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/ \                                                                         \
|  |                                         GemStone III Anniversary Issue  |  
|                                                                         |
|  XXXX         XXX       XX     XXXXX                                    |
|xXX XX       XXX        XX     XX  XX                                    |
|    XX     XXX          XX    XX    X                                    |
|    XX   XXX    XXXXXXX XX    XX      XXXXXXXXX  XXX     XX    XX  XXXX  |
|    XX XXX    XXX    XX XX   xXXXXXX XX       XX XXX     XX   XXX XX     |
|    XXXXX   XXX       X XX    XX  XX XX       XX  XX     XX    XXX       |
|    XXXX   XXXXXxxx     XX    XX   X XX      XX   XX     XX    XX        |
|    XXXXX   XXX         XX    XX     XX     XX    XX    XXX  x XX        |
|    XXXXXX    XXXx      XX  x XX      XX   XX     XX  XX XX XX XXX       |
|    XX  XXX     XXXXXxx XXxXX XX       XXXX        XXX   XXXX  XX        |
|    XX    XX            XXXX  XX                                         |
|   xXX     XX xX             XX        The Kronicles                     |
|  XXX       XXX            xXX               of Kulthea:  Vol.1, No. 7   |
|                        XXX           X                  December 1990   |
| XXXXXXXXXXXXX         XX     XXX    XX     XXX          """""""""""""   |
|XX XX        XX        XX    XXX   XXXX    XXX                           |
|X  XX         X        XX         XXXXXXXX                               |
|   XX           XXXXXXXXX     XX     XX     XX     XXXXXXXX   XX  XXXX   |
|  XXXXXXXX     XX      XX    XXX     XX    XXX    XX      XX XXX XX  XX  |
|   XX    X     XX      XX     XX     XX     XX    XX      XX  XXX    XX  |
|   XX          XX     XXX  x  XX  x  XX  x  XX  x XX     XX   XX     XX  |
|   XX       XX  XX   X XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX   XX    XX     XX x|
|  XXX     XXX    XXXX  XXXX   XXXX   XXXX   XXXX    XXXXX     XX     XXXX|
| XXXXXXXXXXX                                                             |
 /   Message from Simutronics... 1  Fame.... 25  Local News........  3    |
|    Goin' Thru Changes, Editorial .................... Usul Lu'Nak  4    |
|    Kirc's Korner: Never Hurts to Ask ............ Kirc Bloodguard  5    |
|    Layman's Guide To Herbs ....................... Rhys Corwinson  8    |
|    Wound/Herb Chart ........................ Caretaker D'Boldhome  9    |
|    Healing Spells ........................... Lady Kayla Kyndhart 10    |
|    The Raging Threk Inn ......................... Damiano Faustas 12    |
|    Dousing The Flames ................... Avondale del{nightsaber 13    |
|    Guest Editorial ............................. Selixr D'aboriel 15    |
|    Gambling Gladitorial Games ...................... Vlad Drakula 16    |
|    Fashion Statement ........................... Darwynn Ellessur 18    |
|    The Art of Making Macros ...................... Nastorm Trevin 19    |
|    Kulthean Heraldic Registry ............. Salvius Cygnus-Aureus 20    |
|    A Beastiary of Kelfour's ....................... Lythe L'Green 21    |
|    Fall of Queen Inobe ...................... Wisraith Winterwind 26    |
|    Master Death ................................ Raven Brightwing 27    |
|    The Jaded Oracle ...................... Miss Louvella Parsnips 28    |
| The Kelfour Edition of the  Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the game |
| GemStone III on the GEnie Information Network.  Submissions are welcome |
| and  may be  edited for space, accuracy  and readability.  Contact Usul |
| Lu'Nak,  Editor-In-Chief,  Landreth  deLorde,  Technical  Editor,  Eron |
| Kulsen Reporter, Phaedra Bleu, Publisher or send GEnie Email requesting |
| information to P.HERRINGTON.                           Banner by Dagger |
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                                                               /|         /|
Message From Simutroni                                        / |        |/| 
""""""""""""""""""""""c                                      /  |        |G|
                      "\s                                   /   |   /   G|
                 [] []  "   _________________              /    |
     /}----------)(-)(-[]--|     |     |     |------------      |  ___
     \}--------------------|     |     |     |------------      |       |\
                           |    I V E R S    |             \    |       |
                           |   N   __    A   |              \   |   \  G|
This  December  marks the  |  N   /  |ST  R  |  Skills,   on \  | the other
first    anniversary   of  | A    ~| |     Y |  hand, are stea\ |dily being
GemStone  III.   It seems  |       | |       |  implemented.   \| Those re-
as  though we just opened  |      _| |_      |  maining  undone tend to  be  
not more than a few weeks  |     |_____|     |  those which deal with areas
ago,  yet  it has been an  |                 |  of  combat  which  will re-
entire year of hard work,  |    GEMSTONE     |  quire the completion of the
trials  and  rewards.  An  |       III       |  longawaited engagement com-
anniversary  is a time to  |     |     |     |  bat system.  We  are confi-
look  back  over the past  |     |  ^  |     |  dent that  the  skills will
year and see what lessons  |     |/   \|     |  be entirely in place before
can  be  learned so as to  |    /       \    |  long  and  that  experience
improve   upon  the  next  |  /           \  |  awards for their use will be
year.  It is my hope that  |/               \|  a reality.
our  hindsight  is indeed  '                 `
20/20  so  that  our  plans  for the   Still,  the greatest missing element
future will be sharply focused.        of  GemStone  has  been  the lack of
                                       role-playing quests for which it was
The  trials were many, starting with   designed.   GemStone  is a monstrous
the  strain  of getting GemStone III   engine-of-creation  and contains the
ready   for  opening.   This  was  a   most  advanced  tools for real-time,
difficult  time for everyone working   interactive quest construction.  The
on  the  project:   Long,  sleepless   problem  is  that  such  tools carry
hours,   an  unforgiving  clock  and   with them a heavy learning curve for
little   hope   that  everything  we   the  GameMasters  and  require great
wanted  would  be ready for opening.   effort  to  create  a given concept.
Still we pushed forward and tried to   Our plan is to start simple and have
make as much of our vision a reality   our  current  GMs learn the ropes of
as possible.                           quest   construction  one  level  of
                                       complexity  at a time.  In addition,
Perhaps  our most obvious short-fall   we  have  been bringing aboard guest
is  the  incomplete  aspect  of  the   designers  of  considerable  note to
game.  The spell lists, for example,   add their talents to the pool.  With
comprise  a  major  defect for those   all  this,  we  can  say  the future
who   have   to   wait   for   their   continues  to  look  bright  for the
completion.    One   of   the  major   quest concept in GemStone III.
problems  with  the  spell  lists is
that  once set they are difficult to   Despite the turmoil during our first
change  and for some of the ones yet   year,    there   were   moments   of
to  be  completed  we have spells we   fascination.   Our  first  quest  in
wish to add that will take advantage   GemStone  III was Melgorehn's Tower;
of  features  still  in development.   an   odd   assortment   of   puzzles
This unfortunate situation keeps the   designed  by  a mad wizard (okay, so
lists  from getting done in a timely   it  was  me).  I suppose some of the
manner,  but  on balance we feel the   most intense emotional responses (of
end result will be worth it.           the  excitement sort) were generated


by  those  who  made it to the final   As   everyone  has  been  expecting,
battle.   For  those of us watching,   other games are moving your way with
it was just as fun.  Beyond anything   their  own styles and flavors.  I am
else, this is the direction in which   pleased  that these products, though
we  want  to  push  the GemStone III   competing, represent distinct appro-
project.                               aches to the same genre, and in that
                                       there  is  much  to  be said for the
I  cannot  let this opportunity pass   benefit to the  players.  It is  ob-
without  congratulating  the  people   vious that no one  game can  satisfy
who  put  Kelfour  Edition  together   all possible tastes, and even within
each month.  Perhaps it is difficult   the  confines of  epic fantasy there
to say what exact benefits KE brings   are an infinite number of variations.
to  GemStone,  but there is no doubt   For GemStone, we believe we maintain
that  its  absence  would be a great   a  compelling  advantage in the area
loss.   This newsletter is done with   of    promoting    positive   player
the   same   standards  as  a  major   interaction  and role-playing and in
publication,  but  all  due  to  the   the  presentation  of  the  richest,
initiative   of   the   players   of   highest-quality  quests.  As for our
GemStone  III.  Simply said, this is   official  New Year's  resolution, we
the  finest  on-line game newsletter   promise  to do our best to make such
there is; period.                      a statement more than a boast.
Perhaps  it  is fitting that on this   From  everyone  on  the GemStone III
anniversary  of GemStone III we give   staff,  we  thank  you  for the good
up our claim as the only text-based,   times and wish you a Merry Christmas
fantasy  role-playing game on GEnie.   and a Happy New Year!
                         !                        !            (
                       _/ \_                    _/ \_        (    ^^ )
                       /   \                    /   \       (   (     )
                      |"""""|                  |"""""|     (_(__
                      |  I  |    ___ __ ___    |  I  |          (_(_(_
                      |     |    | |_||_| |    |     |                __
                      |     |   /\/\/\/\/\/\   |     |
                      |     |   |  __  __  |   |     |
                    I_I_I_I_I_I |  ||  ||  | I_I_I_I_I_I
    ^^              ~\~ ` ' ~/~ |  ""  ""  | ~\~ ` ' ~/~
                     ]] I I [[ ]] ] I  I [ [[ ]] I I [[
         __ __ __     |     |  |  __ __ __  |  |     |     __ __ __
         ||_||_||     |  I  |  |  || || ||  |  |  I  |     ||_||_||
         |      |   [[|     |] |  ||_||_||  | [|     |]]   |      |
         |  II  |  [[ |     |]]|   vvvvvv   |[[|     | ]]  |  II  |
         | |  | |  |~~|  !  |~~|  /\/\/\/\  |~~|  !  |~~|  | |  | |
    ___ _| |_ |_|__|__|_/^\ |  |  | I  I |  |  | /^\_|__|__|_| _| |_ ___
    | |_||_||_||_||||||/~ ~\|__|__|______|__|__|/~ ~\||||||_||_||_||_| |
    |                [[ I I ]]                [[ I I ]]                |
    \    I I I I      |  I  |  II II II II II  |  I  |     I I I I    /
     |                |     |   _____________  |     |                |
     |                |     |   |     |     |  |     |                |
     |  C A S T L E   |     |   |    ^|^    |  |     |  CLAEDESBRIM   |
     -Kaitlyn of Elanthia                    _________________________



