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 / \                                                                     \
|   |                         Murderers in Kelfour's Landing! See Page 1  |
 |                                                                     |
 |    GemStone III's                                                   |
 |                                                          May 1991   |
 |_               _   _           _    ___              Vol.1, No.12   |
  /              / ) / )         / )  / __)                            |
 |              / /_/ /  ____   / / _/ (   ____   __  __  ____         |
 |             /   __/  / __ ) / / (  __) / _  ) / / / / / ___)        |
 |            / /\ \   / ___/ / /  / /   / (/ / / (_/ / / /            |
 |           (_/  \_) (____) (_(  (_(   (____/ (_____( (_(             |
 |  _____________         _____      _    _    _    _                  |
 | |    |   |    |       / ____)    / )  (/  _/ )  (/                  |
 | |    |   |    |      / (__   ___/ /  _   (  _) _   ____   ____      |
 | |____|   |____|     / ____) / _  /  / )  / /  / ) / _  ) /    )     |
 | |     K       |    / (__   / (/ /  / /  / /  / / / (/ / / /) /      |
 | |____   E ____|   (_____) (____(  (_(  (_(  (_( (____/ (_((_(       |
 | |    |   |    |                                                     |
 | |    |   |    |             The Kronicles of Kulthea                |
 |  \   |   |   /                                                      |
 |___\  |   |  /_______________________________________________________|
 |____\ |   | /________________________________________________________|
 |     \|___|/                                                         |
 |                                                                     |
 |   Local News:  Murderers!  Read ALL About Them! ............    1   |
 |   Hall of Fame .............................................    2   |
 |   Editorial: SetUp and On Cue .................. Usul Lu'Nak    3   |
 |   The Temple of Hrassk ....................... Lythe L'Green    4   |
 |   A Call to Battle ................... Aeeirnell L'aerlaneir    6   |
 |   Guide to the Tomes of Kulthea ............ Elwyn Moonstorm    7   |
 |   And Justice For All ....................... Inyigo Montoya   10   |
 |   In Search of the Holy Grail ............... Dagmar Istarii   11   |
 |   Of Channeling and Channeling .............. Rhys Corwinson   13   |
 |   Basic Math for GSIII ...................... Viszier Wazara   15   |
 |   Living Dangerously ....................... Flint Thalassar   17  _|
 |   The Golden Dragon Ring .................. Mikhail Minnehan   19  \
 |   Beginnings ............................. Rashad Ruthbellow   20   |
 |   Hot Spots of Kelfour's ..................... Dane RedLance   22   |
 |   The Iron Wind ............................. Elor Once-Dark   24   |
 |   Tips On the Bulletin Board .................. Phaedra Bleu   25   |
 |   Kelfour's Klassifieds ....................................   27   |
 |   The Begruding Busybody ............ Miss Louvella Parsnips   28   |
 |                                                                     |
 |                                                                     |
 |  The Kelfour Edition of the Kronicles of Kulthea is  devoted to the |
 |  multiplayer roleplaying game GemStone III on the GEnie Information |
 |  Network.  Submissions  are  welcome and may be  edited  for space, |
 |_ accuracy and  readability.  Contact Editor-in-Chief  Usul  Lu'Nak, |
  / or Publisher Phaedra Bleu via GEMail to P.HERRINGTON  for details. |
 |                                             Banner letters by Yonah |
 |   __________________________________________________________________|___
 |  /                                                                     /

Local News
""""""""""     ________________ Cold-Blooded _______________
              /               __  ___   __  __   __  __   __ \
             |   |\  /| |  | |__) |  | |   |__) |   |__) (__  |
             |   | \/ | |  | | \  |  | |-- | \  |-- | \     ) |
             |   |    | |__| |  \_|__| |__ |  \ |__ |  \ __/  |
              \______                                    ____/
 _____________       | Slaughter Unsuspecting Residents |
/ \ ____  ____\      |__________________________________|
\@| ~|~~\ |~|~ |
  |  |~\~\|~|  |       No One Safe in Kelfour's Landing!
 _|  |~|\~\~|  |
/@| _|~| \~~|_ |obody is safe in our      The  second, more heinous slaying
\_/ ~~~~  ~~~~/ town  now.   In  two   reputedly  took  place  in  the dank
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  shocking, apparently   dungeons   of   Castle  Claedesbrim.
unrelated  incidents, innocent resi-   Well-known  mage  Lord Lythe L'Green
dents   of  Kelfour's  Landing  were   reputedly   attacked   substantially
recently struck down and mercilessly   less-powerful  thief  Laeg Cearnach,
murdered in cold-blood.                not  for theft as one might imagine,
                                       but for posting a notice on the tree
   Early  May saw the brutal slaying   in  Town  Square  embracing views to
of  Rune  Arundel,  local  long-time   which   L'Green   was  known  to  be
resident  and  well-known ranger who   opposed.  Witnesses claim Lord Lythe
was   apparently  the  victim  of  a   appeared  calmly in the dungeons and
twisted  plot  which  is still being   slew thief Cearnach without warning,
investigated  by  the  local consta-   dragging  his corpse in a circuitous
bulary.   Ranger  Arundel's  unarmed   route  away from those who would aid
remains  were last seen northwest of   the fallen thief.
the  Temple,  where  she  presumably
fled  from  a  confrontation involv-      L'Green,  who  reportedly cackled
ing,  among  others,  members of the   insanely and openly admitted slaying
House  of  Argent  Aspis.   Reported   Cearnach,  was  challenged  later in
near  the  scene  at  the  time were   the  Temple  by  a group of outraged
Sauren  Tessar,  Jamel Kaili, Miriel   citizens, many of whom he supposedly
Evenstar,  Beolost  Lamontt, Hetchel   threatened  in  return.   This group
Threadbare   and  Taarna  Wayfinder.   then  retired to the Square for some
Riverwind   Entreri   and   Dralanth   sort of duel where a stun cloud cast
I'Mear  (neither  of  whom have been   by  the mad mage killed young ranger
heard  from  since) aided and abbet-   Jazae    Perez,   wounding   others.
ted by Erebor Bordeaux were directly   Vengeance   was   stalking   L'Green
involved, although due to a plethora   shortly thereafter, however, when he
of  supposedly  eye-witness versions   was  ambushed  and slain, apparently
of  what  transpired  and why, along   in    retribution   by   an   unseen
with silence  on the part of  Taarna   assailant. He has been spotted since
(who had bit the dust earlier), this   and  residents  are  warned  to take
foul crime may never be solved.        precautions when encountering him.
  //                                                                  \
 ||  In a late-breaking report, all law-abiding  citizens are advised  |
 ||  that a warrant  has been issued by the  constable for the arrest  |
 ||  of the famous fighter Elvanion Darkholt, reputedly for molesting  |
 ||  the simple-minded  elven receptionist at  the soon-to-open House  |
 ||  of Paupers.  The Editors of Kelfour Edition  are duely horrified  |
 ||  at this spate of violent crimes,  and warn everyone to be on the  |
 ||  look-out for dangers in our  increasingly violent frontier town.  |
          || \|                                           || \|
          || \|                    -1-                    || \|
         ~~~~~~~                                         ~~~~~~~
More News...
          Automated Tours                   Social Club Grand Opening
          """""""""""""""                   """""""""""""""""""""""""
Next  time  you  meet  a newcomer to   House  of  Paupers,  Kelfour's first
Kulthea,  remember  to  suggest that   privately  owned  social  club, will
s/he  gets  acquainted  with the new   enjoy  its Grand Opening this month.
commands   DIRections   and  ADVice.   Proprietor  Silent Mydnyghte gave KE
Available   only   to   first  level   staff  a sneak tour of Paupers which
players, these commands will prove a   is situated at the SW corner of Town
boon  for newbies trying to find the   Square, directly kitty-cornered from
Temple, General Store, etc., as well   the Bank. Its facility includes such
as   most   other  game  facilities.   amenities  as  a  charming full-time
ADVice  offers instructions and tips   receptionist   (who   was  suffering
on  everything from armor to weapons   minor  wounds  at  the  time  of our
with  stops  along the way for coins   tour,   possibly  self-inflicted  by
and  crystal  amulets.  Almost makes   this   fledgling  spell-caster),  an
you want to reroll, huh?               immense  commons  room with wet bar,
                                       an intimate hot tub, and an enormous
         Local Improvements            pool  of sparkling water into which,
         """"""""""""""""""            according  to Mydnyghte, members and
Observant residents may have noticed   their  guests can immerse themselves
numerous  small  changes to descrip-   and splash each other.  Paupers will
tions  in  Kulthea  last  month.  By   welcome   all  visitors  during  its
looking  closely,  you  can  now see   Grand Opening after which, according
what  monsters  are  carrying before   to Mydnyghte, only members and their
they  die, tell if doors are open or   guests will enjoy its accoutrements.
closed, along with other informative
improvements.   Full  details can be
found  in  the Version Notes on page                 - Visit -
930.   Your  editors also understand           +CHELDAR'S BATHHOUSE+
that  spells for Sorcerers will soon
be  implements,  and are reminded to           /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
pinch  their coins for the Traveling           ~|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|~
Auction  Company's  visit later this            |                 |
month.  Let us hope their ranks have             \_.__________.__/
become  more  honorable  since their               ' `        ' `
last visit.                                    And clean up YOUR act
  / \    HALL OF FAME                                                      \
  |    Congratulations to Lord Sindar d'Clairique, Lord Lythe L'Green,   |
  |_           & Lord Kirc Bloodguard for achieving Noble Rank!          |
  |  Bard     Enegue LionHeart    19 | High Human Benar Stormarm      17 |
  |  Ranger   Fxg Lyon            22 | Common Man Beolost Lamontt     19 |
  |  Mage     Dagmar Istarii      23 | Dwarf      Vesitsa Talchild    16 |
  |  Fighter  Kirc Bloodguard     20 | Halfling   Xura Viirkort       11 |
  |  Thief    Valeria Deering     22 | Wood Elf   Zhuge Liang         12 |
  |  Cleric   Erebor Bordeaux     25 | High Elf   Strom O'Berin       20 |
  |  Sorceror Airioch Ramthanodox 13 | Half Elf   Kayla Kyndhart      25 |
  |  Healer   Kayla Kyndhart      25 | Fair Elf   Erebor Bordeaux     25 |
/@| Current GSIII Fame Rankings by Profession and Race - April 25, 1991  |
                               SetUp and On Cue
 _____________                 """"""""""""""""
/ \ _________ \                 by Usul Lu'Nak
\@| ||-|-|-|| |
 _| ~~ |~| ~~ |
/@|   _|_|_   |his Edition marks the   this,  or  of  some  aspect  of your
\_/___________/climax of  the  first   daily  life, is not really an ending
year of publication of the Kronicles   at  all,  but  a new beginning.  And
of Kulthea, AKA:  Kelfour Edition.     not  of  endless series of personas,
   But  endings are not real.  Think   editor's  pages  or issues, but of a
about  it  for  a moment:  Things in   different  YOU.   The  best  kind of
the  world  start,  things continue,   ending to have is _not_ one you walk
and  things  stop.  But nothing ever   away from, but one that _allows_ you
ends,   not  in  that  specific  and   to leave, thereby releasing you just
restricted  way  unique to any human   one moment before your head or heart
creation  such  as  this newsletter.   or  credit  limit has been filled to
The  world tells only one story, and   bursting.   That ending lets you go,
that  story  fills  the  world.   By   either gently, or regretfully, or as
contrast, everything we humans do is   the  slamming of a door, or as if to
subdivided.   We  do write rivers of   hurl you onward like a fireball on a
words,  painting characters with our   directed spell from a mage's palm.
computer  paintbrushes, making their      Thats  the  way  it  seems to me,
hearts  beat with the rhythm of life   anyway.   Kudos to Phaedra Bleu, our
on    the   computer   screen,   but   publisher, Simutronics for all their
inevitably,  all  of  our  creations   support, and of course to all of our
must  live  within  restrictions  of   loyal  readers  who  contributed  so
defined boundaries.                    much  and  proved  that  it could be
   In  the  natural world, there are   done!
no  such  lines  to  be  found, only      Think  of  this first year as the
expanses  and transitions, things on   SetUp.   This issue marks the end of
their way from here to there.  Where   the  setup.  Now onward!  After all,
they  start  and  stop, how they get   the  whole  point of hitting the cue
from  here  to  there varies widely.   ball is to see where the other balls
Life  in GemStone III parallels this   end up!
worldly  aspect, but in the world of
words  and  columns  that is Kelfour   LONG LIVE KELFOUR EDITION!!  HUZZAH!
