elves, this Guild's
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~   ize in guiding        Compass is a two inch wide band of
travellers.  Their services are not    silver, and set on the band is a
cheap; in fact, the costs range from   semispherical crystal which glows
a few coins to thousands in gold and   continuously different colors.  This
silver.  Above all, Navigators are     Guild is different in that they
businessmen and are notorious for      rarely ever visibly pay attention to
their uncaring attitude toward         their Compass.  They usually wear
people in a bind without funds.        neutral gray clothing with Guild
                                       insignia on their left breast.
The main mode of transport used by
Navigators is teleportation, and the   The Daruni Olkanin are one of the
way they are able to teleport with-    most friendly guilds.  They may even
out error is by use of a compass.      carry on casual conversation with
These compasss are intelligent magi-   their clients.  These Guildmembers
cal devices thought created by the     vary widely in profession, wearing
Lords of Essence.  They are mentally   uniforms of bright green surcoats
attuned to their user, whom they       trimmed in gold.  Their Compass is
direct to the best or safest routes.   a gold disk about four inches in
                                       diameter with a convex crystal on
Headquarters of the Guilds is on an    one face, beneath which is an
essence node known as Nexus.  It is    intricate mosiac of jeweled inlays
here that day-to-day admininistra-     resembling an actual compass and a
tion needs are handled.  This is also  delicate filligreed arrow which
where annual conclaves take place,     swings about in directions which
as they review the state of their      seem aimless to the untrained. It
trade, infractions, and policy.        is attached to a heavy gold chain
                                       worn about the neck at all times.
The Guilds have defined the world
into districts, each Guild having a    The Cypharia is a Guild consisting
defined jurisdiction.  Actual          entirely of females, and is some
boundaries are only known to the       times referred to as the Sisterhood
Guilds themselves since they seem to   by other Guilds.  Their remote
change from day to day.  There are     island is a beautiful paradise of
five known Guilds in the Alliance.     learning and magical experimentation.
                                       All of the Cypharians wear flowing
The Guides of Vurn-Kye are a more      white gowns trimmed with gold.
flamboyant Guild, their Compasses      These women are always beautiful, and
resembling a golden sextant with       they are usually Mystics or Seers.
tiny jewelled fittings.  When it is    Their Compass is a beautiful golden
not in use it is carried in a black    wand set with gems, each with unique
leather pouch.  This Compass is        carved designs on it.
probably one of the most sophis-
ticated, and requires skill to         The Pathmasters of Hulgan all appear
manipulate.  The Navigators in this    as aged men in flowing black or grey
Guild wear a tunic and pants of        robes, each with an ornate wooden
black cloth trimmed with gold thread   telescope.  This telescope serves as
and gold fastening, black leather      both as their compass and telescope.
boots, and black gloves.  Their
symbol is an abstract sextant-compass. To contact a Navigator one must find
                                  -15-            (Continued on P.19)
   ____________              by Valeria Deering
  / \  ______  \
  \@| /~/~~\~\ |        This tale is entirely true,
    ||~|    |~||      except for the parts that are lies.
    ||~|    |~||
   _||~|    |~||ur small  group  had   appearance  to one of those five.  I
  /@| \~\__/~/ |     discovered  the   counted  off  four  identical  rooms
  \_/  ~~~~~~  /    castle  after  a   with  iron  grates,  two filled with
     ~~~~~~~~~~ rockfall revealed an   webs,  two  with  tables,  two which
old  derelict  road leading from the   looked  like such-and-so, and so on.
forest  west  of  Kelfour's Landing.   We  spent hours walking in different
Searching  it,  we  had  come upon a   patterns,  trying  to  find rhyme or
dark  pit  within  a torture chamber   reason to the shifting corridors.  I
that  seemed  to  lead  to  an  open   became puzzled when at one point the
space.  We had entered.                signs  I had left behind were wrong,
                                       and   twice   my   count   came   up
   And now we were trapped!            different;   I  realized  then  that
                                       someone  or  some*thing* had removed
   We  paced  the  dimensions of our   the coins I had left behind, erasing
prison   restlessly,  walking  along   my marks.  I despaired.
what   seemed   like  endless  stone
hallways   dimly   lit  by  pots  of      Finally,  I  decided  I needed to
smouldering  oil.   At  times, there   leave  more  secure  landmarks  if I
was  a  sinister  slithering  sound,   wanted   any   hope  of  keeping  my
telling  of  inhuman  inhabitants of   bearings.   Of  those  of us who had
those  catacombs.   The  entrance we   entered the maze, only four remained
had used was only a dark hole in the   together; the sorceror, Airioch; the
ceiling  of  one room, depressingly,   healer, Krang; Neander, a swordsman,
too  far  out of reach.  We wandered   and  myself.   At one intersection I
these  halls  at  length,  sometimes   left  Airioch to stand guard.  After
together,   sometimes   apart,  each   a  bit longer, I left Krang to watch
hoping  to  find  an  exit from this   another,     seemingly     identical
dungeon.                               intersection.   There  were two such
                                       rooms  we  had  found; yet something
   It  seemed  we  had  searched the   told  me there was a third.  Neander
entirety  of  the area several times   and  I  searched  those labyrinthine
over  when  someone,  I  am not sure   halls  for  what  seemed  like hours
who, deduced that the corridors were   longer;  we passed Airioch and Krang
in  actuality shifting, and that the   each  a  dozen times it seemed, with
chambers   we  passed  through  were   no  success in uncovering an elusive
actually  cunningly  crafted to look   third   room.    I  began  to  doubt
exactly  alike.   This did little to   whether it existed.