                                   o ___________
                                    |=~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~\
                                   |= Local News >
Electronic Arts Winners!            | ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~
""""""""""""""""""""""""           |
Congratulations  to the winners    |   hands  which would inhibit dexterity
of last month's software drawing:  |   and  eyesight are now factors.  Both
                                   |   hands  must be free to DISARM, and a
  Maruko Ashimine, Ranger          |   pick  must  be  in one hand with the
  Rhys Corwinson, Healer           |   other hand free when working locks.
  Ironwind Graydawn, Cleric        |\
  Twie MonteCristo', Mage         /| \   And  the  Effects  System  which
  Artemus Soulcrusher, Ranger    / ~  \   governs  things  like  departing
  Nastorm Trevin, Ranger        /      \   after death, spell durations and
                               /        \   and effects like your ability to
Each    won   the   new       /          \   store rubs from crystal amulets
release of their choice    _ / _   _   _  \_  has  been  adjusted.  See the
from  Electronic  Arts,   | |_| |_| |_| |_| |  Version Notes for details.
selecting   from  among   |_________________|
Indianapolis 500, Power     |             |     We are told by the Gods that
Monger,  Inperium, Earl     |    ______   |     progress  is  being  made on
Weaver's  Baseball  and     |   | |  | |  |     the  new  Engagement  Combat
Starflight.                 |   |-+--+-|  |     System, which will be avail-
                            |   |_|__|_|  |     able  for  testing  prior to
New Commands                |             |     implementation, and further-
""""""""""""             __ | __   _   __ | __  more,  that  a  House System
A welcome new message   |  |_|  |_| |_|  |_|  | (would you believe privately
for PUT tells precisely |                     | owned  real  estate?)  is in
where you put something. \     East Tower    /  the works as well.
For instance, if you put  \_________________/
a broadsword in an unspec-  |             |
ified  backpack and there                     Melgorehn's Revenge Quest
happens  to  be  a  backpack  on the          """""""""""""""""""""""""
ground,  you  will  now  see that it   Mad  Melgorehn  returned  to Kulthea
went  into the one at your feet (the   just  as this Edition went to press.
default)  rather than the one you're   This time Melgorehn arrived inside a
wearing.                               fascinating steam-driven dragon that
                                       was   found  crashed  but  amazingly
The SET command has two new options:   damage  free  in Danjirland.  A crew
Profession  and  CombatBrief.  (Type   of   residents   finally   got   the
SET in the game to see all options.)   mechanical   dragon   airborn,  upon
Unless   you  SET  Profession,  your   which they buzzed town and the ruins
character's line of work will NOT be   of Castle Claedesbrim before finally
shown  when  someone  looks  at you.   defeating Mad Mel for a second time.
SETting  CombatBrief  results in the   Details in next month's Edition.
elimination   of   detailed   battle
statistics   EXCEPT  your  own  when    ..................................
you're  hunting.   Handy when things    :                                :\
get wild and wooley during a battle.    :          RESURRECTION          :\
                                        :  24-Hour \\\\\\\\\\\\\ HotLine :\
We  have  a  RUMOR  command now (al-    :                                :\
though gossip is still the domain of    :          212/881-4575          :\
Miss Parsons). RoundTime for DISARM-    :                                :\
ing  chests  has  been reduced (read    :  Cleric Salvius Cygnus-Aureus  :\
the  Version  Notes  on  GEnie, page    :                                :\
931, for extensive information about    :................................:\
DISARM) and wounds on a lock pickers     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  ____________           Goin' Thru Changes              ________________
/ \ _______  \          """"""""""""""""""           o=(____|/\/\/\|____)=o
 \@| ~|_|~~\\ |    by Usul Lu'Nak, Editor-In-Chief      |    |\/\/\/|    |
   |  |~|   |||                                         |    |/\/\/\|    |
   |  |~|   |||                                         |    |\/\/\/|    |
  _|  |~|   |||ecember  1st.  Early.   like ten billion |    |/\/\/\|    |
 /@|  |~|__// | Dawn over the  Clae-   or so neurons of |    |\/\/\/|    |
 \_/ ~ ~ ~ ~  / desbrim  is  inevit-   it   -an  entire |    |/\/\/\|    |
   ---------- ably a surprise.  At    life  allotment- |    |\/\/\/|    |
first  a  dim  ghost  -like Hamlet's   on  the  day  we |    |/\/\/\|    |
father-  and  far less real than the   emigrate    from |    |\/\/\/|    |
silver  mists which rise and hug the   womb   to  room. |    |/\/\/\|    |
parapets   of  the  guardtowers,  it   It  provides the |    |\/\/\/|    |
eventually  rises  behind the windak   sketchy  outline |    |/\/\/\|    |
palisades  like  a glacier of light,   of           our |    |\/\/\/| /  |
asserting its slow, inexorable claim   substance.   All |    |/    \|  / |
on  the  world  by gift of demanding   that   waits  to |   /        \   |
beauty.   Soon, the mists fade, then   fill  it  in, to |  /          \  |
die and the day is here.               complete     the | /            \ |
                                       picture, are the |/              \|
Yesterday,  it  was  not  like this.   changes.         '                `
Then  it  was gray and muted.  There
was a fog over the bay; the bay side   Mark  that.   All that defines us is
on the shoreline could have been the   how we change.
rim of the world, beyond which there
was  nothing.   The  day before that   As in growth:  To see the world from
was  different still.  On that morn-   an  ascending succession of heights,
ing,  the world woke up hot with the   to  reach  out  to  it  with  bigger
last  of  Indian  summer;  the light   hands, to crawl, then walk, then run
carved  vapors off the water and the   on  stronger  legs.   As in learning
wind  tossed  them in short, darting   what  magic  can do and all the many
breaths. It was an astonishing illu-   unlikely  wonders  that surround us.
sion.   Despite  the heat, the water   And  by  creation,  that  remarkable
looked  cold,  the same glaring blue   drive  to  deliberately  add to what
as  thick  ice, and the vapor looked   already  is.   When we grow or learn
like blowing snow.  It was a portent   or  create,  we  change.   We become
of  life on the bay in the months to   ourselves   and   no  one  else,  as
come.  A memory of the myriad forces   similar to and yet utterly different
that first carved this landscape one   from  our  fellows  as any two dawns
year  ago,  as  dreams  turned  into   over the Farok Tesea.
reality and the Land was born anew.
                                       Mark  this,  too:   While we and the
It was also a message: Things change.  world  are  nothing  but  change, we
                                       constantly  pretend  otherwise.   We
The cycles turn.  We turn with them,   resist  the implications  of quantum
and   how  we  turn  makes  all  the   psychology  as much or more than any
difference.   The world was not born   proponent   of  classical  mechanics
empty.   To  imagine that Kulthea is   ever  resisted  quantum physics.  We
like a tabula rosa, a blank slate to   persist  in looking at ourselves and
be   scrawled   on   at  player  and   at  Gemstone  through  a  series  of
programmer's whims is to desperately   dulled myopic lenses.
underestimate   the  nature  of  the
beast.  Inside  the powerful mechan-   The  scale of our error is vast.  We
ical  brain at GEnie headquarters is   have   opinions   before   we   have
the  stuff  which each day allows us   questions.   We defend our positions
to  wonder  what  each  new day will   before we examine others.  We assume
bring.   It's pretty much all there,   and that everyone thinks and acts as
                                                             (More on p. 7)

 _____________  Kirc's Korner:  Never Hurts To Ask  
/ \ _________ \                 """""""""""""""""" 
\@| ~|_|~ ~|| |                 by Kirc Bloodguard
  |  |~|__ ~~ |
  |  |~|--|   |
 _|  |~|   __ |ver wonder  why  that   monsters  so  that the less powerful
/@|  |~|___|| |  guy you met  in the   characters  can  get  their dibs in,
\_/ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ / temple  never talked   too.  What it comes down to is:  "If
  ------------ to you?  Or a monster   you are in a group, work as a group.
ambles  in  and you start beating on   If  you're  gonna  kill it yourself,
it, when some folks rush in and kill   hunt by yourself."
it?   They  took  your  prey!  Well,
maybe  not.   Here are some things I   Another  thing:  If you are a higher
think might lessen misunderstandings   level  person hunting in a low level
and  disgruntled  players; etiquette   area  for  loot, be nice and let any
and  conventions  that  are commonly   low  level hunters who wander in get
observed in Kulthea.                   a  shot or two at the critter before
                                       you   kill   it.    You   don't  get
Attacking Critters                     experience  but  they  do.   This is
""""""""""""""""""                     something  I  like to do but it's up
When  you  encounter  someone  or  a   to the individual.
group  attacking  a  monster,  don't
waltz in swinging.  Ask first unless   Opening Chests
you  see  that  they  are in trouble   """"""""""""""
(stunned,  prone,  etc).   It can be   When  someone agrees to open a chest
very  irritating  to be of low level   for you wait for them to come out of
attacking  a  monster  then  someone   Round  Time before getting the coins 
comes  in (maybe with higher skill),   or  the  loot.  Let the chest opener
kills it and leaves -- or worse yet,   have  a  share  of  the loot for the
kills  it,  takes  all the loot, and   service    they    have   performed.
THEN leaves.                           Usually  that's  two scoops of coins
                                       but  establish  their rate first.  I
If   you  encounter  a  person/group   have seen  someone  pick  up a chest
frequently  in  an area, it's a good   after  it  had  been opened for them
idea  to ask if they mind you taking   and leave while the chest opener was
swings  at any monster you might see   still in Round Time.
them attacking and vice versa.
                                       A   chest   opener   risks  lockpick
A similar situation can occur within   breakage,  potential  traps and time
a   group,  too.   Some  overpowered   spent  trying to open the chest.  It
individual  hogs the kills under the   is  fair  for  them to get something
mistaken  belief  that  by  doing so   for  their  trouble.   On  the other
they  get  more experience.  (This a   hand  there  are  limits.  I saw one
reason  some  lower  powered  people   inexperienced  chest  opener  demand
hunt  alone).   The way I understand   someone  replace their lockpick when
it,     if     everyone     inflicts   it  broke.   Unless  this was agreed
approximately   equal   amounts   of   upon   beforehand  then  it  is  not
damage  on the critter then they all   necessary.  The chest opener did not
get  FULL  experience  for the kill.   HAVE to open the chest.
So  the  stronger group member gains
nothing  by hogging but hurts others   If  you  don't want to pay to have a
in  the  group  by depriving them of   chest  opened  then  be  prepared to
full experience.                       carry  it  around  for a while since
                                       most  chest  openers charge a fee to
Best  is the so-called Mentor or Big   cover   their  time  spent  and  the
Brother   method   where   the  more   overall cost of replacing lockpicks.
powerful  characters  weaken or stun   (Also for profit too!  :).

An  opposite  view:  Don't just walk   Get  an  honest banker who can count
in,  open  a chest and expect to get   :).  Of course, there are other ways
paid.   (Unless  you open chests for   of  sharing treasure just so long as
free.)  Maybe the  owner was waiting   everyone agrees.
for a friend to open it.  State your
rate  ahead  of time and see if they   ESP
agree  to it.  I've see someone open   """
a  chest  and  take  all  the  cash,   Ever see someone get angry when they
explaining  that  they  need  it  to   ESP  a  message  and  get  no reply?
replace  a  pick.   If  you take the   Then  they  make a few snide remarks
risk, accept the consequences.         over  the think-net/amu-net/ESP-net.
                                       What  they  don't  realize  or maybe
Looting Monsters                       forgot  is that the other person may
""""""""""""""""                       not  be on the -net or more commonly
Everyone likes cash especially since   is busy, maybe fighting.  It's not a
the  items  we  can  buy  have  been   good  idea  to  stand there in Round
expanded.   It  can  be  aggravating   Time  thinking while some monster is
when someone gets grabby:              beating on you.
<Someone searches the monster  which   I've  also  seen  someone fighting a
yields 24 coins and a short sword.>    monster get an ESP message, been too
                                       busy  to answer, then after the kill
 Grabby  Guy  says,  "I'll  take  the   not  answer  the caller because they
coins  and  you take the sword."       added  some  smart aleck remark when
Joe Dude says, "Um, okay."             they received no response initially.
<The  next  monster  yields 33 coins   It's  also  wise to keep the chatter
and a metal breastplate.>              down  on  the  -net.   Remember  the
                                       messages  are  broadcast to EVERYONE
Grabby Guy says, "You take the coins   and it can be extremely inconvenient
and  I'll take the breastplate."       to  have them scroll by when you are
Joe Dude says, "Um, wait a sec..."     intently  watching  the  screen  for
                                       combat information.
See    the   problem?    The   metal
breastplate  is  worth 7-8 times the   Miscellaneous
value of the short sword.  So Grabby   """""""""""""
Dude  is trying to take Joe Dude for   When  joining  a  group,  ask first.
a ride.                                Some  people  want  to hunt alone or
                                       may  have  other  reasons to exclude
If  no-one  wants  the  stuff, fine.   you  from  their group (besides your
However  that  should be established   body odor):
first.   Another  thing I've seen is
one  person  grabbing  all the coins   Kirc stands up.
and  loot  explaining that they will   Kirc says, "Well, off to hunt."
split  it  at the end.  Somehow they   Newbie joins Kirc's group.
always seem to disconnect before the   Kirc disbands his group.
group gets back to town and when you   Newbie asks, "What's the matter?
catch  up  with  them later they say   Not good enough for you?"
the Navigators got 'em.  Yeah, sure.   Newbie leaves in a huff.
                                         <Kirc  being a slow typist replies
One   way  to  handle  loot  is  for   after  the  Newbie  leaves...>
everyone   to   carry   some,   pool   Kirc says, "Actually I'm hunting
everything  after  hunting and split   Frost Giants which are level 18 or
it   evenly.    Another  way  is  to   so and are too tough for a first
appoint  someone  as  "banker." This   level character."
person   collects   the   cash   and   Kirc says, "Oh, he's gone."
distributes  it  among  the  others.   Kirc shrugs.  <In exasperation>

