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/ \                                                                         \
|  |                                              Happy New Year! ----====* |
|                                                                         |
|  XXXX         XXX       XX     XXXXX                                    |
|xXX XX       XXX        XX     XX  XX                                    |
|    XX     XXX          XX    XX    X                                    |
|    XX   XXX    XXXXXXX XX    XX      XXXXXXXXX  XXX     XX    XX  XXXX  |
|    XX XXX    XXX    XX XX   xXXXXXX XX       XX XXX     XX   XXX XX     |
|    XXXXX   XXX       X XX    XX  XX XX       XX  XX     XX    XXX       |
|    XXXX   XXXXXxxx     XX    XX   X XX      XX   XX     XX    XX        |
|    XXXXX   XXX         XX    XX     XX     XX    XX    XXX  x XX        |
|    XXXXXX    XXXx      XX  x XX      XX   XX     XX  XX XX XX XXX       |
|    XX  XXX     XXXXXxx XXxXX XX       XXXX        XXX   XXXX  XX        |
|    XX    XX            XXXX  XX                                         |
|   xXX     XX xX             XX        The Kronicles                     |
|  XXX       XXX            xXX               of Kulthea:  Vol.1, No. 8   |
|                        XXX           X                   January 1991   |
| XXXXXXXXXXXXX         XX     XXX    XX     XXX           """"""""""""   |
|XX XX        XX        XX    XXX   XXXX    XXX                           |
|X  XX         X        XX         XXXXXXXX                               |
|   XX           XXXXXXXXX     XX     XX     XX     XXXXXXXX   XX  XXXX   |
|  XXXXXXXX     XX      XX    XXX     XX    XXX    XX      XX XXX XX  XX  |
|   XX    X     XX      XX     XX     XX     XX    XX      XX  XXX    XX  |
|   XX          XX     XXX  x  XX  x  XX  x  XX  x XX     XX   XX     XX  |
|   XX       XX  XX   X XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX XX  XX   XX    XX     XX x|
|  XXX     XXX    XXXX  XXXX   XXXX   XXXX   XXXX    XXXXX     XX     XXXX|
| XXXXXXXXXXX                                                             |
 /                                                                        |
|      Local News ...............................................   1     |
|      Editorial .................................... Usul Lu'Nak   2     |
|      The Warlock's Revenge (Quest report) ....... Lythe L'Green   3     |
|      Gladitorial Games Update ................... Vlad Drakulya   6     |
|      My Troll ........................................ Calliope   6     |
|      Seven Artifacts ................................ Anonymous   7     |
|      Letter.................................. Lord Yuri Hanbidt   8     |
|      Everything About Weapons & Armor .. Yashantre Spleenbender   9     |
|      Castle Cladesbrim Maps................ Wisraith Winterwind  11     |
|      School of Life, Guest Editorial ... Synyster DIAMOND-NINJA  15     |
|      Battlefield Blues ......................... Rhys Corwinson  16     |
|      Shadow over Kulthea ........................ Lythe L'Green  19     |
|      Art of Macros, Part II .................... Nastorm Trevin  21     |
|      Hall of Fame .............................................  22     |
|      How Synyster Was Lost ..............Synyster DIAMOND-NINJA  23     |
|      Kalagay Comes to Kelfour's ............... Kalagay Halatil  25     |
|      To Fly ................................... Damiano Faustas  28     |
|      The Poisoned Quill ................ Miss Louvella Parsnips  29     |
| The Kelfour Edition of the  Kronicles of Kulthea is devoted to the game |
| GemStone III on the GEnie Information Network.  Submissions are welcome |
| and  may be  edited for space, accuracy  and readability.  Contact Usul |
| Lu'Nak,  Editor-In-Chief, Landreth  deLorde, Technical Editor, Phaedra  |
| Bleu, Publisher, or send GEnie Email to P.HERRINGTON.  Banner by Dagger |
|   ______________________________________________________________________|__

    Local News                  *==---  *==-- *=--- *-  *   * -* ---=*   *
    """"""""""      *==-----      *===---  *=-- *-*- *   * * *-* -==*    -=*
       *==------               *==---    *==-- *- *-  1991  -* -* ----===*
                                           *--   * / /   \ \ *  ----=*
           Happy New Year!            *=--    * *  *  * * \ \  \
                     *======----------          / *  /  I I \  *  \  *
As promised last month, read Lythe's           /  * / * * *  \     \   *
report  on  Mad Melgorehn's Quest on          /    /          *     \
page  3.   And  Kelfour's  Landing's         / Three New Shops Open  \
First    Gladitorial    Games    are        /  ""/""""""""""""""""""  \
scheduled for Saturday January 12th.   Need/ a pick-me-up?  Drop by the\new
See Vlad's update on page 6.           Bak/ery /for a  donut  and  a mug\of
                                       st/rong/ Kulthean coffee. Or order\a
             Real Estate               b/irth/day cake for your next party\
             """""""""""               /Don't miss the sparkling assortment*
Now you  can  own a  home inside the  /of rings and fine jewelry (including
walls  of  Kelfour's  Landing.    In * a l/ovely diamond bracelet priced at
fact,  two such  Houses  of  Kulthea   on/ly 94,500 silvers) available from
(established  to promote the social,   K/elfour's Gemcutter.   And the next
professional and  political goals of   /time a loved one bites the dust, be
its membership) are about to go into  /sure  to order  him  or her a  fresh
place:   The  House  of  the  Rising / Lily  Wreath from the new florist on
Phoenix  established   by   Wisraith/  Moonstone Lane; only 13,800 silvers.
Winterwind, and the House of Paupers   All  shops  offer  special  backroom
established   by   Kirc  Bloodguard.   merchandise to preferred clientele.
Rules and  guidelines for setting up
YOUR  House  are available  in  /the              Wedding Bells
Tomes.  Tours  of these Houses /will              """""""""""""
undoubtedly be popular.       /        In  a small, private ceremony Taarna
                             /         Wayfinder and  Ilstar Dark\edge were
                            /          married on New Year's morn.\  And in
      Both Sides of the Fence          a lavish production which featured a
      """""""""""""""""""""""          party of nine members (each w\ith an
"You  look like  you  nee/d cheering   elaborate new  Special Descrip\tion)
up,"  whispered the Shaa/ljin  monk.   KE  Publisher Phaedra  Blue mar\ried
"Perhaps  this quotatio/n  from  the   Landreth deLorde on Winter Solstice.
holy   books  will  he/lp ease  your   KE wishes both couples the best. \
troubled spirit."    /                       /\                          \
                    /                       /  \                          \
"If your soul has a/dark, dark stain       /   _\ --------------===========*
 and from evil you/would refrain,         / + |                            |
    Go to the pla/ce,                    /+   |We have QUESTS!  A permanent|
    of your secr/et disgrace,           /    +|kind of quest rose up in the|
and kneel when/ you pull the chain!"   /\_/\  |plains last month as a grand|
              /                        (    | |mountain complete with maze,|
          Sto/rage lockers             /     \|puzzles   and   magic   item|
          ""/"""""""""""""              =    \|recharge  features.  Details|
If your backpack pokes uncomfortably    /  /  /|in the next Edition.       |
consider dropping by Moot Hall where   /__/  / |                           |
you can n/ow store up to 10 items in        *  |Watch  for  information  in|
a  perso/nal locker.  Guarded by the        A  |GemStone about a  Quest for|
town mi/litia,  these squeaky-doored        r T|which  you  can Register in|
contai/ners cost only 25 silvers per        t w|advance with  your friends.|
visit, plus 10 silvers for each item          i|Perhaps you'll need  to use|
stor/ed therein.                            b e|the new SING, LEAN and DUCK|
   /                                        y  |game commands for it.      |
  *                                                ---------===============*
   __________               Starting in the Middle
  /\  _____  \              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  \@| ~|_|~  |                  by Usul Lu'Nak
    |  |~|   |                  Editor In Chief
    |  |~|   |
   _|  |~|   |
  /@| _|~|_  |  now  know  GemStone's    The first thing to understand about
  \_/ ~~~~~  /  secret  name.  It  is  the middle  bits is where they begin.
    ~~~~~~~~~   Endurance.  Not as an  The transition can  come at any time,
ultimate  goal (though that  ambition  after  your first  Tork or  your five
runs strong  in most  of us) but as a  hundredth Crystal Golem. This pointof
constant condition  of the  game.  We  transition  is subjective  and wholly
players, like  marathon  runners  and  internal.  For make no  mistake about
political hostages, must know  how to  it:  For the record, this  transition
endure, or else  nothing we  have  so  cannot be avoided. You can only avoid
arduously earned can be made real.     the middle  bits by quitting, letting
    Beginnings come easily, as easily  go, a price which  is too high.  Much
as  the stroke of midnite summons New  higher than the  cost of carrying on.
Year's Day.  To begin  GSIII you only  If you feel the same way, you can use
need an  idea for  a character  and a  that feeling  to  carry  you  forward
basic  knowledge of  the  skill-based  past the bleak times. For that matter
character  manager.   A  few battles,  the evolving  and  multiplayer nature
trial  deaths,  and possibly  rerolls  of this game offers a ray of hope.
later,  you're  on  your  way.   Most       Speed  helps, too.  Every player
players gladly help beginners along.   carries his own  kind  of inertia.  A
   So much for beginnings.             good  launch and a steady hand on the
   Endings are also no biggie. I mean  aft thrusters  can  Zip you  past all
level 100 is kinda high up there,  if  manner of obstacles.  I  once  saw an
you get my meaning. So (stripping out  airline pilot with a button that read
all the poetic mumbo-jumbo) the truth  MAINTAIN  THY  FLIGHT SPEED, LEST THE
of the matter is that The End will be  GROUND  RISE  UP TO SMITE THEE!  They
even  easier, albeit  more  emotional  struck  me  as good words, as I think
than the start.  When  you  begin you  the the middle bits in GemStone yield
are confronted  with the challenge of  better  to  steady  pressure  than to
making  one  choice out of  hundreds,  irregular  headbanging.  I like  them
but by the time you are ready for the  even  more  after  experimenting with
final trip to The Inn, your options    a measured  pace instead of alternate
are few and possibly even welcome!     lulls and frenzies.
  Any athlete will tell you the first     Routines  DON'T  help. Avoid them!
and  last  laps  are  the  easy ones.  They may get you  from level to level
The  real challenge isn't  beginnings  more  rapidly,  but  they do horrible
or  endings,  it's  the  middle bits.  things to feed the doldrums. So mount
For that's where endurance raises its  challenges for yourself.  Double back
wary/weary head.  The middle bits are  on your path or strike out for unfam-
hell. Yep, starting is fun. Finishing  iliar  places  and  creatures.  Throw
is  release.  But in the middle, when  wrenches into the works.  Experiment!
you're  trying to maintain  your worn  Fact  is, you WANT to be there, so do
and flagging interest and all you can  your damnest to enjoy the scenery and
do  is  hang in there  (and I do mean  ROLEPLAY, 'cause  to  the  best of my
hang), then  playing  becomes binary.  knowledge, there are no magic spells,
Endure  and  play  on, or  fail.  Any  nostrums, or special  items  that can
RPGer knows this. The middle bits are  protect you  against the middle bits!
the  graveyard  of  too  many aborted  There is _only_  endurance, fueled by
computer RPG's.  But  the multiplayer  determination and buttressed by ROLE-
nature  of  GemStone  III gives us  a  PLAY  and  camaraderie.  That  is  the
new  perspective  on this beast which  unique  solution of GemStone:  Endure
quagmires us with its slow assault.    we  must, but we need not do it alone.

 ____________              The Warlock's Revenge
/ \      __  \             """""""""""""""""""""
\@|     / ~| |         Quest Report by Lythe L'Green
  |    //|~| |
 _|   //=|~| |ll night, we  had been   We  walked down the dragon machine's
/@|  //  |~| | waiting  expectantly.   throat and found a bubbling cauldron
\_/ ~~   ~~~ /If the whispers around   hooked  to  an  elaborate  system of
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Kelfour's Landing were   pipes.   Suddenly,  Valeria and Rune
true,  a  great  and  dark power had   appeared    beside   us;   obviously
returned:  Melgorehn the mad warlock   anything  as  big as this dragon was
was upon the land once again.          going to attract a lot of attention.

