Lacquered mistwood stand

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As of March 2018 this merchant is no longer a permanent fixture in Ta'Illistim. It is scheduled to reappear at the next Festival of Lumnea.

Lacquered mistwood stand is a specialty shop in Ta'Illistim. The stand sits in the fountain room in the North-West corner of BriarStone Court and sells both crystal holders and imbedded crystals to go in them.

[Ta'Illistim, BriarStone Court]
The cobblestoned court gives way for a circular fountain, whose edges are repurposed into a wide ledge of tiled seating. Nearby, the marble facades of several shops look on, forming a ring around the open plaza. You also see a silver trash receptacle and a lacquered mistwood stand perched on elaborate scrollwork legs with some stuff on it.


Crystal Holders

All of the crystal holders are functional items.

Name Price Worn Location
a long-tiered electrum slat necklace 50,000 neck
a choker of patina bronze vines 50,000 neck
a circular gold shield lapel pin 50,000 pin
a set of alum floral filigree bracelets 50,000 ankle
an ornate dark grey enamel pauldron 50,000 shoulder


Name Price Spell Uses
a gilt-sheened peacock blue crystal 10,000 Foresight (1204) 20
an ebon-infused smoky jade crystal 10,000 Spirit Shield (202) 20
a vert-edged muted umber crystal 15,000 Invisibility (916) 10
a silver-caged pale amethyst crystal 15,000 Prismatic Guard (905) 20
a gold-flushed fiery crimson crystal 30,000 Strength (509) 20
a red-tinged vivid golden crystal 20,000 Mystic Focus (1711) 10
a lilac-flecked dark silver crystal 10,000 Mantle of Faith (1601) 20
a jade-pierced kohl black crystal 1000 Heal (1101) unknown
a cocoa and leafy green crystal 10,000 Adrenal Surge (1107) unknown
a sapphire-eyed vibrant emerald crystal 10,000 Manna (203) 20