Don't   you  hate  it  when  someone      EDITORIAL   (Continued from p. 4)
arrives  then  leaves when you greet      """""""""
them,  so  that you end up bowing to   we  do.   We reduce complex ideas to
thin  air?   Well,  not all are rude   first    causes    and    triggering
people  (although there are some out   principles, then think we understand
there),  and  there  are  plenty  of   them, grasping at a leaf and saying,
other reasons.  Maybe:                 "Here, right here begins this tree."
                                       We  imagine  that  the Gemstone that
1)  Screen  scroll:   So  much stuff   spawned and carries us along is like
scrolls by on their screen they miss   a building, stiff and architectural,
you  in the clutter.  This is common   constructed   from   the  foundation
with    newbies   who   have   their   upward  and subject only to external
descriptions set on incredibly long.   disruption,  instead of seeing it as
                                       a  growing,  flowing, changing being
2)  Emergency:   They  may  be  in a   like ourselves. 
hurry  to  save someone or someone's
stuff,  or  in a frantic dash to the   We  have  seen  many  changes  since
healers   tent  with  2  cp's  left.   Orhan   first  rose  over  Kelfour's
(Maybe  they  come  back to check to   Landing  one year ago.  It was a new
see if you are a healer, if not, mad   GemStone;  a different GemStone.  An
dash  again.)  These are the kind of   evolving  GemStone.  We are lucky in
reasons I can understand  for haste.   that technology has provided us with
                                       a  voice  to  influence  the changes
3)  Macros:  Some people have macros   that are still to come.  But to play
set  to  take  them  from point A to   GemStone  is  to  court  and  accept
point B.  One friend of mine usually   change.    We  have  the  collective
leaves  his  console  to get a snack   ability  to  throw our unique colors
when   he  kicks  in  one  of  these   into    Simutronics'   palette   and
traveling  macros.   He doesn't stop   contribute  to  the emerging work of
to  acknowledge  a greeting since he   art.  But to live for art instead of
never saw it in the first place.       artifice  you  must give yourself up
                                       to  the possibility that you may not
Conclusion                             recognize   yourself   tomorrow,  or
""""""""""                             understand who you were today.
I   hope  this  helps  clarify  some
things.   Obviously,  I cannot cover   So finally, remember this:  Tomorrow
everything   so   I  have  mentioned   a  different  sun  will  rise over a
things  people ask me about the most   different  Land and a different You.
or  which  seem to be cause the most   Imagine  otherwise  and all you will
problems.                              create are shadows.

That  guy  in the temple who ignored            __________________
you?   Maybe  he  was  away from the         o=(_____|/\/\/\|_____)=o
keyboard  and wasn't making a silent           |     |\/\/\/|     |
statement about your halitosis.  The           |     |/\/\/\|     |
people  who  came  in  and took your           |     |\/\/\/|     |
prey?  Maybe they chased it from the           |     |/\/\/\|     |
next room, which took  a  while  be-           |     |\/\/\/|     |
cause the mage was prepping a spell.           |     |/\/\/\|     |
Remember, it never hurts to ask.               |     |\/\/\/|     | 
                                               |     |/\/\/\|     |
                                               |     |\/\/\/|     |
       ========\\=========                     |     |/\/\/\|     |
                                               |     |\/\/\/|  /  |
                                               |     |/    \|   / |
                                               |    /        \    |
                                               |  /            \  |
                                               |/                \|
                                      -7-      '                  `
                            Layman's Guide to Herbs 
 ____________                 By Rhys Corwinson
/ \   ______ \
\@/  /~/~ ~\\ |   With thanks to Vesitsa, Kayla, Caretaker, Strom,
  | |~|     ~ |   the rest of the Healer clan and all my patients!
  | |~|       |
  | |~|       |
  | |~|     _ |aretaker's   compiled   level one injuries don't. (Bleeding)
/@|  \~\___// | Herb Chart (page  x)   and  other  battlefield  fun will be
\_/   ~ ~ ~  /   is   probably   the   covered  more extensively in Part II
  -----------   single  most  useful   of  this  article,  coming soon.  To
reference  for  both  Healers  below   save  lives  until then, I recommend
10th   level  spell  capability  and   always carrying Edram Moss for limbs
battlefield  ER treatment.  However,   [the  most  common  critical] and if
proper  use  of the chart takes some   you   have   room   and  the  bucks,
study of  how  injuries  are  imple-   Arfandas  Stem  for  head wounds and
mented  in  GemStone III, and how we   Pasamar Grass for chest wounds.)
Healers fix people up.
                                       The  other  category  covered on the
When a nasty monster gets you with a   chart is Scars.  Scar removal is not
critical,   several  things  happen.   available  from  Healers.   (We  can
First,  you  get  concussion  points   only  remove our own.) You receive a
deducted;  any  Healer  can transfer   scar  at  the  level  of  the injury
these at a multiple of 5 cps * level   cured  when  you  use  herbs  or are
per   transfer.   Concussion  points   cured by Surtey, who is not a Healer
(cps) also heal at a rate determined   but  a master of herbs.  By the way,
by  both  your constitution and - so   seeing Surtey is cheaper than buying
the  manual  says  -  your first aid   herbs,  but  unless a quick fingered
skill  level.   One of Sen Dalatin's   Healer  is  with  you, he'll tie you
herbs,  Akbutege  Leaf  (10  doses),   down  and  leave you with a bunch of
will  heal  some  of  your  cp's.  I   nasty scars.  Not recommended, since
can't say how many, since I've never   they   cost   more   to   cure  than
had to use it.  :)                     injuries!
Second,  you  take damage to an area   However,  a  Healer's main source of
of your body.  On Caretaker's chart,   experience   points   is   to   take
a  description  of  each  injury you   injuries  and  cure  them ourselves,
will  likely  receive is to the left   thus  leaving  us  scarred  but  you
side.  Next to that is a number from   scarless.  Lest you wonder why we do
one  to  three - or least to worst -   not   walk  around  with  no  limbs,
denoting   the  level  of  severity.   transfering  an injury and curing it
Herbs  that  are  useful  for severe   leaves  a  scar ONLY AT THE LEVEL OF
injuries  are  both rather expensive   THE INJURY.  That is, after taking 2
and,   unfortunately,  do  not  cure   bites  of  Edram Moss for a left leg
level one (minor) injuries; in other   injured  at  Level  3 (severed), you
words,  you've got to shell out some   will  see:  "You have a severed left
more bucks or find a healer.           leg    and    minor    bruises   and
                                       lacerations  on  your left leg," and
With  the probable exception of neck   when  I take the bruises (any healer
wounds,   reducing   a  level  three   with  spell 0802 can), you will have
(severe)   injury  to  a  level  one   a whole leg and I'll only have a few
(minor)  injury  always requires two   old  battle  scars.   Of  course  we
bites  of  the  same  herb.  This is   don't get experience for Healing our
important  not  only  for  looks but   fellow   Healers,  but  new  Healers 
also  because  level  two  and three   should  know  that it is an unspoken
injuries   generally   bleed,  where   guild rule to help each other out.

                                   -8-              (Continued on page 11)

 ______________               Wound/Herb Chart  
/ \ ____  ____ \              """"""""""""""""
\@| ~| |  | |~ | 
 |  |~|__|~|  |          by Caretaker D'Boldhome
 |  |~ __ ~|  |
 _|  |~|  |~|  |erbs for wounds and scars, compiled from a basic healing   
/@| _|~|  |~|_ | lesson given by Vesitsa Talchild. 
\_/ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~  /
       LIMB INJURY                           HERBS
    1- Minor bruises and lacerations         Arnuminas Leaf
    2- Fractured and bleeding                Edram Moss
    3- Severed                               Edram Moss
       LIMB SCAR
    1- Battle scar                           Dagmather Spine
    2- Mangled                               Curfalakai Fruit
    3- Missing                               Siran Clove
    1- Minor bruises about the head          Rewk Potion
    2- Lacerations and a mild concussion     Arfandas Stem
    3- Bleeding from the ears                Arfandas Stem
       HEAD SCAR
    1- Scar across the face                  Hegheg Root
    2- Facial scars                          Bursthelas Potion
    3- Terrible mutilation wounds            Bursthelas Potion
    1- Twitching                             Wifurwif Lichen
    2- Sporadic convulsions                  Belrama Potion
    3- Uncontrollable convulsions            Belrama Potion
    1- Slurred speech                        Terbas Leaf
    2- Constant spasms                       Yuth Flower
    3- you will never see in nature          Yuth Flower
    1- Minor bruises and cuts                Berterin Moss
    2- Deep lacerations                      Pasamar Grass
    3- Gashes and serious bleeding           Pasamar Grass
    1- Old battle scar                       Tarnas Potion
    2- Painful looking scars                 Wekwek Potion
    3- Terrible permanent mutilation         Wekwek Potion
    1- Irritation                            Berterin Moss
    2- Swollen                               Pasamar Grass
    3- Blinded                               Pasamar Grass
       EYE SCARS
    1- Black and blue                        Tarnas Potion
    2- Bruises and swelling (maybe)          Wekwek Potion
    3- Blinded                               Baldakur Potion

 ______________                HEALING SPELLS
/ \ ________   \               """"""""""""""
\@| ~|  __ ~\  |           by Lady Kayla Kyndhard
  |  |~|__|~ | |
  |  |~ __ ~/  | 
 _|  |~|  \~\  |ecently, I have received  requests for the  Healer's Spell
/@|  |~|   \~\ | list.  I have only trained in the list to  Level 11 since
\_/ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~/ spells after  Level 10  do  not  benefit  other  players.
  ------------- Therefore, I am not sure of all of the  properties  of the
higher spells, but they seem to follow a set pattern.  They are as follow:
0801 Heal I           Restores 10 concussion points.                   1pp
0802 Limb Repair I    Heals minor bruises and lacerations on limbs.    2pp
0803 System Repair I  Heals strange case of twitching.                 3pp
0804 Head Repair I    Heals bruises on head or neck.                   4pp
0805 Organ Repair I   Heals minor bruises and lacerations on chest,
                      back, abdomen and minor irritations of the eye.  5pp
0806 Heal II          Restores several concussion points at one time.  6pp
0807 Limb Repair II   Heals severed and fractured/bleeding limbs.      7pp
                      NOTE: You must cast twice for severed limbs.
0808 System Repair II Heals uncontrolable and sporadic convulsions.    8pp
                      NOTE: You must cast twice for uncontrolable.
0809 Head Repair II   Heals bleeding from ears, mild concussion, snapped
                      bones and bleeding neck.  NOTE: You must cast
                      twice for bleeding ears/snapped bones.           9pp
0810 Organ Repair II  Heals deep gashes, deep lacerations of the chest,
                      back and abdomen.  Also heals blinded eyes.     10pp
                      NOTE: Cast twice for deep gashes and blinded eyes.
0811 Limb Repair True I    Heals old battle scars on limbs.            11pp
0812 System Repair True I  Heals slurred speech.                       12pp
0813 Head Repair True I    Heals a scar across face or neck.           13pp
0814 Organ Repair True I   Heals old battle scar on chest, back, abdomen
                           and black and blue eyes.                    14pp
0815 Limb Repair True II   Heals mangled limbs.                        15pp
0816 System Repair True II Heals very difficult time controlling and
                           constant spasms.                            16pp

0817 Head Repair True II   Heals terrible scars from serious neck wounds
                           and old neck wounds, mutilated head wounds and
                           several facial scars.                       17pp
0818 Organ Repair True II  Heals permanent mutilated and painful looking
                           scars on chest, back, and abdomen.  Also heals
                           severe swelling and bruises of the eye.     18pp
0819 Eye Regeneration      Restores blinded eyes                       19pp
0820 Limb Regeneration     Restores missing limbs.                     20pp

             There's a Curious Mystic whispering in your ear.  
               If you listen carefully now, you will hear!
                As he points you towards his masters
                  Whispering like the Iron Wind
                    He pretends to hold the Answers
                      But only Questions lie within!
                        Are they Truth or Lies?