Sooner  or  later,  something had to   We then split up and began exploring
happen.   I  and  a  few others left   the  inards  of this dragon.  Before
town to explore the wilds, to see if   long, Valeria and I had discovered a
anything extraordinary had happened.   control room which featured a series
                                       of  levers, a communications system,
I  journeyed into the southern areas   and  a  log.  The levers didn't seem
of  the  Upper  Kaldsfang,  beyond a   to  do  anything  but  make gurgling
familiar   sign   which   warned  of   sounds   deep   within  the  dragon.
"Danjir." It was then that I heard a   However,  the log appeared to have a
deafening crash up a small path that   checklist  of items, the last few of
led  into  the  forest.   Quickly, I   which  had  not  been completed.  We
went to investigate.                   didn't  know  quite  what to make of
                                       it;  it  made  references to a place
I  found  a  truly amazing sight:  A   called  Terror's Stump and mentioned
mammoth  peacock-colored  dragon lay   other  arcane terms I'd  never heard
on  the ground, apparently sleeping.   of  in  all  my  training as a mage.
Knowing  this beast was probably one   However,  we  finally concluded that
of  the most powerful living things,   this  dragon was some sort of flying
I decided to remain motionless for a   machine,   and   this  room  somehow
while;  dragons  are said to be able   controlled it.
smell  enemies  from  a  mile  away.
However,  it  did  not  move,  and I   We  left  this  room  to explore the
began  to  wonder  if  it  was still   remainder  of  the dragon, and found
alive.   Perhaps  that crash was the   that  there  were  now  no less than
sound  of  it  being felled from the   thirty   people   inside.    It  was
sky  by  a  more  powerful brute.  I   becoming  a popular place!  A number
rejected  this idea after failing to   of   machines  had  been  discovered
notice any sign of injury on it.       within  the dragon.  One could grind
                                       agates  into  a  fine,  powdery sub-
Another  minute  passed.  Finally, I   stance   and   another   produced  a
gathered  my courage and touched it.   strange  yellow  gook.   Yet another
Its side was cold, like metal!  This   heated  the  various substances into
was  no  living creature, I thought.   others.  Someone even found interest
It  must  be  some gigantic machine!   in  the  bluish waste products of an
At  last  free of all fear, I kicked   aggressive furry animal.
it.   The  sound reverberated across
the  whole structure.  Yes, this was   In any case, someone finally came up
a machine.                             with  the  bright  idea  of  tossing
                                       these  substances into the cauldron.
I  raced  to find Riverwind, who had   To   our   surprise,  some  of  them
been  exploring  other areas nearby.   flashed  violently  when  put there.
He stared at it in awe for a moment,   As  more  were  added,  the sound of
and  we cast wisdom aside and walked   groaning machinery could be heard in
directly  into  the  dragon's mouth,   the  next  room, and a hiss of steam
which was hanging wide open.           rushed through the pipes.
                                    -3-                             More...


Nearby,   what  could  only  be  the   Upstairs,  people  began to push and
dragon's    bladder    had    become   pull  the levers in the control room
inflated.  Somehow, those substances   randomly.  And this time, a lot more
which  could be found throughout the   than gurgling happened -- the dragon
dragon  acted  as  some sort of fuel   lurched upwards and began to fly!
when  placed  in  the cauldron; this
would  then  cause  steam to fill up   Everyone  inside  the  dragon rushed
the  bladder,  allowing  its massive   into  the  control  room to see what
machinery to become operable!          was  happening.  It was true!  Below
  [Dragon, Head]
  You  are  in  what is obviously the Dragon's head.  This cramped room is
  moulded  into the shape of a large seat facing forward.  In front of the
  seat  is a metallic panel displaying several levers organized in groups.
  Two  giant,  round windows (the Dragon's eye when seen from the outside)
  provide  a compelling view.  Two large pipes lead down through the floor
  directly  alongside  a small hatch.  You also see a flared opening, what
  appears  to  be  some kind of log attached by a wire to the panel and an
  Read log:
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Load cargo at Melgorehn's Tower                                  |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Load supplies                                                    |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Secure Master in Chamber (orders to be awakened only on delivery)|
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Pre-flight check                                                 |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Prime mixture, bring to lifting ready                            |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Lift off at midnight                                             |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Landfall, Quellbourne; 3 day, 4 night journey                    |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Land and Resupply (careful, indigenous ingredients more volatile)|
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Ground expedition: locate Terror's Stump                         |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Pre-flight check                                                 |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Lift off at midnight                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 |       Effect pressure releases                                         |
 |   /                                                                    |
 | \/    Final rituals for Seed implantation                              |
 |                                                                        |
 |       Land at Terror's Stump                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 |       Awaken Master, await further orders                              |
 |                                                                        |


