Krellove Chandrennin

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Krellove Chandrennin was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire. He reigned from before 4600 to 4610, M.E..

Emperor Krellove was best known for initiating the First Elven War. Due to elven uprisings in the Barony of Bourth in 4600, Krellove sent imperial troops to pacify the area. After the discovery of instigation by Nalfein elves in 4604, Krellove ordered the creation of an army. Over the next four years, the Imperial Army under General Vaycero of Idolone won successive battles against the Nalfein and captured much of the neutral territory that had existed as a buffer state between the empire and the elves. The last battle ensured the capture of Barrett's Gorge. In 4610, with full intent to start another round of attacks, Emperor Krellove, old and sickly, died. His successor, Emperor Toscus Chandrennin, ended the war.