lift  our  spirits, for it only told
us   we   could   never   trust  our      Eventually, I stopped  in  a com-
bearings, that we likely would never   plex  intersection  lit by a smoking
know for certain where we were.        oil  pot.  I turned to tell  Neander
                                       to  stand  watch  here,  but  when I
   I  began  trying  to mark each of   looked  behind   me,  he  was  gone!
the  rooms  I  passed  through  with   For  how  long the footsteps follow-
trails  of silver coins, hoping that   ing  me were only echoes of  my own,
by  doing  so,  I  would  be able to   I do not know; somehow we had gotten
identify  a  pattern of the shifting   separated.  I  looked  around,  down
halls.   There seemed five obviously   each  of the  corridors, and it  was
distinct  rooms, but we guessed that   then  that  the thing surprised  me.
there  were several of each of them,
each   of  which  was  identical  in      There  was  a  rushing  of  giant
coils  and  it  was upon me!  It was   I had found the way  out,  and  dis-
like  a  gigantic lamphrey, the size   tantly I heard  their  echoing  res-
of  a  pony,  but  snaked  along the   ponses.  I called directions to them
stone  hallways  like  a sidewinder.   as  best  I  could,  and waited; but
It  was  a  pale  mottled-white from   after a time, impatience got the bet
dwelling  in  darkness, and its head   ter of me and I decided to press on.
was  a huge maw, filled with endless
rows  of  razor-sharp teeth dripping      At   the   end   of  this  secret
with venom that told of swift death.   passage, I was immediately set upon.
                                       In  the musty chamber it opened into
   Instinctively  I  warded  it  off   there  were  a  dozen tall, skeletal
with  my  shield, evading the deadly   figures.   Though  I could fend them
bite.  Drawing my sword, I hacked at   off  with  my  sword,  my blows were
it madly, giving no thought to guile   ineffectual  against  them, for they
nor subtlety in my fighting; such an   could  not die.  I ran past and into
unnatural  creature  could  not have   a  small  cell,  slamming  the heavy
anything as normal as a heart that I   iron  door  behind me.  Even so they
might  have  struck  for.  It lashed   clawed  and  scratched  at the door,
about  powerfully,  seeking  now  to   seeking me, and the only escape that
crush  me in its terrible coils, and   offered  itself  was  a dark hole in
then  to  strike  with its poisonous   the   floor   of   the   tiny  room.
bite.   We struggled silently in the   Ignoring the bad luck I had had with
flickering  light,  for  it  had  no   dark pits so far, I jumped in.
tongue,  and  I  had  no  breath  to
spare.                                    I   found   myself   in  a  small
                                       crawlway.   Down  it I crawled, over
   Finally,  it lay dead, twitching,   broken  rocks  and scattered rubble,
cloven  in half near what passed for   feeling  my  way  along  in the cold
its head by my desperate swings.  My   darkness.
sword arm was covered with its ichor
and  I  was  badly  bruised from its      An   icy  hand  seemed  to  brush
thrashing coils; yet I was otherwise   against  my  arm, and I recoiled and
unharmed.   Drawing a deep breath, I   lashed    out    with    my   knife,
dragged   myself   away   from   the   transfixing it without thinking.  To
creature  and  rested  awhile before   my  horror  I  found  impaled  on my
going on.                              dagger  a  severed arm, lifeless and
                                       reeking  of  decay.  I threw it away
   Stumbling  away from that battle,   from me as far as I could.
I  came across an empty chamber.  By
chance,  it  was a room identical to      Unnerved,  I  crawled  on  for  a
the ones in which I had left Airioch   time, until I saw a dim light in the
and  Krang!   I hastily searched the   distance, and emerged into a dungeon
third  room,  and  behind  a  marble   hallway.   Iron  doors  lined either
column  I  found  hidden  a darkened   side of this hall,  leading to small
passage,  out of the maze.  I called   prison cells.  The walls  themselves
excitedly  to Airioch and Krang that   were heavily inscribed with carefully
                                       illuminated glyphs which I could not
      ___         ___         ___         ___         ___         ___
      \_/         \_/         \_/         \_/         \_/         \_/
     _(~)_       _(~)_       _(~)_       _(~)_       _(~)_       _(~)_
    (/ : \)     (/ : \)     (/ : \)     (/ : \)     (/ : \)     (/ : \)
    I\___/I     I\___/I     I\___/I     I\___/I     I\___/I     I\___/I
    \/   \/     \/   \/     \/   \/     \/   \/     \/   \/     \/   \/
     \ : /       \ : /       \ : /       \ : /       \ : /       \ : /
      |:|         |:|         |:|         |:|         |:|         |:|
     _|:|_       _|:|_       _|:|_       _|:|_       _|:|_       _|:|_
understand.  Not long  after, Krang       We    cautiously   explored   the
and Airioch arrived as well, having    hallways  our  flight had led us to.
made it past the unlife horde.         It  seemed  every room held some new
                                       horror; long-ago murdered men lay in
   We  came  across several man-like   disarray,  splintered  weapons  were
things,   constructs  of  glass  and   scattered   about,   yet   racks  of
crystal,  that attacked us, flailing   torture  implements  remained neatly
at  us  with morningstars.  Yet they   arranged save only for the dust.  We
were  not  immune  to  our steel and   gave  little  thought  to  the thick
Airioch's spells.  Soon they were no   spider webs until too late.
more than bits of shattered glass.