us could be seen the forest!           time,  there  was  no crash landing.
                                       At  the  hands of our skilled pilot,
I don't know who was at the controls   Airioch,  we  flew  through canyons,
then,  but  they  did something that   over   the   forests  of  the  Upper
caused  the  fuel  to  be  instantly   Kaldsfang  and over vast grasslands.
consumed.    Without   warning,  the   It was an amazing sight to behold.
dragon began to hurdle downward.  It
was  starting  to look like boarding   The  dragon  was  set  down  finally
this beast was a bad idea.             somewhere  in  the  Upper Kaldsfang,
                                       and  Wisraith, Beolost and I went to
As  we  crashed  into  the ground, I   explore  where it was we had landed.
remember  being  knocked  about, and   The wilderness was familiar; most of
then  a great darkness came over me.   us  had  traversed  the area on many
A  few minutes later, I was revived;   occassions.   However,  we  found  a
someone  tried to tell me I had been   place   nobody   had  every  noticed
dead  for  a few moments, but I will   before.   An  ancient tree stump lay
never  know.  All I will say is that   on  the  ground, its age far too old
Erebor, High Priest of Eissa, worked   to calculate.  Perhaps irrationally,
a great miracle to save me that day.   I  felt  a  fear of the thing.  Some
                                       terrible aura seemed to surround it;
Licking  our  wounds, we prepared to   an   imperceivable  evil  seemed  to
fly the dragon again.  This time, we   permeate the very air nearby.
would  be organized.  Riverwind took
charge  as  captain, and assembled a   Was   this  the  Terror  Stump  men-
flight  staff while I took charge of   tioned  on the log?  If so, we would
operations below to create new fuel.   have  to  contact  the  crew  of the
                                       dragon,  for  this  was  the  proper
Before  long,  we had a massive pile   destination!  If we could only bring
of  the  substances  required to fly   it  here,  perhaps  we  would  learn
the  dragon.   We readied ourselves,   more.
and  attempted  lift off once again.
From above, Riverwind's voice echoed   After another brief flight under the
to us to prepare for takeoff.  Those   navigation  of Beolost, we were able
of us in engineering started to pile   to  find  the  stump  easily enough.
fuel   into   the  cauldron  on  his   But  when we landed, we learned that
command.   For a moment, we all felt   we  had  unwittingly  unleashed  the
the  floor  drop  out from under us.   might  of  Melgorehn  upon the land.
We were in the air again.              The   voice   of  the  evil  warlock
                                       resounded   throughout   the   ship,
This  was not a good day for flying.   thanking  us for performing what his
Once  again, an error had been made,   inept servants could not.  Some evil
and  we  went  into  another  uncon-   seed  had  been  planted beneath the
trolled  dive.   Most of us survived   stump.
the crash landing; we can only thank
the   builders  of  the  dragon  for   We quickly gathered our strength for
making it so incredibly strong.        we  then  knew  that  for the second
                                       time in memory, Melgorehn would have
A  dead silence fell over the dragon   to  be  defeated.  We rushed through
for  the  next  fifteen  minutes, as   the  ship,  until  we  found  a pre-
those  in  the control room tried to   viously  impassible  portal.  Beyond
understand   what  had  gone  wrong.   lay  a  metal hatch, and from within
Luckily,  we had plenty of fuel left   could  hear thumping and scratching.
for more attempts.                     Surely, this was to be our conflict.
Eventually,  Riverwind  informed  us   And  then  the  battle  was upon us.
they  had finally come to understand   Melgorehn  summoned his minion lords
how   the  dragon  worked.   Without   to  confront us, but these were foul
warning,  it  took  off again!  This   manifestations  of  the  Unlife  and
                                    -5-                             More...
were dispatched cunningly by Erebor.    _____________   Gladitorial Games
The  warlock became our sole  enemy.   / \ _________ \       Update
                                       \@| ||-|-|-|| |       ~~~~~~
We used guerrilla tactics to assault     | ~~ |~| ~~ |  by Vlad Drakulya
the  mad warlock, but found that our    _|    |~|    |
weapons were all but useless against   /@|    |~|    |he Gladitorial  Games
his  mighty  power.  Fire rolled off   \_/   ~~~~~   /are a go!  They  will
his back like water.  Swords bounced     ~~~~~~~~~~~~ be  held on Saturday,
from his wizard shield like toys.      January 12, starting about noon PST.
                                       Since  details of the rules have not
Finally,  we  decided to channel all   been  worked  out  at  press time, I
our  powers  into  one person:  Lord   direct   all   those  interested  in
Dagmar,  the  greatest wizard in the   competing,  watching,  or betting on
land. He drew out his metal wand and   the  games  to Scorpia's RoundTable.
prepared  to hurl balls of pure cold   From  most  prompts, type M805;1 and
at  Melgorehn.   The Ranger Lord Fxg   change  to  Category  20.  The Games
weaved a spell of guidance upon him,   are being discussed in Topic 22.
granting  a  spiritual  force  which
would  direct  Dagmar's hand to make   You   will   find  some  interesting
the  deadliest blows.  I cast spells   reading  there  as  people have made
upon  him  to grant him the strength   some great suggestions.  When I have
of giants and the speed of the wind.   finalized all the rules, I will post
                                       a  final  message  there  describing
Our  plan  worked!  Slowly, the war-   everything  that  will  be going on.
lock's  power began to wane.  In one   The  town  "Nobility"  will  post  a
final   blast,  Dagmar's  cold  ball   message  on  the  opening  banner in
ripped   through   Melgorehn's  mid-   GemStone  once  I  have  posted that
section,  cutting  him  in  half.  A   final message on the Bulletin Board.
cold wind suddenly swept through the
room,  and his body disappeared.  As   Look for the creation of a new ARENA
the  wind shot out through the door,   for the games also!  If you have any
we heard a cackling voice behind us.   questions,   check  out  either  the
Melgorehn had been defeated for now,   December  Kelfour Edition, the Games
but  he  still lived:  We would con-   RoundTable  Bulletin  Board,  or ask
front  the  evil warlock once again.   Vlad Drakulya.  See you all there!
His   seed   had   been  planted  at
Terror's  Stump,  and  only evil was            =========\\=======
sure to grow from there.  What is to
follow  we  do  not  know,  for many
mysteries were left unanswered after
this bizarre adventure.                            My Troll
Breathing  a  sigh of relief, we set
to  the  warlock's  great treasures.          This troll is my kill
Riverwind  pulled out an odd looking          It sure ain't your kill
tool,   and   after  a  few  moments          If you don't back off
Melgorehn's  huge  trunk was opened.          I'll hack your face off
Inside  were  a  startling  array of          Don't even think it
treasures:   no  less than a hundred          I'm twice your level
thousand silver coins, talismans and          This troll was genned
amulets,  gleaming  gems  and  orbs,              for me alone...
bracers,   sapphire   rings,  and  a
myriad other beautiful items.  Those
of  us  that  had survived to defeat        Dedicated to every ambitious
Melgorehn  divided  the  spoils  and        young adventurer.
returned to town, weary but thrilled
with the day's events and anxious to                       Calliope
ponder the experience we had gained.
 _________                   Seven Artifacts
/ \ _____ \                  """""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~ |                      Anonymous
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ |n days of yore, magic was   into hiding from the Society and has
\_/ ~~~~~ / rare  and  few  were the   not been seen since.
  ~~~~~~~~  artifacts invested  with
magical  power.   Yet, by their very     The  Ring  of  Riverwind  Entreri
rarity,  each enchanted treasure was     """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
correspondingly more powerful.         A  magical diamond ring belonging to
                                       the  thief, Riverwind.  Invoking its
Herein  are  described  seven of the   powers   would  produce  a  wizardly
most  legendary  such  artifacts  of   shield  to  protect  the ring bearer
Kulthea,  each  of which is now lost   from all harm.  But upon being used
beyond  our  knowledge.  Where these   four times, the ring lost its powers
magical   devices   are   now,  what   and was destroyed.
prince's  vault  or  dragon's  hoard
they  lie  in, is unknown to us.  To            Adamantine Falchion
each  of  them  I  have ascribed the            """""""""""""""""""
name of the bold adventurer who bore   This  deadly  weapon  was the prized
it;  some  artifacts reside in these   possession of the rogue, Sly Thayer,
lands,  while others remain shrouded   who is said to have cheated the very
in ancient myth.  Here then, follows   gods  to  acquire it.  Though forged
my catalogue of ancient devices.       point-heavy for vigorous hacking and
                                       cleaving,  the  magic of the adamant
                                       of  which  the falchion was composed
 The Shield of Lelldorin Silverhair    allowed  it  to be wielded as though
 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""    it  were  light  as  a feather.  Sly
A  finely-crafted,  seamless  shield   intentionally  provoked  many  duels
taken  by  the  young  elfin warrior   with   hapless  citizens,  which  he
Lelldorin  from the warlock's tower.   invariably won due to his skill with
Blows  struck  at  the  bearer  were   weapons   and   the  magic  of  this
drawn   to  this  shield,  there  to   falchion,  until  he was struck down
glance  off  harmlessly.   Lelldorin   with  wands  by  the priestess Maya,
battled   hundreds   of  spiders  in   who  subsequently  went into hiding.
Tralog's  Mines using this shield as   Her fate, and that of the adamantine
protection.   After  a brief career,   falchion, are unknown.
he  retired  young from these lands,
taking the seamless shield with him.        The Robes of Ronin Invictus
       The Blade of Tulkas             These  magical  robes were possessed
       """""""""""""""""""             by Ronin Invictus, the most powerful
Tulkas,   greatest   of   the  early   of  the  ancient wizards.  They were
adventurers,   took   this   mithril   made  of  material soft as felt, yet
rapier  from  the  treasure trove of   strong as mail.  The robes were said
Melgorehn.   The  magicks  laid upon   to  confer  near-invulnerability  to
the  rapier  caused  it to dance and   the  wearer.  Ronin used these robes
deceive   any  parry,  seemingly  to   to become the first to battle barrow
effortlessly glide past any defense.   wights  and  survive,  hunting  them
Tulkas  used  this  blade  to  great   alone,  deep  beneath  the  Tomb  of
effect against countless trolls.  An   Kestrel  Etrevion.   Ronin  also  is
early   member  of  the  Society  of   said  to  have possessed a number of
Light,  Tulkas  subsequently  turned   strange  and unusual wands, which he
against  the  Society and was hunted   acquired from the warlock Melgorehn.
by  a  dark  assassin, which he slew   The  robes and wands went with Ronin
with  the  blade.   Tulkas then fled   when  he  passed  into  the Lands of
                                       Eternal Winter.
                                    -7-                             More...
     Seven Artifacts (continued)
                                        ___________    A Letter
       Sword of Josh de Sacro          / \ ______  \   """"""""
       """"""""""""""""""""""          \@| ~|_|~\\ |
The  thief  Josh  took  this mithril     |  |~|  |||
short  sword  from  the halls of the    _|  |~|  |||
warlock  Melgorehn.  The enchantment   /@|  |~|_// |ear Editor,
of  the  blade  would  allow  even a   \_/ ~~~~~~  /
novice  wielding  it to fight like a     ~~~~~~~~~~
master  swordsman.  The sword struck   I  am  one  of  many who has enjoyed
truer  than  a weapon of even eog or   reading  the spirited gossip of Miss
shaalk,   and  the  edge  was  sharp   Louvella  Parsnips,  but  as for the
enough  to cut stone.  Josh used the   latest  issue  [December  1990]  I'm
sword  to  battle  cave  trolls  and   afraid  she  crossed the boundary of
wights  at an early age, and to good   fun.   I  found  it  offensive.   By
effect.   Made  overconfident by his   explicitly  revealing  the  names of
possession  of  the  sword,  though,   people  who  were either her targets
Josh ventured into Danjirland alone,   or  those  involved  in  the  story,
and  was  slain  by  a  party of war   somehow  I  felt as if I was reading
trolls.  The sword was lost.           one of those cheap magazines you see
                                       in  a  supermarket  checkout  lines.
      Cloak of Dagmar Istarii          Furthermore,  most of the people who
      """""""""""""""""""""""          were the targets of this gossip have
The powerful wizard Dagmar purchased   been  undergoing  upheavals of their
this  magical cloak from a wandering   own.   As a friend to some of people
gypsy  for  the  princely  sum  of a   listed  in the column, I have talked
hundred  thousand  pieces of silver.   with   them   regarding  the  issues
Its  cloth shimmered with opalescent   mentioned.   Some  of them are still
color  that shifted and flowed so as   recovering from emotional wounds and
to   confuse  the  eye.   The  cloak   I'm  sure Miss Parsnips' column must
itself  could  turn  steel  and shed   have  been  more  than just a casual
magical  spells  like  water.  After   reminder   of   things   that   have
Dagmar  attacked  the priest Erebor,   happened in the past.
the  thief  Valeria  slew Dagmar and
stripped   the   cloak   from   him.   Considering  the fact that KE is the
Valeria  then  used  it  to  protect   official  gazette  of  Kelfour's and
herself   during  the  ensuing  feud   that  it  has CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE
between  her, Dagmar and his kin.  A   on actual Roleplaying in GemStone, I
tribunal called by the gods to bring   really   wonder   whether   it   was
the feud to a halt forced Valeria to   necessary   to   add  the  touch  of
return  the cloak to Dagmar, but not   National  Enquirer  to  this popular
before  naming a terrible curse upon   column.   At  the same time, I would
any  who  would  bear it thereafter.   like  to know if these tales by Miss
The   cloak  then  passed  into  the   Parsnips   have  been  reviewed  and
possession  of Dagmar's kinsman, the   confirmed by a reliable source.
priest Bashir, after which all trace
of it was lost.                        After all, who is this Miss Louvella
                                       Parsnips  who  seems  to  be  hiding
     +------------------------+        behind  the walls of every town inn?
     |+----------------------+|        Has  she found some way to put a bug
     ||                      ||        behind  every  door?   If this isn't
     ||         ]__________  ||        true,  is  she  one of those who has
     ||  ZZZZZZZ|__________> ||        won the favor of an omniscient GM by
     ||         ]            ||        such  means  which appear in her own
     ||                      ||        column most frequently?
     +------------------------+                           Lord Yuri Hanbidt
 ___________             Everything About Weapons and Armor
/ \ ______  \            """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~\\ |                by Yashantre Spleenbender
  |  |~|  |||
 _|  |~|  |||
/@|  |~|_// |o you get more  experience taking  damage than  dishing it out?
\_/ ~~~~~~  / Does your health description fill the entire screen? Do people
  ~~~~~~~~~~  look at your multilated limbs and exclaim,  "Is that really an
arm?"  If  so,  then this is an article for you!  An in depth look at weapon
THTs,  critical  thresholds,  and  weapon  damage against all kinds of armor
types.   That's right; toss that heavy hide and broad sword aside.  Now it's
time to find the right weapon/armor combination for you!
Before  I  continue,  I want to thank Dec for helping test out my formulated
numbers  in  actual  combat.   I'd  also  like  to  thank  Salvius  for  the
resurrection when Dec killed me during the trials.  (He'll pay for that when
I test my directed spell numbers.)
One  more  thing:   getting  all  of these weapon values took a good deal of
number  crunching.   Therefore,  there  are  probably  a  few  errors that I
overlooked.   If  you  find  a  number  that  doesn't correspond to what you
actually  see  in combat, leave a message to my address, D.HANSON4, so I can
post a correction.  Now let's get down to business.
What  the  numbers  mean:   That on the left side of each column is the THT.
The numbers in () on top of the armors are the critical hit thresholds.
Add  the  first  number  to  the THT to determine the minimum roll needed to
score a critical.  Add the second number to the THT to determine the minimum
roll needed to score a critical on the most severe table.
The  number  in  []  beside  the THT number is the damage caused  (excluding
crits) by a roll of 120.
   |         |      |   |(10/50)|(10/50)|(10/50)|(20/74)|(49/93)|(20/74)|
   |Weapon   |Str/BF|Fum|None   |L.hide |H.Hide |Ring   |C.Hau  |L.brea |
   |Dagger   |18/195| 1 |86 [07]|90 [06]|94 [06]|90 [04]|81 [04]|77 [05]|
   |Falchion |75/160| 5 |72 [19]|76 [18]|84 [16]|66 [16]|57 [14]|53 [20]|
   |Hand Axe |70/160| 4 |81 [13]|85 [11]|89 [10]|67 [13]|56 [12]|54 [16]|
   |Scimitar |60/150| 4 |81 [16]|85 [14]|89 [12]|75 [07]|66 [07]|62 [15]|
   |Rapier   |30/100| 3 |66 [10]|70 [09]|74 [09]|74 [05]|61 [06]|61 [06]|
   |Br.Sword |75/150| 3 |76 [16]|80 [14]|84 [13]|70 [11]|61 [10]|57 [14]|
   |Sh.Sword |75/185| 2 |71 [13]|75 [12]|79 [11]|75 [07]|71 [06]|62 [09]|
   |Fist     |      | 1 |101[02]|105[01]|109[01]|105[01]|96 [01]|92 [01]|
   |Cudgel   | 8/130| 3 |91 [07]|95 [06]|99 [05]|80 [08]|71 [09]|67 [11]|
   |W.Hammer |60/155| 4 |81 [12]|82 [12]|86 [10]|70 [12]|51 [14]|57 [15]|
   |Mace     |65/250| 2 |81 [11]|85 [10]|89 [09]|70 [10]|56 [12]|57 [13]|
   |M.Star   |60/145| 8 |76 [18]|80 [16]|84 [14]|65 [16]|51 [15]|52 [17]|
   |Bat.Axe  |70/155| 5 |76 [29]|80 [27]|84 [24]|70 [25]|48 [28]|57 [32]|
   |Flail    |60/150| 8 |72 [27]|76 [24]|80 [22]|60 [23]|48 [22]|47 [28]|
   |W.Mattock|60/145| 6 |76 [26]|80 [24]|84 [21]|64 [25]|46 [27]|51 [31]|
   |Staff    |20/140| 3 |91 [10]|95 [09]|99 [08]|82 [08]|73 [08]|68 [12]|
   |2-h Sword|75/200| 5 |71 [31]|75 [28]|79 [26]|62 [29]|51 [25]|49 [36]|
   |Armor Averages      |80 [16]|83 [14]|87 [13]|73 [13]|61 [13]|60 [17]|
                                    -9-                          More...
   |         |      |   | (70/104) |(70/104)  |(70/104)  |(49/93)|Weapon  |
   |Weapon   |STR/BF|Fum| Met.Brea |Half Plate|Full Plate|C.Shirt|Averages|
   |Dagger   |18/185| 1 | 51 [03]  |70 [02]   |75 [02]   |61 [06]|78 [05] |
   |Falchion |75/160| 5 | 27 [15]  |46 [12]   |51 [11]   |37 [19]|58 [16] |
   |Hand Axe |70/160| 4 | 26 [11]  |45 [09]   |50 [08]   |36 [15]|59 [12] |
   |Scimitar |60/150| 4 | 31 [07]  |50 [05]   |55 [05]   |46 [10]|64 [10] |
   |Rapier   |30/100| 4 | 49 [03]  |68 [02]   |73 [02]   |41 [08]|64 [06] |
   |Br.Sword |75/160| 3 | 31 [09]  |50 [07]   |55 [06]   |41 [13]|61 [11] |
   |Sh.Sword |75/185| 2 | 41 [05]  |60 [04]   |65 [04]   |51 [08]|65 [08] |
   |Fist     |      | 1 | 62 [02]  |81 [01]   |86 [01]   |76 [02]|91 [01] |
   |Cudgel   | 8/130| 4 | 33 [08]  |55 [06]   |60 [06]   |51 [09]|70 [08] |
   |W.Hammer |60/155| 4 | 21 [13]  |40 [10]   |45 [10]   |31 [18]|56 [13] |
   |Mace     |65/250| 2 | 26 [12]  |45 [09]   |50 [09]   |36 [16]|61 [11] |
   |M.Star   |60/145| 8 | 21 [15]  |40 [12]   |45 [11]   |31 [19]|55 [15] |
   |Bat.Axe  |70/155| 5 | 18 [22]  |37 [18]   |42 [17]   |28 [35]|54 [26] |
   |Flail    |60/150| 8 | 18 [23]  |37 [18]   |42 [17]   |28 [28]|51 [23] |
   |W.Mattock|60/145| 6 | 13 [30]  |32 [24]   |38 [23]   |26 [35]|51 [27] |
   |Staff    |20/140| 3 | 46 [08]  |65 [06]   |70 [05]   |53 [07]|74 [08] |
   |2-h Sword|75/200| 5 | 21 [21]  |40 [17]   |45 [16]   |31 [32]|52 [26] |
   |Armor Averages      | 31 [12]  |51 [10]   |56 [09]   |41 [17]|
Some observations:
1)  Our  old friend heavy hide (AT 4), is the hardest armor to hit but takes
criticals rather easily if contact is made.  Therefore, it's a good idea not
to  allow a monster's 100 roll to exceed the THT by much more than 10 or 15.
Nevertheless,  heavy  hide's  high THT makes it slightly more effective than
ring  mail  (AT 11) in stopping crits.  That's pretty good considering heavy
hide gives no penalties and requires no skill to wear.