Edition  everything must be purpose-
ful, so things seem to ultimately be    ==================================
dammed   up,   tied   down,   neatly   |                                  |
wrapped, finished off:  Ended.         |           MERCHANT MALL          |
   Which  to  me  means that endings   |__________________________________|
are really artificial.  They have to   |                                  |
be!    They   are   reality  goosed,   |       Today Could Be YOUR        |
gussied  up  and  giftwrapped.   Put   |             Lucky Day!!          |
bluntly:   They  are as gorgeous and   |                                  |
fake as a sword made of adamantine.    |      BELDRICK'S GAMING HALL      |
   These thoughts occur to me lately   |      **********************      |
because my work in so many different   |                                  |
fields forces me to consider various   |   Try your hand at CRAZY ORCS.   |
courses of action which might be so-   |   Play ROLLETTE! Shoot KRAPS!    |
called  "endings,", but  only if one   |   HOBSKOTCH matches each hour!   |
does not look beneath the surface of   |                                  |
such structural issues searching for   |      !!  More Fun Than   !!      |
their hidden commonality.              |     a BARREL OF TORKAANII !!     |
   That   connection  is  this:   An   |                                  |
ending,  whether  of  a character in   |__________________________________|
GemStone  III,  a  stint  as editor-
in-chief  of  a  publication such as
 ___________               The Temple of Hrassk
/ \  _______\              """"""""""""""""""""
\@|  ~~~|~|~|                by Lythe L'Green
  |__   |~| |
 _|||   |~| |
/@| \\_/~/  |ust over a month ago, a   gods,  the  Lords  of Orhan.  Appar-
\_/  ~~~~   / new  trail  was   dis-   ently,  many  of the spells normally
  ~~~~~~~~~~  covered just  off  the   available to Channeling casters were
Mine Road.  The night this happened,   blocked  within  the confines of the
many   adventurers   from  Kelfour's   temple,  most notably the spell used
Landing  poured  in  to  investigate   to unstun an ally.  Attempts to scry
where  it  led.  First, it meandered   those within the temple also failed.
through  a  murky,  primeval forest,      A few daring adventurers attempt-
and after a few miles opened up into   ed to attack the High Priest Askylor
a  clearing  in  which  were found a   of   the   temple.    They   swiftly
number of crude thatched huts.         realized  the  folly  of  this as he
   Most   of   the   explorers  were   teleported  them  to  a  prison cell
unprepared   for   what  came  next:   with the wave of a hand.
hideous  creatures and men, invoking      However,  the expedition into the
the  name  of  the  Spider  Goddess,   Spider  Temple  was  not  a complete
Hrassk,  charged  forward,  fighting   loss,   despite   the  inability  to
with   mob   tactics   and   strange   defeat   the   minions   of  Hrassk.
obsidian weapons.  Avoiding conflict   Certain  treasures  were  found.   I
with  these  exceptionally  powerful   uncovered a dark lacquered wand that
monsters  and  warriors,  the adven-   could   purify   poison   within   a
turers  pressed  on further until we   person's  blood  and a black crystal
reached  a massive, sprawling struc-   wand  which could cast fear into the
ture  shaped like a horrific spider.   hearts  of  its  victim.   Riverwind
This   was  a  temple  to  the  evil   Entreri located a beautiful platinum
goddess Hrassk.  Having explored the   wand   that   could  cast  lightning
complex and finding little more than   bolts,    and   Gilthor   in'Glorian
a mob of fanatics who wanted to make   emerged with a red wand that created
them  the cult's next sacrifice, the   balls of fire.
adventurers    turned    back;   The      Those  who  wish  to explore this
monsters  there  far too powerful to   deadly  place  must  be  certain  of
be  encountered.   Perhaps  Hrassk's   their  skills,  lest they be crushed
"blessing" upon her followers within   by the evil which lurks there.  Maps
her temple was simply too strong.      and  a  listing  of  the beasts that
   A   few  disturbing  things  were   linger  near  and  within the temple
noted  regarding channeling while in   are included below for your enhanced
the  temple.   As  you  might  know,   chance of survival.
magic  from  the realm of Channeling
is  derived  directly  from the good               [h]
                                                  /   \
                                               [ ]     [h]         N
             SPIDER TEMPLE                    / | \   / |        W + E
             Environs                        / [ ]-[h]  |          S
                                            /   |   |   |
                               [ ]-[ ]     /   [ ]-[ ]-[h]
                              /       \   /   / |   |   |
                [ ]        [ ]         [ ] [*]-[ ]-[h]-[h]
          trail/   \path      \               \ |   |   |
              /     \          [ ]             [ ] [ ]-[h]
             /       \        /                 | /     |
          [a]         [ ]  [ ]         [ ]     [ ]     [ ]
                     /        \       /   \   /   \   /
                  [ ]          [ ]-[ ]     [ ]     [h]
                     \                              |
                      [ ]-[ ]-----path-----[ ]-[ ]-[ ]             More...
         Here be death!
                                 Leg of Karamon
                                      [t]-[ ]
         [ ]                           |
            \                          |gold
             [d]-[d]-[d]               |door     Leg of Askylor
          Leg of Victim \    onyx door |           [ ]-[ ]
                         [ ]----------[ ]         /
                                     /   \       /windak door
                                    /  |  \     /
                    marble door    / Altar \   / bejewelled door
[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[d]-------------[ ] --[ ]-- [ ]-----------------[ ]
   Leg of Acolytes             /   \   |   /   \  Leg of Valtar    \
                         black/     \  |  /     \                   [ ]
                         door/       \   /       \arch
                      [ ]-[ ]         [ ]         [ ]
                Leg of Faeldin       / |             \
                                wood/  |teak door     \
                               door/   |               \door
                                  /   [ ]-[ ]           [*]
                                 /    Leg of Trandel
                              [ ]-[ ]
  a: The trail into the spider temple area is taken from an area just
     north of the place you end up after climbing the bank beside the
     bridge on the Mine Road.
  d: A locked door.  These doors inside the temple seal off various
     prison cells in which you are thrown if you dare to attack the High
     Priest.  If you get in there you will have to find a magical means
     of escape or otherwise encourage someone to pick the lock from the
     outside.  The doors are fairly difficult to pick.
  h: A hut.  These huts are the crude living places of the Hrassk minions.
     The powerful guards that haunt the clearing do not seem to enter them.
  t: Trunk.  Who knows what great treasures of the temple are stored
     therein, but as of yet no brave adventurer has been able to pick the
     exceptionally complex lock which seals it.
  *: The spider temple.  Go through the door to get in and out.
Ye Creatures of the Spider Temple
      The temple of Hrassk has  attracted the most  powerful  minions of evil
that have yet to come to the area of Kelfour's Landing. Whether the unholy
aura of the temple grants them their awesome powers or not is unknown, but
the creatures that stalk these ground are  practically invulnerable to the
attacks of even the greatest Lords.
[The same format is used in here as in "A Beastiary of Kelfour's" in KE7]
Acolyte, spider: 23rd level, medium speed,
   War hammer, rapier or pound (219), shield, light leather, DB 238
  Arachnid, mammoth: 27th level, medium speed, large, long-duration web
     Pincer (249), Stinger (245), DB 284 [Conjured by spider priests]
  Centaur, red: 23rd level, medium speed, large
     Charge (190), Ensnare (180), Stomp (180), shield, DB 210 [Clearing]
  Hound, zephyr: 24th level, medium speed,
     Bite (230), Claw (220), DB 192 [Clearing]
  Priest, spider: 25th level, medium speed, poison, casts Alker, Conjure
     Mammoth Arachnid, Call Wind, Guidance
     Scimitar (221), DB 244 [Spider Temple]
  Servant, spider: 21st level, medium speed,
     Axe or spear (207), reinforced leather, DB 202 [Clearing]
  Shard, greater: 25th level, medium speed, large,
     Stinger (250), Claw (210), DB 220 [Forest]
  Spider, greater: 8th level, slow speed, small creature, web
     Stab (70), Pincher (70), Bite (70), DB 40 [Clearing/Leg of Victim]
  Spider, major: 19th level, fast speed, long-duration web
     Pincher (120), Stab (120), DB 90 [Leg of Victim]
                           A Call to Battle
                by Aeeirnell "Battle-Guy" L'aerlaneir
                Gird on thy sword, strap on thy shield,
                An army forms upon yon field,
                A trumpet sounds a mighty yell,
                There be foes to slay and beasts to fell,
                As armies wheel in their dance of death,
                The winner is he who draws last breath,
                The clash of arms, a hue and cry,
                And on this day too many will die,
                They fight for what's Good, they fight for what's Right,
                To serve as a beacon of Hope in the Night,
                To show the world a better way,
                How to plant and to grow, instead of to slay,
                Issue the Call from mountains to seas,
                In the hopes there are Heroes to answer our pleas,
                For an Evil walks the land tonight,
                To cleave our hearts with terror and fright.
                        A Guide to the Tomes of Kulthea
 ___________                  by Elwyn Moonstorm
/ \  ______ \               Seeker of Knowledge and
\@| /~/~~\_\ |            Professional Street Urchin
  | \~\____~ |
 _| _~~~~\~\ |                         Number Name   (Keyword[s])
/@| \~\__/~/ |ince my recent arrival   ----  -------------------------
\_/  ~~~~~~ / to  Kelfour's Landing,   0001  Introduction and Help
  ~~~~~~~~~~ I have  been  possessed         (Kulthea)
of a desire to learn all there is to   0100  Necropolis of Etrevion
know  about  our  fair  land and the         (Unlife)
world  in which we live.  One of the   0101  Unusual Weapons
greatest  sources of information, of         (Weapon, Weapons)
course,  is  the  renowned  Tomes of   0102  Gemstone III House System
Kulthea.  Unfortunately, indexing of         (Kulthea)
the  Tomes  leaves  something  to be   0103  Iorak's Reach
desired.                                     (Magic)
   In  a  meager  attempt to correct   1000  Introduction & Storyline
this  deficiency,  I  assembled  the         (Unlife)
following  catalog  of its contents.   1001  The Early World
I  have  little  doubt  that  it  is         (Channeling, Kulthea)
incomplete;  even  were able to find   1002  Kulthea, World in Context
all   the   articles   which   exist         (Kulthea, Planet, World)
currently,  new  materials are added   1003  Kulthea's Geography
regularly.  In spite of difficulties         (Geography, Kulthea)
inherent   in   tracking   down  all   1004  The Weather
functional query keywords, I believe         (Seasons, Weather)
this  list,  when  all  is  said and   1005  The Moons of Kulthea
done, is reasonably comprehensive.           (Moons, Tides, Weather)
   The  format is simple.  I include   1006  Kulthea's Magnetosphere
the   article   number   and  title,         (Kulthea, World)
followed  by  a  list of one or more   1007  The Flows of Essence
keywords that point to that article.         (Essence, Flow, Magic)
There  are at least 150 usable query   1008  Flora and Fauna
keywords,  many  of which point to a         (Kulthea)
single article.  Those I found yield   1009  Peoples of the World
the  best results are Channeling (11         (Essence, Flows, Kulthea)
entries),  Essence  (23), Gods (19),   1010  The Past of Kulthea
Kulthea  (14), Orhan (8), Navigators         (History, Loremaster)
(10) and Unlife (15).                  1011  Appearance of Loremasters
   It  should also be noted that, in         (Loremasters)
many   cases,  singular  and  plural   1012  The Coming of the Unlife
versions  of a keyword yield differ-         (Shadow, Unlife)
ent   results.   A  case  in  point:   1013  The Wars of Dominion
there  are  eight  articles  in  the         (Unlife)
Tomes    dealing    with   Kulthea's   1014  The Third Era
satellites.    Three   of  them  are         (History, Kulthea)
accessed  by  the keyword Moons, the   1016  Interregnum
other  five  with  the keyword Moon.         (Navigators, Unlife)
Finally,  only  about  half  of  the   1017  Timeline
articles  seem  to  be accessible by         (Altha, Kadaena, Utha)
using   their  titles  as  keywords.   1018  Land Masses
Article #1017 Timeline, for example,         (Geography)
is   not   accessible   by  querying   1019  The Poles
Timeline.   It  is only available if         (Poles)
you  query  the  names of historical   1020  Isles
figures mentioned therein.                   (Essence, Navigators)
1023  Land Masses                      1059  Foci
      (Geography)                            (Essence, Navigators)
1024  Vegetation                       1060  Transport
      (Flora)                                (Essence)
1028  Special Elements                 1061  Flow-storms
      (Elements)                             (Essence, Flow)
1029  The Waters                       1062  Channeling
      (Ocean, Seas)                          (Channeling, Unlife)
1030  Fresh-water Bodies               1063  Origins of Channeling
      (Seas)                                 (Channeling, Power)
1031  The Seas                         1064  From Orhan
      (Seas)                                 (Channeling, Orhan)
1032  Tides                            1065  Local Gods
      (Tides)                                (God)
1033  Great Deeps                      1066  Artifacts
      (Seas)                                 (Channeling)