GUIDE TO HERBS (Con. from p. 8)   ==============================Chris Fenn=
""""""""""""""                     F          H E          B R          A
Some   notes:    First,  I  am      O        T   Y        W   R        O D
currently   researching   neck        L    W      E     O       I    R    !
injuries;    they    will   be          L O         L L          C K
included  in  a  future issue.
Second,      injuries      are         )                           (
cumulative.   That  is, if you          )                 ^^     (
get  hit  for a level 2 injury           )       -\\           (    ^^ )
when  you already have a level        ))_)       -\ \ !!      (   (     )
1 injury, you'll likely end up       )-           /_ /: \    (_(__
without   that  part  of  your                   / ._____\        (_(_(
body.    If  you  can  find  a                 /\ ./o o) |             --
healer  in  the  field, always                /__\/ <_ v/D
play  it  safe  and  get fixed                \  .\ != !/!      ^^
before going on.  Third, set a                 \  .\_l___|__
ring  to  the temple.  Healers                  \  /......./\
usually  carry  one  set there           *       \| :     / .\      *
too, and it may save your life       * *      *   | :     \  .\    *   *
if  you  don't have to walk in        \\* *\*//   | :     :\  .\   \\ **
when    I'm    deep   in   the       * \\*// *    | :     :\\ / \ * \\//
wilderness.                           *// \\* *___| :     :\|>   > * \\*
                                      //** * //// \ :     :\/.\ / * *// '*
Finally,  ask  Healers  to buy       //\\**  \    / :      /.  /*  \\**//
herbs  for  you.  We get a 25%        **//*   \__/______ / \ /______     *
discount!   Besides,  I should       *\_*   ((__(_______/\ /________()
be  able  to get into the back          **   /// \|  \| \/'\|    /\
room  soon,  so  you  can  get              /     \  \|   :\|    U\\___
herbs not listed on the chart.              \_____/  \|   :\|    v |   |))
                                                  |  \|   :\|      |OIL|
==============================    =======================================
                                   "We're off to see the....
                                         Ack!.....wrong fantasy!"


   _____________          The Raging Threk Inn
  / \___________\         """"""""""""""""""""
  \@|||--|-|--|||          by Damiano Faustas
    |~~  |~|  ~~|
    |    | |    |
   _|    |~|    |here was a wee babe born strong and lusty
  /@|    |~|    | Hum diddly hum diddly hum diddly do
  \_/   ~ ~ ~   / There was a wee babe born strong and lusty
    ------------  But even at birth his temper was rusty
                  Hum diddly hum diddly do
          He was strong as an ox and grew like a tree
          Hum diddly hum diddly hum diddly do
          He was strong as an ox and grew like a tree
          When he was young he bounced his father on his knee
          Hum diddly hum diddly do
          He left home one day to throw his future to the fates
          Hum diddly hum diddly hum diddly do
          He left home one day to throw his future to the fates
          Looking for a richer life (and maybe better interest rates!)
          Hum diddly hum diddly do

  He found his way to          ________________________________ 
    Kelfour's Landing         |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
  Hum diddly hum diddly       |  |     |  | .....  |  |  |  |
    hum diddly do             |  |  |     . _   _ .      |     |
  He found his way to         |  |  |  | . __ _ _  .  |  |  |  |
    Kelfour's Landing         |     |  | : _ _  __ :  |     |
  To his amazement, no        |  |    ;)~~ v ~~(:     |     |
    inn was standing          |     |  |{\ >O) (O< /} |  |  |  |
  Hum diddly hum diddly do    |  |      (" 6 /  -  ")       |
                              |  |  |  | (\ /- -\ /)  |  |     |
                              |     |  |  |( === )|  The InnKeeper THREK...
  So he built himself an inn  |  |  |     \       /   |  |  |  |
    to house people for pay   |  |     |   |- ^ -'| ...IN A RAGE AGAIN!
  Hum diddly dum diddly       |  | ___-/ _\ /_ \-__   |  |  |
    hum diddly do             |     /      <_>@<_>     \       |
  So he built himself an inn  |  | |          o         |   |  |
    to house people for pay   |____|          o   ----  |______|
  and maybe enjoy a beer                      o
    at the end of the day      _________________________________
  Hum diddly hum diddly do                          by Cris Fenn

          One night some robbers entered, his inn to wreck
          Hum diddly hum diddly hum diddly do
          One night some robbers entered, his inn to wreck
          He screamed so loud people thought he was a Threk
          Hum diddly hum diddly do
          He fought all four, there was no doubt he'd win
          Hum diddly hum diddly hum diddly do
          He fought all four, there was no doubt he'd win
          And that's why he now calls his place "The Raging Threk Inn"
          Hum diddly hum diddly do


_________                   Dousing the Flame
/ \ _____ \                  """""""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~ |              by Avondale del{nightsaber
  |  |~|  |
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  | knew it  was a  bad idea   the  heat and knew this was not only
/@| _|~|_ | to  join  up  with  some   going  to  be  a hard trip, but also
\_/ ~ ~ ~ / older, hardened warriors   one  where I would get all itchy and
  --------  and  spell  slingers for   wet   everywhere.    Gads,   what  a
adventure,  but  hobgoblins and orcs   thought, but kept it to myself.  The
had  started to bore me when I began   caverns  in  the  mountain seemed to
to fight them with my bare hands and   glow with intense redness and I soon
thick   skull.    Smashing  my  head   got bored looking around and started
against theirs made me think of what   to   slouch  behind  the  real  men.
I  was  actually getting out of this   Then,  as quick as I can fall asleep
and  led  me  to  decide for once to   reading  historical journals, I woke
fight something which could actually   up   to  the  sound  of  someone  or
take my head OFF.  Waiting patiently   someTHING  moaning.   Oh, I thought,
in  the  temple, I heard some of the   put  that  out  of  its  misery will
older  boys  or  rather  men talking   someone?   Then  I  got a nudge from
about   taking  on  some  guardians.   Lythe  that  this was our man and my
Guardians?  Hmm, guardians of what I   mind started to cloud with fear that
wondered.   Being  as  polite  as  I   I  was going to be one of those guys
could,  I  asked them what they were   to satisfy my own wish.  I felt like
up  to  and if I could join in their   running   away.   Good  thing  there
fun.   Fun  they asked?  Har har.  I   wasn't a girl for a hundred miles to
quickly looked down and began to ask   look at my face.
them   what   was  so  funny.   They
answered that fire guardians are not   This  monster  was  at least 50 feet
"fun"  and  can toast you like fried   (nudge), okay, 10 feet tall, and had
bacon.   What a thought.  It made me   arms  like  cannons  (nudge).   Okay
wonder  how  I  would  taste,  but I   already!   All  he  had was fire for
quickly  erased my mind and listened   hands  and  firey-looking  eyes.   I
intently  to  how I would come about   remembered the little lecture in the
fighting one of these things.  After   temple  and  charged at the guardian
some  explaining, I learned that you   with  a  mind  full  of  all  I  had
just keep attacking until one of you   learned  as  a  child  in combat.  I
dies.  Hopefully that isn't you, but   slashed at his head and felt my gold
you  don't  think  about  it till it   shaalk  sword bite deep in his hide.
happens  so  no  one worries.  After   He  gave  a  shriek and roared in my
suiting up, I joined, Lythe, Corwin,   face,  making  me  gasp  for air.  I
and  a  nameless  thief for my first   ended   up   disengaging   for  five
life-threatening adventure.            seconds  due to this little cry, and
                                       then  charged  him again.  As I fell
Being  a  good 5 or 6 levels younger   flat  on my back I scrambled up, and
than   them  I  knew  I  had  to  be   saw the thief was also attacking it,
careful.   After readying ourselves,   as  was  Corwin.   Lythe  being  our
we  journeyed  to a faraway land and   fearless    leader   and   all,   he
climbed up this mountain of fire.  I   apparently  thought it would be best
tried  to  study the surroundings as   if  he  sat back and commanded us as
much  as  I  could  but they said we   he sipped some cool lemonade (slap).
should  move  along  lest the titans
come.   Hmm, I wondered what a titan   No,  Lythe began casting water bolts
was.   Ah  well,  we  continued  our   which  struck  the fire guardian all
journey  and  soon reached the mouth   over,   and  I  mean  ALL  over.   I
of  a  fiery  volcano.  I could feel   noticed  it weaken after a while and


when  I  gave  it  a  good  shot, it   surprise  and cost him his life.  As
evaporated  all together with a loud   I descended, I grinned wickedly when
moan.   I  wiped my brow and thought   our  eyes  met,  his  full of death.
how  this  wasn't  so bad after all.   Then with lighting fast quickness, I
No  casualties  except a few bruises   pulled  my  sword out from behind my
and lots of experience points.  What   back  and  slammed  it  in  the same
else can a guy ask for?  Okay, there   spot as before, splitting his skull.
is a LOT I could ask for, but I have
to stick to this story.                That   foul   beast  vanquished,  we
                                       debated  on what to do.  Corwin, his
After  the  guardian  we  waited and   head  burnt  like bacon, had trouble
were  rapping,  when out of no where   casting  spells  and  my toasted leg
came  this  phantom.  It was all red   made  me  limp.   After some discus-
and  sickly  and made me wanna puke,   sion,  we thought it would better to
which  I  did  since I couldn't even   heal  and  rest than continue, so we
hit  it.   I  watched  the battle as   got ready to journey home.
they  fought,  when suddenly another
fire guardian appeared with his dark   Removing our gold rings, we put them
gaze,  mumbling something I couldn't   back  on  again and suddenly blinked
make out.  I gasped, got up as quick   back to the temple.  I laid down and
as  I could, and charged at him only   put  my shield and sword away.  Ahh,
to  fall  flat  on my back as I felt   it  was good to be home.  Got myself
intense  heat  on my feet.  I looked   healed  and  only  then  thought  to
down  and  there it was, my feet all   check   my   mind.    What?    Still
roasted.   I tried swinging from the   CLEAR?!?   I  risk  my  life  for  a
ground  but everyone had seen him by   monster  10  times  stronger than me
then and attacked with me.             and  I'm  still clear?  Hmmm, was it
                                       worth  it?   Well, yeah.  Fighting a
I  gasped in pain and held my breath   monster  that  can  kill  you  is at
to get up.  Ok, guardian, I thought,   least  educational.  No matter what,
you  wanna  play?  With a berserking   it sure wasn't boring.
madness I charged it again.  I could
see  this  battle  was  not going as      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
well  as  the  first and soon Corwin      $                            $
was  on  his back with a fried head.      $     B E L D R I C K ' S    $
I  ignored everything and slammed my      $         G A M I N G        $
Shaalk  down  his skull only to feel      $           H A L L          $
it  barely bite in!  Ugg, what luck.      $              *             $
I  heard  the guardian gesture again      $           *  _  *          $
and felt apprehensive but Lythe said      $             |*|            $
to keep going and his harsh language      $        _____| |______      ()
set me to my task.                        $       /--------------\    //
                                          $      ||WIN BIG BUCKS| \  //$
That  slowdown had delayed me a mere      $      ||$$$$$$$$$$$$$|   // $
five  seconds, but it was enough for      $      | _____________   //  $
the guardian to loose his next fire-      $      ||    |   |    | (    $
ball.   I  skillfully  dodged it and      $      |[BAR][BAR][BAR]< |   $
was  again  airborne  for  a  strong      $      ||____|___*____|  |   $
strike.   I  could  see he was tired      $   * /_____*_______  /  |   $
but  then  he  gestured  yet  again.      $ *  //oo O o O*oO // * /    $
Where   do  these  bozos  get  their      $   ( ___*_o_*_o___/*  /     $
power?   Still  in  the  air,  I saw      $    \_______________ /      $
Lythe  with  his  metal wand casting      $                            $
ice  balls  at  the  beast while the      $  North of Banker's Square  $
thief  and  Corwin hacked at it from      $    Where the fun begins    $
opposite   sides.    My  death-from-      $   When the chips are in!   $
above  tactic caught the guardian in      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