2)  Leather  breastplate (AT 9) and chain shirt (AT 13) are deathtraps.  You
are better off wearing nothing.

3)  The  difference  between  half-plate  (AT  19) and full-plate (AT 20) is
negligible.  Choosing AT 19 over AT 20 will save you money and skill levels.

4)  Heavy  Hide  is better than or can nearly match armor types up to chain.
Don't fool with armors less than AT 14, just get heavy hide.

5) The rapier is the easiest weapon to hit and do crits against AT 1-4 only.
After that, it is a flimsy toothpick.

6) The falchion is the best one-handed weapon, overall.  The morning star is
very close behind.

7)  Bludgeon  weapons  generally  have lower THTs and do more damage against
metal armor than slashing weapons.

8)  The  2-handed  sword is the best 2-handed weapon against lightly armored
targets.  The war mattock is the best 2-handed weapon against metal armor.

So  rush  to  the armory, for the whole range of weapons and armors to cover
you  in  any  situation.   The  next time you are in combat with that nasty,
knowing your THTs and damage ratings may keep your insides slobber-free.
                        Castle Cladesbrim Maps
                        by Wisraith Winterwind
Possibly the most splendid (and perhaps dangerous) site  in all of Kulthea
are the dungeons of the mighty Castle Cladesbrim...
 / \                                                                     \
 \@|   Map 1: Terrain around Claedesbrim                                 |
   |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                 |
   |                                                                     |
   |      N                                               [wooded hill ] |
   |    W-|-E              ( )---( )---( )---( )---( )-p- [by karnelins] |
   |      S                 |                                            |
   |                        |            ( )---( )                       |
   |                        |           /       |                        |
   |            {Forest}    |          /        g                        |
   |            {Trolls}    |         /         |                        |
   |                        |      ( )   ( )---( )                       |
   |                        |     /     /                                |
   |                        |  ( )   ( )                                 |
   |                        | /     / |                                  |
   |                       ( )   ( )       { Brown Bears }               |
   |                      /     /          {Forest Trolls}               |
   |                   ( )   ( )  |                                      |
   |                  /       |   |                                      |
   |         ( )-p-( )       ( )  |                                      |
   |          |               |   |                                      |
   |         ( )             ( )  |                                      |
   |          |               |   |                                      |
   |         ( )             ( )---( )---( ) {Brown}                     |
   |          |             /               \ {Bears}                    |
   |          b    ( )--p--/                 \                           |
   |          |     |                         \                          |
   |         ( )    h                          ( )                       |
   | {Brown}  |     |                         /                          |
   | {Bears} ( )---( )---( )---( )         ( )                           |
   |                              \           \                          |
   |            {Werebears}        ( )        ( )-b-( )---( )---( )      |
   |                              /           /                  |       |
   |                            k            /                   v       |
   |       [go crack to ]      /            /                    |       |
   |       [upper levels]   *A*    ( )---( )              ( )---( )      |
   |       [   map 2    ]         /                    {Storm}   |       |
   |                           ( )                    {Giants}  ( )-r-*B*|
   |                            |                                        |
   |                            |                                        |
   |                            |                                        |
   |                     ( )-w-( )---[Claedesbrim]       [go crevice to] |
   |                                 [  Castle   ]       [ lower level ] |
   |                                                     [    map 4    ] |
  _|                                                                     |
 /@|                                                                     |
                                   -11-                            More...

 / \                                                                     \
 \@|                                                                     |
   |   Map 2: Upper levels of Claedesbrim Dungeon                        |
   |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~               N        |
   |                                                          W-|-E      |
   |                                [Claedesbrim]               S        |
   |            ( )         ( )     [  Castle   ]                        |
   |             |           |           |                               |
   |             d           d           l                               |
   |             |           |           |  [go crack ]                  |
   |( )         ( )---( )---( )---( )---*A* [to return]                  |
   | |           |           |              [to map 1 ]                  |
   | |           |           |                                           |
   |( )---( )---( )         ( )   { Cave }                               |
   | |           |           |    {Trolls}                               |
   | a           d           |                                           |
   | |           |           |                                           |
   |( )         ( )         ( )---( )                                    |
   |             |                 |                                     |
   |             |                ( )         {Manticores}               |
   |             |                                                       |
   | [chute is]  |    ( )---( )---( )---( )---( )---------( )            |
   | [one way ]  u     |     |           |                 |             |
   |             |     |     k           |                 |             |
   |             |     |     |           |                 |             |
   |             |    ( )   ( )         ( )               ( )-d-( )-t-( )|
   |             |     |                 |    {Crystal}    |           | |
   |             |     |                 |    {Golems }    |           | |
   |             |     |                 |                 |           | |
   |            ( )-d-( )               ( )---( )---( )---( )         ( )|
   |                   |                       |     |     |           | |
   |                   |                       d     |     |           | |
   |                   |                       |     |     |           | |
   |                   |                      ( )    |     --------   ( )|
   |                   |                       |     d            |      |
   |                   |                       a     |    ( )     |----- |
   |                   |                       |     |     |           | |
   |                  ( )---( )               ( )    |----( )-s-*C*    | |
   |                 /     / |                           /             | |
   |                d     d  |                        ( )   [go shaft] | |
   |               /     /   |                {Spectres}    [ map 3  ] | |
   |            ( )   *E*    |                              [one way ] | |
   |                         |                                         | |
   |                         |                                         | |
   |                  ( )   ( )                                 ( )-d-( )|
   |                   |     |                                         | |
   |                   d     |                                  ( )-d-( )|
   |                   |     |                                         | |
   |                  ( )---( )---( )-n-( )--------------k------------( )|
  _|                                                                     |
 /@|                                                                     |

 / \                                                                     \
 \@|                                                                     |
   |   Map 3: Middle level of Claedesbrim Dungeon               N        |
   |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             W-|-E      |
   |                                                            S        |
   |         ( )                                                         |
   |            \                                                        |
   |              c                                                      |
   |               \                                                     |
   |                ( )---( )               ( )                          |
   |               /       | \               |   [from map 2, no ]       |
   |              d        |  \              d   [return possible]       |
   |             /         |   \             |                           |
   |          ( )   ( )-d-( )   ( )         ( )---*C*-d-( )              |
   |                       |     |                 |                     |
   |               ---------     |                 |                     |
   |               |             |                 |                     |
   |               |      ( )-d-( )               ( )   ( )              |
   |               |       |     | { Major }       |   /                 |
   |               |       |     | {Spiders}       |  d                  |
   |               |       |     |                 | /                   |
   |               |       |    ( )               ( )-i-( )              |
   |               |       |     | \       {Ghoul} |                     |
   |               |       |     |  d      {Kings} |                     |
   |               |       |     |   \             |                     |
   |               |       |    ( )   ( )         ( )-d-( )              |
   |               |       |     |                 |                     |
   |               |       |    ( )---------------( )                    |
   |               |       |                         \                   |
   |               |       |                          ( )                |
   |               |       |                         /                   |
   |               |       |                ( )---( )                    |
   |               |       |                   \                         |
   |               |       |                    ( )                      |
   |               |       | f>                                          |
   |               |       |------( )                                    |
   |               |         <i    |     [to lower level]                |
   |               |              *D*    [    map 4     ]                |
   |        ( )   ( )                    [   one way    ]                |
   |         |     |                                                     |
   |        ( )---( )-t-*E* [to map 2]                                   |
   |               |        [one way ]                                   |
   |               n                                                     |
   |               |                                                     |
   |              ( )                                                    |
  _|                                                                     |
 /@|                                                                     |

 / \                                                                     \
 \@|                                                                     |
   |    Map 4: Lowest level of Claedesbrim Dungeon                       |
   |    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                       |
   |                                                                     |
   |             {Steel }              ( )       *B*  [  go crack to  ]  |
   |             {Golems}             /   \       |   [outside dungeon]  |
   |                       ( )     ( )     ( )---( )  [     map 1     ]  |
   |                          \   /       /                              |
   |   ( )----------( )--------( )-----( )                               |
   |      \                     |     /                                  |
   |       ( )                 ( ) ( )                                   |
   |          \                 | /      {Wight}                         |
   |           ( )             ( )       {Lords}                         |
   |          /               /                                          |
   |       ( )             ( )                                           |
   |      /               /    [from map 3, no ]                         |
   |   ( )             *D*     [return possible]                         |
   |      \           /                                                  |
   |       ( )     ( )                                       N           |
   |          \   /                                        W-|-E         |
   |           ( )   { Major }                               S           |
   |          /      {Spiders}                                           |
   |       ( )                                                           |
  _|                                                                     |
 /@|                                                                     |


