Lady Rhappellie's Bardic Showcase

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Posted on 10/27/2018

To: The Bards of Elanthia

Lady Rhappellie of the Bardic College is soliciting performers to come and exhibit their talents in one week's time! The purpose of this is to identify individuals with the acumen and spirit to assist the Bardic College with an ambitious endeavor, under the direction of the Lady Rhappellie.

This solicitation is for Bards only, and entrants are asked to prepare and perform a 5-10 minute piece of their choosing for a panel of judges. After each performance, each Bard may be called upon to answer further questions from said judges.

Any who are interested in participating are asked to sign up as soon as possible, so that an appropriate venue can be prepared. There will be TWO performances, one in Ta'Illistim and one in Wehnimer's Landing, so those wishing to perform may do so close to home.

There is no particular subject matter for the performance, but all are asked to bring their best efforts. The Lady Rhappelie is looking for individuals to assist her in a project that is of great import to the Bardic College, and Bards everywhere.

OOC: There will be a Bards-Only performance held in both Ta'Illistim and Wehnimer's Landing on Saturday, November 3rd. Times and venue will be set in a few days time, when I have coordinated with those who are interested in participating.

BARDS ONLY, in case that wasn't clear... but any Bards who are willing to perform, please either shoot me an email at GS4-QUILIC@PLAY.NET or contact me on Discord at Quilic#5737. I'm also happy to field questions through either source, or here on the forums. The more the merrier, so please sign up. There will be... more to this than just the performance.

Ta'Illistim Performance:

Location: TBD Time: TBD Performers: TBD

Landing Performance:

Location: TBD Time: TBD Performers: TBD