                                          Coming  out of a room we had just
   At  one  point, I heard the voice   investigated, we found a monstrously
of    Shadowind   echoing   in   the   large spider squatting in the center
distance, an adventurer who had been   of  the  hallway.  Black as night it
separated   from   us  earlier.   He   was,  with  great  mandibles able to
called to me, saying he was trapped,   cut  a man in half.  I drew my sword
asking  for  help.   His  voice  was   and  took  a  defensive  stance, but
horribly   cut  off  by  his  choked   with  uncanny  swiftness  the spider
scream.   I  knew of no way we could   sprang towards us, and in an instant
have  gone to him in time.  I feared   it  had  thrown  a  sticky  line  of
a cave worm must have gotten him.      webbing  around me, holding me fast.
                                       I   struggled  to  escape,  but  the
   We  were  unable to find any exit   creature  only  spun another line of
from  where  we were but down a deep   webbing  about  me  to reinforce it.
shaft into a chamber which resembled   Krang  and  Airioch  dodged back and
a   crypt   more   than   any  cell.   forth,   trying   to   distract  the
Tortured  spirits haunted that room,   arachnid  with  weapons  and spells,
wailing  ghostly laments and cursing   but  the  spider  seemed  unfazed by
at  us  in  some  forgotten  tongue.   this,  easily  avoiding  the  blows.
There  seemed  no  way  to  go  save
downwards,  inexorably  deeper  into                                More...
the    catacombs    beneath   Castle
Claedesbrim.                            ___________________________________
                                       |                                   |
   Descending  the  shaft  with some   |         CAREER OPPORTUNITY        |
misgivings,  I  landed  first,  soon   |___________________________________|
followed  by  the others.  The shaft   |                                   |
deposited  us  in an intersection of   |         BE ALL YOU CAN BE!        |
separate  hallways.  We had not long   |                                   |
to survey our surroundings, before a   |          KELFOUR'S MILITIA        |
tremendously large ghoul came around   |               NEEDS               |
a corner and stalked towards us.  It   |  *******************************  |
was  easily  twice  the  size of the   |  **********   Y O U   **********  |
ghouls  I  had  seen before near the   |  *******************************  |
tomb  of  Kestrel  Etrevion,  and it   |                                   |
reeked  a  stench  of corruption and   |      SIX MONTH TOUR OF DUTY       |
death.   No  one  cared  to  stop to   |      Patrol and Tower Watch       |
check  whether it shared its smaller   |                                   |
cousin's  taste  for  elf-flesh.  We   |        COMMISIONED BY OUR         |
fled  down  a  corridor,  taking one   |  HONORABLE BUT RARELY SEEN MAYOR  |
turn and another; yet it followed us   |  REGISTER IN PERSON AT BARRACKS   |
with  grim  determination.   Fleeing   |                                   |
onwards  and  onwards  we ran until,   |       !NO TROLL OR ICE KRAAL      |
panting,  we stopped out of sight of   |            NEED APPLY!            |
it, hoping it had lost us.             |___________________________________|
The  creature  tried  to draw me in,     NAVIGATORS! Continued from P.15)
but  I  was  barely  able to fend it   one of the indestructible black
off, awkwardly waving my sword at it   obelisks scattered throughout
while trying to free myself.           Kulthea, place the palm of your hand
                                       on it and say, "I require the
   Suddenly  the sticky webbing gave   services of a Navigator."
way,  and  I  fell  to the floor.  I
rolled  away  from  the  spider  and   Navigators in GemStone
quickly came to a standing position,
then  at Krang and Airioch's urging,   To a large extent the Navigators are
followed them down the corridor away   behind the scenes, although many of
from   the  monster.   We  fled  and   us are familiar with their habit of
quickly lost it.                       taking our rings and silver when we
                                       use their rings too often.  There
   Escaping the spider, we came into   have been sightings of an obelisk in
yet  another  hallway, through which   Danjirland, but upon close investi-
we   diligently  searched  for  some   gation you will see that this obelisk
means of escape.  In a dark room, we   is wooden, not black.  Granted, it
found  a  half-concealed tunnel; yet   may have some bearing with Essence,
it, too, led down...  always down.     but it seems to have little to do
                                       with Navigators.  It may be some
   Taking  it  anyway, we soon found   form of an Essence Foci.
ourselves  in  a network of caverns.
We  began  carefully exploring them,   Navigator Related Items
yet  too  soon  we  came  across the
dwellers of these caves.  One seemed   A powerful form of transportation is
a huge  man-shaped creature  made of   available to residents of Kelfour's
solid  steel, the other I recognized   Landing:  the Navigators' golden
as  a wight lord, a terrible, gaunt,   rings.  They teleport the wearer to
hulking  creation  of  Unlife.  They   a defined spot.  When you first
both    bore    weapons   and   both   acquire a ring, it has no location
approached us with evil intent.        set.  To set it, simply wear the
                                       ring.  You should feel a pulse in
   After  what  we had been through,   the ring; any time you feel such a
none  of  us  were  up  for a fight,   pulse it has been set to a location.
especially   against  such  foes  as   Once the ring has been set it can be
these.  Again  we  fled, taking  the   use one of two ways.  First,
roughly hewn passages at random  un-   whenever you remove and wear the
til we were out of breath.  Panting,   ring it will immediately teleport
exhausted,  we  rested.  It was only   you to the last set location and it
then that we noticed a slight breeze   will also set the location you
carrying  fresh air.  Forgetting our   teleported FROM as the new location.
fatigue,  we  followed  it  eagerly,   Second, whenever you want to change
finding   a   tunnel   which  sloped   the location without actually using
upwards,  ending  at  last at a wall   the ring, go to the location you
with a slight crevice in it.           want to set and TURN the ring.  A
                                       ring has a random number of charges
   Squeezing  through  this crevice,   usually ranging around twenty.
we  found  ourselves in a small cave
--  at  the  mouth  of  which  shone   As of this writing, these rings are
sunlight!   Through  sheer chance we   the only devices involving the
had  discovered  an  exit  from  the   Navigators in GemStone.  Hopefully
dungeon's  deepest  level.  From the   these enigmatic travel agents will
cave  entrance  we could see the old   have a more direct effect in the
road  to  Castle  Claedesbrim to the   game at some future time.  Who
west. We made our way down to it and   knows?  Some of us may eventually
started back for  Kelfour's Landing.   aspire to become Navigators.