 _____________                Guest Editorial
/ \   ______  \               --------------
\@|  /~/~~\~\ |          by Selixr D'aboriel, Healer
  | |~|    ~~ |
  |  \~\____  |    "Mental and Spiritual healing is just as important."
  |   ~ ~\~\ |
 _| |~|    |~||
/@|  \~\__/~/ |ometimes in life, one   By  our  definition, this is clearly
\_/   ~ ~ ~  /  is confronted  with   NOT  ethical.   It's bad enough that
  -----------   difficult  choices.   the  critters  regularly  claim many
I   know   that  I  have  confronted   citizens,  do we have to worry about
plenty.  Sometimes  it's  as  simple   our  companions  too?  What could be
as  deciding   which  bank  to   put   worse   than  this  terrible  crime?
your  hard-earned silver into, while   Well,  I'll  tell  you what's worse:
at others, the agenda for the day is   The CONDONED killing of a citizen by
choosing  whether  to battle Greater   other citizens.  A lynch mob, if you
Orcs  alone  or hunt with a party of   will;  a group  of people determined
greedy    Hobgoblin   hunters.    An   to exact vengeance.
ethical  choice,  however,  is  like
deciding  whether  to kill a monster   The   supposed  justification?   "He
someone else has been fighting.        killed  others...  He deserved it...
                                       He had it coming...  Everybody hated
Most  of us have had to make ethical   him."  Give  me  a break!  Are we in
choices at one time or another.  For   the dark ages?  Does popular opinion
some  it  is easy.  Others take more   hold  the  lives  of  a  few  in its
time to  ponder  the merits and pos-   fickle   hand?   Killing  a  citizen
sible  courses  of action.  Perusing   because that citizen murdered others
the  library,  I found the following   reduces  everybody  to  the level of
definition for Ethical:  "Conforming   murderer.   A lynch mob is no better
to  standards  of conduct."  Looking   than the lynchee.  Lynch mobs punish
further  was  interesting because in   the act of which they themselves are
all  the library I couldn't find one   guilty, and if that isn't hypocrisy,
reference  to  a standard of conduct   then I don't know what is.
for us here in Kelfour's Landing.
                                       Why  not  let  the  gods  exact  the
Not  only  was  I  surprised,  I was   karmic retribution due?  Our prayers
intrigued.  What standard of conduct   to  them  are  generally answered in
is   generally   acceptable  to  all   due course, the gods being what they
citizens?   I  asked myself.  Simple   are.   Sometimes,  by  their initial
answers   almost  always  make  more   inaction,  they teach us patience...
sense  than  complex ones.  "Do unto   For  each  citizen  has  within  the
others what you would have done unto   possibility   for   redemption   and
you,"  makes  sense,  right?   After   change.   But  they  do  not rest in
all,  if  you'd  been  working  on a   troubled times for very long.
forest  troll  for five minutes when
some goon came by and killed it with   I  had the unfortunate experience of
one  swack  of his broadsword, would   witnessing   this   dubiously   sane
YOU be happy?                          ritual  of  group bonding.  The vic-
                                       tim,  an  unpopular  individual I am
Armed  with  this simple standard of   told,  is  no  longer present in the
conduct,  it is possible to confront   lands.   Who  knows what befell him?
a  difficult  choice  -- perhaps the   What is important is to realize that
most  difficult  choice  that I have   murder  is one of the most unethical
had first-hand experience with here:   decisions one can make.  Perhaps, in
The   murder   of   one  citizen  by   time,  all  of  us  in  Kulthea will
another.                               learn this basic wisdom.


 _____________           Gambling Gladitorial Games
/ \       __  \          """"""""""""""""""""""""""
\@|      / ~| |               by Vlad Drakula
  |     //|~| |
  |    // |~| |
 _|   //~~|~| |s  I  was   wandering   1.  I  would like to hold this event
/@|  //   |~| |about town the  other   on  the  second  Saturday of the new
\_/ ~~    ~ ~ / day,   biding   time   year which is January 12.  This will
  ------------ while waiting  for  a   give  you  plenty of time to prepare
shield  to be built, I happened upon   (i.e.   save money, as there will be
a book in the pawn shop.  The title,   betting), and give me time to hammer
"Ancient  Games," immediately caught   out  the  logistics and rules.  Plus
my  attention.   I bought it at once   will  give  the  "City  Nobility" an
and  read  it that same day.  Within   opportunity  to  help  without being
its  pages  I found a wonderful idea   rushed.    The   event  would  start
for    all   of   us   in   Kulthea:   around noon (PST) and continue until
Gladitorial    Games!    I   started   all tournaments have finished.
thinking about this, talked to a few
people who could be paramount to the   2.  A  number of tournaments will be
success  of  such  an  endeavor, and   held,   with   different  rules  for
have  come up with a number of ideas   different  tournies  and  levels  of
on how to run such an event.           competition.   That is to say, there
                                       might    be    a   no-holds   barred
First  off,  I realized that no one,   tournament  for  levels 1-4, another
and   I   mean   NO  ONE,  would  be   for levels 5-8, and so on.  Possible
interested in participating in these   tournament   limits  might  be:   No
Games   if   they  are  at  risk  of   Holds  Barred, Magic Only, No Magic,
permanent  death.   So I immediately   Fisticuffs,  etc.  I propose that 2,
talked  to Lord Erebor, to see if he   3, or 4 players fight at a time, the
would   help   resurrect  those  who   winner  advancing  to semi-finals or
happen to taste the dust.  The gleam   finals within that tournie for their
in  his  eye,  and the way he rubbed   level.    Higher  level  contestants
his  hands together,  were  all  the   could  not  participate in the lower
answer  I  needed  to know I had his   level  competitions (e.g.  Lords may
support (for a suitable donation, of   not participate in fights for levels
course,  but  more  on  this later).   1-4,  5-8,  etc.)  but  lower  level
Next,   I   spoke   with  the  "City   contestants could join higher levels
Nobility,"  (AKA Simutronics) to see   (although they risk getting toasted,
if   they  might  help  out.   Their   but that's their choice).
response  was  while  they  like the
idea, they could not provide details   3.  In order to enter a tournie each
as to what aid they might contribute   competitor  would  pay an Entry Fee,
in  time  for  this article.  I have   maybe  500  silvers  for levels 1-4,
petitioned them for prizes, possibly   1000  for  levels  5-8,  and  so on.
an  arena,  etc., which has all been   These  fees  would  be used as prize
taken  under  advisement.  (They are   money  for  that  event, so the more
busy running the world, after all.)    who   participate,  the  bigger  the
                                       prize.   Entry fees would be held by
Even  without  their support, I feel   the  "The  Bank"  (I'll find someone
we can make a go of this, so here is   who  is  pick-proof, so that it will
my proposed basic framework.  If you   be  safe).   If  the "City Nobility"
have  any ideas, please let me know!   furnishes  some  prizes (we'll cross
Talk  to me around town, via ESP, or   our  fingers!),  entry fees could be
drop   me  a  letter  through  those   reduced or even done away with.
magicians   of   communication,  the
GEnies.   Address  it  to  R.PESSIN,   4.  Technically, the only  problem I
though,   or  they  won't  know  who   envision  is  one of Round Times, or
you're talking about.                  "Whoever swings first loses, as  the
                                    -16-                        (Continued)

other  fellow will kill him while he   Side  bets between just a few people
recovers and brings up his parry." I   may  also  be  placed.   The obvious
have  thought  long  and  hard about   risk  of  side bets, though, is  how
this, and come up with the following   to ensure that the other person pays
suggestion:    Contestants  may  not   if you win.  The House will also  be
parry   to  the  degree  that  their   willing  to hold side bets  prior to
defensive  capabilities rise above a   the  start  of  the fight,  and  pay
predetermined  amount (perhaps 80 DB   out  appropriately   (administration
for  lower levels, 100 for high).  I   fee of 1/2 the normal pool fee  will
need  some  feedback on this and all   be  charged,  maybe  2.5%).  So,  if
suggestions are welcome.               Better A wishes to  have a  personal
                                       side bet  with  Better C,  they  can
5.   Resurrection,  a most important   tell the House who has chosen to win
detail!  In addition to Lord Erebor,   and give "The Bank" the money, being
I  have talked with Lady Taarna, who   assured  of  receiving   the  proper
is  also  interested in helping out.   payment.  All side  bets  would,  of
And  I  have  petitioned  the  "City   course,  also be  placed before  the
Nobility"  to bring in other clerics   start of  the  fight.  If  you  have
capable  of  resurrecting,  to  help   questions  or  see faults with this
take  the  load  off our "home-town"   gambling plan, do let me know.
clerics.    The   possibility  of  a
Resurrection  Fee in addition to the   7.    Who  wins?   The  last  player
Entry Fee exists as well.              alive,  of  course.  If a contestant
                                       disconnects   from   GemStone,  that
6.   Gambling!   What fun would this   would  be  as  good  as death.  If a
for  the spectators if there were no   player  cheats  in  any way from the
gambling?    Here   is  how  I  will   rules  of a particular tournie, they
function  as  the  House and run it:   would be ruled dead.  A player could
All contestants in a tournie will be   give  up  too,  but  that  would  be
pre-announced.    Anyone  wishing to   wimping out, and we want blood!.
place  a  bet  will tell me how much
they  bet  (in  increments of 100 sp   That's it,  and I  look  forward  to
only).   I  will record that amount,   hearing from you.  January's Kelfour
and they will hand the money over to   Edition will have the  final word on
"The  Bank"  (you  know,  that pick-   events, fees and so forth.
proof  person).  All money placed on
a  given fight will be pooled, and a   ====================================
small  administration  fee  will  be   = )              (   )   (         =
deducted   from  each  pool  by  the   =__)            (_    ) (          =
House, maybe 5%.  When that fight is   =--------.        (__ (  /\M/\   ) =
over,  anyone  who bet on the winner   =GemStone|           (_ /^^v^^    )=
will  share  proportionately  in the   =__III___| ^.--.^     ( /  /  __)) =
pool based on how much they bet.       =          !\  /!    / (_____)     =
                                       =         !(o)(o)!   /  / /        =
For  example,  Betters A and B place   =         /\ L_ /\                 =
wagers  on Lord Dagmar of 500 sp and   =          !/==\!        "Vlad     =
1000  sp,  respectively.   Better  C   =         _\\__//\_      Drakula"  =
places  a  5000 sp bet on me (what a   =       |  __\/__   \              =
fool!).   This  would  make the pool   =    !  /  /\M/\  \  ]             =
6500  sp,  less  5% (325 sp) for the   =    \/ !  ^^v^^   ! \\]           =
House,  leaving 6175.  I get toasted   =    !  \___/ \___'   /\]          =
of  course,  and  Lord  Dagmar wins.   =    !  (   / \    )\/ \\]         =
Player  A  bet  500  sp,  which  was   =    /\/!\  - -\  /)/  / \]        =
33.33%  of  the  total  bets on Lord   =    \__)H( - - ) /( ) \ \\        =
Dagmar,  thus  Player  A  would  get   =      /HH! -.-   (]\ \   \\       =
33.33%  of  the  pool,  2058 sp, and   =======================by Cris Fenn=
Better B would take the balance.        Will Kelfour Edition be taken over
                                           by "GARBLED CHARACTERS"?