        a = go arch         *A* connects Map 1 to Map 2
        b = go ledge        *B* connects Map 1 to Map 4
        c = go cell         *C* connects Map 2 to Map 3 (one way)
        d = go door         *D* connects Map 3 to Map 4 (one way)
        e = go passage      *E* connects Map 3 to Map 2 (one way)
        f = go tunnel
        g = go log
        h = go hole               f> indicates GO TUNNEL works
        i = go opening               in one direction.
        k = go crack
        l = go (climb) ladder     <i indicates GO OPENING works
        n = go iron door             in the other direction.
        o = go oak door
        p = go path               NOTE: In the interest of saving
        r = go crevice            space,  only portals  where you
        s = go shaft              must GO  or  CLIMB  are marked.
        t = go trapdoor           UP, DOWN and OUT are  listed in
        u = go chute              the  room  descriptions.  It is
        v = go cave               left to  your  common  sense to
        w = go (climb) tower      determine these on the maps.
                             School of Life
 _____________               """"""""""""""
/ \ _________ \              Guest Editorial
\@| ||-|-|-|| |         by Synyster DIAMOND-NINJA
  | ~~ |~| ~~ |
 _|    |~|    |
/@|    |~|    |here  are   few  joys   newcomers.   What satisfaction it is
\_/   ~~~~~   / greater than helping   to   run  across  the  newcomer  you
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ out  a   new   player   taught,   weeks   down   the   road,
found   wandering  about  the  lands   skilfully  hacking  away at a lesser
around  Kulthea.   I  seem  to  have   Orc  in  Hobland!   Plus,  they also
developed a sixth (or seventh) sense   make great hunting partners!
for    recognizing   these   budding
adventurers,  or maybe it's the full   So  help  these  new people out.  It
plate armor that gives them away.      brings  great  satisfaction, and you
                                       never know if they'll save your life
I identify with them because I still   some  day.   Remember,  without your
remember  the fateful day when I was   help,  these guys have little chance
spat  onto  Land's  End  Road by the   of  surviving  in this hostile land.
Character Generator.  Terrifying, to   Take  a  few  minutes and it will be
say  the  least;  naked and alone in   wisely  invested.  I don't mean just
this  newfound  environment  with no   teaching   them   to   fight,  these
earthly (Kulthealy?) idea about what   adventurers don't
to say, what to do, or where to go.    know how to laugh,        ___
                                       smile or even pout.      /   \
Lucky for me I met Taarna first off.   Now if  we  could        |o o|
She  tenderly  clasped  my  hand and   just figure out how      |\_/|
showed me what to buy and how to buy   to  get  to  them      __|_|_|__
it.  Then, unexpectedly, she left me   before they buy       /---. .---\ .
to  fend for myself (sink or swim, I   that plate...        /  |\_______/|
guess).   The first real obstacle to                       /,,/|         |
overcome  for  me  was  how to enter   __________________  \  \|    |    |
certain  rooms.  I remember standing                        \__|  --+--  |
at  the entrance to Tyron's Arms and                          /|    |    |
crying  because I just could not get    Dedicated to Taarna,  *\    |    /
in.   Then,  up walks Ilstar, and in    Ilstar, Ravage, Opal   |\       /
he goes.  Hmmmm, I thought as I read    and all the others     | \_____/
the  passage  stating he had entered    who helped this        |  ||  |
the  entrance.   That's  it!!   In I    fighter learn to love. |,,||,,|
went,  just  as  Ilstar was leaving.                           |  ||  |art
It  seemed  that  every  time  I got                           /  \/  \ by
stuck  trying  to  enter  something,    ____________________   |__||___Twie
Ilstar  would  walk  up  and  go in,
unknowingly   showing  me  the  way.
Interestingly  enough,  it  was days      ______________________________                              \
before  I  knew  that  there  was  a     /                              \
world  outside  of Kelfour!  Lucky I    |          Fresh Flowers         |
guess,  because  I  would've learned    |          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~         |
about death quicker!                    |    Wedding garlands, crowns,   |
                                        |    bouquets and boutonnieres.  |
It  was  Ravage and Opal who took me    |                                |
under  their  wings  and  showed  me    |      Somber funeral wreaths.   |
about  fighting, parrying  and stats    |                                |
(read  rerolling).   They  taught me    |    Perfect long-stemmed Roses  |
that quick-gens just don't cut it.      |                                |
                                        |      Place your order at       |
Now,  every chance I  get, I  try to    |    Kelfour's  Floral Shoppe    |
repay   my   debt   by  helping  the     \______________________________/
 ___________                Battlefield Blues
/ \ _______ \      Wounds in the Field and Keeping Alive
\@| ~|~|~|| |      """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
  |  |~|    |               by Rhys Corwinson
  |  |~|=|  |   Thanks to Kirc Bloodguard and Kayla Kyndhart
 _|  |~|    |
/@|  |~|    |irst,  let   me  update   on  Caretaker's chart.  In fact, the
\_/ ~~~~    / 2 items on Caretaker's   majority  of  severed  limbs I treat
  ~~~~~~~~~~ herb chart. Neck wounds   are for people who do not wear them.
are  in  the  same  category as head
wounds;   treat  them  as  such  for   Once   you  have  that  information,
healing   and   scar  removal.   Eye   don't panic.  Unless you have a head
wounds,  however,  are  organ wounds   critical  bleeding  at  10  cps  per
and must be dealt with as a wound to   round and have about 9 cps left, you
the  back, chest, or abdomen - under   have   time.   Wounds  bleed  in  30
the  Body Injury category.  Finally,   second rounds, meaning you have time
I  have had a level 3 nervous system   to  take a bite of Akbutege leaf for
scar  (the  result  of curing a fire   every  drop of blood you lose.  Note
critical)  and  it  is  "a very dif-   that  this 30 second round time also
ficult time controlling muscles."      applies  to  concussion  point  loss
                                       from  disease or poison.  If you are
Last  month,  we  saw  how criticals   low  on  cps, you will have a fairly
cause  various levels of wounds, how   high  DB percentage loss, perhaps up
wounds  can  be  healed by selective   to  30  percent.   If you can barely
use  of herbs, and how you can avoid   stay  alive  at  full  parry even at
scarring.   This  is  useful  infor-   100%  cps, get out of that area into
mation  once  you're  out  of danger   one  less dangerous for actions save
from  bleeding to death; however, if   for the obligatory call for a healer
you  have few concussion points left   on ESP.  The simplest way to survive
and  are  far  from  the  Temple  or   is  to call one of us and ring in to
Surtey's,  it might not do you a lot   the temple.  As we are always on ESP
of  good.   This article attempts to   - that's why we like people who give
cover some basic field healing tips.   us  amulets so much ;) - and usually
                                       have  a  ring set to the temple, you
First,  if  you  have a long stun, a   can  at  least  get  some concussion
nasty  wound, and a monster ready to   points  back,  and  if  a journeyman
attack  you with your DB down by 50,   healer  above level 6 is on, you may
LOG  OFF!   The monster may not kill   actually  get the damage taken with-
you, but chances are it will do some   out use of herbs.
more damage - perhaps even upgrading
those  bruises  to  a  severed  leg.   Assuming  you  don't have a ring set
Wait  for  a bit, and then come back   to the temple and/or no healer is on
on.   You  won't  stop  bleeding and   line, you have several choices.  One
you'll  still be stunned, but in all   I'd recommend is posting in Healers'
likelihood  you  will  not  face  an   Haven,  topic  46  in category 20 on
opponent until the stun wears off.     the  Games Bulletin Board.  A healer
                                       will read it and come on to meet you
Second, check your health.  You need   at an agreed time, keeping you alive
to   know   three  things  to  treat   without  problem.   You  can  go  to
wounds:  The area affected, the rate   Surtey  if  you're really desperate,
of   bleeding,  and  the  number  of   but if you have a severed limb, head
concussion points you have left.  If   damage,  or nerve damage, I'd really
you  are smart and wear arm greaves,   advise  against  it.   He  will make
leg  greaves,  and  an aventail, you   your life in Kulthea miserable until
will  find  that  what looked like a   you  buy  herbs to remove the scars.
horrible  wound may only have caused   If  you must take this route, get an
bruises, since they reduce arm, leg,   apprentice  healer to go with you so
and  neck  wounds one severity level   you will be scarless.
                                   -16-                             More...
If  a healer isn't available and you   have    been   carrying   around   a
don't  want  to  see Surtey, you can   non-bleeding  level  2  or  3 wound,
drink  from the Dangirland pool, eat   chances  are  your first bite of the
an herb, or tend your wound(s).  The   herb  will  leave that wound reduced
Dangirland  pool  is  famed  for its   and  the  other wound dripping away.
remarkable  ability to stop bleeding   I  have  seen  this  happen  when  a
from  all  wounds  with but a drink.   friend  took  a chomp of Grass for a
(Isn't  it wonderful how Simutronics   nasty   abdomen  wound  and  instead
has   implemented   this   Earthnode   reduced his blinded eye to a swollen
property  in  only  one  of the four   eye.   Moral:   Get old wounds fixed
Earthnode  spots  in  Kulthea?) How-   before adventuring.
ever,  the  wound doesn't disappear;
it will still be there, but it won't   Note  that  scars  from  head wounds
bleed.    If  you  have  a  level  2   will  also  prevent you from casting
injury,  it  can  be  upgraded  to a   spells,   searching,  and  accepting
level  3 injury with but a bruise on   items - one reason why the only time
the  same  location,  causing  it to   I  accept donations is when stuck in
bleed again and also giving the stun   the  temple  with a head scar.  Once
appropriate  to  that  critical  - 5   again,  I  would  recommend carrying
rounds  for  a chest wound, 10 for a   around as many of these herbs as you
head  wound,  and  10  for a severed   can.   Edram  moss is almost a must;
limb.  If you have a level 3 injury,   about 65% of the criticals I see are
you'll  be dead if you get hit again   limb  wounds.   Body wounds are more
in  the same spot.  In addition, the   common  than  head  wounds, but head
pool  does  not  restore  concussion   wounds bleed at voracious rates - 10
points,  so your DB will likely make   or  12  cps  per  round.   Carry all
you vulnerable.                        three  if  you  can,  but  ESP for a
                                       higher-level   healer  before  doing
Most  importantly,  the  pool is lo-   anything;  That's  how  we  earn our
cated  in Dangirland, a region which   experience  and it'll also save your
abounds  with nasty  creatures - the   herbs  for  more  important outings.
one  most  common around the pool is   Refer  to  last  month's article and
our friend the HILL TROLL.  He has a   herb chart for more information.
twohanded  sword  with an OB of 110,
and  can  kill  you  even quicker if   Finally,  and most commonly used, is
your  DB  is  down.  My latest death   the TEND command.  You may tend your
was from one of them, so I know from   own  wounds  or another's wounds; to
experience  the fun of fighting one.   tend  somebody  else's  head wounds,
If  you  must go to the pool, try to   they must sit, to tend body and limb
get  someone  to go with you if your   wounds,    they   must   lie   down.
DB  is below 120.  They can at least   Remember   that   laying   down  and
drag you out if you get whacked.  If   sitting  involve massive DB subtrac-
you  can't tend the wound and are at   tions,  so  my earlier warning about
risk  of  getting  killed by trolls,   going  to  a safe area is emphasized
I'd   recommend   logging   off  and   if  you  have  another tend you.  In
posting  in  the  Haven  instead  of   fact,  I  would  recommend  town for
going  to the pool.  In any case, to   most  two-person  tendings.   If you
get to the pool from the entrance to   tend  yourself,  you  do not have to
hobland:  SE, SE, E, NE, E, E, E, E,   sit   or  lie  down.   However,  all
GO  PATH,  NE,  N,  NE, and run like   tendings  carry  round  times -- for
heck once you take a drink.            both the tender and the tendee.

Before  talking  about  tending, you   Tending  round times are affected by
also  can  staunch the wound with an   the area and level of the wound, the
herb.   Edram  Moss  will fix even a   amount  that it is bleeding, and the
severed  limb  (two chomps), Pasamar   tender's first aid skill.  Research-
Grass  a  body  wound,  and Arfandas   ing tending round time is difficult,
Stem  a head wound.  However, if you   and  the  figures I present here are
                                   -17-                           More...

tenative;  please  post  any differ-   from  fire, which seems to cauterize
ences in Healers' Haven.  First, you   the  wound  and  doesn't ever bleed.
must  have  a  first  aid bonus (NOT   Head wounds are tricky; they usually
skill  level) of 10 bonus points per   cannot  be  tended  save  by others.
1  cp  of wound tended.  That is, to
tend  a  3  cp/rd  chest  wound, you   Tending    doesn't   last   forever;
would  need  to  have a +30 bonus in   violent  movement  seems  to  unwrap
first  aid  (6  skill  levels) to be   bandages   quicker,  so  lying  down
able  to  tend  it to the base round   helps.   In  addition, if you should
time.   If  you  don't  have  enough   go  to  see  Surtey or do eat a herb
first  aid to tend a wound normally,   for the wound, you should UNWRAP the