                               -end-                                 -end-
/\  ________ \            The Ecology of Thieves
\@| ~|_|~~|~||            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  |  |~|__|~||         by Angelique Lovelin-Niranda
  |  |~ ___/ |
 _|  |~|     |
/@|  |~|     |ROLOGUE... It is well    WHAT IS A THIEF...  Time to look at
\_/  ~~~~    / past midnight, and      brass tacks.  Just what is a thief?
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ here I sit, studying my  Is the street urchin who cuts purses
magics and watching the hourglass;     less a thief than the unscrupulous
mostly watching the hourglass.         fence who sells dead wands?  How
Unable to compose myself enough to     does one become a thief and what are
learn the spells which are my          the standards by which they are
livelihood, I sit by the moonlit       judged?  We will start with one
window and wait for him.  When he      fundamental notion.  Thieves STEAL
arrives home from work, it will be     as their primary source of income.
through this window that he enters.    All of their skills and attitudes
I hate this waiting.  To while away    are formed around that way of life;
the tense hours during my vigils, I    they must steal and get away with
write about my husband's profession.   it.  Perception and dexterity skills
It is a difficult profession for       are everything.  A thief is a
most to understand, let alone tol-     combination acrobat and sleight-
erate but it does have its rewards.    of-hand expert.  A thief is also a
Unfortunately, it also has late        shrewd bargainer and con-artist.
hours.  I begin to write, glancing
at the hourglass every few minutes.    SKILLS...  Thieves have an arsenal
I hate this waiting.                   of specialized skills they use in
                                       their line of work...
                                       THIEVES CANT...  It is amazing how
Kelfour is a frontier city, which      much communication passes between
sounds nicer than calling it a         thieves within whisper distance of a
backwater.  Like all such places,      victim.  When Lal meets another of
the majority of its residents are      his associates, a raised eyebrow, a
ex-soldiers, mercenaries and           wink, or a nod are all I get to see.
fighters.  Those who are not in the    Thieves use a street argot language,
militia are hunters, farmers and       composed of seemingly innocent
fishermen who supply the city with     phrases and subtle gestures.  Once I
food.  Human laborers, Dwarven         sat drinking with Lal and his friend
smiths and Elven craftsmen             while, unknown to me, they freely
contribute to the maintainance of      discussed me and how my magic could
the city.  There are also those who    be used to fill their pockets.  I
are happiest only when they are        NEVER heard anything but an
camping under the stars, the rangers   occasional 'heh' when I asked what
who serve as scouts and wilderness     they were smirking about.  That
guides.  And like any city, Kelfour    word 'heh' is so basic in the Cant
has its specialists; clerics, mages,   that most outsiders have heard it
sorcerers and especially healers.      and wondered what it meant.  I
                                       wrested its meaning from my husband
However, another group of              on our wedding night and was shocked
specialists within Kelfour remain      at its secret.  What does it mean?
cloaked in secrecy.  They do not       I'll never tell :)
seek glory and move undercover,
their methods shrouded with mystery.   NIGHT STALKERS...  A favorite thief
So how do I, a bookish little mage,    pastime is stalking.  Thieves are
know of these shadow people?  I know   natural spies.  Look around you
because I married one.  I married a    right now, there's probably one
thief and entered his world.           watching even as I speak.  When we
travel together, my husband will       PICK POCKETS...  This one item has
stalk me rather than moving openly.    sent more thieves to the gallows
Traveling along the rooftops or        than any other practice.  Happily,
darting across alleyways, I never      some thieves will discriminate
catch a glimpse of Lal as long as he   between well-heeled victims and
has cover to hide behind.  Once in     those who are down-and-out.
the woods, Lal will ambush my          Recently, I was told that I was
attackers from behind, allowing me     cased as a target and it was decided
time to cast spells and take evasive   I was dying too much, so they left
actions.                               me alone.  A nice thief will avoid
                                       taking too much from any one target.
Incidentally, thieves love to target   Nicer thieves will return the money
Mages for stalking because we're       if caught, but you have to catch
natural conspirators and spying on     them first.  On a positive note, if
us is never boring.  I usually pick    you die with your pockets full of
up a couple of stalkers at the bank,   money, a friendly thief can rescue
and a few more through town until      the coins before you decompose.  You
I've developed quite a train.  Is it   would have lost it anyway, right?
any wonder I always have Lal carry
my money?  I remember once being       CONFIDENCE ARTISTS...  Another
followed by no less than five          aspect of thieving that nobody loves
stalkers.  I really don't mind; It     is the confidence scams.  I once
has saved my life on many occasions.   bought an amulet for 500sp, only to
Having invisible guardians is nice     have shatter on the next rub.  This
because I get in a lot of trouble.     is an unavoidable aspect of city
That's another reason thieves like     life.  Very inconvenient when you
to stalk me:  Lots of monsters,        discover the wand you forked over
magic support, and a cut of my         1000 sp for is empty, especially
treasure.  The price of popularity.    with a Cave Troll grinning at you.
