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Kokia Belts have several verbs you can use to express yourself with your belt. They are pocketed and can store a very small amount (0-4 lbs) with enough space for any number (10+) of items of very small size. They have been sold at Briarmoon Cove as well as at multiple shops at Ebon Gate. They have one unlock. When analyzing this belt while it is locked, it will say that any merchant may unlock this for you. Yes, any merchant.


You analyze your dark leather belt and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a scripted belt.  Is is currently unlocked.  It cannot be unlocked any further.
  You can POKE, TAP, WAVE, RUB, PUNCH, ROLL, PULL, PUSH, NUDGE, and TURN the dark leather belt

You can tell that the belt is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.



Verb First Third
PULL You tighten your dark leather belt. XXX tightens his dark leather belt.
PUSH You rest your hands on your hips. XXX rests his hands on his hips.
NUDGE You adjust the fit of your dark leather belt. XXX adjusts the fit of his dark leather belt.
TURN You twist the dark leather belt around your waist. XXX twists his dark leather belt around his waist.



Verb First Third
POKE You tuck your thumbs under your dark leather belt. XXX tucks his thumbs under his dark leather belt.
TAP You drum your fingers on your dark leather belt. XXX drums his fingers on his dark leather belt.
WAVE You hold your hand up at waist height. XXX holds his hand up at waist height.
RUB You rub your stomach. XXX rubs his stomach.
PUNCH You punch yourself right in the gut. Ouch! XXX punches himself right in the gut!
ROLL You hitch up your dark leather belt. XXX hitches up his dark leather belt.
Kokia Belt Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 2
How to Unlock Merchant
Item Verbs