1034  Ocean Hazards                    1067  Effects
      (Ocean)                                (Power)
1035  Reefs                            1068  "Holy" Places
      (Navigator)                            (Deities)
1036  Whirlpools                       1069  Channeling
      (Kulthea, Navigator)                   (Channeling, Power)
1037  Icebergs                         1071  Gods
      (Currents)                             (Gods)
1038  Climate                          1072  Deities
      (Seasons, Weather)                     (Deities, Loremasters)
1039  Calendar                         1073  Interpretation
      (Seasons)                              (Channeling, Essence)
1040  Storms                           1074  Involvement
      (Weather)                              (Essence, Gods, Unlife)
1041  Essence Influence                1075  Lords of Orhan
      (Essence, Flow, Weather)               (History, Lords)
1042  The Moons                        1076  Orhan
      (Moons)                                (Lords, Moon, Orhan)
1044  The Moons                        1077  Nature of the Lords
      (Moons)                                (Lords, Unlife)
1045  The Moon Varin                   1079  Kuor
      (Moon)                                 (Gods)
1046  Charon                           1080  Valris
      (Moon)                                 (Essence, God)
1047  Mikori                           1081  Reann
      (Moon)                                 (Gods, Unlife)
1048  Tlilok                           1082  Eissa
      (Moon)                                 (Gods)
1049  The Flow of Essence              1083  Phaon
      (Essence, Flow, Flows)                 (Gods)
1051  Essence                          1084  Oriana
      (Essence, Flow, Power)                 (Gods)
1052  Channeling                       1085  Cay
      (Channeling, Power)                    (Gods)
1053  Mentalism                        1086  Iloura
      (Deities, Mentalism)                   (Gods)
1054  Arcane Power                     1087  Shaal
      (Flows, Power)                         (Gods)
1055  A Note on Telepathy              1088  Jaysek
      (Mentalism)                            (Gods)
1056  Barriers                         1089  Kieron
      (Essence)                              (Gods)
1090  Teris                            1135  Claedesbrim Current & Bay
      (Gods)                                 (Current, Sea)
1091  Iorak                            1136  The Land of Quellbourne
      (Gods)                                 (Kaldsfang)
1092  The Lords vs Local Gods          1137  Flora of Quellbourne
      (Gods, Lords)                          (Flora, Kaldsfang)
1093  Local Gods                       1138  Wild Beasts of Q'bourne
      (Gods, Lords)                          (Creatures)
1094  The Unlife                       1139  Animals of Quellbourne
      (Evil, Unlife)                         (Animals)
1095  The Nature of Evil               1140  Sea Life, Claedesbrim Bay
      (Essence, Evil, Unlife)                (Sea)
1096  Origins                          1141  Fortune Hunters
      (Essence, Flows, Unlife)               (Gods, People)
1097  Manifestations                   1142  The Gnolls of Stonehold
      (Unlife)                               (Gnoll, People)
1098  Organizations                    1143  Trolls of Upper Kaldsfang
      (Loremasters)                          (Troll)
1099  Home of the Loremasters          1144  Worshippers
      (Loremasters)                          (Hrassk)
1101  Navigators                       1147  Ice Kral of Trelkinaark
      (Loremasters, Navigators)              (Ice Kral)
1103  Some Navigators                  1149  Kelfour's Landing
      (Navigators)                           (Kaldsfang, Kelfour)
1104  Facts about Navigators           1150  Seoltang Language
      (History, Navigators)                  (Claedesbrim Bay)
1105  Compasses                        1151  Ice Kral Language Notes
      (Compasses)                            (Ice Kral, Language)
1106  Recruiting                       1152  Troll Language Notes
      (Navigators)                           (Language, Troll)
1107  The Navigators' Purpose          3000  The Defensive Bonus (DB)
      (Navigator)                            (Armor, DB, Parry)
1108  Scribes of Nomikos               3001  The Offensive Bonus (OB)
      (Nomikos)                              (OB, Parry, Weapons)
1109  The Library                      3002  Parry Percentage
      (Library)                              (DB, OB, Parry)
1110  Dragonlords                      3003  Armor
      (Dragonlords)                          (Armor, DB, Parry)
1111  The Dragon Helms                 3004  Open Channeling List
      (Armor)                                (Channeling, Spells)
1112  The Five Dragonlords             3006  Mage Base Spell List
      (Dragonlords)                          (Essence, Magic, Spells)
1117  Heralds of Night                 3007  Cleric Base Spell List
      (Unlife)                               (Channeling, Spells)
1119  Navigators                       3008  Closed Essence Spell List
      (Navigators)                           (Essence, Magic, Spells)
1120  Contacting a Navigator           3101  The Labyrinth of Zenon
      (Navigator)                            (Sage)
1123  Portals                          4000  Quest of the Navigator
      (Portals)                              (Navigator)
1124  Essence Currents                   _______________________________
      (Currents, Flows)                 |                               |
1126  By Sea                            |  Next time you feel like it,  |
      (Navigators, Sea)                 |                               |
1131  Quellborne: A History             |   Throw back your head and    |
      (History)                         |                               |
1133  Land of the Silver Mist           |     !!!!!  H-O-W-L !!!!!      |
      (Kaldsfang)                       |_______________________________|
 _______________          And Justice For All...
/ \ ____    ____\         """"""""""""""""""""""
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+|            by Inyigo Montoya
  |  |~\~\/~/~| |
 _|  |~|\~~/|~| |
/@| _|~| ~~ |~|_|y tale begins  when   full  swing  at  the  goblin when my
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~/ I was alone in the   sword sang with the crimson stuff of
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lower Kaldsfang, in   life   upon   hitting   my  target's
an  area  infested with roaming orcs   mid-section.
waiting to pounce on feeble prey.         At  this point of painful triumph
   It  was  a  clear  Sunday morning   I  realized  that the stranger who I
with   the  townsfolk  enjoying  the   thought  followed me into  the melee
day's   simple   pleasures  back  in   was  nowhere  to  be found.  It then
Kelfour's  Landing.   I was scouting   dawned  on  me  that  he  had  other
for   greater   orcs   endowed  with   plans,  and  had  never  intended to
treasures  that I may have use with,   encounter  this  group  in the first
when  a  stranger  bounded  from the   place.    Engulfed   with  rage  for
bushes rushing to tell me of a party   having   been   duped,  my  thoughts
of  creatures to the west.  Grinning   suddenly  went  to  my  sack  were I
with  impatience  for  the  taste of   herbs  to bring me back to health --
blood,  I made a blind dash into the   plus a small statue.
frey.                                     The  tide  was  turning  at  this
   I  gripped my weapon with vigor I   point,  a  dead  goblin laying there
haven't  felt  since  my  youth  and   and  two obviously irate combatants,
dashed  in to discover the group was   moreover I had infected blood oozing
composed of a wolverine, an orc, and   from  my side.  Blind fury could not
a goblin.  My strategy became cloud-   help  me and fleeing, although not a
ed  at  this  point.   I  wanted  to   disgrace,  was not in my vocabulary.
contain  the fight without that much   I  glanced  two more blows toward my
chasing, but I also wanted to insure   assailants  as  I wore my shield and
the quick dispatch of this pack.  My   reached into my sack.  Groping as if
first   blow   was   aimed  for  the   for  salvation  in the dark, I found
troublesome  wolverine  which  could   the  statue.   Removing it so as not
easily  poison  me  with  its razor-   to damage the herbs strewn about it,
sharp teeth.                           I  gingerly  rubbed  it  and low and
   My  shot  glanced  off  its snout   behold,  an  aura  of power engulfed
sending it back by a few feet.  With   me.   The  orc,  no  doubt realizing
the  element  of  surprise gone, the   what   was   taking   place,   began
goblin  and  orc proceeded to strike   scouting   about  for  a  reasonable
at me hoping to get in a lucky shot.   escape.  I noticed this as I lowered
I  parried higher for the orc whilst   my  defenses and made an out-and-out
setting  my  aim dead on the goblin,   assault on the pair.
for  it should be the easiest of the     The   orc   first,  I  thought  to
three.   Sure  enough  my broadsword   myself.   If  worse came to worse, I
found  its  mark and a stunning blow   could  make  a  hasty  retreat after
was  delivered to the goblin's head.   dispatching  the  ugly behemoth.  It
Undaunted   by  the  apparent  lack-   was actually my first true offensive
luster the party was having, the orc   swing at the orc when I hit its leg,
was  still  at full strength against   crippling it momentarily.  I pounced
me,  as  was the wolverine which, at   madly  on  the  creature,  which was
this point, was back on its feet.      sprawled  helplessly  on the ground,
   My  first priority was now clear:   making  sure  the wolverine wouldn't
The  goblin  was  to  meet his maker   get  the  best of me again.  A quick
first.   I swung my broadsword again   slash  and  I turned to finally meet
and a wild swing it was for I let my   what   was  troubling  me  from  the
defenses  down  for just an instant,   start,  the wolverine.  But what was
long enough for the wolverine to hit   that?   I  glanced quickly behind me
my  side.   Luckily for me, I was at   for  I  had  discerned  a  movement.
                                   -10-                Continued on Page 14
 ____________           In Search of the Holy Grail
/ \   ____   \          """""""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| /~/~~\\  |
  ||~|    ~~ |               by Dagmar Istarii
  ||~|   |==||
 _||~|    || |
/@| \~\__//  |ame   balance  is  the   series  of  articles to help new and
\_/  ~~~~~   / holy  grail the  gods   not  so  new players develop capable
  ~~~~~~~~~~~of GemStone III pursue.   characters.
Game   balance   is   not  something
tangible  they can find if they look   Players vs. Power
hard  enough.   Too  many  variables
affect  it,  and since GemStone is a      Now  the  Gods  must make similar
dynamic  world,  this  balance  will   powers available to players who, due
always  be  in a state of flux:  The   to   ethical  or  other  roleplaying
Sword  Swingers  think the Mages are   considerations,  chose  not  to join
overpowered;  Mages claim this isn't   the  agency  of  which  we  speak in
true  since  they have limited power   cloaked   terms.   If  the  God  who
points;  THEY  think the Clerics are   started  this  Trilogy cannot finish
overpowered   since   Clerics   have   the next chapter soon, let us have a
spells   they  can  nuke  an  undead   temporary  fix:   the Gods need only
monster  to  a  molten  mass without   provide   eight   signs  of  already
need   to  lower  their  parry.   In   defined power.  No need to set up an
short,  this  debate  will  never be   elaborate   structure   because  the
resolved  to the satisfaction of all   point  here  is  to  restore a level
classes.                               playing  field  as soon as possible.
                                       Make  it  easy to obtain these signs
Players vs. Monsters                   so  that  when  the  Trilogy  can be
                                       completed,   these   players   won't
   While    this   balance   between   complain  about  having  to complete
professions needs to be fined-tuned,   difficult  and  time consuming tasks
at  this time it is not as seriously   all over again.
out  of whack as the balance between      If  this  stop gap measure is not
players  and monsters.  Prior to the   feasible, then  postpone  the ENTIRE
opening  of  the Spider Temple, with   Trilogy  until  it  is  ready  to be
exception   of  a  couple  of  them,   implemented.   Something  has  to be
monsters  were seriously overvalued.   done  right  away.  Dagmar, Wisraith
The  Gods  seemed  to have developed   and  Lythe  are only a couple levels
monster   abilities  without  taking   apart  now but Dagmar has a clear OB
into  account the ready availability   advantage.   Until that advantage is
of  magical  weapons  and armor, and   removed  by  either suspending signs
more importantly, the powers granted   or  providing  a means for Wisraith,
by   an   agency  of  which  we  are   Lythe  and  others to obtain similar
forbidden  to  speak openly.  During   powers,  the Gods will be better off
the  past  six  months, players have   chasing  the  holy grail than trying
successfully  and  routinely  hunted   to   establish   a  balance  between
monsters  several levels higher and,   players and monsters.
in  a  few cases, ten or more levels      Once  a  reasonably level playing
higher than their character.           field is achieved, the Gods can have
   But  before  the Gods can address   a  fair  shot  at balancing the game
this  imbalance  between players and   between  players and monsters.  They
monsters,  they  need  to  provide a   should  take  a  two  tier approach:
level playing field for all players.   Level  1  through 16 monsters should
We  have  done  our  part  by giving   be  left  as  is,  over  valued  and
hints  in  the  BB about rolling and   wimpy;  monsters 17 and higher (with
developing  various  professions and   exception  of  Tree  Spirits, Death-
by  helping  new  players  directly.   woodes  and  the new monsters in the
Kelfour   Edition  has  published  a   Spider  Temple)  should  have  their
                                   -11-                             More...