you  will either receive the message   area  tended.  Otherwise, a bug will
"The   severity  of  that  wound  is   cause  you to continue bleeding even
beyond   your  capability  to  treat   after the injury has been cured.
(sic)"  or  you may, if the wound is
not  far  above your skill level, be   Thus, you should first make sure you
able  to  tend it, but receive a 210   have  enough concussion points to do
second (or such) round time.           what  you're planning.  Then, do one
                                       of  five  things  (in  this order of
Any additional first aid skill seems   preference):   find  a  healer, tend
to   decrease   round   time.    For   your  wound,  eat an herb, go to the
instance,   you   may   be  able  to   pool,  or  see Surtey.  Any comments
entirely  do away with round time on   would be appreciated; either find me
1  cp  and  2 cp/rd limb wounds, and   or  post  in  the Haven.  Good luck,
you  can  significantly  reduce your   and stay healthy!
round  time  for  other wounds.  For
instance,  I  can  tend chest wounds           ===========\==========
with  a  roundtime  of  (only ;) 102
seconds,  and  Kirc and Kayla can do
it even quicker.                               How Synyster Was Lost
 Base Tending Roundtimes in seconds           (Continued from page 24)
Chest: 120 seconds                     Ravage, just coming around, was able
Limbs: 30 seconds for fractures        to just catch a  fleeting glimpse of
Severed leg (lvl 3): base RT 200       his  baby brother being carried away
Broken leg (level 2): base RT 120      by the hungry Orc, but was still too
Broken arm (level 2): base RT 30       weak  to even stand.  Ravage wept as
Abdomen: 120 seconds                   he lie helpless on the ground.
Head: 60 seconds for level 2 wounds,
   cannot be tended by self if level   Valkrie  screamed  as she saw Ravage
   3; unknown for 2nd-person tending   lying on the ground in a huge puddle
   (usually bleeds too much for all    of blood and gore and ran quickly to
   but the most trained to deal with)  him.  Lord Diamond nearly swooned at
Back: 120 seconds, usually  no blood   the sight.  Then, they realized that
Eyes: Do not bleed                     their  precious  baby was gone.  The
                                       family  huddled together and wept as
Several  notes on the above figures:   Ravage explained what happened.  For
All  are self-tending and tentative.   20   years,  they  would  never  see
The only times that I am positive of   Synyster  again,  but  somehow  they
are  fractured  limbs  and  level  2   knew  that  Syn  was not dead.  They
chest  and  abdomen  wounds.  Please   knew  that  some  day he would come,
post  differences in Healers' Haven.   and   the  family  would  be  united
Blinded  eyes  don't  bleed and thus   again.
cannot  be  tended,  where  backs do
bleed  but  most back criticals come               [To be Continued]
                           Shadow Over Kulthea
                            by Lythe L'Green

   This story is based on historic accounts of the Second Age   as recorded
                      by the great Loremasters.
        The force which is the beginning and end of all True Evil,
                -- whether its servants know it or not --
   the Unlife is the shadow which taints many of the wonders of Kulthea.
 _____________                           --- The Tomes of Kulthea
/ \       __  \
\@|      / "| |
  |     //|"| |
  |    //_|"| | cold  wind   whipped   long  journey  ahead  of him.  As we
 _|   //~~|"| | the   tattered   and   walked  down  a  narrow, rutted road
/@|  //   |"| | mouldering  land  of   toward  the gates, he noticed an odd
\_/ ~~    ~~~ / Jaiman.   The  young   man  who  sat on the ground, peering
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  warrior-smith  named   deeply into a strange crystal.
Krelij clutched tightly at his cloak
to  keep  the  chill out, yet kept a   Smiling, Krelij asked, "Hey old man,
firm  hand  on Narselkin, a fabulous   what do you see in there?"
sword forged by his own incomparable
skill;  for  this was the Second Age   The man looked up for a moment.  His
of  Kulthea, and the great shadow of   eyes widened as he looked at Krelij,
the  Unlife  threatened to drink the   but  his  attention  quickly  turned
souls of all who opposed it.           back to the crystal.
Krelij   the   Smith  had  left  his   Krelij  sighed  and turned to leave,
homeland  to  seek  knowledge on the   when   suddenly  he  heard  a  voice
nature  of the Unlife.  His brother,   behind  him.   "You  are  Krelij the
Tethior,  had  stayed  home.   After   Smith,   master   craftsman  of  the
all,  thought  Krelij,  Tethior  was   Iylari?"
only   interested  in  making  silly
baubles,  not  learning  to make the   Krelij  spun around.  It was the old
implements  of  war  with  which the   man,  no  longer  looking inside his
Unlife   could  be  defeated.   Damn   crystal,  but pointing a bony finger
Tethior!   Why  couldn't he be here?   directly at him.
His insights were sometimes useful.
                                       "Aye, but how..."
As  he  walked, Krelij began to make
out  a  small town at the end of the   "Young  man, I see many destinies in
path he was following.  Ah, it would   my  crystal.   Yours  is  but one of
be  good  to  sleep  in  a  warm bed   them.   Ah,  but  your  destiny is a
tonight.    This   winter  had  been   great one..."
particularly harsh.
                                       Krelij  frowned.   He  did  not care
The  folk  in the town were friendly   much  for  soothsayers.   "What  say
enough;  most were hunters, trappers   you,  old  man?  What know you of my
or  miners.   A  few were travellers   destiny?"
and adventurers as himself.  The inn
was  comfortable,  and  he slept the   "You  will learn much in the ways of
night.                                 your  enemies.  Would you know more,
                                       Krelij of the Iylari?"
In  the  morning,  Krelij desired to
leave  town right away, for he had a   "Tell me what you know."
                                   -19-                             More...
The  old  man  whispered loudly.  He   "I  have shown you powers which feed
spoke  of a strange cult where those   upon the very depths of your soul --
like  him  could  band  together  to   only  this  mastery will lead to our
combat  the  growing forces of Evil.   eventual victory over our enemies!"
This  cult  was everywhere, he said,
this  town  being  only  one  of its   "Aye,  Master.   You  have  shown me
outposts.   Krelij  was  interested.   such  skills.  If these are the ways
Using  the  old man's directions, he   of Evil, they are strong.  But since
found the cult's council chamber.      I know them, we may be able to crush
                                       these enemies."
The  only person there at the moment
was  the  Master  of  the  cult, who   The  Master  cracked  an eerie smile
remained  nameless.  Speaking in the   and began to chuckle.
most soothing of tones, he explained
to  Krelij  their goals.  "Evil is a   "You  were  so  easy to corrupt," he
strong  force.  Even now, the Unlife   said.   The  Master's gaze seemed to
courses through the very soil of the   pierce  Krelij's  body  like  an icy
land.   We  can  oppose  this  Evil.   dagger.   "By  using  the  forces of
Together,  we can walk down the path   evil,  what  have you become?  Evil!
of   Darkness,  learn  the  Unlife's   You  no  longer serve your brethren,
ways, and in doing so destroy it."     you now serve us."
This  was  what  Krelij had desired,   And as Krelij looked upon the Master
and  now  the  information he sought   with  a  strange  feeling of horror,
was  within  his grasp.  Quickly, he   for  the  first  time he saw him for
joined  the  cult,  certain  that he   what he really was:  the high priest
would  someday use this knowledge to   of Kadaena, the Slayer.
banish the Unlife from Kulthea.
For  months,  Krelij  stayed at this   And  so  ends the story of Krelij of
town  and  helped  the cult with his   the  Iylari.  In trying to learn the
services.   All  the  while,  he was   ways of Evil, he was ensnared.  Evil
trained to wield great powers.  Some   cannot  be  fought  with Evil.  Evil
added  to  his battle prowess, while   can  only  be  fought with goodness,
others  let  him  influence the very   firm  resolve  and  courage  of  the
essence     flows     about     him.   spirit.
Eventually,  he  was  taught  in the
ways  of  Evil,  to  wield  its  own   The  historians  know little of what
powers.   Yet  Krelij  thirsted  for   became  of  Krelij, only that he was
more  power, not realizing that what   controlled by Evil in the days which
he  served  was  no longer good, but   became   known   as   The   Wars  of
the Unlife itself.                     Dominion,  when  "Almost  as a unit,
                                       the  peoples and creatures under the
One  day,  as  he  left  the council   sway   of   the   Unlife  arose  and
chamber,   he  was  stopped  by  the   attacked  those who remained free of
Master.                                dark  domination."  Some say that he
                                       lay  dead and soulless on one of the
"I  would  have  a  word  with  you,   thousands   of  battlefields  fought
Krelij."   They   descended  to  the   during   this   great   war;  others
Master's personal office.              believe  he  was  slain  by  his own
                                       brother,  Tethior,  using  the  holy
"In  the months I have known you, we   blade   Narselkin   to  destroy  its
have  trained  you  in  the  ways of   onetime   master.    One   thing  is
Evil.   Only  by embracing this Evil   certain:   Krelij  was  a  great and
can we hope to someday defeat it!"     good  warrior, and even he could not
                                       resist  the  corruption  the  Unlife
"Of course, Master," spoke Krelij.     caused once its power gripped him.

 ________________          The Art of Macros, Part II
/ \ ____    ____ \         """"""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+ |              by Nastorm Trevin
  |  |~|\~~/|~|  |
 _|  |~| ~~ |~|  |
/@| _|~|    |~|_ |y article last month introduced basic  macro writing.  The
\_/ ~~~~   ~~~~~ / major advantage of  macros are speed and no typing errors
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  but other advantages accrue with them.  My communications
program  has  the  added  benefit  of loading other macro files.  This means
almost  unlimited  macros.   Not  all  communications programs allow so many
macros.  In this article we are going to explore ways to make your macros do
double, and triple duty.
GemStone  has  a type ahead feature.  That means that you can send more than
one  command  at  a  time.  The macro:  PARRY 100<CR>WEAR SHIELD<CR>, as you
might  notice contains two commands.  First it tells your character to parry
100,  then wear shield.  This macro takes advantage of GemStone's type ahead
feature.   Now  when  you  are out in the wilds, picking up items to sell or
wear  you  are at Parry 100, maximum Defensive Bonus.  I can't even begin to
tell you the times this saved my character from serious harm.
If  your  communication  program has a time delay feature, and most programs
which  support  macros  do, you can make macros that do triple duty, or even
more.  For instance, if you're hunting hobgoblins and gathering breastplates
to sell, you might want to try this:

Bre = Breastplate, Back = Backpack, <CR> = Carriage Return, and <D> = .5
second delay.
This  macro  does triple duty.  Your character gets the breastplate and then
tries  to  sell  it.   Since  no  merchant  is  out  in  the field with your
character, you can't sell it.  The half second (.5) delay allows enough time
for  the  first  set  of  commands  to  process.  The third command puts the
breastplate  in  your  backpack.   When you hit the pawn shop to unload your
goodies and get some hard earned coins, this macro still does the job.  When
you're  in  the  pawn  shop you GET BREASTPLATE and SELL it.  Sometimes with
this  macro you get an error message, "Only 1 type ahead line allowed." That
means  the  third  command was sent before the first two commands processed.
This  happens  only  during  slow downs, if you're in the pawnshop you still
sell the breastplate, the third command is not important.  But if you're out
in  the  wilds  you  will  need  to  press  that macro key again, to get the
breastplate in your backpack.
A  word of caution when using abbreviations in your macros.  Macros are nice
but  disadvantages do exist.  The speed of macros do not allow you to digest
information  until  after  the  macro  is  done.   Most disadvantages can be
overcome  with a little forethought.  For instance, you write a macro to get
battle  axes.   The  Macro  looks  something  like   this:   GET AXE<CR>SELL
AXE<CR><D>PUT AXE IN MY BACK.  Then a nice friend lends you a BLUE LAEN AXE.
You  put it in your backpack for safe keeping.  When you show up at the pawn
shop  to  sell  your battle axes, you mistakenly sell the LAEN AXE too!  The
macro should read GET BATTLE AXE<CR>SELL BATTLE AXE<CR>.  ;)
Macros  have  many  advantages.   Next  month  we'll  cover  them in combat,
keyboard  placement,  etc.   For  the  best  macros in your profession get a
mentor.  Elder players always have sage advice, and almost all use macros.
                                   -21-                              More...
I  try to design each macro so that if the system is slow I can just hit the
macro  key  again  to work it.  Of course, the first one can put you back at
the  gate.  But if you press it twice you will enter town instead of leaving
it.  One less macro key location to memorize, and another double duty macro.
Additional macros you might want to try are:
GO GATE<CR>GO PATH<CR><DELAY>INV<CR>  This does an inventory  when you leave
town  and hit the path.  That way you know if your gear is ready for battle.
NOTE:  You can enter town from the path by invoking this macro twice.
MY BACK<CR>  This  will put away two different weapons and  wear the shield.
Good for lock picking and going to the temple.
right before you leave town, or to get your gear out after lock picking.
then if you find coins you pick them up.
coins each time, nice in a group.