                                       My advice:  Know your source before
AMBUSHERS...  Thieves in mid-stalk     buying.  I married mine.
always have this rather gruesome
option of making a backstabbing        FENCES...  This is much less nasty
attack upon their quarry, giving       than the con-games.  Basically, this
extra damage and nasty criticals.      consists of a thief who 'collects'
Some find this practice unsettling     discarded items and re-sells them at
and without honor.  Those people       prices slightly lower than the
would never make good thieves.         stores do.  This can almost be
Honor is fine and good, but in the     considered a service because items
game of survival thieves play to       are usually gathered from dangerous
win by using every advantage.  To      areas for sale to those who cannot
ambush, a thief must hide or stalk.    go there.  I know of one thief who
                                       made a fortune selling rapiers and
SPYING AND ASSASSINATIONS...  The      another who sells falchions at
less said about this the better.       50,000 sp.  It's a sellers market.
Unfortunately, stalking makes          When I'm stuck and need things FAST,
thieves natural born spies and         fences are handy to have around.
assassins.  I've been accomplice to    Fences also deal in items like spent
several spy missions but,              wands and amulets, hard to get skins,
fortunately, no murders to date.       and items of like pearls, potions
Nevertheless, murders do happen in a   and magic armor. Again, acquire some
backwater town like ours.  Happily,    contacts you can trust and stay with
most thieves agree on one thing.       them.
Murder is bad for business.  They'd
rather we be alive and wealthy than    What use is a spent silver wand, you
dead; pickings are better that way.    ask? Can't tell you <smirk>. Walk
around town and think about it,        QUALITY LOCKPICK ...  Slightly
(wink).  Watch out for strangers.      better than a Good Lockpick, this is
                                       the low-end professional pick.  It's
CHEST PICKING...  Now we get to the    built a little sturdier than the Pro
one invaluable service thieves do      Lockpick but less precise.  Good for
for the city.  They pop open all       your basic seasoned thief.
those rotten locked chests.  I've
watched Lal do it many times and I'm   PRO LOCKPICK ...  The precision
still riveted by it.  To open a        instrument for the experienced user.
chest, you need a lockpick.  This      A finely tempered pick with
slender metal tool can be as simple    carefully crafted sliding teeth for
as a bit of stiff wire or as           the best chance in springing above
complex as an articulated set of      average locks.  These delicate
probes with sliding metal springs      probes require a high skill to
and teeth.  Lal took me to the place   handle and are not recommended for
where such things are bought.  We      beginners.
entered a rundown shop in a small
side street just off of Helga's        PRECISION LOCKPICK ...  Slightly
Tavern.  When Lal gave a sign, the     superior to the Professional
proprietor, Larton Quickhand,          Lockpick, this item has much finer
hustled us into a dark backroom.  He   teeth and is a little easier to
pulled out a wooden chest and opened   break.  This is a must for your
it for us.  Within its velvet-lined    serious professional thief.
interior, I saw a bewildering array
of glittering lockpicks.               Also available to a thief is the
                                       legendary Lorepick.  These are
TOOLS OF THE TRADE...                  extremely difficult to come by and
                                       their source is a secret which I
CRUDE LOCKPICK...  A quickly           dare not reveal.  At least, not for
produced tool for picking locks.       free.  (See?  I'm learning.)
Made of poorly tempered brittle
metal, this pick is really nothing     LORE LOCKPICK ...  Made of mithril,
more than a springy strip of metal     this very rare mechanism is crafted
or wire.  It doesn't work that well,   by dwarven craftsman.  The set is
and breaks more often than not.  In    composed of a single very adaptable
other words, it's junk.                implement with needle-thin probes
                                       ending in delicate, spring-driven
COMMON LOCKPICK...  The most common    teeth.  It is articulated with
form of lockpick.  Made of ordinary    complicated joints which allow it to
metal, this plain awl-like utensil     fit any lock.  The Lorepick is the
has a fair chance against most         finest lockpick made and gives the
simple locks, but cannot handle        best chance of defeating advanced
anything complicated.                  locks.  Unfortunately, its fragile
                                       nature makes it easy for the
GOOD LOCKPICK ...  A stronger          inexperienced to snap it.  I've seen
lockpick that can handle more          these tools sell for a minimum of
difficult locks without breaking.      3000 sp.  Not a good item to break
Made of well tempered metal, this      casually.
tool has teeth-like projections and
gives a better advantage than the
common lockpick.  Most beginner        EDUCATION...  Thieves learn their
thieves should stick with this item.   arts in one place, the streets.
