Kioya (prime)

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Kioya Ra'Ashpir Nalfein
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Cleric
Profession Assassin
Religion Onar
Affiliation(s) House Brigatta
In-a-Word Secretive
Disposition Wary
Demeanor Reserved
Primary Trait Laconic
Likes Honey, heels, jewelry, flowers, and a sharp blade
Dislikes Cowardice
Fears Loss of control
Loyalties Nalfein Court
Best Friend None
Spouse None
Loved One None
Children None

Lady Kioya Ra'Ashpir Nalfein is the cousin of Viria Ra'Ashpir. Not much is known about the quiet half-Nalfein half-Faendryl assassin except it is rumored that she is mandated to take contracts on behalf of the Nalfein court, but often will take side jobs with enough payment.


You see Lady Kioya Ra'Ashpir the Dark Crusader.

She appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.

She is taller than average.  She has silver-rimmed tilted deep violet eyes and flawless ash-colored skin.  The rest of her features are typically concealed by a sheer gauze veil hanging from her lavender-grey marbrinus headscarf. She has chin-length, tousled blue-black hair that flips up at the ends.  She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a slender, delicately flared nose and classically elegant, chiseled high cheekbones.

She has a soft violet feystone spike in her left eyebrow.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a lavender-grey marbrinus headscarf with a sheer gauze veil, a pale lavender violet tucked behind one ear, a hooded dark grey velvet cloak, some deep black rolaren scalemail, an obsidian broken skull symbol, a side-laced pale silver bodice, a sigil-covered hyacinth bracer, an iridescent violet silk skirt, and a pair of ebon suede ankle boots lofted on spiky silver heels.


Family Connections

  • Kioya's mother was Faendryl, but her identity remains unknown.
  • Her father was Lord Viktraen Fa'Domani (deceased). He died when she was very young.
  • Her paternal grandmother is Lady Vrisca Fa'Domani.
  • Her adopted parents are Lady Vraire Ra'Ashpir Nalfein (deceased) and High Lord Tarhaend Ra'Ashpir Nalfein (deceased).

Kioya lived with her father, Lord Viktraen Fa'Domani, upon her birth. Some years later, enough such that she barely remembers him, he passed away in unknown circumstances. After Lord Viktraen passed, Lady Vrisca Fa'Domani approached High Lord Tarhaend Ra'Ashpir Nalfein behind closed doors. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, it was agreed that Kioya would live with the Ra'Ashpir family. While she was raised with care within the household at Ta'Nalfein, Kioya never felt she was truly one of them. She looked far too much like her Faendryl mother and her mysterious and powerful grandmother.