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LOOK is the most basic of commands. Almost everything can be the target of this verb, particularly locations, objects, creatures, and characters. Use this command to garner information about every piece of Elanthia.


  • LOOK : displays room description (what it looks like, what is there, who is there)
  • LOOK {character} : displays the description of the person, their profession or title (if they enabled it using the TITLE verb), what they're carrying, what they're wearing, and any wounds or scars they may possess
  • LOOK {creature} : displays what a creature is carrying, what they're wearing, a picture of the creature if there is one, and any wounds or scars they may possess
  • LOOK {at|on|in|inside|into|under|behind|beneath} {object} : displays information pertaining to where you looked or what you looked at
  • LOOK {up|star|constellation|sky} : displays the night sky and any adverse weather condition (rain, snow, blood rain)
  • LOOK {moon}: This will get you the response "Which moon, Liabo, Lornon, Tilaok, or Makiri?"
  • LOOK {Liabo|Lornon|Tilaok|Makiri}: displays the moon's description and what phase it's in--or, in the case of tiny Makiri, if you can see it or not

Some mechanics disable the use of the LOOK verb. For instance, when LOOK is attempted during a warrior's Berserk, All you can see is red.

Sorted View

LOOKing in a container or on a surface can be toggled to show a sorted view using FLAG SORTEDVIEW ON/OFF.


Items are listed in the reverse order in which you put items in. In the example below, the last item put into the container was the uncut diamond. However, due to the way in which GemStone IV handles inventory, every container fully reverses its list of items when you log out and log in. (For lockers, the list reverses when you close/reopen the locker.)

To change the order of the items inside a container that you are holding or wearing, use the SORT verb.

>flag sortedview off
You will see the contents of containers in the traditional list format.
>l in vest
In the vestment you see an uncut diamond, some aloeas stem, a tiny modwir owl anklet and a twilight blue suede staff harness.

In sorted view, the categories are in a fixed order, and within each category the items are listed in reverse order of entry, though again the lists will be reversed upon logout and login. SORT can likewise be used to changed the order within each category.

>flag sortedview on
You will see the contents of containers in a sorted list format.
>l in ves
In the vestment:
Containers [1]: a twilight blue suede staff harness clasped with a scarlet owl
Wands [1]: a tiny modwir owl anklet
Gems [1]: an uncut diamond
Herbs [1]: some aloeas stem
Total items: 4