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Storyline Flight of the Manticore
Gender Female
Race Krolvin
Status Alive

Kyjani arrived on Leyan, Ivastaen 12, 5121 in Wehnimer's Landing to discuss the Ravager.


You look at Kyjani, cautious not to let your gaze linger for too long.

You see Kyjani, the Krolvin Scourge of Glaoveln.
She is taller than average and has a muscular frame.  She appears to be full grown.  She has large citrine-colored eyes and peppered cobalt fur.  She has long, disheveled ivory blonde hair raked up upon her head and pierced by a gilt-dipped fish spine, leaving the rest to coil about her form in a series of waves and bone-beaded plaits.  She has an angular, sun-weathered face and a pentagon-shaped scar set below her right eye.  Her protruding knuckles have been inked with a variety of tally marks, then encircled by rings of various sizes and metals.
She is wearing an oxblood velvet frock coat trimmed in faded obsidian leather, a fetish-strung dark suede bandolier over a cord-laced ashen linen tunic with a hook-pierced collar, some black leather trousers pierced with rings down the sides, and a pair of knee-high dark oilskin boots.