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Storyline Star of Khar'ta
Gender male
Race Krolvin
Status Dead
Alias/Title Czag'Herndrok


You see Czag'Herndrok Krentuk.
He appears to be a Krolvin.
He is tall and appears to be in his prime. He has mismatched red and yellow eyes and grayish-blue skin. He has thick, coarse stark white hair that covers his head and spreads down across his shoulders. He has an ape-like face, a flat nose and a muscular build. 
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a sweeping dark azure cape, a suit of salt-stained black armor, a pair of scratched blue steel gauntlets, a tattered black satchel, a pair of spike-toed boots, an oiled black leather bandolier, a black burlap sack, a crude blue coral talisman and a dented blue steel shield. 


Self-proclaimed Czag'Herndrok (translation: "Starbringer"), the krolvin warlord amassed a huge fleet of krolvin who flocked to his cause to obtain the infamous relic, the Star of Khar'ta. The item was said to be a powerful tool in the future expansion of the krolvin, and when it landed near Wehnimer's Landing, the krolvin warlord decided it was an omen that the town would be the first target of their new expansion. Using the power of the Star of Khar'ta, Krentuk besieged the town of Wehnimer's Landing during a long summer of brutal winds, ice and snow. Eventually, the krolvin warlord was stopped and he perished, the Star of Khar'ta seemingly exploding in the sky. It is now learned the Star of Khar'ta has reformed once more and has been located by Grishom Stone.