_____________               Fashion Statement
/ \____   ____\              """""""""""""""""
\@|~|_|   |_|~|             by Darwynn Ellessur
  | |~|___|~| |
  | |~ ___ ~| |
 _| |~|   |~| |ere's a  facet of  GemStone  that everyone  can take part in.
/@|_|~|   |~|_|  It isn't  getting dressed  for social occasions, but rather
\_ /~ ~   ~ ~/  it's the apparel  you  choose to  wear when  you're back in
   ----------  town.  Sure, you can  wander around in a helm and armor, but
but  is it comfortable?  Is it attractive?  Is it the positive statement you
want  to  make about yourself to others?  If you answered no to any of this,
here  are  some some tips to making the "LOOK name" command the most popular
game  in town.  Individuality is a key to invigorating roleplaying.  I enjoy
it when Wisraith wears a gown, or, as an example:
   ______________________________    ____________________________________
  / \                            \  / \                                  \
  \@|  You see Angelique Lovelin |  \@|  You see  Lal Nirandra the  Half-|
    | the Fair Elf Mage.  She is |    | Elf Thief. He is holding a golden|
    | holding  a  silver wand in |    | wand  in  his  left  hand  and  a|
    | her  right  hand.  She  is |    | tankard of Golden Fox mead in his|
    | wearing  a   flowing   red |    | right hand.  He is  wearing a red|
    | robe, a silver band, a gold|    | velvet  cloak,  a crystal amulet,|
    | ring, a silvery silk sash, |    | a gold  band, a large sack,  some|
   _| a red brocade backpack and |   _| grey  doeskin boots, a gold  ring|
  /@| a grey Velvet pouch.       |  /@| and a grey satin sash.           |
  \_/___________________________/   \_/__________________________________/
 These are are two relatively highly ranked players but how about a newcomer?
| You see Vim O'Brien the Half-Elf  Healer.  She is holding a rapier in her|
|right hand and a white iron shield in her left hand. She is wearing a gold|
|ring, a white iron helm, a white silk pouch, some arm greaves, some  heavy|
|hide, leg greaves, some white leather sandals and a white cotton backpack.|
Classy, eh?  Incredible displays of wealth are not as important as taste and
flair.  You can enrich the lives of everyone you meet, while being satisfied
that you're not just in a community of slash and hack artists.

How  to  implement  your look?  You've chosen race, hair, complexion and eye
color,  so you have an idea of how you appear.  When you close your eyes, do
you  see  a radiant vision in silver and blue, or a more somber image?  When
you're  comfortable  with  this  vision, you are ready to build your outfit.
You  need  to  know  where  the  general store and Sarii's shop are, and the
armory and weapon shop can provide personalized gear, too.  What's etiquette
for  changing  your  apparel?  There's Cheldar's bathhouse -- the bedroom or
stage,  which  ever  meets  your  needs.  I often duck into a side street or
building  although  on  occasion I have changed in the SQUARE.  You can ease
the process of changing with macros, one to GetDressed and one to GetReady.
 __My favorite Look:________________________________________________________
/ \                                                                         \
\@|  You see Moonpie Legend the Half-Elf Thief.  He is  holding an  eog mace|
  | in his right hand.  He is wearing a gold ring, a metal aventail, a black|
  | mithril shield, a black mithril helm, a black  velvet backpack, some arm|
 _| greaves, some  leg  greaves, a ruby  amulet, an  onyx wristlet, a  black|
/@| velvet cloak, a black silk sash and a leather breastplate.              |
 _____________           The Art of Making Macros
/ \___________\          """"""""""""""""""""""""
\@|||--|-|--|||              by Nastorm Trevin
  |~~  |-|  ~~|
 _|    |-|    |
/@|    |-|    |his is an introduction to formulating  and writing  macros.
\_/   ~ ~ ~   / It is the first in a  series of  articles which will cover
 ------------ macros and provide you with tips on  designing them effect-
ively.  The  second  article will introduce more complex macros, while the
third will show you how to design and use them in combat situations.

What  are  macros?   They  are  the  redefining  of  existing keys in your
communication  program.  If your communication program allows you to write
macros,  you  can use these automated actions to improve your abilities in
GemStone.   Macros  can  reduce  the  time  needed to gather booty, wands,
attack monsters and gain experience.  And they never make typing mistakes.
Ever  been  with  someone who whips off his shield, gets a chest, puts the
chest  in  his  backpack, whips his shield back out, and swings at another
monster  before  you  can even type ATTACK MONSTER?  If so, that player is
using macros to advantage.
Communications  programs  which  support  macros have a syntax for writing
them.   You  will  need  to read the documentation for information on your
program's   particular   macro   syntax.    I  use  an  IBM  clone  and  a
communication's  program  called  Telix.  Telix allows you to redefine all
the  keys  on  the  keyboard,  and  I  currently have 70 macros set up for
The  general structure of macros is the same for most programs.  Let's say
that  you want to write a macro to attack an orc.  Normally you would type
ATTACK  ORC and then press the enter key.  That's what you want your macro
to  do.   Assuming  your  program's  syntax for the enter key is <CR>, the
macro you write would look like this:
                           ATTACK ORC<CR>

Each  time  you  press  that  key  your  communications program will send:
ATTACK  ORC  followed  by the enter key.  Instead of typing 10 characters,
you  press  ONE  key.   I think you will agree that the speed advantage is
substantial.  Examples of good macros to write include:
          GET BREASTPLATE<CR>                 SEARCH monster<CR>
          SELL BREASTPLATE<CR>                  PARRY 0<CR>
Next  time  I will cover more complex macros which do more than one thing.
For example, you might want to try this slightly more complex macro:
                       PARRY 100<CR>WEAR SHIELD<CR>

Just  about  anything  you  type can be done with a macro, so be creative.
Write  down  your  most  common actions and store them as a macro for your
next foraging trip into the wilds of GemStone.

 _________              Kulthean Heraldic Registry
/ \ _____ \             """"""""""""""""""""""""""
 @| ~|_|~ |              by Salvius Cygnus-Aureus
  |  |~|  |
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |n an effort to  provide individuality to characters of  GemStone,
/@| _|~|_ |  I have created the Kulthean Cape & Sash Registry.  For those of
\_/ ~ ~ ~ /  you who  have  not seen it,  read  Topic  32 in  Category 20 on
  --------  Scorpia's Games RoundTable, page 805.
By  registering  two  colors  of those available in the clothing shop in the
southeast   part   of  town  (on  Dragonsfang  Road),  you  can  state  your
individuality, your house colors or show common bonds with other players.
Here  is  the  list of all colors which I have registered.  If you think you
have  claimed  colors but do not see them here, it is because there was some
discrepancy  that  was  never cleared up, so you should come and talk to me.
If  you  have  not registered colors, the rules are very simple:  Choose two
colors  that  have not yet been claimed.  You are then the claimant of those
colors.   If  you would like to let someone else use those colors also, then
post  a message to that effect in the RoundTable.  Otherwise, just post your
selection.   Then, go to the clothing shop and purchase a cape and a sash in
your  colors.   As  many  have  done,  it  is also nice to buy custom armor,
weapons  & goods in your colors, until you have a complete color-coordinated
outfit.  This shows your individuality and links with other players.
This  list is current to 11/23/90, and shows houses where the claimants have
indicated  them.   It  would  be  nice  if  more colors were associated with
houses.   If  you  haven't  done  so  already,  I  urge (and welcome) you to
register yours.
     Salvius Cygnus-Aureus.........Blue/Gold (House of the Golden Swan)
     Floop Cygnus-Aureus...........Blue/Gold (House of the Golden Swan)
     Aleric Karamis................Blue/Gold (House of the Golden Swan)
     Lal Niranda..........................Red/Grey (House of Wolverine)
     Wisraith Winterwind..............White/White (House of Winterwind)
     Enist d'e'elni.....................Silver/Grey (House of d'e'elni)
     Kedryn StrongBlade............Green/Red (House of Emerald Knights)
     Kimball Kinnison......................Gold/Gold (House of Halbane)
     Kelson Halbane........................Gold/Gold (House of Halbane)
     Kaylar Haldane........................Gold/Gold (House of Halbane)
Raven BRIGHTWING.........Black/Grey  Lady Kayla Kyndhart......Purple/Silver
Achoo GoldenRod.........Blue/Silver  Talon Elessidil.............Black/Gold
Hannibal Tulark..........Grey/Black  Taarna Wayfinder...............Red/Red
Enrico..... ..............Red/Black  Viszier Wazara........Camouflage/Azure
Valeria Deering...........Black/Tan  Krystal trumen..............White/Gold
Tom Mondragon...........Black/Green  Lavim Springtoe............Green/Green
Airioch Ramthanadox.......Grey/Grey  Fxg Lyon............Diaphionous <sigh>
Angelique Lovelin........Red/Silver  Jamel Kaili...............Black/Silver
Hardtwood Strongbow......Red/Yellow  Siegfried dieMisterToten...Black/White
Emeralda L'Eeon........Green/Silver  Mordue d'Arti.............Black/Orange
Lord Erebor Bordeaux......Grey/Dark  Merriebeth IvyThorn........Azure/White
Deerslayer O'Byrne.....Azure/Silver  Fesley Grammar.............Azure/Green
Celeborn Greyswndir......Blue/Green  Eron Kulsen..............Silver/Silver
Strom O'Berin.............Red/White  Arius Altair...............Azure/Azure
Elor Once-Dark.........Purple/White  Opal DIAMOND-NINJA........Silver/White
Ilstar Darkedge.........Dark/Silver  Moonpie Legend...........Purple/Purple
Hetchel Threadbare.......Grey/White  Kirc Bloodguard...............Red/Gold


/ \       __  \          A Beastiary of Kelfour's
\@|      / "| |          """"""""""""""""""""""""
  |     //|"| |              by Lythe L'Green
  |    //_|"| |
 _|   //~~|"| |
/@|  //   |"| |s a resident of  Kelfour's  Landing, I've  always had an avid
\_/ ~~    ~ ~ / interest in the  wild beasts  that live in the  area.  After
  ------------ traversing much of  the land around Kulthea, battling various
creatures and conversing with learned sages, I've compiled what I believe to
be an accurate list of the monsters you might find when you journey far from
the safety of town.
                           * * * Format * * *
 This  list  is arranged in alphabetical order.  The first line of each entry
shows  the  monster's  name and level, its relative quickness, the spells it
can  cast,  and  any special powers or abilities it may have.  These special
abilities  are  described  in a Glossary at the end of the list.  Second and
subsequent  lines show various permutations available, i.e., different types
of  equipment  it  can  carry, along with applicable defensive and offensive
bonuses.   Next  to each of these listings is a note about where the monster
may be usually be found.
The  size  and  speed  of  these  creatures is important.  If they are small
creatures,  they receive critical attacks which do slightly less damage than
normal.  If they are large creatures, they receive a set of critical attacks
which  are  generally  more damaging than normal, yet rarely produce a stun.
Monsters  which are "fast" are impossible to use "parry-tag" style of combat
around;  they  generally  can  attack  once  or  twice for every one of your
attacks.   Medium  speed  monsters  are those which can be parry-tagged with
care.   They  can typically deliver one attack for every one of yours.  Slow
monsters  are  just  a little slower than that, while very slow monsters are
noteworthy for their lethargy -- you may be able to safely attack them twice
for every once they can attack to you.
Many  hunters  are often confused about the amount of experience points they
get  for  slaying  a  monster.   The  formula is 100 + (monster level - your
level)*100.  You won't ever get less than zero.  You get full experience for
it as long as you damage the monster the same percentage as you represent in
the  party.   For example, if you are in a party of four, you need to do 25%
of the damage to the monster to get full experience.
                       * * * The Monsters * * *
Apparition, dark: 5th level, slow speed, casts minor pain, limb pain, blur
  Broadsword (50), DB 30 [Claedesbrim Plateau]
Assassin, shadow: 18, fast, unlife, cast weaponfire, blur, hues,invisibility
   Scimitar (150), DB 30 [Barrow Mound, shaft and cold tunnels]