treat in case of problems.
DROP AGATE<CR> HIT CHIME WITH MALLET<CR>OUT<CR>  These are deed macros, and
they save a lot of time, but aren't often used.  Invoke the second macro for
the number of agates you need for your deed.)
  / \   HALL OF FAME                                                       \
  |         Kelfour Edition wishes to extend congratulations to:          |
  |             Lord Yuri Hanbidt for attaining Noble Rank!               |
  |                                                                       |
  |      Should Old Acquaintances be forgot & ne'er brought to mind       |
  |_   We'll Drink a Toast to all the brave, in days of Auld Lang Syne    |
  | Bard      Mendle Seldagrave    16 | High Human Angeleyes DuLac     15 |
  | Ranger    FXG Lyon             21 | Common Man Beolost Lamontt     15 |
  | Mage      Dagmar Istarii       23 | Dwarf      Vesitsa Talchild    15 |
  | Fighter   Kirc Bloodguard      15 | Halfling   Whittle Boysenberry 11 |
  | Thief     Riverwind Entreri    19 | Wood Elf   Celeborn Greyswndir 10 |
  | Cleric    Erebor Bordeaux      22 | High Elf   Strom O'Berin       13 |
  | Sorceror  Airioch Ramthanadox  12 | Half Elf   Dagmar Istarii      23 |
  | Healer    Kayla Kyndhart       22 | Fair Elf   Erebor Bordeaux     22 |
/@| Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race: December 29, 1990 |
 _____________             How Synyster Was Lost
/ \____   ____\            """""""""""""""""""""
\@|~|~~\  |~|~|          by Synyster DIAMOND-NINJA
  | |~\~\ |~| |           (as told by his family)
  | |~|\~\|~| |
 _| |~| \~ ~| |
/@|_|~|  \~~|_|ot far from the lands   after  sending  his  message,  Blitz
\_/~~~~   ~~~~/ regularly hunted and   took  a  bone-crushing  blow  to the
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ known by all  are the   chest,  which  knocked him senseless
Swamplands.  These are wild, untamed   for precious minutes.
lands  where  only the strongest and
most  courageous  adventurers have a   Lord  Diamond  realized  he was near
chance  of surviving.  Several races   enough to help Blitz, and told young
inhabit  these  lands,  all of which   Ravage  to  stay with the baby while
have  adapted  to  the harsh, swampy   he   and  his  mother  flew  to  the
environment.   Some  of  these crea-   rescue.   He  knew  the  baby was in
tures  are mutated versions of those   safe  hands,  for  Ravage,  although
which   inhabit   the   area  around   only  13 years, had already begun to
Kelfour's Landing.                     master the arts and was skilled with
                                       the   golden   laen  dagger  he  had
One  of  these  fearsome beasts is a   received  for  his  tenth  birthday.
mutated  form  of  the  Greater Orc.   Lord  Diamond  also  knew  that they
This  being  is  known  to the swamp   would only be a short while gone.
hunters  as  a  Brackish Orc.  Being
well   over   eight  feet  tall  and   As  the  Lord and Lady rushed to the
weighing  four  hundred  pounds, and   aid of their fallen comrade, praying
commonly  seen  wearing  plate armor   they  would  not  be  too  late,  he
while  brandishing  crossbows, these   readied his eog falchion and she her
awe-inspiring  distributors of death   blue   laen  rapier.   Both  carried
are,   of  course,  not  dealt  with   golden shaalk shields.
lightly.   The  bounty that just one
of these "Orcs" carries is enough to   The  biggest  Orc,  Thioog, saw that
provide  a family enough meat for an   Blitz  was dazed, and a broad toothy
entire season.  You can well imagine   grin   crossed   his  face.   Thioog
why  killing  one worth the trouble.   thought  (in  the simplest of terms,
This  bring  us  to  the  reason the   of  course)  these  pesky little men
DIAMOND-NINJA  family lost poor baby   were no more than a nuisance.  As he
Synyster.                              raised  his  hammer  to  deliver the
                                       death  blow  he  felt a strong shock
Spring  in Kulthea is a joyous time,   his his body, not unlike lightening.
full  of  laughter  and  adventurous   That  was the last sensation the Orc
hunters  seeking  the  bountiful and   would  ever  feel  as  Lord  Diamond
items  that the local creatures have   turned on the other Orc after neatly
to  offer.   Lord  Diamond, his wife   slicing his spinal cord.
Lady  Valkrie, young Ravage and baby
Synyster  (riding  in  Valkrie's fur   Blitz  was  slowly coming around, at
backpack)  had  set out for a picnic   least  enough  to  tell  that he was
in the forest several miles from the   still  alive,  as  the Lord and Lady
Swamp.   They  had  just  laid out a   whacked away at the last Orc.
beautiful  azure  cloth  on which to
spread  the  food  when Lord Diamond   Back  at the picnic site, Ravage was
received a telepathic call for help.   teasing   little   Synyster,  making
It was a from High Man Fighter Blitz   faces  at  him to keep him occupied.
who had found rouble in the swamp.     He  worried  about  his parents even
                                       though  he  knew that there were few
It seems that overly ambitious Blitz   in this land stronger than they.  He
had become tangled with not one, but   also  knew that, although this was a
TWO   Brackish   Orcs.   Immediately   relatively  safe  spot,  there  were
                                   -23-                            More...

sometimes bands of marauding Trolls,   the   Troll   as  he  struck  Ravage
hobgoblins,  and  lesser Orcs in the   sending  him  flying  about  10 feet
area.    Ravage   kept  his  beloved   through  the  air.  Young Ravage hit
golden laen dagger close at hand.      the   ground   with   a   thud   and
                                       immediately   leaped  to  his  feet.
The  Orc  was  tough,  tougher  than   Ravage,  now  thoroughly  angered by
most, Lord Diamond thought as he was   the Troll's attack, ran at the Troll
beginning   to   tire  from  battle.   full  force  and  buried  the dagger
Blitz  came around and began to help   deep   into   the  Troll's  abdomen.
even  though  he  had begun to bleed   Black  blood  began to pour all over
from  his  chest wound.  Blitz was a   Ravage  as he twisted and worked the
tough   fighter   and  he  knew  his   dagger  all  around  in  the Troll's
limitations  well.   He knew that he   belly.   The  Troll,  even though in
still had some fight left in him for   agonizing  pain,  reached  down  and
several minutes but he would soon go   caught  Ravage  by  the  throat  and
into  shock  from loss of blood.  He   began to squeeze.
gave it his all because he knew that
this  had to be quick.  Valkrie too,   Back   in   the   Swamp,  the  brave
was  beginning  to grow weary and in   adventurers   were  winding  up  the
the  back  of  her  mind she worried   battle.   The  Orc had taken several
about  her sons.  The Orc would have   serious  hits  and  was beginning to
run,  but  the fight had worked it's   falter.  Blitz too, was beginning to
way  into  a  spot  that  no one was   lapse  into  unconsciousness  and he
going to be able to get out of until   had  to  stop  fighting  to slow the
this conflict had finished.            blood   loss.    Blitz   put  out  a
                                       telepathic call for a Healer and one
Ravage   looked   up  at  his  worst   was  on  the  way,  but  still  some
nightmare  come  true.   A War Troll   distance  away.   Valkrie tossed him
was  ambling  toward the picnic spot   some Passamer Grass which he ate and
from  the  dark  forest beyond.  The   slowed  the  bleeding more.  The big
Troll  appeared to be flaming mad at   Orc  died  with  little  more than a
something  as  it  pushed down small   grunt  after  Valkrie  delivered the
trees  and  such as it made it's way   final   blow  to  the  head  to  the
toward  the picnic spot.  Ravage had   creature.
every intention of grabbing the baby
and  running  for their lives, for a   Ravage  lost  consciousness  just as
War  Troll, he knew, would make fast   the  Troll  passed  on  to  the next
work  of  him  and Synyster.  Ravage   realm   and   released   it's  grip.
reached  for  his  dagger and it was   Watching  the battle from a distance
gone!   Somehow,  in  the  scuffling   was  a  hungry  lesser Orc.  When it
around   it  had  gotten  misplaced.   saw  that  the  boy was out cold and
Scrambling,    Ravage    frantically   the  nasty Troll was dead, it seized
searched  for  his  only weapon.  He   the  opportunity  and  quickly  made
knew  that running in the forest was   it's  way to the succulent baby High
deadly without a weapon.  He heard a   Man (a delicacy to lesser Orcs).
fierce  screeching  cry as the Troll
had  spotted  them.  The Troll broke   Blitz  thanked the Lord and Lady and
into  a  run  toward  the  boys  and   offered  them  some  of  the spoils,
Ravage nearly panicked.  Just as the   which  they refused, due to the fact
Troll  was  only  feet  away, Ravage   that they had limited carrying space
seized  the dagger and, knowing that   from the picnic and children.  Blitz
it  was  too late to run now, leaped   said that he would be ok there, now,
at  the  beast.   Synyster  was  too   because  the  Healer  was close and,
terrified  to  cry as he watched his   seeing that they were anxious to get
brother  attack  the  Troll.  Ravage   back, bid them a fond farewell.
got  a good hit from the start as he
lacerated  the artery in the Troll's          [Continued on page 18]
left  leg.  But it did not even sway

 _________              Kalagay Comes to Kelfour's
/ \ _____ \             """"""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~ |                 by Kalagay Halatil
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ |t was autumn when Kalagay   to  be  the  Raging  Threk Inn.  She
\_/ ~~~~~ / Halatil left her  doting   made  for  its  door  straight away,
  ~~~~~~~~  family  and  comfortable   beginning   to   cherish   hopes  of
home  in a city on Mur Fostisyr, for   getting  a  night's lodging to sleep
what   she  considered  to  be  good   and collect her wits.
reason.  She had her elvish father's
graceful   carriage  and  her  human   She  approached  the desk, painfully
mother's   lazy  charm;  she  was  a   aware  of her dishevelled, famished,
spoiled  pretty  girl  in  her early   and  generally  disreputable appear-
twenties,  educated  but  unfit  for   ance, but confident of being able to
life  on her own.  Nevertheless, she   wheedle  a  room for the night.  The
pawned  her  jewelry and sought pas-   proprietor,  upon  hearing  what she
sage  on a merchant ship to seek her   wanted  and why he should give it to
way in the world.                      her,  seemed  to  waver between fury
                                       and amusement.  Finally, he began to
Unfortunately,  and  unbeknownst  to   laugh.   His  face  grew red and his
Kalagay,  the  owner-captain was too   shrewd     little     eyes    nearly
closefisted  and  stupid  to  hire a   disappeared.  He had huge teeth, all
Navigator. In the course of the dis-   of which showed as he laughed.
aster which followed, the merchanter
was  attacked by pirates and Kalagay   "Sit  you  down  out  of  sight over
was  robbed  and  set  adrift  in  a   there,   Missy,"  he  said  when  he
dinghy   in  the  choppy  waters  of   stopped  wheezing  and  could  speak
Claedesbrim   Bay.   The  fact  that   again.  "You'll be giving my place a
robbery  was  the worst which befell   bad  name hanging about looking like
her,  marked her as one of those for   this.  Howsoever  someone  might  be
whom  the  the  Goddess  might  have   willing  to share a room with you if
other plans.  A howling gale beached   you  behave."  He  went  back to his
her  and  her splintering conveyance   ledgers  still chuckling and shaking
north of the rowdy little settlement   his head.
of Kelfour's Landing.
                                       Kalagay found a bench from which she
It  is  a  measure  of her wildcraft   could watch the door and the desk at
that she became completely lost with   the   same   time.   Soon  her  head
the  palisades  of  Kelfour's just a   dropped forward.  Exhaustion claimed
line  of sand dunes away and arrived   her  eyelids  and  she  slipped into
at  the  town's  tall  wooden  gates   sleep without even realizing she had
from  the  west  sometime  late  the   done  so.   It seemed she had hardly
following  day.   Her traveling cos-   composed  herself  to  wait,  when a
tume, stiff with dried sea salt, was   vigorous  shake  of her shoulder all
tattered from her first night on the   but  tumbled  her off the bench into
trail,  spent in the dubious shelter   the   floor.    In   front  of  her,
of a flaeshorn berry patch.  A saucy   appearing  to  take  up all the room
rabbit  had  shared  the  space with   there was, loomed a young warrior of
her, insultingly unafraid.             a    size   unprecedented   in   her
                                       experience.   He  was  grinning, but
Twilight  thickened  as  she slipped   his  eyes were kind.  "Sorry, didn't
through  the  gates  on the heels of   mean  to startle you.  The innkeeper
some  handsomely  outfitted hunters,   here said you need a place to stay."
trying  not to draw anyone's notice.
Through   tired,  tearing  eyes  she   "Oh, I ...  well, yes ...  you see I
spotted  a  sturdy  building  down a   never meant ...  "
busy street.  Its sign proclaimed it
                                   -25-                             More...
"It's okay." He smoothly interrupted   Nah,  I  don't  think  so.  You seem
the incoherent fragments before they   spunky  enough to have come all this
could   become   a  hysterical  out-   way  on your own.  And you have luck
pouring.   "I can see that you are a   because  otherwise  you'd never have
damsel in distress, so in courtesy I   made  it  alive.   The simplest sol-
must give you aid."                    ution  is for you to become a Ranger
                                       and sell pelts for a living."
"I   wish   no   charity,"   Kalagay
bristled.                              "I  suppose so.  It is not demeaning
"Now see here, Missy," the innkeeper
frowned.    "It   ain't   seemly  to   Kraus snorted.  "It can be very hard
scratch  at  the  one  person in the   work, in the way that almost all the