                                       They are self-taught and self-
At the high end of quality are the     reliant.  That is NOT to say that
professional tools.  These intricate   they are not educated.  A seasoned
picks are fragile, but in skilled      thief usually specializes in
hands they open very devious locks.    something to such a degree that that
They can be custom forged out of       person can be considered an
Iron, Steel, Eog, or Laen.             authority by local standards. After
                                  -22-                            More...
mastering the basics, a real           MY MANUSCRIPT ENDS...
professional may learn all there is
to know about gems, perfumes, oils,    The soft patter of loose debris
textiles, paintings, armor, weapons,   alerts me that my husband has
or what ever class of items that       reached our roof.  Had he been
person wishes to deal in.  Needless    stalking seriously, I would not have
to say, those deals are never within   heard that much.  However, he is
the law.                               only returning home and, not wishing
                                       to scare me, he allows a little
I know of a special case in which a    noise to announce his approach.  I
thief friend of mine educated          get up just in time to see him swing
herself by sneaking into the town      through the window and land lightly
library after hours.  She eventually   upon the floor.  It figures..  muddy
mastered many languages and became     feet again!  He must have been
well versed in cryptic writings.       crawling around some awful hole
Another friend specialized in          looking for treasure and trouble.
martial arts and fights like a
demon.  She has great knowledge of     After a quick embrace so I can be
weapons, armor and tactics.  She       muddy too, he begins to put away his
also has very a good eye for gems,     tools and count the night's take.
and an even quicker hand at picking    His beloved lorepick goes in its
them up.                               velvet bag.  The pry-bar, hinge oil,
                                       shuttered lantern, climbing hooks,
THIEVES DENS WITHIN TOWN...  For the   and door wedges all go into a small
most part, thieves are a fun bunch.    chest.  The handful of silvers he
They party hard, drink harder, and     lifted from merchants goes in
like dark places to plot in. They      another chest.  Weapons and armor
usually congregate in shadowy back-    which he 'lifted' from somewhere
rooms of Helga's Tavern which serves   will be pawned tomorrow.
as the unofficial Thieves' Den. Here
they can pick pockets, drink and find  I look at the meager amount and sigh.
"entertaining" company.                At this rate, neither of us will get
                                       an eog scimitar for a long time. Then
They also can be found sneaking about  I notice he's hiding something behind
in the temple, usually in its upper    his back, smirking.  Ever hopeful, I
rooms.  Go through the curved arch-    extend my hand.  I think, "Probably
way and climb the stairs. If you need  another damn agate," as he drops some-
a thief, either place has them, for    thing small but heavy in my palm.
a price. Know your contact and deal    It's not an agate but an uncut
fairly with them. Thieves are handy    diamond!!  I cry out and embrace him
allies but make dangerous enemies.     in spite of the mud.
Remember: They ARE thieves!
               |      )                                       |
               |   o (         H E L G A ' S   T A V E R N    |
               |  (   ) (      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    |
               |   ) (  o) /    Kelfour's Newest Hot Spot     |
               |  ( o ) ( /                                   |
               |  _______/,         POWER COCKTAILS:          |
               | |   o   o|  ===============================  |
               |  \     o/   Flaeshornberry Wine  30 silvers  |
               |   \ o  /    Dragonsdraught Ale   12 silvers  |
               |    \  /     Honeyed Herb Tea      7 silvers  |
               |     ||      Golden Fox Mead       5 silvers  |
               |     ||      Blackdew Grog         2 silvers  |
               |     ||      ===============================  |
               | --==__==--   Corner of Jarkarn & Reann Sts.  |
   __________          Combat:  The Advanced Course
  /\  _____  \         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  \@| ~|_|~  |           by Celeborn Greyswndir
    |  |~|   |
    |  |~|   |
   _|  |~|   |
  /@| _|~|_  |   thoroughly  enjoyed  Margin of Safety
  \_/ ~~~~~  /    Kirc  Bloodguard's  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~ "Treatise" in the last     An  important  fact to know about
Kelfour  Edition.  I recommend it as  your  armor  is  the  "margin," i.e.
required  reading  for  any aspiring  how  far  beyond  the  THT  must the
young adventurer, and even for a few  creature you're fighting roll before
more experienced ones.  I would like  it  can score a critical hit on you.
to   add  a  few  points  to  Kirc's  For  heavy  hide,  the margin is 10.
excellent  tips,  points  that  will  For  leather breastplate, the second
take you even further into the realm  most  common armor worn in the game,
of  effective combat in the wilds of  the margin is 20.  This is important
Kulthea.                              when playing Parry Tag.
Stunning A Creature                   Advanced Parry Tag
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   All  too  often I have seen newer     Kirc  did  an  excellent  job  of
players -- and even a few who should  describing parry tag in his article.
know  better  --  get  a  stun  on a  However, it's frequently a good idea
creature  and  then drop their parry  not  to raise your parry all the way
to  zero  and  swing  several times.  to  maximum  after  you swing.  Ever
Occasionally    a   creature   will   been  annoyed when your quary swings
recover  from a stun before it dies,  at  you  and then runs away, forcing
and  it  then  has a chance to fight  you  to give chase over the country-
back  while  your  parry is at zero!  side?   That's  because  the smarter
How to prevent this?  Learn how long  the  creature, the more likely it is
you  can  swing  with  your parry at  to  run  away if it swings and can't
zero.   Not  all stuns are the same.  hit you. For example, consider this:
The  most  common  one is a "painful
blow  to  right arm" which is only a  A Hobgoblin swings a battle axe at you!
five  second  stun.   If  you have a  OB: 50 vs DB: 100 = -50
five  second  round time (as most of  THT 84, d100 roll: 73, modified: 23
us  do), you won't have time to drop  A clean miss.
parry,  swing,  and  get  it back up  A Hobgoblin runs north.
before  the  creature attacks again.