OBs increased.                         fighter types and spell casters.
                                          All   future   areas   should  be
Two Tiers                              modeled  after  the  Spider  Temple:
                                       Multiple    monsters   with   varied
   The  first 16 levels or so should   abilities   and   some   ability  to
be left easy so that new players can   overcome  any  player's  DB with web
learn  game mechanics and hone their   and  word  of  stun.   If  not, in a
combat  tactics  and  skills without   short time, the players will develop
becoming   discouraged.   This  will   tactics     that    will    maximize
also  provide  a relaxed environment   experience  gain  and  boredom  will
for   players   who  focus  more  on   soon  follow.   Having monsters that
roleplaying  with  friends  than  on   can  either  web  or  cast  fear  or
hunting.   But  achieving Lord level   similar  spells  in  all  high level
and Legend status should require the   areas  is  essential to keeping them
use   of   expertise  and  abilities   challenging.     This    will   also
gained     from    experience    and   encourage  players  to  form parties
developing a strong character.  Lord   with   more   of   the   professions
level  players  should face monsters   represented.   Right  now, Mages are
which  provide an intense -- but not   the    only   spell   casters   that
impossible  --  challenge.             regularly  hunt  with Fighter-types.
                                       Areas  like  the  Spider Temple will
            \_________/                encourage hunting parties to include
            /\       /\                more  spell casting professions.  At
         -_/  \_____/  \_-             the  very  least,  a  hunting  party
          /~-_/\ _ /\_-~\              would  require  a  Healer  or Cleric
       __/___/__/ \__\___\_            casting calm.
         \   \_-\_/-_/   /                Fighter-types  have asserted that
          \_-~\/___\/~-_/              Mages  are  overpowered  relative to
         -~\  /     \  /~-_            sword   users.    Mages   have  some
            \/_______\/                advantages  but  not  in the area of
            /         \                killing monsters.  Mages are limited
                                       by  their  power points and the need
   The  new  monsters  in the Spider   to use wands.  Fighter-types see the
Temple  are  fantastic.   The  first   low  THT  of  elemental  attacks but
time  I saw a Spider Priest lay down   fail  to  see  the relatively low CO
to  tend  his fracture leg, I jumped   damage  caused  by them.  Typically,
around  like a 12 year old.  Trouble   Dagmar's  modified  roll of 150 on a
was, it took all of my resources and   Steel  Golem and does about 20 to 30
two   gold   wands  to  defeat  this   CO damage.  Riverwind, or even level
monster.    Even   when  the  Spider   16 Gilthor, using a two handed sword
Priest  was prone and stunned its DB   do  50  to  100  CO points when they
was   about  170.   The  DB  of  the   connect.   So Mages can hit monsters
monsters  should  be  lowered  so  a   easier  but  Fighter-types  do  more
party  of  fighter-types  and  spell   damage when they hit.
slingers  can,  if  they  use  sound      Fighter types can also attack all
combat  tactics  and  skill,  defeat   night  long  without  worrying about
them.   The  new  monsters'  OBs are   running   out  of  power  points  or
about  right; high enough so that if   wands.   True,  as Mages gain levels
someone  tries  to  berserk, he will   their  power  point gain curve never
spend most of his online time in the   levels out like sword users OB does.
temple recovering his life levels.     So  you may be tempted to argue that
   All  monsters  that  a Lord level   Mages  will  become  more  and  more
player   can  gain  experience  from   powerful.   But  if  you look at the
should have a combination of spells,   spells  available to the Mage and in
OB,  DB,  and  CO  points that would   a   GemStone   where   players   are
make   it  very  difficult  but  not   questing   for   Legend   status  in
impossible   to   solo,   but  still   cohesive  adventuring parties, those
challenging  for a balanced party of   power   points   would  be  used  to
                                   -12-                Continued on Page 14
 _______________        Of Channeling and Channeling
/ \ ____    ____\       """"""""""""""""""""""""""""
\@| +|~~\  /~~|+|            by Rhys Corwinson
  |  |~\~\/~/~| |
 _|  |~|\~~/|~| |
/@| _|~| ~~ |~|_|uch    has     been   on this subject. (GemStone FEEDBACK,
\_/ ~~~~    ~~~~/ written  in  these   in  this case.) I also encourage you
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  hallowed  pages on   to  do  the  same,  even  sending  a
the  mighty  efforts of the wielders   variety  of  spell  lists for her to
of  the flows of Essence, but little   mull over.
about  the efforts of those who draw      Open  channeling  is  a  commonly
their  power  from  the  gods.   The   held list, well-documented and often
realm of Channeling is less volatile   used.  Ask any high level ranger for
than  that  of Essence, less specta-   specifics   on  what  is  and  isn't
cular   perhaps,   but  it  is  also   possible  with  the  spells  on that
intrinsically     more     powerful.   list.   I  would only note that with
Witness the power to grant life from   implementation  of Ranger and Closed
death,  disperse  the  Unlife,  find   on   the  far  horizon,  and  Healer
trails,  and heal; we who follow the   unfinished,  it might be wise to get
channeling  path do our work without   spells  that  work  if one wishes to
the  smoke  and mirrors of those who   survive  in  the  wilds  of Kulthea.
rock  the  flows  of  Essence around   (At  least, if one wishes to survive
Kulthea.                               in the here and now...)
   The inspiration for this article,        Healer  base  has   been  well-
however,  is not to draw upon myself   explained, and I am not qualified to
the  wrath  of  the  mighty mages of   comment  on either Ranger or Cleric,
Kulthea,  but  rather  to  detail my   save  that  Ranger  supposedly  will
thoughts  on  using  the  tricks  of   have   some   tricks   to  encourage
training to enhance your spell-user.   monsters to jump from the wilderness
   There are five spell lists, three   so  that  one might not have to wait
implemented  within  the game, avail   20 minutes to encounter a mere great
-able  to channelers:  Open, Closed,   Orc.   Cleric  is  very  well  docu-
Healer Base, Cleric Base, and Ranger   mented,  and  any  cleric capable of
Base.   Closed channeling is neither   giving  life will be more than happy
implemented  nor  is it likely be so   to  discuss  -- and perhaps argue --
soon,  so  I have no recommendations   with  you  about  the  path  a  true
from  it,  save  to  consider taking   follower of Eissa must take.
Calm when you are a mere apprentice.      Of  the  powers needed to survive
This first spell in the Closed ranks   in  Kulthea,  none  would serve as a
is  a mighty tool that can save your   better   investment   for   a  young
life, and should be one of the first   channeler  than to develop the SKILL
two  spells  taken  by any Healer or   of  CHANNELING.   This skill must be
Cleric.   Closed is currently imple-   developed  early and consistently to
mented  only  to  spell  203, Poison   reap  the immense benefits available
Purification  I.   The  remainder of   at  higher  levels.   To explain how
the  list  seems  to be built around   Channeling  Skill  works, each skill
spells   of  healing;  doubtless  we   level  developed is directly applied
shall  see  changes  before the Gods   to  the percentage of power that you
fix it.  The mighty GameMaster Sevla   send   to   another.    Then,   that
has  encouraged all wielders of this   person's  skill  multiplies what you
list  to send in suggestions via the   send, and they get whatever is left,
miraculous  tool  of Electronic Mail   fractions dropped [See box].
   |  Rhys with 10 levels of channeling (+50 bonus) transmits TO Kayla  |
   |  (with 24 levels of channeling (+102 bonus) a total of 20 points.  |
   |  Kayla receives: 20 * .50 (Rhys' channeling skill) * 1 (Kayla's    |
   |  channeling skill) = 10 power points.                              |
                CHANNELING (Continued from previous page)
      As  you  can  see, many levels of   increase  your  native resistance to
channeling   are  needed  before  it   Fire Balls, Lighting Bolts, and what
becomes  useful,  and catching up by   ever else users of the Essence throw
double  training  once  you have the   at  you.   However,  ask  any Ranger
development   points   is  a  waste.   their  bane  of  existence  at  Lord
Thus,  start  early.   In  addition,   Level, and they may just answer Fire
channeling  serves as the percentage   Guardians, who throw mighty balls of
chance   of  casting  the  spell  of   fire  with  a THT of 3 against heavy
Lifegiving  successfully.  If you do   hide.  For Clerics and Healers, this
not  develop  channeling  well  when   is  even  more important, since they
young,  you  will  not grant Eissa's   are  the  only creatures that aren't
gift with any sort of regularity.      undead   which  one  can  reasonably
    Also,  developing  the  skill to   conquer between levels 13 and 18.
resist  and  cast spells of destruc-      So, my friends in channeling, use
tion  --  Directed  Spells  -- is an   the  power  of the Gods wisely.  And
important  consideration for younger   pray  that  the  OverGods  of  Game-
wielders.   The Open Channeling list   Mastership  consider  granting  more
does   contain   a   directed  spell   spells to us soon!
(Flare)  and also contains spells to
                    JUSTICE (Continued from Page 10)
Sure  enough, the stranger was there   both  in my sack, took a bitter bite
with  a  wild-eyed  look  about him,   from the leaf  to help me heal, then
probably  hoping I would be too busy   leapt  from  my position in the hunt
to  stop  and  search  my  kills.  A   -- for the stranger.
quick  glance  is  sometimes  all it      But  I was too late.  I found him
takes, and the stranger was gone.      sprawled  on  the ground, broadsword
   I  quickly  decided  that  I  had   by   his  side  and  a  greater  orc
enough  strength  mustered to end it   looming above him.  I backtracked on
all  for the tormented creature as I   myself  and decided to leave the orc
made  two final swings -- one to its   be,  for  at  this point justice was
shoulder  and, as it was toppling to   done.   Justice  and the rule of the
the  ground,  the  second  and final   wilds.  To this day I have that scar
blow   to   its   head.   Not  being   on my side from that wolverine and a
particularly overjoyed, but nonethe-   friend of mine has the ring I found.
less relieved, I made a quick search   Yes, that was  a  day  of  glory and
of  my  kills  which yielded a chest   triumph  for the wilds...  out there
from  the  orc  and a gold ring from   and in here.
the  goblin!   I  immediately placed
                    HOLY GRAIL (Continued from Page 12)
protect the party and to enhance the   level  5  or 6, was able to get more
everyone's   chances  of  overcoming   than  1K  exp  an  hour.  With their
powerful  foes.   Spells  like  Boil   spell list, Sorcerers will be better
Earth,  Slow  II, and Sleep True are   monster  bashers than mages but much
not  very useful to a mage unless he   more  vulnerable.   No  need  to say
is  in a party strong enough to take   much about Healers and Clerics; they
advantage  of  them.  A Mage casting   seem  to  do  fine  when it comes to
such  spells  while soloing would be   making levels.  All one has to do is
back  in the temple after one or two   look  at  the fame list and see that
monsters recharging PPS.               all  the  classes  with exception of
   So,  yes, the power of Mages will   Bards   and   Sorcerers  are  evenly
continue  to grow, but that power is   represented at Lord level.  Hmmm, on
of a nature  that benefits more than   closer  insepection,  it  seems more
the   individual.   Sorcerers,  even   sword  swingers  are Lord level than
without their  spell list, are doing   pure spell casters.
fine.   Dartaghan,  once  he reached
/ \   ____   \               Basic Math for GSIII
\@| /~/~~\\  |               """"""""""""""""""""
  ||~|    ~~ |                 by Viszier Wazara
  ||~|   |==||
 _||~|    || |
/@| \~\__//  |emStone  III  being  a   reading  KE,  or  through first-hand
\_/  ~~~~~   /  skill-based  system,   experience.  Hope it's helpful.