Basilisk: 7th level, large creature, slow speed, immobilizing gaze
   Bite (70), Swing (50), Claw (55), DB 70 [Smatoth/Claedesbrim Castle]
Bear, great brown: 8th level, very slow, animal, 15/rnd disease, large
   Bite (70), Claw (70), DB 50 [Danjirland, path]
Black Stalker: 17th level, medium speed
   Two handed sword or short sword (165), 90 DB [Smatoth]
Bloodbeast: 7th level, unlife, medium speed, acid spray
   Dagger (65), DB 70 [Claedesbrim Gorge]
Cobra: 1st level, small creature, fast speed, 3/rnd poison
   Bite (30), DB 40 [Graveyard, Dam]
Cockatrice: 6th level, small creature, medium speed, immobilizing gaze
   Charge (40), Claw (50), Snap (60), 45 DB
Deathwoode: 17th level, unlife, medium speed, casts call wind, tremors,
            lightning bolt (90), shockbolt (90)
   Bite (90), Pound (100), DB 70 [Dead Forest/Claedesbrim Castle]
Dirge, death: 9th level, medium speed, unlife, cast fear, calm
   Swing (60), DB 75 [Graveyard, bog]
Firephantom: 6th, unlife, immune to fire, cast firestorm, fire bolt (60)
   Swing (40), DB 20 [Blototh Volcano/Claedesbrim Castle]
 Gemsting: 4th level, medium speed, web, small creature
   Snap (60), Stab (80), Charge (65), DB 45 [Mine]
Ghoul, greater: 3rd level, unlife
   Claw (40), DB 30 [Graveyard, bog and tunnels]
Ghoul King: 16th level, slow speed, unlife, casts fear, aura
   Claw (120), Bite (125), Pound (90), DB 80 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 3]
Ghoul, lesser: 1st level, unlife
   Claw (20), DB 10 [Graveyard]
Giant, frost: 17th level, large creature, stomp, medium speed,
              casts cold ball (100)
   Short sword (145), heavy hide, DB 100 [Blototh]

Giant, skeletal: unlife, large creature
   Flail (110), DB 40 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 3]
Giant, storm: 20th level, large creature, medium speed, stomp, casts
              call wind, lightning bolt (100), water bolt (80)
   Swing (140), DB 105 [Claedesbrim, Cave]
Gnoll, cave: 3rd level, very slow speed
   Short sword or spear (35), shield, chain mail, DB 35 [Stonehold]
Gnoll, ranger: 5th level, medium speed
   Hand axe, light hide, DB 40 [Stonehold]
Gnoll, thief: 7th level, medium speed
   Dagger (80), light hide, DB 30 [Stonehold]
Gnome, cave: 2nd level, slow speed
   Handaxe (20), leather breastplate, DB 30 [Mine]
Goblin: 3rd level, slow
   Scimitar (40), Ring Mail, DB 30 [Upper Kaldsfang, across bridge]
   Flail (20), light hide, DB 30 [Graveyard]
   Swing (40), light hide, DB 30 [Mine Trail]
Golem, bone: 8th level, medium speed, unlife
   Swing (100), Ensnare (60), Pound (90), DB 30 [Crypt/Tower exterior]
                                    -22-                             (More)

Golem, crystal: 12th level, slow speed, large creature, unstunnable, stomp
   Morning Star (90), DB 70 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 2]
Golem, steel: 20th level, medium speed, large creature, unstunnable, stomp
   Pound (160), Ensnare (90), DB 105 [Blothoth, Ruins]
   Warhammer (155), DB 105 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 4]
Guardian, cold: 15th, large, med. speed, imm. to cold, cast cold ball (100)
   Charge (50), Ensnare (65), DB 100 [Blototh Glacier]
Guardian, fire: 16th, large, medium speed, imm. to heat
                casts fire bolt (100), firestorm
   Charge (70), Ensnare (70), DB 100 [Blototh Volcano]
Hobgoblin: 3rd level, slow speed
   Battle axe (50), leather breastplate, DB 25 [Upper Kaldsfang]
   Two-handed sword (50), metal breastplate, DB 25 [Upper Kaldsfang]
Karnelin: 1st level, small creature, animal, medium speed
   Charge (38), Bite (41), Stomp (32), 45 DB [Lower Dragonsfang]
Kobold: 1st level, slow speed
   Short sword (10), light hide, shield, DB 10 [Lower Dragonsfang]
   Swing (18), DB 10 [Mine, maze]
Manticore: 6th level, medium speed
   Claw (70), Stinger (75), DB 55 [Up. Kald. Foothills/Claedes. Dung.lev 2]
Mummy, lesser: 6th level, unlife
   Claw (40), Ensnare (10), DB 30 [Crypt]
Ogre, large: 12th level, fast speed, 2 attacks per round
   Swing (100), Claw (80), heavy hide, 20 DB [Danjirld Caves/Claedes. Gorge]
Ogre, mountain: 14th level, medium speed
   Cudgel (140), heavy hide, 105 DB [Danjirland, trail]
Orc, greater: 6th level, very slow speed
   Mace (80), chain hauberk, shield, DB 30 [Upper Kaldsfang, across bridge]
   Scimitar (80), reinforced leather, DB 30 [Upper Kaldsfang, across bridge]

Orc, grey: 9th level, fast speed, cast stun cloud, fire bolt (45)
   Mace or short sword (90), shield, DB 90 [Danjirld, trail or path/Fthills]
Orc, lesser: 4th level, slow speed
   Short sword or Mace (60), heavy hide, DB 60 [Upper Kaldsfang]
   Cudgel (60), heavy hide, DB 60 [Mine Road]
Phantom: 2nd level, slow speed, unlife, cast aura, shock bolt (30)
   Swing (20), DB 20 [Graveyard]
Rat, giant: 1st level, small creature
   Bite (30), DB 30 [Kelfour Catacombs]
Revenant: 4th level, medium speed, unlife, cast blur, minor pain
   Broadsword (60), shield, reinforced leather [Graveyard, trail]
Skeleton: 1st level, slow, unlife
   Dagger (20), cloak, DB 0 [Graveyard]
Skeleton, ice: 3rd level, slow, unlife, immune to cold
   Dagger (40), cloak, DB 35 [Blototh]


Spectre: 14th level, unlife, medium speed, cast fear, call wind, stun cloud,
         cold ball (90), shock bolt (90)
   Rapier (85), DB 170 [Claedesbrim Castle level 2]
Spider, greater: 8th level, slow speed, small creature, web
   Stab (70), Pincher (70), Bite (70), DB 40 [Mine, crevice]
Spider, major: 19th level, fast speed, long-duration web
   Pincher (120), Stab (120), DB 90 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 4]
Spirit, tree: 17th, unlife, casts call lightning, boil earth, hues, blur
   Ensnare (120), Swing (140), DB 240 [Dead Forest]
Tatzelwurm: 3rd level, 6/rnd poison, small creature
   Claw (60), Bite (50), DB 45 [Mine]
Threk: 8th level, animal, large creature, fast speed
   Charge (30), Bite (70), Claw (40), DB 55 [UK Foothills, Claedes. Gorge]
Titan: 14th level, large, stomp, casts weaponfire, lightning bolt (80)
   War mattock (105), reinforced leather, DB 85 [Blototh]
Torkaan: 1st level, slow speed, animal
   Bite (20), Claw (20), DB 0 [Kelfour Exterior/Lower Dragonsfang]
Troglodyte: 3rd level, very slow
   Cudgel (45), shield, light hide, DB 30 [Mine]
Troll, cave: 12th level, large creature, very slow speed
   Cudgel (135), heavy hide, 30 DB [Danjirland, Caves]
   Claw (150), 30 DB [Danjirland, Caves]
   Mace (127), full leather, DB 37 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 1]
Troll, forest: 6th level, slow speed
   Cudgel (36), heavy hide, DB 25 [Upper Kaldsfang]
   Flail or Dagger (40), heavy hide, DB 25 [Upper Kaldsfang, across bridge]
   Claw (60), Bite (60), heavy hide, DB 25 [Danjirland/Claedesbrim Forest]
Troll, hill: 11th level, medium speed, unstunnable
   Two-handed sword (110), augmented breastplate, DB 70 [W. of Danjir sign]
Troll, war: 10th level, medium speed, large creature
   War hammer (120), chain hauberk, shield, DB 50 [Danjirland, path]
   Halberd (120), reinforced leather, DB 50 [Claedesbrim Castle]
Werebear: 10th level, medium speed, unlife
   Charge (90), Claw (95), Bite (85), DB 68 [Claedesbrim Cavern/Low. Dr. F.]
Wight, barrow: 15th level, slow speed, unlife, cast fear, life level drain
   Broadsword or claw (165), metal breastplate, DB 135 [Barrow mound]
Wight lord: 17th level, medium speed, unlife, life level drain,
            cast stun cloud, fear, wizard shield, boil earth
   Falchion (155), DB 160 [Claedesbrim Dungeon level 4]
Wolf, ghost: 11th level, unlife, fast speed, disease
   Bite (100), DB 65 [Tower exterior]

Wolverine: 5th level, animal, medium speed, 4/rnd disease
   Bite (45), Claw (45), DB 50 [Lower Dragonsfang, Kelfour Exterior]

Worm, cave: 10th level, medium speed, 20/rnd poison
   Bite (120), Ensnare (90), Charge (110), DB 55 [Mine]

Wraith: 15th level, Medium speed, unlife, casts word of stun, fear,
        cold ball (90), lightning bolt (90)
   Short sword (110), DB 110 [Claedesbrim Castle level 2]
                                -24-                               (More)
                   * * * Special Ability Glossary * * *

 Acid spray:  Acid is sprayed at you;  you have  a chance to  avoid it.  If
              you are hit, you may lose up to 25 concussion points.
 Cast:        This monster can  cast the spells  indicated.  See the  Tomes
              of  Kulthea for  more  information  on what  these spells do.
              The one you won't  find is  the "fear" spell, employed by the
              more powerful  unlife  monsters.  This  spell has a chance of
              making  you  drop  what  you are holding  and flee in terror,
              or  immobilizing  you  (see  gaze).  Elemental attack  spells
              have  their  applicable  offensive bonuses listed next to the
 Disease:     If bitten, you may contract a disease which will cause you to
              lose concussion points every  round.  You will lose the  full
              amount the first round, and then it will decrease  the damage
              by one concussion  point the next round, until it  dissipates
              at zero damage.  For example, a disease doing 4/rnd  would do
              4 concussion points of damage the  first round, 3 the second,
              2 the third and 1 the last, for a total of 10.
 Gaze:        A gaze will  either immobilize you (but not cause you to drop
              what you are holding, as in the fear spell), causing  your DB
              to drop and making you unable to move, or simply make you un-
              able to move for a short amount of time. High self discipline
              is a defense against this.
 Immune:      Creatures immune to heat or cold elemental attacks.
 Life drain:  Upon contact with a claw attack, you  will  lose 1 life level
              point temporarily.  Note: losing all life levels  annihilates
              the soul and destroys the character permanently.
 Poison:      Effectively the same as a disease.
 Stomp:       Creatures with this ability stomp on the ground and cause you
              to fall over.  Make sure you stand back up right away.
 Unstunnable: This creature cannot be stunned.
 Web:         If you  are  webbed, you  will be  unable  to  move  and your
              strength and quickness bonuses are lost for the duration.

