Kishnar's Hearth

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Kishnar's Hearth is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It sells grocery items compatible with the cooking system.

[Kishnar's Hearth, Shop] RNUM: Lich # 32867 Real ID:u4049201
Raw hoarbeam timbers, glinting with cold veins of glacial blue and shining silver, line the lower half of the shop's dark stone walls. They curve to frame a wide stone hearth, within which a roaring fire crackles invitingly. Opposite the hearth, a burled pine countertop with scrimshawed ivory inlay separates a cozy nook from the rest of the shop. Shelves line the walls behind the counter, holding various staples in neat glass jars.


  1. some large speckled eggs        8. a jar of pale blue salt
  2. a block of pale yellow butter   9. a tin of pungent cinnamon
  3. a bottle of thick white cream   10. a sack of unbleached flour
  4. a bottle of ice cold milk       11. a bag of honey brown sugar
  5. a tin of ground nutmeg          12. a bag of snowy white sugar
  6. a sack of dried oats            13. a canister of brewer's yeast
  7. a jar of toasted cocoa