  ~~~~~~~~~~~  the things you  do or
want  your character to do are based   OB or Offensive Bonus
on  skills and stat abilities.  I've   """""""""""""""""""""
been  playing  for about a year, and   This  number represents how well you
as  things  change,  I often re-roll   can  attack  with the weapon in your
because  I find my character doesn't   right  hand, the hand  that attacks:
possess the right stats or skills or    Strength Bonus (or Agility Bonus if
things aren't implemented yet.              using missile/thrown)
   For  instance,  I  started  as  a    + Weapon Skill Bonus
thief but when I discovered wands, I    - Parry takes a  percent  of OB and
found  I couldn't use them well.  So      uses it for DB
I  rerolled  as  a  ranger because I    + Magic Bonuses from spells cast on
wanted a fighting character, and the      you or your weapon
ranger's  wand skill costs less than    + Magical Weapon bonus from using a
a  thief's.   After  discovering the      mithril or other type weapon
penalty  for a non-essence user with
wands,  I  re-rolled  the  ranger in   DB or Defensive Bonus
search   of   spells,  buying  armor   """""""""""""""""""""
skills.  Then I found that my weapon   This  number represents how well you
skill  and  body development weren't   can Defend yourself from attacks:
as  high  as  they  should  be  so I    Quickness Bonus
re-rolled   again,  doubling  weapon    + 20 for using a Shield
skills  and  doubling  body develop-    + Parry, any OB used to defend by
ment when I got low rolls.  I wanted      Parrying
my  ranger to be able to pick locks,    + Magic Bonus from spells on you
but  information  was lacking in the    + Magical Armor bonus from using an
docs   and  newsletters  about  what      armor of quality
skills  and  stats  affect  that.  I
concluded   that   it   may  not  be   Waving Wands
economical to get picklock skill, as   """"""""""""
when I got good for Hobgoblin chests   Just  found  a  wand and you want to
I  would  be too high in level to be   blast  something?   Better  have the
playing   around  there.   [Editor's   skill and be a essence caster:
Note:     Other   monsters   besides    Wand Skill Bonus
Hobgoblins drop chests as treasure.]    - 20 If you are a  Non-Caster, such
   As   I   was   researching   this         as Fighter or Thief
article,  I figured out the picklock    + 10 If you are of the  same  Realm
skill   and   actually   picked  one         as the wand's spell
without   any   training,  but  I'll    + 20 If you can cast the spell
probably re-roll again soon dropping         intrinsically
some  weapon skills and getting lock    - 30 If you  are a  Channeler using
picking skills.                              an Essence wand
   When  the  new  engagement system    - 30 If you are a Essencer  using a
comes in, it will be time to re-roll         Channeling wand
again  for  those missile and thrown    - Level of Spell in Wand
weapon  skills.   Maybe rangers will    + Empathy Bonus for Essence Wands
get   updated   then   (hope  hope).    + Intuition Bonus for Channel Wands
Nevertheless,   here's  some  infor-    + D100 Roll
mation on  skill/stat rolls, etc., I    = end Result must be >100
gathered  from  talking  to  people,
                                   -15-                             More...
That  was just to activate the wand.   BHPT and Body Development
You still have to hit with it as you   """""""""""""""""""""""""
would   if   you   cast   the  spell   BHPT =  Basic  Hit  Point total.
yourself.   Thanks to:  "Playing the    Race:  Die Rolled
Mage"  by  Lythe  L'Green,  and "The    Common Man: d8    High Man:    d10
Delicate Art of Waving" both in KE9.    Half Elven: d10   Wood Elven:  d8
                                        High Elven: d8    Fair Elven:  d10
Casting a Successful Spell              Dwarves:    d10   Halflings:   d8
Spell  OB = Agility Bonus + Directed    Basic Hit Point Total:
            Spell Bonus                  When first created, your character
Spell DB = Directed Spell Bonus          gets 1 Die  plus 1 die rolled.  If
 + Spell OB                              your race  uses D8  you will start
 - Spell DB                              with 8 + 1 to 8 points
 + D100 Roll                            Concussion    Points:     BHPT    +
 = Must be greater than the THT of       (Constitution Bonus/100 *  BHPT) =
   the target's armor                    CP total
                                        Body Development Roll:
Thanks  to  "Playing  the  Mage"  by     die roll (by race) = CP Bonus
Lythe  L'Green,  and  Monster's claw     CP Bonus + BHPT = New BHPT
and  spell to hit numbers in "Spells     BHPT + (Constitution Bonus/100 *
and  Armors"  by  Yashantre  Spleen-      BHPT) = New CP total
bender, both KE9.
                                       Spell Gain Roll
Deeds                                  """""""""""""""
"""""                                  Buying  Spell  Research levels, want
After  Level 1 you should buy Deeds.   to know your chance at getting a new
They  help you raise the chance that   spell:
you  will  be  resurrected  when you    D100 roll for bonus plus
die:                                    Spell Research Points * 10
   100 Silver/Level of Experience        = If it's greater than 100 you get
 + 100 Silver per number of Deeds          a new spell.
    still owned at the time             10 Research levels guaranties its
 + 101 Silver                          Thanks to New Version Notes
Agates  are worth 500 Silver towards
deeds.  Thanks to Kayla Kyndheart.     Channeling
Field Experience                       The  transfer  of  power  points  to
""""""""""""""""                       someone of the same Realm:
The  Amount of Experience points you    Number of Points Sent
can store before you must rest:         * Skill Bonus as a %
 10 * Eloquence Stat                    * Receiver's Bonus as a %
 + Eloquence Bonus                     Thanks to several players.
Thanks:   Documentation
                                       Detecting Traps
Experience Earned                      """""""""""""""
"""""""""""""""""                      Take everything out of your hands:
The   amount  of  Experience  Points    Disarming Traps Skill Bonus
gained from killing a monster:          + Intuition Bonus
 + Monster Level                        + Perception Bonus
 - Your Level                           - Difficulty Factor
 * 25 (or 100 says Lythe L'Green)       + D100 Roll
 + 100 Points                           = Result Greater than 100
 Thanks:   Early Version Notes         Thanks Version Notes and Riverwind
                                                       Continued on Page 18
 ____________               Living Dangerously
/ \ _____    \              """"""""""""""""""
\@| ~|_|~    |              by Flint Thalassar
  |  |~|     |
 _|  |~|  __ |
/@|  |~|__|| |ate night  at  Helga's   Well,  he's  out a shaalk this and a
\_/  ~~~~~~~ / found  Flint  sitting   laen  that  --  sheesh!   Even if he
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ at one of the battered   gets  returned  to life by the gods,
tables,   a   flagon   of  ale  held   he'll  be  hard  put  to replace his
nonchalantly  in  his  hand.  He was   gear.   But  me -- sell all my stuff
surrounded  by  a  group  of  street   and  you'd  hardly  be able to buy a
ruffians,  who chattered and laughed   warm cup of coffee!"
boisterously  while listening to his      The  bearded  man  next  to Flint
stories.  The younger ones seemed to   rolled    his   eyes   and   glanced
hang  on  the  thief's  every  word,   reprovingly  at the gold ring on the
though  the  more  experienced among   thief's finger.
them  were  obviously more impressed      "What,  this?   I  just  got this
by  the prospect of free drinks than   recently,   it  hardly  counts,"  he
by the veracity of his tales.          said.   "But  you  know what I mean.
   "Once   those   Hobgoblins   have   Some monster takes me out, and who's
tasted  the  steel of my blade a few   going  to care?  Who's going to even
times,  they  lose  their spirit for   notice?  I have the luxury of living
the fight.  They concentrate so hard   for the cheap thrill of danger."
on defense, that it can get annoying      Flint  reached  into his backpack
trying to land a blow.  So what I do   and produced a sack of donuts, which
is..."                                 he  placed  in  the  center  of  the
   Flint  paused  dramatically.  One   table.    The   men   grabbed   them
of the lads took this opportunity to   hungrily,  jostling with one another
order   another   round  of  drinks,   as he continued.
indicating  with  gestures  that the      "Reminds  me of the time Darkmoon
cost should be added to Flint's tab.   and  I decided to hunt Greater Orcs.
   "I put my shield in my backpack,"   We knew it would be dangerous, since
Flint  continued.  "Sometimes I even   both  of  us  had only recently made
take off my helm and throw it to the   level  2.   'They'll  probably  kill
ground."  Jaws  dropped  around  the   us,'  he  told  me,  'But  if we get
table.    "Hobgoblins   can't  stand   lucky  we  could  find  lots of cool
being  taunted  this  way," he said.   treasure.'
"They  can't  resist  the  chance to      "To   me,   friends,   this   was
take  a  swing at me.  And once they   compelling  reasoning.   We made our
shift to a more offensive posture, I   way to Gorcland, hot on the trail of
let   them   have   it!"  The  thief   a  wounded  Forest  Troll.  Charging
chuckled knowingly.                    southeast,  we  came  upon the Troll
   "What    an   idiot,"   one   man   sure  enough  ...   it wasn't alone.
muttered,  shaking  his head.  "What   A  Greater Orc and a Hobgoblin stood
happens if they hit you instead?  Or   by  its side as it sat down, tending
what  if,  while you are carrying on   its   wounds.    The   Greater   Orc
with  these  foolish antics, another   launched  a mighty blow at Darkmoon,
Hobgoblin  or  even  a Troll were to   stunning  him  and  knocking him off
wander  in?   Then  where  would you   his  feet!   At this point, a lesser
be?"                                   man might have run in terror."
    "Probably  waking  up on a stone      "A smarter man wouldn't have been
altar," laughed Flint.  "But that is   there  in  the  first place," chided
the   beauty   of   being  a  young,   one   of   the  thief's  companions.
inexperienced  thief  like me.  Life   Flint ignored this outburst.
is  cheap."  Flint stopped to take a      "I drug my friend to safety, back
gulp  from his ale.  "Let's say some   up  the  path  on which we had come.
lordly  type gets himself killed and   But   the   monsters   were  in  hot
a  monster  scavenges all his stuff.   pursuit!   One of them even landed a
                                   -17-                             More...
cowardly  blow  on my fallen friend.   grasp,   his   expression  softened.
But  I  persevered,  and braving the   "But  you  are  missing the point of
attacks  of  the  hideous creatures,   the story."
eventually dragged him to a secluded      "Which  is  what?  That if you go
area where we could not be found."     around   like   a  madman,  throwing
   "Quite heroic of you, Flint," the   common sense to the wind, that brave
bearded  man  said.   "A fine story,   men  will  die  for  no good purpose
indeed.  But what happened then?"      whatsoever?"
   "Oh," Flint shrugged, "He bled to      The  thief raised an eyebrow.  "I
death within seconds."                 suppose  that  is one way of looking
   Snorts  and choking sounds echoed   at  it,  but no, no!  That wasn't my
through the tavern, and at least one   point  at  all.   My  point  is that
man, abetted perhaps by drunkenness,   rather   than  sit  around  in  safe
fell from his chair.                   country,    killing    Kobolds   and
   "What's   wrong   with  you,  you   giggling  over the discovery of some
lunatic?"   one   of  them  shouted.   ...  some WOODEN SHIELD, we ventured
"Have   you   no  concern  for  your   into   unknown  and  hostile  lands,
fellows?!  You describe this trip as   risking  everything  for the sake of
if  to  you  it  was  no more than a   adventure."
pleasant stroll through the forest!"      There   was   much   head-shaking
   Flint leaned across the table and   around the table as another round of
grabbed  him by the collar.  "No man   ale  was ordered, and the discussion
likes  to  see  his  friends fall in   continued into the night.
battle,"  he growled.  Releasing his         ==========\\===========
Basic Math (Continued from Page 16)
Disarm Traps                           Resisting Base Attack Spells
""""""""""""                           """"""""""""""""""""""""""""
Keep hands free:                       Does Base Attack Spell Exist?
