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Kireta Vershalin the dark elven sorceress

Kireta was born on a blistery December night. The winds were so cold and feirce, even the trees outside seemed to lean toward her parent's cabin, struggling to get into the windows to find some warmth. She was Lady Llaedra and Lord Qane's first child, born with her fathers raven hair, and ominous violet eyes. Though her skin was fair and her soft scream, tender.. her parents knew that something was differant about her.

Qane was a powerful Fey Wizard. Because of this, Llaedra's father forbade her to marry him. Llaedra, being the strong woman she is, married him anyway, knowing her love for him was unlike any other. Since Kireta's father was fey, it was inevitable that Kireta too, would be at least part fey. This worried Llaedra to no extent. She knew the power Qane had over people, and the disturbing glance he could send that would make even the most feirce warrior lower his weapons.

Llaedra was an Elven Sorceress, raised to defend her honor, and that of her families. Her deep brown hair hung long and loose, far past her waist, and her green eyes were often compaired to emeralds. Llaedra was cunning and sedductive. Qane knew his luck in tying her down, for no man before of after could ever tame this amazing woman.

From the moment she was born, she was quite attatched to her mother, Llaedra. Llaedra would sit, rocking Kireta for hours while Qane was off trying to make a few coins for his new family.

As Kireta grew older, her ears pointed, distinctfully, and her face grew long and pale. Her raven hair grew uncontrollibly, like her mothers, long and thick. One morning Llaedra came to wake her sleeping daughter. Kireta opened her eyes, and immediatly, Llaedra froze. The gaze her daughter sent her, although loving, was incredibly intent. Her strange violet eyes were like daggers, peircing those who dared to look into them. Her feyish heritage was showing, even thought her daughter was barely moving on her own.

That winter, and all the rest to follow were particularly devistating. The farmers complained that a sorceress must have grown mad with the town and sent a curse upon them. Llaedra knew otherwise. Every day Kireta grew more and more strange. She was quiet and distant, showing affection only to her mother. The townsfolk whispered and pointed when they saw the strange couple go by. An strikingly beautiful elven woman, craddling a pointy earred demon in her arms. What a site this must have been!

The years passed quickly, and Qane taught his daughter to read and write. He even taught her a thing or two about magic and sword fighting. He aspired that she would become a powerful Fey Wizard, like himself. But Kireta already knew her proffesion. She would follow in her mother's footsteps and become a sorceress.

One summer night, when Kireta was 8 years old, she heard some commotion in the kitchen. Since she was supposed to be asleep in bed, she didn't dare walk in to see what the fuss was. After a while, she fell into an unsettling sleep. The next morning, she awoke well past noon. This was strange because her mother normally woke her early to take a walk through town. She stood, pulled on her brocade gown, and walked into the kitchen. There was noone there! She looked all about the house, but to no avail. She was all alone in her parent's cabin.

Back in the kitchen now, she noticed a parchment lying on the table and a feather pen sitting next to it. She wandered to the parchment and began to read..

My Dearest baby Kireta, Your father and i have been forced to head out on a quest to save Elanthia from the evil krolvins! This was not planned, and i would have done anything to bring you with me, lil' love. Alas, i could not succomb you to this danger at such a tender age. Please keep the cabin for yourself, and your father and i shall return godspeed. Love, Your mother, Lady Llaedra

Kireta was devistated! Her mother, so beautiful and loving had gone to fight without her. Kireta droped the parchment and ran immediatly to the closet, where she found her fathers training leathers, a dagger, and a reinforced shield. She pulled them on hurridly, took her backpack, and headed out the door!

For months, Kireta searched, surviving only on berries and stream water. She was lost, she knew. There was no way she could head back to the cabin now, nor did she want to. After a while, she came upon a rather large town. Outside the gates, there was an inn, and several people who looked almost like her. Some had pointy ears, and a few were so large, she could barely see their faces! None however, had her gleaming eyes and startling gaze. Immediatly, memories of her childhood rushed into her mind. Of times her mother took her into town and turned her gaze from the baffled townsfolk. She read the scribbled sign outside the gates. It read:

Within these gates lies the town of Wehnimer's Landing. All laws strictly enforced. Town Laws: No stealing from, molesting, or attacking of any of the innocent wanderers of the Town will be tolerated. No killing. Hooliganism may be punishable with arrest, especially when it endangersthe public safety. Wizards beware!

Kireta walked into the gates, a bit nervous and scared. She wandered all around town, but found her mother nowhere. Eventually, she came to realize she had lost her mother. She damned herself from running off, and cryed for days.

After a few weeks, she decided to start training to be a Lady Sorceress. She got new weapons, and better armor.

Kireta lived there for years.. she made few friends, but many enemies. She met and fell in love with a Dark Elf named Jadensaige Krysalka-Dane.

One day, when Kireta was 22, she was sitting in the cul-de-sac. In walked a beautiful woman with a familiar stare. It was her mother! Shocked and exstatic, she stood, and stared at the woman. The woman stared back, equally shocked. The two embraced and kissed, holding eachother and talking there for hours. She was so exited! After all this time, searching, crying, tearing herself apart trying to find her mother, here she was!

Soon after Kireta was reunited with her family, Llaedra and Qane had another daughter, Angelaca. Angelaca was the spitting image of her mother, soft and beautiful.

A month after Angelaca was born, there was a horrible invasion! Krolvins surrounded the town at every gate. Llaedra took her two daughters to the local inn, and there they sat, nervous and upset while Qane was out defending the town. After the invasion ended, Llaedra, Kireta and Angelaca wandered the town looking for Qane. There, outside the northern gates lay Kireta's brave feyish father. He was amongst the other dead, his eyes closed forever to a world that never fully understood him.

Although circumstances were tough, Kireta pulled herself through every hole and bump, and found her calling. She found her love, and her hate in a town called Wehnimer's Landing. And there, with her mother and husband, Jadensaige she still resides to this day. Sure, things are a bit differant now. She has two childeren of her own to watch, and her mother has grown to be her best friend. But her violet eyes never cease to blaze and her heart never stops burning. Her stare is unsettling, and her face is long and pale.. just like her fathers.