Don't  do  it!  I've seen people get     Now, that hobgoblin isn't stupid.
themselves  killed this way.  Simply  It made a good swing and didn't even
accept the -20 to it's DB and go on.  come  close.  Even had it rolled 100
                                      it wouldn't have hit you.  So it did
   Another common stun is a "blow to  what you or I would do; it ran away.
left  leg."  This is usually a three  Which  means  you  have to chase it.
round  stun.   You will have time to  And  if  you  drop  your parry to 0,
drop  your  parry,  get in 2 swings,  then chase and swing, the lesser orc
and  get  your parry back up easily.  in  the  next room (which you didn't
If  you  get  greedy  and  try for 3  see  because  you  typed this during
swings  it  could  cost  you.  Stuns  the delay) cuts you to ribbons.  You
from  "slash  across  left  eye"  or  should  chase  with  your  parry UP,
"bloody  slash  to the forehead" are  then in this case drop it to between
10  round  stuns,  and you should be  60-70  and wait for the Hob to swing
able  to  finish  off just about any  again.  Let's use 65:
creature in that amount of time.
                                             (Continued on Page 26)
 / \  ______ \          Newcomers Guide To The Lands
 \@| /~/~~\~\ |         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   ||~|    |~||              by Rune Arundel
   ||~|    |~||
  _||~|    |~||
 /@| \~\__/~/ |nly the well-informed   any beginning adventurer can survive
 \_/  ~~~~~~ /   survive in Kulthea,   a trip down the trail to  the  were-
   ~~~~~~~~~~ thus  I  have gathered   bear area. Should you think to climb
these tips to help during your first   the  hill in the  forest, note  this
days in these difficult lands.         is where Karnelins await their prey.
   When  leaving  Kelfour's  Landing      After  getting  your  feet wet in
for  the  first  time  you should be   the  forest  it  is time to move on.
equipped   with   heavy  hide  armor   You  will find plenty of Torkaans in
(shield,  greaves, helm and aventail   the  grasslands  to the south of the
are  also useful) and the weapon you   gate.  You will also find wolverines
took  training  in.   Note that some   there and I urge you to be on guard.
weapons, although more powerful, are
harder  to hit with than others.  If      You  may  choose  to  expand your
you  trained in one-handed edge then   hunt  to  the  mine  road  (not  the
a  short sword should be your weapon   mines,  which will likely mean death
of choice at first.  You should also   for  you)  or to hobland.  I suggest
carry a backpack or sack in order to   you explore the mine road, but avoid
tote treasures you may find.           going  there  alone.   It  may  seem
                                       scary  at first to meet a lesser orc
   Your  first  stop  should  be the   face to face, but mine road orcs are
forest  to  the  west  of  the  town   relatively  harmless  although  they
gates.  You reach this by going down   have  been  known  to get in a lucky
the  southeastern path.  Kobolds and   critical  hit  every  now  and then.
Torkaans   are   the  most  harmless   The  mine  road orcs, unfortunately,
nasties  you  will  encounter there,   do  not  carry  much  in  the way of
and  even  they can send you to meet   treasure,  but they are good targets
your maker.  Keep your parry at 100,   for experience hunters.
dropping  it  only  to  swing  at  a
particular  beast.   Watch  out  for      Hobland  holds many dangers for a
Karnelins!   As  my  friend Gunkwynn   beginning  adventurer.   Do  not  be
informed  us  in  last  month's  KE,   fooled  by the relative harmlessness
Karnelins  can  be  deadly even to a   of  the  mine  road  orcs.  The orcs
well prepared adventurer.              which  wander hobland can be deadly.
                                       Be  especially  wary if their cudgel
   You  may  encounter wolverines in   breaks  as  they  will  slash at you
the forest. I have a particular dis-   with  razor  sharp  claws.  I remind
like   of   wolverines  after  being   you  again:  Disembowelment is not a
slashed  to  pieces  by them several   pretty  thing.   I also suggest that
times.   Unless  you like being dis-   you  do  not  attempt  to attack any
emboweled,  I  suggest  running away   forest  trolls  you might encounter.
from them as fast as you can.          Please  remember  that  there  is no
                                       dishonor in running away.
   While exploring the forest, don't
be foolish enough to wander down any      To be on the safe side, I suggest
trails  or paths.  Although survival   finding  a  partner or group to hunt
here  is not difficult, I doubt that   with.  Not only is it easier to take
out  a  nasty  this  way, it is also |    (Combat: continued from p.24)
beneficial should you happen to die. | A Hobgoblin swings a battle axe at you!
Eissa   favors  newcomers  to  these | OB: 50 vs DB: 65 = -15
lands and the only penalty for death | THT 84, d100 roll: 45, modified: 35
is   the   loss   of  your  hard-won | A clean miss.
equipment and silver coins.          |
                                     |    In  this case, it doesn't run off
   Although  there  are no permanent | because it could have hit you had it
penalties  for death at first level, | rolled  100.  If it does, the damage
as soon as you reach level two, note | will  be  one  point  of  concussion
that   Eissa   demands  tributes  in | for  heavy  hide  armor.  Any  parry
return  for  her  favors.   You will | percentage that allows your opponent
need to earn deeds and for each deed | a  chance to hit but not exceed your
you  earn, Eissa will grant you your | margin  is  good.  You want to avoid
soul back.  Should you have no deeds | getting  critical  hits at all cost.
and die after reaching second level, | Stupid   monsters   like   torkaans,
your  soul  will belong to Eissa for | threks  and  most unlife, have  much
eternity.   Also note that even with | lower chances of running away.
deeds,  penalties  for  death  after |
first  level  are severe, so try not |    Practice this technique on lesser
to die.                              | creatures   before  you  try  it  on
                                     | anything  tough.  If you're not sure
   The   graveyard  is  a  difficult | how  far  to lower your parry, start
place  to  survive  for  all  but  a | high  and bring it down 5% per swing
cleric.   Unlife  cannot be hit with | until  the  creature can just barely
conventional weapons. It is possible | hit  you.  Then remember that number
for  a  higher level cleric to bless | for  future  reference.   This will
your  weapon which will allow you to | keep  you  from  spending  your time
hit the unlife.  I suggest, however, | chasing  monsters, and give you more
that  if  you are not a cleric, stay | time to search them for treasure!
well away from the graveyard.        |_____________________________________
   By  typing  EXP,  you  will learn   require training and if you are of a
your state of mind.  If your mind is   guild  that does not train in wands,
telling  you  to  rest, head for the   it  is  possible  to  trade  them to
temple.  This appears to be the best   mages  in  exchange for a sharp edge
place  to  absorb  your  experience.   to  your  blade.   Rings are perhaps
You may also find healers there.       the  most valuable of all treasures.