 Disarm Traps Skill Bonus                 D100 Roll
 + Intuition Bonus                        + Target's Intuition Bonus if
 - Difficulty Modification                  Channeling spell
 - Wounds to Hands or Head/Eyes           + Target's Empathy Bonus if
 + D100 Roll                                Essence spell
 = Result Greater than 100                + Target's Averaged Intuition &
Thanks Version Notes and Riverwind          Empathy Bonus if Sorceror spell
                                        +/- Racial Modifiers
Picking Locks                           +/- Level Difference
"""""""""""""                             + Defensive Spells
One hand free, pick in the other:       = Result must be greater than 100
 Pick lock Skill Bonus
 + Intuition Bonus                     Resisting Poison/Disease
 - Difficulty Modifications            """"""""""""""""""""""""
 - Wounds to Head/Hands                   D100 Roll
 + Picking Tool: Crude+0, Common+10       + Con Bonus
   Good+25, Pro+50, Lore+75             +/- Racial Modifier
   Laen Lore+85                           - Poison/Disease Strength
 + D100 Roll
 = Result Greater than 100             Tending wounds
If  you  have a High Int Bonus and a   """"""""""""""
Great  Pick,  you should have a good   Any  skill  at  tending will suffice
chance  at  opening Hobgoblin chests   except severe bleeding. The higher
even  if you have low or no skill in   the bleeding, the more skill needed
lockpicking.   Hob  chests typically   to tend it.
have  a difficulty from -5, -25, -65    2 skills of First aid or  more  per
to -115.                                1CP of bleeding to avoid long round
Thanks  to Version Notes, Riverwind,    time delays
Siat and others.                       Thanks: "Battlefield Blues" By Rhys
                            The Golden Dragon Ring
                          Power, Lies and Corruption
/ \ _____ \                    by Mikhail Minnehan
\@| ~|_|~ |                with the aid of a scholar
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ | remember  Ashan's  words   through  the  gash  and  started  to
\_/ ~~~~~ / well.  "I search for the   explore  the  eerie  caves.  It took
  ~~~~~~~~  egg of a  golden dragon.   Jaron  only a few minutes to realize
I  have  traced  her  path  to these   his  fear  of enclosed spaces and he
lands,  and  although 'tis rare that   successfully  transported back using
she lays, I am sure now is the time.   a  Navigator ring.  But we continued
It  is  imperative  that  I find the   on,    successfully   avoiding   the
egg,  study it and make my report to   hissing  firephantoms that lurked in
the  Elders  in order to continue my   there,  working  our way towards the
studies."                              gigantic  arch that spanned the lava
    Ashan Dross seemed such a simple   pool.  Suddenly, Allannon  spied and
person; young, probably in his early   removed a dragon egg from behind the
twenties.   It  was hard to conceive   great arch.  Success was ours!
he had been following the dragon for       We  dashed  back through the hot
several  years.  His elders, whoever   glowing   tunnels  and  passageways,
they  may be, had clearly recognized   anxious  to  breathe  cool  air,  to
potential  and  had  sent  him forth   escape  the obnoxious fire creatures
into  the  world  to  carry out this   and   most   of  all  to  avoid  any
task without due regard for his age.   confrontation   with   the   mother!
    The four of us (Allannon, Jaron,   Outside   we  paused  to  catch  our
Ise  and  myself)  had a plethora of   breath  and then off we went jogging
questions,  some relevant, some not.   at  a  gentle pace.  We arrived back
Most   concerned  our  own  welfare.   at Kelfours without incident.
Would  the  dragon still be with the       Now  to  business!   We  chose a
egg?    How   would  we  combat  the   quiet  room  and  decided to examine
mother?   How  big is the egg?  What   our treasure.  Allannon removed  the
do  we  do  with it once we find it?   dragon  egg  from  inside  his  silk
Where  did  Ashan journey from?  Who   backpack.    It  was  encased  in  a
where  these  elders?  And so forth.   greenish-bronze  shell that appeared
After  about  an hour of planning we   thick  and  leathery, the size being
ascertained that dragons prefer warm   only  slightly  larger  than a man's
dry  climates.   It  seemed  logical   hand.   To  the  touch,  there  were
that   we  try  the  lava  pools  in   barely  perceptible vibrations and a
Blototh first of all.                  faint,  rasping  sound emanated from
    The  hike  took  several  hours.   within.
The closer we got to the entrance of      The  egg  was handed to Ashan who
the  volcano, the stronger the smell   seemed  most pleased, although after
of  sulphur  became.  We stopped and   a few minutes a puzzled look crossed
consulted  again.   Were we close to   his  face.
our  goal  or  not?  Allannon asked,      "Let  me  tell you something," he
"I'd  not  think the egg would be in   said.  "It's  value to some might be
such a place, dost thou Ashan?"        very  great...   But  who is to say?
   "One  might associate sulfur with   There  is  something  within  it but
dragons breath," Ashan said.  "There   whether  that  is of more value than
was its strange scent on occasion as   the egg intact, I couldn't say."
I followed her tracks."                    Our  curiosity aroused, we asked
    This  was all we needed to hear.   him what his research instructed him
We  decided  to  enter  the  volcano   to   do.    He  indicated  that  his
offering scant protection to our new   research  was  done  and that he was
found  colleague.   We crept quietly   forbidden  to  interfere.   His role
                                   -19-                Continued on Page 21
 _____________                    """"""""""
/ \ _________ \             by Rashad Ruthbellow
\@| ||=|=|=|| |
 _| ~~ |_| ~~ |
/@|   _|_|_   |he  remainder  of his      The  people  of Kelfour's Landing
\_/__________/herbs and wild berries   were  a fine and wholesome folk, but
were   carefully   placed  into  the   death  there  was a part of everyday
satchel,  right  next  to  a  common   life.   Gauss  had  spent  many good
first  aid  book  he planned to give   years in Kelfour's, but he also lost
away.                                  his  left  arm  to the monsters that
   "Quantam,"  a  voice rose outside   lived  in the surrounding wild.  His
the  small  cabin,  "are  you  ready   developed   instincts  of  the  past
yet?"                                  eighteen   years   wanted   to  hold
   The   voice  was  that  of  Gauss   Quantam  back,  but  Gauss  knew the
Gryland.   Uncle  Gauss.   His voice   time  to  let  go had come.  Quantam
was  not  loud  but rather powerful.   would  have  to  learn to survive on
Quantam   heard  his  aging   keeper   his own.
slide the door open.                      "I'm  ready Uncle Gauss." Quantam
   The  single-armed  Gauss spoke as   said  with  a  smile as he slung his
he entered, "You know, I told you to   pack across his back.
finish  packing last night.  We need      "Let's go then."
to get moving."                           The  journey to Kelfour's Landing
   It  had  been near eighteen years   was   quite   peaceful,   to  Gauss'
since Gauss found a small infant the   pleasure   and  surprise.   For  two
only  survivor  of a hobgoblin raid.   days,   they   spoke   little,  each
In an overturned wagon the child lay   immersed in their own thoughts.  The
covered  by  a  knapsack,  its  only   pair  broke  camp to begin the final
refuge  from  hobgoblin  hands.   An   day  of  their  travels,  when Gauss
aged   warrior   exposed   his  true   noticed   movement   in  the  nearby
compassion  as  he raised the boy on   brush.
goat's  milk and sugar water, giving      "Quiet."  Gauss  whispered  as he
him not  only  physical care but the   unsheathed his radiant broadsword.
love all children need.                   Gauss edged toward the bush until
   "It  will  take a good three days   only  two  feet  separated  him, and
to  journey  and  we  need to get an   whatever  hid itself therein.  Gauss
early  start," the gray-topped Gauss   raised his broadsword above his head
once again reminded Quantam.           in  preparation  of a strike, when a
   Quantam had decided to pursue his   frightened  red  robin  quickly flew
calling.   While  Gauss had tried to   out the shrub.
teach  him  the  way  of  the blade,      "I  must be getting spooked in my
Quantam    preferred   reading   and   old   age,"   Gauss  laughed  as  he
experimenting  with  healing potions   watched the graceful creature ascend
and   salves.    Quantam   chose  to   to the sky.
preserve  life, not use the sword to      At that moment two goblins jumped
take  it  away.   Gauss  reluctantly   up from their hidden positions.  The
gave   in  to  his  "son's"  healing   largest   of   the   vile  creatures
instincts,  and agreed to aid him in   launched  its  flail  toward  Gauss'
finding   a  use  for  his  talents.   skull.    The   experienced  warrior
Gauss knew where Quantam's art would   ducked  and  separated its head from
be needed, though he dreaded sending   its body in one sword swing, leaving
the  boy  into what has been certain   nothing but a rotting corpse for the
death for many young fools.            scavengers.   Gauss quickly prepared
   "I  have  taught him well," Gauss   himself  for  the  next blow, but it
would  mumble to himself, "but is he   never  came.   Lying  before him was
ready  to  leave?   Is  he ready for   the   other  goblin,  and  like  its
Kelfour's Landing?"                    brethren,  decaying before his eyes.
                                   -20-                             More...
Quantam  stood  shaking,  dagger  in     Golden Dragon Ring (From Page 19)
hand, staring at the lifeless body.    now  seemed  to have changed to that
   "What   have   I  done?"  Quantam   of  impartial observer and to record
questioned his actions as his blood-   what  transpired.  We placed the egg
drenched  dagger  slipped  his grasp   on  the  floor  and studied it for a
and fell to the ground.                few   moments.   It  clearly  had  a
   "You   saved  my  life  son,  you   mystical  aura  to  it..but  was  it
should never question that."           alive?   We continued to examine the
                                       egg,  worried whether the mother was
   The last leg of their journey was   even   now   pursuing   our   trail.
made  in silence as Quantam began to   Finally  we  decided to try and open
understand  the  world  in  which he   it.    Allannon  picked  it  up  and
lived.  It was nearing dusk when the   dropped  it.   A  bright  gold  glow
two   reached   the   outskirts   of   burst  through  the cracked shell to
Kelfour's Landing.  As Quantam stood   reveal  a golden dragon ring.  There
before   the   city,   thousands  of   was  a  collective dropping of jaws.
adventures awaited him, but his mind   No baby dragon?!  Allannon bent down
was  not  with  adventures  to come.   and picked up the ring.
Quantam  pushed  his bright red hair       Poor   young   Ashan   was  most
from  his  eyes and pulled the small   distressed.    He  feared  that  the
dagger  from his pocket.  He flipped   elders  would never believe what had
the unornamented weapon in his hands   happened  and  he  would be banished
wondering  if  he could give life as   from  their  ranks as a consequence.
easily as he had taken it.             We  tried to console him, offered to
   "Let's  go  get  a  room,"  Gauss   speak  on his behalf but he remained
Gryland   spoke  as  the  two  edged   distraught.  After a short while, he
toward the city.                       thanked  us  and set off on his long
   "Help   me.."  an  unknown  voice   journey.  I haven't seen him since.
faintly called from the west.              Only  one mage had been drawn by
   Quantam  turned  to  find  a lone   the  strong  essence  emanating from
being  half  walking,  half  falling   the  ring.   Lythe  L'Green had been
toward  the  city gates.  Dragging a   attracted   by   this  power  and  I
notched  twohanded sword, this weary   wondered  later  why  more  of those
half   elf  collapsed  at  Quantam's   untrustworthy mages hadn't appeared.
feet.   Quantam  fell  to his knees,   Greed and curiosity filled our eyes.
instantly  checking the pulse of the   "Let  me  try  it  on,"  we cried in
man's  heart.   Beaten  and bruised,   turn.  Finally, it was my turn.  Now
this  product  of  human/elven  love   was  my  chance!   I'm sure Allannon
barely  clung  to  the life that was   had  recognized  that greedy look in
flowing from an open right arm.        my  eye  and  rightly so.  I had the
   'Can I save him,' Quantam thought   ring!   The  beautiful golden dragon
as uncertainty took root.              ring!   I  feigned  bewilderment and
   Quantam   spoke   frantically  as   claimed  that  the  ring  was stuck!
pulled  he  bandages  from  his bag.   There  were  collective  smirks  and
"Keep  him  conscious,  Uncle Gauss.   clear   disbelief  on  their  faces.
Talk  to  him, if he goes under it's   Allannon  whipped  out  a  grotesque
over."                                 mace   and  leered  at  me.   I  was
   "What's  your  name,  boy?" Gauss   tempted  to  draw  a  comparison but
Gryland  asked  as  he  cradled  the   thought  better  of it.  Fearing for
young, tired face in his hands.        my  life,  I crept out of the temple
   "Fucos.." said the man as he spat   and sought the relative obscurity of
up a bit of blood, "Fucos Gryland."    the  backstreets of Kelfours where I
   Quantum  dropped the bandages and   quietly celebrated my heist.
stared   at  Gauss.   "Gryland?"  he
sputtered.                                   =============\\===========
         To be continued...