  / \    HALL OF FAME                                                        \
  |      Kelfour Edition Extends its most HeartFelt Congratulations to:     |
  |         Lady Kayla Kyndhart, Lord Dagmar Istarii, Lord FXG Lyon         |
  |_           and Lord Erebor Bordeaux for attaining Noble Rank!           |
  | Bard      Mendle Seldagrave    16 |  High Human  Angeleyes DuLac     15 |
  | Ranger    FXG Lyon             20 |  Common Man  Beolost Lamontt     14 |
  | Mage      Dagmar Istarii       22 |  Dwarf       Vesitsa Talchild    15 |
  | Fighter   Kirc Bloodguard      15 |  Halfling    Doppel Ganger       11 |
  | Thief     Riverwind Entreri    18 |  Wood Elf    Celeborn Greyswndir 10 |
  | Cleric    Erebor Bordeaux      20 |  High Elf    Strom O'Berin       11 |
  | Sorceror  Airioch Ramthanadox  11 |  Half Elf    Dagmar Istarii      22 |
  | Healer    Kayla Kyndhart       21 |  Fair Elf    Erebor Bordeaux     21 |
/@|  Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race - December 1, 1990  |
/ \      __ \             The Fall of Queen Inobe
\@|     /~| |             -----------------------
  |    //~| |              by Wisraith Winterwind
  |   //|~| |
 _|  //=|~| |
/@| //  |~| |s a matter  of  histor-   The High Priest was born of the dark
\_/~~   ~ ~ / ical record, the  Cult   breed  of  elves,  the Dyar.  He was
  ----------  of    the    Sea-Drake   old; dark power having preserved his
was   largely  responsible  for  the   body  and his will for long on long.
downfall of the Realm of U-Lyshak on   In  his younger days he was known as
the  isle-continent of Jaiman toward   Aeryk,  though  he had not used that
the  end  of the second era (the Era   name  in  thousands  of years.  Some
of  Ire).   This effort was directed   say  he  yet lives, having been long
by  the  High Priest of Yarthraak at   in hiding, waiting for the Unlife to
the  behest  of Lorgalis (also known   grow  again  in  strength  so he may
as  the  Magician  to  the  Schola),   begin anew the task of throwing down
perhaps   the   most   devoted   and   the land of U-Lyshak.
powerful  servant of Kadaena and the
Unlife  on  this,  our continent, of   Each  year  it  seemed the cult grew
Jaiman.   Many  are the tales of woe   stronger,   taking  power  from  the
from  this  time, some chronicled on   throne.  Norek's allies were weak or
dusty scrolls and others passed down   under  siege themselves, however, so
through  generations  by  story  and   to prevent violence and the death of
song.    This  tale  I  have  pieced   his  people,  Phionam  allowed  this
together  from  stories of my child-   erosion  of  his  power, ever hoping
hood  and  lore  of  the  many story   for   help   from  some,  from  any,
tellers I have sought in my travels.   quarter.   Over the years, the shift
                                       of  power  encompassed  religious as
In  the  southwest  og  the  land of   well as political freedoms in Norek.
U-Lyshak lay the city of Norek, well
known  for its beautiful bridges and   Since  the founding of the city, the
busy  port  on the Alunn River, near   people  of  Norek  had held a yearly
the  Bay  of  Elysea.  Isolated from   festival to worship their god, Kuor.
its  neighbors  by the Elven Forest,   However,  at the end of a dark year,
Remiriath,     it     was    largely   that   they   called   Year  of  the
independent from the capital city of   Serpent,  at  Yarthraak's insistence
Helyssa.  Norek was ruled with grace   it  was decreed that holiday prepar-
any justice by its king, Phionam and   ations  continue  but  that  Kuor be
its queen, Inobe.                      worshipped  no  more.  Kadaena would
                                       instead  be the object of veneration
Inobe  was  a  proud woman, and many   and  celebration.   Appalled at this
felt she had a right to be so.  Tall   blasphemy,  many  protested but more
and    beautiful,    her    subjects   were  afraid  and  obeyed  the  High
virtually  worshipped  her.   But to   Priest's commandment.
her,   all   this   was  as  nothing
compared to her pride and joy in her   Only  one was brave (or foolish, the
motherhood  of  seven sons and seven   tales  differ  here) enough to stand
daughters.   These children promised   against  this  evil  decree.  At the
to  grow  up  as  beautiful as their   peak   of  the  somber  celebration,
mother  and as wise as their father.   Queen    Inobe    strode    to   the
The  royal  brood  was  the  hope of   sacrificial  altar,  swept aside the
Norek,  shedding  light  on a future   priests  that  attempted to restrain
which  was rapidly being darkened by   her  and  harangued  the crowd.  She
the   ever-growing   shadow  of  the   raged  at  them,  how could they bow
presence   of   the   Cult   of  the   down and  grovel before the image of
Sea-Drake  and  the influence of the   the  evil  Kadaena?   Who  was  this
High Priest of Yarthraak.              mistress of the  Unlife  whose  only
                                   -26-                         (Continued)

spawn  were  ugly  twisted creatures   disbelieving  that  her  sons  were
who  inspired  madness  in  all  who   dead, gathered her daughters to her
beheld  them?   She  proclaimed that   and ran to the courtyard.
the  royal family would never submit
to  such  humiliation;  they  always   At  the  very  sight  of the twisted
had, and always would, worship Kuor.   corpses,  the  girls fell weeping by
Claiming  a  living family as strong   the  bodies  of their beloved broth-
and  lovely  as  her own would never   ers. Inobe barely noticed the spraw-
fall  to Kadaena and her misbegotten   led  form  of her husband, so intent
brood, she stood fair and proud over   was  she on the rest of the carnage.
a  people  torn  between loyalty and   Hidden,  the assassins struck again.
fear.   Finally,  it  was  the king,   Six writhing girls fell shrieking in
himself,  who  restrained  her, pro-   agony,  dying beside their brothers.
bably saving her life by placing her   Crying in fear, the youngest toddled
in  the  inner sanctum of the palace   to  her  mother who swept her up and
away  from the malevolent ire of the   held  her  fiercely  to  her breast.
deputies of the Priest.                She   cursed   the  hidden  killers,
                                       demanding they face her.
Enraged  by  her insolence, the next
day  Yarthraak dispatched two assas-   As    she    stood   defiant,   they
sins,  a  man and a woman cloaked in   deliberately drew their bows and let
black,  to the palace to satisfy the   fly.   Two  arrows  struck  the baby
sacrifice Kadaena demanded in retri-   girl  with  such force they traveled
bution.   They  crept  to the palace   on  to  impale  her  mother's heart.
courtyard    where    Inobe's   sons   Some  say  she  died of shock before
practiced   at   arms,  running  and   the   arrows   pierced  her  breast.
laughing.  One by one, the assassins   Inobe crumpled to the ground, locked
shot   down   the  bewildered  boys,   in death with her youngest child.
leaving   the  bodies  riddled  with
poisoned  black  arrows, grimaces of   After  the  slaughter  of  the royal
pain  and fear frozen on their young   family,  the  Cult  of the Sea-Drake
faces.    The  two  retired  to  the   seized    those    govern-    mental
shadows to wait.                       functions   they  did  not  control;
                                       Norek,  its  population  terrorized,
News   of   the   slaughter  quickly   fell   to  chaos  and  the  yoke  of
reached  the  ears  of  the parents.   Kadaena.   Not  un-  til the Wars of
The king arrived first and, stricken   Dominion  and  dawn  of our age were
with grief at the death of his sons,   Inobe  and  her  city avenged by the
the Phionam slit his throat.  Inobe,   power of the Loremasters.

          Master Death
        by Raven Brightwing                                      /
                                                     \         /
O Death you are my master                             \----- -/
Cold darkness begins to engulf me                     /\__ __/ \
I try to fight, but fall faster                         \__ /\  \
There is nothing more left to see                   / / /\ /\ \  \
                                                  -- -----<>------ ---
As I fall I grope the air                           \ \ \/ \/ /  / |
I call for help, but no one can hear                   \/___\/     |
All I see is your empty stare                         \/-----\/    *
Your eyes show there is nothing to fear               /       \   ^^^
                                                     /         \
 I relax and let you pull me in
I surrender with no hope to win
I approach you, my Master, with no qualms
I only hope you embrace me with open arms         -Cris Fenn


 ______________              The Jaded Oracle
/ \ ____  ____ \             """"""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|  /~/~ |         by Miss Louvella Parsnips
  |  |~|_/~/   |
  |  |~|~\~\   |
 _|  |~|  \~\  |elfour's   has  been   Speaking  of  bundles, Angelique and
/@| _|~|   \~\_| set  aflame   by  a   Lal  Nirandra are expecting delivery
\_/ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~/  nasty   fight  be-   of  their's any time now.  We wonder
  ------------- tween cleric  Erebor   if  it  is  the  product  of Lal, or
Bordeaux  and  ranger  Rune Arundel.   mayhaps   another   of   our  virile
Of  course,  we  know the real scoop   adventurers,  many of whom have been
and are delighted to make it public.   seen  in  company  with  the popular
It  seems  that  Rune typically lost   mage,  and none of whom resemble her
her  temper  and  said  a few choice   husband in the slightest.  'Twill be
words  to  Erebor, who grew mightily   interesting  to see the color of the
insulted    and   threw   down   his   child eyes, eh?
falchion,  vowing to leave the lands
forever.    Pretty  funny  when  you   Wedding  bells  will ring this month
recall that  it   was  Erebor's bad-   for   two   of   our   more  visible
mouthing  which   kicked   off   the   residents;   the  much  sought-after
dispute   that  culminated  in   our   mage  Phaedra Bleu, who was won over
first  Tribunal  decision  not  long   at last by long-time resident ranger
ago.  Nevertheless, Erebor has since   Landreth deLorde.  Now, we know that
become  near  and dear to the hearts   opposites attract, but we can't help
of   our   erstwhile   residents  (a   wondering  about  the  future  of  a
sentiment   that  just  happened  to   union  between  one who is decidedly
coincide with his ability to perform   evil   and   another  who  has  done
resurrections, of course)  which, in   everything  to  wipe evil from land.
turn, incited them to madness; death   Should  there come an uprising, will
threats   toward   Rune   flew  like   this  happy couple oppose each other
arrows.  Safe from threats since she   during  the  day  and  <heh> attract
was  already  dead  (not  to mention   each other at night?  And what about
deedless), Rune apologized publicly,   a  certain  spurned  healer  who has
calming  some  of  them, although it   long   carried   a   torch  for  the
was   Erebor  himself  who  smoothed   handsome, blond ranger?  Will she be
things  over and has since returned.   in  the  wedding party, which is set
All is well?  Well, we wonder if any   on  Winter Solstice and reads like a
of those threats still stand.          social  registry  of Kulthea?  Could
                                       be a *very* interesting ceremony.
Rune   has  been  spreading  herself
around   since  the  much  discussed   Cheldar's Bath house suddenly became
departure  of another certain cleric   popular  last  month,  when a number
(who,  as  far as we can tell, still   of highly regarded  residents  spent
hasn't actually left) and it appears   the weekend there, sitting, no less,
that  she  is expecting a bundle  of   in the  water closet behind the tap-
joy sometime next year.  The father?   estry just inside  the  front  door.
We  are  not, as Rune would have us,   Suppose they were playing Canasta?

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