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The kish'dal is a type of rolton which is raised for its hide, wool, and milk.

Also sometimes known as dune nippers or ash goats, the kish'dal roltons are said to have originated in the Southron Wastes, where they gained their nickname for often feeding along the ashen barrens, nibbling up seeds and grains carried along the hot southern winds. The natural instinct to survive has found the creatures moving further to the north, some argue even purposely displacing nearby citizens of Elstreth, due to their increased presence within the Valley of Hourouth. Their horns are curved outward and look like grooved obsidian, making them desirable by traders to create drinking horns or sword pommels. Their fur is a mottled grey and white, like marble splattered with ash, and is surprisingly popular in some of the northern regions for the thickness of their wool. It is suspected that kish'dal wool is what is often used to swindle townsfolk when they are believed to be purchasing yierka wool.

The kish'dal's pelt is used as hide or tanned as leather.

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