                       Hot Spots of Kelfour's Landing
 _________                  RedLance Ruminations
/ \ _____ \                 by   Dane   RedLance
\@| ~|_|~ |                 --)================-
  |  |~|  |
 _|  |~|  |
/@| _|~|_ | spent nearly a whole day   those   all-important  deed  points,
\_/ ~~~~~ / in the backwoods  behind   especially   for   those   who  have
  ~~~~~~~~ the Landing  last  month,   wandered around Kulthea a little bit
and  if  the truth be told, I cannot   longer than others.  The deeds serve
remember  a happier time than when I   as a 'favor' from the goddess Eissa,
finally  made  it back home that day   who  will  graciously bring you back
with  Tasa,  my  friend  and  fellow   from darkness, provided the piper is
trailblazer.    The  first  thing  I   paid before the lights go out.
remember  doing  upon our return was      For  those newcomers who have yet
visiting some of the local gathering   to    visit    the   Temple,   quick
places.   It  was  an  indescribable   directions to it from outside Jarlek
feeling  sitting back in my favorite   the  Furrier's  shop  on  North Ring
barstool  at Helga's, sipping a tall   Road  are:   W S S E S E E S S E and
mug while breathing a sigh of relief   then  GO  TEMPLE.   Directions often
as   we  drank  in  the  wonderfully   serve   useful,  but  I  submit  the
familiar sights and sounds of home.    better approach is to ask one of the
   As  you might guess, this article   friendly   citizens   of  Kelfour's.
is  about  the  local  scene here at   Besides  getting help in finding the
Kelfour's Landing.  Like my essay on   Temple,  you  might meet someone who
Battle  Cries,  it  is not geared to   could help you with other aspects of
the   experienced   members  of  our   surviving here.
society.   Nay,  I  direct this as a
travel  guide  to  newcomers  to the      I used the term unfortunately not
Landing,  those  interested  in  the   meaning   any   disrespect   to  the
fine  spirits and finer conversation   regulars who stay at the Temple, nor
to  be found at the town's gathering   the  mighty Goddess who inhabits it.
places.                                I  meant  only  in  that it seems to
                                       take  away  from  the business of my
   First  and  foremost, any citizen   favorite    local   haunt,   Helga's
worth his weight in kobold skin must   Tavern.   I if you have yet to enjoy
know  the  way  to the Temple.  This   a cool draught of ale there, Helga's
landmark  serves a dual purpose:  It   is  a  must-see.   Just  up a creaky
is  (unfortunately, I might add) THE   stairway  on Jarkarn Street lies the
gathering  place for most denizen of   best  little tavern this side of the
the Landing.  Most everyone makes at   Claedesbrim Bay.  It's been job, but
least  one  stop  there during their   I  have  finally managed to test all
visit,  to  check  on  old  friends,   the   fine   brews  that  Helga,  as
organize  hunting  parties,  or just   wonderful  as  she  is round, serves
exchange gossip.                       every  night.  My personal favorite,
   But its more important purpose is   Dragonsdraught  Ale,  is a little on
that the Temple is the best place to   the  expensive  side  at  12 silvers
get  healed from the injuries one is   per, but nothing is better than this
sure to receive outside the gates of   crisp  liquid for soothing a torkaan
the city.  There is often a friendly   headache.
healer  waiting  anxiously  to  help      The   bill   of  fare  is  sparce
those  in  need,  and I bet that any   compared  to  the  breweries some of
stranger  to this land will have use   you  newcomers  may be familiar with
for  him/her  before long.  Also, in   from  your  journeys before reaching
the  back  of  the  temple (just ask   this place, but as Landing bar menus
someone    in    the    temple   for   go,  Helga's  is  by  far  the best.
directions)  is the place to pick up
                                   -22-                             More...
Leading  off  her list of spirits is      A  recent  addition  to Kelfour's
the  house  specialty Flaeshornberry   family  of  inns  is the Wayside Inn
wine.  As I said, I have spent a bit   just  outside of the gates.  What is
of time testing each concoction, and   ironic   is   that  the  Wayside  is
I  must  say, this drink is a little   probably  the one I have visited the
rich  for my blood.  At 30 silvers a   most  lately,  and yet it is the one
mug,  it is not appropriate for your   with  the least fun things to do.  I
everyday  get-together.  But when it   mean,  after  a  tough outing in the
comes  to throwing a celebration for   woods,  it  is  nice  to sit back in
advancement   in  training,  nothing   front  of  the  fire  and wiggle the
fits that regal atmosphere like this   battle  stiffness  from my toes, but
wine.                                  as for refreshments, the Wayside Inn
   After my favorite, Dragonsdraught   carries   neither   fine   food  nor
Ale,  comes the Honeyed Herb Tea.  I   spirits.    The   lack   of   proper
confess  I  have  sampled this but a   refreshment  is  a big problem in my
few  times.   It  is served hot, and   eyes,  because  food and fuel always
after  a hard day in the forest, tea   seem   to   bring   out   the   best
just does not appeal to me.  But for   conversation.   I'll get on the soap
those  of  you  so  inclined,  the 7   box here, and ask if any others feel
silvers a cup is reasonable.           the  same way.  I'd like to meet the
   Next  comes  Golden  Fox Mead.  I   unseen  proprietor  of  this Inn and
found  it  a respectable brew which,   tell  him  how  much  a little spicy
at  only  5 silvers, fits the pocket   grub washed down with some ale would
as  well  as the tongue.  In fact at   change this place from the waterwell
that  price,  it  is  easy  to get a   it  is  into a place that is crowded
carried  away with mead, so I advise   every  night.  I mean at Helga's, at
being  careful  lest your eyes begin   least  you can listen to her grumble
to roll!                               about    the   business   or   about
   The  bottom  of  the list is also   customers  instead  of  watching the
the  bottom  of  the  barrel when it   paint peel at the Wayside Inn.
comes  to  drinks.  Helga's               These  three  places  seem enough
last selection is Blackdew Grog, and   for  any  newcomer to spend the next
this  aptly named poison, while        few   weeks   meeting   people   and
inexpensive  at  only  2 silvers, is   learning about this area.  This list
 not   much   more   than  a           is  intended  to be illustrative; in
monster-in-your-mug.  After numerous   fact the newcomer will soon discover
purchases (for research, of course),   there   are  many  other  places  to
I  can honestly recommend this drink   socialize.   However,  it  is a good
only  for  those  newcomers who have   start,  and  any  visitor armed with
just  plain run out of silvers.        this  travel  guide should feel safe
   What  is unusual is that with all   that   their   free   time  will  be
the  fantastic drinks and refreshing   heartily  enjoyed.   See  you at the
atmosphere  at  Helga's, it is never   stool!
crowded.  Occasionally, I see one or                O   o
two  dedicated  goers  leaving  as I               +
enter, but mainly its just me and my             _____o____
party  sitting at one of the tables.            |          |__
I  extend  a  hearty  invitation  to            |     +     _ \
newcomers  and  oldtimers  alike  to            |          | ) |
join  us.  I like the temple as much            |    o     | ) |
as   the  next  guy,  but  there  is            |   o      |_) |
something about sharing mine stories            |      o    __/
over  a  tall cool one that just has            |          |
that  certain flavor.  A quick route             \________/
from  Jarlik's  to Helga's goes like
this:  E E E E E E S S.                         Helga's Tavern
                                The Iron Wind
 ~| |~  am called Elor Once-Dark. The  First, I'd heard tales of a new  race
  |~|  knowledge of that which is not  of  beings calling themselves Masters
  |~|  known is my trade. In my youth  of  The  Game,  whose magical prowess
 _|~|_ I travelled  many roads,  knew  exceeds all manifestations heretofore
 ~~~~~ many   masters,   loved   many  seen  on Kulthea.  Some proclaim them
causes, and betrayed  more  than  one  Gods, but I suspect them to be of the
who called me friend.                  Ky'Ta'Viir,experimenting on the world
                                       again!   Their powers of the mind are
That  I  must  live  with.  Yes, even  truly  formidable;  one  only  has to
now,  although  those  days were long  think of aid and they come!  The help
ago.   My  penance is teaching and my  they  provide  is not always what one
conscience   is   soothed  by  Truth.  would expect, however.  Their elusive
Presently,  I am but a simple cleric,  and  secretive ways surpass even that
living  here  in  this outpost called  of  the  Navigators, although they do
Kelfour's  Landing  speaking  of  the  frequent  the land often, assisting &
Shadow World:  of its Peoples, Places  entertaining  in  their own typically
and  creatures;  of its abominations;  removed fashion.
of   the   ShadowStone   &   of   the
perversion that is the Iron Wind.      Second,  and more menacing, are signs
                                       that  forces of the Unlife again stir
Close  the  windows and bar the doors  in  this region born of killing.  The
if  thou wouldst have me speak of the  rumors are that the Jerak Ahrenreth &
Iron  Wind.   It  is not wise to know  its Dyar Khang are active once again.
too  much  of  its Shadow, called the  I have visited the Graveyard and have
Unlife  and  less  prudent  still  to  come  to  realize the Guardian of the
advertise  your  knowledge.  Eons ago  Forbidden's  deep penetration in this
in  the 2nd Age of Ire, the Iron Wind  area.   Forebodingly,  a misty portal
was  first felt, seeming to come from  did appear mysteriously in town which
nowhere  and   everywhere, yet   felt  lead us to nether regions of the evil
always  in the background.  It is not  sorceror  Zenon's labyrinth.  After a
the way of this horror to show itself  great conflict with the Essence Flows
to  man;  it  acts  but  through  its  and in the ensuing havoc, it then did
pawns.   It  is known only as an Evil  vanish,  so whatever evil portent was
Power,  hanging  like  a  vile,  dark  buried there has yet to be discovered
shadow over the land.                  and cannot be foretold.
Kadaena was its most powerful earthly  But alas!  There is a third, and even
servant.  Agoth is its agent from the  greater reason to fear the Iron Wind!
Void.   The  Dark  Gods serve it from  High  in the Dragonsfangs, its pained
the cursed Third Moon, Charon.  Utha,  and anguished roar has been heard yet
in the Wars of Dominion, defeated the  again.   Through the long ages it had
Empress  Kadaena and trapped the Iron  starved.   Its  thirst unquenched, it
Wind  in  the earth, sealed in by her  waited  for The One that would remove
ShadowStone. Only its Shadow blankets  the   Shadowstone   of   Kadaena  and
the face of Kulthea.  Were it not so,  release  it  from its imprisonment in
nothing would live to tell the tale.   the  lofty  peaks.  Thus, I fear, the
                                       Iron  Wind  descends  again  to prey.
This  brings me to the reasons I roam  Who was The One? Are the castle ruins
these banal lands in the north of the  a  clue?   For  the  ShadowStone  can
continent  of  Jaiman,  the  "Gift of  destroy  the twin GemStones balancing
Home"  from  the Ky'ta'viir, the ori-  the  Essence  node  at each pole, the
ginal  Lords  of  Essence.   I  shall  Eyes of Utha.
speak  of  three particulars, leaving
all  discourse  of THE DARK GODS to a  So  beware  The Iron Wind, my friend,
future tome.  So be it.                or there may not be a 4th Age of Ire!
 ____________             Tips On the Bulletin Board
/ \____  ____\            """"""""""""""""""""""""""
\@|~|~~\ |~|~|                 by Phaedra Bleu
  | |~\~\|~| |
 _| |~|\~\~| |
/@|_|~| \~~|_|umerous methods beyond      The  MPGRT  BB is NOT included in
\_/~~~~  ~~~~/ biting  the  dust re-   GEnie*Basic, so you'll probably want
  ~~~~~~~~~~~ peatedly are available   to  capture  messages  to your PC so
on GEnie  to help  you maximize your   you  can  read  them (and write your
time in GemStone III.                  replies) at your leisure offline.
   In  particular,  there's the Gem-      If  you've  ever visited a BB and
Stone   Manual,  Version  Notes  and   been overwhelmed by the sheer volume
Tomes  on  page 930, and back issues   of   messages   there,   you'll   be
of  Kelfour  Edition in the Software   relieved  to  know  about  a  recent
Library  on  the  MultiPlayer  Games   change  to the BB command SET, which
RoundTable  (MPGRT), on  page  1045.   is how you tell GEnie which category
There are also real-time conferences   you wish to attend.  For example, in
devoted  exculsively to  GemStone in   order   to   access   Category   20,
the conference area there.             GemStone  III  General  Discussions,
   Current opinions, information and   you would type SET 20.
rumors,  however,  are always avail-      For  a  period  of 30 days, GEnie
able  on  the  MPGRT  Bulletin Board   keeps track of the  messages  you've
(BB).  This is an extremely valuable   read.  That  means you  can go  back
resource  as  it  contains  messages   within  that  time and  not  concern
posted   by   players   as  well  as   yourself with re-reading things.
Simutronics  staff  and GameMasters,      But  here's  the  new  part:  The
and   ALL   players  would  be  well   FIRST time you use SET to indicate a
advised   to   read   it  regularly.   category, rather than forcing you to
Present   and  future  plans,  role-   deal with what could be thousands of
playing  scenarios  and  advice, and   messages in that category, GEnie now
indepth  discussions  on all aspects   SETs  your pointer to the end of all
of  what  makes  GemStone  tick take   messages posted there with exception
place there.                           of  Topic  1,  which  often contains
   I  hope  to  show you here how to   general information.
read  and  reply  on  the  MPGRT  BB      So  you  can  go  right  into the
painlessly.   With  exception of the   MPGRT  BB,  type  SET  20,  and  all
category   and  topic  names,  these   you'll get when you  type BROwse CAT
tactics apply to all of GEnie's BBs.   will be those 5 messages in Topic 1,
   By  using  the  command  CATegory   "What's  new?"  Something similar to
when  you  enter  the  MPGRT BB, you   this  used  to  be accomplished with
will  see  that, as I write this, in   the  command  IGNORE ALL, but that's
addition  to private areas, GemStone   obsolete now. (It was akward, and is
has  four  categories,  numbered  17   best  forgotten.)  SET  to the other
through  20.  [See  Chart 1.]  These   GemStone  categories  as well.  Then
four  are  important to all GemStone   you'll be current and you can return
players,  although  Category 34, The   another  day  and  (after SETting to
Coliseum,  occasionally holds inter-   them  as you go) type BROwse CAT and
esting  messages of a more flamatory   capture  new messages posted since.
nature in Topic 8.