                                       Should  you  find  one, ask a fellow
   Some  treasures  are  more useful   adventurer how to use it.
than   others.   Weapons  and  armor
taken  from  dead  creatures  may be      Lastly,  I  suggest  you download
sold  at  the  pawnshop.   Skins and   the  excellent  maps  from the Games
pelts  may  be  sold  at the furrier   library.   I  tend  not to follow my
shop.   Since  silver is not exactly   own advice and have suffered greatly
plentiful  in these lands, I suggest   from my lack of cartography skills.
you  sell  everything  you  find and
visit the bank often.
                                          May  these  few humble tips serve
   Useful  treasures  you might find   to  make  your  life easier in these
are   crystal   amulets,  wands  and   difficult times.  And if you see me,
rings.   Crystal  amulets  may  save   feel  free  to ask any questions you
your  life, so I advise acquiring one  may have.  I am always eager to help
as  soon  as  possible.   To  use an   fellow adventurers.  May the goddess
amulet,  wear  it and rub it.  Wands   bless and protect.
 ______________          The Mouth That Roared
/ \ ____  ____ \         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\@| ~|_|  /~/~ |       by Miss Louvella Parsnips
  |  |~|_/~/   |
  |  |~|~\~\   |
/@| _|~|  \~\  |elfour's  is  simply   will  be  the  first  to  know.   We
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~ /drowning in scandal.   believe,  however, a few of them are
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  As always,  we have   jewels:  emerald,  opal, corinthian.
kept  our  nose in everybody's busi-
ness and are delighted to inform you   Meanwhile,  rumors  abound  that our
Caroam and Merriebeth's wedding went   hot-blooded    types    have    been
off  with  nary a hitch.  Of course,   searching  high and low for rare and
we're  the  slightest bit curious as   powerful  objects.   We were curious
to what our blushing bride was doing   as  to  why at first, but have since
behind  a  latched  door at the inn,   learned  that  a  supposedly angelic
while   her  gentle  groom  was  off   lady  mage  has been offering favors
visiting  other lands.  As you know,   to  those  who  will supply her with
Kelfourites  seldom  spend much time   special  items.   Does  her  husband
alone behind closed doors.             approves of her bartering system?
We  are  also pleased to report that   It  seems  Frick  has  been  doing a
blood  has  been  shed once again in   thriving business.  We wonder if our
Kelfour's   Landing.    We  had  the   black  haired  cleric  of  the  olde
opportunity  of witnessing the gory,   speech  has  been visiting Kelfour's
self-inflicted  death of a young and   favorite  inn.   Seems  she captured
foolish  lady  cleric.   We can only   the  hearts  of  many  of  our brave
presume  that  our  cleric could not   adventurers, but (annoyingly) so far
face  the  fact  that her reputation   her reputation is untainted.
was  in  shreds,  following  several
unclerical visits to the inn.          On  the subject of thieves, you will
                                       be  pleased  to  hear that there has
And  whilst said cleric was awaiting   been   an   abundance   of  stealing
Eissa's  favor  to  return  to these   lately.    Accusations   have   been
lands,  her  "devoted  companion," a   flying   and  we  are  delighted  to
certain  bad-tempered  red head, was   inform  you  that  a well known lady
at  the  inn  eagerly  awaiting  the   thief  was  spotted  stealing a ruby
favors  of one of Kelfour's favorite   amulet,  eog dagger and mithril helm
womanizers.   Then it seems the wily   from   the   dead  body  of  a  very
womanizer  refused  to  pay for ser-   powerful  mage.   The thief and mage
vices rendered.                        are  known  for outbursts of temper,
                                       perhaps  we will learn everything at
This  same  philandering fighter has   another  tribunal,  or  perhaps more
been  the  subject  of death-threats   blood  will  be  shed  in  Kelfour's
from  a fiery lady thief who did not   deserted alleys.
take  kindly  to  being scorned fol-
lowing  an  encounter in the militia   A further twist to last month's tale
barracks.   Perhaps this has put the   about  a  foul-mouthed thief and his
fear of the gods into our swaggering   (supposedly    unknown)   adversary:
friend  as  he  has sworn repentance   Seems  our  thief  repented his ways
and   recently   married   a  golden   and  joined  the  guild of fighters.
haired, fair elf ranger.               The  adversary,  of  course, has not
                                       repented,  and  has since broken her
A reliable source tells us that many   pledge    to    her   long-suffering
of  Kulthea's  innocent  adventuring   betrothed  who abruptly departed our
ladies  have  enjoyed  the charms of   lands.    We   suspect   the   above
this  seductive fellow.  We have yet   mentioned suicidal cleric had a hand
to learn and names but as soon as we   in  the  latter  part  of this tale.
make  positive  identification,  you   Tra-la for now!
                                  -27-                                [end]

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