past  hour  who  has been willing to   professions  in  Kelfour's are.  And
help.   Kraus  is a good fellow, and   the  first  little while is going to
he will not see you come to harm.  I   be  more  tough  and  dangerous than
commend  you  let him settle you in,   anything you yet know.  On the other
and  it's  not  just because he will   hand,  we  could  get  in touch with
pay."  And he turned and huffed back   your parents ..."
to  the  desk, radiating disapproval
of  her  manners,  her common sense,   Kalagay  shook  her head firmly.  "I
and everything else about her.         will be a Ranger."
Maintaining rigid control over lower   Kraus handed her a key, pointed to a
lip  and  chin,  she  shoved tangled   stairway  which  looked to be a dark
strands  of  silver  hair  back  and   thousand  steps  long.   "Up  there,
nodded.   "I  thank  thee indeed for   first  door  to the right.  Shut the
thy kindness to a stranger ..  er ..   door  tight and don't worry.  I have
Kraus.   I am Kalagay Halatil of the   business in Kladesfang tonight."
fishing  and  merchant  house of the
Golden  Osprey  in New Coldwash.  As   Through her weariness, Kalagay shyly
soon  as  my father knows of my ..."   touched  his arm.  "I really am most
She halted, blushing painfully.  She   grateful.   Someday you will hear of
had  forgotten for a moment.  "Thank   me."
you," she finished lamely.
                                       Kalagay  found  a  clean  tunic  and
Kraus  considered  his  charge,  and   leggings  outside  her door the next
Kalagay  squirmed  under  his  exam-   morning,  a  sack with some money in
ination.   Men  had  looked her over   it,  and two maps.  There was also a
before  in  a  far different manner,   scrap   of   paper  with  a  message
and  she  was  accustomed to dealing   saying,   "Take  these.   Burn  that
with   that;   but   this   detached   dress.  Pay the loan back as soon as
assessment  was  something new and a   you   can.    Being   a   Ranger  is
little   frightening   to  her.   As   honorable work and being outdoors is
though  he  were  continuing aloud a   good  for  you.   Welcome.   Signed:
conversation  she  had missed, Kraus   Aleta Wood-walker, Guild Sec/Treas.
nodded  abruptly.  "Right.  There is
the   matter  of  livelihood.   We'd   Consulting  the smaller of the maps,
better  get that in hand right away.   Kalagay  noted  the  location of the
What can you do?"                      weaponsmith,  the  armorer, the gen-
                                       eral  store,  and  the  fashion bou-
"Play  the  harp.   Sort  of.   Make   tique.   Since the latter was on the
brown  sauce.   Embroider.   Ride to   other  side  of town, Kalagay deter-
hunt.   I  used to play mumbledy-peg   mined  to  save  the  most enjoyable
with  my  brother.   He  says  I  am   shopping  for last, and get her pro-
blade-wise."                           fessional accoutrements first thing.
"Hmm.   Maybe Helga could use you in   After a few false starts, she landed
the tavern.  Or Saaris the clothier.   at   Tyron   Weaponsmith's  shop  to
                                   -26-                             More...
peruse   a   bewildering   array  of   Waiting  not one instant longer, the
armaments.  Some experimentation led   torkaan  attacked!  Kalagay swung at
her to an unadorned broadsword which   it  --  and  missed.  It snapped and
was  surprisingly  well balanced and   snarled  around  her  ankles and she
light.                                 swung   and  swung  and  missed  and
                                       missed.   The  torkaan began to look
"I'd  like this broadsword, please,"   uncertain   but   returned   to  the
she said.                              attack.   There  seemed to follow an
                                       unending   exchange  of  attack  and
The  shopkeeper,  seemingly  able to   parry.  Totally demoralized, Kalagay
tell a babe in the woods when he saw   began  to wonder if she could run as
one, smiled genially.  "An excellent   far  as the cottonwood and climb out
choice.   You  have  an  eye  for  a   of the berserk animal's reach.  None
weapon.   That  will  be  607 silver   of  the  torkaans  she  was familiar
pieces."                               with   at   home   behaved  in  this
                                       freakish manner.
Kalagay gasped in outrage.  That was
more  than  half  the  money she had   At   the  height  of  the  melee,  a
been  loaned.   She  was prepared to   familiar   figure   bulked   in  the
stalk  out  the door without another   periphery  of her vision.  Politely,
word,  when up bubbled the instincts   he bowed.  Though Kalagay had little
of  generations of merchant seafolk.   attention  to  spare,  she managed a
She  returned  to  the  counter  and   nod.   He  observed  for  a  moment.
smiled  winsomely.   "How  much  was   "Need help?"
that again?"
                                       "Oh, Kraus, please..."
A  while  later  she left the weapon
shop   with   her   broadsword,  not   He  grinned  cheerfully,  closed  an
unhappy  at  the  way the bargaining   enormous  hand into a fist and dealt
had  gone.  The traders of Kelfour's   the  torkaan  a  death  blow,  bare-
were  obviously  excellent  business   handed!   The  creature all but dis-
people, i.e. greedy as pongits,  but   integrated  at  her  feet.  "Ufdah,"
they  could  be  made to see reason.   she  muttered,  a  phrase her grand-
Before  long  the  armorer  and  the   father  was fond of using.  "That is
owner  of the general store had also   the  most  amazing  ...   but Kraus,
been made to see reason, and Kalagay   why,  I never even came close to it.
was  ready  to venture into the wild   Maybe  I'd  better  make brown sauce
lands outside the settlement gates.    for Helga after all.  Why couldn't I
                                       hit the dratted thing?"
Down  the  path  and south she went,
following  her  second  map.  Grass-   Kraus   considered  her,  his  mouth
lands spread before her, dotted with   twitching at the corners.  "The main
flocks  of grazing animals, and dom-   reason   is  probably  because  your
inated  by  a magnificent cottonwood   sword  is  in your backpack, and not
some  quarter mile distant.  Kalagay   in  your  right  hand.  Doesn't do a
had  just taken a deep breath of the   torkaan  any harm at all to whang it
dry hay-smelling  air  and  adjusted   on  the nose with your shield.  Just
her  shield when a ravening drooling   makes it mad."
creature  the size of a sheep topped
the  rise  to  her  right.  It was a   Kalagay    flushed.    She   glanced
torkaan, one which had wandered from   quickly  at  the huge young fighter.
its  shepherdess  and  become rabid.   He   seemed  composed,  but  he  was
Kalagay regarded its teeth and sharp   definitely  laughing  at her.  "Thou
hooves  nervously,  flailed  in  its   art  too  eager  for blood, my lady.
direction with her shield, and said,   Newcomers here must pay more heed."
She  yanked  her broadsword from her    ____________       To Fly
pack  and  regarded  him  furiously.   / \  ______  \      ~~~~~~
"So  you  just  let me whale away --   \@| /~/~~\~\ | by Damiano Faustas
Oooh!"                                   ||~|    |~||
                                         ||~|    |~||nce  there was a tree.
"It  was  pretty funny at that.  But    _||~|    |~|| In  this  tree  there
soft,  my lady," he said, holding up   /@| \~\__/~/ | lived  a   flock   of
his long fingered hand.  "I beg thee   \_/  ~~~~~~  / swallows, and  at its
be not wroth with me."                   ~~~~~~~~~~~ base lived a group of
                                       weasels.    These   weasels   gnawed
And she couldn't be, any longer.  "I   constantly  at the roots of the tree
know,  I know.  Boyish high spirits.   in an attempt to kill it.  Many were
Well, no doubt other creatures await   the   battles   between   the  noble
my  attention.   Good-bye  and  many   swallows and the evil weasels.
                                       One day a crow appeared on the outer
Kraus  waved  and headed back toward   branches  of  the  tree  only  to be
town.  Then, almost instantly he re-   noticed  by  a brave, young swallow.
appeared.   "Don't forget:  sword in   "What  are  you?" asked the swallow.
your  right  hand,  shield  in  your   "Have you come to harm the tree?"
left." He watched while she made the
swap.   "Run  away  from wolverines.   "Why,  no!"  said the crow.  "On the
You  can  probably kill kobolds, but   contrary,  I  have come to help you!
run from hobgoblins.  Good hunting."   I  will  teach you new ways to fight
And he vanished again.                 the  weasels  so  that  they  may be
                                       defeated  once  and  for  all.  Just
Pleasantly  warmed up and happy from   give  me  a  feather," explained the
her exercise, Kalagay went on south.   crow. "One feather for each lesson."
         ========//========            This  sounded  great to the swallow.
                                       He  immediately  wanted  to tell his
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *    companions.   "No,"  said  the crow.
*                                 *    "I must pick the truly good swallows
*      Official Newsletter        *    to benefit from my teachings and you
*       of GemStone III,          *    must  keep  this  a  secret to your-
*   The Kronicles of Kulthea      *    self."  At last, the swallow agreed.
*                                 *
*        Kelfour Edition          *    Soon  the  swallows  began to become
*        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          *    more  powerful.   The  weasels  were
*                                 *    defeated more and more often.  Once,
*      Awards FREE WEEKENDS       *    one of the wise old swallows noticed
*        in GemStone III          *    the lose of feathers among the young
*              for                *    fighters.   He  asked  about it, but
*   articles, reports, fiction,   *    the next day no one could find him.
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 ________________              The Poisoned Quill
/ \ ____    ____ \             """"""""""""""""""
\@| +|~|    |~|+ |          by Miss Louvella Parsnips
  |  |~| __ |~|  |
  |  |~|/~~\|~|  |
 _|  |~/~/\~\~|  |e are scandalized,   noisome  ranger, we have sniffed out
/@|  |__/  \__|  |simply scandalized   a  sordid  little  "menage a trois."
\_/  ~~~    ~~~  / at the  goings on   There  is  no  accounting for  taste
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  here in Kelfour's   and  it  appears that a good humored
Landing.   Frick's Inn and Cheldar's   and  agreeable fair elf sorcerer has
Bathhouse   are   doing  a  thriving   taken  a  liking  to  this red-head,
business.   It  appears  that we are   going  so  far as to shower her with
now  host  to  a  lusty harlot who's   expensive gifts.  Meanwhile, promis-
main  purpose  in  life is to seduce   ing  undying  love for the poor sap,
the   entire   male   population  of   our ranger has been flinging herself
Kelfour's Landing.  We are sure that   at  an  ever  chivalrous  common man
her  careful  notetaking shall reach   ranger.  He, of course, will have no
our  most  agreeable  eyes  any time   truck   with  her.   Will  she  will
now, and of course, dear reader, you   finally get her just deserts?
will read  every  scathing  detail.
Her  list  reputatedly contains  the   There is a liaison occurring between
names    of    prominent   Kelfour's   two   of  Kelfour's  more  prominent
adventurers,   including   one  most   thieves.   The  fact  that  the lady
lordly and supposedly chaste cleric.   thief  is  exceedingly  evil and her
                                       gentleman  (if  you can can call him
It  is  our  pleasure to report that   that)   has   an   almost  exemplary
our  jaded eye has finally uncovered   reputation   is   quite  beside  the
Kelfour's   beloved  and  presumedly   point.   In  fact, he was one of the
virtuous  lady  cleric  of  the olde   Canasta  players  discovered  in the
speech   in   a   decidedly  immoral   water  closet  last  month.   We are
position  at  the inn with a certain   delighted  to  inform  you  that  we
lascivious  dark  haired  mage.   We   noticed  a  previously  elusive lady
were  under  the impression our dear   mage  cloistered in the water closet
cleric   was  devoted  to  her  long   also.   Perhaps she was enjoying the
suffering  betrothed fighter, but he   card  game?   We  suspect  that  our
appears to have been left out in the   wraithlike  mage was enjoying a very
cold,  so  to speak.  Perhaps all is   different  kind of game.  After all,
not   lost   and   the   unfortunate   there   were   some  vigorous  males
fighter's  name shall soon appear on   tucked away in said water closet.
the  long list of the most agreeable
notetaking  seductress.                We  were recently the recipient of a
                                       thoroughly shocking letter regarding
This  same  seductress seems to have   one  of our married and angelic lady
added  the  names of more than a few   mages.   We  were  outraged to learn
"taken" adventurers to her list, and   that  this  strumpet  was discovered
as  a  result  of  these  delightful   rolling  around  in the grassy glade
indiscretions,  was  viciously slain   at  the  bottom  of  Lower Kaldsfang
without  warning  by  an exceedingly   Forest   with   her   youthful   and
foul   tempered,   red-haired   lady   presumedly  innocent apprentice.  It
ranger.  This did not seem to bother   seems  this young fellow is learning
our  delightful  seductress  in  the   all  the "tricks of the trade" so to
slightest  and  we later noticed the   speak.   We are under the impression
two trotting off in the direction of   that  this  apprenticeship  has been
Threk's inn.  We are most curious as   going  on for some time and are most
to  whether  said ranger's name will   curious  as to where the husband has
be   the   next  to  appear  on  the   been  during  said encounters.  Per-
infamous list.  Most curious indeed.   haps  HIS  name  will  appear on the
While  we are on the subject of this   seductress' list.  Tra-la  for  now!
                                   -29-                             KE V1N8

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