      //                         CHART 1     (from MPGRT BB)       \
     ||                          =======                            |
     ||  17 Learning the GemStone III Art of Survival               |
     ||  18 GemStone III Techniques and Tactics                     |
     ||  19 GemStone III Suggestions, Improvements and Bug Reports  |
     ||  20 GemStone III General Discussions                        |
Reading Old Messages                      Although not as direct or speedy,
                                       you  can impose sophisticated limit-
   What  to do if you'd like to read   ations on which messages you wish to
the old messages?  First, SET to the   see  by  using  the  options  at the
category  you  want (its number will   prompt   when  you  enter  the  READ
appear as your new prompt, ie. 20 ?)   command  by  itself.   For instance,
and  type TOPIC.  You'll  get a list   you   could  see  all  the  messages
that looks something like Chart 2.     posted in all GemStone categories by
   Note  the  numbers  in  the  Msgs   anyone  whose  GEMail ID you know by
column,  as  they reflect the number   entering the BB and typing:
of  messages posted in the topics in
that  category.   For example, topic   1 ? READ
11  (Good vs Evil) held 171 messages   Which topics (#,#-# or 'ALL') ? ALL
when  I captured Chart 2.  You could   Which msgs (#,#-#,ALL,NEW or LAST)
read  all of them by typing READ 11.   ? ALL
Or,   armed   with   the  number  of   Enter one or more Options:
messages  in a topic, you could read     AUThor=name    MARk
only  the  last  50  by typing READ,     CAT[=x-xx]     NOReply
answering   Which  topics  with  the     DAT<=>yymmdd   NOText
number 11, answering Which msgs with                    PAUse
121-171,  and pressing return at the   ? AUT=SIMUTRONICS CAT=17-20 NOR
Enter one or more Options prompt.
 /                                CHART 2           (from MPGRT BB)      \
|  20? TOPic <Return>             =======                                 |
|                                                                         |
| No. Subject                            Msgs Status Author               |
|  1 What's new?                            5 Closed MPGAMES[Morning Glow]|
|  2 Welcome GemStone III Players!          3 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
|  3 War and Peace                         66 Open   J.LUO                |
|  4 Coin of the Realm                     18 Open   SAMWELL              |
|  6 Kelfour's Landing Want Ads             7 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
|  7 Adventurers Needed!  Apply Here        3 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
|  8 Mutual Warm Fuzzies                   35 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
|  9 Goodbyes and Fare Thee Wells          41 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 10 Roleplaying - The Heart of the Matter  9 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 11 Good vs Evil                         171 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 12 Quests and Special Events            134 Marked TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 13 Kelfour's Edition - The Newsletter     2 Marked TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 14 Organized Houses in Kulthea            1 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 15 Kulthea Cape & Sash Registry          11 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 16 Kulthean Wedding Announcements        32 Open   TOMAS [Simutronics]  |
| 18 Honor                                 69 Open   J.MARTIN79 [Anduin]  |
Leaving Replies                        number.  Once I get the 1> prompt, I
                                       type  *UP  and wait for GEnie to say
   Write   your  messages   offline,   READY  after  which  I SEND the file
saving  them  in  separate  files on   with  my  comm  program.   When it's
disk  with  a carriage return at the   done,  I  hit BREAK and wait for the
end  of  each  screen line (under 80   next numbered line prompt, then type
characters).  Then go back to the BB   *LIST  to  check it, then *SEND.  DO
and  use the command *UPLOAD to post   NOT  use  Xmodem  or any other error
them.   You  must  make  note of the   checking  protocol  to do this; find
category  and  topic they respond to   the  command  on  your  comm program
in  order  to  do  this.  I just jot   that SENDs an ASCII text file.
down  1.C20,T11, 2.C21,T4, etc., and      The BB is tricky at first, but it
sign back on.  I type M1045;1 to get   pays off  once you  get the  hang of
there;  then SET (##),  then  REPLY,   it.  It can save  you time and money
and  it  prompts  me  for the  topic   in GemStone and increase your fun.
 / | /    _   )  /~ _       __ '_   | /    ) _   _   _   .  /~ . _     / _ \
|  |/\   /_) / -/- / ) / / /   ( `  |/\   / __) ( ` ( ` / -/- / /_) .-/ ( ` |
|  |  \ (__ (  (  (_/ (_/ (   ._)   |  \ ( (_/ ._) ._) (  (  ( (__ (_/ ._)  |
|        Wanted: Dead or Alive        |             Personals               |
| PRAYING  DILIGENTLY  FOR: a cute and|Destiny, Oh,thou most elusive little |
| independently   wealthy  non-smoking|cutie! Yea,I had thee,But thou didst |
| female maid;  preferably|manage to  slip thru me fingers once |
| Jaimani;  19-25 years of age, with a|again. Ahh, but thou did _not_ leave |
| common man's  sense  of humility,  a|me empty handed <grin> ---The Mystic |
| dwarven sense of duty,  a halfling's|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| sense of humor,  a  high-elven sense|Young male human,stunningly handsome,|
| of honor, a wood elf's gracefulness,|intelligent,  well  garbed  and well |
| a  fair elf's  beauty,  a high man's|provided for in daddy's  trust,  who |
| self  discipline  and  a  half-elf's|likes skiing at the Blototh Glacier, |
| tendency  to  multiply like rabbits!|dancing on the volcano,  riding  the |
| She must exhibit clerical devotion,a|flows of essence, polo in the arena, |
| mage's  intellect, a thief's cunning|windsurfing in the misty bay, candle |
| a healer's  sense of self-sacrifice,|light Jaimaini dinners by the wharf, |
| a fighter's  constitution,  a bardly|and  Flaeshornberry Wine,  seeks  an |
| voice,  a ranger's  intuition  and a|attractive gal of breeding who knows |
| sorcerer's versatility. Displaying a|how to throw a cocktail party. Threk |
| loyal demeanor in public,she must be|espadrilles a must.  Positively _NO_ |
| wantonly passionate in private.  She|bleached blondes!Your House or mine? |
| must speak _ALL_ Kulthean languages,|Write to:                            |
| including Simuspeak, and  know  sign|         IvieLeeg GradIII            |
| language, calculus, and braille. She|  House Sigma Cum Laude, Kelfours    |
| must be able to read &  write music,|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| poetry, runes, code, as well as read|Female Hobbit of  middle  years  but |
| between  the  lines. Proficiency  in|youthful  spirit  seeks male of same |
| painting and sculpture, & skill with|mein.  Send SASE to: Idawile  c/o KE |
| musical instruments is a plus. Other|=====================================|
| necessary skills include:lockpicking|          Lost and Found             |
| & trap disarming, wands & ability in|=====================================|
| healing scars & wounds. Must be able|Destiny,  I have the crystal ball ;) |
| to soothe savage beasts AND be adept|    Eternally Thine, The Curious One |
| in the ways of massage. Skill in the|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
| bedroom preferred, but can train. As|To whoever  _accidentally_ swiped my |
| a final and  probably most important|mithril sundial & left their Teenage |
| skill, she must be able to resist & |Mutant Ninja Golem hourglass in  its |
| defeat all armed intruders solo!  In|place: I WANT IT BACK NOW! Capice?   |
| return, I shall provide lifekeeping!|I know who you be.<growl>  Threk     |
| No references required.             |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|Send glossy or embossed likeness to: |LOST- A shhaggy mmutt....a ttyppical |
|       Lord Kuor of Orhan c/o:       |muttt, goin' nowheres, doin' nnutt'n |
|          Clericus Radicus           |if thou shshouldst ssee him, give de |
|The Lower Crypt - Kelfour's Graveyard|ppoohh ddogg a bbone-----The Old Man |
|                               ANNOUNCEMENT:                               |
| The Pickpockets of Perdition Society will be staging its  Annual ALL-STAR |
| CELEBRITY MACROTHON on the first day of Seoltag. However, due to the very |
| hostile conditions in the exterior this year, the festivities will be held|
| _entirely_ inside the walls (along the Ring Roads). Entry forms  available|
| from the OFFICE of the CLERK in MOOT HALL. Let yer macros off and running!|
 _______________          The Begruding Busybody
/ \ ____    ____\         """"""""""""""""""""""
\@| +|~| __ |~|+|        by Miss Louvella Parsnips
  |  |~|/~~\|~| |
 _|  |~/~/\~\~| |
/@| _|__/  \__|_|e are  delighted to   biggest sucker)  goes to  our land's
\_/_____________/  inform  you  that   leading  fair  elf  cleric  who  was
what began as an innocuous quest has   conned  into striking the first blow
escalated into one of  the  nastiest   against the then-cowering hot-headed
scandals  in  Kulthean  history.  It   ranger,  in revenge (he thought) for
seems  that  a  certain long-winded,   the set-up death  of said vapid lady
lordly  thief had inside information   cleric,  who  had dumped him for the
as  to  the  location  of prodigious   long-winded,  lordly  thief  --  who
riches and proceeded to peculate the   summarily  dumped  HER   immediately
treasures,  which  included not only   thereafter.  No doubt about it:  She
numerous and priceless magical items   doth get around. Ask any of our many
but  nearly  one  million  pieces of   adventurers who  thinketh  not  with
silver.  Needless to say, his fellow   their minds.
adventurers  were more than a little      In  the  meantime, our eager eyes
choleric about this and proceeded to   discovered another sordid litle mess
attack the ignoble character of this   involving  a wraithlike lady mage, a
contumelious fellow in order to  en-   scurrilous  common  man  ranger, and
courage  return of the stolen items.   the aforementioned manipulative lady
   Undaunted, our vituperative thief   thief who shall blessedly be seen no
blustered in wondrous flimflam as to   more.   It  appears that these three
why  he would not do such a sterling   no longer a love triangle make.  Our
thing as return the  purloined loot.   mailbox contained all the delectable
In  disgust  of  his  compeers,  our   details  in  a  copy  of the waspish
thief  resolved  to  leave  Kulthea,   missive   the   common   man  ranger
having   lately   discovered   THEIR   sent the  mage  he  once cherished.
overwhelming  covetousness.   We, of      Of course this ranger expected to
course, are distraught to see such a   see each savory detail revealed here
repugnant  fellow  go,  but we glee-   in  these  pages,  but we never have
fully  report jocund celebrations in   and   never   will   serve  personal
Helga's  Tavern  following his lily-   vendettas.   We  are interested only
livered retreat.                       in gossip, hearsay and slander which
   One of the last opprobrious acts,   appeals to the purient  interests of
nay,  felonies  perpetrated  by this   the public at large.
mephitic thief, was the brutal slay-      For    instance,    we   recently
ing   of   a  delightfully  trouble-   discovered   that   Kelfour's   most
making  but,  at  the  time, totally   famous  lady healer has decided that
unarmed red-haired female ranger who   spinsterhood   is   not  all  it  is
has since vanished from the lands --   bragged up be, and has agreed to wed
willingly,  we  might  add, which is   Kelfour's  most  famous mage.  There
more   than  we  can  say   for  the   is,  of  course,  no  accounting for
poison-tongued  lady  (which term we   taste, and we would not dare mention
use loosely) thief also staunchly en-  that said  healer must  be suffering
trenched in the murder.  This second   an unusual spell  which has left her
thief, in cahoots with our nice lady   deaf, dumb and blind.
cleric  of  the olde speech, master-      Yes,   gentle   reader,   we  are
minded  a  truly  splendid  plot  to   Kelfour's certified rumor monger and
expose  none other than YOURS TRULY.   as  such, deserve to be the first to
It  would  have  worked had they not   learn any hearsay you uncover.  Send
made one itty  bitty  mistake;  they   all  your  gossip, lies, palaver and
were wrong.  Ah yes, such is the way   scandal  to  MISS.SNOOP (via GEmail)
of the miniscule-minded  mob mental-   where  it  will be smeared into next
ity of Kelfour plotters.  Louvella's   month's column.  Happy snooping, and
Lollipop  this  month (for being the   tra-la til then!

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