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Crystal holders, or crystal holding jewelry, allow an adventurer to wear a magical crystal on their person that they would otherwise have to hold and rub on the go. New crystals beyond what is found in the treasure system were introduced shortly after crystal holding jewelry was was first sold. All crystals placed in a crystal holder require Magic Item Use to activate, including those that normally can be used without it (i.e., blue crystals, white crystals, and black crystals).

There are restrictions on the alterations, as any crystal pushed into the slot will add to the LONG description of the item. Specialized merchants can work on the crystal holder to change the socket, which alters the way the crystal appears. There are a number of options to choose from.

Bound crystals (white, blue and black) obtained through boosts are considered to be attuned and do not function within the crystal holders.


The creator has also provided the following information:
* 15/15/15 alterations only.
* Must remain sufficiently sized to hold a setting for a crystal.
The faenor peacock medallion has a special socket for crystal feathers currently.

Verb Traps

Off-the-Shelf PUSH
You carefully place the kohl black crystal on top of the setting in the faenor peacock medallion and give it a firm push. It slides into place with a loud *CLICK*! XXX carefully places her kohl black crystal on top of her faenor peacock medallion and pushes it into place with a loud *CLICK*.
Becomes: a verdant faenor peacock medallion set with jade-pierced kohl black crystal feathers
Held, Twice
You pull at the crystal setting, and manage to crack the crystal. You could break it completely if you attempted it again.
You pry at the crystal set in the medallion and succeed in breaking it, emptying the setting!
XXX pries at the crystal set within her medallion and manages to shatter it!
This will destroy whatever crystal was in it.
Unlocked TILT
As you tilt your azure vaalin band side to side, a faint gleam flickers in the crystal set within it. XXX tilts her azure vaalin band side to side, admiring the crystal set within it.
Held, No crystal
Taking a deep breath, you blow a stream of air into the setting of the band, scattering a small cluster of crystal fragments onto the ground. Taking a deep breath, XXX blows at the setting on her band, causing a cloud of crystalline dust to fly out.

Socket Options

This list was updated from Yriwyn's offerings at A Midsummer Night's Festival 2018.

List # Socket Example
1 Wings a red golvern dragonfly earcuff set with blue crystal wings
2 Thorns a bloom-laden faenor vine wristlet set with black crystal thorns
3 Petals Example not yet provided.
4 Eyes a copper ridgeweaver amulet set with blue crystal eyes
5 Shards a leather-hung steel sword pendant set with etched pallid jade crystal shards
6 Prisms a single-knot silvered silk necklace set with blue crystal prisms
7 Scales a coiling faenor dragon cuff set with fractured milky amber crystal scales
8 Feathers a verdant faenor peacock medallion set with jade-pierced kohl black crystal feathers
9 Claws a gold-scaled wyvern pauldron set with etched matte black crystal claws
10 Talons a set of jointed silver finger-armor set with fractured glossy black crystal talons
11 Fangs a black onyx rune-etched wrist-cuff set with blue crystal fangs
12 Teeth an eahnor lip-shaped ring set with dark grey silver-striated crystal teeth
13 Leaves a twined faenor ivy vine bracelet set with gold-swirled moss green crystal leaves
14 Carapace an enruned glaes scarab amulet covered with a cocoa and leafy green crystal carapace
15 Shell Example not yet provided.
16 Fins Example not yet provided.
17 Nodules a sinew and incisor necklace set with blue crystal nodules
18 Beads a trio of scored electrum armbands set with pointy-tipped dark bronze crystal beads
19 Runes a triangular black vaalin medallion set with white crystal runes
20 Sails a carved driftwood brig pendant set with etched pallid jade crystal sails
21 Spines a small tigerwood pin set with blue crystal spines
22 Quills a small silver hedgehog pendant set with blue-sheened crystal quills
23 Panels Example not yet provided.
24 Facets a burnished narrow copper anklet set with blue crystal facets
25 Chains a burnished narrow copper anklet set with blue crystal chains
26 Bands a collection of gilded rings set with pale white glaes-flecked crystal bands
27 Cloves Example not yet provided.
28 Berries Example not yet provided.